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Heavenly Father we thank you for bringing us here this Sabbath we thank you for bringing those that are watching livestream together with us in spirit this Sabbath we ask a blessing upon the time we spend considering your prophetic word we ask that you would pour your latter rain out upon us that you would give us light that would strengthen us for these trying times and we thank you for your Providence bringing this movement this far to this point in time and we trust that you're going to continue to direct your people as they move forward under your guiding grace in Jesus name Amen there's no notes for this presentation I essentially planned on winging it if that's a correct word to say and in agreement with that if you would turn to Ezekiel 1:1 I have some things that I want to say for sure but I haven't taken the time to try to put him in a real organized fashion so in Ezekiel 1 1 and this is something that brother Steven mentioned this this week but something that we've known for quite some time for years now but it says now it came to pass in the 30th year in the 4th month and the 5th day of the month as I was among the captives by the river Chebar that the heavens were open and I saw visions of God so what we've known for a long time is that the 5th day of the fourth month was midnight in millerite history the fifth day of the fourth month was July 21st so when Ezekiel is going to see these visions he's going to do it at midnight and we're understanding that today is a midnight but in this verse you also have the 30th year this is the 30th year of this movement at midnight on November 9th and in Sabbath school we looked at this path and I just want to put in place from prophets and Kings five 36.1 as the will like complications were under the guidance of the hand beneath the wings of the cherubim so the complicated play of you of event of human events is under divine control amidst the strife and tumult of nations he that sitteth above the cherubim still guides the affairs of this earth there was a time four or five years ago where we were really drawn in to looking at Ezekiel's vision and and really trying to wrap our mind around it and there's more than one place where sister white speaks to this this is one of the classic ones and it may be in this passage further on where she says what I'm gonna paraphrase that it may be in another place she says is something like this as Ezekiel looked at the wheels within the wheels this vision it seemed complicated and confusing but it goes on to say that the Lord will bring order out of that confusion that's my words so what I'm saying is based upon Ezekiel 1 1 and this being midnight in the 30th year this is the point in time where we should expect the Lord to begin to bring these wheels within wheels into a clear understanding okay and so I'm in a segue now into part of what I was referring to last night and I know that people have given me suggestions on a better way to say it we've got a mindset that we don't want to say methodology methodology is one word and everyone that doesn't want me to say method methodology wants me to use a few words I'm usually simpler than that but what is it that we that we want to say instead of methodology not the rules of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller I like that one but that's more than one word that's a mouthful if you have to say it repeatedly what was the other one okay we'll keep it simple rules of Bible interpretation last night I would dealing with that I spent time I started over here to make the case that at the false Passover on the 3rd of April in millerite history 1844 I'm calling the false Passover because the 3rd of April is defined as Passover by the rabbinical calendar in that history that those theologians of that day and age that would not move away from the theological understanding that was at least partially based upon the rabbinical calendar they were preventing prevented from seeing the true Passover day on the 2nd of May that Samuel snow was going to come to calculate by the biblical calendar and just that section of Samuel snows history allows us to see that wrong methodology by the Protestants here brings them to April 19th where the door closes on Protestantism and then the next way mark is the true methodology about the cross and the Passover and I'm using methodology again aren't I ok this is going to be hard a hard one for me to to concur rules of prophetic interpretation the one of the observations I have about the Omega movement I have several observations about the Omega movement the one of them is is their definition of how the latter rain in terms of the latter rain being the prophetic message their definition of how the latter rain message is brought forth the God's people it's totally different than how we have understood in this movement the latter rain as a message is brought forth to God's people I've watched truth come to the surface through the years and I've never watched one person control that truth where they've put in place in their Omega movement that all the latter rained all the midnight cry messages they would call it has to come through the two prophets that the what's he called himself the schizophrenic prophet and the Prophet is from Down Under they they are the channel of the midnight cry message but that isn't the way it's worked through the years and we've seen some of that here just in this last evening Daniel Deborah live an hour from here so they didn't come to Vespers last night but they watched it on on livestream so when they come into Sabbath school class they're contributing this and by that I mean the Lord had opened a piece of information up to them that's consistent with the Lateran message that we're understanding the midnight cry message and they're putting in her contribution and it has is not being filtered by one or maybe two channels that that isn't how the Lord does it so up here I'm glad he didn't erase this I want to just add this is building off of something I said last night at least the the concept but that he didn't put up there is that here in this history of the the deity of spires is that the correct you ultimately you're going to see two classes okay two classes are manifested here you see two classes manifested here you see two classes manifested if you understand 911 correctly and based upon what he taught in Sabbath school they're the people that were on the right side of the issue here were arguing they didn't have a problem agreeing with the church fathers as long as the church fathers were basing their ideas upon God's Word and it was an argument over what really was the church and here at 9/11 and the and it was not just the church it was the church and the state and here at 9/11 the the civil law that is half of that story church and state it's going to get turned upside down with the Patriot Act the Constitution is going to now be subject to Roman law instead of English law because of the Patriot Act and here the seventh-day Adventist Church is going to institute spiritual formation you can't be a teacher that you've been trained in satanic hypnosis so there's two classes in 911 in Adventism that are developed and of course I'm making a case that what is going on here today the case I'm trying to make this morning is that it's the Wills within the Wills that this there are many lines of prophecy that are speaking to our movement and the Omega movement now not just the ones that I raised last night that we might have an internal rafi and Pentium that we can track along with an external rafi and Pentium but there's other issues let me put one up here but before I close I'm saying we we would have to see two classes here that are going to be manifested and I've already heard I don't know about you but I've already heard criticisms coming from wells which is one of Parminder strongholds that's where he's where he would call home I suppose and there's a group there and they're saying that that I'm telling people that test said made the predictions that on November 9th 2019 that Trump would be impeached that he would be a dictator that he would abolish the press that a revolution would begin and there would be an economic depression I've said it more than once already yes test does teach that but I'm not saying that because of my desire to put that into public arena one of tess's strongest supporters here in the United States took clips from her presentations and is promoting her by her making these claims okay it isn't me that's making these five claims it's coming from Tess's own people so in Wales when they're saying that I'm lying about tests making those claims they need to direct their criticisms to themselves okay but if I was going to make a list of predictions that she's made it's bigger than that okay there's some more predictions that she's made that are falling apart within the next few hours so two classes are going to be developed here and during the time period that Odie Leo and Steven have been here Steven shared a before I raced his board I want to at least put it in place he shared a I I don't know if this is a chiasm but a structure of 70 and 70 70 is pretty significant number and it went down here to 537 and it had to do with Manasseh being taken into captivity in 70 years Jehovah came the first attack of Nebuchadnezzar when Daniel Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were taken into Babylon and then down here the end of that 70 years but what what Stephen showed in agreement with November 19th was that he had a study I'll come back to this in a moment that breaks out identical to this and his study was that from October 22nd 1844 to November 9th 18-49 there was eighteen hundred and forty-four days 21 hours 33 minutes in 15 seconds 15 minutes and 33 seconds all right 15 minutes and 33 seconds now if you don't know what I'm talking about if you're watching live stream that's 21 hours if you do not understand what I'm talking about you have to look at that study it's it's important enough that you look at it to understand it it's far too much time to explain here but this period of time eighteen hundred and forty four days twenty-one hours 15 minutes and 33 seconds and a little bit beyond that breaking the second down into decimal points equates to one prophetic year beginning at the time period where Christ began his high priestly ministry in the holy place there would be 359 days until the three hundred and sixtieth day of the prophetic year he's going to move into the most holy place and begin his work as the high priests in the most holy place so that period of time from 80 31 to 1844 was calculated mathematically that each day that represented one of 360 days equates to 1844 days twenty-one hours 15 minutes 33 seconds and if Christ entered into the most holy place on October 22nd 1844 then he would have finished that one day of the day of atonement prophetically on November 9th 1849 and the implications of that were that based upon this here being a conclusion of a twenty five twenty against Judah and this next line being a conclusion of the 126 that ended in 2014 that in 2014 October 22nd 2014 the same application the same time that Christ would send spent in the most holy place would take us to November 9th 2019 okay now in connection with that I hope you followed that he was dealing with November 9th and down he sees this structure of 70 and 70 and he understands that this here November night I'm gonna put 11 9 18 49 this is the period of time that Christ could have finished his work with millerite Adventism if they'd followed on by faith and then been ready to carry the message to the world by the end of 18-49 in November of 18-49 they were already producing this chart the 1850 chart was being published in November and December it was for sale on January 1st this was going to be the outreach tool they would have been ready they would have been the inside they could have carried the message to the world but they didn't they didn't follow on by faith but in our history we had the opportunity to enter into this same most holy place to experience beginning in 2014 and it brings us to this very day that we're at now and is suggesting now that we have a work to do that is represented by this chart a work for the Levites first and foremost so brother Steven took this date here November 9th 18-49 and extended it 70 years based upon this pattern here and it brought him to 1919 and 1919 is a a watershed moment in Advent history it is the end of the second generation the beginning of the third generation and it projects out here to 11 9 20 19 no good for you I did that every time I've tried this 1989 ok which and I wanted to make this point brings us to the time of the end in our movement and this of course is a time of the end for the Jews to be coming out of Babylon and rebuilding Jerusalem the time of the end in our movement began at midnight thirty years ago when the Berlin Wall began to come down correct and if you if you uphold the the icon as the Omega movement treats it if you uphold the message of the time of the end magazine that was formalized in 1996 then you know that when it comes to walls there are three walls that modern Rome needs to overcome correct the first wall came down on November 9th 1989 the it's symbolic wall of the Iron Curtain when the Berlin Wall began to be taken down the next wall that comes down in that story is the Sunday law in the United States when the wall of separation of church and state is removed and right there and then you also have the wall of national sovereignty is going to be removed against all the countries of the world as a one-world government is put in place you have three walls and I wanted to say that in case I get further further enough along to where I'm going on this application a walls coming down right now in our movement okay a wall that is in relation to the Omega movement and our movement there that wall that came down in 1989 was a wall that the king of the South was using for its benefit it was keeping people in under its influence and as of today that influence of the King of the South that we are confronted with this socialistic atheistic and I say atheistic because where this movement is heading is to black and white atheism if it has time to continue on that is the testimony of the spirit of prophecy and God's Word when you throw out the spirit of prophecy you will ultimately throw out the Bible and when you throw out the Bible you're going to end up in atheism that's the direction that they're going and I'm suggesting that here today there Berlin Wall is beginning to crumble okay because I don't have to answer for these dictions about today I never made him they do and I know what they're gonna do some people have already told me they're gonna say yes yes we made those predictions but you didn't understand that those predictions have to be interpreted through parables and the way that we identify parables is given us a way to get out of those predictions but they're still in the public record okay so that wall is beginning to crumble all right so let me what am I doing here I'm trying to give right at this point I'm trying to give just a practical lesson on the not only the different types of rules of biblical study their rules which they uphold as the primary thing their methodology that's what they use I can use their word when they're talking about their selves but the rules of interpretation that we use this this confrontation between these two types of of study practices and I'm saying one of the characteristics of it is that we don't try to control how the Holy Spirit speaks to his people we try to keep our eyes open to see if he wants to speak through him or her or him or her that we received the light that comes it's a it's a different even way a different Avenue of receiving the midnight cry message and I'm trying to give a few illustrations of how this has happened in just the past since last night so that we can see not just the rules that we say that we use but whether the Lord is giving evidence that the rules that we use are valid all right and they are and the ones they use aren't so let me erase some of this off I've walked you through I've tried to make a point about 30 years ago a wall was coming down it was a wall that was being used by the king of the south the king of atheism for its own benefit and it began breaking down I'm suggesting that the Omega movements wall is gonna start coming down as of today all right so but it's a progressive it's a progressive destruction as illustrated by what we know about the Battle of pania okay so off with this and this this next thought I want to put in the mix probably there would be as I'm thinking about it there would be a better place to put this in for the logic of this presentation that I'm doing but I don't know that I'll get through this presentation that I'm doing anyway so I'm gonna put it in the mix now those of you that have been watching the class over the past couple weeks sento dealio and Steven have been here you remember that in Germany that Tabo and Parminder and tests we're going to rebuke Steven and Odie Leo for their for their promotion of these kind of concepts I didn't know that but at that point I was still semi being in her memory was still treating me like we were on good terms I don't think he's thought we were in good terms for years but he was leading me to believe that and in this scenario of the German time period he told me didn't give any names he says there are two false prophets over here that that are causing problems and and we're gonna have to deal with him and and and he never same names but I could I could tell by the way that that text flow went on that they were disciples of Theodore okay and there were two false prophets that they were gonna have to deal with and we got all three of them right here in this room today all right the two disciples and the the master teacher and when when they've shared their story here this week there came a point in time if you heard OD leo story when he knew that he was going in to get confronted by these three persons Tabo Parminder and Tess and he's convicted that this message is valid and he's convicted that if they were really presenting the midnight cry message then they would want this because this is definitely part of it so he's struggling with the idea that you know maybe they're not going to receive this message so he goes out into the woods and he has a prayer before he goes into this meeting and when he gets done with the Prairie sup and there's a birdhouse that's been put on this tree where he was praying he's got a picture of it and not only was that birdhouse there okay it had a number stamped on it and the number was 187 am i right which is one of these numbers so the Lord was speaking to him and I know people sometimes don't accept those providential leading zuv the Lord but there's a lot of trees in Germany you can decide to pray below and not very minimum will even have a birdhouse let alone with that number put on it okay and if you want to see the picture he can show you the picture and that happened on Thursday the 29th of August because he was getting ready to go into that that meeting what's going to happen in that meeting not by his Testament well his testimony too but Stephen shared with us is when he went into that meeting he was overwhelmed with the fact that they were pretty much repeating the spirit of the papacy in the past saying you need to just set aside these teachings you need to recant of them and leave them alone when when Stephen shared it he took a passage from the great controversy where Martin Luther's being told recant recant was doubled okay so that took place under 29th of August at this period of time I'm starting to to wake up a little bit here in the glorious land even though I'm not in Germany brawlin starting to finally listen to her husband because her husband wasn't buying into it all the way through her husband is one of these people that is very capable of saying did you see that inconsistency did you see that inconsistency so they're there they're finally starting to shake off I don't know that it's all fully shaken off even a day but shake off this influence but on the 29th of August Stephen and Otilio are going to go in between these three with these three leaders and get told to recant or hit the road all right so here's what's kind of amazing now the wreath the reason that that I could have put this off to later is because I want to talk some maybe about the 25th of December okay 25th of December in the 25th of December in be sick I have two little math here 1636 well let me just put it this way there's a pope born on the 26th of December and he's going to be taken captive by birth ei in 1798 and he's going to die in captivity on the 29th of August 1799 and he was born on the 25th but he died when he was 81 years old and I'm having to subtract 81 from here would be 1717 is when he was born all right he was 81 years old which is a symbol of midnight when he died in fact if Stephen tells you all the little nuances of Pope Pius the six it's unreal how many characteristics he has of this period of time but the Pope dies on the 29th of August 1779 and 220 years 1799 and 220 years later on the 29th of August 2019 the spirit of that Pope is being exercised to resist this this contribution to the midnight cry message on stage wearing pants that's sealing that this is the day that tests came out for the first time in trousers the the prophetess fell from Down Under appears and didn't you have a baptism in that day so baptism baptism and rebellion is it does that rebellion okay rebellion against God's law because dress reform is just as binding as the 10 commandments according to the spirit of prophecy so those kind of little nuances that I don't think any of them are salvation 'el but what I'm saying is as we're we're grappling with the history that we're in the rules of interpretation that we use and employ allows anyone that's involved with the movement to be used by the holy spirit to contribute little pieces of information and those little pieces of information are coming up now the the thing about December 25th when this Pope is born is into the year 2000 there are 274 year to 74 on December 25th these are all going to be December 25th the pagan temple Sol Invictus is dedicated okay so this is a the first major temple to the Sun in pagan Rome's history okay so on December 25th 2014 you have a temple dedicated to the Sun you follow me the the implications that I'm inferring here in the year 800 Charlemagne the great is anointed as the what do they call them King and not the Emperor okay the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on December 25th 800 Charlemagne is crowned okay and then in 496 I should have probably did this in order a Clovis is baptized into the Christian Church and becomes the representative of the relationship of church and state between France and the papacy and from this point on France is called either the eldest daughter of the Roman Catholic Church or the firstborn of the of the Catholic Church these histories of baptism the first to join the Catholic Church France is is typify in the United States at the end of the world it's the United States that is going to be the first of the kings of the earth that commits fornication with the papacy all the kings are going to do so but the first is the United States and Clovis typify that and at that same point in time the head of the United States Donald Trump is going to be crowned as the leader of the ten kings of the new Holy Roman Empire as they set up a temple to the Sun and the birth of modern of the modern Pope of Rome is going to be celebrated on December 25th now the reason I'm making that point is because we're understanding that December 25th 2021 is the end of Panem the beginning being on July 8th 20 20 July 18th did I say 8th ok 18 2020 and that Pentium is a progressive war it that ends on December 25th 2021 and these histories here speak to what the symbol of December 25th represents ok so if we get that far along in laying out the structure then I want you to remember this but I probably jumped ahead but the reason I jumped ahead is because it was just amazing to me that in Germany the spirit of the papacy returned on the identical day 220 years later and it returned to oppose the midnight cry message while professing to be the messenger of the midnight cry message okay this is the type of rules of prophetic interpretation that we adopted long ago that allows anyone that's following the message to be used by the Lord to contribute information to the overall message all I'm doing is taking input from other people and putting it on the board okay and that pretty much has been a role of mine all the way through probably less of my expertise in prophecy and more of my expertise to recognize when someone's making a contribution that it needs to get put in the public record than anything else I am the prophetic plagiarists according to the Omega movement I don't have a problem with that because they used to say that sister White was a plagiarist but it was totally legal in the time period that she lived now what she did back then may have been genuinely prosecuted for plagiarism but I've never denied that this person or that person came up with that piece of information I didn't care if it's truth they don't own it anyway that's another part of this of our understanding of prophetic rules that we use if the Lord chooses to give some information on mathematics to Theodore and he puts it in the public arena it isn't Theodore's information if it's valid information it's information of the Lord were you going to yeah just that you give people credit yeah and that's not plate that because if you give credit to somebody in a book that's not plagiarism okay so they have to take that back I don't think they will but they should okay so now I have to get into some Bible study a little bit of Bible study to to deal with the line where I'm going everyone got that that's just some little jewels that have come up recently and over a period of time Stevens known these for quite some time I mean that's pretty amazing about 29 August that it was on that very day the day that they're bringing out their trousers the day that they're doing this baptism this is when Clovis was baptized there's a it's just all kinds of I know but this year Clovis is part of this story this connects all of them together and Clovis is connected to anyway they're all connected but we won't we won't labor that point and anyone's connected as well okay if you go to Revelation chapter 8 some basic review the reason that I didn't have notes is because I knew pretty much what I wanted to say and I'm expecting people to understand these things in Revelation 8 you'll have the first four trumpets and what sometimes people don't aren't aware of is that the first Sunday law by Constantine in 321 produces the principal or fulfills the principal national apostasy is followed by national ruin so in 321 you have your first Sunday law and by 3:30 his kingdoms divided into East and and then you can see these four trumpets that are in Revelation eight begin to take place the first one the second one the third one and by the fourth one western Rome is never going to have another Italian that's ruling in western Rome by 476 western Rome is pretty much gone Sunday law in 321 kingdom divided into East and West a hundred and seventy-six years later Western Rome no no longer any Roman leaders but this is just the first Sunday law then there's a Sunday law at the Synod of Orleans in 538 and what I want you to see is these four trumpets are God's judgments against this Sunday law and then in 538 then in 606 the Lord is going to raise up two more trumpet judgments that are responding to this Sunday law okay 606 Mohammed we have the whole story of the first and second woe these trumpets are woes first of all second well I'm not worried about the dates here I'm just worrying about showing you if you're willing to see that these trumpets are cause and effect the cause was a Sunday law than God's judgments that's the effect Sunday law the effect first and second whoa okay punishment for Sunday law now that's old we put that in the public record over and over again through the years everyone got that okay next thought something else we put in the record for quite some time we started the presentation let the studies begin with the big line based upon Ezra 7-9 we plugged 120 in here and then 70 in here and we used this pattern to begin our studies a few weeks ago whenever it was but what we came to understand about the midnight cry this way mark here through the years was that this is where the image of the beast test starts and what is the image of the beast there's only one definition of the image of the Beast and inspiration I watched a clip I have watched very few of these clips I watched a clip of Tyler Senna when when they were having the Watertown meetings over here at the same time we were having our public meetings here a few weeks ago they were having meetings they rented the same hotel that we've rented through the years and they had their meetings there and Tyler was having a question and answer period there was five of them up on the stage one two three four five foolish virgins okay and and he he was saying black and white we really don't know what the image of the beast of the Sunday law is anymore now he's not saying that he I know Tyler can give the identical definition of the image of the beast that I'm going to give now he knows that but they moved away from the idea that there's going to be a Sunday law and now they're looking for some minority rights controversy that's going to fulfill the same type of prophetic characteristics of the image of the beast but they don't know what it is or whatever it's a bunch of darkness a bunch of foolishness there's only one definition of the image of the beast that sister white upholds is a combination of church and state with the church in control of the relationship and the the first illustration in the scriptures that you're going to see of the image of the Beast are not of the image of the beast but if that relationship is where Adam and Eve right but that's the right relationship man and a woman but the woman isn't in control of the relationship Adams in control of the relationship the image of the beast is when you have this man and women relationship at a prophetic level and the woman like Jezebel is controlling Ahab that's an illustration of the image of the beast so the only definition given in the scriptures is the combination or an inspiration combination of church and state with the church and control of the relationship and there's a quote that we've used through the years over and over and over again that says something like this the Lord has showed me clearly that the image of the Beast will be formed before probation closes where is a great test for the people of God by which their eternal destiny will be decided this is the test they must pass before they are sealed so this the image of the beast will be formed proba for probation closes we always identified at that point that probation closes for seventh-day Adventists at the Sunday law that's before we knew that probation closed for priests today okay but we we knew what the close of probation was in the big picture way back when so when she says the Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes then whatever the image of the beast is it has to come before the Sunday law this is the logic that we used and in the same passage she says this is the test we must pass before we are sealed and we know that we're sealed at the sunday law so we came to understand that this history here that leads up to the Sunday law as the image of the beast testing time we also came to understand that it was a visual test okay but one of the things that we understood and you can find it in the great controversy if you limit your search in the great controversy and just type in the reader okay because she says something like this if the reader would understand how the Sunday law is gonna come in if you just type in the reader you'll come to that page number and what she does if she begins talking about the Sunday law he but has to understand how it came in an early Christianity or something like that and she'll start speaking about the Sunday law in 321 and she begins talking about council's church synods and a progression that leads to a Sunday law in that chapter where you're persecuted for keeping Sabbath and forced to observe Sunday that's down here that's this Sunday law okay and we've understood that this Sunday law is the Sunday law where you are forced to observe Sunday and persecuted for keeping Sabbath so when sister White says in their great controversy if we would understand how the Sunday law comes in we but have to see the history of the early church this history here shows you that Sunday's lifted up and exalted here but it goes through a process to where it gets here and then then if you're not going to observe the Sunday law then you better flee to the wilderness and hide from this woman because she's going to put you to death okay so the image of the Beast test if we're going to understand how the Sunday law is going to come in in our history then we need to understand that this is 538 at this level and this is 321 and the image of the beast testing time begins with an initial Sunday law right here and this is old news we've been teaching this for a long time okay and there's lots of lines of information to bring to pass delay up on the top of this to support this and everyone in this room I assume knows that knows this then why am I going there I'm going there for this we also understand that this way mark is Pinilla and it's going to take place on July 18th 2020 we understand that this will be the second time that Balaam's asked causes him a headache okay he's going to crash Bay limbs foot into the wall and in our study of this history here we understand that this is a wall and this is a wall and these walls the reason that we can call them walls the way that we're applying them is because sister white tells us more than once that God's law is a hedge and a hedge is a wall a hedge to here in the United States is a pretty little row of bushes but you go over to the United Kingdom I'm guessing about Ireland I've never been to Ireland but I've been to Wales I'm so I'm sure it's the same you go over there they have these hedges of bushes that are walls that keep their sheep in those sheep don't get out there so thick with bushes the Sheep it's a wall it's a hedge is that the way it is in Ireland yes so you don't really see that around here and I mean this can be acres that are surrounded by this very well-maintained row of bushes but there's no way even people can squeeze through those bushes let alone the Sheep they're just solid it's a hedge it's a wall God's wall God's law is a wall sister White says it's a hedge so I'm saying that this are the two institutions that were instituted in Eden and they're twin institutions and they're both God's law they're both walls and in the story of Balaam the ass is between two walls and this wall is marriage one of the first institutions this is all old news brothers and sisters this isn't nothing new and this is the Sabbath over here this is the law of the Sabbath the wall the hedge of the Sabbath this is the wall of the marriage and you know that it just fits perfect doesn't it because what's the midnight cry about the the bridegroom's going to the marriage okay so so what am I saying that this for is it the the prophetic lines the rules of prophetic interpretation that we use to build a structure like this line upon line teach us that this line here is going to be Pentium and that at pin Islam is going to strike the United States again as it did back here at 9/11 it's gonna strike it again the third time over here but here it's gonna cripple the United States because this is where Balaam's foot gets crashed against the wall so this here tells us what it tells us that the Sunday law comes first and in response to that Sunday law Islam is used to strike because that's what happens up here the third woe is this the seventh trumpet and the trumpets are God's judgments against Sunday laws and this way mark here begins with a Sunday law and immediately thereafter and I'm saying immediately thereafter because that's all I understand it but I don't know what immediate means immediately thereafter you're going to get struck by Islam I don't know that that necessarily means on the same day but I'm pretty sure based upon this history that this Sunday law that begins the image of the beast testing time arrives first you with me and this is Pinilla but down here somewhere on December 25th 2021 this is Pinilla the end of it it's progressive and therefore using the rules of interpretation adopted by this movement then one of the primary rules is is if if Islam strikes here at the beginning of Pentium then what should happen down here at the end of Pentium Islam should strike again and we already understood that because the third time Balaam is going to strike the ass why does he strike the ass this time he doesn't turn out of the way what's the ass to do these here he turns out of the way here he turns into the wall what's the ass do here he falls down and in in so doing this is marking the fall of the United States as the six kingdom of Bible prophecy and so we've marked it here for Islam on the story of Balaam for a long time long before we knew about Pentium and I'm just saying that based upon Christ illustrating the end from the beginning if this has been the beginning of Pentium then at the end of Pentium we should see similar characteristics and there was a Sunday law here what is there here a Sunday law Islam strikes here Islam strikes a third and final time here you see the the logic and I'm making an argument here about Panem being a progressive fall progressed progressive conclusion of who well United States right answer but really that wasn't what I was looking for but that was the right answer who said that okay what I'm looking at here is partially a story of December 25th okay because back here at the time of the end in 1991 on December 25th the Soviet Union comes to its conclusion when I say it comes to its conclusion it comes to a conclusion of a progressive fall when did it begin November 9th 1989 right the Berlin will all comes down and over the next couple years it reaches the point to where the Soviet Union is whatever you call it disintegrated but there's probably a technical legal for Twitter they'll say that this will dis dissolved is that the right word on December 25th so the the demise of the USSR was progressive from here to here but you can even go back further you can go back to where 1979 when there's a 10-year proxy war that the USSR gets itself into that drains its financial resources it just makes it so weakened that the threat that the economic boycott and the threat that Reagan's going to bring about against them brings this collapse here but when did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan December 25th 1979 so December 25th 1991 the Soviet Union has been brought to a conclusion not a point in time a period of time from 1989 to 91 but what we didn't understand initially the thing the Lord held his hand over in our understanding was that the Soviet Union wasn't technically the king to the south Russia was the king of the south and in this history here the Soviet Union as a Confederacy of Nations comes to an end but Russia continues on as the king of the south and we don't understand that until December of 2016 we understand now that the Soviet Union wasn't the king of the south it was Russia but still they're the same there's you know can you separate a body from a head and they're still the same people right okay so the brush is still the king of the south or what I'm saying is from here to here in this history of Panem this is once again the end of the king of the south it's progressive it begins here it ends here and some people argue and it may very well be that in this history here there really wasn't any shots fired that it was a political overthrow and that this may very well be what happens to Putin in this history as well and that's okay with me all I want to see is that this history here's where Russia comes to a conclusion that Islam's that both ends of it and when we began to understand Pinilla that one of the things that we recognize that is that the Battle of Pentium is also the Battle of Actium and that's okay because the midnight cry is a place where you find a doubling so this battle and this battle at the midnight cry are talking about two opponents to the United States and that's what we're saying one is Russia the king of the south Putin and the other one is Islam and this this history here that we're on the verge of this is this is Ezekiel's wheels within wheels we've now reached the point here at November 9th where we're at now 2019 where we're at midnight and the effect of every vision in Bible prophecy is going to play out and I wished there's no way I didn't think I would get far enough and I'm not with two minutes left I met the threshold of thought now we're in the next presentation that I do I'm gonna return to where I was last night in showing an internal raffia and Pentium in these movements along with the external rafi and Pentium that we've understood and my justification for looking at it that way is because this is Ezekiel 1 1 this is midnight when the vision of the wheels within wheels is marked and this is where all these things get brought into clarity this isn't where they get confused this is where they get brought into clarity and let me make sure that well there's one thing because theatre is having a presentation for those of you walking watching livestream at roughly 2:15 today after we lunch and probably the next live-streaming that we're gonna do is Monday so everything that I said last night and everything that I'm saying today right now please keep in your mind live stream live streaming people because I want to come back in here with having this logic in place where I don't have to review it it's too much in depth but I will take you back briefly just that one thought because Adelia raised some question marks last night and he didn't budge me he made me firm up my understanding ok and I and I understand by some things that some people have said that they didn't get they didn't get my my input on it they didn't quite understand what I was saying and rightly so my fault not theirs you heard Theodore in his superintendent remarks speak about this number 60 three in here and and another was is that a chiasm that you see is that or was it just another breakdown of numbers okay it's a chiasm back over in this history but what I was saying is that right here now today we're gonna have a disappointment and we gave several witnesses last night and is sometimes it's the disappointment of God's people and sometimes it isn't one of the witnesses that we gave it was nebuchadnezzar was disappointed that his best men were gonna have to be executed okay and but i pointed out that nebuchadnezzar represents those people that are looking on and nebuchadnezzar does nebuchadnezzar is not Belshazzar in the biblical testimony nebuchadnezzar is going to be in the earth made knew he was someone that was converted by what he saw all right so he what he saw is part of recognizing an ensign okay we get lifted up in an ensign in a fiery furnace and the fourth joins us so he's speaking to the idea of people watching what's going on and then being converted from doing so but we went through and we put the number seven in place as a symbol for the disappointment that begins now and my brother Oh Dooley oh he's saying that from November 9th to July 18th 2020 is 252 days and of course seven is a type of 252 so he was wondering if the seven can be this whole period of time and I'm saying no no no I I don't buy that 252 okay I don't buy that because the disappointment is something that's right it there at the beginning so if we're gonna put if we have to put a math figure on it what I want to do is I want to say seven takes you to 70 and 70 is a very provocative number about probationary time okay so if that was the case we've already divided this 252 before brother or delial knows this with the 180 days of a Hacha where is's or Xerxes feast and we're suggesting that this is a hundred and eighty days that Trump brings in the leaders of the world to get prepared to retaliate here for what happened here at raffia and when you take the 180 out of 252 what do you have 72 and 72 can be a number here from here to here of the hundred and forty four thousand because 72 is a half of 144 and 144 is a hundred forty-four thousand but if you take seven off of it you got 65 and 65 is also a symbol of something is it not other 25 20 okay so what I'm saying is right here based upon Ezekiel 1:1 at midnight this is when Ezekiel gets his vision about the wheels within wheels and the rules of prophetic interpretation that we've adopted are going to clarify exactly who we are and what our message is from this point onward and what I what I put in place last night but didn't fully finish off and I'm going to say it here in closing is November 9th is what Parminder and tests have attached their wagon to they could see November 9th they loved all the second witnesses to November 9th and they wanted to use November 9th because what was most important for them was to hypnotize a group of people so that they had a group of people that would do they're bidding and people will succumb to that kind of mass hypnosis easier if they're under a stressful environment such as your probation closes on November 9th and what you need to do now is hit all these videos over and over and over and over again at high speed because you've only got a few months left they wanted November 9th for a technique that's involved with hypnotism and if you think that I'm being critical then go ahead and type into the spirit of prophecy mesmerism and hypnotism and see if sister white doesn't give a warning about that taking place in the last days of Earth's history and it's part of what Satan uses to deceive if possible the very elect if you don't think that this movement is the subject that qualifies as the very elect at the end of the world then I don't know why you're listening to these presentations anyway but if you do then it demands that sister whites word be fulfilled that this movement would be confronted by hypnosis no reason for a warning if it wasn't going to happen they wanted November 9th as a hypnotic tool therefore they didn't care about these other revelations that came here and December 25th not important they weren't trying to mine the the truths of God's Word they had a different agenda okay but what we're doing I believe is we're attaching our prediction to July 18 2020 they're saying this is their prediction and good on them I think that's how they say it Down Under good on you you've made these predictions about today let's watch watch the walls come tumbling down because they're not happening okay you can use your parable teaching to deny that that you actually said it but even your own supporters are putting it out on the web that you did say it and they're going to be discouraged when you start backing away from it what we're hitching our wagon to is this prediction here I believe in this prediction here we have a responsibility to identify because it is a serious prediction that will involve loss of life when it's fulfilled probably you what you would say massive loss of life and for us not to give that warning in advance that blood would be on our garments because based on several lines of prophecy that we haven't shown yet when Islam strikes and cripples Balaam it's going to be nuclear and it's going to be in the United States and a lot of people are going to die shall we pray Heavenly Father 30 years ago through your providential control the walls of atheism began to come down in Berlin and the Omega movement has lifted up the flag of socialism which is just the political apparatus of atheism and they've been given opportunity to move forward with their concepts and their ideas but we've reached the point now where the wall that represents the end of the road for their progression has been met and it's going to come down now over the next period of time we thank you for that we not understanding your work your responsibilities of Judge still pray that if there are those under the influence of that movement that can still be influenced by your Holy Spirit and be brought out of it we put them into your your care and ask that you would make that happen according to your will and as we also have made claims about this very day we are subject to disappointment as the Scriptures have repeated over and over again and I ask that you'd help us to take courage into the passages of the disappointment that we looked at last evening that self-examination that trust is something that you are binding into us from this testing experience that we might be better prepared to be the inside that you're about to lift up in the coming days and we thank you for this privilege and opportunity in Jesus name Amen