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Heavenly Father is I take up the subject of pal mony I ask that you'd grant the Holy Spirit to myself and those that are hearing this message that we might understand the work the role the significance of Christ being palimony in the the prophetic scheme of things I ask that you allow us to see that the work that he's presenting to us is a testing work but a work that he intends to use to bless us if we will but receive the light connected with it please pour your Holy Spirit out upon us at this time and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen this presentation is pretty much going to be review of several things that are already in the public record some in the public record recently some promote from a while ago there was a brother on the chat group that's no longer on the chat group that has had some resistance to some of the things that are established in this movement one of the things that he and I were going back and forth upon was my emphasis on looking at Hiram Edson articles we're gonna touch a little bit about Hiram's Edson's articles he argued with me that there's error in those articles and therefore there should we shouldn't find any light in those articles in that's kind of the old Adventist approach the approach that there is no light in the pioneers because if that's the rule of thumb that there's air and Hiram Edson TARTA khals therefore you can't look at Hiram incense articles there was error and william miller's articles and there was error and samuel snow's midnight cry message so you couldn't look into midnight crime message and you couldn't look at william miller so it was a nun sanctified approach to looking for gems that were that are contained in the Pioneer writings and in Hiram Edson articles he will tell you pretty much even though there are some things in there that I don't agree with he'll tell you the same thing I'm going to tell you about our scripture reading here is it Daniel 813 that this certain saint that spoke is palimony and palimony is the wonderful number of secrets if you if you search it it's going to stay the wonderful number or the number of Secrets but I'm just pulling those two thoughts together and saying that palimony that certain saint means the wonderful number of secrets if you remember either Steven or Theodore here recently I think was Theodore pointed out that this verse Daniel 8 13 8 and 13 is one of the sequence of numbers that is in the golden ratio okay if you're not a mathematician you may not know what the gap golden ratio is or or Fibonacci sequence but it begins with 1 + 1 + 0 is 1 and then you take the 1 in the 1 and you add them and it's 2 and then you take the 2 and the 1 before which is 1 and add it and it makes 3 and you take the 3 and you add it to the 2 and it equals 5 then you add the 5 to the 3 and it equals 8 and then you take the 8 with the 5 and it comes to 13 8 13 Daniel 8 13 is one of the sequences in the golden ratio it goes on it goes on indefinitely but it's not an accident that that is a signature in the very verse where we're introduced to pomona the wonderful number nor is it an accident that as we understand this verse and as Hiram Edson identifies this verse that there is in this verse the reference to both the 2300 and the 2520 time prophecy where it says he's going to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden underfoot the sanctuary is the 2300 year prophecy and the host is the twenty five twenty and Daniel 8 goes on to explain these things and this is a matter of public record that we've taught in this ministry for years but Hiram Edson was teaching the same thing so in Daniel 813 you have one of the most profound mathematical revelations in the Word of God because once you see the twenty five twenty in relation to the 2300 the numbers begin to pop out okay for us in this movement we recognize that the first twenty five twenty ended in 1798 and the second one ended in 1844 and in some point in time there was a brother this was out in Blythe California and we were having meetings and the brother from the background brother that most of you would know if I told you his name he says a brother Jeff have you ever noticed that there's 46 years between 1798 and 1844 and I thought right on this one oh that's pretty cool from that point on we began to see 46 as a symbol of the temple that Moses is 46 days on the Mount getting instructions on building the temple that the Jews said to Jesus when he says destroy this temple in three days I'll raise it up and they said this temple is 46 years in the building so it was the two twenty-five twenty is the one that ended in 1798 and the one that ended in 1844 that leads us to see the 46 and the forty-six ultimately we're seeing that our whole body temple is structured on the what's that the lumen M protein which has 46 chromosomes that wrap around it so our our body temple has the number 46 signature and then we begin to see that the beginning of the 2520 in 677 and the beginning of the 2300 which are both mentioned here in Daniel 8 13 and 14 the beginning in 677 in the beginning in 457 at the 2300 that there's two hundred and twenty years there and we begin to understand what the two hundred twenty represents that it represents restoration and then we can see two twenty at the end of that those two time prophecies on October 22nd 1844 the point being is the launching pad for the mathematics that we are grappling with now is Daniel eight thirteen and Daniel 813 as ayah we say and I know that I'm right on this even if the theologians of Adventism don't want to acknowledge it and they don't by the way if you don't know the argument they don't want to acknowledge what I'm going to say here Daniel 8 13 is the question and verse 14 is the answer and you can't separate the true but they like to separate the true because they have the wrong understanding of the daily but you can't for common people like us you know that if you have a question verse and then an answer verse they got to go together and this is the central pillar of Adventism according to sister white and it's right here where palimony introduces himself to us and it's right here where the 25 20 and the 2300 days are introduced and this is where all the lights come on in terms of numbers okay so Pomona is the wonderful number of secrets and you have in your notes Deuteronomy 29:29 and we see doublings we think of something that is speaking to our very day and age the day and age of the midnight cry says the secret things belong unto the Lord our God but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children forever that we may do all the words of this law there are secret things in the Bible there will be secret things in the Bible that we do not understand until we get to the earth Nate made new if we achieve that goal because we're gonna study the Word of God throughout eternity and much of the motivation for you and I study in the Word of God comes from the belief that there are gems in God's Word that were to be seeking out if it was just reading God's Word to memorize it and it had nothing for us of value than art we would have no motivation to do it and if we're gonna study the Word of God throughout eternity then we're not recognizing all the secrets yet but the ones that are revealed to us belong to us and our children forever and that when they're revealed to us we have a responsibility to act accordingly to whatever those jewels might be but the only people that truly understand the secrets I think is defined by scriptures psalm 25:4 says the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him and he will show them his covenant his covenant people are the ones that fear him at 9/11 we mocked the fear of God and the covenant relationship and they're the ones that have the secrets revealed to them and proverbs 33 32 says the frow for the froward is an abomination to the Lord but his secret is with the righteous okay those that fear the Lord that have the righteousness of Christ that our in covenant relationship with him will recognize his secrets but his secrets are handed off through Christ in either two ways or more than two ways Who am I to limit him but two ways that I'm going to speak of the lion is the one that unseals the book that sealed with seven seals and he opens up prophecy in the general fashion but it's palimony that opens up the the attributes of prophecy in the chronological or mathematical fashion same person it's Jesus either way you look at it but when he's palimony he's handling the numbers and when he's the lion he's handling the prophecies in the general aspect and if you type in the word secret and you go to Daniel 2 it's all about a secret Nebuchadnezzar has a secret he's going to kill the wise men because they can't explain the secret and ultimately the the whole conclusion of that story which we all know is in verse 247 the conclusion I want to make because I'm saying that all the prophets are speaking about the end of the world including Daniel in chapter 2 and it says the king answered unto Daniel and said of a truth it is that your God is a God of gods and a Lord of lords and a revealer of Secrets seeing thou could us revealed this secret one of the things God's people do at the end of the world that is going to amaze Nebuchadnezzar whoever he may represent at the end of the world is that they're going to reveal God's secret okay and this next passage is verses 7 through from Amos 3 but I have the last three verses which are 911 broke out ok on purpose because that's the way I do things what I see 911 and I have a justification for doing so so I'm gonna read Amos 3:7 through 11 but 911 has its own little internal thought surely the Lord thy God will will do nothing but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets the lion hath roared there's the Lion of the tribe of Judah the lion hath roared who will not fear there is a group that will fear when they hear this prophetic message they are the righteous they're the ones that are in covenant relationship with him the Lord has spoken who can but prophesy now verses 9 through 11 publish in the palaces of Ashdod and the palaces in the land of Egypt and say once the lion roars and the secret is revealed there is a publishing work to be done it gets done in the palaces of Ashdod it gets done in the land of Egypt assemble yourselves upon the mountains of Samaria and behold the great two malts in the midst thereof and the oppressed in the midst thereof for they know not to do right sayeth the lord who store up violence and robbery in their palaces therefore thus saith the lord god an adversary there shall be even round about the land and he shall bring down thy strength from thee and thy palaces shall be spoiled so there is a secret that is revealed to the righteous that are in covenant relationship with the Lord that fear him at the end of the world that's to be conveyed to the leadership of the world telling them that there's an enemy in the land that is going to bring their palaces down but you don't see that secret if you don't follow how moe 9 now long before we got to where we are at now where we're getting criticized for time setting and all the other things that were criticized of we were taken to Matthew 16 and Matthew 16 is where Christ is speaking to the disciples in Caesarea Philippi but I'm here to tell you that Christ in Caesarea Philippi is not Christ he's palimony because Matthew 16 is it's laden with the fingerprints of the wonderful number and this is all old news but I'm gonna read you just from from Wikipedia some comments on the golden ratio and Fibonacci's sequence it's not going to explain it all to you but it's found in Matthew 16 so you need to have a point of reference before we begin this is from Wikipedia it says it's going to tell you about this sequence how many pairs of rabbits will be produced in a year beginning with a single pair if in every month each pair bears a new pair which becomes productive from the second month on the result can be expressed numerically as 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 24 onward that is the golden ratio okay and this they're using this multiplication of rabbits to show you how it works it goes on to say Fibonacci's numbers are of interest to biologists and physicists because they are frequently observed in various natural objects and phenomena the branching patterns and trees and leaves for example and the distribution of seeds in a raspberry are based upon Fibonacci's numbers pineapples are a classic example of this as well it's not in here so is the length of our are that this part of our finger - this part of our finger - our whole finger - our hand - here - our arm it's all based on that same ratio okay it's so is the the distance from the planets to the Sun same ratio okay going back to Wikipedia the Fibonacci sequence is related to the golden ratio a proportion roughly 1 : 1.6 that occurs frequently throughout the natural world and is applied across many areas of human endeavor both the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are used to to guide design for agriculture websites and user interfaces among other things architecture would I say agriculture architecture sorry the golden ratio symbol is the the Greek letter Phi shown at the left now the reason that I want that in there when the mathematicians identified the golden ratio they use pH I as the symbol of Phi the symbol of the golden ratio and it isn't an accident that in Matthew 16 there in caesarea philippi and the first three letters of philip i is phi and you will see the golden ratio in matthew 16 okay so the golden ratio symbol is the Greek letter Phi shown at the left it is a special number approximately equal to one point six one eight and we are going to look at Matthew 16 verse 18 where this ratio is marked okay it appears many times in geometry art architecture and agriculture even though it doesn't say that because the plants have it as well okay and other areas so when you go to Matthew 16 I want to point out that the chapter and desire of Ages that's going to deal with Matthew 16 is chapter 45 and it's called the foreshadowing of the cross and of course brother Stephen deals with that from a different perspective that particular but we mark that chapter as identifying the history of the last President of the United States which is the 45th President of the United States and we identify caesarea philippi the subject of that chapter and the subject of Matthew 16 as the midnight cry one of the reasons that we do that is the doubling of the midnight cry and here is a town that before it was called Caesarea Philippi was called Panem and before that it was called Bane us so we're understanding accessory a Philip I to be Pan Am that we deal with in Daniel chapter 11 but here in chapter 16 of Matthew and in desire of Ages page 45 there's a doubling okay it's caesarea philippi because philip that does this remodeling of that town he's trying to suck up to caesar so he changes the name of the town to honor Caesar he changes it to Caesarea but he can't he's such a proud ruler that he can't keep his name out of it and his name is Philip so it's caesarea philippi a doubling of names there and of course we find this to be lining up with Pinilla man the midnight cry so we expect a doubling so go to matthew 16 this is by the way I know old information in terms of this ministry in this message but this is information that I'm sure it's not on the front of everyone's fingertips and it's this kind of point of reference we need to have a confidence in what pomona is bringing forth at this time we have to remember that we got to this point of confidence in his word by being led there by him not by us and Matthew 16 is some place that he took us about three years ago so if you go to verses 15 of Matthew 16 we'll start there and in verse 15 says and you have tempted this chapter you can spend a whole sermon or two in this chapter so I'm gonna have to really be control myself here he said unto them but whom say ye that I am he's just asked the disciples who do men say that I am and they're telling him what men say that Christ is and then he says but he doesn't say it this way but he's saying to the disciples not forget about what they say I am what do you as my disciple say I am in verse 15 and Simon Peter answered and said thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God this particular verse verse 16 which is Matthew 16:16 which is a doubling this is a subject of Christian history this is called the Christian confession there's books and theologians that have written about this verse for years this is the two essential things to understand about Jesus Christ if you're genuinely a Christian those two things are that he is the son of God and that he was the Christ and when was either Christ he never became the Christ until he was baptized okay so to be a Christian a genuine Christian this is the argument over the the term that is called the Christian confession if you google it you'll see websites probably about the Christian confession is that you have to believe that Christ was anointed when he was baptized in 8027 as the Messiah as the Christ the Jesus was anointed then in there and that he was the son of the Living God if you don't believe he was the son of the Living God then you're not really a Christian if you don't believe that he was baptized in and you're not really a Christian that's the logic of this so this is boiling Christianity down to one verse if this is if this is the bottom line of what it means to accept Jesus Christ is to accept those two premises this takes place in the doubling of 16:16 in Matthew verse 17 says and jesus answered and said unto Him blessed art thou simon barjona okay we're gonna look at that name what does Simon mean it means one that here's what does barjona mean Bar means son of Jonah means Jonah and Jonah means dove so simon barjona is someone that has heard the message of the Dove and what was the message of the Dove it was the message of his baptism the previous verse thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God blessed are thou simon the one who that heard barjona the message of the baptism because when he was baptized the Holy Spirit came down in the dov okay so Simon Peter is someone in our day and age that has heard the message of 9/11 because the baptism of Christ is typifying what took place on 9/11 when the mighty angel of Revelation 18 descended okay because all the prophets are speaking more about our day and age than the days in which they lived okay so and jesus answered and said unto Him blessed art thou simon barjona for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee but my father which is in heaven and I say into thee that thou art Peter he's going to change his name we understand that at 9/11 if you accept the message of 9/11 that you eat the little book and we're told in the scriptures that if you eat the little book your name has changed and when your name is changed you enter into a covenant relationship and it's those that fear God have a covenant relationship and that are righteous that will understand the secret that he reveals okay so right here I'm saying that Simon bar Jonah is typifying you and I at the end of the world that have heard the message of 9/11 and accepted it and understand who Christ is in that context to understand what 9/11 is and he's going to enter into covenant relationship with us so he's gonna change our name and he says it and I say also under the in verse 18 that thou art Peter and upon this rock will I build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it he's gonna build his church on this understanding of 9/11 of Christ being the Messiah and Peter as you have in your note P is a 16th letter in the English alphabet is the fifties xx e's v r's the 18th if you take those five laters that his name five letters that his name's changed into and you multiply them 16 times 5 times 20 times 5 times 18 it equals 144,000 Peter Peters simon barjona has just had his name changed in covenant relationship to the hundred and forty-four thousand by accepting the message of 9/11 now you gotta understand something here you got to understand that if you go to original King James Bible way back when they were first publishing them that the English language was different than the English language now okay there were there were letters they used if you would read those old old first English King James Version Bibles there's letters in that English language that aren't there anymore that means that Pal Mona has to control not only the transition from Matthew sixteen from Greek to English but he has to control Old English to new English in order for us to understand that in Matthew 16:18 that Peter equates to the hundred and forty-four thousand that's why he's the wonderful number of Secrets he's controlling so many factors here that it is not possible to calculate the probability of that working and where does he do it he does it in verse eighteen and Matthew 16:18 is the formula of Phi who's just Fibonacci's sequence it is the golden ratio that that Phi is 1.618 and here in Matthew 16:18 you can see Phi marked and what does he say he says upon this rock will I build my church and his church in prophecy is built at the midnight cry because the midnight cry is the first day of the fifth month when Ezra gets to Jerusalem Ezra left to Babylon on the first day of the first month which was 9/11 and he gets to Jerusalem which is his church on the first day of the fifth month and this is where Jesus is telling Peter this is where this is the rock that I'm going to build my church on and what is the rock that sister White says he's going to build his church on this rock right here these two tables and when do these two tables come into our history at 9/11 he returns us to the old pass this is the rock but the church gets built at the midnight cry Caesarea Philippi is midnight cry therefore Panem is the midnight cry because Panem is the same town as Caesarea Philippi only at a different point in history and he says in verse 19 and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven I want you to see that the hundred and forty-four thousand these righteous people they get the key the key to open up these secrets that's what I'm saying here and Peter what's Peter means just to make it's the numerical thing is astounding but what's Peter mean this Peter's 144,000 Peter means a piece of the rock piece of what Rock Daniel chapter 2 there's a rock that's cut out of a stone that's kind of a mountain without hands okay so it's all time to get into everything that we understood and now here's here's a passage from Hiram Edson on his articles about the 2520 okay all I did here I hope you get it as I reviewed just some of them just some of the things of Matthew 16 where we've seen pal Mon I and action other than Daniel 8 13 and I didn't I didn't dredge all the things that we already know about Matthew 16 but I'm gonna move on because it really isn't my point I'm going to move on to Hyrum Hansen's articles that the brother says we shouldn't listen to those because he has mistakes in him in that case don't listen to Samuel snows midnight crime message and don't listen to what William Miller says because William Miller was wrong on several things not I should insatiable but he was wrong on things thought the first beast of revelation 13 was pagan Rome and the second beast of revelation 13 was papal Rome and we know the first beast of Revelation 13 is papal Rome in the second beast of Revelation 13 is the United States Miller was wrong so don't don't read his writings that's nonsense okay that's an attitude that prevents you from finding the truth the secret hidden from ages this is from Hiram Edson articles under 25 20 that produced the light in March of 2005 from the fact of the important question under consider a consideration being proposed at the close of the vision by the number of Secrets I want you to see that Hiram Edson is referring to Daniel 813 palimony he's using the definition there by the number of secrets or the wonderful number or margin I understand the burden and great object of this vision was to reveal not only the agents the agents being the daily and the transgression of desolation the paganism and papal ism that we're going to trample down but particularly the duration and the end of the appointed time of giving the host to be trodden underfoot he's saying the burden that's given to Daniel is to identify October 22nd 1844 when the trampling down is going to end or 1798 when the trampling down of the first 2520 is going to end he's gonna go higher mids and is gonna choose 1798 he's not gonna see both of him but he saw enough of it to open this secret up continuing on Edison says the appointed seven times of Moses prophecy was a portion of the hidden wisdom of God hidden for ages he's here saying that the 2520 in leviticus the vidiq is 26 is the hidden wisdom of god that was hidden for ages that was to be unsealed at the time of the end that was going to produce light this is Hiram Edson zarg youment about the twenty five twenty and the verse in the Bible that he's going to use to uphold this idea about hidden wisdom is a verse that is 1:26 pas Hiram Edson is dealing with the twenty five twenty he doesn't understand that in our history that 25 20 is going to be illustrated by 126 but the verse that he's going to use to uphold his premise is Colossians 1:26 which says even the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to his Saints okay so this is this is light that was seen in March of 2005 that in spite of any misconceptions Hiram Edson had to have is going to produce an unbelievable impact upon this movement and it's still casting light upon us today and you can see on the next page these diagrams of the 2520 prophecy that is against the northern kingdom and over the top of it is the week that christ confirm the covenant and you can see they have the identical structure there from 27 ad there was 1260 days it takes you to the cross followed by twelve hundred and sixty days it takes you to a t-34 in the stoning of Stephen and underneath it you have the twenty five twenty against the Northern Kingdom that begins in 723 and ends in 538 and goes on to 1798 so instead of having 1260 days you have 1260 years but they are identical chiasm x' and what is at the middle Christ Christ is in the center of all this okay Christ is the center of all this from seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary volume 6 page one one one three it says the cross of Calvary challenges and we'll finally vanquish every earthly and hellish power in the cross all influences centres and from it all influence goes forth it is the great center of attraction for onit Christ gave up his life for the human race this sacrifice was offered for the purpose of restoring man to his original perfection yay more it was offered to give him an entire transformation of character making him more than a conqueror sister White says about this chart how does she say it and I know this I bowed to his hand they say he held his hand over the Lord was anyway how is there normally I know this but I should know this where she's putting the divine endorsement on the production of this chart how's it going some it was directed by hand of the Lord and it should not be altered thank you except by inspiration and another passage what I want you to see here is the center column of this chart and the center this way is the cross but there was a mistake in some of the figures so they produced this chart and the center column here of this chart and the center of that column is the cross and this column that has the cross in the center and this column that has the cross in the center is the history of the 2520 so these two chiasm that we're showing you is an agreement with pioneer understanding Christ is the center of the 2520 on its as the treasures of the gospel are said to be hidden this is from Christ object lessons 104 by those who are wise in their own estimation who are puffed up by their by the teaching of vain philosophy the beauty and power of the mystery but the beauty power and mystery of the plan of redemption are not perceived many have eyes but to see not they have ears but they hear not they have intellect but they discern not the hidden treasures the hidden treasure in March of 2005 was the opening up of the twenty five twenty but what happened to us is it we recognize more than Hiram Edson did we recognized that this chiastic structure that began in 742 and went all the way to 1863 it actually had us identifying a time in 1863 that was 19 years after 1844 and sister White says we're not supposed to have a message it's hung up on time after 1844 and we were already doing it without knowing and that we were breaking that commandment until later on and then we had to realize that we didn't break any commandment we just followed the footsteps of pal Mon I okay so underneath here and you're in your charts you will have the breakdown of the to 126 the to 126 time prophecies of our history that are typify the two 25 28 of the millerite history and you can see that on the bottom and you see the structure is identical except for the duration of the times and this is what's opened up not immediately in March of 2005 but this is what gets opened up and we begin to see these things and the one on the top that takes us to 2014 it's it's the one I want to spend a little bit of time on but after I read this next quote from the special testimonies in education page 228 so I'm hoping that those of you that are watching livestream have these notes so you can be looking at the charts as well but I put some on something on the board here in a moment but here's this quote there should be fate be most faithful teachers who strive to make the students understand their lessons not by explaining everything themselves but by letting the students explain thoroughly every passage which they read let the inquiring minds of the students be respected treat their inquiries with respect we've had people that got on board after the shaking that they left and part of their argument was is it an argument that we've had from the very beginning of our prophetic presentations is that sister white says it's supposed to be simple it's supposed to be simple anyhow she says that but one saying if the Savior's not supposed to be used to destroy another what she says about prophetic study is not that it's simple okay I'm going to read on let the inquiring minds of the students be respected treat their inquiries with respect to skim over the surface will do little good thoughtful investigation and earnest taxing study are required to comprehend it what's taxing mean simple there are truths in the word which are like veins of precious or concealed beneath the service surface by digging for them as the man digs for gold and silver the hidden treasures are discovered be sure that the evidence of truth is in the scripture itself one scripture is the key to unlock the the Scriptures the key that we're given is proof texting that's what unlocks these things the rich and hidden meaning is unfolded by the Holy Spirit of God making plain the word to our understanding the entrance of thy word giveth light and giveth understanding to the simple now I'm gonna go to the board here and I'm gonna refer to something that I've been saying repeatedly here in the recent past so this is old news I won't get into the details of it but I want you to see something it's got to sink in I think Parminder was used by Satan to emphasize a Sunday lawyer that didn't happen and the reason that what that he was used that way is because we were supposed to understand what we already understood that the beginning illustrates the end so in 2014 we were supposed to see 1888 and in your notes in that in that diagram that you were just at the one on the bottom of page 3 you'll see that the two 126 is of our history that one of them ended in 1989 and began in 1863 and one of them began in 1888 and ended in 2014 and that this parallels the to 25 20 s of millerite history and one of the first 25 20 of millerite history it ended in 1798 which was the time of the end and this is the time of the end for our history and the second 25 20 in millerite history ended on October 22nd 1844 therefore you have to see in 2014 October 22nd 1844 and you have to see 1888 and if you see these two then what you're seeing is Daniel 8 13 this is the sanctuary and this is the host all right this is Daniel eight thirteen why do I say that because of what over here perhaps up here here in this in this study here Stephen shows that the ratio of one day in 360 days beginning with Christ's work and them in the holy place and then the one day in the most holy place it began on October 22nd 1844 when you add this ratio it takes you to November 9th 18-49 so when you put this ratio here on October 22nd 2014 it takes you to November 9th 2019 but in this history there's two things going on with the sanctuary and the host I want to read this next quote so you get the two things this is from great controversy 427 says the Prophet who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for he's like a refiners fire and like a fuller soap and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord and offering in righteousness those who are living upon the earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the sanctuary above her to stand in sight in the sight of a holy God without a mediator their robes must be spotless their characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling through the grace of God and their own diligent effort they must be conquerors with the Battle of sin okay this is the grace of God the work he's doing for us but our own efforts are part of what has to take place in this history here okay while the investigative judgment is going forward in heaven that's here while the sins of pent-up believers are being removed from the sanctuary there is to be a special work of purification of putting away of sin among God's people on earth that's the host it's a two-fold work that has to take place it's represented in Daniel 8 13 as the host in the sanctuary this two for work reaches its conclusion on October 22nd 1844 in fulfillment of the twenty five twenty that ended then and began in 677 but in our history it ended on October 22nd 2014 and we have to see both these things okay we have to understand that so when this work this work is more clearly presented in the messages of Revelation 14 when this work shall have been accomplished the followers of Christ will be ready for his appearing then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the Lord as in the days of old and as in former years then the church which our Lord has lured at his coming is to receive to himself will be a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing then she will look forth as the morning fair as the moon clears the Sun and terrible as an army with banners and of course sister White's placing this in the context of when Michael stands up in human probation closes but we're taken that history will bring it down to the history of the priests account when to put that in place now I'm going to switch gears I've already mentioned this quote from great controversy 409 the scripture which above all others had been to both the foundation and central pillar of the Advent faith was a declaration unto 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed that's the foundation and pillar of Adventism I'm on the bottom of page 4 Matthew 1:28 says for the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath day so I'm saying that one level that Christ the cross is the center of all things and Christ on the cross as the center of all things and it's at the center of the 25 20s okay but I'm also saying that he's the Lord of the Sabbath and I meant to get a quote that I knows there but I forgot to look for it about how the Sabbath is going to be preached more fully there's a statement where she says something like that which tells you the tells us that we really don't we don't acknowledge everything about the Sabbath and I want to take it a little bit bigger than just the seventh-day Sabbath at this point and I'm gonna say that the bigger that I'm going to take it includes the fact that Christ is the lord of the Sabbath no matter how you Allah Strait the Sabbath so switch I'm passing over that quote and I'm going to the top of page 5 to Daniel 9 and this is the 2300 Year prophecy that begins in 457 and goes to 1844 but it also goes to 34 ad and it includes 31 ad and it includes 27 ad and it includes 408 okay so how many prophecies are there in this prophecy okay there there's there's one here and what's this one one week okay one week and then it's going to talk about thirty-two and seven weeks which is no three score and seven weeks which is sixty sixty-nine weeks I better read it seventy weeks are determined upon thy people this here is seventy weeks right which is how many years 490 years okay and how many years with one week be it's seven weeks come on you guys should know this seven weeks it's seven weeks that's what was throwing me is I put one week up there and I'm looking at it how do we have threescore and two weeks ad with one week and come to 69 weeks it's seven weeks so how many years do we have in seven weeks 49 okay so down here what do we have here's where we have the one week what do we have here one week I'm gonna do this one week and how many would that be seven days or three and a half three and a half okay seven years 49 years 490 years and of course 2300 years okay this here this 490 years it's cut off its determined you have the definition of it here and we understand this 490 years to be probationary time you have Matthew 18:21 and 22 and your note says then came Peter to him and said Lord how oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him til seven times jesus saith unto Him I say not unto thee until seven times but until seventy times seven that's this here seventy times seven this is that the period of time that's cut off for ancient Israel to get right with the Lord 490 years of probationary time I want you to see if you will that you've got seven in here in this prophecy you've got 2300 but you've got seven years here you got four 949 years here and 490 years here because what do we what would we do with this 49 that the level of understanding we are right now we would say this 49 bears with that the same characteristics of the 498 right and if that's the case then I would argue that this would bear the same characteristics - and what's he doing in this week he's confirming the covenant with many but many are going to reject the covenant this is their probationary time right here from his baptism to the stoning of Stephen even though this is their probationary a time I'm saying seven is probationary time 49 is probationary time and 490 is probationary time but I'm saying that he's Lord of the Sabbath I thought about making this point I don't need to make it with you guys you are all sharp but I thought about going down and buying a seven up a 7 up soft drink to make the point between an ordinal number and a cardinal number numbers are either ordinal or cardinal a cardinal number is a number that is a symbol so a 7-up is a cardinal number it's a symbol it's a title of a soft drink but an ordinal number is in order one two three four five six seven okay so I want you to consider coordinate ordinal ordinal and cardinal as we proceed because the Sabbath in the scriptures can be both it can be the seventh day six days shalt thou labor but the seventh is this abbath but it can also be a symbol okay the the Sabbath is also a symbol so in a way I put on the board what I wanted to put on the board up here from from Daniel 9:25 227 you have that in your notes we're passing on that I want I want to show you something about pal Mon I hear that is an old news for you prophets and Kings 636 and Nehemiah 615 which is in your notes this prophecy in Daniel 9 says the streets and walls will be built in trouble as times in this seven weeks Jerusalem is going to be built the temple is going to be built but the streets and walls are going to get built in trouble as times and Maya is the one that the Lord raises up to use that to do that work and when Nehemiah comes to Jerusalem to do that work in Nehemiah 6:15 it says so the wall was finished in the twenty and fifth day of the month of Elul in 51 days it took 51 days 52 days to do that work but in the quote before from prophets and Kings 636 it says on the third night after his arrival niyama Nehemiah rose at midnight so in those 52 days the first three days Nehemiah is doing his getting rested up from coming out of Babylon to do to do his work on the third night at midnight he does his circuit ride and the next morning he's going to do his altar call to arouse everyone to do the work so what's three from 52 it took 49 days this prophecy was 49 years for the streets and walls to be built in trouble as times but when the works actually done it takes 49 days it's got three days in the beginning but this year you have to see that pomona is controlling he's controlling the history to a very specific level you follow me the 2520 that is the key according to higher medicine that unlocks the truth is in Leviticus 25 and 26 okay if you don't read Leviticus 25 with the statutes about letting the land rest every seventh year and then every seven seventh years having a Jubilee rest for the land then you cannot understand the punishment of chapter 26 so in Leviticus 25 through 8 through 13 let's go there what I'm saying is that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and that the Sabbath resting for the land he's the Lord of that too and it's not simply the seventh day it can be a much broader a period of time Leviticus 25 verse 8 the statute of the land resting we can find that it says and thou shalt number seven and thou shalt number seven Sabbath's of years under thee seven times seven years and the space of seven Sabbath's of years shall be unto you 49 years then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month and the day of atonement shall you make the trumpet sound throughout all your land okay when it comes to this 2300 year prophecy right down here is October 22nd 1844 which is the day of atonement and the trumpet that's when you're supposed to blow it is on the day of atonement and when you do you're celebrating this the jubilee which is based upon seven cycles of seven years and letting the land rest every seventh year and after 49 years when you've done that cycle then you're going to have a jubilee celebration and you're going to go in on the day of atonement and blow that trumpet on that day okay so what's that tell you about Revelation chapter 10 because on Revelation chapter 10 on October 22nd 1844 how the Pioneers understand it in Revelation chapter sin 10 there's a trumpet that sounds in the sounding of the seventh trumpet the mystery of God will be fulfilled and what what trumpet would that be the jubilee trumpet gets outed on the day of atonement so all these things are tied together I'm not trying to make big points about that necessarily at this point I'm just wanting you to see that Christ is the lord of the Sabbath that he is therefore the lord of the 7-year Sabbath cycle the 49 year Sabbath cycle he is the lord of all those Sabbath's and that in here if you're willing to see this 490 years as probationary time when you see a 490 it's talking about probationary time you follow me therefore as we begin to return we have now built the platform for this sermon and I have four minutes left all right when you go here to July 27th 1299 1449 I'm sorry what would happen if you added 490 years to that now this is about Islam is it not this is the loosing of Islam the four angels are loosed for an hour a day a month in a year right here on July 27 14 49 what if you were to take 490 years and put it where would you come to is that the right calculation I got to do my math here it is $12.99 $12.99 from 1789 is 490 still Islam doesn't kill my point what is this this is the beginning of the hundred and fifty years that's going to take you to 14 49 but this is Islam this is Islam of Abu becquer right establishing the beginning of the Ottoman Empire yes so is everyone with me so what does that mean from here to here there's 490 years years exactly to the very day you know it tells me that when probation closes on the United States because this is when the State Department of the United States began on July 27 1789 tells me that when probation closes on the United States Islam is going to be an active player at that point in history if Islam's at the beginning bringing warfare against the armies of Rome and that's what it was doing on July 27th 1299 then at the end of this prophecy you have to have Islam bringing warfare against the armies of Rome who's the armies of Rome at the end of the world it's the United States but this is the beginning of the United States on July 27th 1789 the State Department of the United States began that's its starting point so it's telling us when when the State Department comes tumbling down when probation closes for the United States is LOM has to be there Islam has to be there you follow the lodging what kind of logic is that based upon its based upon Christ being the Lord of the Sabbath and that one of the truths that he puts into his Sabbath truth is the meaning of the 490 the 49 as probationary time he's putting his signature on the end of the USA having a warfare brought against it by Islam okay so I have a presentation for this afternoon that I won't do I'll finish these notes this afternoon and the presentation that I had for this afternoon will put on hold because really I only got to page six of I'll probably do them both because page six we can walk through 6 7 & 8 we can walk through pretty quickly but we're now at the point where I want to talk about world war 2 and its relationship to an attack that we're pretty sure is going to come the second of three attacks by Islam but let's pray before we have our closing hymn Heavenly Father the the work that you've put in place the work that is represented as the work of Pomona is amazing many times it's it's difficult but we understand that these truths are to be dug out as a vein in a in a mind that is difficult to work but that that is our responsibility we understand that you are the one that's leading in these truths and you've given us the key to dig them out the line upon line proof tech the proof texting methodology we believe that you've led us all the way to here and that you are going to finish the work that you've began that you've identified the people that you would reveal your secret to and now you are putting it upon their hearts and their minds their responsibility to take this secret into the public domain and we ask that you would let us all settle in on the validity of these concepts that we can see that it is your work that we can take up the work with with the zeal according to a knowledge that you've given us and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen