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so before we get started I want to let you know that online is this paper this paper is by a group of men and this paper is the prediction of a prophecy that we know as July 18 2020 so it's online for you and for here we can get some copies of that that's what this presentation is derived from this presentation is simply to fulfill one purpose in regards to this paper and that purpose is to show what foundation can we have the audacity to say that we're going to make a future prediction and that foundation is I'm saying is going to be understood by three things those are the three things that we're going to cover today I also want to say before we get started is that as we get closer to this date what's going to happen is that this old enemy of ours called the doubt is going to try to creep up upon us and cause us to doubt a principle the foundation of how and why we understand prophecy and so my objective today is to take these men's work and give them credence give them a shot of this is why we can stand for July 18 2020 hey men and that's what this is this that's what this topic is about today so let's go ahead and get started what methods do we use to proclaim a fulfillment of prophecy that is based on July 18 2020 and December 25th 2021 I'm saying it's these three numerical patterns which is palimony calendars and chiasm those are the three now all three of those are going to be scripture based the foundation of our understanding is the Word of God so let's begin to look into each one of these so as to prove that our methods are built on a short foundation a thus saith the Lord and that we may have confidence in our prophetic prediction and be sure that Christ the wonderful number is leading us we have to be established that Christ is leading us pomona the wonderful number or the number of Secrets is mainly based upon what numerical patterns it's noteworthy that in the verse itself Daniel 8 13 is actually a numerical pattern that has to do with transgression of desolation or the two 1260s first is the pagan persecution that we see up here followed by the papal persecution and they both have what - 1260 s and this shows that the Lord is perfectly in control of what world events you could look back in history and say he's in control of this line right here at world events and you have these numbers showing up and and there's this pattern so do we have another example that we can play symbolically over this as line upon line methodology where we can see two equal parts of a 1260 period please note that this is not years now but what days so now we're going to go to this line and we see in another part of history we have this same numerical what pattern so just real simple let's just focus on something simple palimony patterns numerical patterns what does this prove for us it proves that the Lord palimony works with numbers patterns and symmetry in his holy word focus on symmetry is another aspect are there any other examples of how Pomona works with numbers let us look at several verses and see what we come up with okay so now get your Bibles ready because we're going to be going through quite a bit of verses so our first topic is 1 to 6 we should know when we hear 1 to 6 what that means just right off at the top 1 to 6 before we go that we should know that it means something so let's go to a revelation 12:6 you should have it right there on your paper if you want to follow along revelation 12 verse 6 and it reads this and the woman fled into the wilderness where she hath a place prepared of God that they should feed her there a what a thousand two hundred and threescore days and we know that is what simply 1216 really really easy ok now notice that this 126 is the chapter and the what the verse but also notice that the 1260 can be seen as a what 1 to 6 have we not established this in the past about the 0 I'm not going to go over the 0 but we can know that 126 is talking about the 1260 so let me ask you is it a coincidence you're gonna hear that over and over as we go this is this debt is this revelation 1:26 chapter 12 verse 6 a coincidence that it's also speaking of what the 1260 let's go to Psalms 12:6 turn with me to Psalms 12 verse 6 and it reads reads this Psalms 12 verse 6 the words of the Lord are pure words as silver tried in a furnace of Earth purified what and we know that the 7 times is directly connected to the twenty five twenty and the twenty five twenty is a symbol of what we have them right here these two 1260s amen so this is psalms 12 verse six alright let's look at a few more now go to Psalms chapter one two six Psalms chapter one two six and let's see what we can find there Psalms 1 2 6 verse 1 says this when the Lord turned again that captivity of Zion now what's the captivity of Zion then the scattering now we're gonna that that's what I was looking for the scattering not saying that you're wrong let's keep going we were like them that dream then was our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue was singing then said they among the even the Lord hath done great things for them the Lord had done great things for us where of we are glad we see a doubling their turn again our what captivity so there's twice was there two captivity 'z yes I'm telling you that this is in reference to what 25 20 or wouldn't take it now back to the what 1260 can I hear an Amen this is this isn't anyways let's keep going now let's go to Daniel 12 6 Daniel 12 verse 6 and see what it says now we should know what we're gonna see already correct Daniel 12 6 says this and one said to the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river how long shall it be to the end of these wonders now what is this reverse referring to how do we know that you can read the next verse and know for sure let's just read it just just so so we'll know verse 7 and when I heard the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven and swear by him that liveth forever that it shall be for what time times and a half and we know what that means when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of his holy people all these things shall be finished so Daniel 12 6 is referring to the what the scattering the 1260 okay now this one here you might not see it at first turn with me to Hebrews 12 verse what six Hebrews 12 verse six Hebrews 12 verse six says this for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth let me ask you is this a chastisement our guns pop upon God's people so I'm gonna say that this also Amen did you did you were you able to hear that oh thank you can interesting times yes Amen so I'm saying it's right there as well I did yes I think you gotta have Colossians 1:26 on here that's the verse that Hiram Edson uses to say that it's the twenty five twenty that is the key that unlocks the mystery of truth let's go there yep let's go to Colossians 1:26 because I did not have this one down Colossians 1:26 reads even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to his Saints it says it's the twenty five twenty that is that mystery key huh there's another one so add that on to the list yeah yeah so what are what have we seen here we see this same symmetry what is symmetry symmetry means this similarity or exact correspondence between different things so what we've seen as you go to the book of Colossians the book of Hebrews the book of daniel the book of these and guess what you're going to find the same thing meaning the same thing is that chance that's what you have to decide okay so let's I'm telling you I'm saying brothers and sisters that it is the work of pal Monet the wonderful number whose putting these things in place for us to encourage us such as a time right now as we prepare for this big doubt that's going to come upon us trust me it's going to come and we need to be standing firm in what what we believe okay now what about Revelation 14 for now before we read this verse what should we expect to see sister Deborah Reddick when we when we look at just love it just just revelation look 1 4 4 what should what should it referring to there you go she said the 144,000 so turn with me to Revelation 14 verse what for and it says this these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins these are they which follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth these were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God and to the lamb and we know that firstfruits is the 144,000 okay Zechariah 14 verse 4 now this is the one that I really think you might not see that is referring to 144,000 but let's see if we can pound this out Zechariah 14 verse 4 and it reads this and his feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives now who's his feet Christ now before we keep reading I want to say that the mount Olive's is in the same place as Mount Zion they're like right there in the same geographical oh they are right next to each other so keep that in mind as we move forward upon the Mount of Olives which is before Jerusalem on the east and the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west and there shall be a very great valley and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north and half of it toward the south and we know what that's referring to right when the Lord comes down amen so now does that sound like it has to do with 144,000 just looking at it deed under 4000 a stand on Mount Zion hey man so that now for those is that Daniels 1 represent correct let's go to this quote here that's in your paper early writings 18 paragraph who's going to prove this is going to prove Daniels uh thoughts here and it reads this early writers 18 paragraph 2 Mount Zion was just before us and on the Mount was a what glorious temple and about it were seven other mountains on which grew roses and lilies and I saw the little ones climb or if they chose use their little wings and fly what a beautiful picture isn't it I can't wait to see that to the top of the mountains and pluck the never-fading flowers there were all kinds of trees around the temple to beautify the place the box the pine the FIR the oil the myrtle the pomegranate and the fig tree bow down with the weight of its timely figs these made the place all over glorious now here it is and as we were about to enter the Holy Temple Jesus raised his lovely voice and said only the 144,000 into this place and we shouted hallelujah so this like the older dinner just said this verse is connected with the who the 144,000 so Zechariah 14:4 is referring to 144,000 now turn with me to Matthew 16:18 now this isn't starting with 144 but it but just follow me here Matthew 16 verse 18 because we're still looking at palimony as our heading palimony Matthew 16 verse 18 and it says this and I say also unto thee that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell should not prevail against it so if you look at your paper there if we look at the word value of Peter we have what 16 times 5 times 20 times 5 times 18 that's the word value of each of the letters of his names and that equals what 144,000 this is the church wind this is the church at the end or the church triumphant Amen so this verse referring to the hundred forty one thousand I like it because it has the number value we've already used this number value with who another man who we don't like it's the enemy of Christ right he says he's the Vicar we took his we took those numbers and it equals what six-six-six so this is not new that we've been doing here it's been something we've done for a very long time okay Deuteronomy 1818 turn there with me Deuteronomy 18 18 we know this one says I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren like unto thee and put my words in his mouth and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him now I'm going to tell you this is referring to who William Miller where he finished his studies in what year 1818 that's another thing you got to ask yourself is that a coincidence no I was just checking just now you started with 126th and you went to 144 they went to 1818 yes exactly 126 days from now till July 18th today yeah today's a Sabbath and it's 18 Sabbath's from today hey there's some others yeah they just ate yeah thank you yeah so he finished his studies in 1818 and was then raised up as a what prophet like the verse says William Miller and what he proclaim he proclaimed three indels messages and that had to do with what did have to do with the sanctuary yes and he proclaimed also the advent of Christ now why am i sharing this weirder know this because I want to say that the original meaning of this verse is in reference to who Christ if you go to pk we don't have it in our notes I'm just just for your reference PK 6 8 for paragraph 2 it's going to tell you that that is Christ so what I'm saying to let me ask you does the work of Jesus being raised up as a prophet have to do with the sanctuary yes is the sanctuary service a continual reminder of the advent of Christ yes so we can prove this with the below quote we already know this but I just wanted to throw this one in and you see it there in PK 684 paragraph 3 it says we're just going to read the top first sentence in patriarch of times to sacrifice your offerings connected with divine worship constitute a what perpetual reminder of the coming of a savior and thus it was with the entire ritual of the sanctuary services throughout Israel's history so I'm saying do you see the connection how palimony wants us to recognize his hand in all things such as him raising up a man named William Miller in 1818 which typifies Christ in Daniel in Deuteronomy 18 18 do you see the similarities they both have to do with the sanctuary Christ and William Miller and they both have to do with the three angels messages and they both have to do with the second advent do we agree with that amen okay let's keep going now we're going to change gears into 220 the number 220 so turn with me to John 2:20 John 2:20 and it reads this then Jesus excuse me then said the Jews forty and six years was this temple in building and wilt thou rear it up in three days now we know that this is in reference to the 46 years of building the what can we call it the spiritual temple we're gonna call this a spiritual temple okay how long was Moses on the mountain receiving the commandments and the blueprint for the earthly temple 46 now we know that this blueprint shows if you want just for references Hebrews 85 he was given the blueprint for the sanctuary when he was up on the mouth if you didn't know that that's when he was given it okay so we're connecting this forty-six with John 2:20 now let's keep going does this 2:20 and 46 have anything to do with a physical temple we're talking about the spiritual temple that was built now this is this two twenty and forty six this number cuz member we're working with Pomona a wonderful number does two twenty and forty six have to do with the physical temple let's look at this we talked a little bit about this last Sabbath with Toby there's two hundred and twenty different cells in the human body you see it there in your notes in the earliest stem cells in human body are those found in the human embryo you know that's a for a better lack of where that's a baby right now before you can get a baby you have to have what 46 chromosomes 23 from the sperm and 23 from the ovum when we talked about this and Toby was lining some stuff up in Sabbath school so do you see the connection between the 220 in the 46 it's combining the spiritual with the what physical and what is that if that's the marriage but I always think he's when I was incorrect but I was thinking of the hope of what is Christ in us the spiritual in our it's it's a beautiful thing what I'm seeing here okay so let's go to another verse now Habakkuk 2:20 let's go to Habakkuk 2:20 I'm back ik 2:20 and this verse says but the Lord is in his holy temple let all the earth keep silent before him so this verse has to do with the sanctuary and we've already understood that John 2:20 was referring to the sanctuary correct so we're seeing the connection so let me ask you this can we say that the 2:20 is an humble excuse me is a symbol for yes when I'm gonna have a president a Lord willing in a presentation on Monday and I'm gonna deal with the 220 and I see you don't get it in you you don't have it your notes but I want to throw this out there before you move yeah well yeah I'm going back at 220 uh-huh you're gonna mark the 220 on October 22nd 1844 when to 2300 yeah 25:20 and correctly so yeah but if you're gonna deal with the back up to 20 then you to really nail it down you do with the first four verses one through four because it talks about a vision Terry and but wait for it it will not tarry and there's an appointed time marked in those verses in Habakkuk toots as the vision is at verse 3 the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak and not lie though a Terry wait for it because it will surely come it will not tear it a border for it so verse 20 isn't just a random pulling here at 2:20 in to 1844 it's it's part of the appointment is the appointed time of verse 3 the context is airtight this passage is saying that verse 20 of a back to - is October 22nd 1844 it's the appointed time it's not just the numerical you know connection or huh it's the entire thought of Habakkuk - and we know what the Lord wanted to begin on October 22nd 1844 a what a restoration Amen that's the 220 so it's it's a beautiful it's a beautiful thing so thank you okay so okay so I was asking can we see can we say that 220 is a symbol for restoration and Jeff gave us some good highlights and so now let us look at the 2300 which has to do with the sanctuary and the 2520 which has to do with the what the host so please note we have both the physical and the spiritual being represented here okay keep that in mind Thanks writing the host so now what's the difference between the two numbers 25 20 you've seen your paper and 2300 days what's the difference 2 2 0 no I you might just say yeah that's a coincidence I'm gonna say not I'm gonna say it's designed by our Lord and Jesus our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ok so let me ask you do you really believe in coincidences I don't I believe in Providence I choose to believe that each verse each number in God's words were placed by him palimony the wonderful number and it all has a purpose it all points to Jesus the salvation of mankind which is the center of what the sanctuary and his people the hosts amen it's all there so now I want us to refers to this diagram on the board here the sanctuary now we see that if you took a line down the middle and you divide it 1/4 the north and one for the south and that's what these are typifying all right amen we see that that's what these two 1260s are do you realize I'm sure you have you've heard this before that 1/2 is actually what 25 20 inches you take this other half and it's exactly the same but we're not done what about this 360 yeah so when you take yes so when you take the sanctuary and you divide it into two northern and southern because the sanctuary is set up in the north south west and east and you understand this north and south in relation to this you see the one was for the north one was for the south that's the understanding and so then when you do that and you then measure this in inches you're gonna get 225 20s okay now well we have one thing left we have this inches here of the opening of the sanctuary it's 360 when you hear the word 360 what comes to mind Daniel already mentioned it today we went there to not write to it but we went to the we went to the same book we went to numbers 14 and we know numbers 14 and Ezekiel 4 has to do with what the day year principal so let's go now to the day year principal on your on your paper here we have numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6 the Lord put this in there for us because it's going to establish something very important very important for us so Josiah let's prove the day your principle to be correct way to interpret prophecy and we know that on august 11 1840 the Ottoman Empire fell as what as he predicted ok and he was using what today year principle if we add the chapter inverse of the two passages numbers 14:34 in Ezekiel 4:6 what are we going to get let's look at it chapter 14 plus 4 equals what 18 now the verses 34 plus 6 equals 40 join together we have 1840 the very year that the day your principal was proven to be correct is that a coincidence I'm saying not now let's keep going now we have the third woe if we take 1840 where the second woe ended and multiply it by the symbol for Islam and what's the symbol for Islam I'm going to Revelation 9 is 3 9 what 3 91.5 ok that's revelation 9 4 you have the hour of the day a month in a year so let's multiply 1840 times three 91.5 what do you get seven two zero point three six zero now if we divide it by the day year principle which we're referring to the 360 here we get what 2001 brothers and sisters what happened on 2001 is long is that a coincidence I say not yes this was what you were saying but is equal four six is actually becoming number 4 6 which is 6 hey man I didn't I wasn't thinking about that but that's going did you pick that up 4 6 is the key in the right time period for the DIA principle and we looked at right there so hey man you pass by your last bullet point on the 220 I did yeah it's not you're on the same page Oh 220 you you you didn't say anything about October 22nd to 1844 yes yes what I didn't so you've waited a purpose no I was saying that that's what that they're restoration it's me you never commented on that last what where I'm missing on that yeah under 220 yes you've got three bullet points you've got Habakkuk 220 then you've got a bullet point that says 25 20 minus 23 oh yes 220 and I've never commented on the next bullet point what does it say October 22nd 1844 which holds the twin I look at a of the 10th yes are left times 10 is 220 yeah thank you so I left that out I'm miss missed it that's all it's in my notes I missed it so I'll go yeah so if you didn't hear that let's let's go over that just just in case we want to put this in place here's a very important point so the 25 20 and 20 hundred days you subtract those you get what 220 so now both ended on wind October 22nd 1840 for which is the 22nd day of the 10th month so 22 times 10 equals 2 2 0 amen left out yes that biblically October 22nd was the tenth day of the seventh month yes and there are 30 you have that up there well right there yes ok but there's 30 days in the biblical month 7 times 30 is 210 and 10 days with 210 equals 220 hmm there's another boy you guys are cool October 22nd 1844 on the biblical calendar is a tenth day of the seventh month so there's 30 days in each month 7 times 30 is 210 and then you have 10 days of that seventh month 10 plus 2 10 yes into 20 yeah so I'm not gonna do it but that's so that's another coincident yeah if you believe in that but I don't I've tested yes so amen thank you for bringing that up and I'm sorry that I had skipped over there okay so I'm gonna ask another blatant question does the Lord Pomona use numbers patterns and symmetry throughout his word after what we just went through it shows us that he is not only the wonderful number but that he is a God of order he's a God of order so now let's change gears we've looked at Pomona the wonderful number now let's go into calendars so turn with me to Genesis 1:14 Genesis 1:14 we're going to start at the beginning amen Genesis 1:14 and it reads this and God said let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night and let there be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years so we know that this verse right off the top in the very first chapter is referring to what calendars is it not that's what I'm that's how I'm applying it so go with me now to first Chronicles 27 one first Chronicles 27 1 and we're also going to try to nail down because remember everything is built on the Word of God to prove our July 18th methodology second excuse me first Chronicles 27 verse 1 reads this now the children of Israel after their number to wit the chief fathers and the captains of thousands and hundreds and their officers that serve the king in any manner of the courses which came in and went out what month by month throughout all the months of the year of every course we're 20 and 4,000 so it's just another proof that we have a year we got a calendar we can keep building on this now go with me to Psalms 104 19 Psalms 104 19 these are just some verses to prove that we use a calendar and maybe they don't need to be put in place but I'd like them I thought they were good 104 verse 19 when the doubt comes up you'll know to rebuke it through these passages 104 19 he appointed the moon for what seasons the Sun knoweth is going down so we know we have these seasons and in these these days so does the Lord use dates does he use months and years to reveal important truths to his people I'm saying that he does William Miller used the Jewish rabbinic calendar to calculate the end of the 2300 day prophecy Josiah lits made use of the Julian calendar for the prophecy of revelation 9 regarding the Ottoman Empire in the end of the second woe the Bible uses the biblical calendar and what calendar do we use today starts with the G Gregorian calendar should we use so this is the question now that we have to ask ourselves in light of all these calendars should we use and apply all of these calendars to date and line up the various way marks and events on our lines what does it mean to build upon the work of those who have gone before us so we have two questions should we use these calendars and what about all those men Josiah Lich William Miller that use these different calendars should we build upon their work the following quotes will answer both of these questions for us and there in your notes there this is and I don't even know what GC DB means but thank you General Conference Daily Bulletin February 20th 1899 paragraph 13 reads this in the name of the Lord I declare to you that it is to stand strengthened established and settled at God's command go forward we advance when the difficulties to be surmounted made the advance seem impossible amen we know how much it has cost to work out God's plans in the past which he has made us as a people what we are so she's relating history pointing us in the future then let everyone be exceedingly careful not to unsettle minds in regard to those things that guy has ordained for our prosperity and success I'm saying those calendars that God has ordained and those men that came before us we shall not what unsettle these things we should be very careful all right let's keep going you must never never seek to lift one pin remove one landmark that the Lord has given to his people as truth and that's what we've seen happening there is to be no change in the features of our work can we apply calendars there they use these different calendars has to be no change so we can - we Adam at effect where we have to that's what I'm saying it is to stand as clear and distinct as prophecy has made it we are to enter into no Confederacy with the world this is exactly what sister Brahma was referring to and her superintendent remarks how the world the Christianity is openly going right in to support the world supposing that by so doing we could do more work that's their argument - in that interesting we have now this is the quote I wanted to read those because this is the familiar quote that I always go to but when I went back and read before boy it just hit perfectly this is the one we can almost say this verbatim without even looking at it we have nothing to fear for the accept as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history as its calendars brothers and sisters that's what I'm one of the things I'm applying it to we are now a strong people if we will put our trust in the Lord for we are handling the mighty truths of the Word of God she put if their brothers and sisters if we have to trust that the Lord is leading us in regards to this prediction we have to and we have to boldly proclaim it if the doubt comes in rebuke it rebuked it yes little bit statement out right here before great controversy 324 huh Ellen White quoting William Miller William Miller as saying I could but regard the chronological portions of the Bible as being as much as much a portion of the Word of God as and as much entitled to our serious consideration as any other portion of the Scriptures and I had no right to pass over the over the prophetic periods but we're not using chronology that's playing with numbers that's their argument and elder Daniel just read a quote that smacked him right in the face great controversy 324th oh thank you I want to say we are required to use the work of those who came before us and it is a necessity to use all of the above calendars to find truth for us today now if you're interested in viewing and comparing these calendars I put on a website there and it's still up and running if you want to get more in depth in this it's there for your for your searching for your studying all right let's keep going and now let's let's look at an example of how these different calendars can be understood for us today for a specific date so what I have there I think I happen to have it October 22nd 1844 yeah that's the Gregorian and that equals in the Julian October 10th and that one in the biblical is the tenth day of the seventh month and then rabbinical it's the ninth day of the eighth month seems a little confusing but when you line up the four you're going to get four different numbers or dates but they're the same but they're going to be on different I don't know if you can follow that but it's kind of confusing at first but it's let's let's walk through it a little bit so can these dates become symbols in other calendars or in numbers or in periods I'm saying yes can they become symbols okay here's an example now this one's my favorite one it's this one right here the 26th day of the fourth month when you look at it in the Julian it's what July 27th and it's $12.99 what happened on that date it's the first wow it's the what it's the 5th trumpet now let's take it here 26 there the 4th month on the good Gorian it's what is that a special date for us it's right here right it's what July 27th 1449 that's the 2nd well that's a sixth trumpet both of these we don't have to do with who Islam what's this one July of 27th 1809 that's the Julian what is this P D what is this Treaty of Peace we're gonna read it now we have another one here 2684 July 27 1839 this is a Julian what's this the collective note we're gonna find out what those are what's this last one July 27 1840 oh that missed it right we're looking for what August no no wait you see what happened on this date the British House of Commons so what do we want to find we want to find these two are they connected to these three because just on probability the probability of this and the July 27th matching up you have a better chance of getting bit by a shark on dry land brothers and sisters than that happening and I'm not trying to be funny you have a better chance the probability of is in the millions for these for this 26 they have the fourth month to line up with July 27 it's five times that's it shoots it beyond what I can even comprehend I'm you talk to Theodore no he can maybe put some more flesh on it but to me it's that's why I could explain it is you're going to get bit by a shark on dry land that's the best way I can understand it it's like it's not going to happen so let's look at this treaty of peace here on July 27th 1809 you have it here in your note when they do the probability yeah the 26th day of the fourth month lining up with July 27th on those five way marks it's it's as you say it's like getting bit on dry land by a shark but where you're going now you're putting a third line in now you're saying the history associated with each of those dates amen it's all sort of an agree and the probability they're even two sharks no no ten sharks now all at the same time and you're not even bleeding yet right so they don't even smell you I mean it's just it's so the what Jeff is saying is exactly right this lining up and this line up is way beyond but now you're gonna put it in a third element Islam it's gonna line up with all what five that is the work I'm saying of our Lord and Savior the wonderful number pal Mona let's look at the Treaty of Peace it's right there in your notes it was a secret alliance Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire the who Ottoman Empire with ratifications exchanged in Instanbul on 7th 27th July 1809 also known as the Treaty of Dardanelle ease so that can access to what Islam okay now the next one is the collective note this was a precursor of the Treaty offered on August 11th 1840 it involved five nations England Russia Germany Austria and France offering protection to Turkey against Muhammad Ali and we know that's who that's his long also Ottoman okay now the next one the British House of Commons eastern question discussed in the House of Commons on what date July 27th 1840 whether British government would support Muhammad Ali in retaining possession of the territories if he would not decline his independence of the Turkish Empire so we have just proven that each five of these way marks in history line up with who Islam if we don't see the work of Paulo and I I don't know what what what will cause you to see the work of Pomona the wonderful number that right there for me is the my favorite yes that's my my favorite two there and when you consider the probability of those top two lines lining up and then you throw in the third line the probability is impossible but you can throw in one other internal line there and it's from the second way mark uh-huh to the third way mark is three hundred and sixty years yes and from there to the next is thirty years so three sixty 30 and then from there to the next is one year three sixty thirty and here's one three ninety one and huh and if in from that point if you go for fifteen days you go to August eleventh the point being is all those periods of time if you go on out to August eleventh the fifteen days are expressed in the prophecy of revelation 9 15 and our day month or year so the elements of that prophecy create a fourth line there that makes the probability even more unbelievable a minute know praise the Lord for that then I'm saying I believe there's more I believe there is more to even we would follow down at his feet in worship if we knew the things that we cannot see are there we would fall down brothers and sisters and give Him glory we couldn't control ourselves and this is a glimpse of his glory yes you brought up the word doubt if you times and every time you see these things God is saying do you believe me now mm-hmm do you believe me now how can you doubt when you see this do you believe me now I have condescended to your level as a human on this planet when no other no other created planet the wood beings on it has this we have it right man he's Eichmann it's I love you look at this man it's to strengthen our faith okay now let's keep going let's let's take some more as the enemy would say you're playing with numbers that's all you're doing well let's prove that it's not us it's the Lord amen now if you take the time span from the last date July 27 to July 12 99 and July 27 to 1840 the first one in the last okay which is a period of 150 plus what 391 you see it there and that's four hundred five hundred forty-one years now we have the 26th day of the fourth month and July 27th are written as 264 and 277 that adds up to what 541 that's how we did that okay now when multiplied to 64 times 277 what do we get seventy-three point one two eight this divided by what we have to use a 391 equals what one eight seven or we know 187 is is what July 18 does this have to do with Islam so now we have a what line we have a fifth but we're just playing with numbers and I'm saying no we're not it's God its Pomona yes so we have July 27th $12.99 in the time span between July 27 to 1840 okay if you that is going to give us our 541 years okay so now we know that the 26 day of the fourth month in July 27th are written as two six four and two seven seven yeah it's just like the one eight seven it's so you've got it now just doing math just know just let's just see because the probability of this lining up on hitting the 187 and the three nine I mean all of it is just like it's remember I'm not the Theodore guy I'm not the adílio but wouldn't they look at these numbers they're gonna tell you it's beyond us because it is it's God he's the one working it so now let's change gears to our last point it's chiasm x' what is a chiasm well the definition is therefore it's a rhetorical or literary figure in which words grammatical constructions or concepts are repeated in reverse order in the same or a modified form we can easily write it as this we know just real simple a b c or c b a right that's just basic chiasm understanding chiasm tsar very important to our prophetic understanding a chiasm always point to the center or middle point of a thing that has the exact similar parts that are facing each other so it's when you put it right here and you fold this over so the center point is very crucial in a chiasm that's that's what I'm wanting to focus on okay the one most common unknown of course is the cross it's the week of Christ it's right here and what is the focal point I'm gonna say brothers and sisters it's right there amen and with the reek of Christ our focal point we should see also and then in every other chiasm is in a way referring to the what referring to the cross this puts Christ at the center of each of our prophetic applications just like it is right here from our founding fathers and right here right in the dead center and we need to be mindful of that because he is the center of everything let's look at another one now we're going to have the Miller write history now if you take the first disappointment April 19th we're not gonna go into 94 days but I just want to note that you have these days in here that are what the same in there this they're like this here and it's there's a whole lot there but we're not going to be going into that I just want to focus that right here on the fifth day of the fourth month July 21st we know that this is midnight and this is when Samuel snow in the Boston Tabernacle gave his first what midnight cry message and by doing that we know that midnight and then does this midnight typify something it was this a dark hour on Earth's history known as midnight so we see that the Lord is even putting it in the message of the hour reflecting back to the center point him Amen the Lord is putting these things together for us now let's look at our last example and we're going to look to Ezra and when we look to Ezra we see that he leaves Babylon the first day of the first month arise in Jerusalem the first day of the fifth month now look there's these numbers again that what match there it's a chiasm do you see the chiasm it's these they're there all over and to deny it is to deny palimony it's deny the word and so we're going to focus right down here the 2300 days begins what does that literally have to do with does it have to do with what we've already discussed the sanctuary of the hosts across everything it's it's the it's the center point and when we get down here at the end it's to rebuild and what do we have we have all these dates and what do they mean well let's let's look at let's look at it the very center of the chiasm Erzurum is the tenth day of the seventh month also known as the Day of Atonement and this is the starting point for our twenty hundred day prophecy now if we take the first day of the first month when as relieves Babylon with the decree and if we then also take the twentieth day of the ninth month when the decree was fully initiated and they began to what rebuild the Jerusalem was then restored and if we then convert these two dates to the numbers like we've already done you can look at your paper we have eleven and two thousand nine and it adds up to what to to zero was their restoration here huh did I say yes I'm sorry to to zero yeah thank you numbers it's the numbers 11 and two zero nine they add up to two to zero and that's a symbol for restoration is that coincidence I'm saying it not in conclusion all of the above evidence has proven to me that Pomona is in charge of these numerical patterns calendars and chiasm what you have to answer for yourself is whether you see the wonderful numbers work in all of this or it is just a numbers game and we have gotten lucky on the several patterns dates and putting things next to each other in a chiasm form I'm saying to think that is beyond logic to me it's beyond logic before you answer this in your own mind I want to ask you this what do these following statements mean to you they are a portion of the fundamentals of our message part of the ABCs of our movement what are they it's right it's Isaiah 46:10 it says he declares the end from the beginning I'm saying that's patterns that's something designed as a model Malachi 3:6 we know this these are the ABCs it says the Lord never changes that's patterns and calendars week by week month by month year by year amen what about Ecclesiastes 1:9 the thing that has been it is that which shall be or history will repeat let's look at this quote when the third angels message is preached as it should be power attends it's Proclamation and it becomes an abiding influence it must be attended with divine power or it will accomplish nothing I'm not referred to the parable of ten virgins five of whom were wise and five were foolish this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter for it has a special application to this time and like the third angels message has been fulfilled and will continue to be present truth too close of time brothers and sisters that's history will repeat that's patterns calendars and chiasm z' patterns is the thing that repeats history has to do with calendars and chiasm z' and our putting them next to each other to see the exact same thing we can also say repeat and enlarge repeat and enlarge because I need to hear it over and over again amen is this Christ the num the wonderful number leading us or is it just a chance I believe with my heart that it is a wonderful number and I hope that this will encourage you when doubt creeps up in your mind to doubt this let us pray Heavenly Father as we look to you in your word we see Lord that you have been leading your people and Lord when the enemy wants to bring an axe to chop away at our faith and doubt seems like a giant to us may we look to you and cling on to those things that we know to be truth it's the fundamentals of our understanding of this message and we lower we want to praise your Holy Name for revealing these things to us because we know that greater things will be revealed to those who believe bless us to this end I pray in Jesus name you