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in your name for Jesus sake amen okay if you want to turn in your Bibles to first Kings 20 we're going to go through a portion of this chapter and the rest of it you'll have to figure it out because I don't know how to figure it out it's it's kind of stumped stumped me but I hope it's a blessing to all of you first Kings 20 okay and Benedict okay Ben hey Dad or been a dad which is it Ben Hayden okay Ben hey Dad the king of Syria gathered all his hosts together and there were 32 kings with him and horses and chariots and when he went up and besieged Samaria and war Ward against it now the name Ben Hadad means son of the false god hey Dad first kings 20s and Syria means exalted and I'm I would say that in our time Ben hey Dad would represent the king of the north the papacy and Syria the papacy exalts itself and Samaria means watch station or watch tower and that would equal God's servants who were Watchmen on the walls and I think I have a quote here yes Isaiah 21 verse 5 says prepare the table watch in the watchtower eat drink arise you princes and anoint the shield for thus saith the Lord unto me unto me go set a watchman let him declare what he seeth so that's what the watchman is the the samaria is is the watch tower that's a watchman are watching from and first kings 20 verse 2 says and he sent messengers to Ahab king of Israel into the city and said unto the unto Him thus saith Ben hey Dad thy silver and thy gold is mine thy wives also and thy children even the goodliest are mine how do you like that well what does God say God says in Haggai 2:8 the silver is mine and the gold is mine saith the lord of hosts so Ben hey dad is is trying to take something that's not his and verse 4 of 20 and the king of Israel answered and said my lord o king according to thy saying I am thine and all that I have now what do you think about that submitting to the papacy submitting he's he's an absolute submission and verse 5 and the messengers came again and said thus speaketh Ben hey Dad saying although I have sent unto thee saying thou shalt deliver me thy silver and thy gold and thy wise and thy children yet I will send my servants unto thee tomorrow about this time and they shall search thine house and the houses of thy servants and it shall be that whatsoever is pleasant in my eyes they shall put it in their hand and take it away verse 7 then the king of Israel called all the elders of the land and said mark I pray you and see how this man seeketh mischief for he sent him to me for my wives and my children and for my silver and my gold and I denied him not and all the elders and all the people said unto him hearkened not unto him nor consent wherefore he said unto the messengers of ben-hadad tell my lord the king all that thou did is send for me for thy servant at the first I will do but this thing I may not do and the messengers departed and brought him word again and what do you think that is this would be a very courageous thing for him to do with 32 Kings against you and Ben Hadad sent unto him and said the gods do so unto me and more also if the dust of Sumeria shall suffice for handfuls for all the people that follow me and I would call this pride and if you'd look in proverbs 16:18 it says pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall and in proverbs 1310 only by pride cometh contention this is contention wouldn't you say but with the well-advised is wisdom and wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished but he that gathereth by labour shall increase so he's trying to get something for nothing and he's boasting about it and he's being proud about it that's the papacy for you okay verse 11 and the king of Israel answered and said tell him let not him that Gurda --the on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off and i thought that was a pretty good answer don't you and reading proverbs 27 one and two it says boast not thyself of tomorrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth let another man praise thee and not thine own mouth a stranger and not thine own lips okay back to verse 12 and it came to pass when ben-hadad heard this message as he was drinking he and the kings in their pavilions and you notice I'm marking drinking at where I'm marking drinking I forgot to mention the the prophetic message was when the prophet came to him and told him let's see I'm right here okay he was drinking and he and his kings and the pavilions and he said unto his servants set yourselves an array and they set themselves an array against the city now when it says set yourselves in an array that means they're going to have an engines set up to attack the city and what are they doing they're drinking and it says in Revelation 4:17 1 and there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me saying unto me come hither I will show unto thee the judgment of the great Whore that sitteth upon many waters with whom that kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication I read this wrong I'm sorry I was supposed to take you to Revelation 14 revelation 14 8 it says and there followed another angel saying Babylon has fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and fornication is false worship okay and the third angel followed saying with a loud voice if any man worship the Beast and His image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he should be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels and in the presence of the Lamb okay so that's what they're doing they're drinking the wine and verse 13 and behold there came a prophet unto ahab king of israel saying thus saith the lord has thou seen all this great multitude maybe this is where the prophetic message was i'm i should have moved that back that king drinking is not in the right place sorry about that let me change that okay this was revelation 14 was it verse 8 I think it was re I read several let's see it was verses 8 to 10 okay all right that looks right to me now okay so you have a prophetic message there at 9/11 and the kings are drinking okay and verse 14 and a hab said by whom okay who's going to do the battle and he said thus saith the Lord even by the young men of the provinces of the province then he said who shall order the battle and he answered thou then he numbered the young men of the princes of the provinces and there were 232 and after them he numbered all the people even all the children of Israel being 7,000 so we have 232 princes and 7,000 soldiers this would be marking a draft and it could be it could actually be here - what do y'all think would you put it at 911 or at midnight because the next verse and they went out at and at noon so I would say market before midnight so I think I have that wrong - is that what y'all would think noon is and one way of speaking July 18th and that's midnight right so I would put em right here oh it's right is it all right okay all right I knew I put it there for some reason I didn't know what yeah clay in one way of speaking are the same and that's where we mark the sevens and seven thousand and seventy thousand you know right at that point yeah okay okay and that noon that's the next verse it says and they went out at noon this is verse sixteen but Ben hey Dad was drinking himself drunk in the pavilions he and the kings the thirty and two kings that helped him and when did they go out they went out at noon which we call midday or midnight and then revelation seventeen one and two it says and there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me saying unto me come hither I will show unto thee the judgment of the great Whore that sitteth upon many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication I'm marking drink and drunk two different places as you can see that I believe that's right it's it looks right to me and because you have to drink before you can get drunk so ok verse 17 and the young men of the princes of the provinces went out first and ben-hadad sent out and they told him saying there are men come out of Samaria and verse 18 and he said whether they be come out for peace take them alive or whether they come out for war take them alive what we call that that's a doubling so we mark that at the midnight cry where the battle is going to take place and verse 19 so these young men of probe princes and the Providence's came out of the city and the army which followed them and this is the next verse is 20/20 perfect vision I know and I came to that perfect vision is actually a paradox it is showing by faith in action you actually can't see anything but it's all by faith that is what perfect vision is is seeing by faith I thought that was really a neat neat revelation and so they slew this is verse twenty twenty and they slew every man one his man and the Syrians fled and Israel pursued them and Bane hey Dad the king of Syria escaped on an horse with the horsemen and these are the these are the ones that were that were exalting themselves they're the ones that fled and verse 21 and the king of Ezra went out and smote the horses and chariots and slew the Syrians with a great slaughter verse 22 and the Prophet came to the king of Israel and said unto him go strengthen thy self and mark and see what thou doest for at the return of the year the king of Syria will come up against thee and this ghost strengthen yourself reminds me of the angel that came to Daniel telling him to be strong yay be strong Daniel 10 19 and the next verse 23 says and the servants of the king of Syria said unto him their gods are gods of the hills therefore they are stronger than we but let us fight against them in the plain and surely we shall be stronger than they and do this thing take the Kings away every man out of his place and put captain's in there in their rooms and number and number the and army like the army that thou has lost horse for horse and chariot for Cheria and we will fight against him in the plain and surely we shall be stronger than they and he hearkened unto their voice and did so and it came to pass in the return of the year that been hey Dad numbered the Syrians and went up to effec to fight against Israel effect means fortress and verse 27 and the children of Israel were numbered and were all present and when against them and the children of Israel pitched before them like two little flocks of kids but the Syrians filled the country and I looked up the two little flocks of kids oh it it calls them the little flock and in the spirit of prophecy it says in comparison with the millions of the world God's people will be as they have ever been a little flock but if they stand for the truth as revealed in his word God will be their refuge they stand under the broad shield of omnipotence God is always a majority when the sound of the last trumpet shall penetrate the prison house of the Dead and the righteous shall come forth with triumph exclaiming Oh death where is thy sting o grave where is thy victory standing then with God with eight Christ and with the angels and with the loyal and true of all ages that children of God will be far in the majority that's that's accident X of the Apostles page five ninety point one okay okay first twenty twenty eight now and there came a man of God and spake unto the king of Israel and said thus saith the Lord because the Syrians have said the Lord is God of the hills but he is not God of the valleys therefore will I deliver all this great multitude into thine hand and ye shall know that I am the Lord so we have here God's name will be known and exalted and they pitched one over against the other seven days now his name is going to be exalted down at the Sunday law that's where it's gonna be that's where the battle is gonna be marked so they pitched over and against the other for seven days so there's seven days before the battle starts and you have two two little flocks compared to the multitudes of other people and this reminds me of Noah waiting in the in the ark for seven days before the flood and it and then let me see if I know I don't have a quote okay it was say starting at the let me just start over that verse twenty-nine and they pitched over against the other seven days and so it was that in the seventh day there's the Sabbath the battle was joined so we had we mark that at the Sunday law and the children of Israel slew of the Syrians a hundred thousand footmen in one day so I marked a hundred thousand there that fall and then the the rest fled to a feck which that meant fortress into the city and there a wall fell upon twenty and seven thousand of the men that were left so marked the twenty seven thousand there so there was a hundred and twenty seven thousand totaled that file and I don't know if there's a significance about that number does anybody know I don't know and then hey Dad fled and came into the city into an inner chamber and I have one more quote here the law is a wall of protection this is talking about at the Sunday law God has a law and the what the wall sorry his law is the wall of protection and the Sunday law is bringing down that wall and so this quote is about the wall the law is a wall of protection to those who are obedient to God's precepts from what other source can we gather such strength or learn such noble science what other book will teach men to love fear and obey God as does the Bible what other book presents to students more in no bling science more wonderful history it clearly portrays righteousness and foretells the consequence of disloyalty to the law of Jehovah no one is left in darkness as to that which God approves or disapproves in studying the Scriptures we become acquainted with God and are led to understand our relation to Christ who is the sin bearer the surety and substitute for our fallen race these truths concern are present and Colonel interest the Bible stands the highest among the books and its study is valuable above the study of other literature and giving strength and expansion to the mind okay that's all I have for today thank you shall we kneel for prayer father with grateful hearts we come into your presence this beautiful spring Sabbath morning rejoicing in the light of truth shining upon our pathway and father I pray that you would anoint our study with the power of your Holy Spirit you have promised that if we lift up our voices for knowledge and our voices for understanding that you will reveal to us the fear of the Lord and that's our desire today we thank you for each one gathered here together in Jesus name Amen good morning our study this morning will be from Acts of the Apostles pages 99 and 100 we continue our study of the story of Stephen a very poignant story for this hour time I believe and primarily this chapter comes from the book of Acts in the Bible chapter 6 and 7 now we learned last week that in this story Stephen was arrested and was brought before the the council and so that's where we'll pick up our story today the bottom of page 98 and we learned last week that the the priests and the rulers were unable to prevail against the clear wisdom and knowledge of Stephen and so they determined to make an example of him and so they were filled with this same revengeful hatred that was demonstrated toward Christ not all that much previous to our story today they even hired scripture says witnesses just like they did for Christ witnesses to falsely testify against him and the the testimony specifically was that they were to zero in on what was believed by the rulers in the priests as being blasphemy so let's look at question 1 on your sheet very general question that we should know the answer to just from what I said what charge was made against Stephen the charge of blasphemy second part of the question how did he I'm sorry temple and the law okay let's let's take that thought according that's according to the second line on page 99 actually it's paragraph 3 of 98 wrapped over to 99 it says he was speaking blasphemous words against the temple and against the law now I wanted I want to us to remember that little phrase there and we're going to come back and examine that in a few moments so how how did Stephen appear when he stood facing the judges he's just been charged with blasphemous words and how did he what was his physical appearance like and all that shat in the council looking steadfastly on him chat saw his face as you had been the face of an angel the face of an angel how does actually the apostles describe that face of the angel and in 99.1 holy radiance a holy radiance I brought with me spirit of prophecy vol 3 it's so brother Daniel and I appreciate his insight on this a number of years ago brought it to our attention that the two accounts have some different different principles different facts in them to add to the story and so I brought my vol 3 along with me this morning so we could we could compare them okay and and for that I want to look at two 96.1 I want to just look at how sister white describes it in this volume the same thing that we just talked about he's standing face to face with the judges that says 99.1 with the charge of blasphemy in this holy radiance shines up on his countenance and this this volume describes that holy counting us just a little more detailed and as someone have that would like to read that paragraph actually let's pick it up the face of an angel those who exalted Moses if you have it if you don't I will read it it's 296 paragraph 1 about halfway down paragraph 1 start halfway down because we've already we've already read the verse that talks about the face of an angel though salted Moses might have seen in the face of the prisoner the same Holy Light which radiated the face of that ancient prophet okay let me stop you there there's a there's a a point of anchor right there that doesn't come an accent it talks about the holy radiance but in this volume it compares that holy radiance to whom Moses at what point in Moses life did that holy radiance shine for what purpose with the law he had been in the mountain receiving the law and he came down with the same holy radiance that's demonstrated here in Steven and my brothers and sisters I believe it's the same holy radiance that would that will emanate from us at this at the time when we are called upon to testify okay now sister read on and then we'll take your comment Shekinah was a spectacle which they would never again witness in the temple whose glory has departed forever many he held the lighted countenance of Stephen tremble their faces but stubborn unbelief and Prejudice never faltered okay let's let's just compare that real quickly to 99.1 if you're in acts 4 the Apostles 99.1 it refers to the stubborn unbelief in the prejudice there on the bottom line of 99.1 what's missing from 99.1 is the comparison to Moses and what else this is the part I want you to really think about the Shekinah glory the Shekinah glory what do we know about the Shekinah glory if we didn't know it from other sources we'd note from this paragraph what does it say about that does it say that in the paragraph but you're right but I'm specifically thinking about what it says in a spirit of prophecy volume 3 talks about the Shekinah being a spectacle and what does it say about that and why was that true they would never see it again in the temple why and what does that mean the glory has departed it yeah it's a different it's a different entirely different temple than when Solomon dedicated his temple the Shekinah glory will never again be witnessed in the temple and there were those among the group of Israelites who who recognized this as the Shekinah and how did they respond well in another story they cried yes you're right they trembled and veiled their faces how did they respond to Moses when he came to the mountain after receiving the law it's the very same way okay brother oh wait okay was there another comment on this side brother Daniel I don't remember for sure maybe there are others here that would remember but wasn't the Shekinah glory manifested above the mercy seat and above the Ark of the Covenant I believe so okay and where else was this to Pacific it guided the children of Israel feel the wilderness yeah so what's the what did that have been the light by night yeah and you know you can I'm sure you could do a very deep study on on the Shekinah glory and it's prophetic significance and sure you could but I think just off the top of my head it would seem to me that when the seventh-day Adventist Church caves at the sunny log that kind of glorious it's gone from if it hasn't already well removed when you realize that that that the church leadership was passed by when 9/11 is it not likely that that's when the Shekinah glory departed yeah it may be like sort of a progressive thing because I mean it said the Sunday law yeah that is that celebration is closed that would that bears some study doesn't not a judge but but I appreciated how sister white brought that out in in spirit of prophecy vol 3 it had departed but there were some of the old timers who remembered and veiled their faces dang I just remembered as we all notice of course but at the discussion of Jerusalem it was said whenever the city was being destroyed when the temple had been destroyed that they were saying the glory a kebab the glory is departed that would be like it so that's a dish under law yeah but it actually departed before them they were just recognizing it for sure by then right I would think so I'd say it's I'd say it's similar in our time and maybe the summary that they came forth was it's a progression of the loss of God's glory and that's the final nail in the coffin is the Sunday law but it's a gradual progressive because we know that God's glory has departed from the church in a large way we know that to be true okay yes there are individuals in the church that's right that's not anything about individuals that's it they actually recognize it I believe yeah that's not an individual thing that's a corporate kind of response okay so so the Shekinah glory was shining upon Steven was it none let's go to question two who else in Scripture we've already alluded to this we've already answered that but let's look up a couple of verses in response to that we know that Christ was faced with the same charge of blasphemy and let's look at John 1033 somebody read that one and then let's look at mark 2:7 and let's have someone else read that but let me let me preface these two verses with the thought that I believe these two verses define what blaspheming means if you do if you say Oh blasphemy this blasphemy that the Bible's understanding the biblical understanding of what blasphemy is I believe is depicted in these two verses and then we'll come back to that thought that I said we'd come back to on 99 at the very top of the page go with ten verse verse 33 2 John 10 33 the Jews answered him saying for a good work we stone thee not but for blasphemy and because that thou being a man makest thyself God okay so what aspect of what part of the definition of blasphemy would you say on reading that verse is there making myself making yourself God okay that's number one okay who wants to read mark 2:7 mark 2:7 why don't this man thus speak blasphemies who can forgive sins but God only okay so the second component of blasphemy is what you think that you're giving you then we have to stop for a moment think well where does that happen I think you would know that growing up in the Catholic Church that's what the priest does in the Catholic Church okay can do that presumes to do that pretends to do that yep okay go ahead how is this the same there's met Stephen and with Christ because that's your question they are stoning him in the end because of two things he spoke of the temple and then he spoke of the history we can call it the law where it was given he spoke of the history and in the temple the temple all is a flashpoint for them yeah go ahead so we know that the temple typifies what the body and the law is what God's character so when they crucified Christ for saying I am God it's the same thing that there that's doing here because he spoke of the temple in a sense the body and the law so they they're they're actually the same to me mm-hmm that makes sense interesting point let's let's think a little bit more about this blasphemy remember 99 at the top which is actually 98.3 it says they had heard him speak blasphemous words against the temple and the law according to our biblical definition you've just shed a little light on it for me when you say the temple is is a person that typifies Christ that is how it could be but I am I'm thinking when they said it blasphemy against the temple I don't think they were thinking of it in the same why no they weren't as you read on they didn't understand what blasphemy even was but when we step aside and bring in what brother Larry just says it really does you really can I was going to say when you read it when you read that Karen it said I was gonna say can you even blaspheme the temple that's a physical structure and my understanding if you understood the temple as only that you couldn't it's not something you can blasphemy because blasphemy is calling yourself God and forgiving sins now in that definition Christ could have been determined by them to bless me because he was calling himself God but here I don't think they understand what what blasphemy really is that's my point go ahead yeah Acts six actually eleven eleven yeah acts six verses 11 to 14 says then they suborned men which said we have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and against God and they stirred up the people and the elders and described and and came upon him and Cartman brought him to the council and set up false witnesses which said this man ceases not to speak blasphemous words against this holy place and the law for we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth shall destroy this place and shall change the customs which Moses delivered to us so you have several things there he's to them he's speaking against Moses speaking against God speaking against this holy place and and saying that that God that Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and shall change the customs which Moses deliver delivered us so the customs and the margin says rights no I think a lot of that is related to that Old Testament verse I'll forget words out there where the the Lord says that the people of Israel are saying the temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord a temple the Lord are these yeah they they don't understand what the temple is and they think anyways it's they have a skewed understanding of what the temple / of God is that's a whole subject in and of itself that needs to be grasped okay alright let's look and see if we have anything else to add - question - did you have the opportunity anyone to look up spirit of prophecy passages to elaborate on that question at all I would you can share those momentarily let me just share the first place I discovered blasphemy associated with Christ was in the story of John chapter 5 and and in that I found is our of Ages 205 but I'm not well prepared to talk about that one but that was that was where the claims of blasphemy started in Christ's ministry and if you look if you look up John chapter 5 on a on a timetable of Christ's life from the very beginning to the crucifixion which I happen to have in my Study Bible it's a real asset to try to figure out where things are in which Gospels are written in order and which ones things are out of order but this particular passage comes from John chapter 5 and if you look up the harmony of the Gospels and you look where John chapter 5 is it's very early in ministry in fact it's right after the second Passover and of the fourth Passover was when Christ was crucified those were the four Passover's of his ministry the first being passed and the second one just passed when he was accused in John chapter 5 well he took he took on or I should say the Sanhedrin took him on and rejected him at that point and and from that point forward then where did Jesus go for ministry after after the Sanhedrin rejected him he went on to ministry in Galilee until until the third Passover and then he retired from public ministry after the third Passover and went he didn't have a specific ministry to a specific area but he was following his counsel to us go first to the Jews he went to Judea between the first and the second and then after the second he went on to minister in Galilee but so this this incident of them of their charge of blasphemy came with their rejection of him so the sanhedrin's rejection of Christ and so from there he went on to Galilee okay now let's look at question three how did Stephen respond to the charges and I'm looking at some maybe some broader statements here and then specific things but what did you discover in in your investigation of this question how did he respond and what what was his response about he had a clear thrilling voice being spoken history of the people and that reminded me of Jeremiah 6:16 and he took him back to the old path very good very good analogy there he took him back to the old path very good paragraph should be read gerald page nearly okay let's do I agree with you in fact I think I was planning to do that who would like to read that when Stephen was questioned as to the truth of the charges against him he began his defense in a clear thrilling voice which rang through the council hall in words that held the assembly bound he in words that held the assembly spellbound he proceeded to rehearse the history of the chosen people of God he showed a thorough knowledge of the Jewish economy and the spiritual interpretation of it met now made manifest through Christ he repeated the words of Moses that foretold of the Messiah a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren like unto me him shall ye hear he made plain his own his own loyalty to God and to the Jewish faith while he showed that the law in which the Jews trusted for salvation had not been able to save Israel from idolatry he connected Jesus Christ with the with all the Jewish history he referred to the building of the temple by Solomon and to the words of both Solomon and Isiah I'll be at the most high dwelleth not in temples made with hands as saith the Prophet heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool what house will you build me say the Lord or what is the place of my rest hath not my hand made all these things oh there's a there's a lot in that paragraph but first of all I would like to compare it to I will go ahead and take your comment and then I will compare it to spare prophecy vol 3 we find a few more facts more information okay I didn't see this when I looked at now then but I see it now this is typifying the Omega movement they were not happy that the Lord Rael's up a prophet then they're gonna come in and then they're gonna say look we don't have to obey by the history of in the law we trust this isn't gonna save us we got to wear pants with that ado we're gonna go against the law I don't know if to me it speaking out of the apostasy then came within our midst amen appropriate go ahead okay add debt the bottom of that paragraph mm-hmm ninety-nine point yeah and you know he says you know he'll be at the most high dwells not in temples made with hands I said the Prophet heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool but house will you build me and then that next paragraph it says when stephen reached this point there was a tumult among the people when he connected Christ with the prophesies and spoke as he did of the temple the priests pretended to be horror-stricken pretending to be harvest revenue rent his robe you know that when when he did that when he connected Christ with the prophesies that I spoke of the temple as he did that was like the straw that broke the camel's back but that was the end a lot under the anvil of the line for Stephen Kenneth question 5 yeah and and so I should have rather been just taping a while ago but now is a good opportunity it just fits well concerning that and where's it from I'll give that in just a moment I'm going to connect it to that verse there in Jeremiah 7 4 where it says trust ye not in lying words saying the Temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord are these and then in fundamentals and Christian editor of Christian education 397 to 398 it says in the past education has consisted in laborious ly loading the mind of the students with material which which cannot be of the least value to them and which will not be recognized in the higher school the teachers of the Jewish nation professed to educate the youth to understand the purity and excellence of the laws of that kingdom which is to stand fast forever and for Anna and ever but they perverted truth and purity though they said of themselves the Temple of the Lord the Temple of the Lord are we yet they crucified the originator of all the Jewish economy him to whom all their ordinances pointed they failed to discern the veiled mystery of godliness Christ Jesus remained veiled to them the truth the life the heart of all their service was discarded they held and still hold the mere husks the shadows the figures symbolizing the truth a figure for the time appointed that they might discern the truth or they discern the truth become so perverted by their own inventions that their eyes are blinded they did not realize that type met anta type in the death of Jesus Christ the greater their perversion of figures and symbols the more confused their mind became so that they could not see the perfect fulfillment of the Jewish economy instituted and established by Christ and pointing to him as the substance meats and drinks and divers ordinances were multiplied until ceremonial religion consisted their only constituted rather their only worship Stephen I spoke against all of their fright there when Stephen brought Christ into the picture that's when it broke loose yeah yeah when you polish it with the prophecies when he can made that connection let me read spirit prophecy vol 3 I'll just read part of that paragraph they cover the same material surprisingly but it begins if you look in your Bibles act 7 verse 2 let's look at that first 7 verse to the book of Acts it says and he said Stephen said men brethren and father's heart or listen the god of glory appeared unto our father Abraham so when we're reading in Acts of the Apostles it says he showed a thorough knowledge of the Jewish economy and so on and he repeated the words of Moses but spirit of prophecy takes us back to verse 2 she says he began with Abraham and traced down through history from generation to generation going through all the national records of Israel to Solomon taking up the most important impressive points to vindicate his cause so it adds a little more depth to what we're reading here in Acts of the Apostles same truths same storyline same thing but just a little more starting at Abraham just like the scripture says okay so he he began with Abraham and traced his way all the way down to Solomon and then he quotes then he quotes Solomon and Isaiah now help me if you can I did I studied a long time trying to find where Solomon and Isaiah brought these quotes together and Isaiah was not difficult because that's Isaiah chapter 66 verses 1 & 2 I could not find in the writings of Solomon or any reference to Solomon in this quote other than acts 7 46 47 and 48 so if we can if you can help me if you can't that's fine it's it's a question I was unable to answer so I did I thought I would throw it out to the group the question is I can find ok so he referred bottom of 99 paragraph 2 he Stephen referred to the building of the temple by Solomon and to the words of both Solomon in Isaiah and then it gives quotation marks howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands say if the Prophet heaven is my throne earth is my footstool I found these words to be related to Isaiah you got the Song of Solomon you have proverb you have Ecclesiastes well what are you books but where do these where does that you don't have any place in any of those three books is my question I think the quote wouldn't be their exact quote but the idea I mean evidently he's he's saying that Solomon and Isaiah and then she mentioned the temple ok songs has something to do with the festival well you look at those references for psalms and it doesn't seem to be there oh I think yeah I think I know okay where it says you know he's saying you know Stephen is saying how be the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands I said the Prophet okay let's go to Isaiah so get Maddux okay I J I'm sure he says that and I think I'm almost certain that you can find it in like one of the chronicles are the king probably the chronicles first or second probably first chronicles where Solomon says something like that something like that and that's probably why I couldn't find it because it wasn't an exact quote it yump didn't like that I think that's probably what I concluded that that's how his words are brought into into the same thought here as Isaiah's let's look at Isaiah's words specifically that's let's read verses 1 & 2 and as we come in for landing on this I would like to to a cuz I think that principle that comes in Isaiah 66 if you look at the whole of Isaiah 66 it's a very rich and deep study about the church triumphant and it it really demands a whole whole separate time of study from today but the question number seven at the bottom we'll kind of ties the present history together with with Isaiah's thoughts there and with Stephens words but who wants to read Isaiah 66 verses 1 & 2 is my earth is my footstool where is the house that he build unto me and where is the place of my rest for all those things ask my handmaid and all those things have been saith the Lord but to this man will I look even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit and tremble at my word okay let's sit let's just look at those two verses for a moment where is the place of rest as described in Scripture that's kind of a broad maybe not specific enough enough of a question but what do you associate rest with somebody already has talked about rest and refreshing okay so when you bring those two together it points to what the latter rain so now let's read verse 1 again thus saith the Lord the heaven is my throne the earth is my footstool where is the house that ye build for unto me what is that referring to I think that might be talking about what brother Larry was saying earlier and what was that can you see how that verse ties in with what you were saying that this is the temple that were that is presented to Christ this is our reasonable offering it's our reasonable service this is our offering is our body how many years did it take to to build the temple up how many 46 how many chromosomes in the human and temple 46i I just got to stop for a moment here my wife and I were listening to is it all right if I everybody got this down my wife and I were talking about this thought this week I don't want to take a lot of time on this but I just want to put it out there for your consideration the human temple has okay there's 46 years that brother Larry just mentioned and I just said there are 46 chromosomes mother Jeff was in the last vision of Daniel number 4 he was talking about the 2300 day prophecy and he said the question came to the floor what's 23 and I looked at my wife and I said as a biology teacher it's 23 chromosomes where do we find 23 chromosomes the gametes are the I think that's an end in the individual cells contributed from the father and the mother so you have 23 that comes together to make 46 and so when his question was was 23 stand for immediate I said well it's a gammy this has a term it's called a zygote so 23 relates to the gammy well how does that relate prophetically so I I got excited about that and I emailed it to Jeff and I think he was in the process of travel to Portola and he wrote back to me pretty quickly I said I'm in the process of working on an application when I didn't have time to work on an application but his mind was whirling he said how many years did it take to build the temple up so in 1844 we have the zygote or we have the two come together what are the two entities that are built up here the sanctuary now I don't know what significance there is to that but the sanctuary and the host or each gone together to make up the whole so the sanctuary in the host are the 23 I'm sure we can develop that a lot more I just wanted to throw it out there for your consideration because that just really struck me is because I would when somebody asked me what 23 is I'm gonna say it's it's the chromosomes in a gamete and interestingly I looked up gamete on the 1828 dictionary and I thought it's probably not going to be here because this is a more modern term and sure enough it wasn't there and neither is zygote there that those terms are with modern-day biology go ahead the sanctuary is groom and the host is the bride that's what I was gonna say both yeah so we have this is the bride this is sanctuary and sanctuary is the man okay well I will just remember that we won't write that up there but that's a good that's a good carry on of that application I thought you would find that interesting let's not delay too much on that but I'm sure we can talk a lot more about that in first Kings chapter 8 okay verse 27 Solomon says but will God indeed dwell on the earth behold the heavens and the heaven of heavens I'm sorry behold the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee how much less this house that I have builded and then second Chronicles to almost the same words of course yeah verse 6 6:18 second chronicles - I'm sorry - six and the first one is first Kings you got got that one yep first Kings what first Kings 8:27 yeah okay listen second chronicles - six but who was able to build him and how seeing the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain him who him and on Who am I then that I should build in a house save only to burn sacrifice before him I think it's what he was it's a combination of those put together with Isaiah's words yeah it's a blending of welding two of those two principles 6:18 that says but will God and very deed dwell with men on earth you hold heaven and the earth heaven of heavens cannot contain me how much less this house which I have built and he has a whole prayer there that's pretty much dealing with that so for me pointing to if this whole house cannot contain me pointing to this principle right here that this is the true sanctuary is the is the human organism presented as a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God okay very good thank you for your contributions there let's go on we have a few moments left why did Stephen suddenly turn away from his historical train question 6 and turn upon the judges because that's what it says he did 100-point - suddenly breaking away from the Train of history or return to the old paths I like that he turned upon his infuriated judges and how would you describe his words to the infuriated judges in one word what would you call it I like that two words stern rebuke I just said rebuke in my mind but I think a stern one it's the fits the absolutely because it says there in just the previous paragraph and he saw the the priests rending his robe because he was getting him a blasphemy of course and it says to Stephen this act was a signal that his voice would soon be silenced he saw the resistance that met his words and knew that he was giving his last testimony although in the midst of his sermon he abruptly concluded it so he knew this was it for him and he's gonna give it his last all I did were let's look at to two principles because we are almost out of time question number four I reprinted 3sp 296 question six to ninety seven point two the bolded in there I want us to consider on question four it says again this isn't reference to the when Moses said a prophet shall the Lord raise up unto you coming from Deuteronomy 18 verse 15 but but it says here that that Stephen presented distinctly before them the sin of Israel that was not heeding the voice of the angel who was Christ himself it spells out what their sin was our reading in Acts of the Apostles did not do that he said this is he that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him spoke to Moses on in the Mount Sinai and with our fathers who received alive the lively Oracle's to given to us and then going down to number six which is 297 point to his words were spoken by the dictation of the Holy Spirit that's pretty precise that's what will happen my brothers and sisters when we are called to testify for the reason for the faith that is within us if we have the right experience today the Holy Spirit will dictate their words to us we learned that last week - or the week before when we last week's material the previous week we zeroed in on that and talked about that quite a bit and history will be repeated and if you really want to to put your minds to the stretch I encourage you this afternoon because there's no way we could do justice to it but I encourage you to go to Isaiah 66 and just turn with me there for a moment as we say our final few words here like I said this is this is the new covenant people this is the church triumphant in Isaiah 66 but what I find most strongest in here is verses 3 & 4 about what God really is looking for is a contrite spirit of verse 2 who tremble at that my word is the end of verse 2 Isaiah 66 and it goes on to talk about how the Israelites messed up the sacrifices they've chosen their own ways and it says they have chosen their own ways but then in verse 4 it says I will choose their delusions so he's really just choosing their delusions from their choices that they've already demonstrated it is really their choice and when you think about brothers and sisters who used to worship with us who have now chosen their own way and delighted in their abominations he's going to choose their delusions and this this is quite a poignant chapter in terms of the New Covenant people the inside lifted up there's just a whole lot in here the inside comes in verse 19 syan in travail there's a lot to study in that chapter him and I pray that we would have a time to do that that's Neill for prayer father as we come in I presence we rejoice that the Holy Spirit has met with us and guided our instructor our discussion and I pray that it has been a blessing for each who has been in this room our small group and those who are watching live online and those who will watch later on YouTube I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would be recognized in our lives by a doubling as you've promised that that that promise would be sure on your holy day and we thank you for that pray that your blessing would go with us as we come into the worship hour and we pray these things and we thank you in Jesus name Amen