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your grace and your strength and my Holy Spirit and we thank you in Jesus name our journey to Portola began with airline flights that we hadn't been on a plane for myself 40 years in 45 45 and when I flew I went to California but I went to Stockton but that was a long time ago we were able to get through security without getting in trouble even though he got patted down yeah both times she got I mean I got patted down and she didn't okay oh I'm just saying you know I guess I'm gonna advise people to examine yeah anyway she i got patted down and she didn't any security yeah but we made it onto the first flight and we got to Dallas and and then when we just barely had enough time from one flight to the other cuz you gotta get on that train and zoom around go to the other side and when we got on the plane at Dallas how long about 30 40 minute delay because of fog yeah it was quite a while yeah well sat there and so we had to wait for others to go and common yeah there were other planes ahead yeah anyway yeah for people that are used to dishes it's no big deal right and it's one thing you know you do this when you're young you don't when you're young you don't think about these things much till you get a lot older and you're a lot more aware of things you know and it's yeah it's a lot more of it at least in my mind it is you know a more serious thing but you know I told my wife there a few years ago I would never get on a plane unless I knew the Lord was calling us to do that even even still it this is kind of scary you know way up there you know and if something goes wrong you know you're at the mercy of the pilot and the ground crew but we prayed that you know it you know this is like I look at it like what the Lord said but sister White says about Noah building the ark he could do the best job and he did the best job he possibly could but she said even with that even with that that that Ark could not be sustained in those flood waters without God's sustaining grace and his power and I look at the other cat that even with these flames you know we the power of God that's I'm very conscious of that on our flight to Reno I mean I'm always looking for an opportunity to share the truth with with people and there was a young fellow that's at the plane from Dallas to Reno there was a guy it was a three seats on each on either side of the plane and there was a young guy that we became acquainted with during that flight and he was about I think he said he was 40 years old and he was in the Air Force and I try to provoke discussion and it became clear to me that he was not a Christian and the idea of the world coming to an end not interested in that not gonna happen I mean he was a really nice guy really really very friendly you know there's two little boys yeah - Lu - he showed us his pictures of his two little boys but I forget why I went there but anyway there's people in the world oh yeah yeah that that take it for granted you know you get on these planes and they take it for granted I think that all is gonna be well or are they just they don't they don't think about the possibilities they don't think about that that's that's totally out of their minds that's the way the world is but we do not want to take a take for granted any of God's God's mercies not the least of His mercies yes when you're talking about airplane flights Clayton went to Africa this week and the trip he made is the longest flight that Delta airline does and he had he had such a strong tailwind that it cut off three hours out of his off of a 17-hour flight but it made it so bumpy all the way that they had planned to do three meals they could only do one and even though everything was packed securely in the suitcases the equipment it all got dinged up a little bit so he went for like 15 hours completely over the ocean it's nice to think there's ground below you if something goes on completely over the water so bumpy that they can't even serve food I think your flight was probably okay no yeah yeah I know I'm preaching here to the choir as it were you know but for us who haven't done it for many many years and the whole thing was just so quick that it's almost like a dream now but we were we were really really blessed by the reception of the of the brethren and sisters there in Portola very much blessed by their reception of the message and even though I had given those two messages here I presented them in a little bit I added some things to it that I didn't present the first time because whenever I present something enough to present it again I'll go when I go back to it again I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna dig again because there's no end there is no end there's no bottom there is no bottom so it was a beautiful scenery it had snowed and even on when we were coming into Reno and we were looking out the window and Daniel's like is that snow and so we got some pictures of it and so it was real pretty the mountains and but then when we got the further you went north up in into California the snow got deeper until we got to Portola and it was over a foot no 13 and a half thirteen and a half inches but they got but of course in the end Portola but of course when you look at the pictures that we took it looks like more than that but even at the hotel that was of the lodge that was further north than that it was deeper there I don't know how much but it was significantly deeper yeah probably foot and a half at least but it was beautiful it was cold but it was beautiful and I like the weather that they had just gotten snow and yet they anticipated the weather to be above freezing until the following Tuesday so the Lord cleared the way for you guys he absolutely did because along the highway they had these flashing lights this is if lights are flashing you need chains so thankfully we had a good a good rental car that got it through their all-wheel drive so yeah it was it was nice almost you could just pretty much drive with as if there was no snow and he got to see a hawk and I didn't so that was because Michael Trainor yeah he said look for the Hawks yeah we only saw one so that would have been neat cuz they're different there than they are here yeah there was a different color mm-hmm it's still beautiful and the the people were so sweet Paul Charbonneau he drove 11 hours from Phoenix to come up they had cleared the mountains so that Mike and Laura pants were able to come it was just really really wonderful yes edition yes they said to be a few days I think Laura posted them you started off with a challenge the first meeting on Friday evening yeah Oh first I'm from the Friday evening the first meeting you you had a challenge how do you answer people that want to argue against time setting and you gave quite a few quotes you mean in the presentation it's showing the presentation that you started that off yeah I did the restriction the restriction you know that's one thing to and I've I thought about it the other day that I need to actually post it on the chat that the title you know it was called the restriction but actually it really should have been called the restriction removed because that's my that's my main point mm-hmm there's a restriction but that restriction was removed so hopefully those who are watching this president this little report here will get that it has been removed in the other one I did was I did a the exact 17 the Athens of the south and higher education and it you never know what people don't know and so I'm glad that I was able to encourage them and and even tell them a little bit about the book by ei Sutherland studies in Christian education and so and I told them that it's actually on the future news website and so some of them have already gone to that and looked at that I just you know I have found with that book you cannot encourage people enough to read the book it is extremely important extremely important that's right posted on the chats to that book people need to just just engrossed themselves in that book read it thoroughly absorb every thought I got a few more minutes left okay Jesse bondman said that she had some things unless unless you have some further things it was a wonderful trip we were very blessed it was just it was a good experience for us very good we're home bodies and so this was way out of our comfort zone to do this but it was so worth it what do you call those Larry what do you call what would you call those they're like our escalators but there are people movers that when we went when we got wisdom was it in Denver yep in Denver we went from Reno to Denver Denver is like one of the biggest largest airport in the United States yeah and so when we got off the plane and we were you know we get on to get into the building there and we look to see which which gate were supposed to be on and we would realize man we've got a long ways to go we practically went from one end at least from where we were where we entered all the way to the other end of the airport mm-hmm and so with those people movers we took advantage of it and we were booking it right there we just call them people movers and people know what that means when you say that some people they just might just take their sweet time oh they just wanted to stand and thank him please excuse us yeah yeah we came in on gate 22 and we had to get to gate 82 yeah so if you can kind of imagine how far that was the thing to I don't know you know it's like I don't want to belabor the point but I really I think of Paul when he was in Athens and he's looking around you got all these graven images all these gods all these one fault yeah all this nonsense and that's exactly what we saw when you get to these airports especially Denver yeah it's it's purposely new-age from bottom to top yeah they're called Auto walks or moving favorite okay okay but they got they got New Age gods in the tile on the floor and on the walls it burry off you watching there it's part of their decor we are moving too fast somebody works yeah any attention I guess well I was thinking old airport you see this but why like uh in a you know Reno you have these one-armed bandits okay I don't know what you're talking about it's the slot machines okay all right the slot machines yes so yeah it's if if this nation is not Athens if it's not babbling I don't know what ears babbling mmm-hmm where anyways well yes we're we're repeating the history of God's people in the past in past ages and the world is just as much ignorant of the true God if not more ignorant than what they were hundreds thousands of years ago we're more in more dense darkness than ever before so yeah yeah like and we should be the motion like that's nice thank you brother it goes to the great controversy passage that you refer to often where they say it was a time of intellectual darkness that was favorable for the papacy but it will be shown that time of intellectual light or whatever yes it will be equally favorable yep the papacy we that's that's that that is one of to me one of the most serious thought-provoking passages in all the spirit of prophecy it's very controversy I can't forget the page numbers like 572 is it 572 maybe anyway good passage to look up because that they were very ignorant during the Dark Ages and that was very favorable to the to the success of the papacy in the Dark Ages and then she says it will be shown that a day of great intellectual light will be equally favorable to her success and people have all kinds I mean we were intellectually the people of far more advanced in what they were in the dark ages that's fine for the papacy that'll work a great intellectual darkness has been shown to be favourable to the success of the papacy yes that's a long paragraph feels that's just a person yep at the very bottom of the paragraph 572 puh point witnesses but it should be remembered that the greater the light bestowed that greater the darkness of those who pervert and reject it you know oh and I don't mean to be preaching you but I'm inundated detergent it needs to be said that and I guess I find it difficult to actually explain this but remember America is apostate Protestantism even the Catholics have been Protestant eyes if I can say it that way but the Protestants have been Catholicism in have they've been a blending of the other two but what I'm what I'm getting that though is all of this all of this light that was given to America in the Constitution freedom of religion civil and religious freedom all of that has been her and has been mixed with paganism and the people have been going further and further and further into paganism they don't even realize it no they don't realize it it's it's it's a crazy crazy crazy thing but it's happened to this country that a people should be so Bible oriented 200 years ago and to be like we are today in this nation is one that one of the saddest things besides what happened to ancient Israel and and and modern Israel is one of the saddest things that has ever happened in this world imbibing all kinds of pagan ideas but anyway this apostate Protestantism with he's an example right there of what I'm telling you because he was raised Catholic he went to Catholic schools and later he went because of his wife I think of because of his wife he went to he became anyway he became a evelyn Jellicle christian and i read into a small article short article about him yesterday afternoon about that visit to the pope and he's still catholic but he calls himself he calls him he call himself an evangelical catholic or something of that nature he's still Catholic evangelical Catholic Christian something like that amalgamation I thought he had left Catholicism and came into you know Protestantism no no no no no he's still Catholic yeah I didn't know he was evangelical I thought he was Catholic through and through but that is well that is what has happened in this country the Catholics and the Protestants have United and they will be fully United at the Sunday law some already on common ground yeah so Sunday will all be no big deal for them that's a sad day so you have a little bit you share it with us sister brother okay okay woman we'll just go straight to the Shabbos coke okay all right thank you good morning shall we kneel for prayer father were eternally grateful for life each and every day as we wake up in the morning and we're especially thankful this morning that this is your holy Sabbath day and that we can be together as your people and we can study your word and I pray that by the power of your spirit we would each be moved as to our duties moved as to the high election and high calling and you have called us for at the end of this world I pray that you would bless our study with by your Holy Spirit and enlighten our minds that we could go forth saying that it truly was a blessing that we fellowship together on this day we thank you and we praise you in Jesus name Amen I trust everybody has a copy of the questions and we'll just go right into the questions we're looking for those who are online or live we are looking at Acts of the Apostles we're beginning with actually paragraph three of page 89 which primarily wraps over to page 90 and we're concluding on the bottom of 91 into paragraph 1 because paragraph 2 is primarily on the following page so we'll begin with the paragraph that starts with that this step was in the order of God and so our first question on the sheet this morning relates to that paragraph as as we look at it upon page 90 and it talks about on that page two factors that brought the great in gathering of souls that was noted in this time and if somebody have an answer for that first it was greater freedom and what was it they gave them the greater freedom in review of last week was the fact that they had appointed they had organized and appointed seven deacons and the Deacons were there to share the work but along with what brother Larry is saying here the greater freedom of the Apostles what's the second factor that that settled a little more decidedly in my thinking as I was studying this lesson when you find that second night zeal and power of the 7d yes the zeal and the power of the seven deacons now let's just stop and think about that for a moment as we think about our deacons in the past in the present would we say our deacons are full of zeal and power and would we and I guess I would probably want to frame this by looking having the Deacons look at themselves not for someone who's not a deacon to sit back and say well no they're not or yes they are but but more a self inventory for those deacons today as deacons are we showing zeal and power and I would say that we really are all called to be deacons in a way because then you look down further in the paragraph it says the very last part of that paragraph it says on the contrary they were fully qualified to instruct others in the truth so their work was not just limited to the physical work of looking after the needs of the poor but it was specifically in this paragraph about teaching teaching the truth they were to instruct others and it noticed what it says at the end of that paragraph it says they engaged in this work with great earnestness and with great success so that's the kind of Deacons we need to be even if we're not officially a deacon in the church we all need to be deacons in a sense okay first brother Larry number two Jeff what the zeal means to us what does zeal mean that is a very good question I would say the power in that same phrase relates to the power of the Holy Spirit they were filled with the Holy Spirit but what does the zeal we'll follow up on this question and we'll take your thoughts go ahead I think the word zeal you have to protect me out on this but I think the word zeal probably would be related to the words jealous I'm sure certain okay and Sheldon jealous he's related to the word jealous it rhymes with it I don't know if it helped related I know it's directly related is it really yeah yeah the zeal of the Lord hath made me do this I've traced that in this in a study before and that's God's jealousy okay because he said jealous koloth God second commandment so it's righteous indignation okay so when you're when you have zeal you're jealous and you're jealous for the honor of God yes okay definition of zeals passionate harder in the pursuit of anything in general zeal is an earnestness and desire to accomplish or obtain some object and then zealous warmly engaged or art in the pursuit of an object so it is what the Bible says you shall find me when you shall seek for me with how much of your heart with all of your heart that's what zeal is you put everything in that direction you move forward in that direction but I'm I'm happy to be a learner that in this process because I did not know jealous and zealous were in the same I mean we're going a poem with rhyming but but thank you for that enlightenment okay and we plum zeal enough for you today so that is by the to tempo cleansing the disciples when he cleansed the temple said they then they remembered that it was written the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up but you can go back in the old testament and you can find four persons that had this zeal that is also jealousy one of them is the brother to put the spear through Cosby and Zimring Phineas Elijah's twice that way and there's one other and they're all you can show they're all symbols of the temple cleansing point being the temple cleansing is an illustration of God's jealousy and that's identified as the zeal and so what can we say about temple cleansing Xin our time well I didn't answer to that but I looked up the word zeal in the Hebrew and it actually means jealousy or envy and so it's it's a godly jealousy that we're learning about here because we know when phineas was accomplishing his deed it was all for God's honor he could not believe what was going on and he was gonna make it right he was jealous for God's that's why Christ cleanses the temple yes exactly and people would say see the Bible says be angry and sin not and so when it says be angry and sin not to me it means be protective of God's honor have a jealous concern for his honor and it's related to someone mentioned the term righteous indignation that's what it's about so when Christ cleansed the temple he was filled with righteous indignation and I'm sure a lot of people use that as a fig leaf or their anger but anger in the Communist sense of today's society in most people's hearts is about self guarding their own dignity or their own perceived who they think they are and think about it stop and think about arguments that we as individuals might have yeah I can go I can go lots of places at that but I won't just apply that thought to your own situation I was about about to give an example but I think I'll refrain from that was your hand up yeah we've been using Western Union to send money to Africa and a week or two ago the western union wouldn't allow us to do it unless we called it and we and they recorded a conversation asking us questions so that when the people in Africa picked it up they actually had a recording to see if the people in Africa actually knew us well enough to agree with no and then yesterday we tried to send to two countries and they they stopped us and from what we're learning is that it probably hasn't it's it's some kind of money transfer law in the United States that when you get to a certain level and a period of time to certain countries then the government shuts them down Western Union can't set will not allow us to send any more funds to Africa which is kind of a headache and in Kathy went round and round with Western Union for a couple hours yesterday telling him we're in the middle of a big project and right when we're buying airplane tickets and it's a big plan we're not being able to give money for them to have airplane tickets so I'm getting to the point that you were after when you're out that I raised my hand first for about the Deacons the we went down to three hundred spiritually from from September 7 to November 9th Gideon's transition so this this church we're talking about and the Deacons in it is the 300 and over this period of time the questions of Western Union would ask us is well do you really know this guy in Ghana or wherever and go these places and we'd say well we know them for a couple years on the internet and texting that's really all we know I'm some of them might met one time when I was in Africa but not well enough but we tried to explain to him but over the past month and a half or so one thing some of those into Jools over there and this is my point I have got to know them because in these chat forums will see a spy or somebody that's being antagonistic bring up an argument that is just basically attack against the truth so you have to watch for that or I watch for that and it gets a little bit frustrating that all you're doing is garden stuff but I've watched some of these guys in Africa when they see these same kind of inferred questions come up and they're champions they jump all over it they're straight they know what they're doing and and I buy a few weeks ago I was talking to Cathy so I don't even need to do this anymore these guys are out there they're protecting the message on these chat groups I don't even have to watch them if I don't want those are the Deacons up to 300 do you agree with the my premise that we should all be BES yeah because there's such a small number of us yes we almost have to be okay go ahead very quickly I looked up the word deacon in the Strong's Concordance and the Greek it means to be an attendant friend or figuratively teacher technically to act as a Christian Deacon minister so it's right there teachers right in there with it administer yeah and so many of our not our churches because we don't have many churches but so many Adventist churches deacons their their tasks have been relegated to collecting offering and dismissing the people the end but that broadens it a lot and that was really the point I wanted to to arrive at ok let's look at question number two I found this to be a fairly interesting question especially as I looked at it some more well if you were going to give these two pages that we're studying a single word title what would you say would be the most likely single word entity that you would assign to this okay thank you vandalism okay let's let's throw out several United United you okay my house one would you say one organization unity event okay to arrive at the answer and I have the same answer brother Larry had I went through these paragraphs to cuz one word kept hitting me as I was studying and that was United or Union and if you use the word one which he talks about which which brother Larry mentioned it would be more but the word United or a form of it is mentioned eight times eight times on pages 90 and 91 each paragraph has at least two citations of unity or United so to me that seems to be the bottom line of the success of evangelism or if you want to call it evangelism or any other name that you want to call it what really is going to nail down the success of that in the success of anything that we do is our unity and so the first full paragraph on page 90 addresses that issue as Christ recognized that to be a very important issue and he demonstrates that in his prayer for his disciples go ahead brother lay part of this chapter is explaining to us that that's what the enemy is attacking yes is when he sees this unity come together it's a very special point of attack he wants to break it up and when you stop and think about where we were a year ago I felt like we were this was our Gideon's group a year ago and now we know the Gideon group is much smaller and I remember brother Jeff saying not all that long ago there's gonna there are going to be more shakings and I don't think he used these words but a larger number then we now suspect we'll be leaving this group I don't think he used those words but in essence it was there I had no earthly idea that things would be where they are today but yet it's in it's in God's providence and we must not question and we must rejoice actually rejoice part of the what brought about that shaking or the the movement down to three hundred was a purposeful attack upon organization yes is it your unity has to be based upon God's organization yes and your unity must be have as its foundation God's Word both his word and his spirit of prophecy together which go like a hand in a glove we are so blessed to have this resource and to know that the Sunday law is coming despite what others say and probably if there's any teaching I've been more in my face than any other that was it that was what got my attention when a couple of brothers said you know what there isn't going to be a Sunday law and I said that really captivated my attention fast but I've discovered since then and the evidence just keep pile piling up in my mind that that is as the enemy's attack that brought that about because it is clear very clear both here and here like I said a hand in a glove any other comments on that unity is the is the cement of these two paragraphs or the cement of this entire chapter now let's enlarge upon that word in question number three the messengers of Christ could fulfill their important Commission only when what important principle was demonstrated and for the answer there let's go to the bottom of page 90 the bottom paragraph paragraph two and I'm just going to read through that just to refresh our minds cuz I'm sure we've all read it it says only as they were united with Christ could the disciples hope to have the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of heavenly Jools that is exactly the same for us as it was for them there is no difference we can expect to have the accompanying power of the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of angels in heaven when we have this unity unity with Christ that's the unity that's mentioned here in the first line of that paragraph and then it goes on to say with the help of these divine agencies they would present before the world a united front so it's unity in Christ produces unity amongst the brethren that's how I read that now I do want to go back and pick up an that oh I see why I missed it because it's question number four I have not been there yet what important components because I jumped ahead to paragraph two and I want to remain in paragraph 1 for a little bit when you think of a couple things that sister white brings out in paragraph 1 of page 90 Acts of the Apostles and let's let's start by looking at well let's just look at verse 11 who would like to read verse 11 I am no more in the world but these are in the world and I come to the Holy Father keep through thine own name those whom thou has given me that they may be one as we are think about that comparison it appears at other places in this chapter that they might be one as we are one as who is one Christ in the father now that's the unity that's that's mentioned here as the bedrock anchor for this principle and he's praying to the father that we would have that same unity with them that he has with the father and so if we have that unity with him that he has with a father then we have unity with the father and it's in its divinity combined with you man in its fullest sense and that's my brothers and sisters with the church triumphant in its final stages is that in perfection now that's not to say we won't see that before I think we're already seeing that and that comes out in this chapter also did I see a hand in the back so I looked up one a meaning of it pretty simple a miracle but when you go into what it means g-33 9 1 it means to agree it's unity isn't it so I thought it was perfect it is perfect oneness we're to have the oneness with Christ that he has with the father that's a pretty tall order is it not very tall order how do I agree with Christ if that's mean one with Christ what does that mean what does that mean let's let's put that question out to the floor that's a good question what does that mean agreement right without answering it I would say it's impossible to do if you don't have confidence in - thus saith the Lord I was gonna say believe believe his word and how do how can we believe something we haven't seemed by faith by what kind of face what kind living faith living faith what what kind of yes that's the word experiential or what's the other word that we could use in there brother Daniel what kind of faith takes you've talked about it a lot that's why I picked on you baby-faced that works by love and go find your soul experimental thing yeah yeah faith that we know to be true because we've experienced it or we've experimented we've allowed Christ to actually speak to our hearts okay so here's Christ prayer for his disciples now how do we know that it's for more than just his 12 and I love this verse and I'm gonna read that one verse 20 verse 20 of chapter 17 neither pray I for these alone but for me for them also which shall believe on me through their word whose their word it's those disciples those apostles who wrote the words of the Bible and so we believed on Christ because of their word so he's praying for me he's praying for us each one here that is a really powerful verse as we attempt to wrap our minds around what this what this United with Christ really means now we've talked about it in terms of relying on playing thus saith the Lord we've talked about it in terms of a living faith that accepts the word no matter what we hear other people saying it's it's what Christ says what God says a plane does saith the Lord let's look at a couple more verses in chapter 17 now sister white looks at verse 23 but let's look at verse 21 actually let's go let's take him in the order she does she takes 23 first who would like to read 23 may be made perfect in one and that the world may know that thou has sent me and have loved them as thou hast loved me to me that puts the capstone on the understanding of what we just read a little bit ago in in verse 11 yes verse 11 the last line Holy Father keep them through thine own name though those whom thou has given me that they may be one as we are that just puts the nice repeating and large upon that I it's just it's beautiful okay now let's look at verse 20 yes okay go ahead on that verse 11 I really like I don't think I fully understand it but it says keep through thine own name I did a little looking but it's it's too the name yes his name so that prayer is to the Father to keep us through his through his name I went back to Moses I am that I am that's it's plain as plain as it can be for little finite minds okay now let's read verse 20 do we read 21 correct we read 23 we took them in the order now let's read 21 it's going to be another repeat and enlarge but I just like the order she took them in okay go for it they that all may be one as thou father art in me and I in thee that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that thou has sent me now what's the two things that are slightly different in those two verses notice notice the order and we can probably spend a lot of time about that but if you look at your Acts of the Apostles sister white takes him in the order twenty three first and twenty one second what's different about those verses they sound very similar it's a repeat and enlarge but there's one principle that's a little different knowing what's that loving and believing that the world may see that that the world may believe that thou has sent me that the world may know that thou has sent me and has loved them so it to me that the difference is the love and the belief but they go together think how they go together brother Larry there's a good quote in your Study Bible okay in this verse okay take us there it says twenty and twenty one unity and diversity okay it just says what kind of unity is spoken of in these words unity in diversity and what does that mean I think that's a term that gets kind of carelessly thrown out there from time to time to cover a multitude of ideas and opinions well she kind of answers it okay in the air go ahead and read it a little more than brother our minds do not all run in the same channel and we have not all been given the same work God has given to every man his work according to his several ability they are different kinds of work to be done and workers are varied and workers of varied capabilities are needed if our hearts are humble if we have learned in the school of Christ to be meek and lowly we made all pressed together in the narrow path marked out for us amen so it's not about everybody going their own directions and calling that diversity but its its individual talents all focused in the same direction okay that I saw another hand sister Bronwyn we're told that the first disciples reset represented widely varied types of characters differing in their natural characteristics and they needed to come into unity but what I'm finding as I look at these quotes of unity is that it has been applied recently to a unity that actually is the earth and that's never the context that he is speaking to us about it's not an earthly unity about me expect accepting the LGBTQ society it's really about coming in to his throne room and unity yes it's a heavenly unity it's higher than this earth so any unity that we're doing with the political structures of the earth they are not thoughts form of unity I know there's a lot of statements in the sphere of prophecy about this and I'm not I can't think of one right now but I know they're there and we all know this but I'll say it anyway that unit unity cannot be achieved in falsehood the truth unites us the truth unite us and I think that cannot be overemphasized and the only statement I can think of that that would come close to what I'm trying to say I've always appreciated this statement from the desire of Ages page 671 even though she's not speaking here about truth she's speaking also but she is speaking about peace the comforter is called the Spirit of Truth his work is to define and maintain the truth he first dwells in the heart as the Spirit of Truth and thus he becomes the comforter there is comfort and peace in the truth but no real peace or comfort can be found in falsehood it is two false theories and tradition that Satan gains his power over the mind by directing men to false standards he miss shapes the character through the Scriptures the Holy Spirit speaks to the mind and impresses truth upon the heart thus he exposes ever and expels it from the soul it is by the Spirit of Truth working through the Word of God that's that Christ subdues has chosen people to himself there's a lot of people out there that think that they can achieve unity without the truth you know that is it's no it's it's whatever unity is there is just it's the making but it's the human unity that was spoken of yeah it's it's and it's its foundation is example it'll crumble yes absolutely much we can say about that really the chapter here min yes sanctify them yeah saying I buy them through that truth thy Word is truth okay let's leave that question there's there's a lot we need to cover in the last few moments we'll probably probably take about ten more minutes so let's let's look at question number five what are the prerequisite prerequisites that's always been a hard word for me to say for receiving the power from the Holy Spirit and the angels from heaven what is the prerequisite we've already covered this so it should be on the tip of our minds go ahead I do have a statement here from 2mr 843 before giving us the baptism of the Holy Spirit our Heavenly Father will try us to see if we can live without dishonouring him very good point so there's that's part of our trials is to make sure we're fit yeah if the question is you know what are what other prerequisites trials well trials but I mean but coming up the prerequisites are if I stand with the relationship of the trial go ahead it art prerequisites like requirements yes so the requirement that before we can receive the power of the Holy Spirit we must honor God and we demonstrate that through my trial lots of yes okay good point oh I think you can take what he wrote read in a different way and not denying that but when you do honor God and come into that relationship then you are going to be tested to to give opportunity to prove if it's genuine genuine you don't just enter into a covenant relationship you get tested thereafter yes to prove it especially when you think about Abraham as a prime example of God entering into covenant okay I see two hands Bronwyn sister Bronwyn and then Brotherly argument brother Daniel I just wish I had the clout in front of me and I don't but I was looking at Hezekiah this week and he did such a great work but when he was tested by those ambassadors coming to him he really messed it up and that test was for his proving and the Lord still had mercy on him even though he messed up that test but punishment came to me so I don't know there's hope he did a good work and as soon as he did the good work and made his full span for the Lord he was given a test he felt miserably he recognized his failure I think it's a hopeful story she's gonna do her forever and we can each personally I can't for that camera not other Daniel just one real quick still dwelling on the prereq prerequisites or requirements requirements yeah I say prerequisite requirements I've read from acts 525 verse 32 and 33 5 32 and 33 and we are his witnesses of these things and so is also the Holy Ghost whom God have given to them that obey Him when they heard that day when they heard that they were cut to the heart and took counsel to slay them people don't like that you know you if you say you don't receive the Holy Spirit if you are living in disobedience to his Commandments and God doesn't honor your prayer if you're living in this led his Commandments how can we obey his commandments only by face it's not something we muster up from inside it's a choice when we align our wills with the will of Christ okay real briefly let me just look at with you at my answer which I took from and I appreciate everybody's answer because I think it's right on and I don't think we should stick right to the text because I like when we we break away from them and bring in other sources but it says right here as they should in the middle of paragraph ninety point two as they should continue to labor unitedly heavenly messengers okay so this is how the angels are going to help will go before them opening the way and hearts would be prepared for reception of the truth so that's how this paragraph specifically says the angels will work with us they'll actually grease the skids as it were so when we come in it will be easy and I hope that you folks when you made your trip the skids were greased for you to come in and be able to plant some significant seeds of truth in the hearts of the Brethren there because that's the work of the angels and the Holy Spirit now let's look at question number six I like question number six because it refers to the church triumphant and it says this this this paragraph 90.2 describes how the church advances from victory to victory and this is a experience of the church triumphant and so the question says when in what church a company accomplishes this divine mission and I've already answered it for us it's the church triumphant but let's let's consider the church triumphant for a few moments I always see this this Song of Solomon 6 verse 10 and I just know it is the church triumphant but it is before the climax of the church triumphant to me the church triumphant in its class axis when all evil is wiped away when it's done but there's still there's still battle going on here because it's talking about in this paragraph is talking about victory after victory or victory to victory the church is advancing from victory to victory gloriously fulfilling the divine commission of proclaiming that gospel so the gospel still hasn't reached its climax am I right on that okay so you've got this verse that decidedly tells us that this is a description of the church triumphant it's a beautiful one let's look in Song of Solomon we don't often turn there so let's let's go there and let's just look the morning fares the moon clears the Sun and terrible as an army with banners okay I looked up from victory to victory as a quote and I think I got twenty twenty places where I found it to be used in spirit of prophecy and I'd like to just share a couple of those you don't have a lot of time but let's share a couple of them okay this is ninety actually its sons and daughters of God and there's two different books combined in this thought so I'll go ahead and read sons and daughters of God three sixty six point for the proclamation of Christ coming should now be as when made by the angels to the Shepherd's of Bethlehem good tidings of great joy do we have a message of good tidings amen what do we call that message with that everlasting gospel what else do we call it midnight cry yes three angels 13 Joseph's how about to me the one that really describes the purpose of it is message to the lay of the seein's it really tells what it's about it tells the target audience and that's that's where our good tidings of great joy but she says the proclamation should be should now be as when made by the Angels to the Shepherd's of Bethlehem good tidings of great joy now let me read on sons and daughters of God 366 those who really love the Savior cannot but hail with gladness the announcement founded upon the Word of God think about that in terms of our message okay that he and whom their hopes of eternal life are centered is coming again not to be insulted despised and rejected because what's the Laodicean message to do is to prepare people for the advent is it not that he's coming again not to be insulted despised and rejected as at his first Advent but how's he coming in power and glory to redeem us now here it says the gospel is to advance from conquest to conquest so that's from battle to battle then it says from victory to victory the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High and they shall take the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever and ever it's not a beautiful promise if we're part of the church triumphant in this phase when it's going from victory to victory from conquest to conquest what does sister White say and that comes from 9219 that should tell us a little bit about it because it comes from 90 it's for us the greatness of the kingdom shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High and it will be theirs for ever and for ever now let me just share one more paragraph before we close I had lots of things on this this my favorite question the study by the way and I was hoping to get to it sooner but hopefully it will spark an interest in your study victory to victory look that up but this one's from ninety one thirty nine point two the people of God and it describes us who have had who have had night light and knowledge have not carried out the high and holy purposes of God now I'm not saying that should be us but that's just setting the stage it goes on to say they have not advanced from victory to victory so they're in the battles but they're not gaining victory after victory they're not adding new territory they're not lifting up the standard in the cities in their suburbs why it tells us in the next sentence great spiritual blindness has been shown by these who have had great light by the Lord but who have not advanced in the light to greater and still greater light so that needs to be our experience as we consider the church triumph over to advance to light and greater light and and my hope is that our time and worship together as we join worship in the eleventh 11 o'clock hour that that will be our experience as we worship together we will advance every single day for we either are advancing or we are retrograding just as decidedly let's kneel for prayer father in heaven we considered a great privilege to be your sons and your daughters and church triumphant and deacons in that church triumphant and Lord I pray that you would instruct us and you would teach us and we would advance every single day of our lives because we have by faith embraced the truths of your word without equivocation we know them to be true because we have tasted and we have seen that the Lord is gracious and he has come to us as a living stone we thank you for that privilege because we know that you say in your word that he who best receives him that way will not be confounded by that which we read in your word but to them which be disobedient they will be that stone will be as a rock of stumbling and as a rock of offense but we are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and why are we called that we might show forth the praises of him who hath called us out of darkness into this marvelous light that keeps advancing and advancing and for that we praise your name and we praise your name for this little oasis of time when we could be come apart and study and put our hearts and our minds together in oneness and in unity we pray in Jesus name in answer to his prayer for us centuries ago amen you