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upon us that we may have an experience in the holy spirit we pray that you will guide and direct me as I read this passage from your word and I think you rather put dear sister you know whatever your name is in this she says I feel very anxious that you should accept you a trembling I know that God has given you great light in your sickness last fall the Providence of God was dealing with you that you might bear fruit to his glory unbelief was taking possession of your soul and the Lord had flicked did you that you might gain a needed experience he blessed us in praying for you and he blessed you in answer to our prayers the Lord designed to unite our hearts and love and confidence the holy spirit witnessed with your spirit the power of God in answer to prayer came upon you but Satan came with temptations and you did not close the door upon him he entered and has been very busy it is the plan of the Evil One to work first upon the mind of one and then through him upon others he has thus sought to hedge up our way and hinder our labors in the very place for our influence should be most felt for the prosperity of the cause the Lord brought you in connection with his work at blank for a wise purpose he designed that you should discover the defects in your character and overcome them you know how quickly your spirit chafes when things do not move according to your mind would that you could understand that all this impatience and irritability must be overcome or your life will prove an utter ruin you will lose heaven and it would have been better had you never been born our cases are pending in the court of heaven we are rendering our account there day by day every one will be rewarded according to his works burnt offerings and sacrifices were not acceptable acceptable to God in ancient times unless the spirit was right with which the gift was offered Samuel said had the path the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord be to obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams all the money on earth cannot buy the blessing of God nor ensure you a single victory many would make any and every sacrifice but the very one they should make which is to yield themselves to submit their wills to the will of God said Christ to his disciples except ye be converted and become as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven here is a lesson in humility we must all become humble as little children in order to inherit the kingdom our Heavenly Father sees the hearts of men he knows their characters better than they themselves know them he see that that some have susceptibilities and powers which directed in the right channel might be used to his glory to aid in the advancement of his work he puts these persons on trial and in His wise Providence brings them into different positions and under a variety of circumstances testing them that they may reveal what is in their hearts and the weak points in their characters which have been concealed from their own knowledge he gives them opportunities to correct these weaknesses to polish off the rough corners of their natures to fit and to fit themselves for his service then when he calls them to action they will be ready and that angels of heaven may unite their labors with human effort in the work that must be done upon the earth two men whom God designs shall feel responsible position he in mercy reveals their hidden defects that they may look within and examine critically the complicated emotions and exercises of their own hearts and detect that which is wrong thus they may modify their dispositions and refine their manners the Lord and His Providence brings men where he can test their moral powers and reveal their motives of action that they may improve what is right in themselves and put away that which is wrong God would have his servants become acquainted with the moral machinery of their own hearts in order to bring this about he often permits the fire of affliction to assail them that they may become purified but who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appeared for he is like a refiners fire and like Fuller's soap and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer unto the Lord and offering in righteousness the purification of the People of God cannot be accomplished without their suffering God permits the fires of affliction to consume the dross to separate the worthless from the valuable and the pure metal that the pure metal may shine forth he passes us from one fire to another testing our true worth if we cannot bear these trials what will we do in the time of trouble if prosperity or adversity discover falseness pride or selfishness in our hearts what shall we do when God tries every man's work as by fire and lays bare the secrets of all hearts true Grace is willing to be tried if we are loath to be searched by the Lord our condition is serious indeed God is the refiner and purifier of souls in the heat of the furnace the dross is separated forever from the true silver and gold of the Christian character Jesus watches the tests he knows what is needed to purify the precious metal that it may reflect the radiance of His divine love God brings his people near him by closed testing trials by showing them their own weakness and inability and by teaching them to lean upon him as their only help and safeguard then his object is accomplished they are prepared to be used in every emergency to fill important positions of trust and to accomplish the grand purposes for which their powers were given them God takes men upon trial he proves them on the right hand and on the left and thus they are educated trained disciplined Jesus our Redeemer man's representative and head endured this testing process he suffered more than we can be called upon to suffer he bore our infirmities and was in all points tempted as we are he did not suffer thus on his own account but because of our sins and now relying on the merits of our overcomer we may become victors in his name God's work of refining and purifying must go on until his servants are so humbled so dead to self that when called into active service their eyes will be single to his glory he will then accept their efforts they will not move rashly from impulse they will not rush on and imperil the Lord's cause being slaves to temptations and passions and followers of their own carnal minds set on fire by Satan oh how fearfully is the cause of God marred by man's perverse will and unsubdued temper how much suffering he brings upon himself by following his own headstrong passions God brings men over the ground again and again increasing the pressure until perfect humility and a transformation of character bring them into harmony with Christ in the spirit of heaven and they are Victor's over themselves God has called men from different states and has been testing and proving them to see what characters they would develop to see if they could be trusted to keep the fort at blank and to see whether or not they would supply the deficiencies of the men already there and seeing the failures that these men have made would shun the example of those who are not fit to engage in the most sacred work of God he has followed men at blank with continual warnings reproof and counsel he has poured great light about those who officiate in his cause there that the way may be planed before them but if they prefer to follow after their own wisdom scorning the light as did Saul they will surely go astray and involve the cause in perplexity light and darkness have been set before them but they have too often chosen darkness the Laodicean message applies to the people of God who profess to believe present truth the greater part are lukewarm professors having a name but no zeal God signified that he wanted men at the great heart of the work to correct the state of things existing there and to stand like faithful sentinels at their post of duty he has given them light at every point to instruct encourage and confirm them as the case required but notwithstanding all this those who should be faithful and true fervent in Christian zeal a gracious temper knowing and loving Jesus earnestly are found aiding the enemy to weaken and discourage those whom God is using to build up the work the term lukewarm is applicable to this class they profess to love the truth yet are deficient in Christian fervor and devotion they dare not give up wholly and run the risk of the unbeliever yet they are unwilling to die to self and follow out closely the principles of their faith the only hope for the Laodiceans is a clear view they're standing before God a knowledge of the nature of their disease she calls with a Laodicean condition a disease they are neither cold nor hot they occupy a neutral position and at the same time flatter themselves that they are in need of nothing the true witness hates this lukewarmness he loathes the indifference of this class of persons said he I would thou wert cold or hot like lukewarm water they are nauseous to his taste they are neither unconcerned nor selfishly stubborn they do not engage thoroughly and heartily in the work of God identifying themselves with its interests but they hold aloof and are ready to leave their posts when the worldly personal interests demanded the internal work of grace is wanting in their hearts of such it is said thou sayest I am rich and increased with Goods and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked faith and love are the true riches the pure gold which the true witness counsels the lukewarm to buy however rich we may be in earthly treasure all our wealth will not enable us to buy the precious remedies that cure the disease of the soul called lukewarmness in intellect and earthly riches were powerless to remove the defects of the Laodicean church or to remedy their deplorable condition they were blind yet felt that they were well off the Spirit of God did not illumine their minds and they did not perceive their sinfulness therefore they did not feel the necessity of help to be without the graces of the Spirit of God is sad indeed but it is a more terrible condition to be thus destitute of spirituality and of Christ and yet tried to justify ourselves by telling those who are alarmed for us that we need not their fears in pity fearful is the power of self-deception on the human mind what blindness setting light for darkness and darkness for light the true witness counsels us to buy of him gold tried in the fire white raiment in I south the gold here recommended as having been tried in the fire is faith and love it makes the heart rich for it has been purged until it is pure and the more it is tested the more brilliant is its luster when it sounds like those jewels in that casket the white raiment is purity of character the righteousness of Christ imparted to the sinner this is indeed a garment of heavenly texture that can be bought only of Christ for a life of willing obedience the I saw is that wisdom and grace which enables us to discern between the evil and the good and to detect sin under any guys God has given his church eyes which he requires them to anoint with wisdom that they may see clearly but many would put out the eyes of the church if they could for they would not have their deeds come to the light lest they should be reproved the divine I saw will impart clearness to the understanding Christ is a depository of all graces he says by of me some may say it's exalting our own merits to expect favor from God through our good works true we cannot buy one victory with our good works yet we cannot be victors without them the purchase which Christ recommends to us is only complying with the conditions he has given us true grace which is of inestimable value and which will endure the test of trial and adversity is only obtained through faith and humble prayerful obedience graces that endure the proofs of affliction in person and evidence their soundness and sincerity are the gold which is tried in the fire and found genuine christ offers to sell this precious treasure to man buy of me gold tried in the fire that dead heartless performance of duty does not make us Christians we must get out of a lukewarm condition and experience a true conversion or we shall fail of heaven I was pointed to the Providence of God among his people and was shown that every trial made by the refining purifying process upon professed Christians proved some to be dross the fine gold does not always appear and every religious crisis some fall under temptation the shaking of God blows away multitudes like dry leaves prosperity multiplies a mass of professors adversity purges them out of the church as a class their spirits are not steadfast with God they go out from us because they were not of us for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word many are offended let these look back a few months to the time when they were sitting on the cases of others who were in a condition similar to that which they now occupy let them carefully call to mind the exercise of their minds in regard to those tempted ones had anyone told them then that notwithstanding their zeal and labour to set others right they wouldn't length be found in a similar position of darkness they would have said as did hazel to the Prophet is thy servant a dog that he should do this great thing self-deception is upon them during the calm what firmness they manifest what courageous sailors they make but when the furious tempest of trial and temptation come low their souls are shipwrecked men may have excellent gifts good ability splendid qualifications but one defect one secret indulge will prove to the character what the worm-eaten plank does to the ship utter disaster and ruin dear brother God and his providence brought you from your farm to blank to bear the tests and trials which you could not have where you were he has given you some testimonies of reproof which you profess of Lee accepted but your spirit was continually chafed under rebuke you are like those who walk no more with Jesus after he brought clothes practical truths to bear upon them you have not taken hold in faith to correct the defects marked out in your character you have not humbled your proud spirit before God you have stood at warfare against the Spirit of God as revealed and reproof your carnal unsubdued heart is not subject to control you have not disciplined yourself time and again your uncontrolled temper your spirit of insubordination has gained complete mastery over you how can such an impulsive unsubdued soul live among the pure angels it cannot be admitted into heaven as you yourself know if so you cannot begin to soon to correct the evil in your nature be converted and become as a little child you are proud spirited lofty in your thoughts and ideas of yourself all this must be put away your relatives have learned to fear these outbreaks of temper your tender god-fearing mother has done her best to soothe and indulge you and has tried to remove every cause that would produce this self-rising this uncontrollable disposition in her son but coaxing pleading and seeking to pacify have led you to consider that this impulsive tender temper is incurable and that it is the duty of your friends to bear with it all this petting and excusing has not remedied the evil evil but rather giving it license you have not fought with this weakened spirit and conquered it when your way has been crossed you have felt the provocation and sufficient the provocation sufficiently to forget your manhood and that you were created in the image of God and after his likeness you have sadly defaced and marred that image you have not had self-control nor power over your will you have been headstrong and have yielded to the power of Satan every time every time that you have given up to passion and self-rule you let your feelings run away with your judgment it has strengthened that set controlled will it has strengthened that set control will the Lord saw excuse me the Lord saw that you did not know yourself and that unless you saw yourself in the sinfulness of your course in the true light unless you saw how aggravating in the sight of God were these outbreaks of temper which strengthened at every exhibition you would surely fail of gaining a seat by the side of the suffering man of Calvary God calls upon you to repent and be converted and become as a little child unless the truth has a sanctifying influence upon your life to mold your character you will fail of an inheritance in the kingdom of God the Lord and His Providence selected you to be more directly connected with his cause and work he took you like an undisciplined soldier new to the army and brought you under rules regulations and responsibilities and through the drilling process at first you did nobly and tried to be faithful at your post you bore trial better than ever before in your life but Satan came with his specious temptations and you fella prayed to them the Lord pitied you and laid his hand upon you to save you he gave you a rich experience which you have not profited by as you should have done like the children of Israel you soon forgot the dealings of God and His great mercies you were raised up in answer to prayer and God gave you a new lease of life but you have let jealousy and envy into your soul and have greatly displeased him he designed to bring you where you would develop character where you would see and correct your defects there was a decided failure in your education and discipline during childhood in youth you now have to learn the great lessons of self-control which ought to have been mastered in earlier days God brought you where your surroundings would be changed and where you could be disciplined by His Holy Spirit that you might acquire moral power and self-control to make you a conqueror it will require the strongest effort the most persevering and unfaltering determination and the strongest energy to control self your spirit has chafed under restraint and your temper has raged like a caged lion when your will has been crossed I'm going to skip over some stuff so you are willing to stand at the head and dictate to others but you will not be dictated to yourself your pride fires in a moment at the attempt self-love and a haughty spirit are unruly elements in your character hindering spiritual advancement those who have this temperament must take hold of the work zealously and died itself or they will lose heaven God makes no compromise with this element as do fond mistaken parents in my last vision I was shown that if you refuse reproof and correction choose your own way and will not be disciplined God has no further use for you in connection with his holy work if you had commenced the work of setting your own soul right with the Lord you would have seen a great you would have seen so great a work to be done for yourself that you would not have spent so much time over the suppose-a-tron of someone else dwelling upon them behind his back the work of the last 30 years should inspire confidence in the integrity of this brother honor to whom honor is due man in responsible positions should improve continually they must not anchor upon an old experience and feel that it is not necessary to become scientific workers man although the most helpless of God's creatures when he comes into the world and the most perverse in his nature is nevertheless capable of constant advancement he may be enlightened my science in noble by virtue and progress in mental and moral dignity until he reaches a perfection of intelligence and a purity of character but little lower than the perfection and purity of angels with the light of truth shining upon the minds of men and the love of God shed abroad in their hearts we cannot conceive what they may become nor what great work they may do I know that the human heart is blind to its own true condition but I cannot leave you without making an effort to help you we love you and want to see you pressing on to victory Jesus loves you he died for you and he wants you to be saved we have no disposition to hold you in blank but we do want you to make thorough work with your own soul to right every wrong there and make every effort to master self lest you miss heaven this you cannot afford to do for Christ's sake read it resist the devil and he will flee from you I have a little bit of time left but it's time for Sabbath school thank you good morning happy Sabbath after hearing those superintendent remarks I want to be rich I want that gold that was talked about and I want that white raiment and I want that I have a mint excuse me everything okay I push clothes or reset top right or left I'll push the button that has the number with that's black with the red number no see it right there the black with the red number it's right on the screen it's alright just scroll back here I'll do it on the screen here it says the file this function is disabled okay okay sorry about the delay where we're had a little technical difficulties but we're back so welcome to Sabbath school and that's open with prayer Heavenly Father we come before you on this holy Sabbath day and we beseech you on our undeserving behalf that you will pour your spirit upon our hearts and our minds as we begin to look at the book Acts of the Apostles that we've been doing every Sabbath and Lord we want to thank you for these written words that prepare us for what's to come because we know those things that are written beforehand are for us today as 1st Corinthians 10 11 tells us so we asked for a special again a special out point of your spirit that we may draw together and be in unity and oneness as we cling to you and we thank you for this in Jesus precious name Amen all right I instead of going through two pages I went through two and a half so if you have any smart devices we are on Acts of the Apostles and we're gonna start with paragraph ninety two point two and so we can begin to read that as we go through our questions and so I'll read the first paragraph and they'll asked someone in the audience to read the next so actually the Apostles 92 point to solemn are the responsibilities resting upon those who are called to act as leaders in the Church of God on earth in the days of the theocracy when Moses was endeavoring to carry alone burden so heavy that he would soon have worn away under them he was counseled by Jethro to plan for a wise distribution of responsibilities be thou for the people to Godward Jethro advised that thou mayest bring to cause bring excuse me that thou mayest bring the causes unto God and thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws and shall show them the way wherein they must walk and the work that they must do Jethro further advised that men be appointed to act as rulers of thousands and rulers of hundreds rulers of 50s and rulers of tens these were to be able men such as fear God men of truth hating covetousness they were to judge the people at all seasons thus relieving Moses of the wearing responsibility of giving consideration to many minor matters that could be dealt with wisely by the consecrated helpers now before I go on give me just one minute there are someone in the audience that needs to have this on there so they can read through it so let me get them to here we are a ninety two point two and we are here so this person can use my phone if they want so I would just advise to make sure to keep touching it so it won't close okay ninety two point two Acts of the Apostles and so the first question is this solemn are the responsibilities that's in our first paragraph there and it says list the responsibilities that referred to here so pretty pretty easy that right there in the chapter does anybody happen to have those listed no okay feed the flock is one of them yes exhort members to act their part United on the truth wise and use their talents wisely amen anything else well to me one on one was first it says that they have to be called it's right there in the very first sentence called to act as leaders what's the very first thing that must happen they have to be called so yep amen yes you have to recognize the voice of God to know that you're being called by him to do the work amen and could we also add to that and say there are some that have called themselves yes and put themselves in these positions and I think it's because they desire for self glorification control these types of things so for me that was really jumped out cuz says what upon those who are what called to act as leaders it's a salt and it's a solemn what responsibility it's a scary thing to be a leader because what does the Bible say that those leaders are held at what a higher accountability it's a scary thing and it also talked about judge in all seasons and you need so what does that mean to judge in all seasons I don't think it's talking about you know winter spring any time any situation I would agree and Daniel we can have you speak to so Daniel is helping out on the camera with for us today so if you don't hear his voice he's here but he's just busy back there okay next more thoughts before we go to question two all right so really simple we're on our line are we place in Chapter nine we've already discussed this previously and so remember what's the title of the chapter the seven deacons and were have we placed this chapter previously and so we from the audience we're here in a midnight cry so from midnight cry to the Sunday law so then you'll see it another question there it's this on under two starts with a what class of people will we be ministering to these solemn responsibilities listed above did you guys hear that the priests will be ministering to the Levites so any leadership position that we're in today it's preparing us for what for that time when there's a great in gathering to come right now we can look around and not see very many people but there will soon be a flood amen because of the enzyme being lifted up okay question three it says will this be a theocracy as it was for Moses so we have the audience saying yes let's first before we get into any does anybody else have another thought Daniels shaking his head no we are not under any operation we're not under a theocracy but I think the question is at that time from if I had on the board from midnight cry to the Sunday law would we then be under a theocracy now before he answers for the for us because I don't not looked at the word I thought what does that even mean I had to go back and look at it so the definition of the Aqua sea is this God and power to hold government of a state by the immediate direction of God so Daniel has the thought and then we'll go to so was gut was Moses ruling with God or was God ruling supreme and Moses was spokesman so there isn't a time when he was ruling with God yes yeah I mean he was being guided by by God that he was definitely in charge of the people the people yeah the people they were he's the leader yeah yeah didn't they I would say that he had a major well II and a huh they didn't want to speak to God they wanted to speak to him yeah yeah so Karen in will come back to Daniel okay the reason I say yes because the Holy Spirit is gonna be poured out without measure and God's people are gonna be under the direct control of the Holy Spirit that is to God directly so in my mind yes brother Daniel you know that is a subject the word theocracy that is a widely misunderstood topic and it had been that way for years because a lot of people have this idea that they can there's people in the evangelical in a Protestant world in the Catholic world that believed that we can have we can have a theocracy without God directly ruling okay and kind of going sideways on that discussion when I think of a theocracy I think of of course during the Old Testament times and one of the things that happened in no Testament times is that some people were directly judged / killed by the Lord so what you're talking about there is a time before Christ's second coming that we are under it the aquas yeah I'm not saying I'm I I'm I agree that there is going to be one nor disagree I'm just letting us know what that implies at least partly for what I understand that there will be like for example just for example when Moses went before Pharaoh and there was judgments he pronounced judgments upon Egypt I can see God's people acting the part of Moses and pronouncing judgments upon the nation's I mean directly from God's Word of course that have been directly saying to the nations at the Sunday law crisis this is what's going to happen to this nation and to that nation and so on and so forth so my thoughts are this and I'm hoping for cracks here I'm saying yes now let me explain Daniels mentioning that during the time of their accuracy of God that God killed individuals do not we read previously in this chapter about Ananias and Sapphira and so how I understand it is in our time or in their time they just came out of where where did the Israelites just come out of Egypt and we know Egypt typifies the what the world and so and they're almost to where Mount Sinai and what's Mount Sinai the giving of the law is not that pointing us to this is not on the board to the unlocking to the board to the Sunday law where the law will then be truly re-established that's those are my thoughts so that with coming out and then my other thought was this is that a theocracy in the time of Moses God wasn't ruling supremely over the whole world he was only rule he does that sounds really bad to actually say that but he was but he was only a theocracy with a group of individuals was he not so don't misunderstand what I'm saying he is the ruler of heaven and earth but at that time he was bringing a people and prepared his people to propose ruling that people specifically because they they were being you know led out by him and I'm saying that's to me I see that's what's happening in in in these chapters because we're placing between the midnight midnight cry and Daniel has a thought for us even though they were in rebellion yeah did he not destroy some nations yeah and that's what uh that's what I was saying he was and not only that if you go to yes twenty-nine Deuteronomy chapter 29 the Lord is clear he says I'm making this covenant the covenant being his law yeah that's the covenant I'm making this covenant not only with you but with him that is not here with us and I would agree because we see that even in our time the same thing will happen he'll be working with the people who have chosen to follow him but he'll also be directing all the events of the world who's gonna be present who's gonna I mean 1% agreement with that and like Daniel said I think this is a very big topic but it was there so I wanted to address it the best of our ability that were you done yeah okay so let's go to our next question which is number four and now we're looking at 93.1 and sister Cathy appear there can you read that for us please and maybe I think it's ninety three point one the time and strength oh okay the time and strength of those who in the Providence of God have been placed in leading positions of responsibility in the church should be spent in dealing with the weightier matters of demanding special wisdom and largeness of heart it is not in the order of God that such men should be appealed to for the adjustment of the minor matters that others are well qualified to handle every great matter they shall bring unto the Jethro propose to Moses but every small matter they shall judge so shall it be easier for thyself and they shall bear the burden with thee if thou shalt do this thing and God command thee so then shalt thou be able to endure and all this people shall gall so too shall also go to their place in peace okay thank you so the question is what was jumping out to me is the words largeness of heart and so the question is find the single passage that has this wording in it and so we've heard from the audience first Kings 429 would you mind reading that for us Karen please if first Kings 429 and then be ready as usually then we're gonna ask this how does this reflect on the solemn responsibilities mentioned above and God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much and largeness of heart even as the sand that is on the seashore so let me ask the question again now that we read that and we're putting in perspective how does this reflect on the solemn responsibilities mentioned above now before you answer I'm of the opinion that sister white put this specific word largest of heart in reflection to this verse because there's only one verse in the whole Bible that has it and it's right there so what is she trying to point us to in regards to these solemn responsibilities that we can look in this verse now let me give you some hints what was Solomon's biggest issue when he had that dream or that the interaction with God what was his main concern he wanted wisdom for what underpins music he want her wisdom for what what was this specific reason for wanting wisdom yes sister Kathy says in judging the people that he may judge them what wisely because he knew he had a solemn responsibility to be a judge and brothers and sisters that's where we are heading and I pray that we will like Solomon want largeness of what largeness of heart now does anybody else have any thoughts okay I wanted to read something it oh yes Karen it's so much that it's the sand of the seashore yeah amen thanks for bringing that up I yes so if you have in can turn with me to PK prophets and kings 31.3 i wanted to read something in light of this largeness of heart that i thought it was really good it's PK 31 paragraph 3 it says this the path of men who were placed as leaders is not an easy one but they are to see in every difficulty a call to prayer never are they to fail of consulting the great source of all wisdom strengthened and enlightened by the master worker they will be enabled to stand firm against unholy influences and to discern right from wrong good from evil they will approve that which God approves and will strive earnestly against the introduction of wrong principles into his cause let me ask you have we not been tested on this the difference between good and evil right and wrong right here at this school right here in our midst and so I'm saying we need to what this is saying is it's a call to what to prayer to earnestly seek to master and he will give us that largeness of heart amen okay let's go to question five and it's still on now it's on 93.2 and it's a real small paragraph so sister Deborah do you have that would you read that for us please in harmony with this plan Moses chose able men out of all Israel and made them heads over the people rulers of thousands rulers of hundreds rulers of fifties and rulers of ten and they judge the people at all seasons the hard causes they brought unto Moses but every small matter they judge themselves okay so with with that and the question is this can we expect to fulfill this same plan in our history so so they love Daniel yes Cathy's saying yes so what does that mean for us I'm saying it's another large responsibility because then we have to choose who will be the what the leaders that's a scary thing it's a scary thing yeah and so have been the most aggressively against us is the is the three elders that were chosen - are you saying - three three Marco Tabo and Parminder mostly yes the Lord is merciful and he gives us yeah but he's showing us now that as we move forward hopefully we'll do that which is pleasing in sight and I believe we will amen because we're going over this now and it's preparing us for what's to come amen that's the good news is looking at these things now is okay question six we should have been our feelers should have been up more when we started seeing that they instead of them taking their responsibilities as as humble servants that they were taking it as a elevated position and and you don't want men like that in an elevated position you know do you say I'm saying because previously in our previous of study in this chapter we looked at the qualifications of these leaders did we not and so maybe the Lord is showing us as we prepare for what's to come we're probably going to take that a whole lot more what more seriously and so the Lord is merciful and the Lord is gracious and he is waiting on us to fulfill those weighty responsibilities as we're looking at these things okay so question six now this is following right up with what we just spoke about and it's and if you read 94.1 I think we can do it so sister Karen do you happen to have that so can you read 94 paragraph one please later when choosing seventy elders to share with him the responsibilities of leadership Moses was careful to select as his helpers men possessing dignity sound judgment and experience and his charge to these elders at the time of their ordination he outlined some of the qualifications that fit a man to be a wise ruler in the church here are the causes between your brethren said Moses and judge righteously between everyman and his brother and the stranger that is with him he shall not respect persons in judgment but he shall hear the small as well as the great he shall not be afraid of the face of man for the judgment is gods so list now the question is listed characteristics now there's a couple in here that aren't there that kind of surprised me but then when I reflected on it it made sense on our previous ordination there's a hint for that what's not in there elder Daniel well first let's list the characteristics and and I've following up with a second question sorry if I confused you there so go ahead well I just have a question on a show I have a question if they're all doing just a slot question in the bid before September 7th the mandate came down from a certain individual that everyone male and female were to have equal access to the pulpit into teaching does that fall into the category of not having respect for persons it sort of does yeah in regards to elders I'm just talking about whether they're qualified or not you can't it doesn't make somebody just because they are their gender yeah you're they're going by gender yeah all of qualify that's what that's why I got me yeah so if everybody did they pick that up was that able to heard was that heard Daniel okay so what has been mentioned was it's not so much gender its what they're saying was what they're saying but it should be what by experience that's one of the that's one of them okay so let's just go over the sound judgment okay go ahead Daniel okay now if you would have asked Parminder are you having respective persons whenever you demand that male and female are to have equal access to the pulpit what do you think it was said yeah well he was said he would have said that's my time yeah yeah yes I'm not I'm not having I'm not referring one above another yeah but that's not what this is saying right that's right that's a good I mean I mean when the Bible says in that passage didn't you just read they said we're to have leaders are to have no respecter person just like God is huh okay you don't you shouldn't pick a person because of all I just prefer him because he just pleases me okay of course petitioner is financial I believe that they were having respective persons they were dating that mandate came down because there was just prejudice prejudice against blood oh yeah yeah yeah I'm with you that's why I believe this is coming out now so that as when we prepared for the next experience because if I reflect and this is not to bash any one but as I reflect most I would not hundred percent but they were chosen because they were good what teachers but I don't really see that here this is more referring to what they weren't some of them weren't that's why I didn't say although I would say one I would say isn't it wasn't that but the other ones okay Portman but the other one was chosen because of the location may be and again it I'm not trying to bash that in any way but all I'm reflecting to is is the stuff of the past where we've laid it to this it shows here that you need to be specifically what has jumped out more than once is judgment right Salomon that's was what his main thing was the responsibility to what judge and that is the biggest one that's jumping out to me that I think the Lord wants us to know now and be prepared for later judge righteously besides the other ones you know the special wisdom largest of heart you know or a dignity sound judgment yes that's the largest of heart as the sand of the sea you can look right through that because you have the wisdom to see the judgment of this individual how they will judge what they have done in the past and these types of yes their experience their experience they have no experience this shouldn't have been chosen yeah it's like it's like Ellen White I I imagine there's a lot of it but I've in the past I've read where she you're not supposed to lift people up fast into positions and this is probably one of the reasons they're not experienced and they don't have sound judgment and what it does is it goes and makes it go to their head yes yeah yes not long before we started Acts of the Apostles in our Sabbath school after we finish a great conversing I heard someone at Lambert say why are we doing Acts of the Apostles and evidently it may be I'm misjudging but because actually Apostles has a lot to do with organization and qualifications that they didn't want this to come out that all of these things that that lay out who's going to be in responsible positions and who's not it just seems to me like someone knew that this was in here and they didn't want this information out with evidencing because he is a very good student yeah I would agree because it's fitting for our time amen we see the importance of study in this book right now today okay question a under 6:00 in choosing this is a little side note but I think it's important in regards to our topic here this is stepping out just for a second but I think it's really important in choosing the 70 elders were there individuals who had a problem with Moses's choice who was it I mean I Aaron and Miriam Aaron and Miriam his closest and so Michael my thought is will this happen again I'm saying in some way somebody's not gonna be somebody's gonna get upset I don't know why or how but it's it's history's gonna repeat somebody's gonna get upset with the choices in the dream where Illinois shows up people on the pathway all along the pathway there were people dropping off so that what happened you know even as we get in closer and closer I think that happened in the recent apostasy yes those two individuals was supposed to be leaders and they claimed to be prophets just as much as Moses that was my point if you look at said si si si 104 so if you went to this book and you read about it she's saying why Miriam and Aaron had an issue she goes into details and it reflects perfectly with what just happened like and so it's gonna I'll just refer to it and if you can go back and look at later this afternoon we have nine you got 104.1 maybe we can read it let's let's go ahead I think we can get to it let's go ahead and I'll just read this to you at CC 104 paragraph 1 and it goes all the way to paragraph 7 CC 104 it reads this I think you yea conflict and courage yeah thank you it says wherefore they were not afraid to speak against my servant Moses she's quoting numbers 12 8 where they spoke against Moses in the affections of the people and the honor of heaven she Miriam stood second only to Moses Aaron but the same evil that first brought discord in heaven sprang up in the heart of this woman of Israel so it's the same thing that happened in heaven and she did not fail to find a sympathizer in her dissatisfaction had Aaron stood up firmly for the right he might have checked the evil but instead of showing Miriam the sinfulness of her conduct he sympathized with her listen to her words of complaint and thus came to share her jealousy her what jealousy in the appointment of the 70 elders Miriam and Aaron had not been consulted and their jealousy was excited against Moses Miriam and Aaron Aaron had never known the weight of care and responsibility which had rested upon Moses yet because they had been chosen to aid him they regarded themselves as sharing equally with him the burden of leadership and they regarded the appointment of further assistance as uncalled for then they said had the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses hath he not spoke and also by us regarding themselves as equally favored by God they felt that they were entitled to the same position and authority God had chosen Moses and had put his spirit upon him and Miriam and Aaron by their murmurings were guilty of disloyalty not only to their appointed leader but to God himself he who had placed upon men that have a responsibility of leaders and teachers of his people will hold the people accountable for the manner in which they treat his servants we are to honor those whom God has honored the judgment visited upon Miriam should be a rebuke to all who will yield jealousy and murmuring against those upon whom God lays the burden of his work did we not see in the videos that we were watching how people were murmuring against what the present teacher who was presenting certain things and I sat right back there watching it together with a group here and it bothered some but we kept pressing forward because it must have happened if it happened then it must have happened when now okay so question 7 the last one and I wanted to get to this one it's really important ninety four point two ninety four point two is refer and I'm not gonna read it for the sake of time because I want to get to this other part but it's referring to David in the closing of his reign he brings in the leaders to keep the elders and he says something to them and so I want to read the last sentence in this paragraph and it starts well it's a long sentence I just want to go to the very last where it says see where it says first chronicles twenty eight one and eight I want to read what it says there it says to keep and seek for all the commandments of the Lord your God that was David's advice to the before he passed the mantle on to Solomon he brought in all the leaders and teachers and he said this keep and seek for all the commandments of the Lord your God so what's the significance of this paragraph in relation to those who are in leadership positions what must the leaders do keeps connection with God His commandments amen amen then deep and see she white is a key you must do both you must keep what you have and seek for more that's how I understand it yes you keep what you have and then but continue to press forward for more life amen now I found some very good passage in three BC 11:28 paragraph 11 she's literally quoting this passage in 1st chronicles 28 1 through 8 and it's it's powerful for us today let me read it to you the title is fidelity must precede blessings now she's quoting first chronicles 28 this charge is given to the men in positions of trust in the work of God today as fairly as it was given to Solomon the day of tests and trial is upon them as fairly as it was upon Solomon fidelity is required before God can bestow the blessings that he has promised what is it fidelity is required before God can bestow the blessings that he has promised those who offer God acceptable service must obey all his Commandments thus they become representatives of Christ that's what David was saying you must do what keep the commandments here's one more and I remain in two minutes it's PK 4 1 6 paragraph 2 PK 4 1 6 paragraph 2 this directly correlates with what has happened here and and how we should be responding to it what a lesson is this two men holding positions of responsibility today in the Church of God what a solemn warning isn't that the same thing as a solemn responsibility what a solemn warning to deal faithfully with wrongs we need to deal faithfully with these wrongs that bring dishonor to the cause of truth let none who claim to be the depositories of God's law flatter themselves that the regard they that the regard they may outwardly show toward the commandments will preserve them for the exercise of divine justice you guys get that so don't flatter yourselves that you think you're keeping the commandments right and and then when you exercise this judgment you won't exercise it rightly if you're not what obeying the commandments properly and we've seen that happen within this MOOC these people are making poor choices moving back into the city doing all these bad things because they aren't doing what following the commandments they cannot make they cannot make the difference between what's right and what's wrong they get totally messed up and then it said did you have a thought then and that has to do with us as an India there's so much you're following yeah yeah amen and it goes on let none refuse to be reproved for evil we need to meet it amen nor charge the servants of God with be two zealous in endeavoring to cleanse the camp from evil have they not accused us of this we must cleanse the camp from evil a sin hating God calls upon those who claim to keep his law to depart from all iniquity what did they say about Aaron and Moses we want Aaron because he speaks what softly and nice to us Moses he brings what reproof and that's what we need to be doing and I'm saying that's what we have done yes so what's happening now - almost done any sin hating God calls upon those who claim to keep his law - depart from all iniquity they neglect to repent and to render willing obedience will bring upon men and women today as serious consequences as came upon ancient Israel and that's starting with who Miriam and Aaron she got what never see there is a limit beyond which the judgment of Jehovah can no longer be delayed the desolation of Jerusalem in the days of Jeremiah is a solemn warning to modern Israel that the counsels and admonitions giving them through chosen instrumentalities cannot be disregarded with impunity in this word impunity means exempt from punishment they will be punished for their and Roman was telling me she did somebody had sent her a picture of down an aisle and they had his head up high and and it kind of bothered her and I said you know what don't let it bother you because they're their punishment will be awful and vengeance is mine saith the Lord and what they're doing is is so wrong and you don't have to worry about them coming down they will come down yep we need to be praying for the souls that are within that group to come out like Abraham prayed for those in Sodom if there's ten righteous Lord spare we need to have a love for the soul yeah and that's what this is teaching so we're a few minutes over let us close in prayer Heavenly Father as we have discussed the solemn responsibility of the leaders of today Lord we want to humbly beseech you that you will root out all that which is wickedness and sin in our lives that we can be prepared that we may be meek as Moses and preparing to do a great work when the Levites come in Lord we want to thank you for this book spirit of prophecy and help us Lord to be in unity and come into a place where we can be blessed of thee and we thank you for this in Jesus precious name Amen