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even ask a blessing upon our time spent here in Jesus name Amen these things over here are a repeat of what we had up on the board the other day but they are worth going over a couple times up they are not the they're not the sermon so I'm going to move quickly but I want us to start if at all possible getting these things in our mind on December 17th 2016 the Lord opened up Rafi and Pentium and the next week we were sharing Rafi and Pentium I think probably the bottom line of that the most significant element of that is Pentium and on the 14th of January which is what less than a month later we presented Pinilla in Canada ok this over here is about Pentium we're in the sermon will do with that most of this was presented in Canada in a more shallow fashion than we going to try to do it here but my point is when the Lord removed his hand from the foundational misunderstanding that the Soviet Union was the King of the South in December 17th 2016 in less than a month we were teaching Pinilla publicly Oakhaven and we never taught it a lot but now we're having we're finding confirmation that this was the Lord's leading I mean not that we doubted it but we could see it prophetically now we can see that we were being led by his footsteps from January 14 2017 to March 27th 2021 is 1335 days ok so that's telling us that January 14th of 2017 was a way mark that had been chosen by the Lord long before any of us arrived in history if you project yourself from January 14th 1260 days into this history here it brings you to June 27th 2020 and 21 days later takes you to July 18th 252 days later takes you to 322 March 27 2021 and from here 273 days takes you to December 25th 2021 I wanted to review in my mind what I wanted to say about June 27th it's not popping out it's in those notes I'm gonna pass over it at some other time I'll come back there and remind I'm not why I'm not putting a great deal of emphasis on that right now we looked at this line the other day but I want to add I want to go over it again from November 9th 1989 at midnight the time of the end in this movement fifteen hundred and thirty three weeks later takes you to March 27th 2019 and we're saying that March 27th is a chiasm for the seventh-day Adventist Church that's what I'm saying it's a chiasm that I'm gonna put here I wanted to have it on the board I forgot I'm gonna put it on here in just a moment and it'll be in a more structured fashion I have it up here but it's not as symmetrical as it could be I've got March 27th 2019 and then right there March 27th 2020 and then way over here March 27th 2021 I want to put it in a more symmetrical fashion underneath here in a moment but before I do from the time of the end in 1989 fifteen hundred and thirty three weeks takes you to the beginning of this chiastic structure which I'm saying is the chiastic structure that is emphasizing the message that goes to adventism okay and we're saying that because on March 27th the Adventist Church this 2020 the center of this chiasm the Adventist Church initiates this hundred days of Prayer because of this pandemic but from to emphasize that the Lord was in control of the presentation in Canada on the 14th of January 2017 to give a second witness to it's probably better way to say it this this history here takes you 15 15 my apologies I have 13 35 I'm I must have been thinking about Daniel 12 okay it's 15 33 days and this message was about Pinilla okay and it's bringing us down here to March 27th 2021 in this history where Panem has begun at one level already but you can see this structure 273 days after that 273 being one of the the symbolic numbers takes us to December 25th this is the one that really amazes me this is midnight these three way marks make up midnight September 7th 2000 1960 three days later 9 times 7 is 63 63 days later takes you to November 9th 2019 which is the 30th year Ezekiel 1:1 we spent some time on that 63 days later takes you to January 11th when the message is opened up in this room 63 wait sixty three weeks later takes you to March 27th 2021 the end of this chiasm that I'm going to put up here in a moment but what's amazing about this to me is if you use American dating 997 for September 7th 11 9 for November 9th and 111 for January 11th and you add 97 to 119 to 111 it equals 3 27 which is March 22nd which is this chiastic structure we're going to look at but if you reverse it and express it in the European fashion instead of 97 that b79 instead of 11 9 it'd be 9/11 and instead of its be 1 1 1 only be 11 1 that and add those together they don't come to 327 they come to 1100 and 1 and if you express 1100 and 1 in the European European dating it's 11 1 and 11 1 is here so these dates expressed in the American calendar are emphasizing 327 these dates in the European calendar are emphasizing 111 when the message was opened up okay so now here's the the chiastic structure that is here but I just want to make it a little bit more symmetrical 327 2019 327 2020 and 327 2021 and it's here that the Adventist Church implements the hundred days of prayer which takes you to July 4th 2020 July 4th of course connects with the story of the United States Independence Day 26 days later takes you to July 31st which is 731 and 737 31 as a date in the Julian equates to 7:18 in the Gregorian okay so 731 is a symbol of the message of July 18th so with this 26 days in this chiastic structure we're saying this is a in Adventism I did a presentation here on the 26th of March the presentation was the closed-door and I'm going into retirement at this point for five months okay there's a hiding for five months but this story here is about Adventism and the calling of the Levites and from march 27 20 29 to march 27th 2021 is 731 days what's 731 it's July 18th it's right over there okay so it's saying that here the center point of the chiasm is always the punchline of the chiasm okay this it's the center the center point is a seventh-day Adventist Church calls for a hundred days of prayer because of the pandemic that has come from Panem okay so in this hundred days of prayer you now have two things going on you have Adventists the Levites praying and their churches are closed down essentially so the serious ones are at at home taking this crisis seriously seeking the Lord and the Lord has providentially put into our history in a situation where Adventism the Levites can now start truly trying to seek the influence of the Holy Spirit and that's the center of this chiasm here begins many things with this movement I step aside I'm in retirement the Omega the seed begins to really take control do its thing over here the conclusion of this in 2021 731 it's emphasizing that the message that adventism needs to recognize is 731 is 718 is July 18th so all these things are coming to the surface right now to confirm for us I believe that we are the ones that have been given the sacred trust of this message of July 18th that we are definitely the wise priests that have a message for the Levites and then the Neth anims and that even though I presented Pinilla publicly on January 14th I very rarely went back to it we come back to come back to the school there was a trimester going on we discussed which we had some classes on Pentium here but it never became anything that that I know that I think any of us any of the people that were out doing public speaking went out on a regular basis and opened up Pinilla and I began leading us into the study of Rafi and Pentium some time ago this is now I'm bringing it to a close but it's going to take some time to do it and as I said once already here I think the punchline of this when the Lord opened up Rafi and Pentium the real critical point is Pentium all right to see and so much of this was in I went back in and looked at the notes from Canada much of this was in the Canadian notes not all of it and I took some stuff out we're going to try to get through some of these things here today but when I came over here yesterday and wrote this on the board I had not yet finished my notes and so my notes will be in a different order and here I want to point out something I'm going to address these three things differently than these other things all these other things as we get into the notes here are going to be based upon pan okay but what we've been emphasizing here in this study of internal raffia or Daniels last vision however you want to look at it is that in the last six verses of Daniel 11 there are four kingdoms that are the subject of those verses the Kingdom of the Dragon the kingdom of the Beast the kingdom of the false prophet and the kingdom of the hundred and forty-four thousand and those four subjects all have their own storyline in the in verses 40 to 45 but with this threefold kingdom of the Beast the dragon and the false prophet the story of the King of the South is I'm gonna say is essentially verse 40 it's it's a struggle that goes on with the King of the South in verse 40 but with the king of the north the papacy the story is the story of Fatima okay the the prophecies that were put in place in 1917 time period two to the three children in Fatima Portugal and I'm the storyline for the United States is the storyline of the Constitution and I left out of t constitution of the United States and we pointed out that in each of these storylines whether it's these three kingdoms or this Kingdom that within the stories there is a struggle between conservative and liberals okay and that doesn't always fit a pure definition of conservative and liberals but in the story of the beast Fatima you have a good Pope a bad Pope you have a conservative Catholic a liberal Catholic you have the white Pope and the black Pope which is the Jesuit Pope they're struggling in the story of Fatima and they're struggling legitimately struggling in history right now with the false prophet in the United States the Battle of the Constitution takes place between the Liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans okay with the king of the south the struggle takes place between Russia the king of the south and the United States okay and there is a prophetic connection between the United States and the king of the south that allows you to look at that that takes a little bit of time maybe to internalize and we've given you an overview of that and a handout last week called the king of the south that you can read the storyline of the hundred and forty-four thousand is basically three lines prophet priest and King three things that Christ were in the hundred and forty four thousand or to reflect Christ perfectly and these line up with the the the threefold Union the king of the threefold Union is the dragon alright the false priest is the beast and the false prophet is the United States so these three story lines in the story of the hundred and forty-four thousand have their counterparts in these three kingdoms and when it comes to the story of the Prophet there's at least three places in the kingdom of the 144,000 there's at least three places we need to look we need to look at the story of Elijah that's going to play out in history of verse forty forty five we have to look at the story of that Omega apostasy that plays out in that history and also the history of the four generations okay I'm amazed at the four generations I can't wait til we get to go back into the four generations because we've taught it correctly but I never I never exercise faith personally because Cathy and i's favorite definition of faith in the spirit of prophecy that sister white says often is faith is simply taking God at His Word okay and you could read about the four generations and you could show from Ezekiel 8 and the other lines that that fourth generation the apostates that are the fourth generation apostates that they're going to accept the mark of the beast because in Ezekiel eight they're bowing down to the son so we taught all along that as the apostasy is through these four generational tests the image of jealousy the secret chambers the weeping for Tammuz and they ultimately bow down to the son that they become prepared to accept the mark of the beast and where I'll act simple faith was to understand that in this movement those people that are preparing for the mark of the beast that are this fork generation Omega movement they're actually going to become Catholic even before they get there I'm Catholic they're actually accepting Catholic doctrine across the board okay Catholic dispensationalism confessions praising the Pope accepting the Jesuit political mindset of liberation theology there are they're actually turning in to Catholics all right I never saw that I didn't have the faith to think that would happen I thought circumstances were gonna put him in a position where they would be forced to accept Sunday I think they're gonna just love it when it happens because they're they're totally coming into Catholicism the priests the stories in there I'd love to see out of that one I'm not gonna look for the blue sanctuary the story of the sanctuary and Jerusalem tells the story of the priests and the story of the king is the story of the throne of David and the throne of glory which also would include Jerusalem there's some cross over there but I think we have to look at all these lines to show these three stories of the hundred and forty-four thousand in Daniel 11:40 245 now up here we have identified that raffia for the priests okay arrived and pass we've identified on November 9th 2019 and from here to here takes us to Pentium 4 the priests the blue is the hundred and forty four thousand it's the priests it's you and I but we're identifying Pentium for this story of the false prophet the Constitution was February 5th 2020 that's your twenty five twenty there and on I have this further on in the notes on page seven if you need to see it the the impeachment of Donald Trump began in January of 2017 at the the leading up to the impeachment but the articles of impeachment were the 10th of December 2019 I'm saying in the struggle between the Liberals and the Conservatives in the story of the United States which is the story of the Constitution the Liberals always win the first battle the king of the south always wins the first battle in in daniel and then who ones that who wins the next battle king of the north so the liberals they won that first battle they began impeaching donald trump as soon as he was inaugurated in January 20th 2017 and we have we have the the public record that makes that claim but the battle took place he was defeated here he lost this battle and then he won this battle when he was what's the word I always forget acquitted on February 5th 2020 so because this is the victory of the conservative over the liberal here this would be giving an echo at minimum of Panem so at Panem we have identified several things that we're going to happen and before we look at the several things I want to say that here with the King of the South Russia their raffia is July 18th 2020 their Panem is right here 2012 December 25th 2021 Russia loses this is there Pinilla but here and I left a pee out of here okay but here the orange is for the papacy for the beast their raffia is right here there Pinilla Miz right here and there's a change there's several little prophetic nuances that we'll have to look at as we focus in out these things one at a time but in our notes today if we get to it we're going to show you here at the Sunday law this is the Sunday law verse 41 that immediately thereafter Satan is going to personate Christ and Satan is going to take control of the Catholic Church so if this orange is the story of the Catholic Church of the beast of the papacy it wins here okay it it prevails at the Sunday law in the United States it takes control of the threefold Union you follow my logic but who is the papacy it's a king of the north how can the king of the north prevail at raffia okay did you follow me the king of the south supposed to win the first battle yes and the king of the north is supposed to win the second battle but but we are understanding that the papacy is the king of the north and I'm saying that here this is raffia for the king of the north and this is panning for the king of the north I have to explain that and the way I explain it is that right here in fulfillment of the Fatima prophecy the Catholic Church surrenders its Church to who they believe to be Christ whose person it's Satan personating Christ and who is Satan he's the dragon he's the king of the south who wants to be the king of the north so the raffia is here and then right here the whole system comes down when the true king of the north stands up and shakes terribly the earth and human probation closes so there's little nuances as we go through these different battles that we'll have to deal with but what I want to look at now is the first occurrence of Panem and that's in the history of the false prophet the United States and it's what we're seeing on planet earth right now and I'm suspecting that when we get to the next occurrence of Panem on July 18th that some of the things that are causing a crisis not right now are going to be greatly escalated probably in different ways than we are able to recognize because we didn't recognize this was coming either so I'm on page one of your notes with the Neum what's what's pan mean all everything okay so remember that as we go through and is this is this the time that you want to be sleeping okay my sister okay pila Pinilla pan relates to the goat god pan who is the god of the wild penny I'm also named penny Pinilla so was later to be renamed caesarea philippi where jesus said to his disciples upon this rock I shall build my church commentary on this chapter is found in the desire of Ages chapter 45 titled foreshadowing the cross and therefore foreshadows the midnight cry in the sunday law because those are both the cross okay now if if you want to see penny I'm if you go to page six of your notes this the picture on the bottom is a real picture you can go in Israel and take a tour probably not now because of the pandemic but you can take a tour there this is the the temple of pan on the bottom picture and you see this cave on the left side that is the cave where the the fountain of pan was okay now this pitcher on top this is an an artist's adaptation of the temples that they thought were there and he has people in there in the whole nine yards but when I cut and pasted it from the internet it looks almost like it's a photograph but it's not okay so I don't want to mislead you but that's what they the the temple layout that was there in times past it's no longer there now it's just these broken-down stones but that is caesarea philippi Pinilla okay and that hole that that cave on the left is the fountain of pen but go back to page one now pan means all a combining for me all occurring originally in loanwords from greek and then it gives some examples like there's some games that they have I don't know they're I guess they're olympic games or semi olympic games they're called the pan-american games and it's just where South America and North America compete with one another so it's it's the American games but they call it pan America because pan means all and that's what this definition definition is trying to tell us okay pandemonium pandemonium the reason I had 1667 there's there was a book written in 16-7 1667 called Paradise Lost never read the book I've heard of the book Penta know pandemonium in Paradise Lost the name of the place built in the middle of hell pardon me the name of the palace built in the middle of Hell the high capital of Satan and all his peers and the abode of all the demons coined by John Milton that's the author of the book and then it's gonna tell us where John Milton gets this word that he coined in this book about Hell and all that Latin did demonium evil spirit from the Greek demonium inferior divine power from Dame or lesser God seed diamond and it means wild or noisy disorder or confusion uproar we're saying I'm saying that when we get to Pentium and I'm saying I want you to understand I'm saying that fulfillment of Pentium and verse 40 is is right here primarily okay this is this is the Pentium that that counts this one here the one that you can really lay your hands on and say this is this is Daniel 11 okay but I'm saying with these four kingdoms we see that they're all structured the same so there's internal external parallels to each other and the first occurrence of Panem was in the United States on February 5th 20 20 25 20 and therefore when we get to Pinilla this way mark is going to produce these phenomenons that are associated with this word pan and one of them is pandemonium and the center you probably can't see it up here but the sender center of pandemonium is in red I've emphasized demon this is about all the demons cut loose and you'll notice that it's as wild and noisy disorder or confusion uproar in the definition of pandemonium and I want you to now not worry about Webster but worry about Ellen White review and Herald August 5th 1909 she's as Satanic agencies in human form will take PARCC part in this last great conflict to oppose the building up of the kingdom of God and heavenly angels and human guys will be on the field of action the two opposing parties will continue to exist till the closing up of the last great chapter in this world's history satanic agencies are in every city okay so when we reach this point here and we knew there was demons but now we know on God's Word that some of the players that are taking part in the history of planet Earth right now that we believe are human beings are either heavenly angels or they are demons and this is an agreement with the word pandemonium you're here now where they're released okay panicked definition of panic do you see the world in panic what's it in panic over today the pandemic the economic collapse and the economic collapse if you're not looking closely it's mainly people are worried about the pandemic causing this economic collapse but if you want to worry and there's a place where sister White says it's sin to worry so don't worry but if you want to worry you can also add to the panic what's going on in the oil market the oil market has it gives you just as much concerned right now Saudi Arabia and what Russia are doing with the oil prices causes those people that understand finances to panic okay so we're in a panic so what does this have to do with anything it has to do with the parable of the ten virgins of Matthew 25 illustrates the experience of the Adventist people that's great controversy forget the page number right now through in any case it's definitely great controversy and notice this next quote character is revealed by a crisis dropping down to the bold-faced character is revealed by circumstances emergencies bring out the true mettle of character some sudden and unlooked-for calamity bereavement or crisis some unexpected sickness or anguish something that brings a soul face to face with death will bring out the true inwardness of character it will be made manifest whether there is any real faith in the promises of the Word of God it will be made manifest whether or not the soul is sustained by grace whether there is oil in the vessel with the lamp I got some boyfriend murdered his girlfriend did you read about that because she was a nurse and he got coronavirus from her that was one of the stories this week did you read that okay he went into a panic and his character manifested itself okay that's what this time period is about it's about manifesting two classes of humanity and that's what a panic does something that brings the soul face to face with death evangelism page 62 the very means that is now so sparingly invested in the cause of God and that is selfishly retained will in a little while be cast with all idols to the moles and to the bats money will soon depreciate in value very suddenly when the reality of eternal scenes opens to the senses of man is money devaluating very rapidly right now notice this next little passage Tuesday the 24th of March so what's that one that's less than two weeks ago I think this is from Bloomberg at the close of 2019 there were an unprecedented 11 million American millionaires a reflection of the longest bull market in history thanks to ultra low interest rates and tax cuts fast forward just a few months and it's a starkly different picture the number of households in the u.s. above that threshold has dropped by at least 500,000 as of Friday this economic crash took out 500 thousand millionaires there's five hundred thousand people that are really bummed out right now and are in a panic about how they lost all that money okay the wealth destruction at the very top has been especially steep the world's 50 richest 500 richest people have lost almost 1.3 trillion dollars since the start of the year according to Bloomberg built Bloomberg billionaires index that's equivalent to twenty one point six percent decline in their collective net worth Americans on the ranking who currently number 180 have lost four hundred and thirty three billion dollars now if you're in the money that's a reason to panic okay pandemic I don't have much to comment on that we're living that right covet nineteen it's here it it may have originated long before here on the 5th of February I'm sure it got started in China before them but it it becomes recognized as the pandemic on this side of that way mark one of these words up here is panacea and I would argue that if panacea is associated with pan and Pinilla then you have to have something like a pandemic because what is panacea it's a solution or remedy for all the difficulties or diseases panacea comes from a Greek word meaning all healing and panacea was the Greek goddess of healing or Universal remedy so if you're not having a pandemic if you're not having a health problem then you shouldn't expect it even look for a panacea okay but I'm saying you have every right to expect panacea here among other things this is one of the Greek gods okay and this is all about these Greek gods and these Roman gods pan and the temple of pan so while appearing this is great controversy 589 while appearing to the children of men is a great physician who can heal all their maladies he will bring disease and disasters until popular cities are reduced to ruin and desolation so is there going to be disease and disaster that brings its cities to desolation and who's going to cause it stains gonna cause it and what's he gonna do he's going to bring in a miracle or two to make himself appear to be the great physician and it talks about well I'll count me to read on down because there's another point in here that I want to make even now he is at work in accidents and calamities by seeing by land and great conflagration what's a conflagration it's like what went on in Australia here recently or what went on in California several months ago it's a fire a big terrible fire in fierce tornadoes and terrific hailstones and tempest floods cyclones tidal waves and earthquakes in every place and in a thousand forms Satan is exercising his power he sweeps away the ripening harvest so what's going on in Africa right now they have a biblical swarm of locusts in northern Africa I think it's a northern Africa that has taken out what they need to have because a lot of places in Africa you don't go down to the grocery store you're living off of what you're growing and it's getting wiped out now here's the part I want to add in there he imparts it to the arid deadly Canaan thousand parish certain by the pestilence here's what I want to add these visitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous my point is is I'm arguing that this is a harbinger of Panem this Pentium at the level of the United States that we're in right now is a harbinger it's it's typifying what's yet to come at it in the next Pentium but the next p.m. Pentium is gonna be even more problematic it's gonna be worse it only escalates from here on out it only gets worse and because it gets worse this last sentence and then the great deceiver will persuade men that those who suit sir serve God are causing these evils okay the the purpose of this the bottom line is that at some point when everyone's totally frustrated about what's going on then Satan is going to lead them to say hey it's the Sabbath keepers in our myths that God is angry at that it's causing these problems let's get rid of them okay Pandora so what I'm doing is I'm suggesting that Pinilla possesses all the characteristics associated with these pans okay pan it's the temple of pan that's in Caesarea Philippi and pan is the goat God is so they're all connected but pantheism the the pantheon temple and they all come and play when you get into the way mark open iam and I'm saying that this is the way mark that is this message okay I'm saying that over here when the Lord opened up Rafi and pannier by removing his hand within one week we were in Holland teaching it and in less than a month we were teaching Panem and then we left it off but Pinilla it projects you all the way over here to this history the history of 327 2021 the 1533 does and the 327 chiasm is telling you that the message for the Levites is July 18 731 because from the first July 27th in 2019 to the third one in this classic structure you have 731 days which is July 18th the message is July 18th in July 18th is what I'm saying is the Pentium that is Daniel 11:40 this is a harbinger of it it's a warning to the priests that what you understood about this message is correct and it's going to be rough but it's only going to get rougher as you go to these following Way marks and the only way you go through is if you have the faith to believe that the Lord is leading and these footsteps of God are saying yes I am leading yes I told you way back when when you started looking at eating the little book that it meant that you had to quit public evangelism and the only message you have was for Adventists then he took us a step further and said no you're the priest the message you have is for the Levites that will come out of Adventism and now he's saying the message for adventism is July 18th and if July 18th is pentium and he opened up Pinilla when he removed his hand the same way he removed his hand from the fullness of the year mistake in Miller right history and he immediately within a month had us teaching Pinilla okay so I'm saying that this this message is the message that in all of its ramifications not just the the name pan but this is the message that has to go to Adventism to the Levites it's the message that we have to believe if we're going to give it okay Pandora what's door I mean gifts so when you say Pandora what you're saying all the gifts Pandora means all the gifts here you got your definition there on page two in Greek mythology Pandora derived from pan all or door on gift thus the all endowed all gifted are all giving in Greek mythology she was the first human woman created by Hephaestus on the instruction of Zeus if that's the case who's Hephaestus would be Adam perhaps just Pandora is a counterfeit Eve okay the first human woman she's the first human woman that is gives the gift of life to all mankind does not every man's life come through Eve okay so right off the bat you need to it's worth understanding that pandora is a counterfeit Eve and why do you want to understand that because the story of Eve conveys a test about a tree and a choice and what you eat okay and that gets carried into this history Pandora is a symbol of the counterfeit Eve all the gifts okay what's Pandora's Box a process that generates many complicated problems as the results of unwise interference in something the box is not only a gift from Zeus but also a tool for his revenge it symbolized a source of trouble curiosity and the unknown future Pandora's action of opening the story means the start of trouble now notice this I looked I looked search this out that how many evils are there of Pandora's Box there are seven and every time I count them there are eight so I guess it's the eighth is of the seventh there tell you there's seven evils and this is what they are but if you're like me you count and it's eight the seven evils Pandora unleashes from the guilt the gift box are and that's gift box I've got to be a typo our sickness death turmoil strife jealousy hatred famine and passion curses from Zeus because Prometheus steals fire and gives it to humanity okay so somebody stole some fire Prometheus and he gives it to human beings and these curses come so what we're saying is when it comes to pan then here Pandora's box was opened okay this is just a harbinger of what really happens here with Pinilla but it's a it's actually what you can see going on you watch as each day they try to deal with the ramifications of the choices that they're making on trying to control this pandemic and control the finances of earth and the problems that they're creating as they move forward are getting more and more unsolvable and I don't even have to explain that to you I just have to remind you what sister White says the struggling in vain to put business operations on a more secure basis it's not going to happen this is the the essence of the the thought of Pandora's Box that's opened at Pan at Pan Am so all I'm doing right now is reviewing these words that have Pan in them the next one is pantheism a doctrine which identifies God with the universe or regards the universe as a manifestation of God a worship that admits or tolerates all gods why is pantheism significant for Adventists it's the Alpha apostasy therefore it's speaking to the Omega apostasy now you could weep Smith I've always taught the Alpha apostasy from the very beginning in public ministry so I know that I put it in the public record over and over again and I would just want to say some brief things about it John Harvey's Kellogg's pantheistic apostasy one of the primary things it did is it attacked the foundations of Adventism okay it attacks the foundations so the Omega apostasy at the end would attack the foundations okay so on page three it says living Temple reference to John Harvey Kellogg book this is from manuscript releases vol 2 page 243 there is in it pantheism the beginning of theories which carried to their logical conclusion would destroy faith in the sanctuary question and in the intone mint I do not think that dr. Kellogg saw this clearly I do not think he realized that in laying his new foundation of faith he was directly he was directing his steps towards infidelity okay so it the next quote is the classic quote about pantheism and John Harvey Kellogg this one is saying Sister Sister whites and I don't really think he saw where he was going but that's where he was going so what I'm saying pantheism it becomes part of this history part of this history is going to be the story of their mega movement okay and in this next quote there's 13 things listed that the Omega movement would do and you can show that P and T fulfill every one of them directly every one of them we went through and did this we've lined out all 13 of them they fulfilled every one of them directly and it has to do with attacking the foundations which they did directly it was there a new movement as it said they would be okay but what I want you to see which we've spent time on there is a symbol of the foundations in Adventism and I'm going to ask a question now to see if ever anyone can guess where I'm going with this what is the pioneer symbol of the foundations the charts so it'd be this chart if you're gonna say pioneer to be a purist and say pre 1844 so what is the symbol of this chart if this is the foundations in the biggest sense if you can isolate it down to the smallest sense the ten commandments the cross okay probably all good answers but I'm going to point you to damn steeds book on the foundation of seventh-day Adventist message and mission and what he tells us that does it William Miller had a foundational approach to his study of prophecy what was that I see Daniel shaking his head the daily sacrifice and the transgression of desolation okay that it's damned Street correctly points out that the foundation of William Miller's approach to prophecy is he saw that the prophecies were an illustration of two desolating powers one outside God's church paganism represented in Daniel 8 13 where Daniel was going as the daily sacrifice and then a desolating power within the church which in verse 13 is the transgression of desolation or papal ISM William Miller saw all of his prophecy based upon two desolating powers paganism and papal ISM so I'm saying that the if you were going to shrink down the foundation of this foundation you shrink it down to the two desolating powers so if you want to get to the foundation of that what is it I'm going to let's go one step further what is the foundation of the foundation of the foundation of the millerite foundation what did Miller have to understand that he recognized in second Thessalonians it's the daily he says this paganism is the power that's taken away if he doesn't know who paganism is he first has to know who paganism is to be able to identify paganism and papal ISM paganism and papal ism are his foundational approach and if he don't know who paganism is then he hasn't there yet the first thing he's got to do is he's got to understand who paganism is and it's a whole story about William Miller finding that the discovering paganism and second Thessalonians is the daily that's taken away in the Book of Daniel therefore what I'm saying is what I'm saying is the foundation of all the foundation is you got to be straight on the daily and Daniel already stole my thunder he he took us to Daniel 813 let's go to Daniel 813 not my Thunder it's God's Thunder it's good thunder and he didn't steal it Daniel 813 is the foundation and central pillar of Adventism sister White says Daniel 8:14 is but Daniel 813 is the question in verse 14 is the answer they can't be separated okay if you separate the question from the answer then you don't have an answer verse 13 says then I heard one Saint speaking another state said unto that certain Saint which spake how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and the transgression of desolation to give both the sinker and the host to be trodden underfoot what is that that's the introduction of palimony that's recently we've connected that with what caesarea philippi matthew 16:18 and fie and what caesarea philippi its Pinilla okay but what i'm looking at now here is pantheism and i want to take you to the argument that miller had to take up and that came in to adventism in the beginning of the 20th century and then we had to take up when this movement came into history and the argument is over the daily the foundation of the foundation and where is that argument fought do you know where the most significant verse of that argument is it's in Daniel 8 but it's not verse 13 know where it is you know where you fight with with the theologians verse 11 verse 11 says this yea he magnified himself even to the Prince of the host and the theologians in Adventism will will tell you that the Prince of the host here is Christ I don't have a problem with that and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away and the place of his sanctuary was cast down and to say because the Prince of the host was Christ that the sanctuary here that was cast down is Christ's heavenly sanctuary it's a pagan sanctuary what pagan sanctuary is it it's the Pantheon temple okay see what does the religion of pantheism do it destroys the foundations what is the foundation Daniel 8 11 is part of the foundation it says and the place of his sanctuary was cast down that's the city of Rome was cast down that's where the Pantheon temple was you cannot separate these two concepts pantheism in Adventism teaching weird things about the daily and the transgression of desolation I could figure out what he was doing but it was it was part of his work okay he had to do that he had to tear down those foundations so what I want you to see here if you if you can see it at least at this point in time this here is about pan at Pinilla that speaking about an internal argument in Adventism it's speaking about the manga movement and the fourth generation this panic that could be internal to because there's going to be Adventists that wake up and realize hey I'm not where I'm supposed to be and they're gonna be in a panic such a white says so the Bible says so but mainly this is external I would argue what's going on in planet Earth this is external but do you think there's going to be any Adventists that get sick with this it's all maybe a little bit of internal what about pandemonium okay a little above perhaps okay panacea what's the panacea a healer that could be internal and external okay so some of them I just want to point out I think this is more internal Pan although the New Age movement is part of the story and that's pantheism but this Pantheon temple this is the foundation of Adventism without a doubt okay running out of time here Leviticus 16 the scapegoat what's the name of the scapegoat you have it in your notes there Azazel and what is it it's a female goat did you know that is I don't know I what's a female goat is there a you I don't know this this is notes that I pulled from Canada back in 2017 so I'm guessing about FEMA I know where I'm going with it I won't argue right now that this goat is female I think it is what I'm arguing is that there are two goats pardon me okay but I want to know what a sale is Azazel in Leviticus 26 are there not two goats and one is the scapegoat okay so one's gonna get sacrificed one's gonna not get sacrificed and it's speaking about the closing scenes of the Day of Atonement is it not the end of the world so it's talking about a true sacrifice and a counterfeit sacrifice at one level okay and what I'm saying is pan was what was the goat god it's the counterfeit Christ okay the in this history is this the history of judgment yes this is the closing scenes of the judgment and it these way marks people are going to be making their choices for eternity and they're gonna be choosy between true Christ false Christ's true goat false Co panorama I don't have panorama up here but it's in your notes I'm saying panorama is a symbol of judgment why am I saying that review and Herald November 4th 1884 each one in the day of investigative judgment will stand in character as he really is he will render an individual account to God every word uttered every departure from integrity every action that Sully's the soul will be weighed in the balance of the sanctuary memory will be true and vivid in condemnation of the guilty one who in that day is found wanting this this is judgment right crystal clear the mind will recall all the thoughts and acts of the past the whole life will come and review like the scenes in a panorama thus everyone will be demmed or acquitted out of his own mouth and the righteousness of God will be vindicated next quo is even perhaps more scary hereafter said Jesus this desire of Ages seven oh seven you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven and these words Christ presented the reverse of the scene then taking place he the lord of life and glory would be seated on God's right hand he would be the judge of all the earth and from his decision there could be no appeal then every secret thing would be said in the light of God's countenance and judgment will be passed upon every man according to his deeds the words of Christ's startled the high priest the thought that there was a resurrection of the dead when all would stand the bar of God to be rewarded according to their works was a thought of terror panic to Caiaphas he did not wish to believe that in future he would receive sentence according to his work there rushed before his mind as a panorama the scenes of the final judgment for a moment he saw the fearful spectacle of the graves giving up their dead with the secrets he had hoped were forever hidden for a moment he felt as if standing before the eternal judge whose eye which sees all things was reading his soul bringing to light mysteries supposed to be hidden with the dead the scene passed from the priests vision Christ's words cut him the sad you see to the quick Caiaphas had denied the doctrine of the resurrection the judgment and the future life now he was maddened by satanic fury what would you call that pandemonium satanic furious pandemonium was this man a prisoner before him not to point out the reason I had that bold face I want you to see if you will and I'm not saying that I fully understand this he's seen this panorama while he was still alive okay so as as judgments closing on planet Earth I got two witnesses here that people are going to see this panorama while they're still alive understanding their judgment is closed and pandemonium is gonna break out it's basically but anyway I won't go there to the psychological part okay so from there I'm I was that's the pandemonium it's now I'm going to turn to here I'm just gonna take a few minutes go over this quickly we went over this in the last presentation but in a casual way or a quick way and I went a nail at home and I'll probably begin here next time you can see sister White's comment under education Greek under Greece Greece and then it says education Greek and she's speaking against Greek education okay this is the car in the context of Nashville July 18th and what's symbolized with Madison College in Nashville and Nashville itself and then you have games the Olympic Games okay and I never knew this till here recently the Olympics are called the Olympics because the Olympics are these the top Greek gods that's who the Olympians are okay maybe y'all knew that I did this as the Olympians are a Council of principal ancient Greek and Roman deities consisting of Zeus Poseidon Hera Athena Athena who's Athena Athena is the statue that's in the party and Parthenon temple in Nashville okay she's the goddess of war and of Education Ares Apollo Artemis did imir Hephaestus aphrodite's Hermes died on NASA's aura hysteria also known as the corona it's the first generation of Olympians are the six children of the Titans Cronus and Rhea what I'm wanting you to see here what I what we pointed out last time is this pandemic that came post Pinilla all the games on planet Earth are shut down and all the schools are shut down okay God is addressing these things there who would have thought that all the sports and all the games I just knew wouldn't have thought that that they'd get shut down but these are the the height of Greek culture is education and games notice this next quote well read it on your own all I'll end this it's sister white speaking about sports and how objectionable they are from Adventists home page 400 and the geography there and there is one thing that I wonder in wanted to include and I think I cut and pasted it to a next set of notes but if I can turn to it okay you can it's under nother set of notes let me walk through these notes very briefly with you so you can look at them this afternoon on your own time if you choose to where we go from here in this study this is pretty much a review is I'm saying that these attributes of Panem are now being acted out on planet earth but it's only going to get worse when the second round the primary application of Pentium hits on July 18th okay but I'm saying that some of the things that happen here because this is the first Sunday law should also be understood so on page 9 the glory that's that's an argument that the glory is the Constitution of the United States and where you see ichabod there are scripture reading the glory was removed in the story of Shiloh and the death of Eli hophni and Phinehas typifying the Sunday law when the glory of the United States is removed when the Constitution is overturned there K and then you have the quote in there that that any movement in favor of the papacy is actually a movement towards the Sunday law which we're gonna mark a Sunday law here the first one but what I'm saying is there are steps that the United States is taking prior to that that are actually qualify as way marks is the Sunday law easy when for us to understand is the Patriot Act that was an attack against the Constitution if you read glory you'll see that the Constitution is the glory of the United States when the Constitution's gone the glory is gone Ichabod okay so as we approach to lie 18th there can be actions that are a fulfillment prophetically of Sunday laws which would qualify then for the Lord to bring judgments from the trumpets of Islam okay threefold Union you have three quotes under threefold Union the most important one there for me the first two will nail it down that the threefold Union takes place at the Sunday law but the third one there on page 10 it says the dragon please take note on the second paragraph this is in Satan unites with Protestants and papers who Satan he's the dragon who's the Protestants false prophet who is the papers the beast this is a three-fold Union but now it's speaking directly about a role that Satan takes and he says in Satan unites with Protestants and Papen papist acting in consort with them as the god of this world dictating to men as if they were the subject of his kingdom to be handled and governed and controlled as he pleases okay Satan arrives on the scene of history at the Sunday law and the reason that we're putting this in place this is the Sunday law but this is the first Sunday law there has to be some kind of manifestation that typifies Satan appearing over here at this way mark and there should be even one inferred here in the history of the priests okay that but this threefold Union is controlled by Satan okay and we have to spend some time on that then page 11 is about Fatima about the Catholic preparation to give their church to the papacy when he arrives and notice the forth quote on page 11 from great controversy page 50 the bold face that gigantic system of false religion is a masterpiece of Satan's power a monument of Satan's efforts to seat himself upon the throne to rule the earth according to his will Satan built the Catholic Church in order to take control of the world you have to understand that but in order for the Catholic Church to give itself to Satan he had to prepare them mentally and he did so with the prophecies of Fatima because they're thinking they're gonna give their Church to Christ okay Satan's personating Christ and the last page dictatorship dictatorship we know comes in this history but what I'm saying is the Pinilla of February 5th 2020 that we're already living in in that history we already have the elements of a dictatorship they're already beginning to control whether you can go to this state or that state there they're telling what companies to shut down and telling you what you have to wear when you go outside and how many people can go into that store and how many can't go into that store and I'm saying I get the logic of it I'm not threatened by it that they're dealing with a worldwide health crisis but if you step away from it that is typifying what you understand about a dictatorship all right it's despotism is here in advance of when it really arrives on July 18th to give us forewarning to give us confidence that we do have an understanding a correct understanding of this message and then the last one is the quote where it says that the people let me read it and then the great deceiver will persuade man that those who serve God are causing these evils the class that have provoked the displeasure of heaven will charge all their troubles upon those whose obedience to God's commandment is a perpetual reproof to transgressors it will be declared that men are offending God by the violation of the Sunday Sabbath that this sin has brought the calamities which will not cease until Sunday observance shall be strictly enforced so this is about Sunday observance ending the calamities and those who present the claims of the fourth commandments hopefully that's you and I thus destroying reverence for Sunday our trouble is of the people preventing their restoration to divine favor and temporal prosperity something has to happen to the temporal prosperity in the United States for this to be fulfilled are you looking around it's happening there IIIi heard a couple weeks ago well unemployment may go to 20% no it's gonna go to 30% that's gonna go to 42% okay at the trend it's going even if it stopped at 42% if 42 percent of the workforce is taken out in the next month that isn't a recession that's a depression it's Pandora's box you know just crawl out of that by throwing money at it okay all the people that are in these whatever you call these industries like hotels and restaurants they're not they're not coming back to work immediately and the people that typically go to hotels and restaurants aren't going to go out eating and go to hotels immediately either when this is over it will take a long time to revive that industry same with the airline industry it's it's Pandora's box has been open and the return to temper of austerity that we were warned would be the cry of those people is being fulfilled before our very eyes shall we prepare pray pardon me tourist attractions are shut down - yes Heavenly Father we are thankful that you have given us the prophetic word that we might recognize the times in which we're living and the things that are coming on planet Earth but I am also thankful and amazed overwhelmed that you are confirming through the chronology and these footsteps that are encoded in the the dates and the numbers you're confirming that we are the people that you have chosen to give this message and that this is the message it needs to be given not only did you give us the message but you gave us the ability to see that you have called us if we will but see we thank you for that we ask a blessing upon the rest of the Sabbath day blessing upon this message wherever it might go in Jesus name Amen I