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covering in Sabbath school today so I'm actually pretty excited about that and see the work of the Holy Spirit working so before we get started let's open up with prayer Heavenly Father we come before you and Lord we just want to praise your holy name that we could come to you on this holy Sabbath day and that you can pour your spirit upon us on our hearts and our minds as we look into these wonderful things and we want to thank you for them bless us all now cleanse us of our sins that we may receive that what you want to depart pour out upon us and we thank you for this in Jesus precious name Amen all right we have two sets of notes we have your regular questions and then we have an extra notes and so keep those handy and we'll go we're studying Acts of the Apostles one one one paragraph one so if you will turn there with me we will begin to read the first paragraph that's actually apostles one one one paragraph one that's the last paragraph of chapter 11 who would like to read that for us yes service to take the session of the whole church so that everyone shall be working for him according to his ability when the members of the Church of God do their appointed work and the needy fields at home and abroad in fulfillment of the gospel Commission the whole world will soon be warned and Lord Jesus will return to his to this earth with power and great glory this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached into all the world for a witness unto nations and then shall the end come so before we go to the questions what phrase in that paragraph typifies Clayton's motive there's a phrase that he was pushing he was addressing the the 300 or the 298 Amen or all I would say she's correct but I would even say it's spirit of what spirit of service Clayton was calling for the spirit of service amen so let's go ahead and go to our first question there it says now this question we're actually going to step out of the paragraph and go into this specific quote so we're going to actually step out of actually the Apostles and try to find the spirit of service so this is what it says find examples of what the spirit of service is that are mentioned in the chapters that the following passage quotes and here's the quote it's 15 mr2 28.1 it says this the first and second chapters of Colossians have been presented to me as an expression of what our churches in every part of the world should be so this is asking us in a very important question so yeah from my notes but in the questions it has this this this question you see it the first question says find examples of what the spirit of service is and so it has anybody went into those chapters and found what the spirit of service is I've seen Colossians 1 so turn with me to Colossians 1 and we will try to find what this spirit of service is because sister white is highlighting that we and all other churches should look just like what Colossians chapter 1 in Colossians chapter 2 is telling us amen so anybody have any thoughts if not yes hold on one second Kathy you have to put the two volumes up so that they can hear her excuse me just one moment I neglected to yeah next one is that one yes and this one is that one listen so if someone speaks on this okay but they're done speaking you just turn it off turn it down okay so your training I'm training somebody to help do my job when I'm not there so there's any camera work that you have not liked you can send all your complaints to me so we try to do the best we can for you guys so somebody is helping out today for yes so will you mind Karen please reading that again and Kathy is going to turn up the volume for our guests filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding that he might please the Lord bearing fruit in every good work increasing in the knowledge of God patient long-suffering and joyful she pretty much summed it up right there so I'm saying this is a personal evaluation that new we need to ask are we doing that verse 3 said pray always for you are we praying for our brothers and sisters right now that's what we have to ask ourselves anybody else have any thoughts on Colossians 1 before we move forward anybody out there where we welcome you to respond and partake of Sabbath school with us okay so I want to look at verse 4 this one was jumping out to me Colossians 1 verse 4 says since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love which he had to all the saints I'm saying that we need to have a love even though we might not like somebody that's the hard thing because that person isn't like me or they don't do exactly the way I would do it we need to say what it's okay that's that's a hard one sometimes and it usually starts with what what was the quote said it starts needy fields at where at home and abroad our first love has to be manifested at where at home with those closest to us that's where it begins because if we can't do it there how can we expect to go abroad and do it there that's the test that's the test for me anyway so I'm noticing that I have to it's it's it's a challenging so the Lord is preparing us for what's to come this spirit of service amen okay anything else no okay well I'll have to go to verse 7 then let's go to verse 7 and it says as you also learned of Epirus our dear fellow servant who is for you a faithful minister of Christ what does that mean but we need to be learners of what Christ ministers we are supposed to be learning it's very important principle I think all right let's go to question a do you guys see it there on your right under question 1 it says this Colossians 1:9 2:11 line up all the characteristics in these verses that connect with 911 so who wants to take a shot at it so I want you to read Colossians 1 9 through 11 and begin to line up some characteristics that connect with our teaching about 911 yes so who wants to take a shot all right sister Karen and story takes a shot and so knowledge starts at 911 let me write some of these down for you okay we're gonna put 911 here and you said what increase of knowledge so we're gonna put the oldest put I in K we know that's the increase of knowledge no wooden oh I think we've always taught the increase of knowledge actually started in a time at the end which we which would be 1989 entity and in pretty much okay and got his height Derek 911 is he wrong no he's not I know let me up or increasing tonight trip that's not yes what we saw we've taught in the past that's what I was gonna answer is that not only other start here in 1989 but we're not talking about 1989 we're specifically looking at right here yeah and our further point would be what Jeff says we're gonna hopefully come to this revelation what 10 is up here on Miller right revelation 18 is down here and we know that in that angel there's something there that's really not there amen and that is the little book so we do have an increase of knowledge right there yes wanted to point out on the increase of knowledge we usually abbreviate it I oh okay yes thank you you didn't like the I in increase eat it like this yeah thank you okay much better all right anything else there's a whole lot in here so she's saying first one increase of knowledge so if we went to revelation 18 one let's go there real quick just to prove her point revelation 18 1 and it says and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having power and the earth was lightened with this glory now if you don't know this if you went to early writings 247 paragraph one sister white tells us that there's a writing in this Angel's hand and so we know that that typifies revelation 10 where the angel came down so just for your notes just to prove now we know that there is something that we're supposed to do with this angel and that is to what the thing that he has in his hands we're supposed to take it and eat it okay really simple so she's correct we have an increase of knowledge there and it's right there in Colossians amen 9 through 11 what's another one anybody out there want to have any thoughts now if you go to your extra notes that you have as a handout yes that takes me back to Isaiah 28 and the overpass hey man so that's when we go back to go past and walk therein amen yep so you're walking worthy so Jeff is saying and we have it there that then you begin to walk worthy right in the old pass that's what geese saying so thank you mm-hmm so let's in anything else is jumping out to you on 9 through 11 because there's quite a bit so he says verse 10 you're being fruitful and that's where we can go to was it acts no no Luke 21 talks about the budding trees and we always take Luke 21 and we align that we're 911 so there's a 27 and so there's some other ones okay anything else last generation and you're pulling that from where of the verses was the last generation last generation so you're saying the budding trees are the last fruit that the earth is going to receive something in that generation okay so say this is the last generation okay anything else so we talked about walking worthy now when I thought of walk worthy I also was thinking of the old past but I was thinking of a little something different because what also do we know that's happening here would we say this would we say the first angels message and so when we begin to experience the first angels message what happens to us what's fear God which is what conviction of sin so we have we have this first angels message so we have fear God and conviction conviction of sin and so anything else let's go in fruitful so 911 we also see a separation or two different classes right and then we see the unfruitful fig tree which is we all know symbolizes you know God's people or the jurors in the last day so go back to being you know two different classes one is being fruitful and another one is being like the fig tree that was cursed that was being passed by Amen thank you and you had thought this is all according to his glorious power and the earth is lightened with his glory and very mental a glorious power and you're saying irregardless 11 yes verse 11 is the glorious power so it's all according to 1533 all according to 1533 he's tied in some similar things there so alright verse what did I have for verse 11 how are we really walking worthy if we apply this here because we know that they both arrived do they not yes so what's the second angels message give glory and so you have glory to God and that's how we walk worthy by being righteous she teaches us how to be righteous right sin righteousness judgment that's what this is so it's all here and who's experiencing this or who experienced this who wrote it well Paul he's showing us the experience and it's right there at 9 through 11 I thought that was pretty amazing to see it's it's all there and I was quite excited okay so we could and that is what I put for the third is verse let me see I don't know what you could put verse 11 because in Revelation 14 the third angels message leads into the statement here is the patience of the saints and verse 11 it says unto all patience yes yeah that's excellent 1 we'll put that for patience third angel's message yeah and that's right and you can't even head up flutes without rain - so you see the sprinkling of their ranges yeah sorry man yeah so we definitely have to have that up here right that's coming now we got some sprinkle in 10 plus 11 equals 30 and at the age of 13 Christ is there being baptized and their divine symbol of the dump comes down upon him and at 9:11 we know that divine symbol comes out hey we already do some things like that sounds good to me so it it it matches I mean yes so I wanted to talk about eating and I had some quotes there but we already kind of addressed it and so for the sake of time I'm just going to move on because we really know that we need to begin to eat really it's this right here right that's the main thing we begin that we really need to begin to eat and understand with a whole lot more but that's the first start for us so did anybody have any thoughts on chapter 2 in regards to remember it's the spirit of service it says long has God waited for the spirit of service to take possession of the whole church that's us he is calling us the forefront of this movement of this message in this service so what did I mean there's so much in Colossians we could just keep going but I just wanted to touch on someone in verse in chapter 1 now let's go to chapter 2 did anybody have any thoughts on chapter 2 I don't know chapter 2 and the reason why is because in Colossians yeah because in the quote she says that the first and second chapters of Colossians have been presented to me as an example of what our churches in every part of the world should be that's right under our first question you see it there so so Colossians chapter yes you really see that the message is for that Alesia - so that I think that was interesting yes in chapter 2 mm-hmm and verse 1 yes very much so yes they're dangerous messages the lives the investment and third angel's message that Laodicean message well we have the baptism noted uh-huh baptism is where the Dove comes down that's 911 right there baptism verse 14 you have a blotting out of handwriting of Ordinances that was against us the judgment of the living begins right there uh-huh and you have a warning in verse 8 the war tests that history is beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after their traditions of men and after the rudiments of the world rudiments meaning foundations it's a counterfeit foundation message so right there at 9/11 you have the Omega apostasy being noted now I wanted now he's wondering wasn't correct and he the one I want to highlight the one I was highlighting was verse 8 so if you go to your extra note yep so if you go to your extras notes and read where it says the falsehood mingled with truth and if you have a Study Bible it'll be actually in your Study Bible none of my study Bible so on the extras notes I just wanted to read this because it actually is speaking to exactly what has happened here in this ministry recently as we near the end of time falsehood will be so mingled with truth that only those who have the guidance of the Holy spirit will be able to distinguish truth from air we need to make every effort to keep the way of the Lord we must in no case turn from his guidance to put our trust in man the Lord's angels are appointed to keep strict watch over those who put their faith in the Lord and these angels are to be our special help in every time of need every day we are to come to the Lord with full assurance of faith and to look to him for wisdom those who are guided by the word of the Lord will discern with certainty between falsehood and truth between sin and righteousness now this reminds me in regards to our current thing that happened here of a few people elder Daniel was one of them he began to distinguish what truth between the air elder Toby sister nyla they were doing it too were they not were you not and I'm sure there's many others out there I know that brother Emmanuel told me when he started to hear pnt speak he was he began what this quote says is what through the guidance of the Holy Spirit they will be able to distinguish truth from error amen and so these things in these passages relate directly to what has happened to us amen and we need to be clinging to the Lord and praying for another and B this church that is what God is waiting for us to tab and take the spirit of service and that's where we're at amen and that's what we're gonna have to become for what's coming upon us yes Han thank you look at chapter 2 and what in there relates to three angels messages basically and I would say that looking at the justification sanctification glorification I have at the first concerning those messages I would think verses 9 and 10 and those have been some of my favorites for years they describe sanctification for in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and they are complete in him which is the head of all principality and power so when we are in Christ completely in a sanctified mode we are we think these two verses describe our experience so you're saying that in this time we begin to learn how to come complete yeah yeah sanctification mm-hmm so sanctification I don't know if that's spelled right but you know what it means yeah yeah okay let's get back to Acts of the Apostles now Colossians is such a rich read there's so much in there but when I read those quotes that told us about the spirit of service I wanted to emphasize that and again it matched perfect with what brother Clayton was trying to hit one of his main themes for us this morning is let's get the spirit of service whatever it takes because we all have a what we all have everyone it says take possession of the whole church this is the Acts of the Apostles one one one paragraph one the whole church so that everyone shall be working for him everyone none of us are excluded amen not one okay so let's go back now actually the Apostles then read one one two paragraph one and elder Toby would you read that for us please the Jewish leaders who became thoroughly aroused by the success attending the proclamation the gospel was Saul of Tarsus a Roman citizen by birth Saul was nevertheless a Jew by descent and had been educated in Jerusalem by the most eminent of the rabbi's of the stock of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin Saul was a Hebrew of the Hebrews as touching the law a Pharisee concerning zeal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless 3:5 and 6 he was regarded by the rabbis as a young man of great promise and high hopes were cherished concerning him as an able and selleth defender of the ancient faith his elevation to membership in the Sanhedrin Council placed him in a position of power okay so the question is this what saw truly blameless as mentioned in Philippians 3:5 and 6 I heard some Daniel has a thought I heard him he was outwardly so can you say no I would agree that he was not the blameless because when daniel says outwardly he was doing everything to the letter of the law but inward was what was corruption so he wasn't really blameless now I asked in question they explained why did anybody go to Romans 7 9 to 11 yep yep it's there you want it did you have some thoughts on that so go with me to Romans go with us to Romans chapter 7 9 through 11 now what's interesting before we read this I want you to see if you can see this is that if who's writing this Paul let's see they're in verses 19 through 11 does he experience these things on our timeline of 9/11 so did he experience 9/11 let's let's look who would like to read that sister Karen for I was alive without the law once when the commandment came sin revived and I died and the commandment which was ordained to life I found to be into debt for skit for sin taking occasion by the commandment deceived me and by its looming so what do you guys see do you see any of those already being repeated for him in verses 9 through 11 I mean I'm not even I'm getting to the point where I'm not even hardly surprised anymore I mean don't get me wrong I still am but it's not like the Wow because you're almost going to expect it amen yes I would argue there than 9 through 11 that the law is the surface reading and that the two tables of the Ten Commandments represent the two tables of the charts which represent the old pass and the conviction of 9/11 is when he is convicted about the old pass he would live without understanding the foundations but at 9/11 that's what's opened up to him and he's under conviction a man it's the law it's the law mm-hmm but more specifically for this history it's the foundations of Adventism amen I would agree with that and there are some quotes we have we can look at so I didn't put in our extras notes but it reads this this is for spirit of prophecy to 97.1 so if you have it you can go there for spirit of prophecy 297 paragraph 1 and this is referring to what we just spoke about the Apostle Paul in relating his experience presents an important truth concerning the work to be wrought in conversion and we know that that's what's happening here amen right okay it says he says I was alive without the law once he felt no condemnation but when the commandment came when the law of God was urged upon him and we're saying that that is the what the old pass when we realized that this is the foundation it gives us this what remember when you first heard or you first seen the two tables right I thought I knew the Bible but men when these guys started talking about the 1335 the 1298 the 21-day the 2520 the daily it was I was just I felt like a little infant right and then I began to experience the old past whose Josiah what what's what's August 11th what are you mean all this was it began I began to experience these things it was amazing and what's happening is we are seeing that Paul had the same thing in Romans nine seven nine through what and we already went to Colossians 1:9 to 11 I mean praise the Lord I it's pretty amazing yes Romans 11 the very first verse he's gone through this process and now he's at the point where there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus the same thing we were in Colossians 2:9 intent in Christ Jesus amen hope about after the flesh but after the spirit so he's in a sanctified position here compared to his progress through Romans ever a different person a new man midnight because it's Romans 8 181 and what's interesting is just on a they'd say a church level or maybe I don't want the external but when you began to bring this message to the brothers and sisters at church what happens the fury of the enemy because he does not want them to begin to receive this right here does he because he knows that they begin to have this experience and fight off all that junk and began to serve the Lord and that's a testimony in itself and all of us can testify that and I'm sure you guys can too yeah yeah so daniel said an uncommon enemy so yes sir uncommon image oh yeah he said uncommon emiti is that right yeah yeah okay go ahead sorry there's a little delay so go ahead man where people are kind of not seeing these charts the foundations but when that circumcision when that bill is ruling from our eyes and our ears we're not harking we will not walk therein but now we do walk through and we see something we're gonna make the vision plain upon tables that I was seeing it there so definitely thank you for bringing that out yeah okay let's go on to question three and let's read one one to paragraph two and they want to know would you mind reading that Forest System this is actually apostles 1 1 2 paragraph 2 salt had taken a prominent part in the trial and conviction of Stephen and the striking evidences of God's presence with the martyr had led Saul to doubt the righteousness of the cause he had a spouse against the followers of Jesus his mind was deeply stirred in his perplexity he appealed to those in whose wisdom and judgment he had full confidence the arguments of the priests and rulers finally convinced him that Stephen was a blasphemers that the Christ whom the martyred disciple had preached was an impostor and that those ministering and Holy Office must be right so the question is this what were the evidences of God's presence that caused Saul to doubt his theories against the followers of Christ and I'm saying that there's a hint that if you go back to Acts of the Apostles 1 0 1 paragraph 3 it's going to give us some hints so did anybody go look at 1 0 1 paragraph 3 the bottom line says their glory have it rest of the night so he said it's the glory that rested on his countenance what do we think that looks like well if you go back to page 100 huh it tells you exactly it's a 150 point 3 towards the bottom to him the gates of heaven were ajar so that looking in he saw the glory of the courts of God and Christ and that's 2 as our experience that must be our experience so you're saying a light from heaven from throne of God was literally shining on his face so those individuals had a visual yeah and they a visual test and they totally failed right more than once first it was a prophetic and then they had a visual yes that one the light pain themselves yes and they just do whatever they can to get out of there they stopped their ears and we could all probably bring up some remembrance of when we brought light to the church how this same white-knuckle type of bee is manifested is it not it's quite the Salar mean kind of right yes Saul was angered at the secret conviction and there's a conviction there that we could mark that's the first angels message and I'm not sure this is a Levite so are we marking that well I would say the plowing is you know now and then when they July 18th hits I would say that's when the what you're saying the conviction is because right now they're shaking their heads going but when that when 9/11 which is who Islam July 18th which is Islam it's this it's the same thing I mean these are the real fundamentals of like what Clayton was saying how do we prove July 18 well one of them is here right it has to do with Islam and then you can go back to several different points but salt as I saw was angered at the secret conviction that Stephen was honoured by God at the very time when he was dishonored by men the memory of the Signet of God upon his face his words which touched the souls of those who heard him Saul could not be face from his memory the faith and constancy of the martyr and the glory that had rested on his countenance which is what Toby was talking about so sum that up for us how would you say that there was an evidence of God's presence for for Saul here because you just read the thing that give us some like conviction you said conviction I'm looking for these this is the visa to really the three you can see this this did not he experienced those they seem this fear the conviction then they seen the glory on his face yep that he was patient yeah amen yeah maybe the the cunts consistence the constancy means standing firm that's what the word means so he was firm for the what for the truth and not only was he firm for the truth I'm coming to you but he also did what he rebuked them did he not he rebuked them and that's a big thing yes there's a real familiar quote that we use in this message that says something like this the world can only be worn by seeing men and women and it's a definition of the seal of God with the seal of God during the Sunday law crisis that's a paraphrase of that familiar quote training school Bible Training School but the quote that Karen read said that Paul saw the Signet of heaven upon him and the signet is the ceiling so paul represents those that seem a person with the seal of god upon them in a life-and-death crisis which is the sunday law crisis Jesus he's a symbol of those those who have the seal the seal I think a tacit spirit the sanctification of the spirit of 101 101 101 and one more thought before we close because we're just about out of time is it says in the 101.3 is that he was honored of God so how are you honored your are you not lifted up so there's a there's even a lifting up there anybody else have any final comments before we close I want to say that this 9/11 and all the is it's a beautiful thing for us to see the things that we're seen and know that Paul experienced these I mean it's it's it's it's an amazing amazing thing so thanks for your participation on this Sabbath medal are continually to bless us let us end in prayer