Flattery, Hypnosis and Mind Control Debra Fontenot / AA 83-85 in English

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thank you for this Sabbath day and we pray that you'll please be with us and help us and guide us as we read your word and as we study together and please father be with me as I stand before thy people I pray for your blessing upon me helping me to convey correctly the words that you have given for us in these last days we thank you in Jesus name Amen before we before I begin we're gonna have a special music and this is for nyla because she has asked her STD special music she says I miss special music so we're going to do that today this is in the Christmas hymn section of your hymnals we've sung just there a couple of years ago it's a Christmas hymn but we like to sing this song at any time of the year because it gives the history of Christ from his birth to the second coming Dodgers leave thy throne and thy kingly crown when thou came is to earth for me but in Bethlehem's home was there found no room for thy Holy Name every team welcome to my heart Lord Jesus there is room in my heart for thee heavens arches rang when the angels sang role claiming thy royal degree but of lowly birth dist I'll come to earth and in greatest humility welcome to my heart Lord Jesus there is room in my heart for thee the foxes found rest and the birds their nest in the shade of the forest screen but my couch was the sod all the Son of God in the deserts of Galilee o come to my heart Lord Jesus there is room in my heart for thee when thou come ok mr. Lord with the Living Word that shall set my people free but with mocking scorn and with crown of thorn they borne me to Calvary oh come to my heart Lord Jesus there is room in my heart for thee when the heaven shall ring and the angels sing and by coming to victory let my voice call me home saying yet there is room there is room at my side for thee why my heart shall rejoice Lord Jesus when thou comest and coalesced for me my study this morning is on flattery hypnosis and mind-control this is not a thrust or jab at anybody that has grieved over the conditions that have been going on but this is just something that I I just wanted to bring about and this is what's been happening and we don't ever have to touch this subject again but I was just I really had a burden for this this one here so in counsels to the church councils for the church 323 and 324 she says this office trees regarding God in nature that are flooding the world with skepticism are the inspiration of the fallen foe who is himself a Bible student who knows the truth that it is essential for the people to receive and who study it is to divert minds from the great truths given to prepare them for what is coming upon the world now these Sophos trees if we think ahead this is in May I mean this has been going on but this is really going to have its full emphasis in May of this year about the sophistry is regarding God and nature when the Pope is going to call all the world to come together on climate change and we know that the Sunday law is going to be involved in that so that that paragraph right there kind of really hit what's happening what's going to be happening right now in the preparations that they're making and this part about Satan being a Bible student and who knows the truth that is essential for the people to receive in one classroom study I remember someone stood up here and said that Satan doesn't know what's going to happen until God reveals it to his people and at the time it sounded really good but this throws dirt on that Satan is a Bible student and he knows what's coming and what's going to happen because he's a better student after the passing of time in 1844 we had fanaticism of every kind to me testimonies of reproof were given me to bear to some holding spiritualistic theories ungodly teaching is followed by sinful practice and we can see that it is the seducing bait of the father of lies and results in the impotence of self-satisfied impurity the experience of the past will be repeated in the future Satan's superstitions will assume new forms errors will be presented in a pleasing and flattering manner false theories clothed with garments of light will be presented to God's people thus Satan will try to deceive if possible the very elect most seducing influences will be exerted minds will be hypnotized corruptions of every type similar to those existing among the antediluvian will be brought in to take minds captive the exultation of nature is God the unrestrained license of the human will the counsel of the ungodly these Satan uses US agencies to bring about certain ends he will employ the power of mind over mind to carry out his designs the most sorrowful thought of all is that under his deceptive influence men will have a form of godliness without having a real connection with God like Adam and Eve who ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil many are even now feeding upon the deceptive morsels of error and the same person stood up here in this classroom and pointed to a quote that had been put on the board in regards to the human will and power the will and the one in Adventist home he didn't believe what he was teaching and we know that now satanic agencies are clothing false theories in an attractive garb even as Satan in the Garden of Eden concealed his identity from our first parents by speaking through the serpent these agencies are instilling into human minds that which is in reality deadly error the hypnotic influence of Satan will rest upon those who turn from the plain Word of God to pleasing fables it was pleasing to take off your skirt it was pleasing to start eating meat it was pleasing to start doing a lot of other things that are totally against God's Word it is those who have had the most light that Satan most assiduously seeks to ensnare he knows that if he can deceive them they will under his control clothed in sin with garments of righteousness and lead many astray I say to all be on your guard for as an angel of light Satan is walking in every assembly of Christian workers and in every church trying to win the members to his side I'm bidden to give to the people of God the warning be not deceived God is not mocked now I could walk away and just be done with that because that pretty much summarizes the whole thing but I wanted to add a little bit more in selected messages volume three oh that's booked three before 11:00 and 4:12 says as the time has come when even in the church and in our institutions this school some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils but God will keep and this is why I chose this long God will keep that which is committed to him let us draw near to him that he may draw near to us let us bury plain clear testimony right to the point this is the plain clear testimony that she wants us to bear right to the point that hypnotism is being used by those who have departed from the faith and that we are not to link up with them through those who depart from the faith the power of the enemy will be exercised to lead others astray this is the same quote the last great conflict is before us but help us to come to all who love God and obey his law and the earth the whole earth there's your doubling is to be lighted with the glory of God another angel is to come down from heaven this angel represents the giving of the loud cry which is to come from those who are preparing to cry mightily with a strong voice Babylon is fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird we have a testing message to give I'm instructed to say to our people unify unify but we are not to unify with those who are departing from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils with our heart sweet and kind and true we don't go forth to proclaim the message giving no heed to those who lead away from the truth SDA bible commentary volume 5 page 10 81 st. attempted the first Adam in Eden and Adam reasoned with the enemy thus giving him the manage Satan exercised his power of hypnosis over Adam and Eve that this power and this power he strove to exercise over Christ but after the word of Scripture was quoted Satan knew that he had no chance of triumphing I'm gonna pass over reading the the references you have them in your notes Adam listened to the specious sophistry of Satan and received at his truth now we could say but the Bible says that Satan deceived Eve but she says Satan tempted Adam and Adam reasoned with the enemy and Adam listened to the specious office tree of Satan he had originally the wonderful gift of a sinless nature but he listened to the falsehoods of the one who fell from his first estate Satan exercised his hypnotism over him and Adam listening to him sinned and thus opened the door through which the enemy could ever gain access to human beings Adam and Eve lost the spiritual life that would have been theirs by continual endowment and I think I have a repeat of a quote but the only reason it's repeated is that she says something different yeah because in the Bible it says that God called their name Adam so I don't know that's probably more accurate than what I could have portrayed it so yeah that's that's a good question that's something that I have wondered about also so yeah the next quote Satan is making every effort to bring in spiritualists office trees to throw his deceptions over mines now is the time for every follower of Christ to be clothed with the whole armor of God and to fight manfully against the encroachment of the powers of darkness let not our soldiers be found asleep at their post the world is to be warned there are strong men precious in the sight of God who are under a spell then I you could probably say there are women too who are under a spell they do not realize that they are represented by the foolish virgins scientific spiritualistic philosophy has taken the minds of some from the message to be proclaimed at this time there are those who live merely to criticize they have been associating with those who have learned from the great deceiver their hearts bear the sting of the serpent and they are prepared to enter upon a campaign of unbelief those who have fallen asleep at their posts are now to awake and trim their lamps they are to entertain not a vestige of doubt as to the truth for this time the hypnotism of Satan must be shown in its true bearing we are not to turn our steps toward Egypt where you can wear pants and eat meat and wear makeup and fight for the homosexuals and on and on on but we are to turn towards Canaan the land of promise the Lord says to me I have strengthened you to bear a message for this time wake up the men who have been receiving Sophos trees they are asleep as to the great importance of the present time and the dangers of the future some who in the past have had a genuine experience will awake because their lives have not been a continual contradiction of truth I'm going to skip over that paragraph she talks about is your lamp filled with oil those who are represented by the wise virgins those who in the past have had a precious experience in the truth are now to arouse and trim their lamps let those who have listened to sophistry now cut every vestige of this out of their experience do not allow your time to be taken up in discussion regarding these sophistry so do not remain in the fog of scepticism until it is too late for you to find your bearings entire consecration to God puts an end to all vain foolish suppositions and imaginations the next quote I tell you in the name of the Lord God of Israel that Satan is presenting he's his sophistry stew ministers and medical workers when she says medical workers we know who she's talking about she's referring referencing Kellogg but she says old controversies will be awakened and if our people listen to these sophistry they will become impregnated with the same false idea of a popular religion that will cause them to develop into gods and there'll be no place in their lives for God or Jesus Christ just as long as men consent to listen to these sophistry a subtle influence will weave the fine threads and I think of a web when she says fine threads of these seductive theories into their minds and men who should turn away from the first sound of such teaching will learn to love it as loyal subjects we must refuse even to listen to these sophistry their influence is something like a deadly Viper poisoning the minds of all who listen it is a branch of hypnotism deadening the sensibilities of the soul that's why I stopped listening some time ago I'm like I don't even want to listen because I'm afraid that he's going to say something that's going to click in my mind and and I'll be in that ditch I have not strength to dwell upon this for I feel so strong an indignation against Satan and those who with the Word of God in their possession listen to the teaching of human agencies who are intent upon declaring theories which they present as more wonderful higher grandeur than the teachings of Christ and the one who gave His life to save the world from Satan's higher education there's been a lot of talk about higher education and Greek education and it's Satan's we cannot afford to exchange Christ's teachings for the devil's lie my brother there's a work to be done yourself and many of your associates in repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as a sin pardoning Savior and there she's talking to Kellogg and others and here is here's a nice one from manuscript manuscript police volume volume 20 we have no time to listen to the suggestions of the wily foe at our baptism we took upon ourselves a solemn vow to break all connection with Satan and his agencies and to enlist heart and soul in the work of extending the kingdom of God all heaven is working for this object the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are pledged to cooperate with sanctified human instrumentalities if we are true to our Val there is open to us a door of communication with heaven a door that no human hand or satanic agency can close he that overcometh shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels these things saith he that is holy he that is true he that hath the key of David he that openeth and no man shutteth and shutteth and no man openeth I know thy works behold I've set before thee an open door and no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength and has kept my word and has not denied my name because thou has kept the word of my patience I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation we shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth the Word of God is to be our teacher if we read this word carefully and prayerfully with an earnest desire to understand we shall be unable to comprehend the will of God in the doctrine of truth we shall never become lost in the fog of skepticism or hypnotism now if you noticed in there where she quoted about he that overcometh be clothed in white raiment and then she talks about the key of David that those are in Revelation three but the first one about the white raiment she's talking to Sardis and the one of with the key of David the door that he opens and no man can shut that's Philadelphia so you can bring it that what you want I'm gonna skip over this next quote because it's this one of the same ones that son it's already repeated about Satan making every effort to bring in spiritualistic Soph the streets I'm gonna skip over I'm running out of time mine character personality vol 2 where she says do not listen do not voice Satan's theories says I've been shown that we are not to enter into controversy over the spiritualistic theories because such controversy will only confuse Minds these things are not to be brought into our meetings we are not to labor to refute them if our ministers and teachers give themselves to study of these erroneous theories some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils it is not the work of the gospel minister to voice Satan's theories go steadily forward building up the old waste places in restoring the foundations of many generations present the truth sacred sanctifying truth and let the seducing theories of the enemy alone give him no ground on which to plant the seeds of these theories I was warned to enter into no controversy over these matters let not our ministers or teachers or students give their lips to the repeating of the enemy's sophistry drop down a little bit more confrontation page 43 Satan flattered our first parents that eating the fruit which God had forbidden them would bring to them great good and would ensure them against death the very opposite of the truth which God had declared to them but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die if Adam had been obedient he would have known neither want sorrow nor death and I want to drop down to SJ Bible Commentary volume 5 it says Matthew 12 I forgot to put the verses in there that she's referring to if Daniel could I get you to read Matthew 12:43 2:45 so we can have a reference Matthew 12:43 2:45 there's more to that section but just though those three verses when the unclean spirit has gone out of a man he walketh through Dry places seeking rest and findeth none then he saith I will return into my house from whence I came out and when he has come he findeth it empty swept and garnished then goeth he and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there and the last state of that man is worse than the first even so shall it be unto this wicked generation the garnished house thank you the garnished house represents the self-righteous soul Satan is driven out by Christ but he returned in hope of finding entrance he finds the house empty swept and garnished only self-righteousness is abiding there then go with he and take it to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter in and dwell there and the last state of that man is worse than the first self righteousness is a curse a human embellishment which Satan uses for his glory those who garnish the soul with self praise and flattery prepare the way for the seven other spirits more wicked than the first in their first reception of the truth these Souls deceive themselves they are building upon a foundation of self-righteousness the prayers the congregation's may be offered to God with a round of ceremonies but if they are offered in self righteousness God is not honored by them the Lord declares I will be clear thy righteousness and thy works for they shall not profit thee in spite of all their display their garnished habitation Satan comes in with a troop of evil angels and takes his place in the soul to help in the deception the Apostle writes if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ they are again entangled therein and overcome the latter end is worse with them than the beginning we had been better for them to them not to have known the way of righteousness then after they had known it to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them and I want to finish with the very last statement an acceptance of the truth of heavenly origin brings the mind into subjection to Christ then the health of the soul which comes from receiving and following pure principles is revealed in words and works of righteousness the faith which leads to this is not the faith which believes in mind controlling mind till one person acts out the will of another church members having confidence in this science may be called sound in the faith but it is not the faith of Jesus Christ theirs as a faith in the work which Satan is doing he presents genic gigantic errors and by the miracles which he works he deceives many this work he will do more and more a healthy church is composed of healthy members of men and women who have a personal experience in true godliness you can read the rest of those on your own pray you'll be blessed by them and that will be able to overcome the decimation of this movement good morning lettuce Neal our gracious Father in heaven as we open your word and study the Sabbath School lesson for this week and the passage in the book Acts of the Apostles we ask for the help the guidance of thy Holy Spirit please Lord open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things out of thy law we pray that as we study these truths that we will be sanctified through thy truth we pray and we thank you in Jesus name Amen okay we are in the book Acts of the Apostles pages 83 to 85 I want to mention we read a portion of a of the passage that my wife Deborah just read here and this is an encouragement believe it or not to me and it's back on page three of those notes top this second paragraph she says I have not strength to dwell upon this for I feel so strong and indignation against Satan and and those who with the Word of God in their possession listen to the teaching of human agencies who are intent upon declaring theories which they present as most wonderful higher grander than the teachings of Christ the one who gave His life to save the world from Satan's higher education we cannot afford to exchange Christ's teachings for the devil's lies I feel vindicated for the things that I have said in this platform however you want to say it for some of the things that I have said concerning the apostasy that has come in to our midst she says I feel strong indignation against not only Satan but against those who would the Word of God in their possession listen to these heresies and accept him as something higher than the teaching of Christ that's those people that are teaching it oh yeah she doesn't directly mention them but the indignation should be directed towards them as well yeah yeah the whole bunch the whole bunch I mean yeah I don't know I'm a person that how do they say that where's his feelings on their sleeves how how they say it you know and it's it it's very obvious to some people and some people are offended because of that against not only say yes we're believing his lies I mean are we some people act act as if we should be just like like what's his name Spock okay yeah emotionless I'm sorry okay get off of that our Sabbath School lesson starts on page 83 and goes on hopefully to page 85 of Acts of the Apostles and let's read the first paragraph which someone volunteer maybe brother Toby could read the paragraph bottom of page 82 but in the council in the words spoken by the disciples this was gamma meal a Pharisee of good reputation learning in high position his clear intellect saw that the violent step contemplated by the priest would lead to terrible consequences before addressing those present he requested that the prisoners be removed he well knew that the elements he had to deal with he knew that the murderous murderers of Christ would hesitate at nothing in order to carry out their purpose so who recognized the voice of God in the words spoken by the disciples Gemelli oh Emily oh and so in our day who would recognize the voice of God in the words spoken by God's faithful witnesses anybody may not be right but it says I think great controversy is where I read this many of our rulers are active agents of Satan and at the same time there are God's agents among leading men of the nations who will call it so there there are leaders on to two camps two classes of leaders there is a class of leaders that will take their stand with us and I believe that's the ones that it's referring to as I compare it to the fair say core council and he was one of them and that's what made me think that yeah that that would answer question number two see the end on the first question yeah so what's the answer to that one according to yeah yeah yeah Tate 507 which is on the notes at the end of question number one there's something here was read this morning in Sabbath school so it goes along with those who are daily yes we're told God's Word that they will receive greater light yes and it says in here the very last line by character personality 712 volume to a healthy churches composed of healthy members who have a personal experience in true godliness and so if I was going to do an in-depth study on this I would take it to I would get the word experimental knowledge of God and I would plumb that to its depths because that's really what it's talking about someone who has God as he in their personal experience thank you I want to emphasize something that that you said and experiential knowledge and I'll just say it but she actually says that yeah in the things of God something like that okay and I have ever since I learned this I have a burden to explain that to people and to emphasize this when whenever it's better prophecy or when we speak about experience we think of and this is hard kind of hard to explain maybe we think of something like your hands on labor or our or maybe we were driving down the road I'm just gonna give an example off the top off the top of my head we were driving down the road in a car and we have a flat and someone comes over and helps us because we prayed Lord pray that the Lord would help help us and send someone to help us mmm you know many many many experiences in our lives where the Lord has has helped us has intervened and that's all well and good and that is as it should be and that is part of our experience but sister white also explains that we should have an experience in studying God's Word okay and even even deeper in that is have you ever and I think everyone here has had this experience have you ever been studying and the Lord has revealed something to you personally some truth whatever that may be it may be something about your character or maybe something about the king of the north I'm going to use those two wide extremes but that is what is included in an experience in the in the things of God and if you study even the phrase the things of God which is most of the time the most of the time that you will find that phrase is in first Corinthians chapter two you study the things I've got you study that out and there's it's it's mainly speaking about God's Word the deep things of God okay but anyway so if we have an experience in the things of God in whatever you know the wide the broad application of that we will recognize the voice of God in the words spoken by God's faithful witnesses all right so question number three Acts of the Apostles page eighty four point one speaks of an internal peace you know what before we get to that question as I was looking over this again last evening I noticed something here in the second paragraph where it says and they do well okay first of all with someone read the second for us it will get them of Acts this is actually the Apostles page 83 the second paragraph the priests know yeah these views and were obliged to agree with gamiello chameleon yes yet their prejudice and hatred could hardly be restrained very reluctantly after beating the disciples and charging them again at the peril of their life to preach no more in the name of Jesus they released them and they departed from the presence of the council rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name and daily in the temple and in every house they cease not to teach and preach Jesus Christ so it says that they rejoiced I just say it they departed from the yep so that reminded me of something some other portions of the Scriptures where his talks about rejoicing Matthew 5:10 to 12 which someone read that for us Matthew 5:10 through 12 and in someone else could be getting ready and read Luke 6 22 to 23 and still another a third person could read 1st Peter 4:12 to 14 yes blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are ye when men shall revel you and persecute you and shall say all manner of against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you okay and in Luke 6 22 to 23 blessed are ye when men shall hate you and when they shall separate you from their company and shall reproach you and cast out your name as evil for the son of man's sake rejoice ye in that day and leap for joy for behold your reward is great in heaven for ever the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets amen and first Peter 4:12 to 14 it's evident from the context of this this happens when would you say this this happens when there in acts acts in the story of Emilio yes this is in 1st Peter 4:7 when the end of all things is at hand and of all things is at hand ok you know have you ever thought about this have you ever meditated on this that if a person is not right with the Lord they can't they can't rejoice over this persecution based upon your presentation contain because they have received Aminah Belarus ease is that we are dying because they hadn't been studying the Word of God yes yes yes if you if we're gonna be fearful about the CIA coming and hitting us up about July 18th prediction it's simply because we don't really believe that prediction if we were really settled into that prediction then when they came we could rejoice because we knew we were on the right side amen the study of God's Word gives one a confidence that God has shown me has shown you what is truth without that confidence you can't rejoice ok let's go to the next question number 4 how do you okay no no question number 3 Acts of the Apostles eighty four point 1 speaks of an internal peace and an external peace what type of peace are we to have that should be obvious what type of peace are we to have an internal or external internal ok and do do we achieve that peace by compromise never there are various statements in the spirit of prophecy I want us to go to this now hopefully we all have access to great controversy page 50 I'm gonna bring out several passages from great controversy talking about people that try to achieve peace by compromise and I know this is not in your notes I just I don't know why I didn't see this when I was preparing for this last Sunday okay great controversy you know when we think of compromise as seventh-day Adventist we should be terribly afraid of compromise where controversy page 50 this compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in the development of the man of sin that's just one the next paragraph the beginning of it Satan once endeavored to form a compromise with Christ when did he do that and the wilderness of temptation if you'll just compromise and bow before me and you know whatever then everything will be okay another one page 42 of great controversy now you you we're gonna find in a few minutes there is a certain word that sister white associates and it's not just once but more than once there's a certain word that sister white associates with compromise keep that in mind we'll find that in just a moment but on page 42 of great controversy the great adversary now endeavored to gain by artifice what he had failed to secure by force what she's talking about here is Satan and just at the beginning of the Dark Ages realize a persecution just wasn't accomplishing all what he expected you not had failed persecutions ceased and instead were substituted the dangerous allurement of temporal prosperity and worldly honor idolaters were led to receive a part of the Christian faith while they rejected the rejected other essential truths they professed to accept Christ as a son of God and to believe in his death and resurrection but they had no conviction of sin and felt no need of repentance or of a change of heart with some concessions on their part they proposed that Christians should make concessions okay with some so the pagans are saying when I'm sorry the Christians are saying with some concessions on their part they proposed that Christians that we should make concessions that all might be united on the platform of belief in Christ now the church was in fearful peril prison torture fire and sword were blessings in comparison with this some of the Christians to affirm declaring that they could make no compromise others were in favour of yielding or modifying some features of their faith and uniting with those who had accepted a part of Christianity urging that this might be the means of their full conversion that was a time of deep anguish to the faithful followers of Christ under a yoke of pretended Christianity under a cloak sorry under a cloak of pretended Christianity Satan was insinuating himself into the church to corrupt their faith and turn their minds from the word of truth does that remind you of recent occurrences most of the Christians at last consented to lower their standard and a union was formed compromise was formed Christianity and paganism and what's another one word for a union between Christianity and paganism one word Catholicism that's what Catholicism is in and of itself it's bought baptized paganism I'm not going to read too much of that one page 45 but the same thing Oh after a long and severe conflict paid 45 a great controversy the third paragraph after a long and severe conflict of faithful feud decided to dissolve all union with the apostate Church if she still refused to free herself from falsehood and idolatry they saw that separation was an absolute necessity if they would obey the Word of God they dared not tolerate errors fatal to their own Souls and set an example which would imperil the faith of their children and children's children to secure peace and unity they were ready to make any concession consistent with fidelity to God but they felt that even peace and this is what we're talking about we're talking about peace they felt that even peace would be too dearly purchased at the sacrifice of principle if unity could be secured only by compromise of truth and righteousness then let there be difference and even war and Christians seventh-day adventists are too easily convinced to compromise to tolerate error and sin in the church I want to go to one more passage in great controversy that and is going to be the one that's going to answer the question what word what word does sister white associate with compromise you may be surprised BRIC controversy page 289 I'm gonna read the first two pages or rather two first two paragraphs first page of the chapter - Pilgrim Fathers the English reformers while renouncing the doctrines of Romanism had retained many of its forms thus though the authority and the Creed of Rome were rejected not a few of her customs and ceremonies were incorporated into the Church of England so what we're reading here is a repetition of what we just read and about the early about early Christianity during the time of pagan Rome it was claimed that these things were not matters of conscience that though they were not commanded in Scripture and hence were non-essential yet not being forbidden they were not intrinsically evil you got hurt you got to really wrap your mind around this - these two pages their observance tended to narrow the gulf which separated the Reformed churches from Rome just like their observance these pagan observances tended to narrow the gulf which separated the Christian Church from the pagans and it was urged that they would promote the acceptance of the Protestant faith by Romanist so first of all you have the the Christians and the pagans same attitude as the the contra are the compromise between the pagans and the Christians during the time of the early church the Christians said let's compromise a little bit and maybe the pagans will accept Christianity so now hundreds of years later 1260 years later or so now the Protestants are saying if we give a little bit and compromise with you know the Catholics didn't it takes them out and take some of their accept some of their ceremonies and formed and rites then the then the Catholics might come over to our side it doesn't work never has work never will notice the next sentence to the conservative and compromising these arguments seem conclusive now tell me brothers and sisters who are according to this statement who are the ones that compromise yes but and you're right brother Toby but what do these compromise she essentially calling the compromising conservative and what have they been saying what have this apostate movement been saying about conservatism none of their service reporting that of their lives yes well we want to be less conservative but all that while data pointing the finger had those of us who have stood for the truth they're calling us conservative really and truly they are the Conservatives there's another passage won't go to it right now I don't have it in my notes but sister white there's a passage I'd have to think for a while at what words you'd have to type in to a search to find this but you can tell in this particular passage that in her day because of the length of the dress that she wore people were accusing how do you know how does she say it it was the Conservatives who were accusing her of you know her dress was too long I'll forget how it's how it is but anyway suffice it to say we've had it wrong we've had it we haven't had a complete I won't say wrong we've had an incomplete understanding of what it means to be conservative at its core at its base I would say conservative means to hold back okay and not to advance okay that's what it means at its core it's the opposite of being liberal in the sense nah I'm not saying liberal in the modern sense of the term I'm talking about liberal ending like a liberal giver okay we should be liberal in our gifts to the Lord liberal in our and giving our lives to the Lord that's that's that's the kind of liberal we should be but as I have read the spirit of prophecy I see it over and over again when I come across that word conservative it is those who actually compromise she's saying here compromise with the world retain and accept the world standard of things the world standard of dress people you know to say if you a separate dresses conservatively you know if a woman wears a wears a long dress you know a decent dress she's conservative well I don't call that conservative I don't believe the Bible or this bit of prophecy agrees with that she is a woman who dresses that way is not conservative she's modest that's that's the more correct term thank you brother Toby but Curt conservative means actually worldly I want some feedback from this yes she talks about them retarding the growth yes I don't want to mess it up it says that they they try to hold back on new light exactly thank you and this very topic was what who led you to leave for beat cast out of that church this very oh yes but yes thank you for that's that's another statement the one that the sister Brahman is bringing up that's another statement we need to look at in regard to this subject the brother uh you're talking about giving and twist it around then to politics and have it work in every scenario so the fact is is that it works maybe with its own context but you're wrong that the word conservative is negative in all contexts well when you look at this bit of prophecy you do a word study nine times out of ten it's in a negative context the only place and I don't even remember where it's at where she would mention the word conservative in a positive context is I can conserve conserving resources like I said I'm just going by my spear prophecy and it says I mean it's like only one place okay it's just only one place where she mentions it in in a positive place the rest of them is all negative it's all negative now if you look up the word liberal probably it would all be no no no it won't be most of the time and I'm just guessing but it'd be an educated guess most of the time you would see the word liberal would be in a you might prove me wrong it would be probably in them kind of in a positive way but I know there are others I remember slightly slightly that there may be I think some other places where she mentioned the word liberal and maybe is similar to a similar way that we've mentioned it today I'm not I'm modest I'm not as familiar with the use of her of the use of the word liberal and it's better policy as I am with conservative so I thought that one's a little bit more difficult for me to address yes surely you're turning of these things upside down she'll be esteemed as the potters clay and I think that's what they've done that this were conservative they've done exactly what Isaiah said they were going to do they've taken it they've turned it upside down they've applied the label when the reality the progressives are us or progressive because we progress with the present truth yes yeah there's no what it would take me too long and we work when were with my people we have about six minutes left but there is a place I could show you apt after class where Chester White says that conservative principles by these educated men this is a very rough paraphrase are not safe guides for us so conservatism is in my mind is the same thing in this words your give I know you've all heard this phrase I strongly believe that consider the conservatism is synonymous with Joe judeo-christian teachings ethics however you want to put it they are they they it's it's synonymous with sunday-keeping that's what they are is the judeo-christian group they are sundae keeper yes is that I don't know how to search with this thing like I do in my computer but isn't there a verse in the Bible that talks about the liberal man being a churlish man whatever churlish means CH you are I know it mentioned the livers on their bowl type and the Liberals sold and put it in quotes it doesn't say that bro anyway oh that's probably the word where I remember the word from his navel we we're almost out of time I want guess isn't it to me to me this is the best part of this whole thing that I want to mention here and I'm gonna I'm gonna use our present discussion to kind of dovetail into this because conservatism I believe is the same thing as I mean it's not the same thing it is associated with legalism Pharisee ISM things like that alright super there's an liked a statement that says to Brahmin brought up just a few minutes ago that she didn't read but she read part of it is associated with being superficial okay and when you think of just the word superficial what's another word for superficial yeah extra how about external I'm literally speaking something superficial is external it's on the top alright so go to question number seven I'll wait for go up by the jet to read that 32 5 for the vile person will speak villainy and his heart that's 6 the vile person shall be no more called liberal nor the chiral said to be bountiful so vile person is at liberal okay okay I should have brought could someone that aligns with people who believe in God I'm completely listen years ago after the incident that sister Bronwyn mentioned a while ago that my wife and I were put out of a certain church because we because I read volume 5 of the testimonies pages 5 or 6 - no no seven oh six or seven oh seven okay it offended everybody over there as a church and two weeks later the pastor with the head elder came to our home and we spent an hour maybe two hours in conversation they didn't bring their Bibles and basically they were saying you know if you're gonna keep keep doing this and bringing these matters up and talking like this and in the samba school then please don't come back to our church and yeah and so in the midst of that the head elder wanted tried to get me into an argument about over the definition of the word conservative and I learned a lesson from that conversation and I determined from that day forward never to get into a discussion with someone like that about that about that word because what he was trying to do was trying to define the word conservative in our modern day atmosphere attitude what's that yeah vernacular all right and I'm not talking about the conservative I am numb and I'm not okay my familiarity with the word conservative I'm familiar with the attitudes out there it's in the political and the religious world we should have nothing to do with the conservative element out there it is clear in the Bible I mean in a spirit of prophecy clear as day are the liberal or the liberal I understand that okay but both those terms have been especially the word liberal had been hijacked but my familiarity with word conservative and my definition comes from the spirit of prophecy okay and it's like you're living you're like you're living in two different worlds but listen I want to hasten to go to this we need we don't want to end this without going to this we've mentioned the word external okay we either we have internal peace or external peace external is superficial all right patriarchs and prophets this is just one of the statements if someone could read after I read this one spitter prophecy vol 1 1 SP page 41 point 140 1.1 I'll read this one from patriarchs and prophets 1st and 2nd patriarchs and prophets page 57 ok and ask yourselves when did the human race begin to look to the external to gain peace right after his transgression Adam at first imagined himself entering upon a higher state of existence but soon the thought of his sin filled him with terror the air which had hitherto been of a mild and uniform temperature seemed to chill the guilty pair the love and peace which had been theirs was gone and in its place they felt a sense of sin a dread of the future a nakedness of soul the robe of light which hadn't shrouded them now disappeared and to supply its place they endeavored to fashion for themselves a covering for they could not while unclothed meet the eye of God and holy angels now the next open next one yes go ahead it's similar yes first imagine that he felt the rising to a new and higher existence but soon the thought of his transgression terrified him the air that had been of a mild and even temperature seemed to chill them the guilty pair had a sense of sin they felt a dreaded the future a sense of want a nakedness of soul the sweet love and peace and happy contented bliss seemed removed from them and in its place a want of something came over them that they never it's before they then for the first turned their attention to the external they had not they had not been clothed but were draped in light as were the heavenly angels this light which hadn't shrouded them departed to relieve the sense of lack and nakedness which they realized their attention was directed to seek a covering for their forms for how could they meet the eye of God and angels on clothed so when did the human race first begin to look to the external to gain peace they lost that covering so what did they do yes and sister white calls them these fig leaf arguments yes no you can't sue / fishel which is associated with conservatism and I'm not talking about the conservatism that is conservatism grabs hold of abortion issues and all kinds of things like that you know yes let's let's save it let's save it let's pray our Father which art in heaven we thank you for your word we thank you Lord for the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and Lord as we consider these things we pray that you would help us to continue to follow on to know the Lord who is going forth has been from of old even from everlasting give us wisdom and understanding because you promised If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not please be with us for the rest of this day rest of the Sabbath and guide us we pray and we thank you in Jesus name Amen