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be with us and help us as we see the things that are happening with this pandemic and the panic and the pandemonium and we know that as long as we stay close to you that you will shelter us with I wings and we pray for that for each one today help us father to be faithful to you so that we can go home very very soon we thank you in Jesus name Amen if you've ever had to do superintendent remarks you know what a challenge it is to try to find something that's going to be interesting this is a book that I've decided I've been wanting to do this for a while but this is a really neat book by Jay and Loughborough last day tokens and he brings in the advent history the Millerites and some of the things that were happening here you can see the stars falling on it on the cover and so I'm going to read and I'm just gonna read I know some people don't like that but this is the best I can do for right now so I'm gonna read the introduction and some of these things that he's gonna bring out are going you're you're gonna know because if you've studied you're gonna know where these statements come from that he has he is saying so he says prophecy has defined has been defined as history written in advance this being the case and the prophecy proceeding from the divine mind from one having power to foresee the future the events of the real history would most surely fit the prophecy we may learn from the words of Christ to the Apostles one object of the Lord in giving prophecy speaking of the things that would take place in the career of Judas he said I tell you before it come that it's come to pass you may believe that I am he John thirteen nineteen the lord by the prophet Isaiah also says I am God and there is none like me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure isaiah 46:9 and 10 again i have declared the former things from the beginning and they went forth out of my mouth and I showed them I did them suddenly and they came to pass I have even from the beginning declared it to thee before it came to pass I showed it thee lest thou should assay mine idol hath done them and my graven image and my molten image hath commanded them thou hast heard see all this and will not you declare it I have showed the new things from this time even hidden things that they'll do does not know them and thou created they are created now and not from the beginning even before the day when thou hurt us them not lest thou should it say behold I knew them isaiah 40:8 3 through 7 from the above language the force of prophetic fulfillments as a proof of the divine origin of prophecy as seen as well as their being a demonstration of the power of the Lord above all the gods of the heathen it is also observed from these words that prophecy occupies a very important place in the scriptures of truth in view of these facts it is surpassingly strange that so many people give little or no attention to the study of the prophetic portions of the sacred scriptures the uninformed say they are unlearned and therefore cannot understand the prophecies on the other hand many of the educated and even and some of them even among the ministry say the prophecies are sealed and cannot be understood we all know that the book of Revelation is a sealed book in the revelation the beloved John was told positively not to seal the book revelation 22 10 and also in this book a bless as pronounced to those that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written there in Revelation 1 3 right at the very beginning of the book how could the things contained in a sealed book be kept things which were not and could not be understood that the Lord designed the prophecies of Daniel to be understood is evident from his words to his disciples respecting the same when ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place whoso readeth let him understand that virtually says understand Daniel the prophet the claim that prophecy could not be understood is also clearly delineated in these words the vision of all is be come unto you as the words of a book that is sealed which men delivered to one that is learned saying read this I pray thee and he saith I cannot for it is sealed and the book is delivered to him that is not learn did saying read this I pray thee and he saith I am NOT learning wherefore the Lord saith for as much as these people draw near me with their mouths and with their lips to honor me but have removed their heart far from me and their fear toward me is taught by the precepts of men therefore behold I would proceed to do a marvellous work among this people even a marvelous work and a wonder for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid Isaiah 29 11 to 14 had the people to whom the Prophet refers follow the sure word of prophecy they need not have drifted away from God's law and substituted for his precepts the commandments of men it is not because prophecy has some deep hidden mysterious meaning that a failure is made in understanding it the Apostle Peter has said of it and of understanding it knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation for the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost 2nd Peter 1 20 and 21 it is plainly implied from the above language that what is most essential to an understanding of prophecy is the reception of the spirit that spoke through the prophets of that spirit promised to all who seek it it is said he will guide you into all truth John 16:13 in the study of prophecy these facts should be impressed upon the mind God who is infallible is the author of prophecy and when the time comes for the fulfillment of a prophecy the very event predicted is there again when the Lord's time comes for his messages of truth to go forth the message in his order is unmistakeably there every time as expressed by another to the believer in prophecy a false fulfillment in the time when the true one should come is an impossibility so I'm going to go into the first chapter okay to the believer in prophecy a false fulfillment in the time when the true one should come is an impossibility yes it's very good to remember that although we know that the false does come first but not at the same time and yeah and we can't understand I really like that one about you know when the time comes from the fulfillment of the prophecy the very event predicted is there okay so chapter 1 it's called the second Advent the second coming of Christ is not only placed before us in the scriptures as the hope of God's people but as the great and glorious event for which they will be found waiting and watching when it shall at last occur the Apostle Paul when speaking of this coming said so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation Hebrews 9:28 when Christ is about to appear his people are represented as responding to his declaration surely I come quickly with the triumphant words Amen even so come Lord Jesus revelation 22:20 we believe that Jesus is about up here do we not we believe when he shall at last come as expressed by the prophet Isaiah his people will joyfully say lo this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us this is our Lord we have waited for him we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation Isaiah 25 9 speaking of that event the Apostle Peter said we have not followed cunningly devised fables when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but were eyewitnesses of his majesty for he received from God the Father honour and glory when there came such a voice from to him from the excellent glory this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased and this voice which came from heaven we heard when we were with him in the holy mount we have also a more sure word of prophecy we're in - you do well that you take heed as unto a light that shine a--the in a dark place until the day dawn in the day star arise in your hearts second peter 1:16 2:19 in the above language the Apostle refers to the Transfiguration on the Mount as a proof of the second coming of Christ previous to this scene our Savior had said to his apostles there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom Matthew 16:28 as recorded by Luke he also said there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the kingdom of God Luke 9:27 the record of the fulfillment of this promise is found in the account the Transfiguration and we've seen in desire of Ages in those chapters 44 or 45 and 46 where these are really brought into view in this vision on the Mount they saw Jesus glorified as he will appear when he comes in his kingdom they saw Elias who was taken to heaven without tasting death representing those will be translated changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye when the Lord comes there also was Moses one who had died representing those who will be raised from the dead to meet the Lord so in this vision on the Mount they had a view of Christ coming in his kingdom as he has promised them though the Apostle had seen this glorious sight on the Mount of Transfiguration and had heard the voice of God's approval the Apostle Peter says we have a more sure word of prophecy by this statement he is not discrediting what they saw and heard on that memorable occasion then they heard the voice of God only once but in the great lines of prophecy extending down to Christ's second coming we have the voice of God oft repeated in fact every definite prophetic prediction fulfilled or recorded in history is the voice of God to us it must be in this sense that the word of prophecy is more sure the prophecy is made sure by every specification fulfilled each and every event predicted when fulfilled is an assurance that the remaining events will surely come the Apostle says we should give give heed to prophecy as to a light shining in a dark place the purpose of a light is to dispel darkness when traveling in a dark place to show the pathway and to show the pathway clearly the traveler may that the traveler may be enabled stepwise to see and choose the right way the light should shine at his feet thy word says the psalmist is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path the wise man says the path of the just is as a shining light that shine a--the more and more unto the perfect day thus it is seen that the Word of God especially in his prophetic fulfillments will open more and yet more making it clearer and clearer to the Bible student that he is surely in the pathway leading to the everlasting light an eternal day in giving heed to the sure word of prophecy as to a light that is to guide our steps discovering to us the correct path through the darkness it must be that we shall find the pathway down to the second advent of Christ marked out in the prophetic word this being the case those who follow closely the light of prophecy will not only recognize the signs and tokens that the great day is near but will recognize also the work of the Lord as it steadily moves on in the messages of truth which are to prepare a people to meet him in peace at his coming everything that we have been learning every class that we have been attending is so that we will be able to recognize the signs the tokens and the work of God to prepare us to be able to go home soon and to meet him in peace when he does return while the Scriptures declare that the day of the Lord will come upon the masses as a thief in the night they also say of those standing in the counsel of God ye brethren are not in darkness that day should overtake you as a thief ye are all the children of light and the children of the day from the foregoing quotation it may be expected that in the further investigation of this subject the pathway of the people of God down to second advent of Our Blessed Lord and Savior will be clearly and accurately traced in succeeding chapters do we believe the Lord is coming soon should so I ain't gonna go into chapter two the day of the Lord cometh in the prophecy of Joelle there are presented events which in their fulfillment betoken the near approach of the great day of the Lord blow you the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain that all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord cometh for it is nigh at hand Joel 2:1 among the events to transpire as the great day approaches the Prophet speaks of that which he compares to the unrestrained March of a devastating army this army the Lord designates as the locust cankerworm Caterpillar and palmer worm before these destructive agencies come upon the land he says it is as the garden of eden but behind them a desolate wilderness this is undoubtedly in the time mentioned by the prophet Isaiah when he says the earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof because they have transgressed the laws change the ordinance broken the everlasting covenant therefore hath the curse devoured the earth these visitations of the curse as we approach the end are the visible evidences that the earth and atmospheric heavens are waxing old as does a garment and that they are soon to be folded up and changed while the curse is thus resting more heavily upon the earth the prophet shows that earthquakes will increase and the signs appear which our Savior would said would show that his coming was even at the door he said the earth shall quake before them the heavens shall tremble the Sun in the moon shall be dark and the stars shall withdraw their shining and the Lord shall utter his voice before his army for his camp is very great for he is strong that executed his word for the day of the Lord is great and very terrible and who can abide it Joel to ten eleven in comparing the the above with the language respecting the six seal there is seen a striking similarity both as to the events introduced and to the question raised here are the signs in the Sun Moon and stars and then as the voice of God shakes the heavens and the earth the rocks are flying in every direction men called to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the land lamb for the great day of his wrath has come and who shall be able to stand revelation 6 16 and 17 this voice of God before his army which wrens mountains is that is in that time when the seventh and last seat Black Plague is poured out and Christ comes to a warned yet unprepared world as a thief in the night the prophet Joelle proceeds to show the necessity of an earnest humble seeking of God a rending of the heart before him and that to such he will give the latter rain of his spirit the same that the Apostle James declares the Lord is waiting to bestow upon his people when the coming of the Lord draweth nigh James five seven and eight having carried us past this latter rain the Prophet presents the final consummation in these words my people shall never be ashamed Joel - 27 the Prophet then refers back to that prediction which the Apostle Peter said began its fulfillment on the day of Pentecost and carries us down to the great day of the Lord again and it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream dreams your young men shall see visions and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit and I will show again in the earth blood and fire and pillars of smoke the Sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord come it appears from the order of events here introduced that before the signs in the Sun and the moon there were to be wonders in the heavens and such - as would have the appearance of blood and fire and pillars of smoke about the middle of the 16th century there appeared a wonder in the heavens that finally in the fore part of the 18th century assumed the exact appearance of that predicted by the Prophet Joe L it is the aurora borealis first seen in a fiery display in Great Britain in 1716 and in America for the first time three years later in 1719 from the middle of the sixteenth century there have been witnessed from time to time in increasing magnitude spheres of red light in the heavens and shooting stars but up to 80 1716 no fiery display is recorded as the first authority for these statements a quotation is given from the Edinburgh encyclopaedia published about the Year 1804 from that work we quote the following paragraphs and so he's going to quote from this encyclopedia from 1808 the most unaccountable of all the circumstances respecting the aurora borealis is that it is not much more than a century since this phenomenon has been observed with any degree of frequency in our latitudes we find indeed atmospheric phenomenon recorded by the ancients which may be regarded as example examples of this meteor but with trifling expectations this whole of antiquity is absolutely silent on this subject dr. Haley of London England informs us that he had begun to despair of witnessing this beautiful phenomenon when the remarkable Aurora of 1716 made its appearance this philosopher has given us a historical detail of the several observations of this meteor in which he says the first of it on record in an English work is a book in titled a description of meteors I doesn't give the name just some initials replanted in London in 1654 which he speaks of burning spheres being seen January 30 1560 he says in this book that the next appearance of a light kind is recorded by Stowe and occurred on October 7th 1560 for in 1574 according to Stowe and Camden and Aurora was seen for two consecutive nights the 14th and 15th of November the same phenomenon was twice seen in Brabant in 1575 on the 13th of February and the 28th of September and the circumstances accompanying it were described by Cornelius EMA who compares them to Spears fortified cities and armies fighting in the air there are stories in here about people who saw two opposing forces battling they could see them and these men had been in the Civil War and they knew what warfare was and as they saw these armies and the fighting they said it was exactly like what they had experienced during the Civil War so these things were seen even back in 1575 in 1580 and 1581 this phenomenon was repeatedly observed at back range in the country Overton Berg in Germany but from this till 1621 we have no phenomenon on record when it was seen all over France on September 2nd and it's particularly described by Gassendi in his physics under the title of auroria aurora borealis in November 1623 another was seen all over Germany and is particularly described by Keppler since that time for more than 80 years we have no account of any such phenomenon being observed in 1707 mister Nev observed one of short continuance in Ireland and in the same year a similar appearance was seen by Romer at Copenhagen while during an interval of 18 months in the year 1707 and 1708 this sort of light had been seen no less than five times the Aurora of 1716 which dr. Haley particularly describes was remarkably brilliant it was also visible over a prodigious tract of country being seen from the West of Ireland to the confines of Prussia and the east of Poland extending nearly thirty degrees of longitude which is about 1,800 miles east and west and from the fiftieth degree of north latitude over almost all the north of Europe about 1,800 miles north and south and in all places exhibiting at the same time appearance is similar to those observed in London it appears then to be certainly established that the aurora was of rare occurrence in our latitude till about a century ago for it cannot be supposed that so beautiful and striking a phenomenon would have passed unnoticed and unrecorded during the two preceding centuries while men of science and particularly astronomers were so busily employed in examining every remarkable appearance of the heavens or that the philosophers of Greece and Rome would have remained silent concerning so beautiful and mediator meteor had it been in any degree familiarly known to them it is vain to account for their silence by saying that they inhabited latitudes which are scarcely ever visited by these appearances for the Romans not only visited but long resided in the north of Germany and Britain where the aurora is now frequently seen in great splendor the above details from the encyclopaedia show that the aurora especially in its crimson and fiery display is a modern date increase mather who was the father of cotton mather both eminent and learning Divine's of the Congregational Church in Boston Massachusetts in a book of five sermons on titled fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven published in 1680 made no reference in his sermons to any fiery display of Aurora he said he had searched all history both ancient and modern he referred to fiery comets one of which was visible when he preached his fifth sermon he had found in history accounts of several blazing stars which he supposed had sufficiently the appearance at times of blood and fire and pillars of smoke in the heavens to be in fulfillment of the word of the of the word of the Lord by the Prophet Joe l in a book published in London about 120 years ago entitled dictionary of Arts and Sciences is an account of the fiery Aurora of 1716 this book states expressly that the oldest inhabitants there at that time had never seen or heard of the like before I'm waiting and I keep looking to see if there's gonna be any kind of sign in the stars or in the moon any kind of thing that's gonna really put a ceiling on on what we've been learning about Pan Am and the predictions and the panic and so these things were happening before the recorded falling stars the things that Jesus told us about so I'm waiting I'm just in anticipation of these things so I'm out of time right now so if you can I hope you can get this book and read it he goes in he brings into light a lot more of the prophecies that we understand about oh he's got the parable of the ten virgins the loud voice there's several drawings of things that were witnessed here's a picture of the armies that the that was seen in the heavens the battles that took place in the in the sky people saw this and so just it was amazing these people that saw these things we saw things in Sweden California South Africa Washington state Mexico extra Suns rainbows just really a bunch of really really interesting things so I hope you can get it swords crowns serpents people saw things just all over the world so I just this is a really really good book and really pulls together advent history in the other early history into focus thank you good morning and happy Sabbath what I pulled from Deborah's reading or presentation was that the signs of the times are all around us the prophetic narrative is actually being fulfilled before our very eyes and the time is at hand come Lord Jesus may we all be ready I want to welcome our guests here be at the web we want to welcome you and say that we welcome your input if you would like to respond in partake of this Sabbath school hi there please do just turn on your mics and we will be able to hear you and you as you already know you can hear us so we want to welcome you and say happy Sabbath yes let's go ahead and begin with prayer Heavenly Father we come before you this holy Sabbath day and we thank you that we are able to still meet in a time such as this our Lord we asked where forgiveness of sins that we may be blessed as you pour out your spirit that we so long desire this morning as we go through the books Acts of the Apostles the so present truth for us today may it prepare us not only for today but for those things to come and we thank you for this in Jesus precious name Amen so if you have your handout if not there are some over there then they'll definitely online for you guys as well we are going through Acts of the Apostles 107 through 108 and so let's just go ahead and begin and read the first paragraph this is Acts of the Apostles 107 paragraph 1 and who has that all right brother Toby would you read that first paragraph for us please yes please Philips work in Samaria was marked with great success and that's encouraged he sent to Jerusalem for help the Apostles now perceive more fully the meaning of the words of Christ when he said ye shall be my witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the earth acts 1 verse 8 okay so the very first question is why was Philips work and Samaria marked with great success this is a really easy one who would like to answer that and really it's not in the paragraph I'm sorry it's really not in there but we should know kind of just take a reflection on what had happened I'll give you a hint it had to do with a woman and some water all right okay we got it yes I should have mentioned that and so that was my fault yeah yeah yeah see if I can get the background in the context for this and sure enough it's because of the seeds that Christ planted with the woman at Jacob's Well the woman of Samaria yeah so when these these teachers arrived in Samaria they were in the clue is partly on 106 point four which overlaps under 107 they were received they were welcomed as messengers of the gospel because of those seeds Christ had planted so the pre work that was done by Christ amen now this question here I don't think I ever remember if we've ever discussed this so this is part of 107 point one who do the Samaritans represent in our time do you have any thoughts let me give you a backdrop of where their descend from what they call themselves they descend from other the sins of Joseph's tribe Manasseh and Ephraim and they called themselves children of Israel yes elder Adventism from midnight cry the Sunday law the two sticks are joined and the stick that joins Judah Judah being two is 1010 is Israel's the northern tribe which is also called Samaria that's what I actually had came to the conclusion not so much with the two sticks and all that detail but I came to the clusion that they are adventism and so and they by and large hate self-supporting work but when you move into the next phase and it would be the Neth anims would have the same kind of attitude initially yes it's adjoining makes sense all right so let's go on to question two and still in paragraph one so what is our work in light of the past mentioned and that is acts 1:8 what is our work in light of acts 1:8 and let's go ahead and read that so turn with me to acts 1 verse 8 and sister Karen would you mind reading that for us please so what is our work in light of this so she said take the gospel to these three locations and then to the to the world is that what were supposed to be doing right now so she says we're supposed to be eating the little book yes now it's for Adventism I would say our message is also for adventism but I would also add to that and say that we need to wait for something before we go out of Adventism it is what is that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and so I'm sorry or persecution or persecution and we'll maybe line some things up here on this line to emphasize that thought there so let's go ahead and do that when on our line will this be fulfilled so who would like to help me fill this out now this line right here is the priest so we're not going to say that this is the big line this is the priest I'm going to give you the first one so what's the next one well maybe I should have gave you this one make it a little easier who this is just a the early rain ladder rain nothing real I'll put this up yes this would be July 18th where we're just looking at the we can put that there most definitely so what's the next one Toby December 25th and this is 2021 and we know is that right oh it's ie thank you yes all right so this is 2020 okay now let's go back to the questions now that we have something on on the board when in our line will this be fulfilled that's acts 1:8 and the question is when first part of Karen when are we supposed to take it to Adventism huh not before so what can we put here in regards to acts 1:8 Jerusalem will put the SDA church right okay and so then when will be the next part when would be the next part then the question thought is we have the early rain pouring out and we know the early rain began William Cathy 911 so we're gonna say that the early rain began to come down here okay when is the latter rain going to be July 18 so what does that make July 18th for the priest COP so COP and then what does that make December 25th Toby you starts with two well that's what we're on the priest line yeah so this would be yeah but remember yeah yeah so this is the second what second coming okay so you realize that's not how we've taught it in there it's not know how have way that pin DM is the second coming for the priests so right here yeah then this would be what go fit huh everyone seems to be letting you get away with it but what would this be then that's what I was trying to figure it out on my own probably this close of probation you got the close of probation before the second coming no he's got that for the pre no this is the pre so I'm understanding that for the priests 911 the early ran began okay and then on July 18th that's their close of probation and then you have the latter rain being poured out before the Second Coming that's how I only if I'm wrong I'm all for a correction yeah so then then what would this be then well if that's the second coming for the priests then this would be I don't know I'm trying to figure this out like I said as a teacher doesn't mean I know everything we're trying to work this out together we were teaching that the close of probation for the priest was raffia and that the raffia would be the second coming will in the m11 nine right yeah so then second that would be Pentium that's the end end of the story for the priests right into the story yeah you're what you're looking for something yeah I was looking for Estes how all of us wanted to symbolize was the early rain in the latter rain and so we're saying then if this is the second coming you have the early rain and the latter rain in here put a line there yeah okay so you're saying this is 11 nine right yeah and what have we been teaching recently about eleven nine that it's about chiastic structure you got the internal yeah for the priests huh huh bits of chiastic structure right that begins on September 7th and ends on January 11th what happens on January 11th that's the hook of Daniels opened up isn't the lighter rain of message so we could have it here then yeah right in here yeah the latter rain okay that's good cuz I was uh we're gonna call this the early rain I was really pounding my head trying to figure this out and I thought I'm just gonna go ahead and go with what I think and then if it's wrong we'll we'll fix it and I because I got in trouble for fixing something No hey you're not in trouble that we're watching I wouldn't worry about that so let's go ahead and change this and we're gonna call this the second coming the priests and yep for the priest that's what we have here we're in the rain latter rain okay so this for the visit for the priest then no not in regards to the okay that's good I mean I'm glad that we can outs for the that's a way marked with the D vibes and for the nether names yeah so I'm glad we can pound this stuff out I mean yes that would be similar to this the Transfiguration then I think you shouldn't the second come in well I don't know hi Gretchen typifies the second coming yeah so Christ isn't really coming July 18 2020 like we're you know yeah yeah it's all it's it's our experience we're we're to the really so what if if that's the truth then what do we have to be by here if Christ is coming to get us are we not perfect that's what I mean so it's a it's a scary thing to when you think about being a priest and what it symbolizes and what that means in July 18th and it's the latter rain she's definitely gonna come down then - yeah correct as he did at 9/11 mm-hmm okay let's keep this keep going glad we can get this worked out I need help just like anybody else so so we are and let's look at question number three we're still on paragraph one look up the definition for each of the following locations Jerusalem Judea and Samaria did anybody have an opportunity to do that Toby strong and it takes you back to root it takes you a lot of places when you go but it seemed like two things that came out to me for Jerusalem were to flow as water and teach but there's lots there are lots of other things there too and I just didn't know quite how to pull it all together then I looked at Judea and it was celebrated that seemed to be the main word I could find that Samaria was hedge about had you about that's interesting because I got a little different but close that's what I found I found it to means many different things yeah yeah yeah so mine was foundation of peace for Jerusalem Judea is praised the Lord to be praised in Samaria a watch Mountain and so then why would we want to look those up this next question is why I asked those things do you see any significance for the command to go to these locations in order and their meaning so think about foundation of peace the next one Lord to be praised and the third one a watchtower is this something that we experience or have we had that experience I'm saying that it we have when we come to when we find Jesus that's that's at the that's at the Third Way mark that's right we're supposed to be up on the wall right now yes and I'm not denying that okay yeah what I'm saying how I'm seeing it and you guys can this was just what I was seeing was the foundation of peace when we come to know Jesus he gives us what in our lives peace we begin to stand on him a solid foundation we have this peace and then the Judea it's it and then it's for me the Lord to be praised what do we do once we find Jesus we go to others and we share what we praise His Holy Name do we not yes you celebrate you celebrate to be quiet when the elebrate yeah but I also looked at these three locations as the way Jesus taught he went to Jerusalem first so how to be and then Samaria later yeah and we're going to get into some yes yes and reason why I was even thinking about this is the Lord picked these for a specific reason amen there does not he could look at all these other places that he could have picked he could have picked all these others but he picked these first the one in Jerusalem Judea and then Samaria correct I mean look at all these other ones he didn't Bethlehem he could have picked he did it for a reason and yes why are you why are you isolating out three there's four there's three there's four but the verse defines it as to the 1:8 yeah yeah he shall be witnesses unto me both both that's two in Jerusalem and Judea so he's putting that at void and in Samaria says no more than that and in Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the earth so Judea and you're saying Jerusalem in Judea r1 Samaria and then the world now how your understand it I'm just challenging you while you're saying three when there's four injured because of - - yeah well I wasn't seeing it as - I was looking what she's saying in regards to you should be witnesses both in Jude Jerusalem and in all Judaea so I was thinking - and so then I thought they're not witnesses in Samaria and the uttermost parts yeah no no they are they are definitely saying that they're there - so I wasn't looking at it I was just seeing three Jerusalem Judea because what you're saying is Jerusalem has in Judea so it's kind of one that's I would agree and then the second group is also well that could be up yes oh so there's you got you got the world which is Samaria and the rest of the world all together so those are the boats yeah Adventism adventism in the world world yeah Adventism is invited in two priests and levites yeah Jerusalem in Judea so that's good so every well that that's good I'm glad that you clarified that for me but I would still say that the names have a significance meaning for our experience and so thanks for that clarification I was seeing three and I'm glad you and I we know that right I even know that it's Adventism and then the world right what do we know that but thank you for connecting those dots so we know that foundation of peace once we find Jesus we were on the foundation what's the next one praise the Lord we cannot stop sharing about him and then what's the third one we are set as a watchman amen on the top that's how I was how I was seeing it so let's go thanks for that I'm always open for any and all inputs because I would prefer to be correct amen it doesn't matter I'm not ashamed I'm not embarrassed it should we shouldn't be should we I mean that's so hey we're all trying to climb that ladder aren't we and Peter's ladder so amen okay so let's go to our next point that was B did anybody look up the spirit of prophecy quotes that explain why these three locations were mentioned or now we're going to say two locations to be accurate these occasions yes did anybody have a chance okay l tilde Toby well it seems like every reference I found and there were quite a number but they were pretty much all based on this verse here acts 1:8 remember it seemed like they all were there and to me this just is the capstone of my comedy come in a moment ago about the three locations being the order in which Jesus took two locations or or locations yeah Todd in his journey over three years so that's the that's the significance to me anybody else okay let's go to Acts of the Apostles 31 paragraph 2 if you have it so Acts of the Apostles 31 paragraph 2 I found this to be quite interesting and I'll go ahead and read this one actually apostles 31 paragraph 2 it begins with Christ told his disciples everybody they're actually apostles 31 paragraph 2 Christ told his disciples that they were to begin their work at Jerusalem the city had been the scene of his amazing sacrifice for human race they're clad in the garb of humanity he had walked and talked with men and few had discerned how near heaven came to earth there he had been condemned and crucified in Jerusalem were many who was secretly believed Jesus of Nazareth to be the Messiah and many who had been what deceived by priests and rulers to these the gospel must be proclaimed they were to be called to repentance the wonderful truth that through Christ alone could remission of sins be obtained was to be made plain and it was while all Jerusalem was stirred by the throwing events of the past few weeks that the preaching of the disciples would make the deepest impression so in that paragraph what are you seeing why those locations were men first and I kind of stopped and highlighted them for you I would say that some of them secretly what so are their adventism in Adventism right now in this period who are secretly believing there are in there who are they they were they'd be the Levites yeah exactly yeah 32.1 we're going to read that one too and huh and so not only yes so in the first paragraph they were say there they secretly believe but there are also some others they had been deceived and when you or I have had an interaction with these churches we know that the enemy comes in like a flood through the through the leaders and they do what they deceived the people by false representations all kinds of nonsense false they just they shut it down and so this has given us that there are secret ones that in it they secretly believe that's encouraging amen okay let's go ahead and read the next paragraph actually apostles 32.1 it resists during his ministry Jesus had kept constantly before disciples the fact that they were to be one with him in his work for the recovery of the world from the slavery of sin when he sent forth the twelve and afterward the seventy to proclaim the kingdom of God he was teaching them their duty to impart to others what he had made known to them in all his work he was training them for what individual labour to be extended as their numbers increased and eventually to reach to the uttermost parts of the earth the last lesson he gave his followers was that they held in trust for the world they glad tidings of salvation so what do you think what is jumping out to you in regards to the question why were these mentioned why were these locations mentioned we've already came that they stairs those in Jerusalem to secretly believe and they were deceived what would be the next I wasn't seeing that but I could see that now definitely the twelve and a 70 priests and levites I was looking at he was teaching them their duty this is pretty simple it's their duty to what we need to impart to others what we have received and yes well also for our individual training and our individual labor because it says and all his work he was training them for individual labor you're saying more of a one-on-one and I was thinking more of me or as an individual both yeah yeah I wasn't thinking about that the other way yeah yeah yeah we need all these minds to come to a good thought any other thoughts none of you out there on the the world wide web want to say anything you guys are awful quiet today yes hi okay let's let's keep going let's go ahead and read now 107 paragraph 2 and Daniel we forgot to start the time but that's okay I know how much time we have that's alright we know about for another 15 I think okay so 107 paragraph 2 who would like to read that who has that in front of them okay thank you Sumeria he was directed by a heavenly messenger to go toward the south unto the way that going down from Jerusalem to Gaza and he arose and went he did not question the call nor did he hesitate to obey for he had learned the lesson of conformity to God's will okay so before we go I just wanted to give you a visual because it was helping me so he was where Deborah he was in Samaria and he was taken all the way to where Gaza that's quite a ways this isn't actually proportionate this is quite a bit bigger here this is a bigger gap but that was he went a long way so just to get a visual where he went Samaria all the way down to Gaza so now we know that he's there and let's speak about let's look at the question a question for what made Philip ready to obey the call yes amen he knows God's voice the God's will so tell me what you remember about Philip before this time maybe wasn't Philip the one who said show us the what show us a father show us the father and jesus said Oh Philip have I not been with you for this long and have you not seen the father and so Philip had to begin to understand what it meant to be to do what like we have said to conform to God's will and so for me and make us what do we need to learn to conform to in regards to God's will before we get to this point amen and this point is here right or in this period we need to learn right because that's when we're going to be going to them I'm and we are now but this is like the the pivotal point would you agree but yeah so I'm trying to say in regards to Acts of the Apostles what can we glean from this on our personal walk with Christ what portion do we need to learn to conform our will to him right now yes no the den no no no don't worry about that yeah yeah yeah so any thoughts before we move on yes oh go ahead amen that's my whole point is we now need to be doing that before we get to here we have to see this in our lives would at whatever that may be in the owner Deborah had something told me they're not he didn't question or hesitate to obey even if he didn't understand even if he didn't understand the remind sight so Abraham when God told him to sacrifice Isaac okay man okay I'm not sure that Philip had been given a trust and he was constrained by the love of Christ so that's the the same in tandem with what sister had ever said that is the component we need to be understanding and wrapping up my zone and living today is being having our lives governed and constrained by the love of Christ and then these things been hearing his voice and going very man this is just coming to me and you can tell me what you think can we beat transported from one place to another if Philip was could we that is amazing thought to do it think about pushing yes envision he was physically taken from Sumeria - that is amazing to think about there yes hey man yeah yeah okay so we have a few more minutes so let's keep going so we're on question four point a look back to Acts of the Apostles 105.3 through 106.1 and get more details on why Philip was ready to obey and conform to God's will did anybody go back and look there if not we can go read it it's real I thought it was really good to go over this so let's go ahead and read it 105 paragraph three and Kathy do you have that among those yes among those to whom the Saviour had given the Commission go ye therefore and teach all nations were many from the humbler walks of life men and women who had learned to love their Lord and who had determined to follow his example of unselfish service to these lowly ones as well as to the disciples who had been with the Savior during this his earthly ministry had been given a precious trust they were to carry to the world the glad tidings of salvation through Christ so in regards to being ready to obey the call what's jumping out in that that and it doesn't just have to be Cathy it could be anybody aim unselfish service and I tell you that that self is enemy what number one we need to we need to put him down amen and then what we will be ready for the precious trust that the Lord is bestowing upon us amen so what I should stress that the Lord's bestowing upon us that's what it says here it says to these lowly ones as well as the disciples who have been with the savoured earnest had been given a precious trust that precious trust is the the truth the message that we have to bear that's how I understand as you you have another thought I think it's more than that and I thought maybe you didn't think it was more than that yeah you're right so please it's okay I have no progress not picking it's enhancing that's how I look at so please but a lot of messages in the Bible but like Adventism the the Jews were given the trust of maintaining and lifting up the law of God okay the adventism was given the trust of prophecy this movement has been given the trust of the message of July 18th it's it's a specific piece of information that they're responsible for your your trustee it's a it's a legal relationship it's not just general truth that anyone can understand you've been selected to to hold a present truth message in a certain time and it brings with it a sacred responsibility meant yeah I'm hitting on the sacred part that's my where I was hit and so then we could say also that Josiah Lich also had the same typification of what you're explaining to us now this and the Millerites same type of precious trust with that that message yeah thank you I think it's not it's not the idea of trusting someone it's the idea of a legal yes yes yeah that even makes it more solemn does it not yeah okay so 106.1 I think there's some more more things in here in regards to why philipose are ready to obey it to conform let's go ahead and read that sister Deborah do you have that in front of you when they were scattered by persecution they went forth filled with missionary zeal they realized the responsibility of their mission they knew that they held in their hands the bread of life for a famishing world and they were constrained by the love of Christ to break this bread to all who were in need the Lord brought through them wherever they went the sick were healed and the poor have the gospel preached unto them so what's what's jumping out to you but in regards to this this whole conforming to God's will that we've discussed this this precious trust in regards to that well yes yeah we know that time is coming right yeah it says they were filled with what a missionary zeal is a missionary selfless missionary is just gonna leave all they have and go and do what they've been called to do what else we're already spoke alone it says they realized what the responsibility that's what Jeffers is hitting he's hitting it hard do we really understand that it's not just this precious trust it's more than that and so that's what was jumping out to me anyways all right let's keep going unless you have another thought all right 107.3 let's go ahead and read that and how about sister Karen 107.3 angels of God were attending the seeker for life and he was being drawn to the Savior by the administration of the Holy Spirit the Lord brought him into touch with one so the question is give the reasons why this eat the open was blessed with God sending him Phillip why why do you think that is Toby has a peasant thought because he was actually seeking for light and because he was seeking for light God had Angels who were attending him who were drawing his heart to Christ and so once someone comes presenting the message of Christ his heart is ripe I remember because of the previous work hey man anything else the Ethiopian is March 27th and they're hundred days of prayer not March time you're seven right right here being put after eleven nine Oh Marsh yes that's 2000 yeah no Adventism now it's weeks before me July is when it ends yeah bet it's being given opportunity to seek the Lord in prayer in the context of this pandemic and some of those people are gonna have an honest heart and they've been typifies by the eunuch / the eunuch and and it's because of what he said they're searching that that's the UH okay we've noted up there that the hundred days of prayer ends on July 4th which would be a way marking his that's a hundred days but it also 126 days takes you to July 31st and July 31st is a symbol of July 18th right what is it 7 1 3 27 - what 7 4 is that too small sorry no I just couldn't hope then he's saying 126 days - 731 and what what was your point on this 731 is July 18th the oh yes yes 713 after if you struggle with the Julian and Gregorian oh yeah yeah 13 days when you see it July 31st and subtract 13 its July 18th and so that hundred and 26 days is for Adventism for Levites to wake up to the story of July 18th and they do it through prayer of the the eunuch if you put ethiopian eunuch is a symbol of that I would believe yeah I wasn't thinking that so thank you so he was Gaza he was from Africa yeah yeah he was under Candace queen of the Ethiopians I didn't look up exactly where that is but yes it's an Africa Africa who is he represent on that picture we've talked about him presenting Judea Cosette's for the region in right ideally the Ethiopians would represent the Netherlands 11th are workers but that's on a bigger scale but that same dynamic is going to take place in the relationship between the priests and the Levites when you're looking at the priests and the Levites you can show now that the Levites are being plowed they're being prepared on their own initiative last Sabbath they began a hundred days of prayer that is a group of people that is getting prepared to get called in to stand with the priests and in that sense the Ethiopian movie we're typifying them although at the larger scale he would typify not if you Louisville we won't have fug it right to you Daniel is we're not gonna probably have time but if you look at question 10 Jeff is answering my thought that I was pondering what does it mean that this Ethiopian was given the gospel before the Jews before the Jerusalem Judea and Samaria and you know it was like and so he's saying that he's typifying this seventh-day Adventist Church who was who was given the message before this time that's how I understand so I was like why is this and so we are out of time sorry yes thank you yeah and in dari Matthew 16 which means render forces this pencil um so yeah lots of connection is what you're saying so he's he's the one that's giving the message essentially about coffee well there's a lot yeah yeah I mean amazing stuff yes what what's Candis and Ethiopian mean if we're good I didn't go in there I'm sure it means something - yeah Church because she's a queen yes Church of Africa Church of Ethiopia huh so one more thing I wanted to hit before we close this 107.3 that we read and we had some comments of why he was blessed I'm saying just on another aspect is that when he's converted what would he do it says that he would share this share the light with others and be a strong influence for the gospel so there's more than one reason why he was Philip was chosen to go to him more than one reason you got new yeah and I'm saying that's something like that should be happening in our time - yes okay we haven't covered it yet but you know the Ethiopian eunuch he's reading Isaiah Isaiah 53 to be exact and he's asking him who is this yes what was just speaking about so I know we don't we regret the end of our hour but what would that have to do with July aging yeah who is it speaking of that how do we July 18th is the sixth hour just number twenty-fifth it's a 9th hour it's a story of the cross right it's not what you're saying Daniel I'm not saying anything I'm just asking how do we marry just gonna be the third right here I think right 339 1109 yeah answered my question yeah Isaiah 53 it's about the cross is it not yes okay in mark 15 33 speaks about the sixth hour and the ninth hour that he's on the cross so you have the message of the cross and in Philip you've got the message of Islam isn't it mark 15 33 and when the sixth hour was come there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour okay that's July 18th in December 25th in Isaiah 53 is about that very event is it not yeah verse 5 but he was wounded for our transgression he was bruised for our iniquities and the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with His stripes we are healed so it's about the cross and that's what the the opening was questioning that's what Daniels point yes so and where did he meet him in Gaza in the but what part of the world that's in Gaza is in Judea and Judea and what was the the promise of Judah and Genesis 49 well has anybody else I'm almost there it's a quick burst all right if I can get there 49 these old fingers verse nine Judah is a lion's whelp from the prey my son dire gone up he stooped he couched as a lion is an old lion but I I want to read nine through eleven huh about Judah cuz that's where he's at Judah is a lion's whelp from the prey my son thou are gone up he stooped down he couched as a lion and as an old lion who shall rouse him up the scepter shall not depart from Judah nor lawgiver from between his feet until shiloh come and unto him shall the gathering of the people be this is about the gathering binding his foal into the vine and his ass asked his Colt unto the choice vine he washed his garments and wine and his clothes and the blood of grapes the story of Judah is the story of the relationship between the cross and Islam and Philip is Islam in Isaiah 53 is the cross and that was the message it was given to the Ethiopian Wow and that's in 911 that's all wow that's yeah but we're just playing with numbers right yeah what we're over time and thank you for your comments and those that are watching we would like to hear more from you if possible next time we didn't hear anything from you today and so we want to encourage you to please join us we would love to hear your voice so let's go ahead and pray Heavenly Father we come before you on this Sabbath day and we just want to thank you Lord for the truths that were handling and as we've discussed Lord may we see the significance the seriousness the the what it means to be called unto this work and may we learn how to conform to thy will moment by moment that we will do whatever it takes whatever we are called of to do for not only your sake for for mankind may we have this desire and we thank you for this in Jesus precious name Amen you