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religion speak to us we ask that you prepare our hearts and minds to understand and accept what you have for us we thank you for the Sabbath the easy times which are soon to be removed please bless us with light for mutton high is our prayer in Jesus name Amen kind of a long scripture reading and I hope you understand that that cloud is also referred to as a pillar pillar of fire by night cloud by day and I hope that we can get through the material because it's not until the very end of this presentation that I will address that scripture reading it's nice then in Sabbath School Daniel dealt with the kings of the earth briefly there he was touching on them because on the page one of your notes you the title of this presentation is ruling power Amerigo Vespucci my guest is how you pronounce it Amerigo as a boy's name is of Italian and old German origin and the meaning Amerigo is work ruler home ruler Italian form of Germanic name al Merrik from a maul meaning work and Ric meaning rule power the name means merchant ruling power and this name is what is used to name America America is named after this Italian I think he was Italian explorer and his name means merchant ruling power and of course we understand that ten Kings are also these merchants and the premier one is the United States and we've been looking at a connection between the King of the South and the United States the king of the south beginning in France typify the United States the king the South two horns the United States two horns France placed the papacy on the throne of the earth United States a place of papacy upon the throne of the earth and in doing so we went into the French Revolution and identified that the end of France was illis was took place in connection with the beginning of the United States therefore Jesus illustrates the end with the beginning and therefore the end of France would be typifying the end of the United States but the end of France is also going to typify the end of the Soviet Russia of Russia who is the modern king of the south so with this study you have connections that are consistent with the definition of ezekiel looking into the most holy place at midnight on November 9th 2019 and seeing all these wheels within wheels there's connections between these lines that that are pretty complex at first view but they're not that complex now I'm going to do some I tend to spend some time on the board I hope that's easy enough for my brother to follow this is the board I'll use at least initially I want to do a little bit of review then I want to get into the presidents of the United States which is also review and then I hope to get into the presidents of the Adventist Church which is also review but even though we put these things into public record before we are understanding things differently now or more fully now I guess is the way to say it we're where to begin we're saying I'm saying that this is the midnight cry and that this is the Sunday law and as we've looked at the beginning of the King of the South in France and the French Revolution I'm saying that this is 1789 to 1798 slash 99 and we've looked at several characteristics we've looked at three three manifestations of the French Revolution that have different dates okay 1793 to 1796 was the vendee war was the reign of terror this is the the time period sister white would mark is the reign of terror but I marked 1793 to 1794 as the primary reign of terror beginning on July 27 1793 and ending on July 27th 1794 so from the French Revolution we had three lines that were plugging into the history and saying that they're lining up with July 18th 2020 and December 25th 21 okay so I'm gonna take this off here we also if you could remember spend some time looking at a prophecy that we've referred to a lot the prophecy of Christ how old was Christ when he was baptized he was 30 years old when he was baptized and we this is where he was empowered and we would line up in our study that the papacy was empowered in 538 paralleling us these aren't line up online now I hope I don't confuse you but what I want you to see here is that there was a thirty year preparation for Christ he was 30 years old when he was baptized was there a 30 year old thirty year preparation for the papacy 5:08 and what happened in 508 that marks 508 as the beginning of this thirty years of preparation for the papacy the daily was taken away and what was the daily paganism and what was paganism in that history paganism is a religion but what what who represented paganism in that history okay he's st. France I'm saying that Rome disintegrated right Rome's the fourth kingdom of Bible prophecy is that not correct pagan Rome it's gonna transcend into papal Rome and as it changes from pagan Rome diggin Rome this is all review when did pagan Rome begin to disintegrate in the year 330 Constantine had did what nine years earlier as Sunday law in 321 and the rule of a Sunday law is national policies followed by national ruin so in the year 330 the the ruin of the fourth kingdom of Bible prophecy the kingdom of Bible prophecy that we say typifies the United States right pagan Rome typifies the United States so in the year 330 the first beginnings of the disintegration of the United States begins in the year 330 because of a Sunday law as typify by Constantine passing that first Sunday law and then what did he do in 330 he moved the capital of the Empire from the city of Rome to the city of Constantinople thus doing what whether he meant to or not what did he do he divided the kingdom into two parts are these two parts a subject of Bible prophecy yes they are addressed in Revelation what are the two parts the East in the West but there was more disintegration coming right in the east Constantine's now in Constantinople he's going to divide the kingdom into three parts into his three give one part to one son one part to another son and another part to another son Constantine the second Constance and some other variation of constant he named all of his sons it's like a brother that's watching here today has four sons that they all have the same first name so he's kind of like Constantine Constantine divides the kingdom into three parts all what I want you to see is first the kingdom's divided into two parts east and west if you know that say Amen but because of the Sunday law what's going to happen the trumpets are going to begin to blow so what happens to Western Rome with the onslaught of the trumpets it goes from a United Kingdom to a divided Kingdom into east and west and in western Rome what happens from that point it's going to disintegrate into how many kingdoms ten kingdoms easy to see right and ultimately it's going to get to a new prophetic symbol the king of the south now the king of the south is not the sixth kingdom a Bible prophet fifth kingdom of Bible prophecy it's not a kingdom of Bible prophecy pagan Rome is a kingdom of Bible prophecy and papal Rome's the kingdom of Bible prophecy and the arrival of the king of the south at the end of the disintegration of Western Rome into ten kingdoms is just a prophetic line that we have to watch it's what we're dealing with the French Revolution taking place right at the beginning of the sixth kingdom of Bible prophecy are you with me so go back to 508 in 508 paganism was removed what does that mean to you if you're looking at political power both sides had to get in line with the rise of the papacy what do I mean by both sides I mean the East in Constantinople and the West the West is divided into ten kingdoms and who's going to come to this side of the papacy in the West Clovis king of France who's going to come to the side of the papacy in Constantinople who who wrote this where was the person that wrote the decree in 533 that made the Pope the corrector of heretics Justinian where was he he's in that story isn't he okay so what I want you to see I won't labor this anymore but in the 30 years of preparation for the papacy there were two powers that were representing paganism that had to be removed that had to be surrendered to the papacy before it could rise and what we're saying is is that in this history here that back in 1989 through 91 you have the collapse of the Soviet Union leaving Russia as the King of the South but it's a two-year period it begins on November 9th midnight 1989 and the final demise takes place on December 25th 1991 this is of the Soviet Union thus illustrating that down here how many years later Russia is going to be taken away how many years later thirty years but what happened also in 1991 in the win the USA what did the President of the United States George Bush the first do in 1991 in his state of a Union address called for a new world order and the new world order is going to come into history here thirty years later what do we call Russia and the United States in terms of directions the United States is the West what is Russia East eastern Rome and western Rome had to be taken away in 1991 and thirty years later the papacy is going to be placed upon the throne of the earth in agreement with this history over here of thirty years after paganism taken away both Eastern and Western Rome takes you to 538 you see that okay so I want us to have that in our mind as we proceed through this what we're saying here now when I'm saying this is review on page one of your note I'll read these little historical facts so I can refer to him but I'll put him in place under the Revolution in the Constitution the Constitution 1989 or 1789 same year that the constitution of France the Rights of Man has put in place two primary authors that work together one American Thomas Jefferson and one the Marquis de Lafayette Lafayette they both interacted one is the primary author of the Constitution for an France the other is the primary author of the Constitution of the United States are both implemented in 1989 Revolutionary War was from 1789 don't let me get away with that Revolutionary War it was from 1775 to 1783 the First Continental Congress October 14 1774 and what is the Continental Congress for no answers there I'll read on and so I get through this may fit May 10 1775 Second Continental Congress Congress meets in Philadelphia to coordinate the war effort the Revolutionary War June 15 1775 Virginia George Washington is named as the colonists first commander-in-chief the first commander of chief would tip Oh active typify what the last commander-in-chief who's the commander-in-chief currently okay Washington's typify him November 15 1777 Congress adopts the Articles of what Confederation as the government of the United States of America ratified on March 1st 1781 and Samuel Huntington the 7th parentis president of the Continental Congress from September 28 1779 to July 9th 1781 and also the first of the ten presidents have ruled with the Articles of Confederation and his Constitution here's what I want to say here the Continental Congress made a couple times but its purpose was to write a constitution because they were starting a new government okay and from the beginning there that we just read there were seven presidents but the seventh president is also going to be the first of ten presidents that exist during the time that the Articles of Confederation are operating they don't have a constitution over here what are they doing here they're working on the constitution I'm gonna put their building does that work for you building the Constitution is that valid but here now you have your first president George Washington when's that 1789 under the Constitution okay what you can do there but this is 1789 what we've been studying about the French Revolution this is 1789 and this is 1789 right so as a line upon line student what would you do you'd grab this line and you'd put it in here yes except for one thing what's the one thing something that I've said I've taken a whole lot of time I'm not making up no cover story I've taken a lot of time to put this in place the doubling of the midnight cry okay so if if you're not going to if you're going to factor that in and I'm going to take these off now I've made that point if you're going to factor that in then this here is 1789 everyone with me because this history here the image of the beast in the United States is typify in the history of the image of the beast in the world okay so if we do it that way and this is 1789 then we have this being the Constitution is it put in place fully destroyed because when it started it was put in place back here 1789 and it's typifying when the Constitution is fully removed what was it preceded by the number 10 okay well attend that's a testing but what do we know about this history from the midnight cry the Sunday law we know Lots this is a big history but what do we know is happening here with the United States it's going down is it not the and it's the six kingdom of Bible prophecy and what is going up at the same time it's the rise of the ten Kings one of the ten Kings going to be in place right here that ten is there go ahead vacation of the new constitution for the world I mean if the death of the although that's s the new one comes into play when the tenth Kingdom gets up there okay maybe maybe there could be lots of things we're just taking the high road or that the the mountain peaks of this but what I want you to see is in this movement for twenty years we have put in the public record go to Isaiah eight just briefly we have spirit of prophecy code after spirit of prophecy quote after spirit of prophecy quote to uphold what I'm going to point you to in an Isaiah eight verse nine eighty nine it says associate yourself so you people and you shall be broken in pieces and give ear all you far countries gird yourselves and you shall be broken in pieces gird yourselves and you shall be broken in piece o pieces take counsel together and it should come to not speak the word and it shall not stand for God is with us for the Lord spake thus to me with strong hand and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people saying sayi not a confederacy to all them whom this people shall say a confederacy neither fearing their fear nor be afraid when sister white speaks of this passage in isaiah 8 she quotes this passage repeatedly repeatedly and what does she call this confederacy the evil confederacy and what does she define the evil confederacy as in terms of Revelation 16 it's the Beast the dragon and the false prophet it's the threefold Union it is the evil Confederacy that's put in place here and if you want to say at that point they start their Constitution so be it but we're looking at the Constitution of the United States in this history here this is the rise of the confederacy and what was this history at the beginning it's the history of the articles of the Confederacy Articles of Confederation was the name of that Constitution and this history here plugs in right here the Articles of Confederation are identifying when the evil Confederacy of the seventh kingdom of Bible prophecy is rising and the sixth kingdom of Bible prophecy is going down and this is based upon the first presidents of the United States so what's this tell you about this history that before you get to the midnight cry there is a period of time marked by the number 7 yes and what's happening in this history the Constitution is being disassembled torn up okay because it was built here it was being built here now it's going to be taken apart piece by piece the Patriot Act or or impeaching someone because of your political position even though they have done no high crimes or misdemeanors if you've got the votes you can impeach them impeachment is part of the constitutional process the Constitution in this history is getting destroyed leading to this history which is where it's essentially overturned but the six kingdoms going down Seven Kingdoms coming up yes quickly of course you're not saying that the Articles of Confederation back in the time George Washington was not evil no I this wasn't evil this wasn't evil this wasn't evil but this is evil this is evil and this is e or to clarify was it awful okay yes it's I'm saying that it's it's it's not an accident that it is the Articles of Confederation in here when this is the rise of what sister white calls the evil Confederacy based upon Isaiah 8 and she defines the evil Confederacy as the beast dragon and false prophet to come together at the threefold union at the Sunday law it just fits okay but now I want you to see something here because of the midnight cry and because the image of the beast in the United States and then the image of the beast in the world you have a phenomenon here with is it Huntington president Huntington let me read this Samuel Huntington on page one of your notes says President of the United States in Congress assembled Samuel Huntington you see that first President of the United States in terms of these ten Kings but he was also the seventh president when they didn't have a constitution so he was at that level sequentially he was the eighth he was the first of these ten but he was the eighth but he was of the seventh and that's right here okay so that would be where it'd be right here and it also be right here because this history moves over here are you with me okay so what I'm saying is this is internal colonel I need an inn in there and this is external in reference to internal and external in reference to this phenomenon of the 8th is of the 7 being fulfilled in this history ok what is this way mark it's the midnight cry but in terms of Ezra 7 9 what is it yeah I take it one step further it's first day at the fifth month its Jerusalem ok this is where the Lord is choosing Jerusalem we looked at that I think in our last presentation or the past couple presentations this is where the Jerusalem is going down and Jerusalem is getting left it up as an ensign yes so this Jerusalem is the hundred and forty-four thousand that are the Covenant people that the Lord is entering into covenant with but he's passing by the former covenant people in the time of Moses those people that came out of Egypt that failed the 10 step testing process they died in the wilderness and the Lord entered into covenant with Joshua and Caleb Bible spirit of prophecy says so so the first time you have a covenant people mentioned in the scriptures in relation to Genesis 15s prophecy you have a covenant people that are being passed by while the Lord is entering into covenant with a new chosen people and at the end of the history of ancient Israel you have the same phenomenon when the Lord is entering into two covenant with the Christian Church he is passing by the Hebrew church and at the beginning of modern Israel the beginning of Adventism when the Lord is entering into covenant with millerite adventism he is passing by the Protestants at the same point in time when were the Protestants passed by 1842 nice guess when were the Protestants passed by April 19th 1844 they have fully rejected the first angels message and closed the door why do you want to be clear about that why do you want to be clear that it was on the first day of the first month in 1844 that the Covenant people that were the Protestant horn of the United States are set aside for millerite Adventism because based upon three witnesses the story of Joshua and Caleb the story of the Christian Church in the time of the disciples and the story of Miller I adventism on the first day of the first month the old covenant people seventh-day Adventism will have fully closed their door and the Lord will have entered into covenant with the hundred and forty-four thousand and you want to know that at the beginning of Adventism that took place on the first day of the first month and therefore at the end of Adventism it gets taken it takes place again and when was that 9/11 was the first day of the first month those of you that follow this message and still raise the question should I still be worshiping in the seventh-day Adventist Church well take yourself back to Christ time you can go to church on sabbath with Peter and the disciples or you can go back into the Hebrew synagogue Gog take your choice or take your take your mind back to say August of 1844 which 10th do you want to be in do you want to be in what was that tense name Watertown 10th or do you want to be over there with Miller eyed adventism 10th when the midnight cry is being presented by Samuel snow okay because August 15th is well after the first day of the first month and the Protestants were passed by on the first day of the first month and 9/11 in this history was the first day of the first month okay that's outside the scope of this but here at the midnight cry now the Lord chooses Jerusalem and not only chooses it now he's gonna lift it up as an ensign Isaiah - above all the other heels okay he's fully the the fall of Adventism just like the fall of the Hebrew church is progressive but here there is a distinct action that I'm saying is internal and what is it repeatedly sister white says the seventh-day Adventist Church is the Laodicean Church what church is that it's the seventh church he is now passing by the seventh and he's entering into covenant with the eighth but the eighth church is of the seven and which church of the seven churches typifies the eighth Church Ephesus Ephesus is the church that took the gospel in its purity to the entire world okay so here you have this phenomenon of the eighth of huntingtin the eighth is of the seven but it gets repeated here too because of the midnight cry the loud cry image in the United States image in the world what is this one it's external it's revelation 17 could a revelation 17 this is an old established truth as well revelation 17 has identified the kingdoms of Bible prophecy it says in verse 10 and there are seven kings there are seven kings there are seven kings five or fallen Babylon medo-persia Greece pagan Rome papal Rome and one is and John's seeing this in 1798 who's the one that is in 1798 it's the United States and the other is not yet come what's the seventh kingdom that hasn't come in 1798 United Nations and goeth into perdition and the ten horns which thou sawest are ten Kings which have received no Kingdom as yet but receive power as kings one hour with the Beast and these have one mind and shall give their power and strength unto the Beast these shall make war with the lamb and the lamb shall overcome them for he is Lord of Lord and kings and Kings and they that are with him are called and chosen and faithful and he said unto me what did I pass over I passed over verse 11 verse 11 is where I wanted to go verse 11 and the Beast that was and is not even he is the eighth in his of the seven and goeth into perdition who's the eighth modern Rome it's of the seven it's the eighth Kingdom in the sense that it's resurrected and it was the fifth Kingdom and what happened to the fifth Kingdom he received a deadly wound and now it's being resurrected so this phenomenon that's here in the history of the presidents of the United States because of this doubling of this history is repeated here and here one's internal ones external you have a list of these presidents in your notes I never intended to read through them I'm just providing you this information if you don't so Daniel is present Samuel yeah Huntington okay Paige Stewart says Trump George Washington was the richest president until Trump Jesus illustrates the end from the beginning Washington is the first Trump is the last in terms of the Constitution he Washington made his well from real estate how did Trump make his wealth from real estate and it took the longest period of time in history for George Washington to have his cabinet confirmed by the Congress until Trump came along George Washington it took a long time because they were starting a brand new government and it just took a long time to figure out how to do things Trump didn't get his cabinetry I'm not even sure that his old cabinets confirmed even now because of other reasons but they're they're clear to see that their type anti-type but Trump is also the first Trump is also typify by the first Republican president which is Abraham Lincoln Trump is the 19th Republican President Abraham Lincoln was from 1861 to 1865 and in 1863 he frees the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 which historians tell us is the dead center of the Civil War which we know is the point where the seventh-day Adventist Church rejected the foundational message 1860 pardon me yeah did many things and became a church in 1863 because of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus which at the basic level is almost what's going on here today it's martial law okay it isn't the kind of martial law that's going to come in after July 18th but it is surely giving us warning that what we've understood is correct and it happens in Trump's administration as illustrated by the first Republican president and this first Republican president was assassinated by the Jesuits on April 4th 1865 so slavery ends there's a civil war assassinated by Jesuits martial law enacted and the draft was implemented in that war okay now there's also a line that we've looked at as we're leading up to this about three world wars a triple application first world war along with the Second World War typifies a third world war and Woodrow Wilson was the president during the first world war and in that history he he is the primary historical figure that implements the League of Nations which typifies the United Nations so World War one you see a characteristic of World War one is a one-world government an attempt that with the League of Nations and in that war there was a new type of warfare introduced for that in that history new called nerve gas and the war began with the Europeans and there was a draft implemented in that war as well okay the draft being implemented he may not seem that significant but the fact that the draft was implemented in the Civil War during Abraham Lincoln's time period is the very reason that James White pushed to start the seventh-day Adventist Church he wanted to start the church so he could get a legal status so his boys didn't get drafted into that war okay so the draft is an issue in all of these wars and therefore there's a draft coming in the very near future what does that tell you when Trump saying we got our military is stronger than it's ever been and we finally turned it around from what Obama did where we got everything going good for us but Bible prophecy says there's going to be a draft what does that tell you why do you draft people because something happens so terrible that you don't have enough body to fill the rings that's the only reason you use a draft oh don't have jobs a lot of people don't then a lot of people vote I'm not talking about him joining to make money I'm talking about being forced okay excuse another president in World War 2 Franklin Delano Roosevelt he died while the war was still going on okay he's that World War two is followed by the United Nations the new warfare was atomic weapons the war began with the Europeans martial law was implemented wasn't it where we lived in California we used to have we would drive place where we drove in a regular basis to go to the mountains and do our thing was by one of the Japanese internment camps in the desert on the high desert where we lived and that wasn't the only internment camp in World War two is that martial law when they go and they gather up a race and put him in a camp and keep them there okay martial law in World War two he died shortly before the end of the war and the draft was implemented in that war those are the characteristics that I'm saying get repeated here because I'm saying that this is the third world war this history here and that the characteristics of the first two world wars and even the Civil War will be fulfilled in here okay now if you're not catching it I'm saying this is the third world war because I'm saying here from Iran it's not as if it's the world war it's it's the persecution of the ten kings against Christ and sister White says these ten kings in revelation 17 they they persecute the lamb but she says they persecute him through persecuting his followers this is where the blood is spilled for this one hour okay that isn't a warfare between kingdoms this is the clean up operation because they won the war right here okay and this is where it gets really ugly this is where you go into a different kind of dictatorship okay you can see on the bottom of page two the not in sequence some verses from Genesis 15 I don't have them in sequence because I just wonder poor pull certain verses out about who gets judged I won't read them they're there for your reference the prophecy of Abraham talking about God's people going into bondage for 400s last 430 years identifies three entities that would get judged God's people the nation where they went Egypt and the amorite sand the am rights represent ten nations okay and this is typifying our history when God's people are going to be judged the United States as typifies by Egypt will be judged and then the whole world typifies by the ten kings the am rights will be judged in this history okay so there is a judgment taking place upon God's people that has to do with the passing by of the former covenant people and that is the seventh-day Adventist Church which down here in 1863 began its role as a church and it was we put this in the public record quite some time ago that we believed Adventism is going to get dealt with in the very new future twenty-two twenty Twenty twenty one but that from 1863 to this history there were twenty presidents of the General Conference and our prophecy would have got broken it would have been broken because the Adventist Church determined that they were going to have a general conference session this year and everyone already knew that their current president Ted Wilson was stepping down he's been there long enough I don't know that there was anything sinister about it I'm not saying anything like that but it was all planned they're going to get a new General Conference president but because of this pandemic they have put that general conference off for a couple years so when we come to this history up here you'll still have the 20th president of the General Conference why does that matter well it matters on the bottom of page three because of the role of the seventh-day Adventist Church and the role of the United States the United States was the land that the Lord raised up the final warning message which was Adventism there is a relationship at that level a prophetic relationship between these two entities the the promised land that we're given to the chosen people okay but at the prophetic level what we're looking at here is that there is a distinction between the political side and the religious side and I'm saying the religious side is the Adventist Church and the political side is the government of the United States and I'm saying that in the history of ancient Israel Jeroboam began the Northern Kingdom by emphasizing the combination of church and state and setting up two golden calves in Bethel and in Dan based upon Egypt which is a symbol of politics and how many kings of the northern kingdom were there there were 19 how many what Republican president is it that is the 19th Republican president no that's Lincoln's the first when was Lincoln the first Republican president 1863 Donald Trump is the 19th how many kings were there in Israel did somebody say 20 who said that there were 19 okay how many presidents or how many kings were there in Judah 20 until it came to an end at the destruction of Jerusalem but was the destruction of Jerusalem well it's a Sunday law so there would be 20 presidents of Adventism it began in 1863 and sure enough that's how many there are Ted Wilson is the 20th president of the General Conference and since 1863 there been more presidents but if you're counting Republican presidents there's only been 19 and Judah had 20 I'm saying that this is Church and this is state and I'm saying that according to Genesis 15 God's people and the country where they were taken and the whole world get judged during this time period okay you with me so you have in here once again for your own edification you've got a list of the kings of Israel the kings of Judah and then you've got a list of all the presidents of the General Conference in order to look at and yes on some level that God recognizes Republicans as leaders of his great nation over the Democrats and I'll leave that question that doesn't that identify at some level that God recognizes Republicans as a leader of his nation I don't think so bad yet I get what you're saying I think he's using them as a symbol of the United States I don't know maybe never thought that went through so Republican isn't the public Kenya's have the Kin Kin ISM and Protestantism I'm not gonna get to the end I can tell okay this is all we've taught this tribe previously so this is a new information but you may have been hearing it for the first time I'm on page eight of your notes now do the four generations of Adventism this is big stuff the four generate does everyone have that and their their mindset here where I can take it down that this is the first presidents George Washington is the first president but he was actually preceded by seventeen presidents or sixteen depending on how you take it and we're just bringing that up to here and our justification among other arguments our justification is the Constitution was written in 1789 right where the French Constitution was written these two countries this close prophetic relationship allows us to do this but because this is the image of the beast in the United States we can also put 1789 here because this is the image of the beast in the world everyone got that I need some room here we haven't discuss the four generations of Adventism much recently but when's when's the first generation of Adventism begin 1798 now based upon what some people spoke up today they might say well Miller doesn't have his message till 1818 that's okay I'm just going to put that up here but this is the first generation of Adventism and I'm saying the second generation of Adventism begins in 1888 it ends in 1919 and it goes to to win okay the fourth generation goes to 1989 oh but this is the second the third yeah this here I'll do it carefully is the first this here is the second and then from here to 1957 is the third I blew that one and then the fourth goes to where I already gave it away Noah the Sunday law 289 when did the when did the Lord begin to pass by the leadership in the time of Christ according to sister white at the time of the end at his birth so the admits church being passed by back here or the baddest church is being passed by back here in 1989 the Protestants are being passed by in 1798 it's it's about the covenant relationship the Lord is now entering into covenant with millerite Adventism over here okay and he's done so in this history 20 years later okay the message isn't put in place by William Miller and then 70 years later you have Adventism rejecting the message of the hour okay first generation is over we're leaving lots of waymarks out there of 1863 1844 August 11th 1840 then you have what is that 12 21 years 31 years no one's helping me 12 and 19 is 31 and then you have 1919 to 1957 is 38 midnight and then from here to here is what 50 789 I don't need to know this I don't know why I'm doing this 22 is it 32 32 okay okay so and in terms of Ezekiel eight this is and this is what Daniels been hitting on recently very very strongly image of jealousy Ezekiel 8 8 then secret chambers right weeping for Tammuz and bowing to the Sun other lines you can put on there ok I hope you have this because this is coming off too why do we need to know this we need to know this because of this 911 we go back to the old pass and we're going to be tested by these four generations and we're going to go through them in order 1 2 3 4 and the Lord is going to judge us in this history where does the lead where does the Lord's judge if you've listened to Daniels sermons and you can't answer that question then you need to go listen to his sermons again when does the Lord judge for this apostasy visiting the iniquity of the third fourth generation it's in this generation here that the judgment takes place it's in this generation here that the judgment of Adventism took place and when you get to 9/11 and go back to the old pass this new covenant people when does the Lord enter into covenant with 144,000 they're the fourth generation they begin right here in 1989 but when's the enter into covenant with them doh ends at 1918 oh no it goes on they're still alive this is a progressive fall 1989 Saul and David are anointed what happens to Saul in 1989 he's demon-possessed okay this is where he's trying to kill David David is anointed here for the second time and what happens with David's horn right here it buds out scripture says it buds out this is the budding out of David's horn who is David David's over here he's going to be anointed a third and a fourth time when's the third time that David's anointed midnight cry Sunday laws the fourth time he's anointed but here he's anointed and his horn begins to butt out what is David's horn what is a horn in the United States it's a power but in the United States what are the two horns republicanism and Protestantism who is David is he the prophet is he the priest or is he the king he's the King right here the throne of David is put up and put in place lift it up this is David's throne getting left it lifted up this is King David his power begins in 911 he rules Square from 9/11 to the midnight cry in Hebron how many years does he rule in Hebron seven seven and a half how many years is he rule in Jerusalem because the midnight cry is Jerusalem 33 years okay we've went through this just recently this is his third anointing this is the story of the throne of David prophet priest King the story of the King is the story of the throne of David it's not the story of Christ's crisis but prophetically in our history it's about the throne being established so when you get to 911 you're going to be hit with these four generational sins so when you get to the last four General Conference presidents okay there's more than say that I had to put all that in place to remind us on page eight the last word General Conference presidents you have him there you have Neil Wilson who's the father of the current General Conference president and he's followed by Robin Robert Vulcan burr the only General Conference president to be forced out of office because of his legal problems followed by John Paulson the European General Conference president followed by the current General Conference president Ted Wilson okay so here I I thought about taking us bringing information I'll just tell you you know that the Vatican is designed as a woman's sex organ right and that there came a point in history where the Roman Catholic Church put out a reward and someone accepted the reward to go get a world famous phallic symbol that was in Egypt a big phallic symbol that was in Egypt it's the very phallic symbol that when Jeremiah went into Egypt after the destruction of Jerusalem he cursed that Idol and later on in history the Roman Catholic Church said we will give a reward to anyone that can take that phallic symbol and bring it to the Vatican and one guy took up the offer and he did it and he went to Egypt and he took this obelisk from Egypt the one that Jeremiah had cursed and he put it on a boat and took it to Rome and it is now in the courtyard of the Vatican and every morning the shadow from that phallic symbol points in to the front door of the VAT okay that's part of the story of the the construction of the Vatican and my point here is that the Catholic Church it's all about fornication okay it's about committing fornication with the kings of the earth and it's all about fornication but it's an idolatry it is your classic image of jealousy you follow me but you can't separate church and state corrupt church and state from the Catholic Church as the image of jealousy and the first generation of the last four generations of Adventist presidents was Neil Wilson and here's a couple things that he put in the public record this is in a court case so this is a legal document to this very day the General Conference president of the seventh-day Adventist Church page eight of your notes although it is true that there was a period in the life of the seventh-day Adventist Church when the denomination took a distinctly anti Roman Catholic viewpoint that attitude on the church's part was nothing more than a manifestation of wide spirit and a potpourri among conservative Protestant denominations in the early part of this century and the larger latter part of the last which has now been consigned to the historical trash heap so far as seventh-day Adventist Church is concerned he don't believe the Catholic Church is the Antichrist of Bible prophecy any longer this is generation number one he's failing the image of jealousy test he's lifting up the very symbol of the image of jealousy of idolatry of idol worship that makes God's jealousy come alive he also said there is another universe the universal and truly Catholic organization the seventh-day Adventist Church and I couldn't dig it out but I know he said it there's another place where he says I'd like to call my vice presidents Cardinals Neil Wilson is a symbol of this generation failing this tests in the of the last four of the 20 General Conference president he was followed by fokin burg who was forced out of the General Conference presidency because of a bunch of financial shenanigans that he did okay but they kept it secret and the government dropped the charges if he would only resign they kept it secret this is just one snippet from the Los Angeles Times from 1999 the international head of the seventh-day Adventist Church dodged by questions about his financial ties to a Sacramento investor resigned his post Monday after nearly a decade at the top of the 10 million members church Robert as Falkenberg the son of missionary parents and the president of the fast-growing denominations since 1990 told associates that the controversy over his financial dealings was detracting from God's work that is the way you say in Adventism I don't want to go to prison okay Falkenberg 58 had become entangled in a messy lawsuit lawsuit filed last August by Sacramento businessman James Moore who alleges that fokin burg and other Adventist officials cheated him and a charitable trust out of 8 million in promissory notes in a land Hill in El Dorado County I mean if you didn't do it you stand and vindicate yourself if you didn't do it generally followed by john paulson john paulson is the third generation do you see the secret chambers his secrets got him in trouble john paulson paulson was the first World Church president to hold a doctoral degree which he earned from the University of Tubingen in Germany or to whatever he considers the late Edward Ted Heppenstall a longtime Adventist seminary professor to have been a key theological mentor now it takes time to deal with this but in the third generation the problems in Adventism in the first two generations are brought about by Adventism but the problem in the second two generation is brought about by apostate Protestantism and Rome why can i why am I making that distinction because of the twenty five twenty the temple is first trampled down by paganism and then it's trampled down by papal ISM there's two distinct desolations that take place and in Adventism there was two distinct desolations the problem in here was all self-inflicted okay we're rejecting our foundation message we're rejecting the message of John Jones and Waggoner we're rejecting the council from the prophetess but here we've reached out to the theologians of apostate Protestantism and Rome and the classic champion of apostate Protestantism salvation theology is a guy named Heppenstall and anyone that knows about new theology and adventism knows this the Kay is the case and this European John Paulson he's the third generation of these foot laughs for Adventist presidents and he's saying the man that is my mentor the one that's my hero is Heppenstall in agreement with apostate protestant salvation theology okay ever edward Heppenstall was profoundly influenced by bible teacher ww prescott Heppenstall gets his point of reference right here hep installs basing his theology upon prescott and this particular General Conference president says hep installs my man and Heppenstall says w w prescott is my man do you see it third fourth generation w w prescott with his christ centered approach and his emphasis on righteousness by faith prescott having been present at the famous many this conference of 1888 how many of those people are on the right side of the issue at the Minneapolis conference in 1888 Willie maybe Jones Wagner sister white sister white says I'm out of here and her angel says no you got to stay and record this they're repeating the history of Korah Dathan and abiram okay so the fact that WW prescott was at that conference session doesn't mean a whole deal big deal and in the scheme of things now here again we note an important formative influence on hip installs theology Pope Benedict the one that's in retirement now ok the sixteenth served as Pope and sovereign Avada of the Vatican City State from 2005 until his resignation in 2013 graduated from the same university as this guy okay so he he had WW Prescott's apostate protestant lineage through Heppenstall and he had the leanings of roman catholicism through his university education and this is where the false latter rain message is put in place the third and fourth generation therefore Ted Wilson is the final president and he will be the president of the General Conference when the Sunday law comes and and he's the last generation how do you know that why do you know he's the last generation because at the Sunday law he's typify desi Takaya what happened to Zedekiah's children they were all slain and he got the watch and then Zedekiah's eyes were put out okay Wilson doesn't have any any generation that follows him at the Sunday law they all die that's why it's we put this in the record quite some time ago and I did that the seventh-day Adventist Church said now we're going to replace Ted Wilson here this year well that was kind of a bad application not so much not so much okay there's also a line of thought about the seven thunders okay from 1798 - I'll do it over here from 1798 to 1844 there are seven thunders and from 1989 to the Sunday law there are seven thunders and this is old news but we've taken repeatedly the last seven churches last seven kings of Judah and the last seven kings of Israel and plugged them into this history of the seven thunders and here as well and I'm saying that the last seven kings of Judah would typify the last seven president of the General Conference of the seventh-day Adventist Church right if your prophetic application is going to be correct so you have them on the top of page nine Branson would be Manasseh that would be 1989 Reuben Richard Figaro would be Amman and Robert Pearson in the bold face would be Josiah who died in 1989 and Josiah was what he was a good king of these Kings here Manasseh Ammon Josiah joy has joy of cam Joey Chen and Zedekiah which ever might you say we're good with Josiah bet you got it you gotta hedge your bets there right cuz Josiah makes a mistake at the end but he sought to work a Reformation did he not I mean but typically at this at the basic level when we talk about Josiah we talk about his work and tearing down the idols and trying to do a Reformation he just lost his way at the end okay and he would line up with a guy named Robert Pearson followed by the last four presidents that we just went over underneath that you see the biblical characters that would typify this last president Ted Wilson Aaron Eli Kings are a bomb Zedekiah Caiaphas and a G Daniells you can demonstrate that line upon line but Robert pihl's Pearson who's lining up with Josiah what he's known for is he attempted to bring a Reformation to adventism while he was president and it didn't work but he gave it I guess his best shot okay here's some this is this is just off Wikipedia even Wikipedia will give you this in October 1978 faced with the risk of incurring a stroke due to the relentless pressures of his presidency to the surprise of all those attending a session at the annual Council he announced his retirement from the president see effective January 3rd 1979 what happened in 1979 the king of the south invaded Afghanistan and a 10-year proxy war began and adventism had opportunity to start waking up to what was going to happen in 1989 but they slept on but he had tried leading up to that to bring about a reformation in Adventism here's part of what he said thank you brethren and sisters sisters for giving me the privilege of serving you for the past 45 years hmm and may God bless every one of you Pearson gave his last public message on October 26 1978 the day that pope john paul ii was elected as Pope in his final appeal he mentions the four generations of Adventism you ought to read his final appeal you have it there it deals with this very thing we're talking about okay now he's the one that lights up with Josiah and in his last attempt to warn the Church of the Omega apostasy his appeal at the 1973 annual Council was for a revival and Reformation of true godliness in the church to prepare the church for the climatic event the future the lack of interest by both laity and leadership to this appeal was a little later described by him as the greatest disappointment in my life okay so even the last seven presidents of the General Conference line up with the seven thunders they line up with the four generations of Adventism but notice when Pearson died Pearson died on January 21st really I forewarned you got all few presentations ago he died on January 21st what's January 21st a symbol of rebellion as represented by January 21st 1535 and January 21st 1793 what happened on January 1st 1535 the first protestant was slain in france what happened on January 21st 1793 that King of France was slain both were rebellion and that's when Pearson died January 21st now Bronwen pointed to this give me just a couple minutes to bind this off familiar quote for all of us Daniel 8:14 and she pointed out it's Daniel eight thirteen and fourteen the central pillar and foundation of Adventism great controversy 409 the scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and central pillar of the Advent faith was the declaration unto 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed I was going to spend time there looking at the disappointment how it impacted the Millerites then I want to put that in a record I'll come back to that but I want to take us now to the scripture reading because brother Stephen from Ireland you know you're you're not supposed to move pillars okay pillars are landmarks you can go through the scriptures and show that pillars or landmarks they're memorials okay in your notes you have Exodus 3 21 and 22 let's go there Exodus 21 Exodus 13 21 and 22 central pillar of Adventism if you ask an Adventist was October 22nd 1844 the the central pillar of Adventism the foundation in central pillar how many in here would say Amen go ahead say Amen it's Amen all right but if we were going to move that way mark it would be bad right okay and I'm what I'm saying is brother Stephen and Ireland may have moved it okay so I want I want to explain myself verses 21 and 22 of Exodus 13 says and the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud to lead them by lead them the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light to go by day and night he took not away the pillar of a cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night from before the people if you remember the scripture reading what Daniel read from numbers 9 is when the pillar was over the temple whether it was a cloud or fire they were to stay in their tents but no and it emphasizes it was kind of redundant almost when that pillar moved you moved when it stopped you stopped but who was moving that pillar it's okay for God to move the pillar but it's not okay for you or me to move a pillar and what's the central pillar of Adventism October 20 what you say October 22nd 8 1844 oh you said Daniel 8:14 you'll see then in Genesis 926 Lot's wife becomes a pillar of salt and there's some other references to pillars so let me give me five minutes I'm so sorry but I can't bring you to this without doing this do you remember this study that Stephen recognized that on October 22nd 1844 that if you go eighteen hundred and forty four days into the future where do you get to you get to November ninth 18-49 all right and then you have this chart here this chart here the 1850 chart because now the Lord what's he gonna do with the 1850 chart he's gonna correct the mistakes but what are they going to correct the mistakes and then put it in the museum and shut it away forever what's he gonna do with it he's gonna use it for what to tool to reach outside of Adventism this whole history they're doing an internal work among themselves in every covenant lying history that's the case there's an internal work that precedes an evangelical outreach so the Lord intended them to reach out but 1863 was a head he had further light to give them he was going to give them light on the twenty five twenty in 1856 but they weren't willing to receive that light and what what brother Stephen did is he moved this pillar he moved the pillar because he showed that remember Satan's a good Bible student Satan's recognized where we were going so Satan had a prediction in place that in 2014 there would be a Sunday law that was a lie there was there was no Sunday law in 2014 there were two witnesses to what 2014 would represent one it would represent 1888 because the 126 began in 1888 and because the 225 20's teaches that this 2520 as typifies by the 2520 against judah that ended on October 22nd 1844 that it would line up here too so when you get to 2014 you have two prophecies telling you that 1888 has to be repeated the rebellion of Minneapolis and that October 22nd 1844 would need to be repeated and what brother Steven did is he showed that there was eighteen hundred and forty four days that took us to November 9th 2019 paralleled by this history and what did he do he moved the pillar what pillar the pillar that Adventism had all we saw Adventism will tell you I purposely made you all do it is October 22nd 1844 the foundation and central pillar of Adventism and you all said yes but it's an incomplete answer this history here of 1844 is this entire history and right here it's identifying when the pillar moves the pillar moves why because now it's time to leave the tents and now it's time to take a message to the public how did he move that pillar how did he move that pillar not Steven God moved that pillar Steven saw the light that moved that pillar and we been we've been under a cloud of disappointment because we thought we were taught that this history here that if you hadn't finalized your character by November 9th 18-49 you were gone but that's not true was it wasn't true for the Miller rights I still got an 1850 chart they still got like to come by Hiram Edson and they could have chose wrong here even if they didn't we've had we've been approaching this history from a wrong viewpoint what this history is teaching us is that at the end of eighteen hundred and forty-four days on November 9th 2019 we got a public work to do we got a public work to do well why is that significant because since shortly after 2001 through God's Word we came to understand that we're supposed to stay in our tents and our messages for Adventism and not until God moves the pillar are we supposed to get out of the tents and take a message to the world but here on November 9th 2019 what did we see we saw mal Carmel and we saw here was November 9th 2019 and this was the offering the satanic offering of P and T and over 20 of their predictions failed the prophets of bill and the priests of the Groves the men and the boy had made their prediction the men and the women had made their prediction but Elijah had a prediction July 18th 2020 and we we see now a prediction that isn't going to adventism where is it going it's going to the inhabitants of Nashville what the Lord did here was parallel this history but we were so overwhelmed by this satanic predictions of November 9th there we couldn't see that what was really happening is at the end of eighteen hundred and forty-four days the Lord says okay I'm moving the pillar it's no longer you stay in your tents and you teach Adventism now I got a message you take to the world you see you see my point the pillar had moved this history here was to prepare people to give a public message just like it was in this history line upon line precept upon precept here a little dear little so Stephen was used to move that pillar and now we can see that this is where the fire comes down and confirms the prediction of Elijah right now they're cutting themselves they're doing their dance of deception they here's something now I want to I want to bring this together and close honest I will and I said this a several days ago in the fourth generation whether it's Adventism or this movement we get tested here at nine eleven I understood what I taught repeatedly it's when this fourteen or third and fourth generation of apostate gets the Sunday law I would teach they will have no spiritual strength to stand against the Sunday law because they will have cut themselves off from the holy spirit there's a logic to that right but what's blowing my mind is I didn't realize it's not just dad it's that in this history here or this history here they get turned into Catholics that's what Neil Wilson did in the first of the last four generations he's saying we're Catholics I called my vice presidents Cardinals okay they've been passed by but who would have thought that the Omega movement here in this movement the rebellion would actually turn that group into Catholics okay but we've seen it happen we've seen that they wasted their error upon Catholic dispensationalism we've we've confirmed that from the record we know now that Parminder does confessionals with both men and women one-on-one and encourages them to do that we know that they praise the Jesuit Order and I'm probably forgetting a few things from Andrews had several months ago that the keeping of the Sabbath was the worst thing that could have happened to Africa the worst thing you could happen to adventism was keeping of Sabbath Parminder said and that we may have to apologize to the Pope of Rome but but let me show you one other thing now the argument if I don't know if it's an argument I don't know what they're doing they're saying we're wrong about July 18th right even the death of the Pope that went into captivity in 1798 he died on August 29th 1789 and 220 years later on August 29th 2019 Parminder and Tess are reading the ball to Stephen and Odie Leo about teaching July 18th saying you are heretics if you're going to teach this you're cut off okay papal ISM is coming back into their movement big time but you know there's been two Vatican Vatican 1 and Vatican two sessions you know that right Vatican two is the Catholic Church's plan on how to infiltrate the Protestant world that's what Vatican 2 is about and it's a meeting that took place over the three-year period but Vatican one that took place back in history and the most important thing about Vatican 1 what's the most important thing about Vatican 1 brother Larry ok the most important thing is this is where the doctrine of papal infallibility is introduced I might be spilling that wrong because I'm fallible all right and did did not P and D do they not claim to be infallible because the Omega is perfect okay so just another Catholic characteristic and this was this doctrine of Catholicism was put into the record in the Vatican one council and that was in the year 1870 really 1870 the doctrine of infallibility was put in place what's 1870 it's 187 they're saying we're infallible and you're fallible isn't 187 July 18th okay so in 1870 the doctrine of infallibility comes into Roman Catholicism and this Omega movement is not just gonna not have the spiritual strength to not bow down to the Sun they're turning full fledge into Catholics anyone remember the vision of sister white where she looks out her window and she sees a bunch of people that she knew well and she turns away and she looks back and they've turned into a Catholic procession oh by the way the doctrine of infallibility when was it put in place in 1870 July 18th 1870 that's a Dublin is that amazing or what oh they are and how Catholic they are shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you that you're bringing Daniels last vision into clarity we're thanking you for the second witnesses of the the time patterns of chronology the numbers we thank you for these things but they are alarming as well the time is quickly running through the hourglass that we have a work to do in a world to warn and we're unprepared we ask that you would continue to awaken us to our responsibility and continue to empower us to carry this message we thank you for blessing us to be prepared in this ministry to have the technical tools to be sending this message far and wide you get all the glory and honor for that and we ask a blessing upon that work in Jesus name Amen