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this dialogue this interaction on the Sabbath day and that is all to your honor and to your glory please Heavenly Father send your Holy Spirit to us now in Jesus name Amen growing up seventh-day Adventist I remember being called out I don't remember that the intervals that we were called out but we were regularly called out during the year from our Sabbath school class to mission spotlight and I loved it I loved it you had a they would turn the lights off in the sanctuary you would watch this slideshow and I just it was a highlight of my one of the highlights of my religious experience growing up I loved mission spotlight today I am thinking of a mission spotlight report want to do it a little bit differently because I don't have a slideshow hopefully we we might have one when these um these ministers return but I want to lead into a mission spotlight special feature and I want to dedicate this not only to our Heavenly Father but to sister-in-law because I know we're like minded on this there was a whatsapp group that was formed right after the Omega Group came out in Germany and then other whatsapp groups were formed other chat groups were formed not just what's up dealing with present truth situations that were going on and then there was some in Africa that was formed based on countries is that correct and these countries what's out group performed they started speaking together and then our personal group here in the United States got a request for one of them ministers there on the ground didn't have a cell phone because he needed that to be able to access truths to be able to share truths and so so we started and we started this little fundraising campaign and wow it went from there but we have a rare treat today on this mission spotlight highlight is that my mom has agreed to come up here and read this little Africa report that we put together before the ministers head to Africa and so we're really excited to be able to share this with you this morning it's just a brief summary if you don't mind even come up in and we're really we're really blessed to be able to share this with you and if you're not on some of the chats that we're on just request it and we'd love to have you join us welcome happy Sabbath Sabbath everybody I get very nervous but anyway this has been a it's been a wonderful opportunity this this Africa thing anyway I'm gonna read it so that I don't choke up because I don't do well in front of groups okay after the separation on September 7 jeff reached out to the contacts he had had in Africa only a few responded his first and most consistent response was from a brother he and I had met when we were in South Africa he and Jeff began a chat group called FFA alpha chat Africa some Africans began to get connected there thereafter Jeff asked the group to identify where they were where they were from and when had when had connected with several countries we had connected with several countries excuse me but Ghana Uganda South Africa were the main groups that Jeff and I the Jeff I might have you read it because I'm nervous okay okay we're the main groups Jeff then had each of those groups formed their own chat groups so he would interact with them based upon their countries during that time we received responses from Angola but did not push much along those lines for they speak Portuguese and initially had no translators when they finally identified two translators we not only had them for man Angola chat group for the team we are working with but we added them to the list of the countries that we were initially going to visit I added that early on and early on in this process the Ugandan brethren began to interact with us not only on their chat group in the African chat group but our chat groups here in the USA one brother Jerome pled for a cell phone for the cell phone he had been using to keep connected to things was needing to be returned to the owner he had been borrowing it from this led to our soliciting from our chat group for the funds to purchase him a smartphone when it was all over we had provided funds for whiteboards to a few of their groups a motorcycle so they could travel and share and some other items along the way I think we ended up buying four or five cell phones for them charge yeah it was a it was a lot of a lot of really neat things that they would need as a tool at this point we are planning on setting up one group in each of the four countries Angola Uganda Ghana in South Africa with recording equipment much of it is already in the process of being shipped to its destination we are providing some lap used laptops and use cell phones and other equipment to each of the countries we are also inviting their teaching team from Ghana Uganda and Angola to come to the South Africa meetings which is no longer which is the longest of the four meetings the work is growing this morning I received some input this is Jeff speaking this morning I received some input from brother Polycarp from Kenya the following is a portion of our interaction this is Polycarp Kenya has to be part of the trip I mean why come to Uganda our neighbor go to the USA and come and plan to come back again it will be a very expensive undertaking this is Jeff you have to decide what you are going to do huh this is Jeff's response to polycarb to Kenya you have to decide what you are going to do and then act and once you act you are forced to follow through it would be more expensive to add Kenya for we purchase cheap though expensive tickets those type of tickets force you to keep the itinerary your purchase you purchased or you are forced to purchase a brand new ticket once we decided where we were going where we were going planned out the itinerary and then pushed the tickets we are locked into the plan if the tickets had been the expensive first-class tickets they allow you to have some ability to move things around but these are not the cheap these are not the tickets we have purchased after the separation took place I reached out to some of the names of Brethren I had in Africa very few had an intense interest to get connected we started with those the Lord providentially connected us with and began to plan by the time we connected with Kenya the trip was already in place what we have what we have done to try and address some of the desires of the African brethren is committed to a second follow-up trip at this point that is the best that we can do it was not that we decided to ourselves okay we're going to go to the South Africa Uganda Ghana and Angola most of it most if not all of us here in the US would not even know where these countries are in Africa or their proximity to each place or to each other I mean we simply responded to the Lord's opening Providence our purpose is to share the current message with those that initially responded and hopefully allow them to make the message their own that's really what they have to do because little future for America can't hunt bankroll all of Africa but we love helping we see where man our purpose is to share the current message with those that are initially reset with those that initially responded and hopefully allow them to make the message their own so after we leave they will continue to teach the message it has been a great deal of logistical work to actually accomplish the plan for these four countries and I doubt that any have thought through that difficulty it has been huge we have done nothing else but Africa for quite a while now in order to bring these four country together the begin to begin the teaching process we are bringing representatives from the three other countries to the long meeting in South Africa this required purchasing passports and these brethren and visas and covering their travel to and from South Africa in order to do this requires wiring money to four different countries in each country has their own special hoops to jump through my point here is that we are barely accomplishing what we need to do what we need to do to visit these four countries and just as we in America are basically unfamiliar with the layout of Africa I think the Africans may be unfamiliar with the difficulty it has been and is to try to make this happen for four different countries in a very short period of time with brethren that you have never even met the best I can suggest is that few teachers that is it's a few teachers in Kenya make their case for coming to South Africa and if it's something that can happen in a very short period of time we may be able to help financially but time is running out Clayton departs next Wednesday to visit these four groups he will instruct them on how to set up the recording equipment how to use the hard drives we have sent and how to use the flash drives purchase their tickets to South Africa while hand carrying some of the equipment that we did not ship please keep this in your prayers Jeff Odie Leo and Steven leave shortly after Clayton's journey and that doesn't include this doesn't even include the amount of money that when we we decided to solicit funds for this because we realized it was going to be overwhelming it was going to be huge and so we did and we may be few but the response that we have gotten has been huge we have now paid for the trip I'm assuming all the bills hasn't come in yet but we've gotten over $75,000 in just a short amount of time and so it's not the majority that makes it it's the mine it's not the majority it isn't it isn't the widows that you don't need the majority you need generous minority you do you do in so they may have a larger group and stuff but we have a more consecrated group and they have shown that with their pocketbooks and and then we heard just recently and I and I'll be done we just heard recently that people were they were saying over on the other side that the Omega that we were bribing these people in Africa with what we were giving them and I I don't know if anyone will ever even see this or know this but did we bribe Zimbabwe when we paid for Parminder x' and Tessa's entire trip in that whole three or four week camp meeting did we bribe tamina and the blosum family when we gave them all brand-new video equipment that they happen to use when you when those people that went to Germany were at and she wasn't even allowed to tell anybody because Parminder may have chastised her I don't understand that but we have given and given and given and it's not because we're bribing it's because the Lord has provided us with a with a ministry and the people that support that ministry expect you to get the word out and that's all we've been trying to do and once it got hijacked we're just back to work again amen and so praise the Lord huh amen I think what what she initially was talking about was this this initial response we had to some of the ministry ministries in Africa and you can find that little note on the top of your notes that were handed out for Sava school today the actual email that he sent us we're not going to read it now but you can see the actual email that he was asking you know we need help we need these few things to make and that's where it started and I have it dated 11:30 when they first started made their official request so what is today it hasn't been that long for all of this just to come together like it has and I know the group started before but in the cell phone a little bit but right around that time period 11:30 19 yeah that's just amazing to me what can happen in that short period of time was consecrated convicted people I don't want mission spotlight i one other thing be really great if we had some slides some pictures so when the ministers that are going over there come back we can show you not only online but everybody here what went on it I know people really are inspired by the pictures I am personally in doing with the Africa theme today I wanted to read you a very short article that came out this week by one of our African brethren this article really affected me and I want to share it with you I want to put it in the newsletter that's coming up it's been put on some of the group's already and after I read it I'd like to have just a little bit of extra time if Larry would allow me to answer his question to begin answering his question in my own way but we're all tying this into the mission spotlight Africa situation I'm not I did not anyway let's just read what this gentleman shares it's in your notes and I have edited it only for readability and for just basic flow but it's nothing that's been taken from it and I titled it understanding the development of the attack for undertaking a rescue mission this was my title not his title but that's how I see what he was doing here we might call them minions but I want you to understand the dynamic of human growth and when you do we might devise a tenable and pragmatic disciple rescue mission when you were born you were brought into an environment where you learn everything by observation and copying and I'm seeing that right now it's my little granddaughter she's just uh she just copies you she tries in every way to copy you so I know this to be true and this is what this gentleman is calling horizontal growth what it does to you as you became a follower of sorts by design your accent and tone are learned by hearing your immediate environment and it is with you forever like circumcision like baptism so when you join the movement you do the same I remember when I stumbled this is him speaking upon elder Jeff's exposition of Daniel eight and nine he explained Daniel nine in reference to Matthew 24 and that one of the people of the prince that shall come to try the city in the sanctuary I was struggling currently with Stephen board's interpretation as it did violence to common sense from there I followed him brother Jeff elder Jeff to the letter which can be called mini onic mini onok I looked up the word it's not a word but it is now mini onic even some of the things that were off like March 23 identifying the end of the Gregorian year 1843 which was later corrected to April 18th and 19th my brother Noel if I'm correct historically speaking so we all learned by inference it should be noted at this point that it was not elder Jeff's fault that I did not check but that is how human agents learn it is our method of learning and it works elder Jeff will however say statements like this if you're taking my word for it you're setting yourself up for the mark of the beast so you need to see the technical reasons for the ascendency of Parminder and this this article here makes so much sense to me about the logistics of how this has happened and if you take it how this gentleman has written it and understand the development of it you can better pull others out of the fire if if there's the opportunity to do that Parminder managed to travel to every mission station of the movement so b exam Bob Way South Africa Kenya Uganda Ghana France Germany Bolivia Brazil and many others that I did not know well there he won the hearts and minds of the point people so it's like a domino effect or a classical collation condensation relay reaction I had no idea what that was so I looked it up and in the brackets as my god I had to look it up it's carbon-carbon bond forming reaction that occurs between two esters or one ester and another carbonyl compound in the presence of a strong base so his scientific mind is saying this combination was formed and God is the god of science oh that makes if you didn't hear that this gentleman is a pharmacist so he writes like this kind of mind and it's really good does he oh no ok but it makes sense that's the point people had followers or congregants who admired them or emulated their religious fervor and when Parminder won the hearts and minds of these agents he had won the whole mission station to his whims he had not he had a natural advantage of wit eloquence fitness and age at his age he could afford to travel and not have much toll on his health however elder Jeff could not do the same thing agent of the responsibilities a rehearsal of our history rendered him incapable of making the same global campaign as per Mandir I also have to bring in the other thing of organization which Parminder touted this was Prime Minister he's all about the organisation and I see through this article why with the organisation motif he made sure he had complete knowledge of sentiments concerning the work he was doing he got great feedback and could see his exponential growth for fame then when the German meetings came the die was cast the ambassadors of FFA and spook school of the prophets saw where their efforts had led could not stomach the ideas and cut short their stay and returned home and the rest as they say is now history Parminder had won the support of the third-world majority and their trust ordained people for those stations what they just did was relay information to everyone this is what Parminder and his group did then they relayed information to everyone the elder jeff has left the movement you shouldn't listen to elder Jeff he's old dispensational mentality he Jeff must decrease and he Parminder must increase because weren't Parminder dispensation they dwelt heavily on the reformed line of Christ to make sure their ideas were driven home there is nothing more powerful brothers and sisters this is so true there is nothing more powerful than to have scripture as your basis with the backing of Sola scriptura and Sola linear the lines of rule of faith the rules and I like that Sola linear because I think we're Sola your people we do these linear lines and we believe them as the foundations of our message and when people stand behind with these charts and their Bible and those lines you better know what they're talking about brothers and sisters so I understand how this spell can work for a time people and God are not stupid however with time his ideas will be exposed for what they really are think of it like Parminder as Donald Trump managing to win the hearts and minds of the people with all expenses paid for his expeditions to all the missionary stations on the globe which I will loosely call advertising were all paid for and met by future for America and Trump's case it was the legacy media that gave him free advertising and Toby Kim if he became the front-runner of the Republican Party hate or love these men that doesn't even matter they both played the system to their advantage it was genius and as we speak both Iranians supremely until when brothers and sisters Amen I love that part where I'm still having tentative thoughts and here's where I'm going to give a brief answer to today cuz I like his question at the end this is an odd mission spotlight but a mission spotlight just the same where I'm still giving tentative thoughts is on Mark Bruce's he must increase and Jeff must decrease motif you see in brothers and sisters I had never thought about that but Satan just used his same old game plan it had been done in a small scale before had it proved that didn't work so great but somebody got a hold of it that knew how to use that he must decrease I must increase it was then adopted refined and promulgated with significant success by Parminder the idea of increasing and decreasing should be a warning flag to par menders disciples as it is not a new thing for the first time in shaking history's Parminder managed to win the hearts of the majority of the disciples you see when Mark Bruce touted the John Jesus motif he did not win the parts of the majority of the disciples Parminder however did the same but what made him win the hearts of the majority of the third-world believers what did he possess that mark did not possess questions for the floor and the article ends so that justice in my head and I had a different plan for Sabbath school and it just kept being in my head while there's an actual motif that was used by Satan it had a trial run and then it was given full fledged force on our movement it's the increase/decrease motif and some of my partial answers are listed here obviously I won't be able to read them all but I'm beginning to answer in my question this increased decrease motif has much to do with the line of Christ of John and Jesus Moses Josh Moses Joshua it's all through the Scriptures so we know there's a correct way to see it and we can see how Satan at the end of the world has used an incorrect way to his benefit I want to read I want to say that these quotes I got here it was very interesting that I got these quotes before I needed to answer this question somebody sent them it's like I didn't realize where they played in and I read through them and then I just set them aside but I had them and then I it just clicked on me that they had been sent to me and they were an answer to this very problem desire of Ages says this God does not compel men to give up their unbelief let me let me tell you the questions were answering we're answering how did he win the majority of the third-world believers what did he possess that mark didn't possess and he the writers left this open for us to answer and now I'm saying I'm answering God does not compel men to give up their unbelief he won't make you give it up before them our light and darkness truth and air it is for them to decide what they will accept the human mind is endowed with power to discriminate between right and wrong God designs that men shall not decide from impulse but from weight of evidence carefully comparing Scripture with Scripture I will tell you at the Germany camp meeting it was a weight of impulse that was causing many of our sisters to make the decisions they made they were not doing a careful evidence-based scripture upon scripture understanding they were getting this feeling in the sentiment and that should have been a warning flag to me because had the Jews laid had the Jews laid by their prejudice and compared written prophecy with the facts characterizing the life of Jesus they would have perceived a beautiful harmony between the prophecies and their fulfillment and the life and ministry of the lowly Galilean here's the main reason why the hearts have been won many are deceived in the way the same way as the Jews religious leaders teachers read the Bible in light of their own understanding and traditions and that people do not search the Scriptures for themselves and judge for themselves what is truth but they yield up their judgment and commit their souls to their leaders that's that's my that's my answer yeah just the preaching and teaching of his words is one of the means that God has ordained for diffusing life but we must bring every man's teaching to the test of Scripture and this is the promise that really got me this week because I've had some questions recently about some of the things we're considering that thinking how could I ever understand it but look at this promise whoever will who ever will prayerfully study the Bible desiring to know the truth that he may obey it will receive divine enlightenment he will understand the Scriptures If any man Willis to do his will he shall know the teaching that's a huge promise brothers and sisters if you're concerned about anything go to Jesus he will answer you the second answer that was sent to me earlier this week is from the review and Herald and I'm just trying to answer how did he win the hearts of the third-world majority just how could do you do this and I will tell you that every child of God should be intelligent in the scriptures every child and also able not just intelligent be you have to be able to trace the fulfillment of prophecy to show our position in this world's history you need to be able to do some of this maybe not in the same way other Jeff does it but you need to be able to trace where you are in history men ignore the plain statements of the Bible to follow their own perverted reason pride themselves on their intellectual attainments they overlook the simplicity of the truth go ahead brother and I would say that we have a guide for this first paragraph and that guide is the spirit of prophecy know that we're on the right track like a check like a bell check yes they overlook the simplicity of the truth they forsake the fountain which ties us back into our opening song that fountain of living water to drink of the poisonous stream of error but however much man may pervert the words of God his purposes will still be accomplished like Balaam like he said the rocks themselves would have cried out men may reject the truth but it is truth still just because you reject it doesn't mean it's not truth it's a fact it's a scientific fact truth is truth to us is committed the most solemn warning ever given to man for us who are now on the stage of action right now we're on the stage of action or reserve the most important scenes in world's history many who gave the first and second angels message desired to see this day which we see and saw it not and not all who believe will remain to the coming of the Lord some will sleep for a moment but the master is binding the precious grain and bundles for the heavenly garner while the wicked are gathered together as for the fire of the last day the church in the world are preparing for the last great con test it's a contest brothers and sisters on a stage and we're all going to act apart your choice what part you're going to act the kingdoms of the whole world are gathered their forces to the Battle of that great day when the wrath of God will be manifest against the nations that have made his law what is this all about what is this great day this stage is contest they vojta slaw it's a Sabbath Sunday issue it's a Sabbath Sunday issue in view of these things what energy and zeal are required in Africa brothers and sisters because we have to tie this back in the mission spotlight they're demanded of all who profess the truth and particularly of the ministers are every one of us bold soldiers of Christ shun II not to declare the whole Council of God I fear we lose sight of our duty and privilege not only is it our duty but it's our privilege to be partakers with Christ of his self-denial and self-sacrifice is not the work of God too often marred in our hands because of cowardly fear of being blamed by the selfish and ease loving brothers and sisters I tried so hard to get out of this Sabbath school this week I thought of a hundred excuses why cowardly excuses like getting up here I couldn't do it but someone must venture because it men accept the position of standard bearers the Commission of ministers of righteousness they are under obligation to push the triumphs of the Cross with an eye single to the glory of God they must lose sight of everything but their leader and work as he worked well the ministers in Arkansas the ministers in Arkansas that are heading to Africa the ministers in Arkansas that are staying behind a hold down the fort the ministers in the United States that are supporting this work the ministers in the world that are trying to get their bearings about what has happened so labor that their work will bear the impress of the divine well they so labor brothers and sisters that they will be sealed well they go into new fields with the spirit of the early disciples who went everywhere preaching the world the word well they enlarge their plans educate the churches to help with their talents of means and influence and as our sister Cathy said will the brethren and sisters be faithful and bringing their tithes and offerings and they have been they have been that the work of God may not be crippled for one of means this is a thank you this is a praise the Lord this is of their heading to Africa but the Lord can be with and those of us that can't go to Africa we can be here with our means our support and our help in our small community whatever it may be cleaning bathrooms whatever it's got to be and I just want to say I'm grateful to be here today thank you good morning brothers and sisters happy Sabbath before we get started I just wanted to say that the priests out of school that Bronwyn just did actually is a perfect segue into what is actually in our Sabbath School actually apostles I want to reread quote one thing that she said and it was this is the very last page that's the review and Herald General 27th 1885 it's the second to the last paragraph and the beginning sentence set starts with this what energy and and zeal are demanded of all who profess the truth this these following quotes line perfectly with what Acts of the Apostles is going to show us of what's to come and we are gonna have to begin to have this earnest before the influx of the Levites so this is a perfect segue for what's to come let's open with prayer Heavenly Father we come before you and want to praise your holy name this morning that we could come together and worship you on this holy Sabbath day Lord we desire that outpoint of your spirit that our minds will be enlightened and our hearts will be drawn to thee that not only will proclaim this truth with a zeal and a boldness but with love and mercy and forgiveness as you have shown and we thank you for this bless us to this end I pray in Jesus name Amen okay so we were actually gonna do three pages and I hope that doesn't mess up the next teacher but he can always go back to page 89 because I couldn't stop it was so good I just had to keep going because it was perfect it I just couldn't end it on page 88 so I hope that's okay for the next teacher okay so our first question there as I'm going to draw a line it says we're on our line are we placing chapter 9 that's chapter 9 of Acts of the Apostles so let me just do our line I'm sorry Clayton for moving so fast and this is an important question to help us understand these this chapter so we know the first line is 1989 I'll give you all these marks this is 911 and then this is the midnight cry and then this is the Sunday law so we're on our line does this chapter place us does anybody look at that if not we can so chapter 9 what do you she says the midnight cry and so the midnight cry would be what date sister Karen July 18th okay July 18th 20 no I'm saying that it's going to be in this period here um and we can prove that as we go into it but I'm going to say that chapter 9 is right here chapter 9 of Acts of the Apostles yes 9th hour yeah I mean you can put 3 6 9 up there too I mean the three would be if I understand it 3 6 9 yep so ok so we got our bearings now we know what we're gonna work from so we know that this is coming amen okay so question 2 and this is a reflection of pages 87 point 1 to 88 point 1 and has anybody not read that if not we can so let's just read it together we'll go ahead and start who has it opened all right Jeff would you start their first paragraph please in those days when the number of the disciples was multiplied there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews because their widows were neglected in the daily administration the early church was made up of many classes of people of various nationalities at the time of the out point of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews devout men out of every nation under heaven among those of the Hebrew faith who were gathered at Jerusalem were some commonly known as Grecians between whom and the jute between whom and the Jews of Palestine there had they there had long existed distrust and even antagonism then somebody else have it open back in the back had been converted under the labors of the apostles were softened and united by Christian love despite former prejudices all were in harmony with one another Satan knew that so long as this union continued to exist he would be powerless to check the progress of gospel truth and he sought to take advantage of former habits of thought in the hope that thereby he might be able to introduce into the church elements of disunion okay last paragraph of Branca read that hardly less it came to pass that as disciples were multiplied the enemy succeeded in arousing the suspicions of some who had formerly been in the habit of looking with jealousy on their brethren and the faith and a finding fault with their spiritual leaders and so there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews the cause of complaint was an alleged neglect of the Greek widows in the daily distribution of assistance any evening quality would have been contrary to the spirit of the gospel gospel yet Satan had succeeded in arousing suspicion prompt measures must now be taken to remove all occasion for dissatisfaction let the enemy triumph in his effort to bring about the division believers there's some really good thoughts in these paragraphs and so I wanted to pause here and kind of go through some questions now in regards to these so the first question that you're going to see there on the handout is what caused this union that existed because first we need to focus on the Union because that's what's going to bring us what strength and when Satan sees that what does it say he's trying to do he wants to divide it so we need to focus on the Union so I see Toby has elder Toby has a thought virgin yes conversion and anything else that's coming up in those paragraphs spirit outpouring of the Spirit so we have parts convert hearts converted outpouring of the Spirit they all come together at the same time really yeah all come together Spirit's working brings about the contraction the conversion is kind of the end of that process of the Holy Spirit working amen amen get out yes amen there's a situation of inequality which isn't going on but Satan is trying to say that it is going on yes we're getting to that one are we yeah we're gonna cut that he's right on it she's jumping her head's good that's good anything else okay let me just share with you what was jumping out to me and it was this word softened and United by Christian love and in harmony so there are some things there that cause like we've already like elder Toby said Jeff Bronwyn where it starts to bring us together but it has to be united in what in Christian love and to me that was a huge focus because what we have seen is we're gonna get to is the enemies been doing what it's what sister Bronwyn had already mentioned that's what he's trying to bring amongst us and so the next question as you see there I think it's part a is that correct and says what tactics did Satan use to cause this this Union now I know Bronwyn wants to answer no no that was good that was good so he's the inequality inequality that suspicions of inequality yeah actually that's our third question okay third no that's good so Toby has it has the mic he's ready well I was thinking about Satan's tactics Harkins each of us back to where we used to be well you remember how you used to respond to this why don't you just go ahead and do that again and he tries to take us back to where when we were in the flesh and responding in the flesh and she calls that the former habits of what yes the former habits of thought that's that's really the essence of the character thoughts and feelings and what has the Lord brought to us in this ministry in regards to our thoughts recently has to do with the nature of we have neutralized so the Lord has already brought us to this understanding to where we need to understand the higher powers and the what the lower natures so that when we see these thoughts come up we can do what we can suppress them so that then we can have this what unity of Christian love to be a unit together to press forward amen but look how that subject the higher powers and the lower powers came to us yes and I'm not looking at the Avenue I just want to look at the truth well yes but it it came through a corrupt Channel yeah but it's I'm not sure that everything that was concluded in those studies was truth but I know I am with it yeah amen let's say it's the Lord yeah how I answer that personally in my in Larry chapter 2 verse 3 is I answer it that the enemy always brings your truth mixed with what that's how I understand it so it was just a lot of good stuff in there but it was mixed with what we've already mentioned today what Cathy read what brought in her superintendent remarks yes with each other I know we have to love our enemies and love those he doesn't spitefully use us but there's some kind of relationships that I don't think we're required to have with those that are enemies of truth not that we should be hard but it's different than those that were in unity with am I wrong no I mean what's the what I can tell you what verse is coming to my mind but what verse is coming to your mind in regards to a proof OOP no no we need a thus say it the what we need exactly at the Lord tobacco / comment and I have one but let's go to the floor starts with a the book and the Bible starts with a M Oh Amos what three three can two walk together except they be agreed that proves Brahmas statement that we do not walk with those individuals who what who have a different opinion it's pretty simple to me to go against that is a me it you're going against the word of the Lord now that doesn't mean that if they're on the side of the road and they have a flat tire we don't want to do something kind right that's that's Matthew 5:44 bless those that hates you do good to those who spitefully use you and persecute you we still want to apply the word but I'm not going to be hanging out with them I'm not going to you know anyways we can go on and on about to have one of this keep going to our so anything else what taxes did Satan use to cause this disunion we talked about former habits of thoughts what are some yes that what probably put in first the exciting prejudices and Rachel's defy and I just want to put in the record because it kind of speaks to some of these lines up here is that we're in the time period of the midnight cry and in the world right now there's a movement that can be summarized by the word woke like a wake and only it's called woke and the woke the word woke which is used now is when you wake up to these prejudices that you have that you hadn't recognized before whether it's against women's right or any kind of minority right or homophobia or racial that's an issue in the world now and it came into this movement but it's a counterfeit awakening in the time period when the ten virgins are to awake okay so I just want to put that in the record that this minority issue that's in this passage and Acts of the Apostles that is present truth for us is being played out in the on the world on the external and the internal and the world actually calls it woke understand you correctly you're saying that their true awakening to the prophetic message arrives as up a people the wise version but at the same time the foolish versions they arouse or woke up to a political movement not the religious let's say at the Lord is that that's right okay what they proceed what's gonna happen so they're right before us and that's you can see that's what happened okay there was a few other words in the paragraph that were jumping out to me I don't know if you had them there if not I'll be happy to read a few that were for me and this was what was this tactics that Satan used to cause this Union we talked about the thought suspicion what about jealousy it was all your imagine yeah yeah I said take that now let's let's make it personal no in regards to you said the alleged what is written here is exactly what has happened not all aspects but let me just read it to you suspicion jealousy fault finding what was the fault I've heard it over and over again people that left this ministry before the Omega they they had fault-finding against what the financial aspects was one of them and that's what it says here neglect among the widows financial assistance okay so and that is also still one of the there's so much we could apply here to how these accusations these fault these finding fault against this we've had this school was what a slave place this plantation there's so many I don't want to rehearse him over and over but it's shockingly amazing that this was written hundreds of years ago by our prophet to even give us another witness and a strength it's like a shot of God's Spirit to prepare us to keep going amongst this hope you know this type of I call it oppression that they're trying to oppress us with and that's separating them so anyways I want to stop because I want to keep going to our questions okay now Bronwyn's thought here third question is how has this inequality been applied today in our movement so some thoughts on that before no no how is this inequality benefit minuses for did you change your questions that you sent up no I got numbers I'm missing about mine so we won't say the numbers anymore unless you tell me because it's number three of this mine that'll be my first mistake today yeah so anyways question number four on your sheet says how has this inner quad have been today been applied today in our movement the false actually accusation in our movement that we did not allow women to get up on the pulpit and speak we did I mean it was live stream everyone knew it but there was a false I a QK accusation that we were misogynistic chauvinist and didn't allow that to happen if that's answering the question that's definitely one of them I mean yes there was a false accusation about how we treated people of color that they were not doing the same as as people that are I don't even know the right way to say it but I don't want to mess it up that's white people anybody of color got treated differently yeah I can share some things that that can testify to that to be truth that I personally experienced detail here anybody else have any thoughts no there's false one of the main false accusations that has popped up as that we operated this ministry on kingly power and we didn't we didn't but over and over again people I can remember someone from Down Under saying that three of the three main leaders heard not me I'm off campus the three main leaders on the campus wear a hat Jezebel and the prophets of bail and that we were operating on a kingly power that was often used to yet yet if you just look at the history we allowed more people to get up front and to give their information then the last the last camp meetings that they had like the one in Germany Bronwyn said that I wasn't there Roman said that the only ones that spoke was Parminder and tests and Tambo just a teeny bit okay well that in itself says what in that was not equal that's not correct it was the whole place had filled with people that could have spoke yet they didn't allow it so no yes there's an inference that there's a hatred towards homosexuality by the people in this moment and a hatred towards women by people up in here in the alpha group that they they hated those people and I can tell you I've never had hate for those people although I don't agree with the act the homosexual act I do not have that hate or aid of just the inference is if you don't agree with the app then you must hate that person and that was the same with women if you don't agree in the women's rights movement as it is presented by the world then you must hate women and that's that was always inferred to me that Othon you your hater and then that's not true no it's like they were causing doubt on the scripture that says that here we go again with the dust saith the lord the scripture says you hate the sin and what love the sinner so it's like they began to cast doubt on that like you must hate the sinner too and we were hating I was hating sin it was discussed to me it still is exactly yeah of the sinner but still hate the sin that they commit that very cool was called into question that anybody that says that is obviously that very common is what marks you as you don't believe in equality they've twisted so much it's just that's all so it's in the pin the bar reading it says disaffection disaffection that's what it says there in 88.1 the last sentence there do you see it prompt measure must now be taken to remove all occasion for this affection let no yes thank you dissatisfaction what I thank you second miss the second mistake today man yeah so anyways thank you disaffection what does you did I dissatisfaction yes I did so so what does this word dissatisfaction mean for us and I wanted to look it up and this is what it says the state of being dissatisfied discontent uneasiness proceeded from the want of gratification or from disappointed wishes and expectations I'm saying that all these individuals that we just discussed when they came to this school and they had this dissatisfaction over what when when all these accusations like Jeff said they're calling us this threefold Union they're saying this about the slate all this what are they really fighting against they're fighting against a written word the spirit of prophecy the Word of God that this school and everything that it was centered around was based upon so their dissatisfaction was was against the written word of God it's that simple and how I have to to internalize this is say there's not against me it's not against me and that's how you and I will be come into this unity of what do we call it this unity of brotherly love amen yes so what you were saying I forgot what I was gonna say United by how you can tell if somebody's listening if you forgot what you were gonna say yeah and it'll come back if it was important yes okay let's move on to question five and it says in we're gonna read 88.2 anyway okay good what's at the root of that dissatisfaction though itself yes it's all about self and justifying self and self is the greatest battle we have to fight there's no question about it and if you think you're alright that's a pretty clear evidence that you're all wrong yeah and what word worded the first I from Lucifer and Isaiah it tells us I shall be the mote I shall be like the Most High God I will be the ruler of enough that's what we're I look to what ends has happened here enemy number one itself in my book okay question five let's read 88.2 and Toby would you mind reading that first place it starts with the decision yes the disciples of Jesus had reached a crisis in their experience under the wise leadership of the Apostles whose laboured unitedly in the power of the Holy Spirit the work committed to the gospel messengers was developing rapidly the church was continually enlarging in this growth in membership brought increasingly heavy burdens upon those in charge no one man or even one set of men could continue to bear these burdens alone without imperiling the future prosperity of the church there was necessity for a further distribution of the responsibilities which had been born so faithfully by a few during the days of the church the Apostles must now take an important step in the perfecting of gospel order in the church by laying upon other some of the burdens thus far borne by themselves what we see in this paragraph is an influx of Levites and as I was talking to my wife this morning the influx of the eleventh-hour workers this is going to be a massive influx and we were just talking this week about our little church in the Bismarck area that's now stood a standing empty with the influx of Levites and the influx of I still call them 11th hour workers because that's how I learn I have a little bit of an inversion to the term Ness in him but I shouldn't it's it's there it's just a personal thing but nevertheless there's going to be a huge influx and we're gonna have to be we're gonna have to be wise leaders we're gonna have to because the Gospel message will develop rapidly the church will enlarge and appear about to burst at the seams we're gonna have to have the organization that's spoken up here in this paragraph and to follow up what elder toby's referring to is aren't we seen an earnest of that right now what did Bronwyn just share with us what's going on and it's an African earnest so back to the question explain this crisis and give examples of what it means to distribute the responsibilities just on a real basic level so what's the crisis tobe already mentioned it it's an influx I don't know people to handle that and not enough people to handle it are we already there so have we been I'm going to come to you have we already been given the strength of the Lord to handle it so then when this comes again this is a reflection that we can do if we did it now we can do it then amen I'm gonna come to you question off the side sure he thought sure in Matthew 22 we have the parable of the wedding feast in the very last section of that parable it says Matthew 22:14 for many are called but few are chosen and I've been hearing a lot that we're gonna get this huge influx of Levites and nothing ends and I don't picture that for some reason because it's not it just as it isn't for this group why would it be any different for the Levites and F&M so why would you have this huge group of people all of a sudden want to go to heaven it's never been like that I mean they would be overwhelmed here even if twenty people came and needed help so it would have to be a large number of people well Pentecost we had how many three thousand three thousand so that's pretty large I mean in one day so I'm saying yes that's so I'm saying there what not a lot going to him and based on the numbers well it's still not very maybe the four million Adventist I'm saying that when when this when it pours out here boy and it's gonna be as typifying August 11th 1840 that type of glorious manifestation of the power of God is how I understand yeah yeah but isn't that farther down a little bit so Toby then yeah yeah my mind is whirling yeah no it's okay it's pretty easy to see that we got whittled down to three hundred Gideon's army but as soon as the war began with Gideon he had only called three tribes and the other tribes came to him and rebuked him saying why didn't you call us to the fight and he answered with soft words to not create disunity that that's part of that story but the fact that matter is is once the battle began there was a large influx in that story of people that came to help with the bathroom so I'm seeing a large one clearly Gideon yeah okay question six unless anybody has any more thoughts no all right good if we have a Gideon group how many seventh-day adventists are there in the world if you take a Gideon group out of that you're gonna have a lot of people well it says spirit of prophecy says not one in what one in ten I thought one in ten I was it a hundred no one in a hundred yeah yeah what is that a one in twenty aren't saved in the Adventist Church well it gets up to I think the place where she says one in a thousand one hundred if that's what she said that means that's still a small percentage is what we're saying then Adventists have no reason they're wrapped up in their worldly cares right now to be concerned about anything and disregard a nuclear attack okay disregard that when they see a Sunday law arrive in the United States the Holy Spirit is going to use that sister White says in the great controversy when the events so long dotted and disbelieved is seen to be approaching a great impetus will become into the third message it's gonna happen and adventism will wake up yeah group compared to us so okay so question six 89.1 that's our paragraph and for the sake of time if you haven't read it let's just ask the question seven men who do these seven men represent to anybody do any research on that if you did I want to hear your thoughts you did yeah I just thought maybe just now I thought maybe the seven spirits to this entry okay do we know who the seven men are yeah other names we get to them but these were in the paragraphs we ought to read it why were the seven men mentioned what were they needed for okay so that's our theme there the Deacons so now what what do they represent what who do these have been represent for us today that's one I have my first one so you go ahead and read that for us please Joshua six thirteen and the seven priests bearing the seven trumpets of rams horns before the Ark of the Lord went on continually and blue with the trumpets and the arms men went before them that the rear words came after the Ark of the Lord of Greece going on and blend with the trumpets so they're the lead of the ark they're the priests amen yeah and then what's another one anybody else I have one in Micah 5:5 Micah 5:5 we can read that it tells us that it's Christ so you can go and look at that because the sake of time I want to keep going any others so we have these seven men represents the priest and we load the priests represent who just automatically they represent Christ okay yep and then you mentioned what Karen no no what did you say those heaven spirits or the the seven churches if you go to Revelation one sixteen and twenty it's going to say the churches so now we have a priest Christ the churches and also if you go to Acts of the Apostles 585 paragraph three of the churches and then it's in completeness and what would be completeness 585 paragraph three so says churches and completeness and completeness would mean what you have the church militant and then you have the church is that complete is it not complete I'm saying that when it says completeness the church triumphant I'm not talking about the number but it's two of its last stage complete that's how I understood it yeah I would think that you could plug this into the lines the same way you are but differently in Isaiah for their seven women that take hold of the man of sin okay a woman is a church and in our history not only is the church being re-established in Graham net Church but so is David's throne so what I'm saying God's organization is church and state the throne of David is there and the priesthood is there and I think these seven men represent the complete number seven perfect whatever you want to call it establishment of the political throne of David in contrast with seven women it's it's part of the story as him reestablishing the throne of David not just the woman part of it it's man and woman Adam and Eve church and state females as priests of the church right what that was you your thought was correct I'm just saying in the story that's what they're doing they're organizing the church amen it's the political organization that is being addressed amen okay Oh with a few remote remaining minutes let's go to question seven who were the first deacons so I was hoping you find write their names down and Toby Stephen Phillip your good luck okay now question a four that is look up the definition of these names what's the main theme in each name and how does it relate to this Deacon's work so did anybody do it that yes please Nikolas is triumphant victory happiness is someone to speak with a foreign tongue Stephen is a crown Philip is a friend pro chorus is above like above and beyond the candor is a victorious so there are two there of better victorious and Teemo is valuable a real solid valuable SF so they also have different qualities that they bring to this group and when we have this influx that I was speaking about we're gonna have to have all of these deacons with all of these characters ministering to this group because it's going to be more than Jeff and Toby and Daniel can handle and all of the people in this room yes yes sister Karen Stephen was cran Philip means fond of horses and I've looked on my dresser this morning and I saw where before we were looking under caesarea philippi and which referred to islam so I've seen the connection but I don't know what that means I'm sure there's more than one application oh yeah froak aureus means leader of the chorus acquired the caner means conquer Timon honorable yeah Dominus abiding Nicholas Victor of the people and Antioch and native of Antioch where are these found these are in acts 6 yep chapter 6 and what was your definition of Nicholas well well jambavan and her sleuth conker but it's a doubling in there do you see because the kar and Nicholas I think I remember right with the same Hebrew yeah they're both victorious so we even have a double e maybe you know the the take on Nicholas maybe you don't but his name is as Karen has defined it is sometimes used conqueror of the people and you have a an incorrect laying on of hands with Nicholas because it says he's a proselyte okay which means he's a beginner so there's people that say that this Nicholas ends up going into rebellion and he is like the very root of Catholicism and in the book of Revelation when there's pronouncements against the niccola Nicolaitans that he is the beginning of that that rebellion of that and where rome was a conqueror of the people her so that's a theme in the story of Nicholas that's the worth looking at but I just thought I'd throw that's the argument there is I've never found any spirit of prophecy to back that up oh that's why I was wondering word here that's a Christian understanding for the years vehicle a attends come Nicholas and he shouldn't have been made a deacon because he was just a proselyte brand-new Christian show against the qualifications over to here first Timothy I see and his name means conqueror of the people and the Nicolaitans are Catholicism that rule over the people since why things got done on the Omega end in the wrong way because we have been counseled you don't raise people up before they should be raised up and some of the people that were made not only elders but you know test a prophet and I mean she's not even in church she's not even a Christian and now she's a prophet you could see the absolute opposite of what is supposed to be done in their group yet because of the flatteries then they like it yeah okay with our last remaining moments let's go to question eight explain the specific lines of the work of the seven deacons that were to be fulfilled this is a pretty simple stuff but I think it's a good segue into to what's coming to prepare us so that we don't make any mistakes amen so didn't but look up any of any of the things that are mentioned no okay let me just share she says she tells us that we need to be careful always be careful when we're making it and especially this consideration of individual needs have we not already been doing that this individual needed a cell phone wide so we are taking this very personal and we're making a careful step to it find that and then it's also says the financial interest of the church it shouldn't be inward it should be what give and it shall be given unto thee and I I can testify that I've seen that this ministry here has given and not stopped not stopped continually and then it also says it needs to have prudent management godly example an important aid to fellow officers that's that's a care that we need to be manifesting now which I can testify but more so when we have a large number come in yes yes yeah so that's our next is if under so I have a few more things in regards to no I'm not gonna read that I'm not gonna be let's just go to the Timothy thing it says so you'll see under a question eight has a say it says look up the word deacon and deacons explain what this means to you in light of the early church and for us today so this is this is what you're asking looking up the word right so Deacon what does it mean to be a deacon before we go to first Timothy just if I looked up the word did anybody else look it up no it means this to be an attendant that's pretty a humbled position right you just need to be a janitor or shoeshine or whatever it takes you're just going to get it done right your attendant if you have to wash the dirty feet then wash the feet that's the way it goes right no big deal yours what you're here for and it says that is weight upon you need to serve and then it says mentally or as a host a friend a teacher it says what a teacher technically to act as a Christian minister serve so and then if you go to that was the deikun has two meanings this one is G one two four seven and then if you look up Deakins then it's real clothespin has some added things and Deakins is G 1 2 4 9 and it says to run on errands so we need to be to run and it also has the attendant a waiter but then it says again a teacher and a pastor a minister and a servant so it just gives a couple more little little more details but I wanted to hit on that it says to run on errands that means if someone asks you to go you what you go and so now if we had time we would read first Timothy 3 and list the qualifications of a Deacons but because we're out of time I'm just going to read them to put them on the record for us number one you have to have a desire to be one then you have to be blameless husband of one wife you have to be vigilant sober good behavior bishop that's an elder are you sure verse 2 a bishop then must be blameless the husband of one wife vigilant sober of good behavior given to hospitality apt as an elder that's a bishop yeah yeah yeah it says let the Deacons be the husband of one wife I guess that means he's a man ruling their children in their house as well for they have used their office of a deacon those for they that have used the office of a deacon well purchased to themselves a good degree and great boldness in the faith which is in Jesus Christ Christ Jesus these things I write unto you hoping to come unto you shortly so they're pretty much the same Toby said 12 but he should have started an 8 likewise must the Deacons be grave not doubled tongue not I've had too much wine not greedy of filthy lucre holding the mystery of the faith and a pure conscience and let these also first be proved this is the problem with Nicholas and then let them use the office of a deacon being found blameless yep those are all what I have written here I had come up with 27 and two of them were doubled yeah I would question the much of a distinction between a bishop and a deacon what we would call an elder in the deacon should be about that but maybe that's a deacon so I like these these qualifications and I think they should be something that's carefully considered and I'm saying that I think we have here I haven't seen any major infraction but especially knowing that we're coming up to this date soon this should be in the forefront of our minds of what and how we're going to choose individuals to serve can you closing thoughts let us pray Heavenly Father as we reflect on the prophetic message and it's showing us what to come we want to praise you Lord for you're the one of the past the present and the future and we want to cling to you as you want to reveal these things to us as we look at you the servant of servants Lord we pray that we will become just that that we will learn to serve and be selfless and look upon others and edify others above ourselves may that be our desire and prepares for what's to come and we thank you for this time together on this holy Sabbath day blesses to this end in Jesus name Amen