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Heavenly Father as we open your word this morning open this study we ask that you grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit that you would pour your spirit out upon us in a double measure because of the Sabbath time that we're in that you would give us words that would edify and strengthen us for this crisis that were already have entered into ask the blessing not only on those of us that are in this room with the message that you have for us but for those that might be watching over the Internet please take control of the the words that I use let them be words that would glorify and honor you and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen these truths are opening up so quickly I get not quickly but their truths that we weren't looking at a week ago so I don't know how fast they're opening up but it's hard to estimate out in your mind how long it's going to take you to get through a series so we're in the middle of a series believe it or not about the internal raffia and Pentium this is part six and I haven't really spoke about rafi and Pentium for the movement of the priests for some time but that is still the logic that I'm working on but different concepts come up along the way that seem important to address one of them of course is that we're understanding that nashville tennessee is going to get struck by Islam on July 18 2020 and I've had people challenging me a little bit about you know you're saying that nashville tennessee is going to get hit by a nuclear bomb and it that's going to get you in trouble but or maybe they're saying it's fanatical or whatever they're saying or whatever they're thinking but so i wanted to start this presentation off by saying not so sister white says this she doesn't say nuclear bomb but she's the one that identifies nashville so i've never not been willing since I've had the opportunity to preach publicly to just use spirit of prophecy and let it say what it wants to say so we're gonna start with that quote here just to remove any question marks about why we're pulling Nashville out of our hats but we won't get back there for a while it's your first quote there her manuscript 188 1905 kind of makes you think of 1888 right when I was in was that Nashville I had been speaking to the people and in the night season there was an immense ball of fire that came right from heaven and settled in Nashville okay so she she's the one that marked Nashville now the way that I have highlighted this quote we're not going to there's several not several there's a few other quotes where she talks about this ball of fire hitting Nashville and there's certain things that we look at when we go through those we're not going to do that yet okay I'm just putting Nashville in the record that it isn't me that picked Nashville it was sister white but when we go through it we're going to claim that this is marking the midnight cry therefore you can see doublings and you can see the the the the context of the midnight cry so if you notice in that one sentence that I read I have night underlined and bold face referring to midnight okay midnight being part of the story of the parable of the ten virgins a little bit further on in that paragraph it says that right the next sentence there were flames going out like arrows okay we understand that Islam are the archers of Bible prophecy okay there were flame going going out like arrows from that ball houses were being consumed houses were tottering and falling so whatever that ball was it sends out a flame that takes down houses and buildings okay in in without any other evidence ooh it might lead you to think that it was a nuclear blast but we have lots of other evidence to show that it was a nuclear it is a nuclear bust some of our people were standing there it is just as we expected they said we expected this you could I didn't I miss that but you see a doubling there we expected we expected you could underline that because a doubling is something that marks a midnight cry I missed that one others were wringing their hands in agony and crying okay the midnight cry there was a cry at midnight unto God for mercy you knew it said they you knew doubling of you knew that this was coming and never said a word to warn us they seemed as though they would almost tear them to pieces to think that they never told them or given them any warning at all so where I'm starting at here is that in terms of the internal raffia and Pinilla I've been arguing that the prediction of November 9th is the one that the new movement put all its eggs in that basket with many things that they predict that we're going to happen less Sabbath that did not happen and that that was marking a sacrifice for their movement in the context of the story of Elijah that the prophets of bale in the priests of the groves go first this was their opportunity to give a public demonstration of who and what they were but we were going to be do likewise and ours was going to be July 18 2020 which we're beginning to do now but Elijah lets the prophets of bale and the priesthood Grove do their thing for a while he mocks them and then there comes a point in time where he goes and gathers together the twelve stones and and does his offering so that's the logic I'm using but the logic that I want you to see here in this first paragraph about Nashville and in every passage that we're going to show you from Nashville in every passage you're going to find there's a theme in there and if we read the next two paragraphs I don't think I will because I'm going to save it for the end the emphasis of these nashville stories to me more than any other emphasis is a responsibility to give a warning message and in advance of an event in advance of an event that's what's being described but we just read in that first paragraph there's people that are saying hey we knew this was going to happen and then the people that had just watched everything get destroyed said well we're why didn't you warn us and then as you follow the other paragraphs in these passages she's she speaks directly about in a variety of ways about our responsibility to give a warning message in advance of an event okay so I'm just putting that in place and before we get any into any really prophetic study I want to build off Sabbath school it's amazing how often Sabbath schools in this little church speak to what you had planned to do in the sermon in the afternoon that being the ensign we were at the point at the end where Toby was defining the inside he didn't use the word but sister Deborah stated it for him the ensign and we have spoken about an ensign more than once recently and for many years but I want to focus in on a truth about the inside and it's that it is this that it's not simply that because we've overcome sin that were lifted up as an ensign when we look at the definitions of it the ensign she's going to define as a message along with the people that have the character of Christ not 10 you separate the true but if you were really going to understand the ensign which is going to draw in the Levites then we need to understand that part of what draws the Levites in is a specific message and I'm arguing that this specific message is this understanding about Nashville so I'm going to go quickly through some really long quotes on ensign and just pull some snippets out but you'll have the whole quote so you can check me later the first one's from Acts of the Apostles first big paragraph I'll read a couple lines where she's going to emphasize the experience we need to have what was the strength of those who in the past have suffered persecution for Christ's sakes sake it was union with God union with the holy spirit union with Christ and I picked up some notes that Larry printed out but I want to use the notes that I printed at my house since we since September 7th one of the things that we've had to set we've been trying to come into unity with people that are coming on board with this message and one of them was the the doctrine of the Godhead okay makin a big point here but she says that the the unity that's going to come in those people that have it are going to be in union with God with the Holy Spirit and with Christ seems to me that she understood all three of those entities well but dropping down to the second paragraph where she's just going to quote from the the Old Testament they that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion which cannot be removed but abideth forever I just want you to see there that she's talking about these people which she's going to define as an ensign in a moment and they can't be moved and they're like Mount Zion and in Isaiah 2 and other places the glorious holy mountain is the holy mountain okay if she just compared those people with Mount Zion and in the Bible it's a holy mountain and it can't be moved so I'm still arguing that the ensign consists of people that are perfectly reflecting the character of Christ and cannot be moved continue not as the mountains are around about Jerusalem so the Lord is round about his people from henceforth even forever he shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence and precious shall their blood be in his sight the Lord of Hosts shall defend them the Lord their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people for they shall be as Stowe as the stones of a crown lifted up as an ensign upon the land so that's Scripture they're God's people his flock are going to be lifted up as an ensign and in the next quote from thoughts on from the Mount of blessing page 8 says of the poor in spirit jesus says theirs is the kingdom of heaven their Kingdom is not as Christ here's had hoped a temporal and earthly Dominion that's an interesting thought the king to the the kingdom of the of those that are in the ensign is not a temporal earthly Kingdom it's not a socialistic political movement reading on Christ was opening two men the spiritual kingdom of his love his grace is righteousness the in sign of the Messiah's reign is distinguished by the likeness of the Son of Man okay if we're gonna be the ensign then we have to be christ-like Christ object lessons probably the most one of the most famous passages about the final warning message page 415 it says behold the scripture behold says the scripture the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise upon thee and his glory shall be seen up on thee I'm gonna argue that it's gonna begin arising tomorrow okay it is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is surrouding the world men are losing their knowledge of his character it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted at this time what time when darkness is wrapping the world as it is today at this time a message from God is to be proclaimed okay there's a message that gets proclaimed in this darkness a message illuminating in its influence and saving in its power his character is to be made known in the darkness of the world is to be shed the light of his glory the light of His goodness mercy and truth now we're gonna read the rest of it I understand this classic passage as most of you do and I understand that many many Adventists use this passage to say that the last warning message given to the world is a message of God's character and that is his glory okay but I'm not saying that's a surface understanding because it's a correct understanding but I do want to add in here right right at this point his character is to be made known and what what commandment is it that lays out his character the forth I thought I might draw you in to that answer that's not the answer that I'm came for is there any commandment that that identifies his character specifically that's identifying His redemptive work and his creative work so yes he's the creator and he's the Redeemer but is there not a commandment that speaks of his character as being a jealous God visiting the iniquity unto the third and fourth generation of those that hate him his character is is that he is a jealous God and he will not taller great evil indefinitely as the Sabbath school was identifying in the story of mote Noah which is the beginning it's illustrating the end so his character is also that he is a jealous God this is the work outlined by the prophet Isaiah in the words old Jerusalem that bringeth good tidings lift up thy voice with strength lift it up be not afraid say into the cities of Judah the state of the cities of Judah the same passage about the darkness we're going to look at at a minute in a minute and she's going to speak about a message going to the Gentiles but here in this darkness she's speaking about a message going to God's people first as we understand it okay say into the cities of Judah behold your God behold the Lord will come with strong hand and his arm shall rule for him behold his reward is with him and his work before him those who wait for the bridegroom's coming that's us right or to say to the people be horde behold your God the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world as a revelation of his character of love the children are to manifest his glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them the light of the Sun of righteousness is to shine forth and good works and words of words of truth and deeds of holiness so I know that some people all they want to see in that passage is Christ's character and nothing more but words of truth none of us in this room are stupid enough to think that we're not living in an electronic world that there are powers-that-be that monitor everything that we put out on the internet we all know better okay so we should know that the kind of provocative message that we are teaching now that's going out on the Internet is probably pretty good justification at some point in time for the powers of be to come and cause some grief upon a ministry like this one way or another we've seen it we've seen that narrative set up in the scriptures even before we understood the serious nature of actually saying Islam was gonna bring about a nuclear strike and give the day in the place but what else can you do okay even in spite of the threat or perceived threat possible threat I guess is the way of saying it what else are you going to do if you if you see it's true you have no choice right and that's the character of Christ he knew when he came to earth what it was gonna cost him but he couldn't do it otherwise okay so I'm not I'm not arguing that this means makes us Christ I'm just saying that the definition of the character of Christ and his glory may be quite a bit deeper than Advent is typically define it okay but I'm dealing with the ensign here I'm saying that this last message of mercy that's given to a dying dying world is this ensign and I'm I still can't get away from the thus saith the Lord that teach me that this ensign will have overcome sin and we get that from the basic logic from testimonies volume 5 to 16 when the decree goes forth and the stamp is impressed their character will remain pure and spotless for eternity this is about the Sunday law decree describing when people get the seal of God when they get it their character is set for eternity but because of fractals we realize that the Levites and the priests are confronted with this closed-door situation before the Sunday law that fulfills revelation 13:11 and the next quote is one that you tie in with that from Bible Training School December 1st 1903 this is all familiar ground for all of us the work of the Holy Spirit is to convince the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment the world can only be warned so I'm gonna put in there instead of world I'm gonna say Levites the Levites can only be warned by seeing those who believe the truth by seeing the priests who believed the truth sanctified through the truth acting upon high and holy principles showing in a high elevated sense the line of demarcation between those who keep the commandments of God and those who trample them under their feet now that the Levites are going to have the same kind of judgment to pass as the world is in this scenario that's a fractal okay that last part of that passage says when the tests come it will be clearly shown what the mark of the beast is it is the keeping of Sunday and those those who have after having heard the truth continue to regard this day as holy bear the signature of the man of sin who thought to change times and laws okay so I'm dealing with with the inside I'm arguing that not only do we have to have our life experience correct with the Lord to be part of the ensign but that we have to have a message a specific message and that the message is part of the logic that we need to understand in this scenario that the message has a purpose if you didn't have a message you wouldn't be the ensign you have to have a message this is the one where she's gonna once again talk about darkness only now she's going to talk about calling the Gentiles the Prophet heard the voice of God calling his church to her appointed work this is our appointed work our appointed work is to be the enzyme that the way might be prepared for the ushering in of his everlasting kingdom the message was unmistakably playing arise shine for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise upon thee and his glory shall be seen upon thee and the Gentiles shall come to the light and Kings to the brightness of thy coming I'm going to drop down on a you paragraphs on that on this quote where it says these prophecies should squat several about God's people being lifted up as an ensign alight these prophecies of a great spiritual awakening in the time of gross darkness are today meeting fulfillment in the advancing lines of mission stations that are reaching out into the benighted regions of the earth the groups of missionaries and heathen lands have been likened by the Prophet to ensign set up for the guidance of those who are looking for the light of truth these connections that we have around planet Earth though they are scattered and small compared to what they were six months ago are potentially the end signs that are fulfilling this passage and then she continues on in that day says I there's Isaiah there shall be a root of Jesse which shall stand for an in sign of the people to it shall the Gentiles seek next paragraph the day of deliverance is at hand the eyes of the Lord run run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong in behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him among all nations Kindred's and tongues he sees men and women who are praying for light and knowledge so there's people in the Levites and people in the Gentile world that are praying right now for light and knowledge okay in the next passage I'll pass over the first couple paragraphs in the next passage but it's interesting since that if if you're an ensign worker you work 24 24/7 okay the first paragraph but in the third paragraph it says by aggressive warfare in the midst of opposition peril and loss and the reason I'm reading this is because she's going to give a little war story to identify what an ensign is and human suffering the work of soul saving is to be carried forward at a certain battle when one of the regiments of the attacking force was being beaten back by the hordes of the enemy the in sign in front stood his ground as the troops retreated the captain shouted at him to bring back the colors but the replied of the ensign was bring them in up to the colors this is the work that devolves upon every faithful standard bearer to bring them in up to the colors this is an argument of mine about if if no uncircumcised are unclean are going to pass through the church any longer when people begin to come in whether it be Levites or eleventh-hour workers they're coming to an ensign and the end signs attitude is come up to the colors that I represent if you represent a sin and repent sin and repent sin and repent experience if that's your colors that's all the higher the Levites and the nether names can come up to ok the ensign is an example of of the colors of who and what you are next page I I don't want to spend a great deal of time on the enzyme but I have a reason for spending some time there it's still in the same same quote on the top of page 4 in your notes says from all countries the Macedonian cry is Saudi and come over and help us we got lots of those Macedonian cries going on right now the problem is we don't have any bodies to send to help we used to know people hither and yon that we could send to help but those people are gone it's it's time for the Lord to raise up some new people ok but we're getting a Macedonian call next paragraph when the reproach of indolence and slothfulness shall be have been wiped away from the church the Spirit of the Lord will gracious will be graciously manifested in this passage she's talking about part of the reason the work isn't getting done is because we're a bunch of lazy Laodiceans but she says when we get that Laodicean attitude shaken off then the Lord will work with us but I want you to know the people that get worked with here notice what she says about them divine power will be revealed the church will see providential working of the Lord of Hosts I can't flip this board I could flip this board over I won't flip this board over though the providential leading of the Lord of Hosts is the footsteps that you can see in the story of Josiah from the prophet Ezekiel and then the story of Josiah Lich's work in Revelation 9 then the providential leading of the Lord in the history of Samuel snow and those three witnesses - from the Word of God one from millerite history identifying the providential footsteps in this movement ok those people that are part of this inside will see the providential working of the Lord of Hosts the light of truth will shine forth and clear strong rays and isn't as in the time of the Apostles many souls will turn from heir to truth the earth will be lighted with the glory of the Lord dropping down the last paragraph at the same time there will be a power working from beneath while God's agents of Mercy worked through consecrated human beings Satan sets his ancient agencies in operation lain under tribute all who would submit to his control this was one movement now this movement is still here and there's a new movement and the leader of the new movement in the recent weeks has said we're now under new management ok there's a different management team over there then there was always in this movement Satan sets his agencies in operation laying under tribute all who will submit to his control there will be Lords many and gods many the cry will be heard lo here is Christ and lo Darris Christ the deep plotting of Satan will reveal itself everywhere for the purpose of diverting the attention of men and women from their present duty there will be signs and wonders but the eye of faith will discern all these manifestation harbingers of the grand and awful future and the triumphs that await the people of God from the satanic agencies doing their dance of deceptions we will recognize harbingers that are telling us where we're at in providential sacred history okay so now I want to expand the definition for us if we don't already know it of an ensign she says that our camp meetings a standard is to be raised the in sign of our faith and practice inscribed here are they that keep the commandments and of God and the faith of Jesus sister white will this define the ensign is the third angel's message those that can meet to keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus but what I'm putting my emphasis on is it's a message the in sign isn't simply the messengers it's also the message so I want you to see another word that she will use his banner this one here she says the in sign of our faith and practice inscribed here are they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus dropping to the next quote under the in sign banner she's going to give the same definition for in sign but she's gonna call it a banner the last sentence there says as the fourth commandment and those who observe it are ignored and despised the faithful feel that it is the time not to hide their faith but to exalt the law of Jehovah by unfurling the banner on which is inscribed the message of the third angel the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so the ensign is also the banner and in the next quote you can see that Satan has a banner our banner is Sabbath Satan's banner is Sunday okay I'm not going to read it the next quote is a classic quote about the image of the Beast that we use often it's a little bit more than we usually quote I won't quote it but speaking of the image of the Beast test in the last paragraph she says this is the test that the people of God must have before their seal all who prove their loyalty to God by observing his law and refused to accept the spurious Sabbath will rank under the banner the ensign the banner of the Lord Jehovah and will receive the seal of the living God okay so the reason I want to put the in sign in place it's the logic of studying the internal-external of Rafi and Pentium and what our work is in connection with identify in July 18 2020 it only makes sense to me if we understand that we are the inside and the inside has a responsibility to proclaim a specific message in advance it's a warning message so on page six of your notes I have November 9th and the reason I have November ninth with a few statements underneath it is just to refers to the fact that that we believe in November 9th we didn't teach that there was going to be an economic collapse on November 9th that was the new movement we didn't teach several things that the new movement emphasized we couldn't we couldn't wrap our mind around it for certain what was going to happen on November 9th by the time we got there we have the only thing we could be certain of as a disappointment which we put in place but in this history here thank you this was a gift Stephen started using this since he's been here and sister Vicki got the idea of putting the candle or candle I handled on this and it's nice you can reach all the way across it's this this line of history combined with ease with revelation 9 and these repeating patterns it's 123 91 is is that what we derived from Ezekiel and his prophecy of Josiah from Josiah which which connects with the prophecy of Josiah we see the 391 once again but what's being marked more than anything else here in connection with it is the 126 then when we get down to Samuel snows letter we're to see the 120 and the 391 and the 126 and the 391 but when it comes into our history these lines identify November 9th okay so I'm not we've been going over this for a few weeks here I don't intend to recap it where I'm at here is saying that from the July 18 studies of that are represented on this board which is available on the web November 9th is a way mark no matter what false predictions were made about November 9th by the new movement seems to me if November 9th is an important way mark that there's a logic for Satan to try to throw mud upon that way mark by loading up a bunch of false predictions in order to let the audience that's hearing these things say hey it didn't happen just to throw mud at everything ok so I'm saying that we based upon this we still understand November 9th as a way mark the second the second line there says the pilgrim seed the glorious land on November 9th I'm saying the glorious lands probationary time runs exactly with the probationary time of the seventh-day Adventist Church the story of the glorious land is the external the Adventist Church is the internal and the pilgrims first scene the United States the land of the United States wasn't the land of you at the United States then on November 9th 1620 and we firmly believed that Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States is the last president of the United States and he won the election on November 9th 2016 ok so that that is implanted there for the the the beginning of the United States and the end of the United States you can see November 9th Stephen Jameson study on know if you have it on this side maybe you do on the literal days in the holy place has been presented here more than once it's not up here maybe it's over here but I'm gonna want to board in a minute and I'm gonna use this board so we'll see it's not up here is it okay so but it's in the public record what am I doing here I'm first pardon me yeah part of its down here but that's all right the first thing I'm doing is we begin this study is reminding us that future for America we still accept November 9th as a way mark and over the past few weeks we put in the public record several evidences that uphold that way mark and the one that I'll end with here is midnight in the Berlin Wall when the Germans the East Germans closed the border in England before they built a wall several years before they built a wall they closed the borders at midnight I think it was 1957 I could be wrong in the year but they didn't they didn't do it in the daytime at midnight they closed the borders many years later they built the Berlin wall and the Berlin Wall came down at midnight at November 9 1989 and on November 9th 2019 we've been 30 years in this movement exactly because November 9th 1989 is the beginning of this movement that's the time of the end ok so that 30 years becomes a subject to consider so what I'm saying is all those understandings of November 9th are still valid they still are identifying that as a way mark all you need is two or three to establish something we're just setting aside the other nonsense that was hung upon it that has fallen apart about the other side now concerning midnight I'm gonna segue in here to midnight while the bridegroom tarried July 21st 1844 this is from great controversy 398 while the bridegroom tarried they all slumbered it slow and at midnight there was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh go ye ought to meet him then all the Virgin's arose and trimmed their lamps in the summer of 1844 midway between the time when it first when it had been first thought that the 2300 days would end and the autumn of that same year to which it was afterward found that they extended the message was proclaimed in the very words of Scripture behold the bridegroom cometh when we begin to understand how this fits in the prophetic narrative we came to understand that the the midway point that sister White's speaking about here was at Boston on July 21st 1844 Samuel snow first proclaims the midnight cry message the one we point to that fulfills the midnight cry is the Exeter camp meeting where he presented it on the 14 and 15th and on the 15th of August the midnight cry message we point to it as arriving in history but the first time it was presented was in Boston and that was midnight for that history of April 19th 1844 to October 22nd 1844 once we begin to understand midnight at some point in time we came across Ezekiel 1:1 which is in your notes and there's two things you need these three things you need to see there I think now came to pass in the thirtieth year the 30th year November 9th 1989 to November 9th 2019 you're in the 30th year right on the nose in the fourth month in the fifth day of the month July 21st 1844 which we understand is midnight which sister white says with Midway that was on the fourth in the fourth month the on the fifth day of the month so Ezekiel 1:1 is placing us at July 21st 1844 it's placing it placing us at midnight 30 years into our history but it's in the fourth month and the fifth day of the month so it's also in the history of the 45th President of the United States because he's the last president so in that verse we we come to the visions of Ezekiel okay this is no I met the the threshold of starting to present this presentation and he's Iike one one he's going to have visions of the cherubims and we've already dealt with this in a recent presentation so I'm just going to refer to a quote real quickly Ezekiel 1 1 goes into verse 2 it says in the fifth it's in verse 1 I was among the captives by the river Chebar that the heavens were open and I saw visions of God okay those visions of God are perhaps the most complex and confusing confusing illustration in in God's Word and sister white comments on them more than once and she says this in education 177 and we've read this into the record sometime ago so I've just taken some portions of it I've ellipsis out quite a bit the wheels were so complicated in arrangement that at first sight they appeared to be in confusion but they moved in perfect harmony we're at the point now since last Sabbath that were at midnight and now the Lord is going to open up the prophetic message like he's never done before ever he's given us a crash course on prophetic study so that we could see these things over the past few years but now we can place our fingers up on this passage and know that what he's about to open up to us prophetically it's at first view is going to look very complex but it's going to be in perfect order continuing on as the will like complications were under the guidance of the hand beneath the wings of the cherubim so the complicated play of humans of events is under divine control it's about the complicated play of human events the histories of nations that one after another have occupied their allotted time in place unconsciously witnessing to the truth of which they themselves know not the meaning speaks to us the history the great I am has marked out in his word uniting link after link in the prophetic chain from eternity in the past to internat II to the into the future tells us where we are today in the possession of Ages and what may be expected in the time to come if you use dispensationalism you just cut your throat on your ability to understand what she just said she's saying the history that's in the scriptures the history of the past history of nations that have come and gone that are identified in the scriptures is what tells you what's going to take place here and now and if you believe those histories we're just for then and nothing to do with now then you you have no anchor you're a ship on a sea about to hit the rocks okay so a couple things there you want to make sure that you do have the correct sanctified respect for God's Word if you're going to sort out these complicated interplay of human history but also at first glance it's gonna see complicated so a point in a period let me now we're at I don't need to I think if I can do this one we need what believe it or not we we need one more board there was a time where we went to a Baptist College in Southern California a classroom and did meetings we were there more than once and around the walls of the the room all the way around where whiteboards you could just could go all day long okay what I want you to see here is just briefly is it Ezekiel he's right here this is where Ezekiel as the Prophet is right there okay that's easy q1 150 of the fourth month and when he's there he's at midnight I'm arguing with you he's in the thirty theories at midnight but he's going to get a prophecy he's going to get a vision that for the 390 years that vision goes back before his history okay he's here where is he he's here but he starts a vision that goes back here to the 309 years and it goes beyond where he's at it goes over to here and he gets two of them he gets one forty years that began back here before where he was and it goes beyond where he was okay so so I'm I'm just wanting to alert us to the idea that a prophet can have a vision be it a certain point in history that we need to mark and the vision will go into past history and future history so the Lord is doing some amazing things and if you don't think that through I'm not worrying about the dates or the time amounts now I'm just telling you I want you to see what the prophet Ezekiel is doing here he's at this point in history and this vision goes back to here he lays on his left side lays on his right side as a as a I what I want you to see I have I've got myself a note here that's making me think okay go to Ezekiel 4 3 through 8 that's where he's at here don't remember what my oh okay that's this this is his laying on his side for forty days and three hundred and ninety days nuff said okay next next note parallel lines revelation 9 all right I don't think that OD Leo had this up here what I what I'm looking for but I'll flip and see Josiah Lich yes maybe he does this is a tricky one I don't know how to explain it in fact when I if you see your subtitle I have parallel lines question mark you see that the reason I have question marks is I don't know how to I don't know how to define what I'm going to share with you now I don't know what the word is that would explain it it's probably a mathematical term if there's no that exists okay but I got I have for you the the history that backs this up okay from right where's 508 there's 517 years right here 908 you see this 908 908 okay we have a history here from 1782 to 391 right here can you isolate that for you in your mind's eye and what I'm wanting you to see here is that that history can be this from I don't know how to put the word to put on it either do I know how to explain it well but I'm gonna try oh well all I'm doing now is taking this history from 782 that's up here this 517 years and this 517 years goes to $12.99 yes right I'm asking Stephen and Otilio but that's what's throwing me is that it comes down here but actually whoever did it didn't want to destroy the 25th day of the 6th of the 4th month it's supposed to go like that from 782 to $12.99 this is the history I'm wanting you to look at okay that's five hundred and seventeen years you with me everyone with me same in okay in this history you can find a way mark in the middle of this history in the year 908 and if you accept that way mark because it works what's what do I mean that it works I mean that this history here of Revelation 9 is either about Rome or Islam if you're going to put a way mark up here and you're going to say it's something that happened in South America on that data don't work this is the story about the struggle between Rome and Islam so any historical date that you're going to use to produce a way mark has to be in the context of that prophecy you understand me okay so from 782 to $12.99 and $12.99 is where Joe silage is going to begin his prophecy followed by 150 years followed by 390 one and a half years but we understand now that there was another 150 years at the beginning of this history that begins back here with with Abu Becker 150 years takes us to 782 and then to July 27th $12.99 where josiah lich is going to start you have 517 years but you have a historical event here in 908 and it's in your notes what it is and if you put 908 there then what it does is it produces the same kind of signature that's in the rest of this prophecy it produces a hundred and twenty six year period followed by a three hundred and ninety one year period just silent you never saw that but this one 26 and this 391 this is the signature of this history it's the signature of all these lines here so what am I saying here's the difficult thing that is hard to explain you can also instead of taking 908 in this history you can say 1173 and you can find the way mark in 1173 that agrees with the theme of revelation 9 perfectly you have the history in your notes and what that does is it produces a hundred and twenty six here and 391 there what is that what do you what's it yeah inversion what would you call that do you've realized what I'm saying now you have the history there to back up my claims okay so when that kind of phenomenon happens between this way mark in this way mark and it happens it can go either way what is that it's divine but okay so what I titled it was parable lines question mark parallel lines question mark you got a name for that Stephen okay so now the people that deal with this the Theodore's is Stephens ood leo they don't they don't say much about this because it's it's there it works it's got to be it's God's signature but what do you do with it and I'm saying I want to acknowledge it because it's happening in our history now and if it can happen back here in this history the reason it happened back here in this history is to teach us something about our history in our history beginning on November 9th and onward has this same phenomenon going on and I think we have a responsibility to watch both lines in our history this line and this line and I think that's an agreement with the Wills within the wheels and that it may seem confusing confusing at first but God is going to bring order out of this if we study this closely okay so parallel lines I think here yes I think a couple places here I could use I don't like wrecking Stevens nice work but right here November 9th to July 18th where's July 18th right here you see that this history here November 9th to July 18th I'm saying the same type of phenomenon can be demonstrated here from the reason that we first put July 18th in the public record is because we've seen there was 252 days between November 9th and July 18th that had to mean something because 252 is clearly the 2520 you with me now I'm going to share a prophetic technique that I don't even know what the name is from November 9th 11 9 to July 18th it's 252 days when brother Steven teaches this he will show us that if you go a hundred and eighty seven days into this it breaks into sixty five days here but I'm saying you can demonstrate something else and it said if you go in the the first is that how you lay it out when you're emphasizing it I don't want to okay the first place that the first time I heard anything about this the first thing I heard was this from here to here if you go 72 days then it creates a 180 180 met something to me because this 180 it ends right here at Pentium and over here at this way mark which I'm just gonna put the Sunday law for this this consideration it's a hundred and eighty days so this is the first Sunday law this is the last Sunday law in the United States so you have a hundred and eighty days coming to this Sunday law to see 180 days coming to this Sunday law that's we're considering and the reason you know you have a hundred and eighty days is because this is the sixth hour and this is the ninth hour and between the sixth and ninth hour when you get to the seventh hour you have one hour when you get to the eighth hour you have a second down when you get to the ninth hour you have the third hour and there's 60 minutes in an hour three times 60 is 180 so I thought that was interesting and I thought it was interesting when you considered Dirk C's okay because Xerxes has a feast for 180 days getting ready to go do this battle but since then I've came to understand that we have seven days of disappointment that's followed by sixty-five days that takes us to 180 I'm saying the disappointment is over all right so the reason that I went over here and made this point and gave you the historical references to see this point if you're willing to see it is in this line you can see parallel lines that the the that have different way marks in them that still produce God's signature God's signature being these numbers these numbers okay are you with me now all I'm doing is giving you the concept before I start trying to defend what these numbers are what they mean okay next page I have three minutes left huh all right let me see and about on the in the center of page eight let's read from Matthew twenty verses one through I won't go all the way through nine Stevens put this in the record here recently should be fresh in our minds it's about the morning the third hour the sixth hour in the ninth hour in the eleventh hour read it read it at your own pleasure it's already in the public record it'll save us that amount of time and the reason that we want to know what this is this line here is not paralleling that one up there is I'm going to say the time of the end is the morning that 911 was the third hour that the midnight cry is the six hour and that the Sunday law is both the ninth hour and the 11th hour this is 911 this is Pentium over here the ninth hour we have December 25th 2021 okay so all I want to do now is just give the basics on why I'm saying morning 3rd 6th night then we'll have that in the record before this afternoon mmm the pattern of Christ how many remembered the pattern of Christ study not very many hands how about you Oh Delia okay all right in the pattern of Christ when we did the pattern of Christ we would show that there was 30 years preparation okay and we would use Christ 30 years from his birth to his baptism when the the dub comes down then he would give his heed be empowered at his baptism and he'd give his testimony for three and a half years and then he was crucified and then he was laid in the grave resurrection resurrected ascended and then the second coming of Christ was down here at Patmos what we would use that for is to show that the pattern of Antichrist has this same 30 year preparation from 508 to 538 and in 538 the papacy was empowered and it gave its satanic testimony for three and a half years until it received a deadly wound and after the deadly wound in 1798 it would be resurrected and ascended the throne of the earth and be there at the second coming okay and then we would go in in your note just notice that we have a revelation 11 because in Revelation 11 we can show this same pattern what I'm wanting to show here is this number 30 and what does it represent because what it represents among other things you go to your notes now his Christ was hidden for thirty years and then he comes out in the open spirit of prophecy volume 2 page 102 the future life of Christ was mapped out before him his divine power had been hidden and he had waited in obscurity and humiliation for thirty years and was in no haste to act until the proper time should arrive I want you to see that there's a change in dispensation when Christ is thirty years old so was there in in in this history here 508 - 538 there's a of dispensation from pagan Rome paganism to papal Rome to Catholicism 30 years there's a change of dispensation point being is when we got to November 9th 2019 last week there should be a change of dispensation in this movement that that's one of the points okay Joseph was 30 years old okay when he stands before Pharaoh before that time he'd been a prisoner he was a prisoner by his brothers in the pit he was a prisoner in Potiphar's Jail and then he was a prisoner in the prison but he gets taken out of prison when he's 30 years old and he stands before Pharaoh and there's a change of dispensation from a prisoner to the ruler you see that David was a fugitive from Saul in the wilderness of and geti but when he was 30 years old he was made king at per an at per an okay so David when he's 30 years old there's a change of dispensation from a from a fugitive to a king so when you get to the number 30 and that's where Ezekiel 1 1 is right the 30th year which is midnight in the 45th history of the 45th President of the United States this movement is 30 years old there's got to be a change in dispensation yes ok so where we put though where we put in our line David and Christ and who else today and and Joseph is right here at 9/11 okay this is the baptism so we put him here at 30 years old so let's just do a little little basic prophetic work that we do we have three 30s they're not like sister Deborah did no square roots I'm just going to say I can take the zero off can't I a three is a 30 yes so I want us to see that at 911 we've got three witnesses with Joseph Christ and David of the number three not counting that the is the empowerment of the third angels message or where the first second and third angels message all come together okay so this way mark is number three you follow me so our regular typical big line this is the midnight cry this is the Sunday law I'm saying the six hours here and the ninth hours here ninth hour marking the end of the Levites the eleventh the beginning of the 11th hour workers okay 9/11 9/11 this history special but let me see if I can just race through anything else one other thing the morning go to Revelation 228 almost done with with carry on in the afternoon Lord willing to 28 the Church of taya Thyatira there's a promise to the Church of Thyatira in verse 28 and I will give him the morning star and this is the 1260 years of papal rule and the promise to the Church of Thyatira is that they would be given the morning star whose the morning star that was given to them you have it on the bottom of page 8 great controversy page 80 in the 14th century the morning star of the Reformation arose in England the morning star of what so was it your whites going to go on and tell us what about Wickliffe this is the beginning of the Protestant Reformation do we not know that every reform movement parallels every other reform movement so there's someone that's raised up at the beginning of the reform movement that was the Protestant Reformation and what's he called the morning star this is morning this is morning right here in the parable of Matthew 20 the time of the end is the morning 9/11 is the third hour Pinilla midnight cries the sixth hour the ninth hour is down here at the Sunday law and then the 11th hour workers come in and they get the same wages as the people that started at the beginning okay our closing hymn is I've set us up for the study this afternoon I hope yes let's pray that's not pretty yet pardon me yeah we're going to have a study this afternoon after lunch probably about 2:15 to 2:15 somewhere in there for those people that are walking watching online and at that point we will get into some of this type of history here Lord willing to identify why why I said if you caught it that I think the Lord's light begins to arise upon us tomorrow okay so shall we pray father in heaven we we thank you for the times in which we're living that we are still seeing that you are opening your word to us but these are trouble as times both in the external and the internal we believe that there are people that are still going to stand up on the right side of these issues we ask that you continue to speak to them through your Holy Spirit and as we consider the obligation of giving a warning message as we've now begun to do we ask that you give us courage that only comes from the opening of your word we want light from your word that would bring us under more and more conviction as we approach this great struggle ask a blessing upon the rest of these hours of stay and we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen