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Heavenly Father we ask once again that you would be with us as we take up this study and look at some of the the things we've been grappling with for the past several days we ask that you would let what we discuss be easy to understand and that we would fully understand the implications of these things both as a movement and individually please grant us your Holy Spirit and pour out the latter rain at this time we pray in Jesus name Amen I'm on page 9 of the notes and I I didn't know how far I would get through these notes but I knew these first the first things that we covered I needed to put in place in order to put put the logic in place in the center on page 9 you have 777 and what that means is is this up here this history here that Stephen has dealt with this 777 but this history here in particular from November 9th to December 25th which has been the focus of the studies the last few weeks not to focus but it's been part of the studies the last few weeks this history is is one of the things that that have been put in place along with the 1533 and I don't think we 1533 is probably on the other side of this board so it's unfortunate when you're doing something like I'm doing right now that anyone that would watch this presentation here's the 777 over here as well but hasn't watched the earlier presentations they're not going to know the significance of these things but here's the 1533 that I'm speaking about in the 1533 it's in your notes because I'm referencing that we have studied it over the past couple weeks 15:33 BC is the first Passover when they were coming out of Egypt fifteen hundred and I don't see it here it's fifteen hundred and thirty three days between August eleventh 1840 and October 22nd 1844 it's up here show it to me okay it's it's written out I was looking for it on a graph right here it's it's it's written out so 1533 becomes a symbol of the glorious manifestation of the power of God because sister white says in great controversy 6:11 that the Advent movement of eighteen forty to forty four was a glorious manifestation of the power of God and we know although she doesn't specifically say it that that manifestation of the power of God began on august 11th with Josiah Lynch's prediction about August 11th so when you have fifteen hundred and thirty three days between August 11th 1840 and the 22nd of October 1844 then 1533 becomes a symbol of the glorious manifestation of the power of God and in Stephens study on November 9th where he no that's a different study yeah this here yeah I'm getting to that one it's Stephen study on November 9th 18-49 and November 9th 2019 he begins on October 22nd 1844 and he uses the what the literal days represent in the time that Christ was in the holy place and he derives this this ratio and in that study which we put in the public record more than once now part of it was is that one day equated to 1844 days 21 hours 15 minutes and 33 seconds so you can see this 1533 in that breakdown of one day there was 359 days from when Christ began his work in the holy place in AD 31 359 days that equalled 1844 days 21 hours 15 min in 33 seconds that brought us to October 22nd 1844 allowed allows you to equate November 9th 18-49 and November 9th 2019 but also it connects with mark 15 33 and in mark 15 33 I'm making the assumption that and I know it's the wrong assumption I'm not really making the assumption I'm pretending that this assumption is valid I'm making the assumption that the only people that are watching what we're putting out on the web right now are people that are still interested in what we're putting out in the web right now but I regularly hear about the enemies of this message commenting on what we're putting out on the web right now so I know it's not simply the people that are sympathetic to what we're teaching but if you're sympathetic to it then you should have already studied this okay but so 1533 is the amount of days from august 11th 1840 to 22 October 1844 it's also part of the ratio is that the right way to say it ratio of one day in a prophetic year that began at at when Christ began his holy place ministry in 1831 until October 22nd but this ratio that that produces one day 1844 days 21 hours has also 15 minutes and 33 seconds and it takes you to mark 15 33 but I want to begin verse 25 just to make a point and I'm gonna just read verse 25 and then verse 33 it says and it was the third hour and they crucified Him then verse 33 and when the sixth hour was come and there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour it's in mark 15 33 that you see the six in the ninth hour okay so what I'm getting at now is that I can use this here as a point of reference here he's Stephen laid this out and he's teaching something different here but here on July 18th 2020 and December 25th 2021 what we're looking at based upon Matthew 20 is over here at 9/11 and over here in 1989 at the time of the end I'm saying that this is the morning of Matthew 20 this is the third hour and then this here would be the sixth hour and this would be the ninth hour immediately thereafter or almost simultaneously you'd have the 11th hour in agreement with the parable of Matthew 20 the point I'm making here is that from the six to the ninth hour is a symbol of 1533 you follow me it's in mark 15 33 and if it's a symbol of 15 33 then you have 15 33 is the days between August 11th 1840 in the 22nd of October 1844 that's how many days there really are therefore this history from the sixth hour to the ninth hour from the beginning of Panem to the end of Panem is a glorious manifestation of the power of God and this is where the midnight cry on the big line begins and this is the Sunday law where the loud cry begins so to speak so it's in agreement with that 1533 becomes a symbol of this history and it begins at the sixth and ninth hour at one application so in your notes on the middle of page 8 all I intended to do was what I've just did it's just remind us of what Stephens already put in the record about these things just briefly not in detail like he's done and then I have 977 Josiah what did I want to say about Josiah okay let me switch the board now at some point in time I'm going to have to go back and look at some things that I've mentioned over the past a week or so a couple weeks and get more detailed about the things that I've just briefly mentioned things have been moving rather quickly but one of the things I want to share here it's about Josiah and these boards these boards I'm gonna have to put a hook up there for this on this line it's nice these boards are here that I can come up here and do this but it's too bad I didn't have them all out all four of them in this the prophesy of Josiah in Ezekiel that we've been looking at for some time right here on what equates to the 13th of October under event rabbinical and clerk Gregorian calendar which is the 15th day of the eighth month in 977 and that reference to the fifteenth day of the eighth month is mentioned twice being one of the pieces of evidence at 977 is a symbol of the midnight cry the disobedient prophet comes to Jeroboam and rebukes him for the altar the altars that he set up in Bethel and Dan and he gives a prophecy about the coming of Josiah and Josiah is going to come 350 years later here and begin the work of destroying the altars and fulfillment of that prophecy he's going to begin a work of reformation and then five years later Josiah is going to have it up Passover and these are both part of this this story so when it comes to our history this 15th day of the eighth month Theodore put in place back in 2018 that November 25th 2018 now when when I'm saying I'm gonna have to come back and revisit some things this is one of the things this November 25th 2018 is also the 15th day of the eighth month and it lines up with 977 15 day of the eighth month so what I understood from this is that if you go 350 not years but days into the future it brings you to not necessarily November 9th but November 10th 2019 which is the day after November 9th ok and this also is the 15th day of the eighth month so when these things begin to come to the surface what I understood was that on November 10th we were going to begin the work of Josiah Josiah meaning foundations and my claim as a fulfillment of that is that the door closed on the priests on November 9th I'm not sure I understand everything about what that means that the door closed on the priests the one thing that I'm certain of is that the door closed that the foolish priests were bound off they get bound off first the parable says the tares are bound first there was a door closed at that point in time and the very next day on November 10th we begin that we began but we're marked it's fully returning to the foundations in terms of how we interpret the rules of prophetic interpretation okay we're not using the methodology that the new movement uses we're back to the same lineup online applications that we did through the years differences in the past we weren't time setting but the Lord's opened up these these facts and we're still handling those facts the same way we always applied prophecy but we're doing it from this foundational approach if this is true and I believe it is I don't it would be just too strange number one to be a coincidence that brings us to November 9 / 10th three hundred and fifty days later do you realize you understand what I'm doing I'm saying that here in 977 you have a prophecy about Josiah it gets fulfilled when Josiah begins destroying their altars 350 years later and five years after that Josiah is going to institute the Passover you follow that logic so I'm bringing it over to our history 15th day of the 1st the 15th day of the eighth month in 2018 and Theodore Theodore has made some predictions about this history in the past he had a prediction about November 20th and november 22nd and November 25th and they were all tied together and he made it in 2018 he made it before Thanksgiving Day which was November 22nd back in 2018 but there was some there was some mistakes along the way on that prediction and we have since went back and looked at it and I don't have the don't have a problem with it any longer I don't accept some of the initial premises but here's my point is that this was the second time in this movement where we made an advance prediction the first time was 2014 when Parminder said there was going to be a Sunday law in 2014 and there wasn't and you know Parminder was claimed that there was even to this very day but my point is is that his agitation over that error forced us to go back and look at it closely and we realized that there was something that we needed to acknowledge about 2014 we need to acknowledge that 1888 should be recognized in 2014 and that October 22nd 1844 should be acknowledged in 2014 and when you do that then there's a great deal of light that comes from it but the point is was based upon a mistake that we go back and we investigate the mistake and then we discover light and there are way marks in Miller eyed history and in biblical history that are prophetic way marks that are based upon human mistakes okay and it's so I'm saying that the first one was 2014 and when we went and looked at it after the fact there was light that came and the same with this when we go back to this mistake from 2018 we see that it's still valid it has an application and I'm saying that one of the applications is that this is the prophecy of Josiah and in November 10th 2019 that 350 days is done so what would be next pardon me Passover how many days later so this would be Sunday the 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th the 15th would take you to Passover right you get you guys are still with me right and when was the 15th yesterday okay and today is the 16th and tomorrow's the 17th so what would the 17th be well if you're gonna just do it in Josiah having the Passover Feast what would they celebrate on the 17th first fruits if you're gonna do the the life of Christ what would happen on the 17th 16 the first fruits would be the the 16th not only you're talking about not not I'm not talking about the the biblical 14th 15th and 16th I'm talking about if Josiah is holding a Passover this year on November 15th that would correspond to that they were supposed to have Passover on the 14th and the 15th and the 16th I'm not using those dates biblical dates I'm using the dates of the here-and-now so what would what should happen on the 17th the firstfruits yes what else okay the resurrection the resurrection correct okay so I'm saying that tomorrow that's tomorrow Sunday there's to be a resurrection but it we're the natural is going to illustrate this the symbolic so I'm not saying that I'm not saying okay anyway you follow what I'm saying so let me look at this we started on November 9th identifying what we identified on November 9th was that there would be a disappointment and we started with the quote about the ark and then we went to quote about Elijah praying seven times and we looked at Nebuchadnezzar heating the furnace seven times Christ resting in the tomb on the seventh day I forget all of them that we we looked at but let's read this one which was from that presentation this is manuscript releases volume 21 page 66 when the ark was finished and the goods were stored another sign was given approaching the ark were seen seven we're seeing cattle and all other living creatures - and - and we learned today in Sabbath school how long did it take to load the ark seven days these having been housed there came a period of testing so there there's going to be a period of testing and although it takes prophetic application to make this claim I'm going to make this claim how long does this disappointment this testing time take in this in this application seven days so the tenth would be the first day right the disappointments going to be the day after number nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen so tomorrow today this is the end of the disappointment tomorrow what's supposed to happen pardon me the flood ok the flood yeah there's a rain coming ok on that line you follow me and I've seen rain coming today after after the presentation those of you that are watching livestream now there was a flutter rain that came after the presentation when Steven came up here and and filled this board with stuff he's looking at Lord willing he's going to put it into the live stream on Monday for you but I'm saying as of tomorrow we should expect to see some lights come on that we haven't seen before why am I saying that based upon the presentation today can you think of one reason because at midnight in the 30th year Ezekiel's taken in and he has a vision of the sanctuary and it's all these wheels within wheels and at first glance it looks confusing but it's in perfect order okay so I'm expecting now here on this day that there's going to be a resurrection from the dead and an ascension to heaven did he not ascend to heaven when he was resurrected and then what did he do after he ascended to heaven no no no you guys had he did walk through it just at the simple level he went he resurrected he ascended to heaven and then what did he do no no no no he came back down he came back down and he breathed upon the disciples the Holy Spirit okay so here on this day which would be the resurrection day we have reason with Josiah's prophecy to think that there's going to be extra light begin to be manifested and we have a second witness to that I believe that the testing of the seven days and the Ark is over and it's about to rain and it has to do this if we're on the right track it has to do this because it's going to take some courage to actually present this message that we're already presenting but it's not only going to take some courage its you're probably going to get in trouble for presenting this message and you're gonna want to know for for certainty that you believe this message and understand this message and I think it's the Lord's responsibility to make that all happen that's why he's going to make sure that he gets connected with those that are proclaiming this message next page in this history here if we go back here way back here to November 13th 1833 and this has been a subject of some discussion here I want to read this whole passage here about the falling of the stars in 1833 because I'm going to claim that here on the 13th because of the connection here of the number 286 / 7 is that right 286 yeah that's right I have to I have the teachers in the students in the audience now is it time to correct me for okay were you gonna let me go along on that one why do I have / 7 first off 186 / 7 no I know I know I'm asking if they know I know how to explain it for myself even if I don't know the right terms the 13th is the 187th okay close it's a hundred and eighty-six years a perfect amount from the falling of the stars in 1833 to November 12th actually of 2019 but November 13th of 2019 is the hundred and eighty seventh November 13th since that time okay so that's why I got 186 / 187 / 7 is what I have up there but what's 187 it's July 18 okay so it's it's carrying this symbol of this message about July 18 2020 so the message about July 18 2020 has to do with sister White's identifying that balls of fire we're going to come down on Nashville Tennessee so when we begin to look at this we read I think was brother Daniel read a passage from the great controversy I'm gonna read a passage and and he left part out that I want to that I want to include so those of you that were in that that study that hasn't been on the Internet make sure you follow all the way through I want to look at the characteristics of the falling of the stars in 1833 but read a little bit further it says in 1833 two years after Miller began to present his in public the evidences of Christ soon coming let me tell you something here let me ask you something what happened on November 13th what happened in 1833 with William Miller he received his credentials okay from who know the Baptist Church what happened in 1834 he received his credentials from all the churches so Miller first gets credentials with the Baptist Church and then in 1834 he gets credentials from all the churches okay and so what was this this is confirmation that the Lord had chosen his messenger of that time period is that is that okay to say okay so children choosing the message of that time period what's it mean that he actually gets chosen two years in a row okay i ee perhaps but what what's it mean in terms of the Feast of God's Word it's the Feast of Trumpets the Feast of Trumpets is the warning that the day of atonement is going to come when did William others say the day of atonement was going to come 1843 10 years before 1843 he receives his credentials but is the Lord going to actually come into the most holy place in 1833 43 No so in 1844 Miller is receiving his credentials from all the churches 10 years before 1844 he is the Feast of Trumpets so what did the Lord make a mistake in 1833 we should the should the stars have fallen in 1844 because the Feast of Trumpets takes place 10 days before the Day of Atonement it was a token that's a that's a nice probably true what's interesting is if you go into the - the Hebrew culture whatever you would call it when they have their Feast of Trumpets 10 days before the Day of Atonement you know what they did eleven days before they bust out the trumpets and they practice on them so that they have it right for the day for the Feast of Trumpets so they're their custom was sound the trumpets the day before and so you're there in tune and everything I guess if you have to tune up a ram's horn and you you're gonna blow it the next day so this happened in Miller right history this is the Feast of Trumpets this is a warning that probation is about to close ten years later okay so not only did the stars fall but probably more significance than the fall stars falling was it the messenger of that period is getting his credentials by the people of that period and God is putting his seal of approval on it okay so it's primarily in the United States where this phenomenon takes place and it's primarily in the United States where William Miller gives his message this is an important point for my logic because I'm gonna argue that when this is repeated down here in our history that it's not about the United States is not about the people of the world it's about the priests people that have been called to be priests because there's only going to be basically two responses either joy that this has happened whatever it is in our time period or fear that you're on the wrong side of the issue so I'll go back and try to read through it without interrupting it in 1833 two years after Miller began to present in public the evidences of Christ soon coming the last of the signs appeared which were promised by the Savior as tokens of his second Advent said Jesus the stars shall fall from heaven and John and the revelation declared as he beheld in vision the scenes that should herald the day of God the stars of heaven fell unto earth even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind this prophecy received a striking and impressive fulfillment in the great meteor meteoric shower of November 13th 1833 that was the most extensive and wonderful display of falling stars which has ever been recorded the whole firmament overall the United States being then four hours and fiery commotion those celestial phenomenon has ever occurred in this country since its settlement which was viewed with such intense admiration by one class in the community or was so much dread and alarmed by another its sublimity and awful beauty still linger in many minds never did rain fall much thicker than the meteors fell toward the earth east west north and south it was the same in a word the whole heavens seemed in motion this display is described in professor silliman journal was seen all over North America from two o'clock until broad daylight the sky being filled perfectly but the sky being perfectly serene and cloudless and an incessant play of dazzling brilliant luminosities was kept up in the whole heavens I'm gonna pass over some more comment in the next paragraph would go to the next paragraph in the New York Journal of commerce of November 14 1833 appeared the long artal article regarding this wonderful phenomenon containing this statement no philosopher or scholar has told or recorded an event I suppose like that of yesterday morning a prophet eighteen hundred years ago foretold it exactly if we will be at the trouble of understanding stars falling to mean falling stars in the only sense in which it possibly to be literally true thus was displayed the last of those signs of his coming concerning which Jesus has bade his disciples when all these things when you shall see all these things know that it is near even at the door after these signs John beheld as the great event next impending the heavens departing as a scroll while the earth quaked mountains and islands removed out of their places and the wicked and terror sought to flee from the presence of the Sun a man many who witnessed the falling of the stars looked upon it as the herald of the coming judgement an awful type a sure forerunner a merciful sign of that great and dreadful day thus the attention of the people was directed to the fulfillment of prophecy and many were led to give heed to the warning of the second Advent notice the next sentence in the year 1840 another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy excited wide-spread interest two years before Josiah which one of the leading ministers preaching the second Advent published an exposition of Revelation 9 predicting the fall of the Ottoman Empire do you see it that this was the sign that preceded the message of Josiah Ilych and the message of Josiah which in our day and age is the message that was put in place back here two years before the event in 2007 tene on November 4th Josiah Lich was predicting two years before Josiah Lich is making a prediction about Islam and two years before we're making a prediction about Islam down here and before this sister white doesn't jump into 1838 she jumps into 1840 and then she sucks about 1838 but before he gets to 1840 he's gonna fine-tune it we're in the time period of the fine-tuning from from this day onward is the fine-tuning of this becoming message and octave on November 13th just a couple days ago on November 12th we were in this room saying we should expect a token what's the token gonna be and I won't remember one sister and she wasn't being sarcastic and she wasn't being negative when the subject come up if nothing comes the pass what are we gonna do and she said we go back to the drawing board and she wasn't being she wasn't undermining into any thought she was just being well that's what we're gonna have to do and before the 13th I began to think of some things and what I began to think of I will explain to you at this point is that we're predicting a message of of Islam in Islam is the third woe in our history and the third woe comes from the seven trumpets of Revelation and the seven trumpets of Revelation begin in Chapter eight and in Chapter eight of Revelation you're going to have two symbols of falling stars sort of you're going to have the third trumpet being a Atilla the Hun and the Atilla the Hun wasn't necessarily muslem but Attila the Hun when we put him on our prophetic line he lines up with an activity of Islam in our history so at that level Attila the Hun is a symbol of Islam here at the end of the world but in revelation 8 you also have the the threefold division of Western Rome and it symbolized as the Sun the moon and the stars and western Rome that government was taken apart one piece at a time in history and the stars represented the Senate the the Sun was the Caesars and the the moon was the consuls and dividing western Rome up into three parts in Revelation 8 was the prophetic way to describe how Western Rome came to its conclusion so what I'm saying here if you're not following me is in Revelation chapter 8 in the trumpets you have the Senate of western Rome being represented by stars and the story is how these stars are removed you also have Atilla the Hun who is a falling star but then in Revelation 9 you have Muhammad who is definitely a symbol of Islam and he is described as a falling star so in the trumpets which the third woe is part of a trumpet you have those characteristics going into consideration on November 12th about what might happen on November 13th that would have been typify by this happening okay so what I'm saying is if anything happened on November 13th that was a fulfillment of this first off it would be something not that everyone in the United States saw they may see it but they wouldn't think one way or another about it it would be something that the priest would recognize the priest would be held accountable for because this is the story of the priest at this point in time this is the story of the internal raffia and pnina okay so what happened on November 13th anything okay well pardon me started the impeachment in the Congress oh the impeachment proceedings began in the House of Representatives on November 13th officially and if you're serious about this message and most of the people that used to be in this message that will still profess to be serious about this general message most of them that have left for the new movement if they were serious even with their misguided understanding they would admit that we came to understand and identify prophetically a long time ago that this country based upon the writings of the spirit of prophecy was going to have another Civil War and that the last president the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump would be the president that was in power when this civil war started and in order to have a civil war you have to develop two classes against each other whether it would be black and white or rich in poor however you want to want to frame it if you're going to have a civil war you have to have two sides and we've been teaching for a long time that the two sides it is not so much about race it's not so much about wealth it's about political persuasion it's about the Liberals and the Conservatives and the first step into this civil war in the United States took place on November 13th when the House of Representatives launched their impeachment inquiry and everyone knows it's totally political it's totally political they're not doing this because they really have any evidence of Trump having any high crimes and misdemeanors this is about them attempting to overturn an election which means they're attempting to overturn the very guiding principles of the Constitution and it's over these issues that the civil war in the United States is going to begin and at one level it began on Wednesday with the of representing representatives beginning the impeachment process at a nother level in the White House Donald Trump was meeting with the president of turkey Turkey being a symbol of Islam turkey being a symbol of the Ottoman Empire and what was their discussions about their discussions was about Donald Trump did not want the does not want the country of Turkey buying weapons from Russia it wants to sell weapons to Russia so the argument that Trump was having and it was an argument there was some Republican senators there that got involved with the discussion and Lindsey Graham from what I can understand got exceptionally obnoxious to the president of Turkey over these issues it wasn't just a a good old time once they sell guns to Turkey not to Russia thank you for the correction the issue is Donald Trump wants the Ottoman Empire the president of Turkey to buy our weapons of mass destruction not to buy russia's weapons of mass destruction so Donald Trump was there using the art of the deal on November 13th in the White House you've got to see it if you're in this movement it was an argument between the king of the south and the king of the north it was an argument about Putin and Trump and the argument was with the president of the Ottoman Empire the president of Turkey these are the very subjects of our message if you can see it happened on the very same day that the Senate which lines up with the knot the Senate happened on the very same day that the House of Representatives that lines up with the Senate of the Roman Empire which was symbolized as stars began its fall they begin to fall politically quit doing the work of the legislative branch and began doing a political work the stars fell in the House of Representative and you can rest assure even if they passed the impeachment vote when it goes to the Senate the Senate ain't gonna pass it they haven't got the votes they haven't even got close to the votes to pass it it's all political the Senate fell began its fall on November 13th the very same day that the President of the United States is in a struggle between himself and Russia with Turkey being the middleman in that struggle but that's not all that's not all on that day on the 12th the day before we began to look at Nashville Tennessee and you can see in your notes that the Tennessee Titans if it's a football team right football team they are in Nashville Tennessee and you can see their symbol here it's a it's a falling ball of fire all right sister white sees balls of fire hitting Nashville and the symbol of the Tennessee Titans Titans being one of the first classes of missiles that the United States used to carry in Turkana boy intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons to other countries there was a class called the Titan class but Titan is also a Greek god and if you use Greek characters to spell out Titan in the Greek the number value of tight Titan is six six six Titan is a symbol of Satan and in this what do you call this this emblem this this mascot of the Tennessee Titans you'll see three stars Tennessee was the 16th state in the United States and it counts itself as the third state after the first 13 states those three stars that's their justification for being there but we know as students at prophecy that a star is what it's an angel it's a messenger if you have three messages what are what are they that the three angels messages right there in this banner of the Tennessee Titans and although this is a messed up T it's a capital T what is a T it's a cross okay so so we're understanding based up on where we started today that sister white sees a ball of fire hit Nashville Tennessee and you you got to ask yourself why okay so here's a quote just so you're clear if you've ever heard of Madison College Madison College is the only call is the only organization in Ellen White's life that she agreed to be a board member on she was into it she she wanted to support Madison College it was the blueprint for true education it had a college it had a health work and they were supposed to work together and she traveled there quite a bit and she wrote a great deal about it but just so you know what Madison College is here's the quote for manuscript releases vol 11 I wish to speak of some things presented before me concerning the establishment of the school and the sanitarium that is to be established near Nashville Madison institutions Madison College is by Nashville what Nashville Tennessee so you have Madison College there and what else do you have in Nashville Tennessee next paid you have the Parthian temple you see a picture of it there with it's all of all of the pillars you want to note the pillars because when sister white sees these balls of fire taken down this city one of the things that she's pointed out to her that sham precises is these pillars and what is the Parthian temple comes from Athens Greece and it's a symbol of Greek education and wisdom and inside that temple if you go visit it in nashville tennessee you'll see this statue there you see how you see how big that statue is it's the statue of Athena that's the biggest statue of Athena in the world I'll read you about Athena Athena also referred to as Athene is a very important goddess of many things she is the goddess of wisdom courage inspiration civilization law and justice strategic warfare mathematics strength strategy the arts crafts and skill she is known most specifically for stir stir stir is strategic skill in warfare and is often portrayed as companion of heroes and as the patron goddess of heroic endeavor Pathan was born from Zeus after he experienced an enormous headache and she sprang fully grown and an Armour from his forehead the Parthian temple in Nashville Tennessee was built and for the 1897 World's Fair and it's a symbol of Greek wisdom and Greek education and inside it you have this statue of Athena which is also a symbol of Greek wisdom and warfare and this all came to light right here so I've already had some input from people saying well I see sister White's comment about cities getting wiped out but sister white speaks of the cities getting wiped out because of their sin the escalating sin she talks about Los Angeles and Chicago being destroyed because of their sin and other cities but she names them as well but she doesn't put any fireballs with them this is the one where you have the fireballs in Nashville but my argument is is if someone looked the other day Nashville is not high for crime and Vice among the cities in the United States it just isn't it's a it's if there's there's other cities in Tennessee that are much more dangerous than Nashville you know it's okay if you have to stay all night in Nashville okay but you don't want to stay all night in Memphis less you're staying by the police station Nashville is not the high crime area that some other cities are my argument is this this isn't about Nashville being punished is not about the escalating sin in that city it's about the argument over true and false education which is the very essence of the midnight cry message true education is what the midnight cry message is based upon okay there's administers that have laid that out for us that the blueprint the reason that the people of the United States would not accept the midnight cry message of the millerite history is because they had rejected the message of true education okay some of us don't understand the significance of education in God's plan but it is the the top of the plan so in in Memphis you have both God's pattern for true education Madison College Nashville I mean Nashville and natural you have both God's plan for true education with Madison College and you have this Temple Parthian temple with the Greek goddess Athena in it and all this came to light right here and what what it was here in this history was a token of the coming judgement did the judgment come in that history yes on October 22nd 1844 the judgment began we got a different kind of judgment coming here and this is a a token for who for everyone in the United States no it's a token for those people that are in the midst of the internal raffia and Panem crisis and it isn't it isn't a job description that that a rational human being would choose to begin to teach that there is a city in the United States it's going to get nuked by Islam and I'm going to tell you what day it's on and I'm going to tell you what city it's at that isn't a message that you choose to go out and give but the Lord's making sure that those of us have followed along this narrow or dare or narrow or path to get to this point that what we're suggesting about what took place on November 13th as our token it's an agreement with how we've always laid out our biblical prophetic understanding not just recently but always historical events were set before the people and prophecy was seen to be a figurative delineation of events leading down to the close of this Earth's history Trump in the White House with the president Turkey was a historical event the impeachment beginning was a historical event the fact that the Tennessee Titans are in Nashville and that this is their mascot symbol banner or whatever and it has all of this prophetic implication connected to it and and I won one person was initially grat struggling with it and my response to them was well you go go ahead and do me a favor what is this this flag of the Tennessee Titans what do we call it a flag or a banner or what do we call it a logo okay you here's the favor I ask him to do you go get the logo from every football team in the United States and show me if any other logo has every characteristic that speaks to this history I haven't looked at them I don't know what they are but I know they don't there's no way okay and what does Tennessee mean the the band in the river because when you're at the midnight cry there's always water there's always a river Tennessee is the bend in the river it's the land of their bending River River river of the Great Bend meeting place winding river river of the Great Bend did you want to say something I seen your hand pardon me come up to the colors come up to the colors the the in sign says don't go back come up to the colors come up to this enzyme so what I'm saying is that in this history here we have Josiah's revival and Reformation that began the day after the disappointment a disappointment goes for seven days on Sunday tomorrow now you're going to see the Lord resurrected come back down and breathe upon his people and they're going to begin to get more and more light and the other one was what was the other one that was the Passover we've had the token oh we haven't got to the other one okay so nature of the attack did you give me an hour did you give me an hour and a half hello everybody so it was an hour okay this information on page 13 has already been put in the record but at this point we need to go through very quickly again okay World War 2 1945 45 45th President of the United States what's not on your notes here is that we came to understand when we began looking at Trump as the president that George Washington typify drum Abraham Lincoln simplified Trump Washington was the first president Trump's the last Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president he's the last Republican president from there we began to see that Trump is the president in World War 3 therefore the president of world war two Franklin Roosevelt and the president of World War one who was the president of World War one help me out here Woodrow Wilson okay that Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt would typify Trump once you have in you already had we already had Ronald Reagan the first typifying Trump with the bringing down of the wall but once you have two or three presidents typifying Trump means all that all the presidents are tripping typifying Trump but what we found among other things is that if he was the president during the third world war that we had a triple epoch application of prophecy that we could consider and what we considered was is the characteristic of the First World War combined with the characteristics of the Second World War would give us the characteristics of the third world war and we we've that's a matter of public record for probably three years my guess a long time we've been dealing with that and then when tests came along with her information trying to say that it's all going to be an information war cold war that kind of thought kind of disappeared and we haven't went back to the triple application of prophecy much but I want to remind you of something a triple application of prophecy works this way all the characteristics of the first fulfillment combined with all the characteristics of the second fulfillment will be fulfilled in the third and final fulfillment therefore our justification for looking looking at nuclear weapons in the third world war it's based upon the Second World War but that isn't it brothers and sisters because in the first world war the weapon that was introduced then with chemical weapons so it's not just nuclear weapons we're speaking about it's all the weapons the conventional weapons the chemical weapons the nuclear weapons the probably biological weapons are going to happen in World War three so we had already understood before we thought anything about July 18th or Nashville some of us had understood that nuclear weapons would have to be employed in order to fulfill the triple application of prophecy which this movement is largely guided by a triple application of prophecy so when you get to 1945 you're in the history of the 45th President of the United States and we already understand that between the midnight cry and the Sunday law the six kingdom of Bible prophecy the United States is going to go down while the seventh kingdom of Bible prophecy the United Nations is going to arise and we understand that the United States is going to take control of the United Nations as the seventh kingdom of Bible prophecy gets put in place and you guys are getting kind of heavy eyes out there I can't allow that to happen okay so you got a transition going on from the midnight cry to the Sunday law between Trump to the United Nations and it's the third world war time period you should expect to see all the weapons of the first and second world war in that time period and when we go back and look at the Second World War this is what has been discovered the pot Sam declaration and both adílio and Steven have dealt with this already it was rejected on July 27th 1945 here is the line of josiah Lich alright July 27th July 27 July 27 July 27 July 27 okay this is Julian Gregory and Julian Julian Gregorian but it's still July 27th the chances of that happening if these weigh marks are pretty small pretty small but this July 27th is also the 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month that's impossible I mean it's not impossible I know the people that calculate math will tell you that the probability is almost keeps don't have enough room to put the numbers of the probability but July 27th is a symbol and it's in this history what's it a symbol of Islam Islam Islam Islam so on July 27th 1945 Japan rejects the warning of the Potsdam Declaration saying you either surrender right now or you're going to get hit with a weapon that you cannot believe how horrible it's going to be and Japan rejects that opportunity to save those lives and on August 6th which is the 26th day of the fourth month it's the what it's the 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month 26th day of the fourth month 26th day at the 4th month it's the 26th day of the fourth month August 6 1945 the Hiroshima is hit with the first of two bombs and it was dropped at 8:15 8:15 that's August 15th 1844 it's the midnight cry Missy at Exeter camp meeting three days later they were gonna drop a bomb on coke Earl you'll see that under Nagasaki but it was cloud cover prevented them from doing it I think I have my facts straight so they chose the other target of Nagasaki and they dropped it on August 9th 8 1945 which on the Julian calendar is July 27 July 27 July 27 July 27 July 27th you following me there's those aren't coincidences ok just not coincidence the the second target was Moodle third never never accomplished if it if they would have had a third strike if there had if they had had a third bomb and there had been no cloud cover when do you suppose the third strike was going to be on August 11th right here August 11th 1840 1945 but you're getting my point August 11 every one of these is a symbol of Islam you follow me and Jerry after those two bombs Japan surrendered when on August 15th what's August 15th it's the exeter camp-meeting it's the midnight cry the timespan from the first bomb on July 18th from on Hiroshima from August 6 1945 to July 18 2020 is three hundred three thousand nine hundred and ten weeks and five days it's the three ninety one point five three ninety one point five three ninety one point five three ninety one point five three ninety one point five it's a symbol of Islam Chernobyl the worst nuclear disaster in human history it's still a disaster all they did was try to put cement over the top and now they're trying to put another second coat of cement over the top it's still not done doing its thing Chernobyl means wormwood August 11th is 8:11 revelation 8:11 says and the name of the star star is called wormwood Chernobyl means wormwood verses 10 and 11 in Revelation 8 says and the third angel sounded and there fell a great star from heaven a great star falls from heaven burning as it were a lamp and it fell on a third part of the waters and upon the Fountains of water and the name of that star is called Chernobyl wormwood and a third part of the waters became Chernobyl wormwood a doubling in verse 11 of Revelation 8 August 11th 1840 symbol of Islam and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter chair Chernobyl happened on April 26th 1986 the 26th day of the fourth month Gregorian July 18 2020 on the biblical and rabbinical calendar July 18 20 20 is Chernobyl in 1984 86 all of this is already in these recent studies by Stephen and Otilio but it's saying this before we move on where I started today was this and this history here the Lord has to raise up an ensign in order to bring in the Levites and it's not simply bring raising up a group of people that have the perfect character of Christ it's raising up that group of people that have a message but this message is proclaimed in the context of Elijah the story of Elijah is playing out here starting on November 9th well start even before but on November 9th the prophecy that the new movement put in place with many predictions fell apart their predictions didn't come true they're going to have to keep their flock in line so they're going to have to give explanations on what really happened according to them and they're going to have to escalate their activities to defend their message but that was their message was November 9th our message like Elijah's message comes after their message this is the story of Elijah that's why these the scripture reading for the last presentation is in first Cape 1st Kings 18 verses 37 to 39 because in verse 37 you have a doubling and in verse 39 you have a doubling and it's talking about this very event right here the midnight cry Panem and in verse 38 of 1st Kings 18 that's where the fire comes down out of heaven upon Elijah's offering are offering is July 18 20 20 the new movements offering was November 9th 2019 they're now dancing around their offering getting ready to slash and cut themselves with an emotional experience to keep their minions in place and we're getting ready to take the field of action and in this history when we do something's going to have to happen that lifts this argument between them and us into the public to where it's more than just the few thousand people that are looking at this around the world what you suppose is going to do that I think part of what's going to do it is this message this message is going to get somebody in trouble it's going to get get him in trouble with the Adventist Church and probably going to get him in trouble with the laws of the land because when Christ got in trouble he got in trouble up supposedly for blasphemy in the church but for sedition against the government and for someone in the in the the state of affairs of this political world right now to be saying that Islam is going to strike a city in the United States at this date with a nuclear weapon that's probably this is probably kind of you we're about to be labeled there's a but a bunch of wide-eyed fanatics okay these people are crazy so crazy that you need to restrain them because they might do something really radical now why am I saying that well I'm saying that because go to first Kings 18 before I was just referring to the verse 37 is the doubling hear me Oh Lord hear me that this people may know that thou art the Lord God and that thou has turned their hearts back again what people are supposed to hear him the Levites forget the prophets Abell their old news then verse 38 then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice in the wood and the stones and the dust and licked up the water that was in the trench that's this brothers and sisters that's this right here July 18 2020 that's our offering coming to pass and verse 39 says and when all the people saw it they fell on their faces and they said the Lord here is God the Lord his God the Levites see who whose God is God now but the reason I went there to read that is because I raised the question they're going to call us a bunch of wild-eyed fanatics maybe the level of fanaticism that they have to restrain us our main one of our main understandings is that millerite history is repeated to the very letter there's a few times that happened in millerite history but there's one that time it happened in 1838 and this is first Kings 1838 is it not this is the message of Josiah Lich and for two years everyone said this guy is an idiot these people are a bunch of fools but when the fire came down on August 11th 1840 and confirmed that prediction 200,000 people joined the Advent movement who are those people they're the Levites how can you get away from this how can you not preach this I wish I didn't have to preach this alright but how could you do anything but preach this first off because you can see the Lord's develop this wasn't any human development first a second off you can tell it's the same way he's taught for the last 30 years but third off we'll read some quotes on third off how could we possibly not teach this when there's a whole city that's about to get wiped off the map page 15 now this isn't about the fireballs this is just about basic responsibility to light testimonies volume 9 19 and 20 Christ says of his people you are the light of the world it is not a small matter that the counsels and plans of God have been so clearly open to us it is a wonderful privilege to be able to understand the will of God as revealed in the sure word of prophecy this place is up on us a heavy responsibility God expects us to impart to others the knowledge that he has given us it is his purpose that divine and human instrumentality shall unite in the proclamation of the warning message so far as his opportunities extend everyone who has received the light of truth is under the same responsibility as was the prophet of Israel to whom came the word son of man I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth and warn them from me when I say unto the wicked a wicked man thou shalt surely die if thou does not speak to warn the wicked from his way that wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood will I require at thine hand nevertheless if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it if he do not turn from his way he shall die in his iniquity but thou has delivered thy soul are we to wait until the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end before we say anything concerning them of what value will our words be then shall we wait until God's judgments fall upon the transgressors before we tell him how to avoid them where is our faith in the Word of God must we see the things were told come to pass before we will believe what he had said in clear distinct Ray's light has come to us showing us that the great day of the Lord is near at hand even at the doors let us read and understand before it is too late so I want to put in here one more thought one more time part of what I'm trying to put in place today with last presentation this one is the responsibility the requirement if you're going to be part of the in sign is that you not only have to have a life that agrees with the message that you're proclaiming but that you have to proclaim a warning message that the warning message that is given to you and this is a warning message that's not only a hard severe warning message it's a warning message that's that said in the context of the faith of Abraham the father of faith that in order to to stand upon this message you have to understand that you're placing time into the prophetic record in spite of what you were educated when you came into Adventism from the writings of the spirit of prophecy you have to be so familiar with God's voice that you can understand that his voice now is telling you to do this very thing and you can rest assured that Satan's going to be tempting you all along the way the way he tempted Abraham to disbelieve what God had told them to do when God told him to sacrifice his son when Abraham knew full well that God had told him thou shalt not kill so let's look at some of these few passages on Nashville in the spirit of prophecy she's the one that identifies the place and it's all in the context not it's not all but I want you to look at it in the context of the parable of the ten virgins Matthew 25 verse 6 says and at midnight there was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh go you ought to meet him we're in midnight if there's anything that we learned from millerite history with Samuel snow is he gave the message Midway he gave it at midnight in Boston he gave it again in Concord he gave it again in Exeter all of those were the midnight cry midnight is a period of time we're in midnight now we've been in midnight since November 9th the cry is the message manuscript 102 1904 last night see the night midnight last night a scene was presented before me I may never fit I may never feel free to reveal all of it but I will reveal a little it seemed that an immense ball of fire came down upon the world and crushed the large houses funny that the emblem of the Tennessee's Titans is a ball of fire from place-to-place Rose the cry the cry the Lord has come the Lord has come doubling many were unprepared to meet him go you out to meet him but a few were saying praise the Lord why are you praising the Lord inquired those upon whom was coming sudden destruction now if you're familiar with sister White's comments on the parable of the ten virgins there's a classic place where she says of the parable of the ten virgins something son a sudden and expected unexpected will come up yeah yes and bring this old face to face with death something son a sudden and expect unexpected a sudden undone look for calamity will bring the soul face to face with death that's this principle here why are you praising the Lord inquired those upon whom was coming sudden destruction because we now see what we've been looking for there's people that knew about it if you believe that these things were coming why did you not tell us was the terrible response we did not know about these things why did you leave us in ignorance again and again there's a doubling you have seen us why did you not become acquainted with us and tell us of the judgment to come that we must serve God lest we perish now we are lost okay I hope you're getting my point my point is is that if you're going to be the ensign you have an a warning message to give to Nashville before the event because the story about the fireballs in Nashville always includes this scenario that they were to be warned before it arrived this is actually something that doesn't actually happen because if it did these people would not be able to stand there and say anything that the ball came down it would engulf them their eyes with milk so how do you describe that yeah we get that we got I get it I think what what the sister said if you haven't heard it is that sister white is describing a reaction to event that if they had actually been there and the whole city was disintegrated they couldn't have been arguing with people about who did or didn't give him the warning so this is a it's a warning about circumstances surrounding this event that is definitely going to happen because God's Word never fails okay see this as when people say if you believe these things were coming why did you not tell us this could easily be seen as people that were not there you could have had loved ones just anybody the government anybody that would say that you knew this and you didn't tell us okay that way too but either way the next paragraph says every church member is to train the intellect notice what she's going to say about this in order that he may gain a clearer understanding of the will of God concerning him everyone is to educate the voice that he may communicate a knowledge of the scriptures to those who are in ignorance may God help us to stand like Daniel in our lot in place during the days of probation that remained ok next quote she's emphasizing our responsibility to give a warning message that's what I want you to see next quote manuscript 152 1904 there was a scene presented to me it was the night before the Sabbath night time once again Friday night that is when the scene was presented she really wants us to know that she tells us and then she repeats that that is when the scene was presented when does when does July 18th for July 18th is the Sabbath okay it's so she's emphasizing that she's getting this vision on a Friday night but we know that July 18 2020 is on the Sabbath but when does the Sabbath begin Friday night okay just making sure everyone has that locked in it was the night before Sabbath that is when the scene was presented I looked out of the window and there was an immense ball of fire that had come from heaven and it fell where they were casting buildings with pillars especially the pillars were presented to me and it seemed as if a ball came right to the building and crushed it and they saw that it was branching out branching out there's a Dublin enlarging you ever seen the pictures of an atomic blast that goes it makes the mushroom cloud like a tree like an ash tree but the it keeps spreading out along the the Herat not the horizon the ground level it just keeps going out okay branching out branching out enlarging and they begin to cry there's the midnight cry and mourn and mourn a doubling and wring their hands and I thought some of our people stood by their saying well it's just what we've been expecting is just what we've been talking about it is just what we've been talking about there's a doubling for you you knew it said the people you knew it there's a doubling for you and never told us about it I thought there was such an agony in their face such an agony in their appearance there's a doubling such an agony such an agony you seen how the Dublin's in there in the next scene I was in a room now that's she's switching the scene here don't she can talk about a different kind of light here in the next scene I was the next scene I was a room in the next scene I was a must be in a room where there was a company sitting around as we are here and there was one of authorities that stood there and he had maps and he took the map and he put it in the hands of one and had him look at it there were little fine rays of light coming light from heaven that seemed to be coming down and they were all prepared to absorb the whole vicinity around it seemed as if the light was going to be given to the whole vicinity around and then that was struck right out and the light was struck out but this isn't a bad light this is the truth coming down that was supposed to spread across the land she switched totally switched total gears here since you're now talking about giving a message and she's saying she's looking at this map of the Gods message going across the world and then that the light is just struck out it's struck out that was struck right out the light was struck out there was not a message of warning given to that city that ought to have been given years ago and then that City he pointed out and another city and another city that ought to have had the light of life in this southern field that light seemed cut right off cut right away and in darkness and now the words were it will be very difficult a much more difficult matter to reach things now because the enemy has been getting advanced all these years that is what was repeated all these years now said he when you consider your neighbor who is my neighbor put every exercise of your body and mind to work if you cannot go yourself keep your foot off the brake don't put your foot on the brake and hold it so that the carriage cannot move that the work cannot go well he presented it in such a way as that now the light was already to come right from heaven on these cities just as was presented in that first map but the faith was far weaker than the strength of unbelief and yet that unbelief not merely in one man but in others had not only prevented the work but it was to prevent and hinder work all these years with they're talking discouragement and with their grabbing hold of everything objectionable they saw that could be make a point on back of all these was that when the light was presented that the south was to be worked when the means was sent in to do that because the word color was not put in the means whereas just deferred right on to other channels so she's talking about a responsibility to carry a message for the second time we've seen this in context with these fireballs it's about not only the the prophetic reality but the responsibility of you and I to share this message in advance of the event even though we know from the history of Josiah Lich this isn't going to be any fun manuscript 154 1904 were almost done tell the people that the Lord is coming and you want them to be prepared for his coming we can see the signs of his Advent everywhere as it was in the days of Noah so shall also the coming of the Son of man be as we see the record of unholy marriages and divorces can we not see that society is rapidly becoming as it was in the days before the flood then let us the people to seek the Lord while he may be found that he may not come and find them unprepared with one touch of the finger of God the greatest buildings that can be erected will fall as kindling wood we've seen this in Baltimore and we shall see it in many other places these things are the voice of God speaking to us that He is God and that he has all the powers of heaven at his command if we go on on heating and different and careless his judgments will fall upon us shall we with the greatest truth that has ever been given to mortals be satisfied with the feeble efforts that are now being put forth to warn the world we see a few tents pitched a few ministers at work in various places but where's the church where the households do they realize that they're to take hold of God by a living faith and do everything in their power to let the light shine to others while I was in Nashville the scene was opened before me a great ball of fire seemed to fall from heaven and from it went forth flashes of light when these flames of light would strike a building the building with burn like tinder and then I heard someone say I knew that this was coming these judgment these are the judgments of God and I knew they knew were coming you knew said another you were my neighbor why did you not tell me that these things were coming why did you not warn others just talking about Nashville again emphasizing our responsibility to give a warning in advance of the event manuscript 158 1904 the Lord is soon coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory his terrible judgments are soon to fall upon our world are we doing all we can to warn Earth's inhabitants of these things while I was in the South a few months ago I had a very impressive dream I seem to see a great ball of fire come from heaven and strike the earth great houses were in flames and many were looking on in great distress someone said I knew that this was coming I knew that God's judgments were soon to call fall you knew that these things were coming said another why did you not tell us why did you not warn us and show us these prophecies that we might all so know later 1904 letter 217 1904 prophecies yes and we're almost done oh no I turned to pages instead of one at this time money is greatly needed in the work of the Lord God calls upon his people to place their means in the bank of heaven beside his throne do not allow your means to be buried up now where there is no there is so much need of it in the Lord's work and if you know of others who have money to spare ask them to place it in the bank of heaven the Lord will bless them in helping to get the truth before those who know it not the night before last a very impressive dream scene passed before me I saw an immense ball of fire fall into a midst of some beautiful mansions causing their instant destruction I heard some say we knew the judgments of God were coming on the earth but we did not know they would come so soon others said you knew why then did you not tell us why we did not know on every side I heard such words spoken in great distress I awoke I went to sleep again and seemed to be in a great gathering one in Thor II was dressing a company but whom one were spread a map of the world he said that the map pictured God's vineyard which was to be cultivated as light from heaven shone upon any soul that soul was to reflect the light to others lights were to be kindled in many places and from these light still other lights were to be king tingle kindled the words were repeated you are the salt of the earth but if the salt of have lost its his savour wherewith shall it be salted it is henceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under foot you are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and give and it giveth light unto all that are in the house let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven then I saw Jets of light shining from cities and villages and from the high places and the low places of the earth God's Word was obeyed and as a result there were memorials for him in every city and village his truth was proclaimed throughout the world then this map was removed and another put in its place there were streaks of light from heaven in a few places the rest of the world was dark as midnight with only a glimmer of light here and there our instructor said this darkness is the result of men following their own counsel they have cherished hereditary and cultivated tendencies to evil they have made questioning and fault-finding and accusing the chief business of their lives their hearts are not right with God they have hidden their light under a bushel in the southern field where there should be bright beams of light there is much darkness I read this as the opening statement this is the quote where she says it hits Nashville manuscript 188 1905 when I was at Nashville I had been speaking to the people and in the night season there was an immense ball of fire that came right from heaven and settled in Nashville there were flames going out like arrows from the ball houses were being consumed houses were tottering and following some of the people were standing there it's just as we expected so in my next presentation I'm gonna go back to this history here and begin to develop a thought that I put in place this thought over here that from 782 to $12.99 we can see two different lines teaching the same thing in Reverse we can see a history of 126 years it takes us to 908 followed by 391 years it takes us to $12.99 or we can see a history that goes 391 years and takes us to 1173 followed by a hundred and twenty six years we're going to go over to this history and begin to identify that from note November 9th maybe even back here in September 7th from from November 9th onward that there are several lines of truth going here and after Stephens presentation on Monday you will see some of those other lines of truth and at first glance they will seem confusing but the reality of it is is they're bringing things into perfect order and I'm my argument is is that as of now the seven days of AB disappointment whatever that represents the seven days we've been in the Ark without any rain the seven prayers we've had praying for rain they're over and that the Lord is going in in agreement with the fact that we're in Ezekiel 1:1 after 30 years the Lord is about to open the most holy place in terms of our prophetic light and he's going to bring these truths into a perfect order where we can have the kind of confidence in the message that we need to have in order to stand before an entire world an entire country and give the most absurd message that this country has ever heard but it's going to be a true message and it's going to come to pass it's going to make a distinction between the new movement and the old movement it's going to bring the Levites in the Levites are going to come stand with us and we're going to give a message then to the rest of the world about December 25th 2021 which will be just as absurd but by that time the netha names are going to be listen real closely because the old saying around planet Earth is when the United States sneezes the world gets a cold and when you strike the United States with a nuclear bomb it's going to cause some problems and the whole world is going to be looking at the United States and the image of the beast testing time will be underway and those people that have proved faithful and are in that history of the image of the beast testing time being led by the Lord are going to become public outcasts but they're also going to become an ensign for the 11th hour workers and the Lord's going to be faithful with them and to them and lead them through that crisis as he determines all the way to the Sunday law and I'm here to tell you that if you've been in an adventist as long as I have close to it that you should have known that at some point in time the message of Adventism was going to become present truth and the message of Adventism is that you're a seventh-day adventists therefore you believe in the Lord's second coming it's about to happen and you're a seventh-day adventists so you understand the testing issue is going to be Sabbath and Sunday we're here that's about to take place we have things in prophecy that have not been clarified for us yet but we can see the Lord clarifying so many things that I'm not too concerned about what I don't understand at this point because I know the line of the tribe of Judah has been faithful for thirty years to open the truth right at the right time as he needed to shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you for the light that you have opened up in this this desolate little ministry here in Arkansas over the past month or so a ministry that used to be full of people in this auditorium now it's just full of the people you've chosen to be here but it's amazing the light that you've been bringing to the surface in in spite of the great trials that have been experienced here across the board we thank you that you accounted us worthy to be involved with this purification process be involved with handling such sacred truths and we ask that you'd continue to pour your light out upon us as you see fit and that you would continue to promote this message around planet Earth that those that will be warned can be warned before their probation closed and we thank you for this in Jesus name Amen