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we should start with the word of prayer heavenly father thank you for bringing us together today please help the um the words that i speak be the the right ones for this moment given three months from today and thank you for your blessings of sabbath and a beautiful day in jesus name amen i there's this bird that keeps flying in my stove and two days in a row i got him out and left him and grabbed him and got him outside and he flew off because he flies down gets in my stove and this morning i wake up and franklin got him so my dog and so he has a i guess you can make it twice through my stove and live but the third time real bummer to start out this morning with this dead bird but franklin was super happy you know i i want to start this this is not some of the stuff that i'm going to say here may irritate some people but that's okay the one challenge that i have as i start this short presentation is i would like people to try to see if they could explain july 18th and how we derived that date to somebody not in this movement by themselves can you explain it can you go in and say these are the exact reasons why we came to this date because when i was tasked with the website i know that i couldn't and i still believe today i i don't think i can but when i was tasked with the website to put together this portal that people are going to be sent to through the advertisements of you know maybe online maybe newspaper maybe letter when we warn the people in nashville about this particular date we got it took about two and a half months that the committee that my father put together for them to prepare all their material so i got the first draft of the material it was like 141 pages the first time that i looked at it and within the next two weeks or so it was up to about 170 pages and that's where it sits about right now but what i did was i focused on just doing the website i didn't care about what really the content said i was focused on let's just get the material up there these are the experts they know how to explain it so i wasn't really concerned with the material so for the past couple weeks i've been working on just the architecture of the website with the help of austin for some of the design things and with the help of lisa tanch from germany and i we were starting to translate the website into german so that we would have another version of it and then i started to really dig in once we got the majority of the architecture and how it's supposed to work done and i started to dig in and read all the content that was there and what i could derive out of about a hundred and seventy pages of content is two paragraphs that actually spoke about how we derived july 18th and the rest was interesting information about things that we believe about the mark of the beast about you know the pope about islam about interesting stuff that people should know if they're going to be part of this movement but it really had nothing to do with july 18th and there was there were some studies in there and about that mentioned july 18th and there was statements made in the beginning on this is what we believe we believe july 18th nashville is going to experience a nuclear attack but there was no evidence whatsoever except for two paragraphs that i could find which was part of one of the the things that theodore put together that actually explained that and so that was when i discovered that that was about a week ago today and i started get really discouraged because i was like we're putting together a website we're going to spend a bunch of money to get people to go there and we have no evidence whatsoever on that website about what we're talking about so then i went to my dad and he offered to to help put that together and again he's gonna have to end up doing it but the point is is the content that was created for this final warning message for nashville was really lacking and if you just read it yourself i challenge you to go on the website today or midnight and read all the information on there and find more than two paragraphs that talk about how we derive the date please show me because i've read it several times and then also going and yes we state that in some of the introductory paragraphs that yes this is how this is what we believe but not actually how we drive and get to it so the website's not complete because i got a week and i deviated on this what i'm going to talk about today all the content is there but i have not included the footnotes from the studies that theodore and others did and i have not included all the images but all the actual words and content is there so if you went there today and read it but i would not recommend like some people on the chats were talking about yesterday of putting that out there yet until we can actually put a decent argument together on why we derive that date and how we get to it so with the help of lisa this week i went back into all the material that that that stephen and adelio put together we went back and read through the whole website again and we tried to create our own couple introductory pages on why we derived that date and that's when i realized that i surely couldn't argue that to somebody and then i went to somebody who's outside of adventism completely and i said read this website and tell me what you know what you think and the only comment was i don't i don't get it what are you talking about so we have to understand that that in my past i developed a website when i was in the financial services industry and after about three years we had over a million paid subscribers okay so what i've done in my past be from when the internet was started is i've developed websites that get users to go there subscribe and stay there i know the mechanics around that their studies differ but people are on your website between 15 seconds and two minutes and 17 seconds on average and the average stay is about 58 seconds so that's how long you have in the beginning in order to capture somebody's interest enough to where maybe they hopefully will read more but if you give them 170 pages of interesting stuff they will not stay there and the whole purpose of this is to get them to get out of town for that one day that's that's what we need to accomplish by this and i think that you know dad's gonna start helping me this week and what i've put together for today's presentation i've spent eight minutes on the introduction is what i would say and replace the introductory paragraphs and replace that this is the best way that i can describe it but again i want to go back to my initial challenge everybody involved here cannot rely upon him and theodore to explain the dates okay there's supposedly 300 298 other people need to be able to do this on their own and if you can't you know why would you even believe this and so where we'll start as this is the paper that that uh being lisa put together to try to explain it and i guarantee you we've already found this morning some mistakes in it because i'm not honestly i'm i'm not a hundred percent sure i could explain it right now so there are mistakes in this presentation that i that i put together but this is the work in progress that i'm going to hand off to my father and hopefully have him cobble it into something more readable for people and you have to remember too there's a lot you're not going to be able to explain so you have to make some assumptions we're not going to be able to have an in-depth study for 30 pages on why we believe in ellen white if you do that to start out your presentation it's it's useless so i'm going to start out with you with the notes that i put which is july 18 2020 the midnight cry is the name of the notes it's we'll read what how i would start this when i was in nashville i'd been speaking to the people and in the night season there was an immense ball of fire that came right from heaven and settled in nashville there were flames going out like arrows from a ball houses were being consumed houses were taught tottering and falling some of our people were standing there it is just what we as we expected they said we expected this others were wringing their hands in agony and crying unto god for mercy you knew it they said you knew that this was coming and you never said a word to warn us they seemed as though they would almost tear them into pieces to think that they were never told them or given them any warning at all and i i think that the value of this website will probably exist on july 19th because i think the majority of people won't believe this so therefore the by the time that they they they come to and they wow these people knew about it that's when they're going to want to dig into some of this and if it's still just generic why we're an adventist kind of you know stuff that's not going to really be convincing for people this is my first statement a lot of these are my statements they they could be wrong but this is how i would say that first we believe that nashville tennessee will be attacked by radical islam on july 18 2020. since we believe this is true it is important to warn the nearly two million residents that reside in the metropolitan area there's 1.96 or some million people there we believe that attacks by radical islam have been described in the bible in the spirit of prophecy specifically 9 11. secondly we believe that the events are marked by the beginning of will mark the beginning of sunday legislation when the united states of america begins to do the bidding of the catholic church and church and state will be united thirdly we believe that this is also the beginning beginning of world war three which will throw the entire world into chaos russian islam will find their political end within the next 20 months ending on december 25th 2021. these predicted events were gleaned from the study of the bible and spirit of prophecy and then we're going to go read luke real quick and there's been signs in the sun and the moon and in the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring men's heart failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are to come on the earth for the powers of heaven will be shaken and then this is mine in the current situation with the kovid 19 we've seen the panic spread all over the world laws are being enforced personal freedoms restricted all under the cloak of safety as george bush said after the attacks of 9 11 you are either with us or against us in the war on terrorism that's when the patriot act was passed past allowing the government to store mass data of personal information and guilt and in change the judicial system in the united states from perception of innocence to a perception of guilt we believe that after july 18th the war on against terrorism will reach far different dimensions as well as the attack will be the conclusion between islam or will be a collusion between islam and russia the king of the south from daniel 11. then from malachi 4 5 behold i will send you elijah the prophet before the coming great and dreadful day of the lord we the we believe that the lord has selected future for america to be the movement which warns the world of the upcoming attack that would be the point of god what would be the point of god's prophecy without someone being able to decipher and prophesy about what is to come with the people who care to listen for example the lord would not bring his judgments without a prophet to warn the people then we're going to read from ezekiel 3 18 19 when i said unto the wicked thou surely thou shalt surely die and giveth to him not warning nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood will i require at thine hand if yet if you if thou warn the wicked and he turn not from his wickedness nor from his wicked way he shall die in his iniquity but thou hast delivered thy soul the future is foretold by some so that the people may be warned about the upcoming judgments of god now i'm going to skip down because we're we're already only halfway through why july 18 2020 this is where i would this is where i would start it there there is some introduction but i'm telling you please read the entire website um find something that's that's talking about this in revelation 9 15 the second woe is on july 27 1449 the 26th day of the fourth month we then take 391 years which brings you to july 27 1840. when we extend josiah lich's prophecy the remainder six months or 0.5 years or 180 years from the 26th day of the fourth month in 1840 it ends in 2020. we use the same structure of the other dates of the 26th day of of the fourth month which is july 18 2020. this was the chart that i put in to the the paper and this is where i struggled with with this the most because even for me this is this is really difficult to explain we can see in a lot of these where we have the similarity between the 26th day of the fourth month throughout this but when we're talking about the five months in in revelation 9 5 150 years okay that ends here that's pretty clear but then we we're talking about revelation 9 15 a year that's 360 years that ends here which is slightly off from this one right here which is again the 26th day of the fourth month and that's try to explain that to somebody when you're when you're trying to explain this line upon line i'm giving this is the this is the challenge then you have a month described here which goes the 27th 1830 but then this is this is really the date that that we're watching throughout this which is a different date then we get to a day which is here and this one aligns here but then we take the two prophecies the one from josiah litch and and ezekiel 4 and revelation 9 15 and we take one element out of one of them and put it in the other one that it's not in the other one so we take the 15 days or 15 days right here the hour which ends august 11 1840 and we just take that off and we say no it's 180 years which then it ends on the july 18 2020. and i've i gathered a lot of these from from the charts that theodore and others put together but when you look at this this 391 years and then the 180 years or the 391 and 180 to go from the second woe to july 18th please come up with a good way to explain that because when you're talking about line upon line or others they usually hold all of the attributes of the other one and this for me is very difficult to explain only because it we go right here to revelation 9 15 and then we back up and say no no we're not going to use the the 15 days we're gonna use the six months 180 years and it comes to here so go ahead i don't think it's that hard to explain we're working up on line up online ezekiel's prophecy is the prophecy of josiah revelation 9's prophecy is the application of josiah lich you have a connection in the name josiah from ezekiel and josiah lynch they both have a 391.5 time element the 0.5 in ezekiel's prophet prophecy is 0.5 year the 0.5 in revelation 9 is 0.5 month bringing them together line up online allows you to put the 0.5 of ezekiel's prophecy over the top of revelation 9 and extend it out 180 years if when you did that it ended at some meaningless obscure date and there was no connection then you would probably not use it because miller says you don't want to use it unless it fits but it fits i'm not i i'm not arguing but that's a line up online i know but i already brought out i'm talking to 298 people i'm not talking to you in theodore i'm i'm i'm arguing that it may not seem as difficult it may not be as difficult as you're portraying it there may those i'm not so sure those two those other 298 people that there isn't a percentage of them that could give the lineup online okay but even that being said two to the 300 i i agree with this logic and i'm not arguing i'm talking about the whole purpose is to warn nashville okay that's to warn the world we have to have a compelling um way to explain this in our own way by ourselves without him doing this to to where it would be convincing to others as well perhaps we haven't settled in this movement i'm of the opinion that the warning isn't really for washing for nashville it's for the levites and in the history that illustrates the giving of this message there are statements where sister white says the message is not carried so much by argument the arguments have been given past tense but by the moving of the holy spirit if this warning is going to be effective we we need to do what you're doing we need to struggle very hard to make it clear and bulletproof but the reality of the other histories that illustrate this history say that the people that will be benefited by this message will be benefited because of the influence of the holy spirit more than the doctrinal arguments that are presented but i'm not i agree that what you're doing is what we need to be doing we need to be doing some serious analysis of this but i don't i've watched that lord lead in all of this i think he's even leading here yeah but i'm i'm not i actually am not arguing the point the point that i'm trying to make with this is how many people can go home right now and talk to their their friend that they meet at the store and go through this how many people can do that and that's the thing is that as we we sit here and we consume new information on daniel to in some ways it seems new to me on what he's presenting and really interesting stuff it seems to me that this whole problem of understanding and explaining this is fading into the background and we've just made the assumption that yep we understand it yep we believe that but we're not really getting in to try to understand how we got to these i asked a question on on theodore had a presentation on thursday and i got on his chat or on his zoom meeting and i asked him a couple of the questions about the 0.5 and he's super knowledgeable and he helped me as much as he could but i'll be honest it didn't help me so there's we need a simple way to articulate this so that people will understand that basic point we're making and then they'll want to dig deeper into it and i don't think we're there yet and we're surely not there on on on the website yet um i think that there's a lot of i'm i made my case as much as i could with the help of lisa on in this paper and i think there's a lot of um you can read through this i hope to put some of this on the website once it's edited by him and i think that there's a natural flow that we should go through but we are going to need to change some of the content there so that our initial point is this is how we got to this date then here's all the backup information around it versus here's 140 pages and somewhere in there there's two paragraphs that we say something about this date and there may even be problems with this this morning for instance i found a problem with the help of lisa she pointed out she just said amanda what you're saying okay and i said have you read the 170 pages she says no but if that's the case i believe it no i said if yeah if that's the case then we need to make it let me finish see she's you're talking she's accepted your point without even investigating it because she she gets your logic and she has confidence in you you're her son and that's what i'm saying is this message to the people in nashville the ones that can be convicted are going to be convicted with all without the details she was just convicted without the details she agreed with you without reading 170 pages to even test if there's only two paragraphs in there that actually give the warning message so all i'm saying i'm not i'm not arguing with you is that inspiration tells us that this message is carried more by this exterior influence of the holy spirit than it is the doctrinal arguments i i'll completely agree with that the problem that i have is that we need to do a better job at making those doctrinal arguments and we have a tiny little bit of time i am not soliciting anybody out there who was part of this initial build of the documents i am not soliciting your help right now i think your time to help with that was has passed what i'm looking for everybody to do who's involved in this is get on the website and read through it and if you find problems or things you don't like or things that are wrong point them out and send them to me so that we can adjust them and in the meantime he's going to work on the summary my dad again to get that where we can actually have something out there that's a clean and clear summary and at that point we'll have everybody else go through it one more time to look for any issues and then we'll put it out there but we have to remember that three months from today which was not planned for me and just a weird date that is when this is going to happen so therefore we must um have this done probably by the end of this month the website at least so that we can have everything timed correctly with the advertisements people to go there to submit the thing to do all the work that's necessary to get this message out there we have to have this done by the end of the month and i hope that some people will take the time out of the 300 to get on there and read it yes all the pictures are not in there yet but we're adding them as we go please i i agree with the deadline on the end of the month i'm not arguing that point but then this is totally nothing to do with what you're saying some people have brought it up i've seen on websites and or on the chat room the idea that they're getting anxious that we get that warning letter out there i just want to remind them that josiah lich's final message was 10 days before august 11th and samuel snow's message doesn't click until two months before october 22nd 1844. so we don't need the we we're not really soliciting the external pressure to get it done get it get done we we get we understand we want to get it done but there's even a psychology of an internet psychology that it's better not to tell them a year in advance than it is telling them a month and a half i totally agree what i'm referring to is the time that's going to take us to develop the advertisements to submit them if they're mailing there's a 15 to 20 day lag there's all of those things that come into it and i wasn't soliciting anyone's help to re write new articles just to read through what's there and if they find something wrong or something they don't like let us know but i think it's going to be handled the rest of the changes that are going to occur on the website is going to be handled in internally meaning in in in our family um and and we'll we'll go from there and i think also one other last point i want to make on this because we're about done is i was on theodore's website yesterday and he has a website that lists it's all of his papers that he's put together on all these different things i think there's a couple papers on there that need to be added to the website because they're good background information that you could link to from the other articles that are that are that if they want more detail so i plan to actually extend the our beliefs section which you'll see on there further to have additional content which i think is relevant content but it is not the introductory content i'm talking about for additional relevant content after they've read or partially believed some of these main points and i think if there is other relevant content that's created that other people have beyond theodore which he has a ton um go ahead and send it to us and we'll look to see if it's something that should be added there because that's okay to look at that but we're not looking for development of of new content at this time from anybody just for them to read it and anyways thank you very much for taking the time thank you to lisa for helping me and i hope you have a time to read over this eight pager that i put together and see if you find any problems i have one that i've i've identified see if you find any problems with what was said or a better way to say it i would be okay with that because we need to get um that website finalized this is this is a yankee just wanna i know you're posing i just want to throw something out there maybe it's a curveball i know time is running out but um i understand what you're saying and i also know that we live in a digital uh you know uh era and social media and all that so information is flowing you know back and forth and um perhaps uh one one idea and i know time is running out again but perhaps one idea of an introduction uh that we can the content is there like you said you know and it's robust there's a lot and uh but we still need that we still need something that will you know caught the attention perhaps like a a small clip right maybe like a three to five minute clip where we could explain like give like a high level you know i remember something that came to my mind right now it was like the documentary that was put together for the desolations of jerusalem i know that was very very long and it took a long time to produce that but something in that line like you know like a small video clip perhaps to you know put on the website so people will and we could share that on social media too it could be like a form of advertisement if we're looking for something like that so i just want to throw that idea out there so we can all choose a little bit and think about it i i think that's i think that's one of the best suggestions so far we'd actually lisa and i talked about that of some of the links we're going to send to the video series that we have within the document but we hadn't you know crushed it down to like the three minute or or unlike tick tock one minute maybe have a couple varieties of a quick overview of that first couple paragraphs and have that accessible right on the front page because a lot of people will only view it if they have that type of content so i completely agree once the actual words the content that the search engines can can you know browse through and start aligning us is complete that would be a logical next step and it should be done and i would volunteer even to do it if my dad won't do it but yes that should be done and that will make it easier to link to some of the social media platforms because they'd way rather watch that than read some long website and we will reach more people by doing that we have all the equipment so agreed and i don't see any reason why we won't do that cool and i just want to offer my help we can talk this offline but uh i'm willing to help you guys anything you need amen we know and we appreciate that before you close out your superintendent remarks just for those people that are watching online we're going to have lunch and then have an afternoon meeting here that we're going to live stream and yeah we'll have it on zoom and and uh youtube so after lunch time for the people in africa it'll be very very late at night but for the rest of us it'll be um probably around two but for the people in africa it's something that you're gonna see you'll want to see so you should watch it you should join into the the meeting that'll be after um daniel's sermon after lunch thank you very much yeah yes please um i was going to say that i think that it's really important what elder jeff said too and also considering your thoughts brother clayton the target audience might be really um something to look into because if we're talking about the target audience being the levites then there's a lot of backdrop that they you know in all honesty i'm going to say they should have known while the adventist church is over here running around persecuting in in castrating future for america and the people who are you know the the the forerunners to present the the charts and things of that nature they're going to be challenged with how how did we get all the way to this point while they were rejecting all of this life behind them and i think that um maybe they won't get it or grasp it altogether but they should have they should be able to grasp it by that altogether and secondly um on that point that's exactly what i was kind of doing here in my notebook i can't remember what i'm writing here but it's kind of like how i personally have confidence in 17 uh sorry in july july 18 and that's something that while you're presenting there right before you was presenting i was contemplating to myself well well if i'm going to present it do i do what elder jeff says well brother theodore says or is it how is it personal to me how do i come to understand it and that's exactly what what i was doing so i thank you for the balance that you provided and also just taking into perspective the target audience is also important as well yeah i agree that's why i like the our beliefs section that i broke out some of the material in that because i believe that those especially the woes and islam and all of those things have been bypassed by the adventist church and they're not studied out and those are important studies that are in there so therefore i have absolutely no problem that that we have that type of additional content on there because i think when this event occurs then they'll really be researching that and they won't be going to their local pastor for that particular information so yeah i think this though becomes personal like you said you have to be able to explain it just like i do or we should not be involved here in in my opinion thank you you