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Heavenly Father I thank you for brother Stephens presentation here and as we continue on with some of these concepts we ask for your blessing the presence of your Holy Spirit that we can continue to bring these things into clarity so we ask that you not only bless those of us here in this room that are studying these things but those that are on the internet watching at this time as well so thank you for being with this police guide and direct the words of thoughts that I'm gonna convey I'm let them be for your honor and glory we ask in Jesus name Amen if you were watching Stephens presentation at the beginning of his presentation when he was telling us about Pinilla man and Benyus the the modern name of that town and he put this up here with the six and the nine right above the midnight cry you'll notice I said something from the floor and that's where he wants it for what he's teaching over here and I like this I'm gonna try using this this is good he's puttin an emphasis of the the six and the nine right at the midnight cry waymark but he acknowledges that they're they're two different events but he has reasons for doing that such as the destruction of Jerusalem he was just identifying that Titus comes in the year 69 and then over here is the year 70 when the Jerusalem is destroyed in AD 70 cestia says has come to the city in 66 but Titus returns here and then he connects that with the 69th week and from here to here the 70th week when Christ is confirming the Covenant would take you to the midst of the week the Sunday law and then the stoning of Stephen so there's interesting lines of thought to be gleaned when you keep the six in the ninth hour together in this history that's why he was doing it over here but I look at it a little bit different but I don't think it's a contradiction so I want to say that out front with with where I'm going I'm not gonna I'm not contradicting him I got him to put this 911 up there he knew about it but it was from my conversations that he did that what I was looking for is for him to put the sixth hour here and the ninth here and the 11th right there as well because you then you get this beginning and ending of this history but what I wanted to what I want to look at here building up hopefully building on what he was identifying for us and answering a question that's come in in the meantime I have found no evidence at this point to move away from what we understood about the close of probation for the priests for the Levites and for the nether names and that being that at the midnight cry let me do it this way midnight cry which I'm saying is July 18th 2020 probation begins to close for the Levites progressively and their final opportunity is at the Sunday law and at this point I'm saying that's December 25th 2021 there might be a wiggle room for that because I'm still agreeing with him that this is the sixth hour and the ninth hour and I learned this from him so when I'm in agreeing with him I'm agreeing to his studies not mine that this is Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hiroshima and Nagasaki this is little boy right that's what we were just talking about and Fatman and if you understand that that this bomb was smaller and this bomb was bigger and this bomb was stronger or was strong but this one was stronger you're seeing a progression in here which we often see in Bible prophecy so we got a progression of problems going on here but from here until Michael stands up close of probation now you have progressive close of probation for the 11th hour workers okay so you've got 11th hour workers going from here to here you have the Levites from here to here but kept the priests right here and so what's that mean about this history what's going on from here to here and it's amazing if you go go walk through carefully Malachi for what he led us through again and think about the implications of what he was saying in connection with this study Malachi for one of the things it's teaching us is that before the great and dreadful day of the Lord Elijah the prophets going to come and I'm I'm suggesting that Elijah comes in this history I've been teaching that for a while and right now in November 9th until July 18th you're having the argument between the old movement and the new movement and in the prophecy that the new movement pointed to was November 9th this is where they they hitched their wagon to that prediction we couldn't see much about it that we could really get strong about other than it is a way mark and it is a way mark it it stands as a way mark it's midnight but they had a lot of predictions about what was supposed to take place four or five days ago that didn't take place but we're pointing to this and we're hitching our wagon into this particular predict so probation closes right here for the priests it Pro closes progressively and a question came in based upon Stephens presentation here when when he was marking as the Seventh day Adventist church here that this is the death of James White over there who is also typify by Saul he's he's touching on a concept that we've dealt with a lot that this is this is the the church triumphant the priests are already running through history this is where the Levites come and join them so this is Jerusalem being chosen back here at 9/11 Ezra leaves babbling on the first day of the first month and he gets here to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month so this is the Jerusalem way mark and here you have the seventh-day Adventist Church who was formerly Jerusalem coming to its conclusion but you have New Jerusalem so to speak right here I see a smile are you thinking something no okay and then there's a progressive gathering of the the Levites until this point at which point now you're gathering the nothingness what I want to put in place is that from one of the things I want to put put in place about this subject of Elijah the Prophet coming is that we found the first thing that got my curiosity that got me settled into identifying July 18 2020 was that there was 252 days between these two events and if we go to July 20th 2017 when Trump signs Trump is inaugurated it's a hundred and eighty days and from from here from the sixth to the ninth hour if you count the minute the seventh hour would be 60 minutes the eighth hour would be a hundred and twenty minutes and the ninth hour would be a in 80 minutes so you have a hundred and eighty in both of these so what I'm what I'm identifying here is that the 180 takes you to this way mark and it takes you to this way mark and we've already put in place repeatedly through the years that at the midnight cry you have the initial Sunday law and here is the Sunday law so you see you see a doubling in these histories repeatedly this history here of the six hour it gets repeated here in the ninth hour and the history that we're now in is the one that we're grappling with what's going on with the priests and yesterday we talked about looking for a token I don't know how everyone else understood it but that what was yesterday November 13th and we looked at November 13th back here 1833 and the falling of the stars this is the falling of the stars obviously and it was 33 what is that 67 167 a hundred and eighty-six years but this would be is that 87th there you go this here is the hundred and eighty seventh November 13th in this hundred and eighty six year period so we were seeing this history here teach potentially teaching us something about this history here just the this many days after the door closes on the priests but what we found out here is that November 13th 1833 the falling of the stars that primarily impacted the United States sister White's comment on it was people were either being scared that they weren't ready for the coming of the Lord because it seemed like this was a sign that the Lord was coming or they were rejoicing that the Lord was about to come and she so she's without purposely doing it she's identifying to two responses from this and for me when I looked at this I was assuming the response that was going to be brought about if this was repeated would be a response within the priests this isn't about the United States the United States was here getting awakened to a message that they were going to be confronted with by William Miller who's been receiving his credentials in this very year from the Baptist Church so this had something to do with about the credentials of the the chosen messenger for that selected audience and I'm saying in this history here the selected audience is the Levites who are going to watch it and the priests there's two classes of priests now that are competing for the attention of the Levites if you're looking at it if you're putting it in the context of Mount Carmel all right and if you remember it I believe Oh Delia put this in place but we'll go back there go to first Kings 18 when we're talking about Elijah and that's pretty much what I'm going to be touching on here first Kings 18 it's interesting if you go through verses 40 to 45 here you can pretty much parallel these verses not only with our history but with Miller ID history if you if you think it through carefully this whole this whole chapter but when you get to verse verse where do I want to start let's go verse 43 and said to his servants go up now look toward the sea and he went up and looked and said there is nothing I'm going to early I'm going too far down that's not where I want to go up verse 37 okay you can look at those verses and line them up with Miller right history in our history but that's not where I want to go I want to go to the midnight cry history and in verse 37 based on what we understand about doubling it says this hear me O Lord hear me there's a doubling for you that this people may know that thou art the Lord God and that thou has turned their heart back again okay so the work of Elijah here among other things is a work of turning the hearts of the people back to God and he's doubling and he's saying hear me hear me and that's what I'm saying in this history now that the true priests the work that they're doing is to try to turn the hearts of the Levites back to God so this doubling places us in the midnight cry history and although this is the midnight cry on the big line we believe we're in the midnight cry history of the priests this is about the priests at this point and if you keep your finger in first Kings 18 and go to where brother Stephen just had us to Malachi chapter 4 Malachi chapter 4 the promise is this very very thing that verse 27 s talking to us about verse 6 and of course this is Malachi 4 6 which is a symbol of the temple so the temples completed in the 46 year 46 days so this is this is the conclusion of this story in Malachi and it says and he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children in the heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with the curse so if you go back to first Kings 18 I'm saying that in this history which is illustrating the history of Elijah and I'm saying that the history of Elijah gets repeated in this history as well but we're dealing with our history right now the doubling of here hear me hear me allows us to put this in the midnight cry history of the priests the purpose of this is to turn the hearts of the Levites back to God because they're gonna watch this okay they're gonna watch this go down and then in verse 38 and says then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice and the wood and the stones and the dust and licked up the water that was in the trench and when the people saw it they fell on their faces and they said the Lord he is the he is the god the Lord he is the god there's a doubling there so this is this is two references here that allows you to plug it into the midnight Christi midnight cry history of the priests that we're living in right now and also the midnight cry history of the Levites which is just ahead the purpose of this manifestation of God's power is to turn God's people's heart back hearts back to him to them and what is it between those three verses that turns the hearts back it's when fire comes down out of heaven and we're saying that fire is going to come down out of heaven right here on July 18 2020 so how does that turn their hearts back I'm arguing that the only way it turns their hearts back is if in this history Elijah has let them know that this is going to take place okay it's about having the responsibility given to you in this history as a priest to actually give this prediction before it takes place so when it does come back come to pass when that fire comes down out of heaven the Levites are going to know the Lord he is God the Lord he is God and there is some other little nuances in there this this takes place in verse 38 and verse 38 there's only two places in the scriptures where the number 38 is mentioned one is just before they go in the promised land they're in their 38th year it's in their fortieth year but it's in their 38 38th year in terms of those that died in the wilderness because the rebellion of the ten spies in contrast with Joshua and Caleb took place two years into the forty years 38 years takes you to the entering of the promised land and in that passage in Deuteronomy it says rise up and then in the New Testament Jesus deals with a man that's been paralyzed for 38 years and he says rise up so 38 has this this concept built in it prophetically about rising up and 38 is connected with Josiah Lich's prophecy his prediction in 1838 that was going to be fine-tuned in 1840 and we're saying when it comes to this prediction of July 18 2020 that it was first put in the public record on November 4th 2018 two years before this event this would be 1838 if you're talking about lych this would be 1840 but you can't you can't separate the 38 from the 40 in the prophetic narrative so these people have to hear this message in advance in order to respond to the event when it takes place so when Elijah is saying hear me o Lord hear me it's about proclaiming a message that people can hear even though it's his prayer now this here this November 13th I'm arguing for myself and I don't know if nothing happened yesterday that doesn't matter it wasn't just the falling of the stars that preceded millerite history there was the Lisbon Portugal earthquake there was other signs that took place I don't know that every one of those signs I have to get plugged into this history but this hundred and eighty six year period that has a hundred and eighty-seven November 13th in it this November 13s already been settled with with our discussions but what went on yesterday here in this room and in in the world first up I think I think the things that went on the world the people in the world did see it but they wouldn't have any they wouldn't have any point of reference for understanding it anyway you had the beginning of the the official beginning of the impeachment of Trump began yesterday you've seen that coming for a long time so what well the so what for us is we should understand that that this impeachment is like the big giant step forward to the civil war this country is now getting so separated and so divided that the Democrats are willing to to overturn a legitimate election based upon their political persuasion at any cost and it's only driving a wedge further and further between the populous of that to us as students of prophecy should mark a giant step forward in the 45th President of the United States reaching a point over here in this history who are active spit is amiss to white says we'll return where he's a dictator that was that was a pretty significant way mark and when that was going on yesterday who is it that trumps meeting with in the White House the president of Turkey okay and there who's east what's that what's the argument there about well Trump wants the United States to sell turkey weapons instead of Turkey buying their weapons from Russia here's the that struggle between Russia and the United States right there in the White House yesterday and there's Turkey the Islamic symbol of the Ottoman Empire right there in the White House on this very same day and but in this room yesterday is when we began to see some of the the symbolic connections with Nashville Tennessee that we're pointing forward to here in just the some of the the symbolism of that city and the Tennessee flag and the symbol of the the Nashville Titans of Tennessee Titans so that to me this here it seems big everyone in the United States seen it but the testimony was in that history everyone in the United States was going to have to decide about William Miller's message that was the audience for what William Miller that was ordained here is going to carry a message to the audience in this history who's getting ordained here is the wise or foolish priest two classes of priests and their audience are these guys but this here this token was to be for us if we're on the right side of an issue an encouragement as priests that we were actually walking down the right path in projecting predicting this event here so I haven't had time to check it out I'm gonna switch gears now I'm gonna go back over here to his work I it was submitted here in the chat this morning I thought it was interesting but I haven't checked this but in the were you on the chat this morning Oh but yeah Washington restate that for me the Potomac River in the Revolutionary War in 1776 George Washington is crossing the Potomac River on December 25th defeating the British at that point in time so on December 25th and 1776 and there's there's many dates that you can mark as the starting point for the United States we marked the pilgrim scene at first the glorious land on November 9th 1620 but 1776 is probably the most common date that people refer to the beginning of the United States and at that point in time the first president he's not the first president at that point in time but he's going to be the first president of the United States is in a battle against what he's in a battle against the kings of Europe and the Roman Church America is a protest against the kings of Europe and the Roman Church that's what's written into the Constitution and so he's Washington is a symbol on December 25th 1776 that at the beginning of this country the Roman Church and the kings of Europe have been rejected and 2021 on December 26 the last president of the United States Trump that has been typifies by George Washington he's going to become the head of the ten kings of Europe the ten kings of the world and he's going to bow down to the Roman Church that just you can't escape that kind of beginning and ending if you're familiar with these things so there was one of the thing that come up this morning but it's not popping into my mind let me look at his board here I know where I want to go but I want to make sure I get all the little the little issues I popped into my mind as he was presenting this today all right let's go back to where he was in malachi malachi chapter 4 this was this was really profound when we went through it yesterday and he did just find a day but i guess it was because it was the first time through for me yesterday that i was so impacted then but if you if you get in the context of what he's saying where tomorrow we'll look at not tomorrow on sabbath Lord willing we'll look at the the few references that sister White has to Nashville and Nashville the word comes from an ash tree but you can't get away from the word ash so he's been stevens we've been pointed to ash I mean hiroshima nagasaki there was ash from the blast there's ash that comes out of the altar in the prophecy to of to Jeroboam from the disobedient prophecy prophet and in Malachi 4 it's going to talk about Ash so let's read that again verse 1 for behold the day cometh that shall burn as an oven and all the proud yea and all that do wickedly shall be stubble and the day that cometh shall burn them up saith the lord of hosts and shall leave them neither root nor branch they comparing them to what trees okay Nashville is the ash tree but under you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings and ye shall go forth and grow up as caps of the stall and you shall tread down the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet and that day that I shall do this say at the Lord of Hosts you ever thought about that this is this we apply to the second coming of Christ and rightly so but where do we really have evidence that when Christ comes and destroys the wicked by the brightness of his coming that we're going to go out and walk upon their ashes the you have to take this metaphorically right because we're going to be taken to the two heaven at that point in time the earth yeah and at the end of the thousand years the holy city will come down out of heaven and fire is going to once again cleanse the earth but as that fire proceeds the earth is being made new so we walk out in and where's the ashes in either case whether it's the second coming we don't do that because we're caught up together with him in the air as the earth is being consumed with fire or if it's the at the end of the thousand years we're not walking out on their ashes so when is it that the wicked are destroyed where we're still on planet earth and can walk on their ashes okay so and that's what what we're saying about this passage is that it's a present truth passage that has an implication about this message that in this period of time we're supposed to pray that the Lord will allow these people here to hear okay to hear this message so notice the two classes of worship worshipers there before we move on in verse one the proud and the wicked are a class of people and verse two there's a class of people that fear his name and it isn't the Sun of righteousness with an O it's the Sun of righteousness with a you here Christ is being identified with the Sun I thought we didn't worship the Sun but in this passage and he is being portrayed as the Sun of righteousness and here we're seeing that the Land of the Rising Sun is casting information from this history here onto our path that we need to understand and it's connecting with Malachi 4 verse 4 remember ye law the the law of Moses my servant which I commanded him at Horeb and brother Otilio is going to help me now because he brought it out yesterday what does Horeb mean was it you that brought that out it was it was Larry okay Larry what does Horeb mean destroy kill decay desolate okay now but that Horeb is Mount Sinai and what's going on at Mount Sinai when they received the law smoke and fire and shaking and fear the people are on there in the on the ground in fear okay so remember is speaking about the fourth commandment of the law of God because we put into place in my previous presentation I made the argument and I think it's valid that the whoas Islam is a wall is a trumpet and the trumpets come in response to a Sunday law this attack by Islam here has to follow some some kind of Sunday law implication as did 9/11 okay we mark the Patriot Act at 9/11 and and some people may say well 9/11 hit and then the Patriot Act was put in place after 9/11 but the reality of it was is the Patriot Act was written in 1996 it was it was already a document before and then Islam hits so if you noticed and and we don't have a great deal of evidence one way or another but over here on the 14th of May 2020 which is in this history here the leaders of the world have been called to the papacy to discuss global warming etc etc etc and Sunday legislation there has to be some kind of Sunday law implication that precedes this but at this point that's why the SL is there at this point national policies followed by national ruin that's the principle that's the place that sister white points us to per to understand the soon coming Sunday law crisis we would have to look at how it came in the early church takes us to 3:21 onward to 538 so back to Malachi remember you the law of Moses my servant which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel with the statutes and jump judgments what are we supposed to remember about Horeb well one of the things in this context you can remember is that it was a scary event with smoke and fire verse five behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the Great and dreadful day of the Lord so but this year we're saying is the Great and dreadful day of the Lord this is the Great and dreadful day of the Lord and this is the Great and dreadful day of the Lord this is the the perfect fulfillment down here the seven last plagues unless you want to put it at the end of the thousand years that could be the Great and dreadful day of the Lord as well but this is the one the Bible is speaking to in its perfect sense but this is the drayton dreadful day of the Lord and this is the Great and dreadful day of the Lord and we've dealt with that in this movement when we started arguing about 9/11 way back when in 2014 we made sure that we understood that the day of the Lord he's the lord of the Sabbath day and that it is preceded by the day of the Lord's preparation okay here's the Sabbath day here this is the day the Lord and there has to be the day of the Lord's preparation we're in the day of the Lord's prep preparation now at one level but what we're in is we're in the history of Elisha the prophet being sent and what happens when Elisha the prophet sent the priests of the Grove and the prophets of bale go first and you left this out good okay he left something out from yesterday probably lots of stuff but this one thing popped in my mind how many prophets of Bale were there and how many priests of the Grove were there okay there's 450 there's 400 priests of the Grove and 450 prophets of Bel this is the history of Elisha that precedes this great and dreadful day of the Lord just like there's a 180 here and there's a 180 here you're gonna have 400 and 450 400 and 450 Bale priests of the Grove what does that mean it be exists that the message in this history and this history is Daniel 11:40 245 and it's the and it speaks to this argument because the message of Daniel 11:40 245 was formalized in 1996 and the foolish priests that are in this history now that are now doing the dance of deception beginning at November 9th they've rejected the the the content of the time of the end magazine that is the symbol of this message that was formalized and it was the message of Daniel 11:40 245 so your first clue if you're wanting to make a distinction between the true and the false prophets in this stry is how do they stand on 40 to 45 because the priest of the Grove in the prophets of Bell they symbolize that very message but they also symbolize that this all takes place in the history of the 45th President of the United States and the 45th President of the United States has characters ristic associated with him that came from 1945 when Hiroshima is Hiroshima first and Nagasaki came into history okay and what else came into history in 1945 the United Nations in this history the 45th president his his six kingdom is going down while the seventh kingdom is ascending and this 45th president is going to take the throne because he's going to be the first to commit fornication with Rome although all the other Kings will deal so after he does because that's what the scripture says all the kings of the earth committed fornication with her but why am I saying that he's the first because he's a hab a hab is the one that's with her and the story of Elijah is the story of a happened Jezebel okay so the United States is in this history at with the 45th President of the United States and it's Daniel 11:40 245 that is the message that's testing that's demonstrating the distinction between these two priests in this history now there's other numbers that we can plug in here what I want you to see the one thing I want to recap on what brother Steven was saying is that there's two elijah movements here the one that takes us to Panem this is Panem this is caesarea philippi this is where Jesus says to Peter upon this rock will I build my church right here this is this is Jerusalem this is when Ezra gets to Jerusalem and there's one Jerusalem going down the seventh-day Adventist Church back here in 9 1889 Saul becomes demon-possessed they've already they've already lost their way by 9/11 Saul's dead but it's a progressive destruction by here it's all over here it's totally all over but the implications here is that the seventh-day Adventist Church is going to join with the other Protestant churches in the United States and endorses Sunday law at that point they're cutting their own throat completely but this is where they're gone forever nevertheless this is where the church triumphant is established with both priests and levites it's already began back here in this history let me look over here the the stuff about the oak tree and raychel Oaks when he's talking about where have you ever read the passage in the spirit of prophecy where sister White says Satan is the one that invents weapons okay so she says directly that weapons were are invented by Satan he gets credit for the nuclear bomb but the nuclear bomb was developed in Oakridge which is also where it's in Tennessee okay it's you know not quite a couple hundred miles from Nashville but it's in Tennessee but the nuclear weapons these two bombs that they dropped on Japan they were actually assembled where Kathy and I used to live out in the high desert of California in Ridgecrest California so when we're saying that they were they were all designed and invented in Oakridge there was other other areas in the United States that had their hands upon that work okay they tested them in New Mexico but the ones they dropped were actually put together in Ridgecrest and what I like about this is this is Oak Ridge in Tennessee and Ridgecrest in California what does it mean anything it's just I don't know that it means anything but Oak Ridge Oaks Rachel Oakes born the second of March brings with us the Sabbath understand here at the beginning of this line right here is Sunday law Sabbath invocations it's just there's just too much information here there may be certain things that Steven or OD Lee or myself that we put the wrong slant on because we're not seeing it correctly it's bound to be some human touches in this that needs some fine-tuning but this is to complete to not see the Lord's hands in this so on Sabbath we'll look at the quotes that talk about this way mark the only thing that I'm really suggesting is a little bit different than what see Steven said but we're in agreement we've talked about it is he's putting the six and the nine right above the midnight cry although he knows it comes over to here I make the distinction that way and I would just leave that out for the big picture understanding that at the little picture the work of the priest right here that's what's going on right here I've sent out there's a sister that's she's got to be one of the top people in the United States it's supportive of Tess's material and before November 9 she set out this video or she had isolated five or six predictions of tests that were going to come to pass on November 9th she did it we didn't she she's the one that put those together sent them out so I've taken those I don't know I've taken it and I've sent it out to about 30 people on the wrong side of the issue waiting to get a response hop ask it well okay what about November 9th in these predictions only one person I got a response back from one person in Africa today that said something like what you've already decided so there's no reason to talk to you that's it okay this here begins the dance of deception for the profits of bill in the priests of the Grove because they're their followers are now are going to have to do some real heart searching about what they've been told and they're going to have to escalate their claims of spiritual authority in order to keep control over their their minions and now we're now we're in the spotlight now we're we're pointing to here the way that they pointed to there and I have no confidence in in the choices I've made because I've made some real bad choices here in the past several months but this kind of information I don't know how to get away from it it's just to to complete to thorough runs throughout the Bible and the spirit of prophecy so I don't know what you can do a lion has roared you got to proclaim it who can put prophesy shall we pray eeee Heavenly Father we are amazed that the the consistency you have in opening your prophetic word we know that you still have pieces of information to bring to our attention maybe some Corrections that need to be made but we look back on the history of this movement the history of the development of this message and we can say nothing but we are amazed at how you've led so far and trust that you're going to finish the work that you began asked a blessing upon those that are studying these things as this message goes out over the internet we ask a blessing upon our days studies and our day's work we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen