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but everywhere we we unite our hearts and praise to you for this opportunity and we ask that you send your Holy Spirit among us that it's through his guidance and only your words that I speak and share what you've laid on my heart and be with my brothers and sisters in Jesus name Amen for those of you that are on the zoom if you can make sure that you have muted your voice because it comes through really loud here and that would be best for the group this morning before I begin go ahead if you have something to say please yeah you can just hold the spacebar down and it unmute you for the time you're speaking and let go again or however you'd like but yes please speak up it's interactive before I begin on the actual discussion that we're going to have I just wanted to say I want to remember the fallen soldiers of truth that in centuries past fell over the pagan doctrine that's being celebrated this weekend we want to remember those soldiers that fell because I think it's really important that we we are very clear on what this weekend celebration is and it's nothing that the paganism that is now garbed in Christianity is claiming it to be and many lives have been lost over this so I want to remember those soldiers that fell and I also want to reach out to the community and to the group here that may be struggling with the pandemic that's been going on and I want to give you a little bit of hope something that brought hope to me and the economic hardships and maybe even health hardships it's found in the signs of the time September 5th 1900 it says that God permits a crisis to come now and then that his children may go to him he sees there he sees and knows all things he desires them to fill their helplessness and to plead with him casting their helpless souls upon him then they are ready to be taught and isn't that what we want we see this crisis and we want to put our souls onto him reach out in prayer and study so that we can be ready to be totte and i wanted to share that little thought with you this morning there's a bunch of board work today and I don't know exactly how I'll be able to to go through it all but I specifically want to look at this as a whole this book right here as best as I could I've represented it up here on the board and this book in my mind this is a chiastic structure this is what a chiastic structure looks like in my mind there's a central point and there is two sides that are equally on both sides so for a simple wave how I would explain it to a child is the little book is in and of itself a chiastic structure and you say well back in the times of when these things were written they were written on scrolls and I say even Scrolls that I've seen unless I'm wrong are rolled up into a center so the the learning and understanding of chiasm has really been interesting to me over the last few weeks in light of present truth and that's what I would like to look out with you today when going through the spirit of prophecy excuse me and looking at central because we recognize that a chiasm has a central pillar or spot in what other Jeff has been teaching us is that that Center is what the whole line is about so that central point is is of utmost importance and he's been saying that and it hasn't really hit me but I'm starting to see that is absolutely the case when you look at chiasm 'he's also found out another really neat thing about chiasm that I'll share with you and just just a little bit when I went through central because I'm thinking Center chiasm central center middle Midway when I went through sister White's writings I can only find the center being listed as the quotes that I've given you before she says in Acts of the Apostles that the cross is the central pillar she says Christ and fundamentals of Christian education page 470 that Christ is the central light of the world so the cross Christ says that when the sanctuary was brought into view this next quote on the bottom of page one bottom of page one from education page 47 it says that faith the great truth set before by the types and the service of the sanctuary were brought to view and faith grasped the central object of all that system the Lamb of God so I see that the cross Christ the sacrifice of Christ those are the centers also it says in education 125 on your page number two the central theme of the Bible the theme which every other in the whole book clusters is the redemption plan so we can add to the cross yes please regenerate Roku I know that's important mention one little statement from great controversy 652 I've been thinking about this for a while since Jeff mentioned all this the mystery of the Cross explains all other mysteries and so when you consider that in connection with a classic structure then the center part explains all the rest of it amen and that's what I'm finding this Center the cross the sacrifice the the midway this central the theme of redemption this is in one sense a chiastic structure we're told that even God's purpose down in education page 190 the grand central theme is God's purpose for the world that's the center point and then the classic and famous quote the Daniel 8 13 and 14 are the foundation and central pillar of the Adventist faith and that's all I could find and sister white all the other quotes you would find we talk about central as far as a location is but that's what she says the center is it's the cross it's Christ the light of the world the plan of redemption Daniel 8 13 and 14 and I'm only saying Daniel 8 13 for those of you that are wondering why because in the quote itself it says Daniel 8:14 because we know based on what we've been learning that unto 2300 days is just an answer to the question that was found in 813 so they have to be considered together and as always when you have a central and you have a a truth which is the center the word the little book you have a counterfeit and it says at the bottom of page two taken from testimonies for the church actually let's go to the top of page 3 it said that the law that none liveth to himself was determined to oppose he desired to live for himself he sought to make himself a center of influence it was this that incited the rebellion in heaven so as always we have the top of page 3 in the bold as always we have this counterfeit central figure which is what I think a chiasm is am I wrong is that anybody have any other thoughts on this center do I on testimonies for the church volume 6 page 235 on the top of page 3 okay maybe I've messed up my notes Satan was determined to oppose yes okay let me read that again in case I confused somebody but the law that none liveth to himself was determined to oppose he desired to live for self he sought to make himself a center of influence and what I was saying is that there's always a counterfeit good and evil the great controversy is simply these two forces so Satan wants to be the center of chiasm the reason I bring that up is because it was asked of me this week when I was talking to a skeptic I guess about these these lines that we're going to consider in just a moment they said can you make these lines out of other things and I said what do you mean out of other things can anybody go and create one of these lines and have it work out where you have a central figure and you have 15 years on one year aside in 15 years on the other side and I remember when I was considering the Omega doctrines I used to think that no you could not do that that only the Bible would have these true lines that can be perfectly laid out but I have since changed my opinion on that I do believe Satan can draw lines very very well and I believe he recognizes chiasm and I believe there is false lines that can be drawn and I used to think if it can be drawn then for sure it's going to prove that it's truth but I think it's more subtle than that Satan wants to be the center so Satan wants to be a chiastic structure and he can draw lines too and I've seen some of his lines and they're scary where they could lead you to that's so good examine they don't agree with the best saying Amen we have our Amen go ahead like when Christ was being tempted of the devil in the wilderness and this second temptation Christ quoted Scripture Satan quoted scripture but he left one part out and that's what they will do a parcel they can they can quote scripture they can draw lines false line but it's a line it is a line but it is it is manipulated in order to further their agenda to them - to support their errors and we can test it those lines and any other line simply on the foundations first second third angels message on a real simple basic you can begin to test it and we've seen that these individuals always want to attack one of the first will not the first but one of the major wave marks and that's what 9/11 yeah and so these are the foundational steps and we can't just sweep to the side that's right so when you see the lines you can say yeah but Satan draws lines too and these are some great information here about how to know the true lines from the false these these up here and I'm going to jump around just a little bit these up here if everybody can see you guys know so let's fill them out really quick and move on because these aren't the lines I want to consider these are the common chiasm that either we've known since the beginning when we joined this movement or that we've been learning in class over the last two weeks so let's draw them the first one which is our primary focus is when I write this up here you'll know speak out aha 31 we know this to be the one week and it is found in Daniel 9:27 so this is the chiasm right here the cross and we've already read some quotes in there in your notes if you didn't get to read them but this is the central ok another one that we're very familiar with and I'll start you out and where we got down here not going to spin the lon 23 at the video oh I don't know why I always do that I'm sorry that's and you couldn't follow me don't know why I have a mind block with that number then you got to go to 1863 no I don't know I meant 723 and then we have and this is found and this is what this is a classic this is this is a full sixties these are found in where at Daniel okay this is 3.5 everybody following out there everybody remember these we're familiar with these right okay this is one that we've been looking at very recently and present truth and jump right in if you know this is nine seven what's the next one an elder Jeff cannot answer all these because that's not right that's not right so somebody else what are we ending with okay thank you right this is the chiasm we've been looking at what's the number that goes in between here and I want to just spend a little bit of time on this one because it's a very special chiasm and this is also found where at I believe this is found in Daniel 10 this is what we're calling the three touches of Daniel so it's all these chiasm that we've been working off and that we're learning on are actually chasms that daniel has put in place which is really really interesting to me but this chiasm and specific means something to me because we have another 63 right here okay do you guys remember this have you we have we seen this written this was 327 21 so what I like about this chiasm that looks a little bit different than the other ones is if you were to take it and shrink it down a little bit the chiasm of itself is actually a 63 meaning this right here that 63 in the center is actually the what I like to think of is the spine of the book so that's that's really interesting to me this is also this has got a lot to it I don't want to spend too much time but I do want to I do want to do the addition because everybody should know it we went over and over and over in class and if you don't know it let's go through it so 97 and this is a plot yes yeah what does this give us anybody here that's been in class it's following and the numbers already written up on the board okay this gives us 327 so the addition in the American dates of this of the numbers 97 11 9 and 111 give us the end of this chiastic structure 327 and on european which is the c's right with this is the way the land rights their dates but the C's write it this way we have 79 plus 911 yeah I kind of remember in then this is 111 and this and then this gives us and this gives us 1101 which also when you take it into the European date brings out this date so this chiasm has a lot of beauty in it and I know I'm not doing it justice not only is the center of it its own little hinge right here but when you add them up based on the land that you're in it gives you two end dates which i think is just beautiful but i don't want to forget there but you never mentioned that third 63 is 63 weeks I'm sorry and that I didn't write that on my notes and I'm in a hurry this is 63 days this is 63 days this is 63 weeks and I want the people that have been following along in class because really all I'm doing this morning is trying to solidify the classes into my own mind so that I can understand what we're talking about if you were looking at some of the classes we know that 63 I better take it up here to make sure I don't 63 is a symbol of what 63 is a symbol of what does it does this this number up here have any meaning for anybody yes this is the Hebrew word for who for secret and within that what else do we have not only do we have a 63 but we have a which is what midnight so this not only the way it's structured but the Hebrew word for the wonderful number of secrets all of that is right here in this new line that we've been learning and the only reason we're learning this new line is because we by faith taking these other lines as we moved along and in our experience and now we get to the fun ones because the three touches of Daniel to me was really fun to consider and then the last one that we're going to look at is what I am calling I don't know I'm calling it Islam's I'm 327 19 327 23 27 21 you're calling this the line of the Levites okay this is Adventism sign but this is where Islam gets involved with Adventism sign in my mind I put in as revelation 9 but I could be wrong and so this is another chiastic structure that we've looked at and everybody when i write this down will how is this is 731 and we know that the calendar for the Julian okay oh I wish I could do this without my notes the Julian's you take that and put it into the Gregorian it's 8 7 18 which we know has a special significance to us as we've been learning present truth and I'm only reviewing this with everybody here so that the nerves of it will hopefully settle it into my mind a little bit okay so we reviewed chiasm x' I think on the testimony of two or three a thing is established on there taken from Daniel and we know the complement of Daniel is revelation I see the chiasm that had been early on in the little book and this piqued my interest to look at a chiasm that I'd like to share with you today now when I share this chiasm with you today I want to say that it is I'm up for correction and I'm I'm hoping for correction and help with this if I've messed up anything it's just something that's been in my mind we know that 30 years how long was Jesus and preparation for his three and a half years 30 years right and we have recently learned or been learning actually not even recent we've we've accepted that this movement started November 9 1989 this was the beginning of this movement and it ran 30 years until November 9 2019 I will admit that I struggled with this November 9 2019 date due to the the air and rubbish that was tossed on top of it but this right here this 30 years really makes it clear to me because I believe the wonderful number has taken this 30 years of preparation for the hundred and forty four thousand and given us very specific signs in it because when you take the thirty years this is 30 this whole thing I've written 30 here dead in the center what do you think we find right here in the very middle right in the middle and you're not to answer anybody anybody what what do we need to find in the middle because we've already would we need to find it a point right a central he's saying midnight a across and what we find right here which is really cool is November 7 through 14 2004 or I like to write November 9 what's the ozone prophecy school in Pine Crest and so exactly 15 years and from 15 years we have a central pillar in our own movement that lays out the foundation of what we're learning and what we've learned and what we'll be learning so to me that was really really great and I won to go to your notes very very quickly trying to go fast and you see this little mark right here well Jesus had 30 years and we are copying jesus' pattern to the letter to the letter and we also have he had a mark here and guess what this mark here was for him he was 12 years old here and when you count 12 years into ours let's read on page 3 page 3 it says age of 12 as a child in youth Jesus worked with his father Joseph at the age of 12 I'm going to skip through this quickly on his return from his first visit to Jerusalem after his parents had lost him they sought him sorrowing they found him in the temple sitting among the doctors hearing them and asking them questions he was imparting light to their darkened mind and if you go down it says and as he said these words when they he said I have to be about my father's business divinity flashed through humanity his countenance was lighted up as the face of an angel so twelve years into our history when our movement or the movement of our man is what date do we have we have 9/11 I think that's so powerful and he said these words these words he raised he raised his hand to heaven because he raised his hand on August 11th 1840 and he raised his hand on October 22nd 1840 at the beginning and ending of that history and that way mark there is lining up with August 11 amen you see it brothers and sisters this is the man of our movement and we're paralleling Christ and we can see it right there because I'm the man of Jesus I couldn't find another date I'm open for correction if there was another age that was mentioned during his entire 30 years I don't believe so this is the one that was pulled out out of all the thirty years 12 and it fits perfectly in ours it's really great but our chiasm doesn't stop here with just 15 and 15 and the 2001 marked here want to show you another really great ones because he put Chi out specific cousins do you realize brothers and sisters that in the middle of this 15 right here and in the middle of this 15 there's another chiasm guess what do you think is in the middle of this 15 year period of the beginnings of our movements what do you think is right here in this center there was a magazine written called time of the end magazine and as in the center of this 15 years so this first 15 years hinges on this foundational message that's put here the larger hinge is here then we have a little hinge here and what do you think 2004 prophecy school was putting the foundations in place that was the key thing Helen 30-year Center is foundation and then that 15 year is foundation to seven but the other 15 the other 15 guess what's in there I always called Hobbs two tabs Abeka tabs two tabs and that was done between 2012 and 13 right in the center right on time creating us another chiasm here so not only do we have one here and here we have one here he keeps repeating to us I have a pattern I have a plan when you get up to here and you're starting to wonder what happened on November 9th if you hang on I'm going to show you truth that this is the wonderful number the opener of secrets I also want to consider that this right here this period from November 9th to November 9th when the 2004 prophecy school was done is a hundred and eighty months and that's on both sides if you open your Bible and turn with me to Deuteronomy 18 18 so these these are structured on a hundred and eighty months and the first person to find Deuteronomy 18 would you please read it this is really great from among the Brethren like unto thee and we'll put my words in his mouth and he shall speak unto them all I shall on the bottom of page three you have the quote that sister white says when in 1818 William Miller reached the solemn conviction that in 25 years Christ would appear for the redemption of his people all the contradictions and inconsistencies that he'd found were gone portions that he still could have full understanding of he was not satisfied that he had a full understanding of them yet there was so much light emanating from the illumination of his darkened mind that he felt great delight in studying the scriptures which before he had not supposed could be derived from its teachings I want to suggest to you that this 18 and 18 is Deuteronomy 1818 it's representing 1816 to 1818 when William Miller was studying and at the end of this 1818 there's an Enlightenment that goes on we have taken this and I'm using 1818 because that's how we've been working with present truth this period right here is a prophet you just read right a prophet world where I raise up and what else have we been learning and present truth that the 144,000 comes in how many sections comes in three sections brothers and sisters this right here this 30 years is the section of the prophet and the next section is the section of the priest because the prophet has prepared a priest to stand and so there's three and a half years that the priests will be doing their work as priests and then we go to meet our King so I believe that even within the very 30 year line including the three and a half down at the end that it confirms what we've been learning as prophet priest and King and it's powerful to me the last thing that I found down here is that this entire period is 360 months and what is 362 Millerites and to us the Year Day principle it's all found within the history of the hundred and forty-four thousand preparation period leading to the period of when the priest stands up to labor go ahead brother and ball zone means a breath of fresh and big raiding air of breath of fresh air oh it's so great okay so this is where you get to see the housewife and grandma just be a housewife and grandma this over here is resonance Lewis structure I went through kim one and it was the pre kim so that's as far as i ever got it was just there's a lot but this right here is the ozone molecule broken down now you're thinking oh I'm over I'm all finished really quickly you're thinking why why do you have a zone here because when we look at the line of the of the priests it started and Ridgecrest and do you know what the name Ridgecrest means started in rich crust Ridgecrest means a long narrow hilltop a mountain range or a watershed that's when this whole movement started it started up on a little narrow Ridge with a bunch of water okay come down here to Pine Crest we have an evergreen tree we're still on the hill brothers and sisters we're up here we're learning but we got ozone not only is ozone what brother Larry said it protects us from the massive rays of the Sun that are dropping down on us right into there it's it can be a protection to us but the molecule of ozone is so cool it is a it is a parallel or no symmetry it has symmetry to it this is what the molecule of ozone looks like and it has four atoms surrounding the molecule four and this is the positive or the center as the cross and then it has six and it's I dentally chiastic li structured to where we have the six the cross and the four on the other side so I would suggest to you that ozone is perfectly found right here do you see it does anybody else see it it's so it's so symmetrical and beautiful when you start looking at these things they just they have such a good appearance and that's what Bonner means it comes from a French word named bone air bone air it means a good quality of good appearance so at November 9 2019 you have a prophet that's a good appearance it's ready to stand up and minister as a priest but Dale brothers and sisters what's the dáil it's a broad valley we're in a broad valley we've got three and a half years of extreme valley time and even the names have told us be ready be ready be ready I have more but I can't do it all just listening to this a few days ago in the very first scripture of elder Jeff even mentions a 2nd chronicles 20 20 come on which is kind of interesting I'm really I'm really thrilled to hear that I think there's much like to be her found second chronicles 2020 believe ye the Lord God so you be established believe it's prophet so shall ye prosper can I take one more minute of your time just to pique your curiosity because you need to go fact check this line of the the prophet that's what I'm calling it because it goes prophet priest and King I would suggest and I can't prove it yet that in between here see there's four little sections here there's two there's one then there's two now there's four I'm finding that even in here there's chiastic structures do you know what was written right here adventism new view a little book right in the center of this chiasm a book went out dealing with the false doctrines that needed to be overcome if we were to be what God has called us to be right in the center of this and then right in the center of this there was a move made to Arkansas when the current position had rejected the message so I would I would suggest although I cannot prove it all yet that the chiasm czar going to go what we used to call fractal they're going to frack the way down I don't even think we we realize how much we are looking at but I want to just really quickly remind us that there is a counterfeit to every true right there's a counterfeit to every to the number ten is a what number ten is a test there was a series that was done in my living room in 2009 and in 2009 the 2520 revealed was done and that man was given a test and I would suggest that on 2019 he fell this test thank you happy Sabbath please send me your comments or anything you have to this so that we can get it correctly done good morning everyone let's kneel our Father and our God as we open your word as we consider the passage in the book actually apostles that we will be studying we pray that your Holy Spirit would be our teacher our guide into all truth we ask that the comforter would overshadow us and bring all things to our remembrance whatsoever Jesus has said to us we pray and we thank you in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ amen all right we are going to cover I decided go ahead and pretty much cover finish the chapter in Acts of the Apostles starting at page 107 and hopefully going on to page 111 I kind of backtracked and also went ahead and will be discussing a lot about Philip and this chapter by the way covers part of Acts chapter 8 so you might want to have your Bibles open to Acts chapter 8 and Acts of the Apostles starting at page 111 all right the first question who was the first disciple to whom Jesus addressed the distinct command follow me what was that if you'll refer to the reference that was given on question number two you'll find the answer but we should go to if you have it the the desire of Ages page 292 and 293 is our of Ages 292 293 anyone have that I'll go ahead and paragraph it would be paragraph number two at the head just read to where it gives the answer to question number one at the head of one of the groups into which the Apostles are divided stands the name of Philip he was the first disciple to whom Jesus addressed the destroyer man follow me all right so the answer would be Philip Philip was the first one now where there are other disciples that were chosen before Philip kind of a quick question who were who became the disciples of Christ before Philip Andrew and Simon or Peter Andrew and Peter if you maybe we could just it I don't want to read the entire chapter I'm just gonna reference you to it if you would read just consider is it John chapter one I think maybe chapter maybe chapter two yeah John no John chapter 1 John chapter 1 you see there in after Jesus was baptized and John the Baptist is proclaiming Jesus the Lamb of God and then you see there in verse 37 through verse 42 his his meeting Peter and Andrew for the first time and it is an until verse 43 where you have the words that sister white is speaking about the day following Jesus would go into Galilee and findeth Philip and saith unto Him follow me ok then what I've grown that too much but question number 2 says state his at his Philips weaknesses and strengths when did Philip become a teacher of the divine order and so you'll find the answer in that passage that I've referenced in the desire of Ages to 92 to 93 so brother Larry why don't you go ahead and if you have it continue to read that entire paragraph and then maybe someone could read the following one secret for truth but he was slow of heart to believe although he had joined himself to pray yet his announcement of him too Nathaniel shows that he was not fully convinced of the divinity of Jesus though Christ had been proclaimed by the voice from heaven as the son of God to Philip he was Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph John 1:45 again when the five thousand work Philips lack of faith was shown it was to test him that Jesus question when shall we buy bread that these men may eat that these may eat Philips answer was on the side of unbelief two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient to them that every one of them may take a little John six five and seven Jesus was grieved although Philip had seen his works and felt his power yet he had not faith who excuse me when Thomas said to Jesus Lord we know not whither thou goest and how can we know the way the Savior answered I am the way the truth and the life if he had known me ye should have known my father also from Philip came the response of unbelief Lord chose the father and it sufficeth us John fourteen five and eight so slow of heart so we can faith was that disciple who for three years had been with Jesus in happy contrast the Philips of belief was the childlike trust of Nathanael he was a man of intensity intensely earnest nature one whose faith took hold upon unseen realities yet Philip was a student in the school of Christ and the divine teacher bore patiently with his unbelief and dullness when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the disciples Philip became a teacher after the divine order he knew where he spoke and he taught with an assurance that carried conviction to the years okay so again the question state Philips weakness or weaknesses and strengths and wind it Philip become a teacher after you out to the divine order what was his weaknesses and strengths weaknesses was says he was slow of heart and we in faith but give some example is this histor white mentions at the feeding of the 5,000 he was what we can faith in that in that he didn't believe that Christ could provide for all the physical needs of the people huh all right notice also on that first paragraph you know what's the problem with Philip when he first when he was saying to Nathaniel I have found the Messiah basically okay what's the problem with with Philip saying of Jesus it Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph or did you even perceive that there was a problem with that well that was that was in Philip that wasn't that wasn't yes it was at times yes yes okay and what was his strengths he was a have intensely earnest nature okay also he was a sincere seeker for truth but slow of heart you can have you can have both in the same person the person can be a sincere seeker of the truth but be slow of heart to believe that's possible according to what you say in here all right not saying that's a good thing the Lord wants us to not be slow apart to be quick to receive every ray of light that is sent to us all right all right so one last question on that point when did he become a teacher after the divine order is it possible that some could be in the same condition now in this movement unbelief and dr. doe all right not constable probable probable okay number three what does that's okay go to acts as you go back to the acts in the book after the Apostles and page 107 all right so which someone read Acts of the Apostles bottom of page 107 and what where it begins Philip was directed and then read the following short paragraph on page 108 Philip was directed to go to the Ethiopian and explained to him the prophecy that he was reading Godin here the spirit said and join thyself to this chariot as Philip jr. he asked the eunuch understand this now with our edicts and he said how can i except some man should guide me and he desired philip that he would come up and sit with him description that he was reading was the prophecy of isaiah relating to christ he was led as a sheep to the slaughter and like a lamb done before i sure so he opened so open he not his mouth in his humiliation his judgment was taken away and he shall declare his generation for his life is taken from the earth of whom speaketh the prophet this the inner gas of himself or of some other man then Philip open to him the great truth of redemption beginning at the same Scripture he preached up to him Jesus okay so what does the eunuchs question signify and what was what was the eunuchs question of whom speak yeah of whom speakers the Prophet this I know in other words who is this speaking about who is this essentially alright so what would that question signify or represent as far as in the time of the Miller rights or in our time seeking for present truth brother Jeff says look at well first of all yeah Matthew 21 you see it there on and you're on your question sheet Matthew would someone read Matthew 21 10 Jerusalem all the city was moved saying who is this okay so what occasion was that the triumphal entry okay and then to accentuate that if you would if you have access to to the desire of Ages paid 578 we don't have to read the entire passage but on page 578 it says reports have reached the rulers in Jerusalem that Jesus is approaching the city with a great concourse of people but they have no welcome for the Son of God in fear they go out to meet him hoping to disperse the throng as the procession is about to descend the Mount of Olives it is intercepted by the rulers they inquire the cause of the tumultuous rejoicing as they question who is this I'm sorry as a question who is this the disciple is filled with the spirit of inspiration answered this question in eloquent strains they repeat the prophecies concerning Christ and it has all of these people that are named as speaking about Christ so essentially this question would be we're on a line as you're approaching Jerusalem but it wouldn't it be at the midnight cry because the triumphal entry is the midnight cry right before because when does Ezra reach Jerusalem altars day of the fifth month no isn't that the midnight cry okay hmm so it have to be right before or no because he was already in Jerusalem yeah he's already in Jerusalem yeah submitted I mean the triumphal entry is the midnight cry and people are asking who is this all right kind of slightly reminds me of something like I won't go there all right question number four Acts of the Apostles page 108 point one let's go back to Acts of the Apostles one hundred and eight point one all right which Rotman read a moment ago and I'll reread it of whom's because the prophetess the eunuch asked of him of himself or of some other man then Philip opened to him the great truth of redemption beginning at the scripture at the same Scripture he preached unto Him Jesus and it just dawned on me whenever it says beginning at the same scripture it has a slight similarity to Luke 24 the disciples on the way on the road to Emmaus and it says in verse 26 and 27 ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself all right so it sister white and axle the Apostle says that Philip opened to him the great truth of redemption beginning at the same Scripture he preached unto him Jesus and she says that he opened unto him the great truths of redemption what is redemption what is Redemption you'll find the answer and again the desire of Ages page 330 and funny I open right up to it redemption is that this is desire of Ages 330 point two I'll jump into the middle of the paragraph redemption is that process by which the soul is trained for heaven this training means a knowledge of Christ and I like the latter part of it it means emancipation from ideas habits and practices that have been gained in the school of the Prince of Darkness the soul must be delivered from all that is opposed to loyalty to God now if you're familiar with and we all should be really the deputy of spirit of prophecy definition for revival and Reformation you'll see that these are very that this is very similar to the definition she gives on a for redemption this is what she says about get you adhere this is a first selected messages 128 and you have the referenced area in your notes a revival and Reformation must take place under the administration of the holy spirit revival and Reformation are two different things revival signifies a a renewal of spiritual life a quickening of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection from spiritual death Reformation that this is the one Reformation signifies a reorganization think of the definition we just read for redemption Reformation signifies a reorganization a change in ideas and theories habits and practices alright so revival I mean Reformation and redemption are very closely linked now question number five the scripture which the eunuch was reading and needed to have explained was Isaiah 53 verses 7 & 8 okay so if you go there of course sister white has it in actually apostles but I'd like us to go ahead and go to Acts chapter 8 let's go to chat Acts chapter 8 you might want to have your finger during Isaiah 53 also if you'll well I won't tell you this until you get when we get to it so verse 32 and 33 would someone read that for us the place of the scripture which he read was this he was led as a sheep to the slaughter and like a lamb dumb before his Shearer so he opened not his mouth in his humiliation his judgment was taken away and who shall declare his his generation for his life is taken from the earth and if you compare Isaiah 53 with that you can you can you can see that at least the way it was interpreted by the King James translators that's a little bit different it's actually the same means the same but the wording is just a little bit different that would be Isaiah yea seven and eight he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her Shearer's is dumb so he opened not his mouth he was taken from prison and from judgment and who shall declare his generation for he was cut off out of the land of the living for the transgression of my people was he stricken but my main question though is study the definition of the Ellen White says that Phillip opened to him the great truth of redemption alright see here yeah the scripture of which the eunuch was reading and needed to have explained was isaiah 53:7 and eight actually apostles 108 states that this was the gospel alright you'll see there in the next paragraph there the very next paragraph on 108 of Acts of the Apostles it says he did not make his his high worldly position and excused for refusing the gospel so that was in centrally the gospel okay so study the definition of the gospel in the great controversy pages 3 55 53 56 what is it the gospel in our day at the end of the world if you look there a great controversy 355 356 well we really don't we really don't even have to go there because we know what is the first angels message well it is it everlasting gospel and what does it say what is it state the everlasting gospel is fear God and give glory to him for the hour of the judgment is coming worship and they made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters right and what other definition do we have for the gospel therefore they have last in gospel a three-step testing prophetic message right okay now I just want to tell you I'm bidding I may be doing a terrible job in trying to bring this story into our movement but well hopefully we'll get it more clear here in a moment if you look at question number six who does the Ethiopian eunuch represent that is one of the main questions who does he represent so I suggest that we research the definition of the word Ethiopian and the name Philip okay so what does the name Philip mean when we discussed this near the end of our class last week yeah also fond of horses same thing all right so if I can find some space over here can we go this far all right so Philip yeah one L okay friend of horses and so just to be very fundamental here what does this mess what does this tell us for us for our time Islam okay does it mean that Phillip is a friend of Islam but has the message of Islam and all that that entails all that that entails okay whether you're looking there at numbers chapter 22 I think it is all right and that the three times that fill Balaam's ass at the end he collapses before that he runs he bashes Balaam's foot up against the wall all that that the message of Islam implies is in the name Phillip all right now if that was all we had in consideration of Acts chapter eight and the story about Phillip witnessing and explaining the scriptures to the Ethiopian eunuch that would be okay but now let's look at the definition of Ethiopian you know when I looked at when I was beginning to study this last Sunday I wasn't expecting to find what I found just in a definition of a name yeah Oh me of little faith how please just like we're just floored so and I didn't write down everything but this is basically it means and okay what does an Ethiopian look like he's a black person all right so it means to scorch to gays this is the one that really gets me to gays that is with wide-open eyes as it's something remarkable just from the name Ethiopian what can we gain from that meaning to gays that is with wide open eyes as it's something remarkable does that remind you of revelation 18 like it does mean revelation 18 and verses 8 through 19 which someone reads verses 8 through 19 large passage but maybe we could just split it up into several people maybe three verses each whatever therefore shall her plagues come in one day death and mourning and famine and she shall be utterly burned with fire for strong as the Lord God who judgeth her and the kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her shall bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her burning standing afar off for the fear of her torment saying alas alas that great city Babylon that mighty City for him one hour is thy judgment come someone else and the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her for no man buyeth their merchandise anymore the merchandise of gold and silver and precious stones and her pearls will skip that area right there he will go on to verse 16 or 15 the the merchants of these things that were listed just before that which were which were made rich by her shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment weeping and wailing and saying alas alas that great city that was clothed in fine linen and purple and scarlet and decked with gold and jewels and precious stones rather and pearls for in one hour is so great riches for one hour so great riches is come to nought and every shipmaster and all the company in ships and sailors and as many as trade by sea stood afar off and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning saying what city is like unto this great city and they cast dust on their heads and cried weeping and wailing saying alas alas that great city wherein were made rich all that wear that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness for in one hour is she made desolate are these people that you could say that you could describe as as with wide-open eyes looking at something that is remarkable hmm or would these be the opie 'they opions now in the time of the end magazine page 43 ancient ethiopia included not only Nubia but also the part of Western Arabia bordering the Red Sea the Egyptians coveted Ethiopia because of the gold mines in its mountains and its wealth in cattle ivory highs and evany and because products from Central Africa entered Egypt through Ethiopian traders as modern egypt represents the world and Libya the poor third-world countries so Ethiopia represents the most affluent countries of the world so who essentially are the Ethiopians who is who is this Ethiopian eunuch who does he represent in light of the information we just gained rich tradesman who's represented in the world is yeah yeah the ten Kings the ten Kings and you could say all the merchants of the earth which really all that all of that wealth of the ten Kings is centred therein I mean in the ten Kings all the wealth of the world is centred and in the ten Kings they're pretty much controlling things all right now I was gonna mention oh yeah so when you when you put that together with when you have the name Philip that's just kind of boiled is down when you put the two names together Philip meaning he's representing the message of Islam with the Ethiopian the name Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia and its definition what does how do we sum this up and when do they stand afar off that's and looking at something with wide-open eyes there would be when Babylon is destroyed but also you could say in a general sense at the end of the world and you can show that it's the end of the world because the eath you know Ethiopian is a eunuch and a eunuch is someone that has been castrated and can no longer have children so he is the last generation the yo pian represents the final generation yep make sense to me is that over-simplistic that's why we Daniel at the end of the world one of the reasons oh I thought about that that's true yes he was to guard the women mm-hmm I mean that's his original back there okay all right okay he couldn't progenitors out the word children so he was safe to have in the harem yeah yep last generation all right we're pretty much out of time just very very quickly though going to question number eight Acts of the Apostles 110 point two states that God will send forth into his vineyard many who have not been dedicated to the ministry by the laying on of hands paragraph three mentions idlers what parable is all this referring to parable of the vineyard okay where you have the owner of the vineyard he asks various people at various times of the day come you know he he hires them essentially okay who do the idlers represent at what hour do the idlers begin to work in God's vineyard at the eleventh hour okay so all this is tying together here at the eleventh hour when when are the Ethiopians coming not really coming in there will be some of these Ethiopians that will come in evidently from the passage there in Acts chapter eight some of the Ethiopians Ethiopians will come and join God's people one our labor is that exactly exactly that's my point all right all right and lastly question number nine consider the last paragraph in connection with the above truths explain the connection the paragraph states long has God waited for the spirit of service to take possession of the whole church so that everyone shall be work she'll be working for him according to his ability when the members of the church do their appointed work in the needy fields at home and abroad in fulfillment of the gospel Commission the whole world will soon be warned and the Lord Jesus will will return to this earth with power and great glory this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come interesting how she ends this whole chapter with Matthew 24:14 the words of Christ this gospel and what I was trying to draw our minds to and I kind of forgot to mention it you know the gospel is the same throughout all generations all right but it has different shall I say aspects may be the word aspects is too weak alright what was it just to give you an example what was the gospel in Noah's day what's that a floods coming get on the ark okay what was the gospel what is the gospel in our day and you know it's a present truth the gospel the present truth for any particular time is present truth the gospel is present truth whatever the present truth is for that particular time that is the gospel yes yes it's the same but different all right so considering what we've talked about this morning you were you especially about Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch what is the gospel for our time I mean you could bring up a lot of things yes I'm not going to answer your question directly but in that last paragraph and I I don't remember where it's out but I'm positive it's there the last paragraph you read there is a contradiction in the writings of Ellen White to that it's not really a contradiction but she and this is a paraphrase but she says that she says if we're waiting for a time when the whole church will be converted that time will not come so here's she's saying the end isn't going to come until the whole church is converted and in that teaching of Ellen White those two contradictions you see the only way that the church gets fully converted is by the Lord separating out the tares and leaving the weak okay just that's part of the gospel here yes being identified yes yes I was trying to draw a - to July 18th but that's okay that is in one way you can say that is the guy some people would think that would be horrible to say yeah yes that's just Ellen hope where she says that the events connected with the close of probation and the work of preparation for the time with chapel and those two elements in every generation is the gospel because in every generation there's a work of preparation which is the salvation of redemptive work of the heart that changes supernatural change with being born again etc in every generation but every generation has a different portion of prophecy that's being fulfilled in their generations so that's connected with the what - with the close of probation in the time period Noah plus the work of preparation and Noah's heart in this family is the gospel and every generation has those two elements amen all right Shelby Neil our Father which art in heaven thank you for guiding us in our study of thy word this morning and we prayed our Heavenly Father that as the day approaches in which the hearts of men shall fail we pray that as these events begin to happen that we will if we haven't already look up for our Redemption draws nigh please continue to guide us through the rest of our meetings here this morning in this day we pray and we thank you in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ amen