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welcome better okay sorry so we're beginning chapter 10 the first Christian martyr in the book acts to the Apostles and we're going to take the first two pages we'll be in this chapter for three weeks only but I'd like to take a moment in and just review just a thought or so from from the previous chapter and if you look at the previous chapter and think about it for a moment it was really about gospel perfecting the gospel order and specifically about choosing the seven deacons and towards the end of the chapter talks about choosing 70 elders and so I'd like for us to consider as we as we launch into this chapter which is also about the Deacons but one specifically one very specifically a very special Deacon in fact actually the Apostles calls him the foremost of the seven deacons it talks about this this solemn charge and this is ninety four point two it talks about the solemn charge that David towards the close of his reign delivered to those bearing the burden of the work and and we are those bearing the burden of this work in this time and so it talks about the solemn charge and specifically in the next paragraph and it talks about a special solemn charge to Solomon who was the king who followed David and let's just review a real quick question and see how well we remember from last week what special charge was given to Solomon by David and if you don't remember I would encourage you okay sister Karen be thou strong therefore and show thyself a man and keep the charge of the LORD thy God to walk in his ways to keep his statutes and his commandments and his judgments and his testimonies and is it written in the law of Moses that thou mayest prosper in all that thou doest and whether sermons out turn inside out and the only way that can happen the only way that description can happen is if we have the right heart and we as leaders in this world and in this time and I appreciated brother Clayton's challenge to us that we need to be provided leadership for the African countries as they bring their work together because if you just throw money at it it's really throwing it down the drain you've got to Shepherd that through so they need real leadership this special charge but in order to serve God or right we must have to be able to present that that description that you just read sister Karen we must have as it says on the fourth line of paragraph 195 we must have a perfect heart and a willing mind and the promise the second part of that that that question was and this is right over last week's lesson what promise came with this charge and I would urge you to look at line six of on page 95 paragraph 1 if you serve God with a perfect heart and with a willing mind and the Lord knows because he's searching our hearts the promise is if thou seek him he will be found of the in my mind as I was reviewing and in preparing for this morning I thought of the verse in I think it's in Jeremiah Jeremiah 29:13 you shall seek me and find me when you shall seek for me with all your heart so that's Jeremiah's rendition on the same verse that comes from 1st chronicles 28 if thou seek me he will be found early in a perfect heart is a pure heart and a pure heart comes when when we are born of the Divine Spirit when we have had the rebirth process and that's part of who we are that's what a perfect heart is that's what we must bring to leadership if we would bring effective leadership now let's look at question number two that's that's enough review must have that Holy Spirit and if we are born of the Divine Spirit we will have a pure heart that's a promise we can claim but as we look at question 2 who was the foremost of the seven deacons and I've already mentioned the answer to that that was Stephen now let's look at his qualities and I think we should do that by looking at page 97 paragraph 1 and then we'll also go to Acts chapter 6 who has the answer to that some of the qualities don't have to name them all he was a man what is sister white say he spoke the Greek language and was familiar with the customs and manners of the Greek how about before that man of deep piety he once ate piety and what kind of faith broad thing broad say okay as I was studying I thought about the word piety I you know I used the word I I know what it means but do I really know what it means so I went back to the dictionary nineteen excuse me 1828 dictionary to look it up and and I discovered that it's really a very good quality even though in many circles the word piety which comes from the root word pious has been abused by many people they use it as a derogatory way to describe in my past they've described people that they define as holier-than-thou oh you're so pious and so that's a word that's been absolutely abused and we were talking about that on the way to church this morning and nihilist said yeah she's experienced that and I'm sure all of us have at some point but it's it's derogatorily used but it's actually a very beautiful principle and it's it is a principle of reverence and love for God really is what it boils down to it's about love of his character and then it goes a step further and saying that it's not just having that appreciation for God's character and who he is but it's living it in obedience and so I said to my wife I said well if that's the definition praise the Lord if they called me pious but it's used oh that's that well we had a a church a long time ago where we attended we wanted to get deeper in God's Word and so we said let's let's just get a class that focuses on how sister white brings these thoughts together and we became known as the holier-than-thou class and it's just really discouraging when you have your own brothers and sisters saying this derogatory but it really was a compliment now that I look back so Steven was a man of not just casual piety but deep piety and broad wide faith what else do we know about him let's go in our Bibles to Acts chapter 6 and verse 5 and somebody liked to read they chose stephen a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost and Philip and pro cross and Nikon or and kamon and / - and nicolas a proselyte and i think it's interesting that of those seven deacons there they really only list things about two of them and one of them is Steven the first and Nicholas the last the rest of them are just names okay sister Karen this is a discussion by the way it's not just me talking so thank you eight yes it goes into the power that he did and he did great wonders and miracles among the people yeah first ten he was full of wisdom and he was a student of prophecy yes and so sister white reiterates that in paragraph one of our reading does she not but I like I like the description where it says he was full verse five he was full of faith and of the Holy Ghost full of faith and of the Holy Ghost that a very important quality that allowed him to let's look at paragraph one he knew as brother Daniel I believe said he he knew the Greek language he was familiar with her Greek customs another one of his characteristics and so therefore he found opportunity to preach and teach in the synagogues of the Greek Jews and I like the next sentence he was very active in the cause of Christ and he boldly proclaimed his faith this sounds like the brothers are from Africa that were not they did not hesitate to speak of their love for the truth oh my t-shirt it's got the chart on I'll talk to you for the next how long our how it's gonna say next half-hour that's boldly proclaiming your faith okay and it and it baffled the rabbi's and the doctors of law engaged in this public discussion they thought he was gonna be a pushover but they discovered they were not able to resist his wisdom and spirit because he did speak by the power of the Holy Spirit so let's look at question we've kind of described his journey here as we've talked about his he was a Jew by birth he knew the customs he spoke with power he was a student of prophecies as as sister Karen mentioned anything that we haven't picked up that you want to that you bring from another source or something that we looked over that that relates to his Christian journey or his his qualities his boldness okay he was able a defending the truth he advocated and utterly defeated his opponents yes okay let's look at the promise that was fulfilled in his life and it's at the bottom of page 97 the promise is and if you flip over to 98 it tells you where that's taken from let's turn in our Bibles to Luke chapter 21 now we should all know Luke 21 is a very familiar chapter related to present truth and related to end times this is the chapter that has and he spake a parable behold the fig tree that's how I remember that chapter it's just it's indelibly printed in my mind but this is a different part of that chapter and let's look at verses 14 and 15 so I'd like to read that or in your heart not to meditate before what you shall answer or I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries shall not be able to gain say nor resist okay do you want to swing back up and pick up 12 and 13 because that was really what I wanted to read but I didn't have it written down that way what leads into that they shall lay their hands on you and persecute you delivering you up to the synagogues and into prisons being brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake and it shall turn to you for a testimony okay going up even just a little further it says then he said unto them nation shall rise against nation Kingdom against Kingdom earthquakes shall arise in diverse places famines pestilence etc etc this sets the stage for what time he's talking about what Christ is talking about now I would like for us to go to the the complementary verses in actually in the Gospel of Matthew and Mark and let's go to Matthew first would be what chapter corresponds or correlates to Luke 21:24 so let's go to Matthew 24 and we will I have got this one written down right and let me read this one because I want us to anchor it in the same area okay so you shall hear of wars that kind of keep your hand in both places it says okay verse 9 you shall hear of wars and commotions that's how you can find the right place and here you go to verse 6 yes and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars for nation shall rise against nation and earthquakes and all those things now let's begin with verse 8 all these are the beginning of Sorrows that's another anchor point that'll settle us into where mark puts it then because you're going to find out little bits when you put these line upon line you're going to find different elements of truth in each one of the stories each one of the accounts they shall deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you now what I want you to notice here is the difference between the Gospels what things are we learning from the different ones okay they shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake now where do we go and Mark for the same story Matt mark 13 let's go there now what we're going to look for in mark I'll just give you a heads up is the verse where I just read all these are the beginning of song verse eight and when you go to mark 13 it's the exact same words are used in verse eight 13 verse eight who would like to read 13 verse 8 through 11 this is the mark mark 13 8 through 11 now we're going to learn some different things here for nation shall rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there shall be earthquakes in divers places and there shall be famines and troubles these are the beginnings of Sorrows but take heed to yourselves where they shall deliver you up to councils and in the synagogue's you shall be beaten and you should be brought before rulers and Kings for my sake for a testimony against them and the gospel and the gospel must first be published among all nations but when they shall lead you and deliver you up take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak now that do you see meditate for whatsoever shall be given you in that hour that speak deep for it is not ye that speak but the Holy Ghost okay we're gonna we're gonna settle our discussion on these three passages on that verse 11 that's where we're going to ultimately go but I just like to to look at the differences what did what do you see are the differences between those accounts what's going to happen let's look first of all look at what's going to happen to God's people in those three three different books what did we learn what is this saying Luke I've got my finger in all three books okay first of all in Luke it says verse 12 they'll lay their hands on you they will persecute you and they will bring you up to the synagogue and into prisons okay now let's go to Matthew that takes place before the nations rising against nations okay so when is this on the timeline I'm just letting you decide that but okay over there that this takes place before this problem in in the nations and this signs in one okay that's that's important I think we'll get to that in maybe the last question if we get there question eight okay so it happens before that excuse me okay what do we learn in Matthew 24 it's a little it's a little softer cell in Matthew Matthew says okay this is the beginning of Sorrows there's going to deliver you up for what purpose what are they gonna deliver you up for what does it say to be afflicted and what else they're gonna kill you okay that's a little stronger I guess it's it's it's a Luke that's not quite so direct it says they're gonna deliver you up to the synagogues into prisons but it doesn't say they're going to kill you okay which book of Matthew 24 okay and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come Matthew 24 once the Gospels preached then the end comes yes so it's a different time that's being preached is from Daniel I was taking those I was taking I was trying to bring us to the same place where they're each talking about and maybe I didn't do that completely but I was trying to anchor it with things and well like this is the beginning of Sorrows and then take heed so I was trying to bring us all to the same place but maybe I haven't done that but anyway let's look at what happens to God's people they're going to be killed okay then when you look at mark what does it say they're beginning of Sorrows they're going to deliver you up to counsels and where they gonna take you synagogues and what's going to happen there you're gonna be beaten in the synagogue's and brought before rulers and Kings for my sake for testimony against them well see in there the gospel must first be published amongst all nations the nations rise against nations so you're saying these are all these are a little different spot I don't know it says in the gospel must first be published among all nations but the previous verses are talking about wars and rumors of wars and the other one in Matthew says when the gospel is presented the in comes I think maybe the same thing yeah that's what I was wondering if it's not really the same thing and we're trying just to compare what happens just to this one one little window what happens to God's people one verse says they're persecuted when this verse says they're taking the synagogue's one verse says they're killed you pull all those together and you get a pretty complete picture of what's going to happen persecution torture and murder and but where does it happen that's what really astounded me well and their churches okay go ahead that it says in the gospel must first be published among all nations well that happens before the the wars and rumors of wars and the rising up of nation against nation and then it says and then what Jeff was pointing out was and then the in comes well this is talking about what happens in the end right that these things happen in the end I I think we need to study that out more carefully to know where exactly where they are but my only point at this point is that this is what's happening to God's people and the different accounts you bring them together you get a whole picture that's really the only point I'm trying to make but I think you have a good a good thought that if you're really studying these these chapters in their entirety you need to figure out where each of those are actually coming into the story so that's my verses were Matthew 24:14 for 1310 and Mark 16:15 and then you brought these I was thinking that as soon as you brought him up I thought well that's the Sabbath School lesson I didn't know all right that's all right that's how that's how the Holy Spirit works in and and I could have taken any aspect of of these two pages to to zero in on but that really caught my attention is how God's people were going to be treated killed beaten beaten in the synagogue's beaten in the churches that's that's a sobering thought if if that history is entirely repeated to the very letter and we know it is okay so we're going to cut our lessons a little shorter today we still have a little time but I want to work our way into question eight excuse me six through eight now and the answer to number six how did the church leadership respond to the power that pervaded Stephens testimony and for the answer to that okay so let's just summarize here that this was a promise what I forgot that we got to go back and pick that out what promise was fulfilled to Stephen was that even do yes a crisis yes the words that he needed to speak would be given to him and and I wanted to look at the different ones and how they spoke that and I think it was mark in essence of time and we just looked real quickly yes let's look at mark we've got Luke's account right here in Acts of the Apostles and Luke's account says settle it therefore in your heart's not to meditate before what you show answer for I will give you a mouth and wisdom okay I will give you mouth and a wit and wisdom what does mark say let's look at everybody look on their own and see who comes up with the answer how does it express that same thing I will give you a mouth and wisdom how does it say it yes read on that speak II for it is not ye that speak but the Holy Ghost so who is speaking through us in that in that hour it's the Holy Spirit now that gives it a little different perspective when you look at it this way in Luke in Acts of the Apostles bottom of 97 top of 98 is says I will give you a mouth and wisdom well isn't that giving us a mouth and wisdom the Holy Spirit speaking through us and sister White has some interesting things on that I did a little little bit of study and I want to share some of the quotes with that and I'm going to I'm going to just read from fundamentals of Christian education 538 point one it says Christ has promised his followers that when they should stand before councils and judges they were to take no thought what they should speak now doesn't that summarize what we just read here okay we're not to to think ahead of a speech we're not to pre-prepare premeditate were to allow the spirit to speak through us okay let's read on it says I Christ says I will instruct you I will guide you knowing what it is to be taught of God when words of heavenly wisdom are brought to our mind we shall future we shall distinguish them and I hope I hope that's happening in our experience now we shall distinguish them from our own thoughts we shall understand them as the words of God for we shall see in them words of wisdom life in power so when these when the Holy Spirit is speaking through us in these situations which we should be in right now in my mind we shall be able to distinguish them from our own thoughts it's not that a nice thought think about that have you noticed that it when you've been speaking you you come up and say something you weren't even planning to say amen if you've been in this desk you you've experienced that yes sir it's not just that I thank you for saying that it's when you're speaking about to whom just recently okay ample opportunity to to speak in that capacity praise God for him and it's been the most amazing thing that I've ever experienced yeah amen thank you for sharing that and just sharing your faith with someone who who sees the chart on your t-shirt the Lord will give you the words and it's it's amazing how that happens brother Daniel my sister Karen did that happen with 80 Jones I'm sure working bro you're gonna say that he saw the words when he was in front of Congress I've had people tell me that isn't so proven to me and I didn't know how to prove it yeah I proffered you said I don't know good I've been challenged on that that might be Adventists folklore I don't know if they said any more if you know what we're talking about well nevertheless it shows nevertheless still I mean look there's a guy he was he was he was giving he was he was being challenged before Congress he gave us pretty much his testimony bit before Congress and if you read I think maybe the introduction is that or something they interrupted those congressmen and Senators interrupted him at every turn yet he kept on bulldozing ahead bulldozing ahead Karen there's a quote now I don't know where it is but it says that angels will speak through us in our words for will and angels will be choosing our words yeah I'm sure that's what went on with 80 Jones but the folklore was yeah it said he could see the words yeah and he was more or less reading and I've heard that story ensured that story and I got jumped on and I couldn't prove that story so well you know what brother Jim can't prove what he just shared with us but in his heart it's an experience that he will never forget okay so you know we can take those those things with us even if they are folklore and know them to be truth I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt God will guide I would guide be with mine i yes and thou shall hear a word behind thee saying this is the way walk he in it yes so all of these things and what Karen said sister Bronwyn as we give to those in darkness the truths that have enlightened us God will enable us to understand these truths still better he will give us up words to speak communicating to us through the yes yes let me share a couple more quotes I shouldn't have truncated the Sabbath School lesson I should have known what we could feel 45 minutes I thought we just cut a couple minutes off of it but now I'm sorry we did I want to share a quote from five manuscript released sixty eight point three short thought it is our duty to obey God and when they arrest you take no thought what you shall do now listen carefully take no thought what you shall do what you are to do is and how would you fill in that blank what you are to do sister white says is follow Christ step by step she has the script right there in your mind or in front of you on your computer follow Christ step by step I was really impressed there but you got there quickly sister we need not now let me just finish the thought we need not commence weeks beforehand to examine the question and plan out what we will do when they say do this or that or it's this so-and-so neither what you are to say what's our job right now study the truth that's all we need to know now here's what she finishes with and the Spirit of the Lord will bring to your remembrance what you shall say now let's take that to the next level Spaulding and began 25.3 the same thoughts study the truth she says and the Spirit of the Lord will bring to remembrance what you shall say but she adds another nice little caveat here and this is where I want to end this part of the discussion the cloud I was just seeing if the clock was going down or up it's still going down study the truth and the Spirit of God will bring to your remembrance what you shall say our minds now this should speak to your own heart our minds should be a treasure house filled with the Word of God and how do we fill it with the Word of God may a mirage memorize that's the one I was going for all of those things are important but there's nothing like fixing it in your mind by memory and then when you're praying you can lay hold of those promises and you can lay hold of those claims and the Lord loves to hear his word repeated to him I've read and there's some some of those promises that I have learned in tucked mo it really helps you to learn them when you pray them so when I walk and pray I repeat promises and they've just become very alive so my mom my mind each day as I go through that is becoming a treasure house of God's promises that's where I wanted to go with that now let's look real quickly at the last one clock is still going down let's look at the last question it says knowing that history is repeated when we'll be said that we are filled with the holy when will it be said that we are filled with the Holy Ghost as was Stephen so I looked up that phrase filled with the Holy Ghost and here's where I found it CET page 95 so let's go there and let's let's look at that in closing CET 93 and 95 and I just want to share that and then a couple other references that use the same wording I saw that God had children who do not see and keep the Sabbath they have not rejected the light upon it and at the commencement of the time of trouble we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully now let's just stop there if we're proclaiming the Sabbath more fully probation hasn't officially closed for the entire world so it's after the Sunday law before the close of probation if we were to put it on a timeline correct okay let's read on this enraged the churches in the nominal Adventists what was the response of the churches to Stephen his testimony enraged them in fact we'll get into it more they they stopped their ears they couldn't stand it it was like who stopped this guy we can't deal with it okay this we will enrage the churches in this his nominal Adventists as they could not refute the Sabbath truth and at this time God's chosen all saw clearly that we had the truth and they came out and endured the persecution so on and so forth in the time of trouble we all fled from the cities and villages but were pursued by the wicked who entered the houses of the saints with a sword they raised the sword to kill us but it broke and fell as a powerless straw so this quote comes to us from the time of trouble and it's also in early writings page 33 and that's where it says in early writings I brought my early writings along but I don't want to y'all familiar with that or she talks about the time of trouble and then you look at the appendix and it says this is not the great time of Jacob's trouble but the little time of trouble and I think that's the only place that I find in inspiration where it actually uses the words little time of trouble but it's the time between the Sunday law the D Sunday law and the D close of probation on the big line and so I want to close with this thought I also found a really good passage in Word to the little flock same story but with the word - the little flock if you've ever looked at that it's it's really quite a remarkable little little book it presents the same story that we just read about here but it it puts all the Bible verses in with it you can read a few lines and here's another Bible over so it puts Bible into all of this story it's worth reading through because he gives this whole account here at the commencement of the time of trouble we were filled with the Holy Ghost just like it describes Stephen and so we will continue our study of our first Christian martyr next week let's kneel for breath Father in Heaven we praise your name that we have been able to meet and study and I just praise your name for the power of your spirit that you promised us when we seek for it with intensity of purpose and lord help our hearts and our minds to become a storehouse of Bible treasure so that when the day comes for us individually and we will be called to stand alone that we will be able to stand tall and depend on the Holy Spirit and those angels to choose our words for us we thank you for the thoughts that have led us in that direction to realize the importance of study and prayer and meditation and memorization of your word and we thank you in Jesus name Amen we'll take about a 10-minute break before we reconvene for the worship hour