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I want to there's the there's a lot of there's a lot of pictures I've included in this presentation but this was not a sightseeing trip I remember I went to Ecuador years ago and when I got home I had 3,500 pictures from about 21 days and it was real difficult to go through and this trip I was there you know about hundred so it was not a trip to where we were able to just sit out there and do any sightseeing i I believe that in the entire trip I had three minutes that I calculated that I got to do sightseeing on the entire trip and I have a couple photos from that but let's start by looking at mark 16:15 and he said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and I think that that's really applies here in a lot of ways we're also going to look at mark 13 10 and it says and the gospel must be published among all nations and lastly real quickly we're going to look at Matthew 24:14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached unto all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come and it it was really a blessing to be there even though I wasn't really there to share the gospel I was there to help set up some of these these camp meetings and I'm gonna go through this is in in kind of a a timeline on where I started one of one of my favorite things to do in the world is travel and so it was a blessing for me to be able to travel but these trips were epic you know 17 hours from Atlanta this is a picture in Atlanta from Atlanta to Johannesburg is a really really extremely long flight so I'm letting you know getting over there is not easy and I know my dad went through Europe which cuts down the time a little bit but it's it's all the way around the world this is when you're looking at this for 17 hours it's it's beautiful but it can definitely get tiring so I want to start with with just kind of an overview there's there's what people don't realize about Africa is it's huge it's larger than the United States so even getting from country to country there's 54 different countries in Africa some people there's four that are disputed that are kind of territories of others so you could say up to 58 57 but it's all arguable but the official recognized countries there's 54 what I put here on the side is is the the size of the country so you can understand the population and this is where we started right where you see the thing that says Pretoria there that's Johannesburg is a sister city right next to it so this is where I flew into originally to begin working with the South Africans I was talking to somebody about South Africa and in Hot Springs yesterday and it was really funny because they said so which country were you in in South Africa I said well I was in South Africa that's the country it's so people know so little about Africa from from this side is that they think that for example this is South Africa it's not it's a country at the very bottom of Africa there's it's this is in this is what I in the in the airport there this is or are tombow who is a big one of their big you know leaders of the past of I think about a hundred years ago and you'll see some other pictures that people put in there and this is right in the in the main airport there where I landed in Johannesburg what's interesting too about South Africa is there's 12 major tribes but there's probably 14 to 16 different languages that that people speak in that country so it can be confusing for even themselves even though the majority people I encountered spoke English there's a lot of a lot of different languages that are spoke and there's a lot of turmoil too between the the tribes which I found there and I'm not talking about the people that I necessarily encountered in the message but there's a lot of you know hatred towards another tribe whereas they only will you know marry or get involved with people and our tribe and it was interesting this is the the graphic that was put together for the camp meaning and I put this in here I put it in here one other time but I put it in here just to kind of describe what I was doing there when I first went there I understood from my father the main purpose was to show them get them video equipment laptops things like that and show them how to use this equipment I it changed completely when I got there that was the the the littlest of their need they did they they had some skills to where they could use the equipment and it ended up being for me a kind of a trip on organizing their camp meetings organizing their their expenses their needs and helping them with their websites their other you know kind of advertising side but also with Matt Savelle with transportation organizing the place of the meetings so that's what it ended up being is really just assisting them getting these meetings together this was the in in South Africa there was a lot of stuff that we were working on this is the vehicle that was purchased for the South Africans so that they can get around their country and bring some of the people to the meetings as well as after the meetings continue to you know witness to different areas South Africa is a huge country so it's not easily just you can everybody's in the same place or something like that so they'll be using this car on going to you know witness to others and and help with further meetings the right now they're in the midst of finalizing their not-for-profit over there to have their own ministry the board is set up and then within the next week or so they'll be setting up the bank accounts and things so that they can operate as a completely independent independent ministry these were some of these were some of the things that I dropped off to the South Africans and for help with which was the the laptops the the cameras we brought Bibles to a lot of countries and what's really interesting I want to go back to to this one real quick is when we left the airport one time there was five of us in this car and immediately as we leave the airport get pulled over and then when we get pulled over the cop goes up to the driver and says okay you need to get out of the car and takes him over to the police car puts him in the police car so that he can extort him for money and and you know take his money there wasn't going to be any any crime or anything that he was doing wrong necessarily but the corruption in these countries is really big so what happens is you're always concerned about getting a random pull over by a police which which happened in this vehicle when I was there and basically getting robbed also the transportation is really difficult around there and most of the people involved in this ministry they don't have enough money to they don't even own their own car so what I found is in a lot of places where I went they have to transport via bus and these are really long bus rides you know six eight hours and a bus overnight to get places and so a lot of the equipment which we bought them printers so they could print materials and such like that had to be transported with them on a bus to wherever they lived and it's very difficult so that's why it was a blessing that we were able to get them a vehicle as you can see there's very very few pictures that I have of South Africa this was the team that I worked with in in South Africa and most of our time was spent like this in meetings going through all the stuff that was being prepared for Steven and Otilio to arrive and in the South African one my my father so majority of the time this gentleman on the side there is Lionel Bachman this is Peter White and that's mamela and obviously this is this is me there's a couple more that I have of this but the majority of all of our time was either spent traveling to a mall or the computer store to get their final things or sitting in meetings organizing what was going to happen for for their particular camp meeting after after Johannesburg I next flew to Angola and Angola is a I'm gonna point out the it's right here and this is the town that I flew into in Luanda which is right on the beach and what was interesting about this is it's a Portuguese speaking country but I didn't really have any challenges getting around there even when I was interacting with people I can understand a tiny bit of it to where it wasn't a challenge but what was what was funny about this is that this was when they picked me up from the airport a lot of these flights are nighttime really really late at night and their customs can be very very challenging so in this particular instance these guys had to wait about four hours for me as I struggled through customs just to get into the country because all of their computers had failed in their government building and they couldn't pull anything up so it was an interesting start but these gentlemen were great really enjoyed mean with us Luciano and that's Fernando and fustino there and they picked me up from the airport in at real late at night and took me to this is them in the airport what was also I wanted to mention is you can see they're all wearing the charts on their as their shirts which was super helpful to me because when you're in an airport and there's you've never met people before you don't know what they look like and there's a hundred black people and I'm the only white person it is really hard to figure out who you're supposed to meet with and who you're supposed to trust but it was always a real blessing that they had these shirts on because they're the only ones who would wear the shirts and I could pull out our group really easily and this is them when we were we were checking in there at the at the hotel these guys really are real super Christians that's all I can say and they're constantly this this group especially constantly witnessing for the Lord even though of Fernando here who you see is very sick he has five children he lives in a real difficult part of that of that area but it no matter what their personal circumstance and he went through a personal loss the day that I arrived was in his family they still show up with an unbelievable attitude they're really great to work with and just such a blessing to be around Christians such as them majority of our time was spent when we were in meetings was was eating over you know we would eat for that meeting then we'd go to a meeting room and meet there and work on the thing and we would eat but these guys like to walk and so when we went to the computer store it was fun because they wanted to walk we had to walk almost six kilometres through the town of Luanda and it's there's it's a little sketchy town but it was it was really really fun to go through the town and see it at that perspective and on the way back I I insisted that that we that we get a cab and we were carrying all suitcases full of equipment and stuff through this entire town boxes and all of that and I'm like we need to get a cab back and so we get a cab back to the hotel and I think it was like 600 kwanzas and I was talking to another guy in the hotel right after we got back and he had the same route and his was 25,000 kwanzas for the exact same route so it really helps when you're in these countries to understand that if you're with a local who who knows that they won't get ripped off as the as the only white guy in the area which which happens there in those countries quite a bit they were all of these pictures again I didn't take they were it was them who really are into the pictures but we worked with them their camp meeting is still upcoming that's March 4 through 8 and it's about 21 kilometers south of Luanda and this I think this would go off really well they're very they're organized and they know the equipment another thing that we were doing with each of these countries as I was getting tickets for them to fly to South Africa for the first meetings and it was a super blessing that these guys got to come and their visas all that got a because in the south african meetings they were the only ones who really could handle the equipment correctly to tape the meetings and so by them being there it enabled the the taping of the South African meetings to go a lot smoother just because they were able to arrive and Luciano the gentlemen there right here he speaks very little English and the other two are mainly the translators but they they're really great one other story about here is is we were in a computer store getting a printer and there's where in the chart shirt Fernando was and he gets into a conversation with the security guard because there's real heavy security everywhere you go that has anything of value and he spends an hour talking to this random guy on the street about about the charts and about the Bible and about so they're witnessing everywhere they go to people which is you rarely see at least I rarely see in the United States and it was really this was one of my favorite countries and even though I was really really close to the water here and I would say maybe a thousand feet from the ocean where I was staying and where we were working never saw it once because we we worked the entire time this was our little meeting room that we'd get together after having a meal and work in there and getting things prepared so it was really neat to be there but I hope next time I can have a an extra day to where I could actually see a little bit of their country and within no really these guys are they're just so fun to spend time with and within you know a day of me getting them the equipment once they got back they were already using the equipment to print materials that are you know with regards to July 18th so they were already using this equipment almost immediately in order to develop materials in their own language since it's Portuguese this is this kind of a view of though it'll go really modern as you can see a shopping mall in the background and then extreme poverty this is a view from where I was at and the ocean is right there but I never got there I mean it was literally right there but there just wasn't enough time in order to do anything and I think one of the the best pictures that I got is this one because if you it's hard to see in this picture but this is such extreme poverty in this building and then right next to it they're putting up one of these most modern buildings that you would see in Dallas and this is completely abandoned nobody lives here and all looted and all gone so what you'll see in the city is super modern buildings and you know tons of money and then right next door is the most depth of poverty that you'd ever that you'd ever see and then you also get the pleasure of flying on airlines that are bankrupt and if you know anything about or listen to the news or anything about these African Airlines most all of them are the only benefit of that is that sometimes you get a seat next to you that are that's empty which is a real blessing when you're my size but they're they're usually only about 1/3 full and you can't operate an airline like that so there's a lot of you know concerns with their with their Airlines hope they're for sure next I flew to Ghana and acqua Ghana is right there this is where I flew next but since they don't have a really good air system there it's not like you can just take a real quick trip and just go from here to here there's no way to do that so you fly from here all the way back down and then you fly back over and on the next flight you're flying right back over the town you were just in and it's you know so there's a lot of difficulty also some of the guys OD Leon Stephen they were having to fly all the way to Ethiopia and back to the next destination because that's another typical route so it's not like you can just real easily hop but this was the next place in Accra Ghana that I was at to help them set up the meetings these were these were night flights and so there was a couple of these that were you fly all night long all to the next day and then you meet them so there's no you know 22 hours and planes before you get to the next location but it was Ghana was really really not the people were really really nice this is where I got my three minutes of a tourist time is when I was in Ghana this is a view out from my my hotel and the airport's in the background there this is actually a restaurant that they put in this this this plane but what's interesting is the poverty here right here whereas my hotels here is so extreme that when you drive your car up into there they check it for bombs under it there's big gates then once you get in through that then you have to go through an airport security just to walk into the hotel which is bull body scans put all your luggage on the side because the the crime is so extreme right outside of the hotel and this is where all a lot of the bus stops are so it's again you go from a really nice place to a block later it's it's pretty extreme and this is the the team in in Ghana this is Rafi here and Moses and Hikari is the team that I was working with there is this gentleman here and he was such a blessing to have at the South African meetings because he let out in all the song services and he's really into singing and he's he's just he's really good at it needs he sits 30 directs everybody it's really neat and he's just oh ya know is he's a great guy these people are and and Moses didn't get to go except for the last couple days to the meetings because of the you know visa issues that were that were you know throughout but he did get to at least go to to some of that which was good this had some real challenges in this country because they don't take certain bills that you have the dates of the month and transferring money was real difficult we finally found a cab driver that took us in the streets of Accra and to a bus stop and you wave a certain signal at the bus stop and the moneychanger comes up out of the people and then he has a bag full of money and then you've changed your money that way and he's so a lot of the monetary systems there are ran by the Chinese in the Chinese stockpile US dollars and so if they don't want to stockpile the old US dollars only the new US dollars and so since they control the monetary systems in Africa a lot that's why I found out why you have to only bring fresh dollars because the Chinese will give you a totally different exchange rate yeah only hundred dollar bills to it they don't want any 50s you don't want any 20s they won't and if you try to bring any other bill the exchange rate is you know 1/3 less so you don't get near the value of your money but it's amazing and yeah and the airport's down there are filled with Chinese people with their masks on that just came because they run a lot of the businesses there and every airport that you go into you have body scanners that are scanning for your heat and if you have a fever then they quarantine you so I did 12 flights just down in Africa to go around to these different countries and you're getting all these these you know heat scanners have to ask to answer these massive question years because the corona virus is really bad this was my three minutes at the at the beach that I got it was literally three minutes and it's really sad because they have beautiful beaches and it's covered in trash and so it's it's really sad because it is but they have nowhere to put it so there's a lot of things that we would complain about why do they do it that way it's not their people's fault a lot of times it's their it's their government's fault and right on the beach I found these animals that were literally on the beach these horses that they that they house their that for people to tourists and stuff to ride around on the beach and they keep these these horses right there so they do have a pretty good life as far as I'm concerned but it's super hot there it's like Arkansas hot maybe a little bit bar it's really super hot there and it's summertime there so it's a lot different and there's my next night flight to the next place and the last place I went to was Uganda and Uganda was it's right here Kampala was where I landed and this is a lake this Lake Victoria right here that is so big that it looks like an ocean and it doesn't flow like an ocean but it looks like an ocean because it's that large and this was from a for a lot of reasons I think this was my favorite place out of all of them it's the most beautiful place there that I've been to it's all yeah that's this is that these are all my pictures this is the lake right here and it looks like an ocean but it's just an absolute it's a jungle there so it's super beautiful and it's hot and the people are so unbelievably friendly here in let me see if I can do this these these people here they stay send they send like 20 people to go pick me up from my hotel and it was just this big greeting party of people and so there's a lot of people that I met here that I I have no way to remember everybody's name because that day I met over a hundred people and I only got to see them for literally I mean just minutes okay so I know I'm running out of time I need just a tiny bit more to get through this because I wanted to read a couple quotes too before before we ended but these were just the greatest people here and it was what a blessing we got in a car they had everything prepared and traveled to the to the meeting site this is a view outside here and it's what's interests there's this isn't EB Airport right here but what you see everywhere here is the UN is everywhere and so all the planes have UN when you board in their Airport they have a UN boarding area because there's so many I guess projects that they're working on there with the UN so there's UN guys everywhere when I got into the hotel this is oh are you with the State Department I said no no him but I guess I looked like I was from the State Department or something this is the the meeting group the main core people that that I met with when I was there we traveled around and the visa problems we've now since we've been there and gone through this and I've worked with some of the people here we know how to fix them in the future so that that won't happen which is that we learned a lot of lessons which I'm not going into here let me go through yeah that's this is where they're at so when you're looking at the chat groups and stuff they're there with this team here this was the meeting that they had prepared when I got there and this was there was probably 80 or so people there they had a full service here I had a lot more to show but I've already ran out of time but they had a full service here too when I showed up they says this is this is the whole plan for the whole it was like a Sabbath day service and at the end I was I was supposed to speak so they're really organized have a great team and and this is just right outside of the service it's the poverty is it's pretty extreme but this was outside of the place where we were where we were meeting at but what a great group I wish I could go back there I love these pictures here just because this guy really nice guy I can't remember his name and every time that we would take a picture he looks like what touching me and it was really funny because all of the pictures he has that attitude but he's a super super nice guy and we had a we had a good time though but they definitely like to take pictures when I was there they had planned a meeting here where this is where they're going over all of their how they designed their ministry who's in charge what their needs are they have a plan to go to four different countries around them to spread the news which is Sudan Rwanda some some other really hot countries to where there would not be wise necessarily to send in Westerners but they're prepared to go into those countries and and spread this message they just need they need help and I hope that we can we can help them going forward I didn't get enough time to this was when I was speaking there right there at their meeting I didn't get enough time here and this one this was the part of the group and the place that they'd rented at the hotel this this is the this is nothing compared to the traffic that exists there I just had one picture of the traffic but there was times traffic you could not even imagine in Kampala it was super fun I would love to be able to drive there and just thousands of motorcycles everywhere and they have to have these mirrors on the front of every car they have this different mirror that's right on the front because there's so many tribe and people are cutting so close to you that you have to be able to see how many inches you are from bumping into the person and so every car that sold there has these mirrors and it's because you're literally inches from everybody for hours sometimes as you're driving through this town most extreme traffic you've ever seen in your life and there are already the immediately when we got on the equipment they're already working on it and using it forth for the Lord this is us going to a shopping center we're getting some final things for their meetings to get set up and then lastly we'll go into then I flew back to South Africa again so I flew back down to here and then we went into the country a little ways it was about an hour and 45 minutes away from from Johannesburg where we had the meetings at and then I have a few what was interesting too is I got pictures from guys on as they were getting on a plane because a lot of these people had never traveled before in their entire lives and so for them this was also a real neat thing for them to be able to get on a plane and travel somewhere because they never have there's a lot of people in Africa who have this is them next to or tombow again but there's a lot of people that have never left their village in in Africa which we couldn't understand with the way our country is you get birth certificates so they could get passports yeah it's and then visas after that so that's why some we didn't get as many people in South Africa because to get through all those steps there's massive if you understood just watch the news there's massive corruption with their police with their judicial system there's judges constantly being arrested there and thrown in jail although from the top down their schools have massive corruption so they're dealing with problems when they try to get some of these documents that they have to pay off people and I found in one instance that when the people found out that white people were pained for the stuff that the costs tripled for them and so you also have to watch out for those types of things too because of the that's how they treat one another these are them when they're when they're travelling and going to the to the airport and then the rest of the pictures that I have which is just a few more are of the campsite there in South Africa I was there until until Wednesday and then I I flew home like halfway through the the first camp meeting main reason why is I couldn't go on with them to the other places because most of the visas are single entry visas and so you can't go into those countries more than once without going all the way back to the United States and getting another visa I want to read one thing real quick as is it we're closing out and it's to TT four seven four dot for the like given to me by the Lord is that wise men men of financial abilities should visit our schools in every country and keep an account for their financial standing this matter should be not left to ministers or committee men committee men who have no time to take this burden the teachers are not to be left with this responsibility these matters of school business call for talent which isn't which has not been provided and what I found is going through a lot of quotes on this is is that there's a lot of things from Ellen White that state that it should not be the the ministers or those that are that are doing this type of thing and one of the things that I found out too is that this is not a negative thing but if you just send money down to Africa as your donation which we where we need more to send down there but if you just send money down to Africa it's not going to be used wisely in a lot of instances there are some instances that it will be but a lot that it won't the way that I see the only way that I can see that the Lord's money would be able to be used correctly down there is to not only have money but bring it down there with a westerner who can manage it correctly and not just hand off this money and it's it's I have probably 20 different examples of why that's true based upon my experiences from this trip another one is 72 for 7.3 experiences of great value of the Lord desires to have men of intelligent connected to his work men qualified for various positions of trust in their in their conferences and institutions especially concentrate consecrated businessmen are needed men who have carried the principle of truth to every business transaction those placed in charge of financial affairs should not assume other burdens burdens that are incapable of bearing nor is the business management to be entrusted to incompetent men and there's a ton of instances in the spirit of prophecy that that talk about that that people need to have to be able to manage their own money before they're sent down money down there from the Westerners because it won't be managed correctly and then I just thought this was cool this is the only one that doesn't have to do with anything it was in the camp and it was really cool one of the things I wanted to bring up is for instance even if you have a car there their gas is nearly twice as much as ours here so even the people it's their there they struggle with so much and on top of that their fuel is so much their every cost is high but you know a hard worker in Uganda will make about a dollar 50 a day but their costs are similar to ours so it's really difficult for them to for them to you know make them make money and and to support their family these are the pictures from the South African meetings this was a really great group because it was mainly people that were were brought in from other countries to learn this message the one thing that I hope that my dad's preaches again my favorite one from the entire time was judges six and seven the story of Gideon and I hope that that gets played again because we're having challenges right now with the recordings to get those on YouTube and they still haven't been placed there from even the South African meetings so again they're there's a great work to do in Africa and we I believe that we need to do it and we need to do it quickly and and right now but we cannot just send money down there and think it's going to work it's not you need somebody down there who can help started that's that group there next one that's the Angolan Angola and that's from that's tend I I didn't go through an order of all of yours he's from Zimbabwe so Zimbabwe Kenya Uganda Ghana Angola South Africa was just the beginning and there's there's there's a lot more there there's people I'm talking to from Rwanda which is now a country that we can even go into it's not too sketchy there's Sudan would be real hard for us to get into safely and a lot of that work is still ongoing with the websites because there was one for instance like in South Africa that the name of the ministry that they chose was blocked by their government and so they had to change the ministry for various reasons so we're still working through that but that is that is an ongoing effort for for all of those and then this is the last the last picture I have of the group they're in South Africa just a great great group of people and that's that's it there's a lot more to share we take for granted water food transportation safety you have no idea what we take for granted here until you spend a couple days in Africa and these people need a ton of help and we need to find ways to help them and I'm not talking about giving away stuff but help them with transportation so they can spread this message help them with basic things like water help them potentially even with land to put schools on the one in Uganda already has land but they need help with with putting two that together but we need to continue this work in Africa if it was up to me and it was a real blessing that I got to I got to be part of this so he missed it because after he left on Wednesday thou heard of that little town began a protest and from that point on any time we went in that town we had to drive out through the fields through a big trap of big trash dump to get around it because they were taking tires and branches and covering all the paved streets and light him on fire and what they were protesting is that part of the town the poor part of town had no water the day we finally left I mean to come to this the water company was out there digging ditches but I mean this is a big area you know is big area wise as hot springs hundreds of people living there in little houses but no water there's one yeah real scary go go up to a bunch of people that were burning stuff in the streets and you're out I have a way around them you missed that no I did I'm glad I did but I was working with this guy that just off and on that I've met during the trip and what he did is he provided water systems down in in different kinds mozambique and some other different countries down there and one of the ones that he was working on supported and I have a I have a hand pump at my house that pumps water okay and I got it mainly for decorations but they have one area there where they have a hundred thousand people that have three hand pumps that run 24 by seven just to try to get the water for those hundred thousand people okay a hundred thousand people that have just three hand pumps for their entire water for their and when they tested the water there was three different kinds of e.coli in the water because the the wells were dug too shallow so even when these people have you know they don't have water they don't have food but they're the nicest people I've ever met in my entire life I really mean that did you see half of that did you see happen