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Heavenly Father we thank you for bringing us to this Sabbath November ninth 30 years of this movement most solemn Sabbath that we've ever had in these thirty years we ask that as we enter into this Sabbath that you'd grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit that you'd allow your word to have free reign in our hearts and our minds and pour out your Holy Spirit upon us please prepare our hearts and minds for what you would have for us to stay and in this message we ask a double blessing we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen I can usually decide what I'm going to speak about and put together a presentation fairly easy but I just couldn't really get focused in on it today because of the of the day I think so I think I'm what I decided to do is just paraphrase a conversation that my son and I had last night I take a little bit of time with it and use that to usher in November 9th I'm going to use some of a dealios notes from the other day it it's kind of cluttered for what I want to present but I want to point you to it here at the beginning this is Samuel snows line through here and I don't want to I don't want to mess up his line it's too well organized but I want to point you to just three way marks this one here the third of April better fasten this down and then the nineteenth of April which isn't really when Samuel snow wrote any letters or had anything published but it is the first disappointment right here and then this one right here okay all of that line is beneficial to understand there are many as you can see there's many important truths that are derived from that line but I want to address just one thought I was hoping my daughter was here tonight but she's no doubt watching at home because in her presentations she's made a a big point about not using the word methodology because the Omega movement puts a lot of weight on the expression methodology and over the past three or four weeks when people have been interacting with me from the Omega movement that's their bottom line is that we're not seeing what's going on because we're not using the right methodology and it's almost like some of us think that the word methodology is a bad word and I want to use methodology a positive way so I wanted to look her in the eyes when I was saying that what I want to point out over here if you if you can see past this clutter here is these three way marks okay and I want to derive a lesson from this history to begin that I'm going to use as we proceed and the lesson is is that the third of April this publication here it's published on what we're calling the false Passover the theologians of that day and age hadn't really nailed down exactly when the Passover was an 80 31 and the stant one of the standard points of reference was based upon the rabbinical reckoning of time and if you use the Rabbinical reckoning of time what you would have identified as Passover in 1844 Samuel snows line as 1844 was April 3rd so when we're dealing with Samuel snows line we'll call it the false Passover and if you're not up to speed in your understanding of the development of the midnight cry by Samuel snow through the by the Lord through Samuel snow it's unfortunate you should be at this late in the game and probably the premiere point of reference at Samuel snow needed to put in place was when the the real Passover actually took place in 31 ad that's going to be his point of reference for finding the starting point of the 2300 days which allows him to then see the ending point of October 22nd 1844 if he can't come to correctly identify the correct Passover then the midnight cry message doesn't materialize and when he finally figures that out he puts it into an article that gets published here on the 2nd of May this is the other way mark I'm wanting you to look at 3 the false Passover the first disappointment and then it's the 2nd of May is when his article identifying the correct date of the Passover is published and there's much as you can see that o D Leo does and Theodore will do with with these chiasm Zinn this history but I want to just draw a different lesson from that history and this is what the lesson is the first disappointment here is where the Protestants have fully rejected the first angels message they fully rejected William Miller's message and it's on the first day of the first month and this is an important truth for us because we understand that based upon many lines but where we first began to see this we understand from the seven thunders that Manasseh as a as a starting point for the seven thunders that go from Manasseh all the way down to Zedekiah those seven kings Manasa is typifying a progressive fall of the glorious land and Manasseh is taken captive in 677 BC and we marked the 2520 that ends in 1844 from that point in time and it projects from the literal glorious land and the story of manasseh into the spiritual glorious land of the united states and one of the truths that it is teaching is that as the glory the literal glorious land in the time of Manasseh Ammon Josiah Jehovah has Jehoiakim Jochen Zedeck I did I knew someone out of there anyway and those seven kings are illustrating a progressive fall of the literal glorious land but the twenty five twenty brings that message of Manasseh to the spiritual glorious nine of the United States and it's identifying a progressive fall in the United States and in revelation 13:11 the United States has two horns and we understand those horns are republicanism and Protestantism in order for the papacy to conquer the United States it has to overcome both of those horns and it does it progressively and the first horn the horn of Protestantism was conquered right here on April 19th 1844 when the Protestants reject William Miller's message so if you're following me now what I'm saying is this way mark of the false Passover at the level that we're considering it it becomes a symbol of bad methodology the Protestants were unwilling to accept the rules of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller's and Miller and his associates so they could not buy into the type of logic that Samuel snow was going to use to calculate the true Passover over here so these three way marks they're telling a story about an argument in Miller right history between incorrect methodology as typifies by the rabbinical calendar and the false Passover on the 3rd of April and correct methodology as typify by William Miller's rules of prophetic interpretation it's interesting that Samuel snow he become he gets involved with the Miller movement in 1838 in 1838 is when Josiah Lich is using the rules of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller to calculate the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1840 so we have two important references in millwright history concerning the Year day principle ultimately the development of the midnight cry message both of those man Josiah Lich and Samuel snows work is associated with a manifestation of power Josiah Lich's prediction when it comes to pass on August 11th 200,000 people join the millerite movement when Samuel snows message gets accepted the the message spreads over the United States like a tidal wave but it was both promised upon using the correct methodology so I want us to see that without getting into the numbers of this history in these three way marks you can see false mess about methodology is preventing a class of people from carrying on to the intended goal and this way mark here is representing the true methodology that needs to be accepted okay so at that level what I want to put up here if you get my illogic is this story of Mount Carmel again I put it on the board the other day and I'm saying in the story of Mount Carmel and Miller ride history the covenant people were the Protestants and they went first they exercised their spiritual authority their theological expertise and they get passed by on April 9th April 19th 1844 and then the Millerites are going to arouse themselves from that first disappointment come to grips with a mistake that the Lord held his hand over in this chart and then the Lord is gonna use Samuel snow to put together the midnight crime message that's going to sweep over the United States like a tidal wave and I'm saying that in the story of Elijah this would be when the fire is poured down on Elijah's offering the midnight cry of Samuel snow the point that I'm trying to get to here the point I'm trying to make is that in that history on April 19th 1844 419 the Protestants of the United States began to fulfill their role as the false prophet of Bible prophecy before that time they were still God's covenant people but when they rejected Miller's message that horn of republicanism had been conquered and from this point on the Protestant churches the United States are called apostate Protestantism okay it starts right here but in this history leading up to October 22nd millerite adventism is going to be recognized by the Lord in prophetic history as the true prophet and of course we all understand that the true prophet in the history of Mount Carmel is Elijah and that sister white repeatedly uses Elijah to typify William Miller so it's more than Elijah the man typifying Miller the man what I want us to see here is that in this in this argument that was Mount Carmel in Miller right history it was about methodology as much as anything else and you can derive that from sister White's commentary on August 11th 1840 as you know in the great controversy she says when the events no that's a different quote in great powder per se she says I know I can't I'm not thinking of the lead-in to the sentence if I get the lead II and I can do this sentence about it's not popping in my mind but it's multitudes were led to accept the rules of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller & Associates that's a paraphrase but we all know what I'm talking about based upon the Year day principle identifying the claps or the restraint the beginning of the end for the Ottoman Empire the reason I want to put that in place is as we proceed I'm gonna say that this Alijah scenario is being played out once again between the Alpha Movement that's us who I'm saying is Elijah and the Omega movement who's P and T and I'm saying that they're the false prophet in our history and that once you have that as a point of reference and you can begin to consider some of the the deeper implications of that but I want to be able to say as we walk through this that it has to do with methodology and and they're using old apostate Protestant methodology with their dispensationalism and even though we may not have every little detail of prophecy figured out we're using the same methodology that we've been using for the last 30 years it hasn't changed a bit okay it's it's been added to and built on but this is the old methodology and it's still a sound as ever but you got to see that going in but where we were at in the discussion I was speaking with my son last night a phone call is something that we should expect about today it's it's a it's a question that has come up over and over and over again through the years it's a good question but you never really have an answer for it and that is should we expect a disappointment and the answer is yes I think we there's got to be a disappointment today tomorrow or maybe the day after but this event November 9th has to have a disappointment associated with it there's too many witnesses to not acknowledge that and we never have been able to say well what is the disappointment going to be because the disappointment always involves a misunderstanding of God's Word one way or another by the people that are illustrating the disappointment and because that's part of the component of the disappointment is that the people that are living in the time it happens are disappointed because they don't have a clear understanding it was kind of fruitless to to guess about what that would be but I want to say there has to be one associated with this day that we're entered to entering into now and I want to go back and look at a few as we get started here in your notes the first disappointment we always point to is with Noah and there's an interesting quote from manuscript releases volume 21 page 66 in the top of your notes it says when the ark was finished and the goods were stored another sign was given approaching the ark were seen cattle and all other living creatures 2 and 2 these having been housed there came a period of testing okay so once the animals are put away there's going to be a testing period no rain trail for one week so she's not saying right here the door closed but it closed when the door closed there's a period of testing we're saying the doors closing today over the next 24 hours the door is closing on the priests therefore based upon the rule of first reference we are now entering into a testing process and I think Parminder has used this principle to misrepresent what this testing process is it got kind of established in this movement over the past several months so now people are kind of confused about it but what we've always understood about an ensign being lifted up in a in a church that gets joined by people that are no longer sinning it doesn't leave any room for a sin and repent experience to be Illustrated from this point on but anyway testing testing period the these having been housed there came a period of testing no rain fell for one week what's the rain for us we would typically say it's it's the prophetic message I'd say Noah was disappointed that there wasn't any rain because he was expecting the rain to come and for me I have no problem saying that here in November 9th what we thought was going to happen on November 9th may very well not happen and we're going to be tested for a period of time to see if we really can stand on the correct methodology even through a testing time when we're not seeing any rain but I promise you at the end of the testing time it's gonna rain like you never saw before but let's read on no rain fell for one week what revile eans there were on part of the unbelieving mockers about the ark but after six days the one week's trial following the shutting in of the believers by an invisible hand a week during which the fruit of unbelief in words and acts of mockery had been fully revealed a steady rain set in and continued until the whole of the unbelievers who were outside of the ark were perishing in their sins not a living being or a dumb animal outside the ark was left alive said Christ as it was in the days of noe so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man that all read and understand the warnings given given by the Savior so I think it's a valid consideration about the disappointment I think we have several witnesses that if we're understanding the door closes on the priest now that there is going to be a disappointment and for me one of the things that regularly occurs in the disappointment is the number seven and I'm not I don't get your hopes up I have no mathematical solution I'm going to insert into this message I'm just going to note the number seven as it stands I'm not saying that we're not going to understand what on November 9th until November 16th that's not my intent but number seven is there okay that's one witness that it's a testing time from review and Herald May 26 1891 this is the story of Elijah okay now I got dates up here from millerite history but I'm hoping you're seeing that this this story is Mount Carmel and I'll remove those off now that they're in your mind I'm saying what goes on in our history went on in millerite history because in Miller right history the primary rule that gets confirmed on August 11th 1840 is the primary rule that got confirmed for us at 9/11 and that rule basically was at Miller right history is going to repeat to the very letter so if this illustration of two groups of people one holding false methodology the other holding true methodology is applied in our history I'm saying that's happening right now with the priests and I'm not so sure it doesn't happen again with the Levites in relationship to Adventism as we approach the rules the the genuine Sunday law of Daniel 1141 but we're not taught we're not there yet we're talking about the priests and this I'm suggesting is being repeated and I'm gonna put here November 9th as that way mark and try to explain it as I go on and I have the false prophet right where I want it okay but I'm not saying there's any horn that's conquered necessarily at this point but I am saying that in the story of Elijah the prophets of bill in the priests of the groves do their dance of deception before Elijah restores the altar so this is about Elijah and his disappointment which is going to come down here all right review and Herald May 26 1891 he said to his servant go up now look toward the sea and he went up and looked and said there is nothing and he said go again seven times the servant watched while Elijah prayed six times he returned from the watch saying there is nothing no cloud no sign of rain where we heard that story Noah but the Prophet did not give up in discouragement he he doesn't get disappointed but nevertheless the illustration is clearly about discouragement because that's the temptation for him right there is to give up in discouragement so the fact that she's saying it is saying that discouragement is associated with this way mark oh the same with Noah we don't have a great deal of detail what was going on in his heart in his mind when that door was shut but from all the lines we understand he was disappointed and Elijah was disappointed too that the rain didn't come on the first prayer is what I'm saying he kept now here's what he did he kept reviewing his life to see where he had failed to honor God he confessed his sins and that's continued to flicked his soul before God God while watching for a token that his prayer was answered he he was doing self-examination similar to what this made me think of when I read it was the time of Jacob's trouble which we understand to be a binding off period where they're seeking to find if there's any sins that they have that were unconfessed but they can't find it but nevertheless they're in a tremendous struggle and it was illustrated by Jacob and the angel and sister white says if Jacob had had any unconfessed sins he would not been able to prevail with the angel so Elijah he's wanting the rain to come on the first prayer it's not going to come til the seventh prayer but he doesn't get discouraged he begins doing self-examination as he searched his heart he seemed to be less and less both in his own estimation and in the sight of God you seem to get smaller and smaller it seemed to him that he was nothing and that God was everything and when he reached the point of renouncing self while he clung to the Savior as his only strength and righteousness the answer came once again this sounds like Jacob the servant appeared and said behold there arises a little cloud out of the sea like a man's hand and he said go up saying to ahab prepare thy chariot and get thee down that the rain stopped he not and it came to pass in the meantime while that the heaven was black with clouds and wind and there was a great rain and a Happ road and went to Jezreel and the hand of the Lord was upon Elijah and he girded up his loins and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel there are many lessons to be drawn from the experience of Israel and the prophet of God we are living in a time of apostasy similar to the time of which we have read for there is great religious decla the declension in the churches among the professed people of God the children of God should have a realization of their accountability and should direct their hearts toward God seeking for strength and grace with an earnestness which they have never before manifested there was was a never was a more solemn time in the history of the world and the time in which we're living today on November 9th our eternal interests are at stake and we should arouse to the importance of markie making our calling and election sure we dare not risk our eternal interests on mere probabilities on mere probabilities and when adílio and stephen have been up here or when theodore is teaching similar stuff they will tell you sometimes what the probability of is of this happening here that on this line here it can be the 26th day of the fourth month five different times lining up with the July 27th on those five same way marks and that the history of those five saving way marks is telling the same message the probability of that is zero if you're going to be honest okay but they do give the calculations of probability and she's saying we dare not risk our eternal interest on mere probabilities these are mere probabilities this is the work of the line of the tribe of Judah when he is presenting himself as Pomona the wonderful number the revealer of Secrets we must be an earnest what we are what we are doing what is to be our course of action in the future all our questions of untold moment and we cannot afford to be listless and different unconcerned it becomes each one of us to inquire what is eternity to me are our feet in the path that leads to heaven or in the broad road that leads to perdition so what I want to say over here what I want to put on this is it we got two witnesses that a disappointment takes place and I'm going to put in number seven there and in the olden days when I was the only one virtually without doing these reform lines that's what I'd always do right there that line on the end that way mark is a closed door and I'd put in number seven next to it to mark the disappointment I'm doing it all over again thirty years later because we began studying these things thirty years ago notice the seven times in terms of what's going on here I'm saying that this is a binding off but it's a purification that what's being illustrated by Noah in the ark and Elijah in his prayers is also what is illustrated by Jacob and in the time of Jacob's trouble and in Child Guidance 538 it says this we should reverence God's Word for the printed volumes we should show respect never putting it to common uses or handling it carelessly and never should scripture be quoted in a jest or paraphrased to the point to point a witty saying every word of God is pure as silver tried in the furnace of Earth purified seven times when you see a seven it can be understood as the Word of God and the Word of God is purified we're in a furnace and now this this passage we use to identify the production of the King James Bible but you can also use this in Malachi chapter 3 where the sons of Levi are going to be purified as silver and gold which was fulfilled in millerite history in the 1844 time period and gets fulfilled again this purification process of the Levites Levites being the generic name of the Levites and the priests it's been taking it's been taking place now for the final purification of it I would suggest has been taking place for 63 days and 63 is 126 is 1260 is a 25 20 and I've got the calendar and math guys here to correct me if I'm wrong they're not saying a word because that's an easy one even I know that one now in this next quote this furnace it's heated seven times is the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and we know this story and there's a disappointment in it and there's a furnace it's going to be heated seven times and God's people are going to give it put in that furnace to to glorify the Lord and the Lord is going to do what their he's going to join them they're the King's wrath knew no bounds full of fury the form of his village was changed to get Shadrach Meshach and Abednego representatives of a despised and captive race directing that furnace be heated seven times hotter than it it's want he commanded the mighty men of his army to bind the worshippers of Israel's God preparatory to summary execution they were to be what bound there are ready bound as sheaves for the heavenly garner when they get thrown into that furnace is how and I'm not sure why I have this seven over here let me put it over here I'm not paying attention how I'm thinking I'll move the prophets around in a moment let me read on then these men were bound in their coats they're hosing in their hats and their other garments and were cast in the midst of the burning fire for finery furnace therefore because the Kings commandment was urgent and the furnace exceeding hot the flame of fire slew those men that took up Shadrach Meshach and Abednego but the Lord did not forget his own as his witnesses were cast into the fire the Savior revealed himself to them in person and together they walked in the midst of the fire and in the presence of the Lord of heat and cold the flames lost their power to consume from his royal seat the King looked on expecting to see the men who had defied him utterly destroyed but his feelings of triumph suddenly changed if you have feelings of triumph what and there's a sudden change what's the sudden change that's going on with this king you you can you could call a disappointment okay but really it was humility he got humbled into the dust when he realizes what's going on but I'm saying this is also typifying a disappointment right here and I'm gonna I'm gonna come back to the true and false prophet in a moment this is Mount Carmel but I think I'll leave them there I think I'll leave them there but this is where the seven is going on and what the seven is it's the testing of Noah seven days before the rain before the message is clarified it's the testing of Elijah where he goes into a period of self-examination and in this story it's an illustration of a disappointment not of God's people but of Nebuchadnezzar and this is where the one that pours out the rain comes and stands with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego but his feelings of triumph suddenly changed the noble astounding near saw his face grow pale as he started from the throne and looked intently into the glowing flames and alarmed the King turning to his lords asked did we not cat did did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire though I see four men loose walking in the midst of the fire and they have no hurt and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God how did that heathen King know what the Son of God was like the Hebrew captives feeling position of trust and Babylon had in life and character represented before him the truth when asked a reason of their faith had given it without hesitation plainly and simply they had presented the principles of righteousness thus teaching those around them of the God they were whom they worshiped they had told of Christ the Redeemer to come and in the form of the forth in the midst of the fire that King recognized the Son of God in this disappointment that I think we have to expect now I think it's a characteristic of a closed door and the door closes today beginning it's sundown today wherever you might be we're going to go into a purification process where the silver is purified seven times we're gonna wonder why it ate why it doesn't rain and I want to put that thought in your mind the rain being a message I think the disappointment has to do with the message of November 9th as much as anything else but we're going to do some self-examination as Elijah did and the rain is going to come and the rain is going to be brought by the line of the tribe of Judah in that fire but what I want you to see in this story is we're beginning to see that it's in here that these people are being identified as an ensign that other people that have some four knowledge about who Christ is are going to see them in a crisis and begin to look at what's happening because over here on July 18th 20 20 the Levites are going to begin to come in and the reason they're going to come in is because they're going to see something in the wise priests that are standing on the correct methodology that have been put into a crisis that is illustrated as a fiery furnace heated seven times for the purpose of removing how sister whites say in the time of jacob's trouble their earthly nose the time of Jacob's trouble they have their earthliness removed but they have no sin in their lives so earthliness is something that needs to be removed in the time of jacob's trouble that isn't speaking to moral sin it's something about our humanity that has to be changed and so there's a purification that's going on here that isn't speaking about moral sin but nevertheless it's a fiery furnace that does that work next quote is from Christian experience and teachings of Ellen White and in this quote there are three illustrations of a disappointment and and I think that's all the notes we have so we're doing good on time the waiting people of God approached the hour when they finally hoped their this is millerite history fondly hope their joys would be complete in the coming of the Savior but the time again passed unmarked by the advent of Jesus there was a bitter disappointment that fell upon the little flock whose faith had been so strong and whose hope had been so high but we were surprised that we felt so free in the Lord and were so strongly sustained by his strength and grace if you check this history out there's a there's a portion of them that couldn't say that there's a portion I'm the JumpShip right there but but she's not of that number so she's saying you have we were greatly disappointed but we felt so free in the Lord and we're so strongly sustained by his strength and grace and she's going to tell us why the experience of the former year was however repeated to a greater extent the first disappointment of April 19th was repeated to a greater extent a large class renounced their faith some who had been very confident were so deeply wounded in their pride that they felt like fleeing from the world like Jonah here's another disappointment from biblical history and why was Jonah disappointed because he gave a prophetic message saying that Nineveh is going to be destroyed in 40 days but was it destroyed no that disappointment of Jonah is tied in with the disappointment of October 22nd 1844 and it's talking about someone that has given a time prophecy like the Millerites that wasn't fulfilled okay two witnesses about that like Jonah they complained of God and chose death rather than life those who had built their faith upon the evidences of other evidence of others and not upon the Word of God where now is ready to again change their views this second great test revealed a mass worthless drift that had been drawn into the strong current of the Advent faith and been borne along for a time with the true believers and earnest workers we were disappointed but not disheartened we resolved to refrain from murmuring and try at the trying ordeal by which the Lord was purging us from the dross and refining us like gold in the furnace to submit patiently to the process of perfect purifying that God deemed needful for us and to wait with patient hope for the Savior to redeem his tried and faithful ones we have a couple few more paragraphs here but I want to want to remind us now I'm sure you're all seeing it that whether it's the Millerites or Jonah or Noah or Elijah the disappointment includes a waiting time for those people that have expected something to take place that doesn't whether it's the reign of Noah or the reign of Elijah or Nineveh to be destroyed or the Lord to return their expectations weren't fulfilled and the disappointment that they went into was a purification process and they only come out on the right side of the purification process if they had already established themselves in the correct methodology is what I'm gonna argue next paragraph same passage we were firm in the belief that the preaching of definite time was of God it was this that led men to search their Bibles diligently it was the time prophecies that had led them into a deep biblical study before the disappointment this is what she's saying it was this that led men to search the Bible diligently discovering truths that they had not before perceived Jonah was sent of God to proclaim in the streets of Nineveh that within 40 days the city would be overthrown but God accepted the humiliation of the Ninevites and extended their period of probation yet the message that Jonah brought was sent of God and Nineveh was tested according to his will the world looked upon our hope as a delusion and our disappointment as it as its consequent failure but though we were mistaken in the event that was to occur at that period there was no failure in reality of the vision that seemed to Terry those who had looked for the coming of the Lord were not without comfort they had obtained valuable knowledge in searching of the word the plan of salvation was plainer to their understanding everyday they discovered new beauties in the sacred pages and a wonderful harmony running through all one scripture explained in another and no word used in vain I'm telling you that what loud the Miller writes to go through their disappointment and end up on the right side of the issue when the majority of them were jumping ship was the methodology it was their their their study habits that were brought about by a deep study that preceded the closed-door and for the Miller writes the deep study was based upon definite time our disappointment now here's another disappointment in this passage our disappointment was not so great as that of the disciples when the son of man rode triumphantly into Jerusalem they expected him to be crowned king the people flocked from all the region about and cried Hosanna to the son of David and when the priests and elders Jesus Jesus - still the multitude he declared that if they should hold their peace even the stones would cry out for prophecy must be fulfilled yet in a few days these very disciples saw their beloved master who they believed would reign on David's throne stretched upon a cruel cross above the mocking taunting Pharisees their hopes were disappointed and the darkness of death closed about them yet Christ was true to his promise promises sweet was the consolation he gave his people rich was the reward of the true and faithful and for Christ the disappointment hid here for the disciples at the cross and then he rested on the - in the tomb on the seventh day for the Millerites there led into the most holy place to understand the Sabbath this seven is there repeatedly repeatedly this seven comes up okay so there is a seven between November 9th and July 18 of course the seven times two five two days okay well that's not exactly what I'm hitting on but okay I know that's there but that is oh I don't think that's it because I don't think the disappointment laughs from here to here okay I think the disappointment is at the initial period yeah I don't doubt that I don't doubt that but I have my I have my logic that I'm gonna put in place I follow your logic but the 252 days from here to here the the problem with the problem with him interrupting me on this subject is it it it's providential because it's making one of my points where I want to go to next I don't know if you've if you've seen the advertisement that's out there about what tests and Parminder teaching in Australia currently but someone that is supportive of their teachings has put out on the Internet or whatever an advertisement promoting Tess's predictions for today and we're already hearing that that we're bearing false witness about making but about saying that Tess actually made those predictions and the people that are accusing us of making false witness about those claims don't understand we're not the ones that are making it it was their supporters that put this out on the Internet to promote her meetings and when you go through that little advertisement for what they're doing she's going to teach from those clips that Donald Trump's gonna face impeachment today he's facing impeachment she got one that he's going to become a dictator today not going to happen that he's going to abolish the Free Press in the United States today not going to happen that it's going to begin a revolution today not going to happen that there's going to be an economic depression that happens today not going to happen okay so one out of five might sound good enough but when you're saying that you are a profit at the level of Ellen White you got to be five out of five and there's more if you want to get in to the details of her presentations so what I'm saying about this is that this here pardon me that this particular way mark is their way mark in this particular way mark is our way mark and you can't separate in them I'm not trying to separate them I'm not doing that but I'm saying that I and I don't know anyone that's on the right side of this issue that has a perfect clarity about what's going to happen today whether it's going to be a cyber attack a hot war or a proxy war in the Middle East or some combination of those things you can look at the history of raffia how we understand it and you can get some insight but we're not the ones that have been making claims about owning November 9th they are the claims we're making is that we own Panem and July 18th this is this is where we have seen the light we did so because we believe in God's definition of marriage and they don't on several levels and one level that you can show if you've been in this discussion where they don't believe in marriage is the Bible says what God has joined let no man put asunder and most marriages in the United States the person that's doing the marriage ceremony he's going to use that quote from the scriptures but God joins together let no man separate what happened in 1863 the apostasy of millerite Adventism was they committed that very sin this here was the 2300 this was the end of the twenty five twenty they were going to reject the twenty five twenty in 1863 and still profess to believe in the twenty three hundred year prophecy but these two prophecies come from Daniel eight thirteen they're joined together they cannot be separated this one here is about the sanctuary this one's about the host Adventism didn't understand that what God has joined together in Daniel 8 13 and 14 and Daniel 8:14 is the answer to the question in Daniel 8 13 you can't separate those two verses nor can you separate the message of those two verses and sister white says Daniel 8:14 is this foundation and central pillar of Adventism but Adventism decided it could throw out the twenty five twenty and profess to keep the twenty three hundred year prophecy about what God has joined together no man can separate and in December of 2016 the Lord opened up the light on raffia and Pentium and there's no way that you can separate them this is an attack and this is a counter attack and that's the way it's in the scriptures and that's the way it's understood in history but these guys they began to do everything they could to separate a study of this way mark from this way mark they refused to study them together and they're repeating the same history of 1863 because they don't retain the correct definition of the marriage relationship they think they can separate what God has joined together and they can't do it and we understand that we have a prediction to give about here but we do so because we know that our prediction includes light from here we do with both of them but the prediction that we're going to give is going to come in this history about here why is that because this is Mount Carmel and the prophets of bale a male God and the priests of the go a female God they go first this is their point of reference and that's what their advertisement is they're saying Tess has made all these predictions this is their followers that are saying this I just heard it a glance the economy is doing pretty good in the United States right now but des said we're going into an economic depression the their gonna rip you a revolution that starts tomorrow and Trump's going to be a dictator I believe all those things I believe all those things because I believe over here when the United States gets hit with a nuclear strike that the whole environment necessary for a dictatorship a civil war an economic collapse is going to be met over here but it's not met here and these people got themselves in trouble for a lot of reasons but in terms of this prophetic structure it was because they were willing to separate two truths that God had joined together that you cannot do you just can't do it and and stand on - thus saith the Lord so I have more to say about that tomorrow and what I intend to do tomorrow is probably cause problems for some people but this is raffia we're at raffia okay we're at raffia and this is Pinilla okay and I'm not supposed to speak out of both sides of my mouth but this was raffia for us as priests and this is Pentium and Pentium is a a progressive battle that begins here and goes to here and this is a progressive battle but in terms of the Omega movement and the alpha movement there's something that went on here that we'll look at tomorrow but there was a five-month hiding that went on here and the five-month hiding we generally would put at 9:00 11:00 to midnight all right so I'm gonna deal with an internal application of raffia and Panem tomorrow that actually begins before the raffia of today and there's enough there's enough witnesses to the validity of this that it needs to be considered if this is midnight in our history at Germany then in the Battle of raffia the first thing that was attempted was to assassinate the general of the northern power didn't work he didn't get assassinated then the war arrived and from this point on this 63 days it's been simultaneously a scattering and a gathering there's been asked if anyone was here at September 7th that didn't recognize the scattering took place then you weren't watching all right but at the same time the Lord has been gathering because these 25 20s are both scattering and gathering depending on how you look at them and if this is Pinilla more the priests in this history then we're going to see a battle that begins here between the priests and ends here and this battle is illustrated by Mount Carmel between Elijah and the prophets of Bel and the priests of the groves and it's starting right here now I know that that might be a headache for everyone to try to conceptualize what I'm saying but I'll take it off for you so you have time to think about it and settle into it but we'll go further on that tomorrow Lord willing so I is there anyone out there in this small audience of this scattered little flock that wants to give a testimony this evening on the Sabbath that ends the thirty year movement that began with the bringing down of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989 I told you this is about Mount Carmel and they answered not a word okay all right been long stressful week perhaps shall we close with the word of Prayer Heavenly Father we are uncertain what is going to transpire over the next 20-some hours but we understand that this is raffia that there is some kind of activity that's about to take place in agreement with the prophetic structure that we've been handling but I understand that this is also a point of a disappointment and many times that disappointment had the implications of having to wait for the rain to come if this is the case I ask that you remind us of our past experience that you let us review how we individually arrived at where we're at that you come and stand in this furnace of affliction with us and strengthen us and that you purify any earthliness that needs to be removed that we might in the very near future be lifted up as an ensign once the prophets of the belt prophets of Bel and the priests of go finish their dance of deception we thank you for bringing out the few people that did come out this evening we ask a blessing upon our entire Sabbath together asked for traveling mercies as we break we ask a blessing upon those on livestream that are considering these things as well in Jesus name Amen