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during this message we want the latter rain to be poured out upon us at this time and fulfillment of Zechariah's command we asked for that to take place please bless us with words from above and hi we pray in Jesus name Amen this is a recap of the last presentation I did Theodore sent in a correction I had unmute the audio please okay Larry was just getting there to unmute the audio and he can tell me when I'm ready to go all right so page 1 of your notes if I can do it I'm going to recap the last presentation and give an overview of where we're going from here on out I'm going to get out of the chronology I've been trying to take these chronological revelations that primarily come from Theodore and Otilio and Steven and put them in a simplified version perhaps but one of the mistakes that I made in the last presentation Theodore proof checks me you can see under another correction it says that June 27 1844 is the day that snows June 22nd letter was published and I was pointing to June 22nd as a a symbol in our history I'm still upholding that but in Samuel snows line he had written a letter that gets published in his line you have to look at Samuel snows line to follow my logic we're not going to do that and he wrote that letter on June 22nd which in that history was Pentecost and the letter got published in June 27th so there's a there's a connection between the two and I stated it incorrectly and this is the Theodore's word his expression in the in the notes it was the Gordian knot and I'm not so certain that I can give the definition of the Gordian knot but I remember when it's been explained by Theodore and Otilio this is the way mark in Samuel snows history where you have June 20 have two way marks and you have to bring them together and OD Leo doesn't call it the Gordian knot Theodore does but what I mean by that June 22nd in Simon snows history is the sixth day of the third month and June 27th when that letter that was written on June 22nd June 27th the letter was published and June 27th was the 11th day of the third month so if you take the take June 27th at the 11th day of the third month and you double it it becomes the 22nd day of the sixth month which is June 22nd so by doubling the biblical symbol of June 27th it gives you the same numerical value as June 22nd okay you have to work through that one on your own June 22nd is an established way market was Pentecost midnight cry midnight cry if there's ever a justification for looking for doubling but I don't want to I don't want to belabor that I don't want you need to save some of your brain power because we're gonna walk through a couple things here at the beginning that isn't review and I don't want you to get thrown the the next two paragraphs from early writings page 38 is familiar ground we've referenced this more than once in this study this is where we see Jesus saying hold hold hold hold four times okay and so that hold hold hold hold becomes a point of prophetic reference we put the four holds at 9/11 at July 18th and at December 25th 2021 then there's a nether hold that come after December 25th and we've identified that that forth hold and he's holding the winds of strife so that the ceiling can go on and that forth hold does not take place in the history of the United States at the third hold on December 25th 2021 the United States Falls with Balaam that's the end of the six kingdom of Bible prophecy now the seventh Kingdom is in place and Islam still has a strike to make there'll be a hold place on it at the beginning of that history and so we've been dealing with that and you can see another familiar quote from early writings page 78 that page 85 I've just referenced 38 I'm down the bottom of the page now the last two paragraphs there where sister White's talking about the angering of the nations and I'm going to cut down to the middle of the second paragraph from early writings 85 the last paragraph on page 1 of your notes it says at that time while that work of salvation is closing trouble will be coming on the earth and the nations will be angry yet held in check and we place that at 9/11 9/11 the east wind strikes the ships of tarshish brings an economic crisis to the United States but Bush immediately puts a check upon Islam so that nations are angry yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of the third angel the work of the third angel at this point is the sealing of the hundred and forty-four thousand because the hold hold hold hold the holding of the four winds in revelation 7 is marking the sealing time of the hundred and forty-four thousand okay so at that time well the work of salvation is closing trouble will be coming on the earth and the nations will be angry yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of the third angel and at that very same time she says and at that time the latter rain or refreshing from the presence of the Lord will come and and this is one of the many arguments we use to place the sprinkling of the latter rain beginning at 9:00 what I want you to see if you will is that the there's some distinctions in these four-way marks of hold hold hold hold this is this is a hold here that we've identified as 911 the third hour in the parable of the vineyard workers if that's the way to call it we identify this as 911 we identified the sixth hour as July 18th the ninth hour as December 25th and here there's another hold that's going to come after the Sunday law but it's not during the six kingdom of Bible prophecy because that kingdom has fallen right here because this is the first strike of Balaam striking the ass this is where Balaam strikes the ass the second time and this is where he strikes at the third time but the ass and Balaam both go down here okay is Lama isn't finished any more than the United States is finished the United States going to become part of the United Nations but this is the end of the sixth kingdom of Bible prophecy so there's a hold that takes place here there's four holds everyone with me this is review this is review by and large so now I want to take you to page two of your notes and if you would go to 2nd Kings second Kings chapter one and I think I may have left out a one in there into a typo second Kings chapter one verse I'm in the first book of Kings that's my problem give me a second second Kings chapter one first one that's what we're gonna start right now I'm not remembering exactly why I have that 1/21 that can't explain it to you maybe it will come to me maybe we're supposed to go all the way to verse 21 but there's not 21 verses in that chapter so I don't think that's it okay so what I wanted to do before we read through it is I just want to give you some meanings of places and people that are mentioned in the checker in your notes where it says second Kings 1:21 on page 2 2nd Kings chapter 1 verse 1 maybe i what you wanted chapter 21 no I'm in the right chapter I'm in second Kings 1 there are there's certain symbols in here that I want to put in place before we read through it has the eye a hazy ax who's who's going to be mentioned in this passage it means God has seized ok God Samaria means watch station okay watchtower that's what the Watchmen supposed to be Elisha means strength of God what's the strength of God you might say it's the Word of God but in the story of Elisha it's probably the pow of God as manifested in his judgments okay so Elijah means strength of God and Tishbite means recourse okay Elijah the Tishbite it's like what Daniel was referring to today that as this rebellion reaches the the time period the French Revolution or as it's rub rebellions reaching our time period God has no other recourse but to bring judgments okay now he's going to speak through judgments and Elijah is a symbol of his representatives that proclaim the power of God the judgment is God that's the only recourse that's left for the Lord he's Elijah the Tishbite and belzebub BL means master Lord or husband and the bub means fly he's the Lord of the Flies and when you think of that you think about an annoying fly but actually this fly is some kind of fly that can sting it's you know more in terms of a wasp or some aggressive fly there stood like a horse fly around here the horse flies around here they can bite you and draw blood so it's not just an annoying fly it's more than that and that's what bill Zebub is and it's a God of Ekron and Ekron means pluck up or exterminate okay because in this history you're gonna see a nation plucked up and exterminate it so if you go to first Kings chapter 1 those are the plays our players there and we'll read down through this second Kings chapter 1 keep me straight then moab rebelled against israel after the death of ahab okay and i want to remind you of our study of the presidents the presidents of the the republican presidents of the united states and the presidents of the seventh-day adventist church in that regard there were kings of israel and judah who was judah representing the presidents of the seventh-day Adventist Church who are the presidents of the United States represented by Israel the Republican presidents there were 19 kings in in Israel the 10 northern tribes there were 20 in Judah there's been 20 General Conference presidents and since 1863 there have been 19 well since they are very beginning the first Republican President 1863 Abraham Lincoln okay Marbury build against Israel after the death of Ahab so this is about Israel something to say this is about the United States and a high Asia a hacia and someone know how to pronounce that correctly a has eeeh fell down through a lattice in his upper chamber that was in Samaria he was in the watchtower and was sick and he sent messengers and said go unto them go inquire of belzebub the god of Ekron whether i shall recover of this disease he's not trusting in God he's reaching out to a God from eccrine and Ekron means plucked up okay his kingdom is about to be plucked up I'm suggesting that this is the kingdom of the United States this is a king of Israel but the angel of the Lord said to Elijah the Tishbite have no other recourse now but to bring judgments he says but the angel of the Lord said and Elijah the Tishbite arise go up to meet the messengers of the king of Samaria and saying to them is not is it not because there is not a God in Israel that you go to inquire a belzebub the God of Ekron now therefore thus saith the Lord thou shall not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up but shall surely die and Elisha departed so the King SiC he thinks he might die he sends his messenger to spiritualism to find out if he could buy some time if he's gonna die or not and before they get to Bill's above Elisha intercepts him and says go back and tell the king he's not getting out of his bed he's gonna die and followed this story and verse five and when the messengers turn back unto Him he said unto them why are you now turned back when they turned back to the king and they said unto Him there came a man up to meet us and said unto us go turn again unto the king that sent you and say unto Him thus saith the Lord is it not because there is not a God in Israel that thou sent us to enquire a belzebub the god of Ekron therefore thou shalt not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up but shall surely die and he said unto them what manner of man was he which came up to meet you and told you these words and they said they answered him he was a hairy man & gert with the girdle of leather about his loins and he said it is Elijah the Tishbite the King knew who it was just by the description then the king sent unto him a captain of fifty with its fifty and he went up to him and behold he sat on the top of the hill Elisha is setting up on the top of a hill when dis Elijah gets set on top of a hill a nice guess but that's not the guess I'm looking for when does Elijah get set on top of the hill Quin does Jerusalem getting lifted up above all the other mountains happened July 18th July 18th that's being lifted up as an ensign that's where Elijah's setting now he's sitting on top of a hill right okay perhaps you'll have to test it out for yourself okay and he spake unto Him thou man of God the King has said calm down and Elijah answered and said to the captain 50 if I be a man of God then let fire come down from heaven and consume the anti 50 and there came down fire from heaven and consumed him and his fifty whoa again the King again also he sent unto Him another captain of fifty with his fifty and he answered and said unto Him o man of God thus hath the King said come down quickly and Elijah answered and said unto them if I be a man of God let fire come down for heaven and consume the and I 50 and the fire of God came down from heaven and consumed him and his fifty that's kind of a doubling same pronouncement same event there's a doubling right there where the N sign is lifted up above the mountains it's the hill and Elijah's setting on it and he the king and he sent him sent again a captain of the third fifty and with his fifty and the third captain of the fifty went up and came and fell on his knees before Elijah and besought him it said unto Him o man of God I pray thee love my life in the life of these fifty of thy servants be precious in thy sight behold there came fire down from heaven and burn up the two captains in the former 50s with their fifties therefore let my life be precious in thy sight and the angel of the Lord said unto Elisha go down with him be not afraid of him and he arose and he went down with him unto the king and he said unto Him thus saith the Lord for as much as thou has sent messengers to inquire of the God of Ekron is it not because there is no God in the Israel to inquire of his word therefore thou shalt not come down to Judah because he had no sons now what I want what I want to say here my life now be precious in my sight there's a EE I'm saying that Elijah's here on the hill as an ensign on July 18th and over here at nine eleven there's been a hold but Elijah is nobody knows who Elijah is he's hidden he's hidden till here ok Elijah comes out into the open here because he'd made a prediction about fire coming down out of heaven it's about the message he gave it and it's he's also over here there's going to be fire that comes down out of heaven and this were understanding is a Sunday law and what I'm saying is Illustrated here is this message what message the message now that Elijah when he's on the hill is giving not only to the Levites but to the world why do I say that okay fire came down he's gonna come down here right and fire is going to come down here it could have come down here immediately after the Sunday law but this third guy he's smart enough to figure out on two witnesses I don't want to be rebellious with this prophet okay this guy here is an 11th hour worker he has seen what has went on in this history with these two manifestations of the power of God and this is about the message that this movement proclaimed proclaims from July 18th onward why am I saying it's about the message what's the symbol of the message 51 51 51 equals 153 if you remember what we looked at on 153 but it's about the message this is where Elijah now is being recognized outside of this movement and in the world and it has to do with the four holds he's not recognized here he's hidden he's recognized he's recognized now the nether names are responding to him you see it and that's the fourth hold as well that's that's something that Stephen dug out okay now over here walk you through this very quickly and on page 2 it says Matthew 21 through 16 the the parable of the the workers in the vineyard you got morning the third our six our ninth our eleventh hour that's this here third 6/9 eleventh hour and you know that in some places in the scriptures that the Lord will use squaring of numbers okay there's two witnesses in here and numbers squared occur in the Jubilee a Jubilee takes place after seven cycles of seven years what's what's the squaring of a number it's multiplying the number by itself seven times seven is squaring seven okay so that we see that the Bible uses the principle of squaring the Jubilee the feast of weeks even Jesus does it with a little variation when he's asked how many times shall I forgive my brother what does Jesus seven times seventy not quite squaring and that's the same thing as in revelation 7 with the hundred and forty four thousand right twelve how many in each tribe twelve times twelve thousand 144,000 okay so the Bible uses squaring but where do we see the holding of the four wins we see it in revelation 7 okay so what I'm saying is in Revelation 7 we have the hold hold hold hold hold but in Revelation 7 we also have the squaring and in Revelation 7 can be brought into the hours of the vineyard working now you have this in your notes so I won't demand that you look up here but you need to follow this this is the third hour okay if we square the third hour three times three equals nine it's okay to square stuff in the Bible God does it it's okay to do what God does palimony squares things the sixth hours 6 times 6 is 36 the ninth hours 9 times 9 is 81 if you take these totals 936 81 and add them together they come to 126 okay but if you now take these numbers through to our six our ninth hour and add them three six nine they add up to 18 and if you add the 126 and the 18 together it comes to a hundred and forty-four there's revelation seven for you there's Peter for you there's Revelation 14 four for you so if now that's just the third sixth and ninth hour if you take the eleventh hour and 11 times 11 is 121 yes and up here you have 126 from 369 if you add 126 and 121 it comes to 247 and then if you add these three six nine and eleven three six nine eleven it comes to 29 and 247 and 29 is 276 and what is 276 it's a reference to Acts and the priests and the Levites three of them were priests 273 are Levites so that being said there's one other thing you can do if you take the third 6/9 eleventh and twelfth hour because in the twelfth hour the winds are fully released when human probation closes they add up to 41 and if you take the amount that is created when you square it 9 36 81 121 and 144 and you add them together you get 391 you with me so this way you're getting 41 and 391 and this is Ezekiel's Josiah prophecy vzq gives a prophecy that begins in 977 and the in Israel's given 390 years of probationary time any lane on one side and then he lays on his other side for 40 days because Jude has given 40 years of probationary time but Ezekiel's prophecy is predicting two things it's predicting when the siege comes in 586 and when Jerusalem is destroyed still in 586 just the way it laid out historically so there's actually a year here between the siege and the destruction of Jerusalem in the temple so the actual numbers of Ezekiel's Josiah prophecy are 391 and 41 which is derived from the hours in the vineyard and by the squaring of the numbers that we get from the scriptures particularly with what we're looking at in revelation 7 yeah the 391 and the 41 wouldn't that be connected to Ezekiel 4 that's what I'm talking about because you have all dolia have 390 and 40 you know I've forgotten why there why the 1 is not there I just told you and you did and you didn't follow me my bad but that's I just told you his prophecy this first way mark here where the arrow ends at 5 86 at 586 that's when the siege comes and it the next way mark is where Jerusalem is destroyed and the 390 and the 40 ends at the siege but there's still another year to the destruction so Ezekiel Ezekiel is identifying two conclusions both the siege and the destruction of Jerusalem and when you take the destruction of Jerusalem into account then it's 391 and 41 that's what that adds up to don't think it's a coincidence okay so I may have I I thought maybe I should maybe I shouldn't in terms of thrown this in in the afternoon before we go back to where we were gonna review that maybe it was a bad idea we will see if I've already burned up any brain cells that you had left from this morning then it was bad if not follow along we're gonna go back to the chiasm that we were trying to lay out the last presentation I did this is this is what I'm calling the midnight chiasm up here you have it in your notes an illustration of it and that was what I was looking for a Larry I just found it Larry night before we got started I was looking for I was looking for I was looking for I couldn't find it it's up here I'll get to it in a moment I'm saying that this chiasm here this chiastic structure is speaking about the Lord opening up the message to this movement in our history and that on September 7th we began 9 times 7 we began 260 63 day period that takes us to November 9th and then another 63 day period takes us to January 11th I'm using the center of any chiasm as the primary marker of the theme okay the center of this mitten this is that reason I have this here is this is a title I'm putting on it this is the midnight chiasm Ezekiel one one is the simplest one for me this identifies the point in time where the Lord opens the view into the most holy place for God's people so this is the opening up of the message for God's people here at the end of time so if that's the center point here then back here would have to be something to do with the message and over here would have to be something to do with the message because the chiasm is going to have the same theme from beginning to end of course here this is where we went down into the enemy's camp and the dream and the interpretation was opened up and from this point on Daniels laceration has been opened up okay the problem now is trying to have the time and the energy to lay out everything that's been opened up 6363 weeks later takes us to March 27th 2021 and March 27th 2021 is the end of another chiasm here and this is the chiasm that I'm calling the Levitical the Levitical chiasm the chiasm for the message to adventism I'll explain that more in a moment all I want us to see now here is at midnight and this midnight is this whole period of time that the Lord has opened up the message to his people and one of the secondary proofs of this is when you use the English calendar the American calendar of nine seven 11 9 & 1 11 and you add those numbers together they come to 327 which is a symbol of this Levitical chiasm 327 March 27th is 327 but if you reverse it to the European calendar 97 reverse 279 119 reversed to 911 111 is the same and add those together you come to 11 1 using the European calendar 11 1 is January 11th so this chiastic structure is teaching us about when the Lord opened the sanctuary to Ezekiel Daniel and John to us at the end of the world here's when in this history and here is the message that he opened to us the message is for the next group of people for the Levites okay and the Levites classic structure that we've recognized is right here okay this 63 weeks takes us to the end of this chiasm this chiasm is bookend by 1533 which we understand to be a symbol of the glorious manifestation of the power of God okay November 9th 1989 the beginning of this movement fifteen hundred and thirty three weeks takes you to the first March 27th in this chiastic structure January 14th 2017 is the first time that Pinilla as a specific subject has been opened up please notice this I'm going to add something up here that I want you to if I can pull it off I'll try to remember this 21 days before this for the first time Rafi and Panem was preached in Holland a place called Bant Holland on December 24th 2016 Rafi and Panem was opened up the week before on 1217 that's a for 2016 so what I want you to see I'm gonna put raffia here it's raffia and Panem but just because of time what I want you to see here and please don't lose your way on this is there's a phenomenon here of seven and twenty one okay this this seven twenty one is going to be illustrated again in this line alright so what's happening here is the Lord has just removed his hand from a foundational understanding in Daniel 11 we thought the king of the south was the Soviet Union but it was Russia within one week we're teaching about this with the emphasis on the Lord removing his hand and within three weeks we're teaching about Panem ok Pinilla ms the punchline of raffia and Pentium Pentiums where where it all takes place and from here this takes you fifteen hundred and thirty three days to the end of this chiastic structure that is speaking to adventism to the Levites okay this chiastic structure 327 327 327 the center of this chiastic structure was this recent March 27th and what happened at that point in time a hundred days of Prayer instituted by the seventh-day Adventist Church in response to this pandemic in this economic crisis okay so as we approach the time July 18th when the Lord's going to call people out of Adventism to come into this movement the Lord through his providence has put them in the position where they're seeking the Lord in a hundred days of prayer in a crisis a crisis that is confronting the world like no other crisis has ever confronted the world okay so there's a logic there to his providential leading if you can see it or willing to see it okay so let me show you one thing over here we're probably going to return to both of these but we want to spend time down here also okay this is the chiastic structure that I'm calling the classic structure of the Omega okay begins on October 13th 2018 in the center of it is 327 2019 in the end of it is September 7 2019 164 and a half days to the center point of this chiasm I want you to note that on this side of that chiasm you have a 63 day 63 day chiasm and on this side you have a 63 day 63 day chiasm okay so you got a chiasm at the beginning of chiasm at the end right this chiasm begins at the italian camp meeting on june 9th on the Sabbath miracle where where we close at 9:00 and 11:00 or open at 9:00 11:00 but in any case what's 9/11 about Islam the center of this chiasm is August 11th what's August 11th a symbol of symbol of Islam October 13th 2018 is where Theodore gives the second witness to the Lord uses Theodore to identify the second witness to November 9th and he does so with the three hundred and ninety one and a half symbol and the three hundred and ninety one and a half symbol is a symbol of Islam so this entire chiasm here is Islam it comes from the book of Revelation Islam it's the tidings out of the east whereas this chiasm over here that's at the end of this chiasm this 63 and 63 day chiastic structure of a hundred and twenty six days the center of it is November 9th this is the the midnight chiasm and here the Lord's opening up the sanctuary okay and where do we get the sanctuary message from Daniel 8:14 he's opening up the sanctuary here he takes us down to hear a message from Daniel this is a message about Rome because here on 97 is where he begins to open up the distinction between this movement and the Omega movement and the Omega movement is the Jesuit movement that comes in and tries to turn this message upside down so this chiasm of 6363 is from Daniel it's the tidings of the north and this chiastic structure is from revelation in its Islam revelation nine easy cure for tidings of the east so this particular chiasm is bordered by chiasm x' okay now I wonder I want to return here I've just given you an overview of some things here from August 11th 1842 here is fifteen hundred and thirty-three days which is pretty well established now this movement is a symbol of the power of God okay but if you break that history up it can be broken up into 1260 followed by 273 okay what is it what's the number 273 a symbol of why because of acts 27 it's in acts 27 but what else I don't know about second Chronicles right now but what is 273 it's European for 327 isn't it it's it's the European expression of March 27th okay so this this is levites okay 273 for lots of witnesses I'm just making sure that we we're getting our symbols this is a power of God manifested and where this 1260 ends in 1844 is on January 11th in the Julian calendar what's January 11th that's right there okay January 11th is right there and what's 63 and 63 okay so please notice 126 from over here takes you to here okay now that's Miller right history yes this is our history from January 14th what's January 14th it's the first time that Pentium was presented publicly with pan pandemic panic and if you go twelve hundred and sixty days into the future Wars it take you two takes you to June 27th which is a symbol of June 22nd and what's June 22nd it's Pentecost in Miller right history okay you with me so here we have a Pentecost here we have a message giving was there a message given at Pentecost okay structure to the Levites yes remind me why June 27 is a symbol for June 22nd okay it's at the very first thing on these notes and the thing is is in the cut in the line of Samuel snow he wrote a letter on June 22nd which was Pentecost in 1844 but it wasn't published until June 27th and this was the Gordian knot because in this line of Samuel snow you had 622 and 627 if you think back when Oh Delia was presenting he went through a lot of Hoops to try to justify moving these two way marks together do you remember that he brought him together into one way mark and Theodore does the same thing but he calls it the Gordian knot okay and what the way Theodore does it because this is Samuel snows midnight crime message midnight cry message has a times two Theodore says teaches that June 27th was the 11th day of the third month and that June 22nd was the sixth day of the third month and if you multiply this 11th day by the third month it comes to 22 day six month and 22:6 is 622 okay so they this is one of the I try to avoid that one okay I just go with the fact that June 22nd is it was Pentecost in Miller right history and therefore it becomes a symbol in our history because we see June 22nd pop up in our history when did we get the money for this school June 22nd three years later we have the first presentation on the midnight cry here on when did that can't meet he begin June 22nd okay so I got about I don't got to but I want to move through this a little bit quicker that I'm doing okay page three of your notes now on the bottom of page 3 you'll see the statement by the Adventist Church if you want to read that for yourself and here in 22nd all right so all right I'm guess I put those things in place next page page 4 yeah on those two - in chiastic structure is there this is one under that one okay on the three each three can those be designated as third sticks in ninth hour the sixty-three be the third and sixth hour I'm saying like 2018 the first one June what is that June 9th yep 2018 would that be like 36-hour and there's six and then nice I would say you'd have to say uh I don't know haven't thought that through but August 11th would line up with the third hour August 11th would I'd line up with 911 we've gotta be a side issue can we take this 53 and make it at 36 I don't I don't think so but maybe this isn't this isn't a calendar reference this is a numerical reference right this is half of 126 which is half at 252 which is whatever it is of 1260 and 252 2520 this is more numerical that word that where we reverse some of the dates are with the European and American calendar dates I don't know I don't know that I'm not the one to answer that page for March 27th is symbol to the Levites and it connects here 1530 three weeks with the beginning beginning of the message on November 9th and it's tied together with this on the 15 33 we've already went over that and from here to here this whole chiastic structure from here to here it's 731 days which is what 7:18 July 31st which in the Julian is July 18th saying that the message for these people is July 18th ok penny and proclaimed January 14th 15:33 days okay I'm on reference this 7 and 21 the 100 days of prayer ends on what July 4th ok and from July 4th inclusively if you go 7 days takes you to July 10 this is inclusive and 21 days takes you to July 31st so what I want you to see is down here at the beginning not the beginning of the chiastic structure but in the beginning of this 15:33 the beginning of this history you've got this 7:21 phenomenon this one ends with the presentation on pentium this one ends with July 18th July 31st in the Julian is July 18th ok just showing these and these three way marks then these three way marks July 10th is the Day of Atonement July 31st July 18th is the 26th day of the fourth month and July 31st is the 10th day of the fifth month so these weigh marks possess in them three biblical symbols David toment yes he's both it's both because the 31st is representing the 31st and July 18th it's the 26th day of the fourth month and the tenth day of the seventh month as July 31st okay now back to here to here on March 26th the second to the last presentation in this school before we went into retirement was the shut door the this the one after that now July 27th March 27th was the shut door the 28th was 1863 good the door is now getting closed and the reason it's getting closed is because of 1863 okay the this history here is the is the message to Adventism final call to Adventism and in every generation there is a shut door message this is old old line of reasoning with us right you okay Kathy you with me every message the beginning with Noah there's a shut door message in every generation no this is yeah there's part of it but not all of it but on page 5 is the notes for the in every generation there's a shut door message and Adventism has rejected this shut door message where did their rejection begin 1863 so so on March 27 2009 teen dis kyosuke's structures for Adventism and the voice that has been calling to them is gonna go into retirement for five months you follow me right here this is the this is this chiastic structure March 27th March 27th March 27th this is the chiastic structure for Adventism the center way mark defines what it's for this is where adventism goes into a hundred days of Prayer because of this pandemic so this has to be about adventism every generation has a shut door message what was the shut door message for adventism it was Daniel 11:40 2:45 the warning message that this ministry gave from the very beginning was that at the Sunday law your probation closes they had a shut door message given to them but they could not receive it why could they not receive it because they had rejected the Foundation's when did they reject the Foundation's 1863 so the last two presentations that took place in this room in March 27th and March 28th of 2019 was the Lord saying you've had your warning message okay now that message is going silent did the message go silent for ancient Israel yeah there there comes a time where it gets shut down your house is left unto you okay so this is speaking to Adventism okay that we still have a camp-meeting to do here where we're going to retire but this is the end in this school the school of the prophets this is about adventism this has to be about Adventism as well retirement took place the retirement camp meeting took place from March 31st to April 7th April 7th to September 7th what September 7th right here this is the chiastic structure of midnight it's the chiastic structure of midnight and from April 7th when we go into retirement to September 7th is what it's a hundred and fifty days right 200 what's going on here Oh hiding okay there's a hiding going on in this history yeah I do but yeah I do but not for that do I read it all April 7th to August 29th all right here you go over here March March 27th three 27th 2019 to September 7th 2019 is how many days 150 150 is a symbol of hiding okay now what you're seeing is is that from March 27 to 29th what's August 29th August 29th in this history here of August 29th 97 they're having their camp meeting in Germany and they're having their camp meeting in Germany this is where the Omega movement tells the women you either put on pants or you receive the mark of the beast this is where the Omega movement identifies that their vigil test is under way so from August 29th to to September 7th is how many days 10 days it's a 10-day testing period leading to here ok that's what the August 29th is on there for how many days between September or March 27th and August 29th 144 days ok now to the connection that I want to start using to segue here August 29th 2019 is 220 years since the Pope died in captivity in 1799 on August 29th he was when was the deadly wound delivered okay so we're beginning to segue and I'm now I'm about ready to give the overview of where I hope to go in the following presentations as we break out of the chronology for a while but I want you I want to remind you something here this history here this is where potpourri is restored in this movement and I'm saying October 13th is a symbol of the counterfeit and that this chiastic structure from here to here is the Omega chiastic structure beginning on October 13th 2018 going to march 27th 2019 and to September 7th 2019 this chiastic structure is about the rebellion of the Omega movement okay and their rebellion is pretty complex but part of it is is when you get down here to September 7th by August 29th 10 days before that they're the group that's with them and Germany are being tested over this false Lateran message that's what the 10 days are for and then at nine seven we come out of hiding and begin to expose these things as we enter into this history where the Lord is opening these things up to us so in your notes it says Pope Pius the sixth was born when December 25th what's December 25th it's a symbol of the Dragon okay December 25th 17 17 17 17 there's a doubling for you and he dies the 29th of August 1799 point mourn count Giovanni and jello bra she was the head of roman catholic church and ruler of the papal States from the 15th of February 1775 to his death in 1799 Pius the 6th condemned the French Revolution and the suppression of the Gallican Church that resulted from it French troops commanded by Napoleon defeated the papal troops and occupied the papal States in 1796 and 1798 upon his refusal to renounce his temporal power Pius was taken prisoner and transported to France he died one year later and involve a lence he reigned over a to take his reign of over two decades as the 4th longest in papal history August 29 1799 to August 29th 2019 is 220 years and that's when pienty enforced papal kingly power upon Stephen and Odile Eocene renounce this chronology or be what do they call it when they kick you out of the church and ethnicity excommunicated from their Jesuit movement ok so let me check these dates alright you can see the structure up here of that I'm talking about I'm saying this is the Omega structure you can see I've already given you the the logic of it so move to me now I'm going to introduce you to where I'm gonna go now in Daniels last vision we've talked a little bit about the king of the south a little bit about the false prophet Trump the Constitution and a little bit about the internal I want to switch to Fatima when was the miracle of Fatima was on October 13th October 13th 1917 you see anything about October 13th October 13th is a very important day for the papacy so I have here for you just this wasn't anything special I just googled it this is a printout about Fatima if you're not familiar with it please read it but for our presentations tomorrow this is Catholic nonsense okay so I'm not saying that this is this is accurate but this is what's guiding the Catholicism it tells you about Fatima please notice on page 9 in this Fatima article that I'm asking you to read before we come back into this subject the location of Fatima in Portugal is the same place that PMT's primary European ministry is located in fact if you were strong enough you can walk from Finn in Portugal to the Fatima camp it's that close okay they might argue that that they have a bigger group of people in France than they do in Portugal and in numbers that's true but the French people they haven't ever supplied any funds to anything there they're totally dependent on outside sources whereas the ministry in Portugal has always been a functioning ministry has its own equipment its own funds the stronghold for pnt in France is Portugal and it's right where the Fatima monument is at in fact when you go there if you have time they will always try to get you to go visit Fatima yes okay yeah some of this is old news I'm putting that place this is where they were to be baptized put on pants this is where so what are you saying okay everyone got that so some of the in some of this overview as you read down I'm on page 10 now just glancing down I'm - I'm emphasizing October 13th now remit if you don't remember death which test was used in this room on October 3rd to put November 9th place but what she taught about November 9th was satanic error but November 9th is a valid way mark it's not until October 13th that you get a second witness for November 9th through their chronology and it is airtight but what it does is November 9 when you confirm November 9th on October 13th then you see something very profound you see that from November 9th 2019 and to October 13 2009 teenth I've got October 13 2009 teen in the wrong place here okay this has got to be in one minute I got to get this straight October yeah yes yes 2018 okay so October 13th 2018 preceded by October 3rd 2018 here's where we get the second confirmation this I'm saying is the Omega chiasm and that this is March 27th 2018 and I'm wanting you to see as we go down through this that this date October 13th is a symbol of not just Catholicism but Jesuit Catholicism which I want you to see that this date in our history is part of warning us about the Omega movement okay let me proceed down through these this history here now on page 11 if you're not familiar with this you've got a picture of lucia d hey sue santos she's one of three children that began to have visitations by the Virgin Mary and Joseph Joseph and Jesus on May 13th 1917 six visitations the South the sixth was the miracle of Fatima the miracle of Fatima took place on October 13th and these three children supposedly got three secrets they brought the the three secrets out into history fairly quickly but the third secret was kept secret until the 1960s and then there's been much conjecture over what the third secret represented it represented it had about three parts so I have just a little breakdown on page 11 it tells you about the second secret of Fatima briefly that's not the one that there's controversy over and then on page 12 you have the Third Secret of Fatima there's a controversy in Catholicism about this third secret what's the controversy with the controversy is about is the third secret strictly about the political struggle in the Catholic Church between the black Pope and the white Pope between the good Pope and the bad Pope and also does it include this crisis at the end of the world and if it includes the crisis at the end of the world does it have to do with one line in Catholicism that says the crisis is brought about not listen to me by a meteor striking the earth that's one interpretation of the Fatima prophecy the other interpretation of the Fatima prophecy is about a nuclear attack well there's a there's a controversy in the story of Fatima in Catholicism and when it comes to this Third Secret some people interpret it that the crisis is brought about by a meteor hitting the earth and the others say no it's a nuclear attack hmm you getting anything here all right P and T will teach you that if they're gonna address the Nashville problem that is created by Ellen White's writings that it's either incorrect because she's a fallible person she was a failed prophet or that it is a meteor okay it's what are the other groups that teach that whether they're Catholic or apostate Protestantism are using the Catholic technique called futurism I used to be part of this movement or the tech vanish and they're saying the same thing okay so that's what I want you to see is out in the Catholic world when it comes to the Third Secret of fátima there's some kind of crisis that hits at the end and one claims hey it's a meteor and the other one says no it's new killer okay and you can read just a little bit about that but now on page 13 and by the way page 13 where it says infallible Catholic this is a title of a catholic magazine i didn't search for this i just googled did you know do you know right you knew this because we put it in the public record here that when the United States bombed Hiroshima you know that there was a seventh-day Adventist Church there right there at Ground Zero and none of the members got hurt you know that story right did you know that there was also a Catholic Church at Ground Zero and none of them got hurt did you know that not really a Catholic Church it was a Catholic Church but it was a Jesuit Order okay so infallible Catholic is giving you the history of Hiroshima and it tells you about the eight Jesuits that were there at Ground Zero in their two-story building right here and they weren't phased nothing happened to them yeah yeah but read through it okay read through it eight German Jesuit priests who are all found unscathed with only a few minor injuries and this is a picture of one of them giving his testimony in I don't know through 33 years later I guess right he was he lived another 33 years it says you couldn't read through that what's my point if you get to page 17 when you're when this article concludes on the top of page 17 it says the Fatima miracle that occurred at Hiroshima is well known and well documented it has been published in various journals since the war and can be read today on several websites what what did they call it the Fatima miracle okay they're assigning this miracle of Hiroshima that preserved these eight Jesuit priests as the Fatima miracle and then you have Japan Hiroshima remembered from the Adventist news network what's that about that's about the Adventist Church in Hiroshima that also survived there was twenty that survived unscathed Wow really what does that mean on page eighteen still segwaying into the following presentations but closing this out you have a picture there of an Adventist sister that survived the blast of Hiroshima that's at the conclusion of the article and then there's just a little tidbit about the another stronghold for pnt you see this is about Fatima when it comes to the Beast the storyline of the kingdom of the Beast and Daniel 11 is based upon Fatima and the stronghold in the in the European world for Fatima is Fatima Portugal which is right where PMT's stronghold is at but the stronghold for Catholicism on this side of planet Earth it also happens to be where the stronghold for P&T is in the country called Brazil it says the Catholic Church in Brazil is part of the worldwide Catholic Church under the spiritual need ship of the Pope in Rome and the influential National Conference of Bishops of Brazil composed of over 400 primary and auxiliary bishops and archbishops there's over 250 dioceses both of the Latin and eastern rights and other territorial jurisdictions in Brazil the prime minute of Brazil is Dom Murillo Ramos Krieger the Catholic Church is the largest domination in the country for a hundred and twenty three million people or sixty four point six percent of the Brazilian population our self declared Catholics these figures make Brazil the single country with the largest Catholic community in the world the largest Catholic community in the world is in Brazil on the in the Western world Brazil is the capital of Catholicism and in Europe Fatima Portugal is the capital of Catholicism is it just a coincidence that that two strongholds of P and T is Portugal and Brazil with one exception and it was in was in brother Daniel sermon today they got some strength in France in atheistic France - yes my brother and it's not a coincidence that one test was here and she presented her November night thing she started with Fatima that's where she started hitting drew R and even had you because you told that's where I started but I couldn't figure out why she was teaching it wrong yes so yeah it's it's about Fatima did you know that there was Jesuits that were saved at Hiroshima and they call it the Fatima miracle in contrast with Adventists that were saved at Hiroshima pardon me the battle is real and October 13th is the symbol of Fatima and it's it's this Omega chiasm that's speaking to this fourth generation of this movement where these people actually become Catholics as instructed by their leaders yes yes I can't hear you okay no I just want to read something I did some more digging this morning found some interesting things we know that October 13 in the year 7 1977 it's a symbol of the false midnight cry in the story of Joe Warren so I want to put that in the record but also interesting that I think about that wait a second first Kings here saying that first Kings 12 verses 32 and 33 Jeroboam ordain defeats in the 8th month on the fifteenth day of the month and you're saying that in 977 that was October 13th no I agree with you I know that - I'm just making sure we're being clear on that - nail it down go ahead so and the 15th day of the eighth month it's a symbol of August 15 which is the midnight cry right right but we know that feasts was not ordained by God so it's symbolizing the false midnight cry which took place in October 13 2018 in our line right another interesting path as it's marked here I found out go ahead come on right and then I calculated from October 13 to November 9 300 300 300 and 1.5 days we for that history but we also know that in the story of juban from 9th 77 there's three hundred ninety one point five years till the day you break it up in there can you hear me now yep so in the year 1977 there is three hundred ninety-one years point four three hundred ninety one point five years from 1977 to the destruction of Jerusalem which is July 18th at Lyon the prophecy of Ezekiel 10:10 fifth month right another thing I wanna mention is that the prophecy of Fatima the the the year 1917 which was a day a year before the pandemic the flu pandemic on 1918 so we have a pandemic one year after the nuke of the Sun so if you look at our line in October 13 we have a pandemic one year after the falls need not cry which is typify about the miracle of the Sun yeah and yeah and up here at 97 which is 977 right 9 times 7 is 63 and 1917 if you multiply that it's the same thing 1 times 9 is 9 times 1 is 9 times 7 is 63 all kinds of little numerical phenomenons yes Alexandria ok Sea of Cortez Parminder told me is their hero in the United States today she's a young senator one of the youngest and I think ever nominated she was born on October 13 1989 Wow yeah she's the real radical one she's a radical one and she's who they claim in the United States as their mouthpiece okay so what I've done is segwayed from these lines hopefully you followed that into the story of Fatima and the beast there can't be a coincidence of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima Catholicism calling it the Fatima miracle and that there was seventh-day adventists that were miraculous field at the same point in time nor can it be a coincidence that in the political argument that has went on in Catholicism over Fatima that one class of Catholics say that this crisis at the end is caused by a meteor and the other class says it's caused by a nuclear blast the two shepherds the two young shepherds they died right on that because of that endemic they died of the flu so the first one is called Jacinta which comes from the word yes Sint which is basically a purple flower that is poison now we all know the purple is a symbol of the papacy in the Bible so I found that very interesting her brother it's named Francisco which comes from the word Frank or Frank man which comes from the the Franco's or the France so it's a symbol of France which is a symbol of the Dragon so right there the two brothers wanted symbolizing the beast in the other is symbol by the dragon and they died because of the pandemic and Lucia and then Lucia she lives all the way to 2005 I believe she dies a thousand five and and what's the root word of Lucia it's like a Lucifer she lives on she lives on she was their false prophet yes Franco Franco okay Lynette Punk's from Mars that means they are the sons of Mars and so we have that mentioned in the Bible correct Mars Hill well it ain't any Cates it's a it's a pagan god Mars is a pagan god I don't know what that means but Paul went to Mars Hill tried to reason with him no it was a hill it was a hill in Greece yeah they were there a brother and sister so I don't think there is a coincidence that we have a pandemic one year after 2018 October 13 because we know we don't know it's Kobe 19 so he happened one year after just liking the story of Fatima that's what the 19 is for is for the year okay that's interesting well let's bring it to a close shall we pray Heavenly Father we are on the verge of a tremendous crisis and we are thankful that particularly with these numbers have a lot to internalize we ask that you grant us the infilling of the Holy Spirit that these truths can settle in in a life-changing way in a way that would better prepare us to share this message as probation is closing thank you for the Sabbath thank you for the light that you share throughout this day in Jesus name Amen