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Heavenly Father we kneel before you this morning and ask that you'd grant us the presence of your Holy Spirit that you would pour your Lateran out upon us that you would take control this study which is going to address some disconnected subjects as we start and I ask that you would give us the presence of mind to pull all these things into our thoughts and understand where they fit please bless us now with your presence take control of this message that it might be one that glorifies and honors you and edifies your people in Jesus name Amen this this morning I have some notes they're kind of disjointed notes because I have a several things to touch on briefly one of them that we were dealing with on both these boards this board looks a little bit cleaner is the the prophecy of Thanksgiving that the prediction about Thanksgiving that Theodore put in place back in 2018 and his prediction was not correct at that time they asked the time element of it was spot-on but how he was applying the way marks we we didn't to resolve those until over the past 72 hours and they're pretty profound without giving any explanation at this point I'm gonna I've already presented this a little bit and I'm going to come back to this more than once there was a prediction in 2018 about this way mark and the prediction how Theodore was applying it we've understood is incorrect at this time and it was set aside back then but we needed to look at it in order to address the mistakes that we've made along the way in this movement so we looked at it here over the past couple days and once we have waymarks identified correctly then it began to produce some very profound light and it's connected with Jeroboam and 977 and his counterfeit feast and that history from 977 brought us to November 25th but it brought with it the story of the disobedient prophet that confronts Joseph confronts Joe or Boehm at the dedication of his two altars one in Bethel and one and Dan and it brought it down to our history at Thanksgiving time period there's actually three way marks here the day that Trump proclaimed day of Thanksgiving the presidents do that every day it's a ceremony that they all do and then he identifies which day Thanksgiving would be on which was the 22nd of November and then the the line of prophecy that brings us from 977 and the story of the disobedient prophecy prophet and its prophecy about Josiah it brings us to November 25th so we actually have three way marks here in this history that cover five days the 20th the 22nd to 25th so what we came to understand was it the actual time prophecy that is found in Ezekiel four when you lay it out of this prophecy about a coming Josiah that the disobedient prophet presents to Jeroboam we took that 350 prophecy and we started 350 days from this history and it brings us to November 10th the day after November 9th and it it contributed to many insights and so I want to remind us now of a quote I already have in the record that we're arguing I'm arguing that on November 9th the one prediction that we made about November 9th that I'm still holding on to is that it brings a disappointment because there was a closed door on November 9th okay and so I'm saying on November 10th where this 350 day period comes to a conclusion that it brings with it the information of Josiah and Josiah in that history when the 350 years was over in the line of Ezekiel 4 he's doing the work of breaking down the altars and smashing them into dust in fulfillment of the prediction of the disobedient prophet 2 Jeroboam back in 977 so I brought this quote into play from testimonies volume 9 and I appreciate that it's on page 126 okay in visions of the night representations pass before me of a great reformatory movement among God's people many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrought a spirit of intercession was seen even as was manifested before the great day of Pentecost hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and opening before them the Word of God hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit and his spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth the world seemed to be lightened with the heavenly influence great blessings were received by the true and humble people of God I heard voices of Thanksgiving and praise and there seemed to be a Reformation such as we witnessed in 1844 so this Josiah prophesy brings us to his work of reformation on the 10th of November so I'm saying that that's what's going on now is the beginning of this Reformation which we must remember we got a big picture that takes us to the the end of the probationary time for the Neth anims and before that you have the time of the Levites and we're in the time of the priests so these comments that sister White's making are generally correctly applied to big picture and we're bringing it down to our history and I'm arguing that we are now getting started in the Reformation of Josiah although it is very difficult to tell that by the disappointment that has set in so along the way sets since September 7th I've made some stated things wrong or or made some claims that I need to correct one of them I'll do with this Josiah story whenever I presented that over here on November 10th I said this is just sighs Passover and this is his work of breaking down the the idols but actually in the big line the 350 year time prophecy that brings you to Josiah the Passover is over here on this way mark and it was five years later and this is where Josiah this at the end of the 350 is doing his work of cleaning up Judah in Israel from its idle temples and priests so I marked here and I pulled these two together when I taught it I says this is the Passover this is the Reformation but really there's a five-year period in that history which can lead you to if you're going to bring this 350 days to here then it probably is giving you some kind of indication that there's if you're going to use these days that there's five days that takes you to the Passover that it's still future I'm not worried about doing that right now I'm just wanting to make sure everyone knows that I'm acknowledging that when it came to the Josiah prophecy in Ezekiel four that the three hundred and fifty years ended here and brother Stephen can give me the date perhaps 627 BC and then this would be 622 okay so and it begins back here with Jeroboam in 977 BC and here is where the disobedient prophet confronts Jeroboam and we're going to go back to because the first time we presented this with the the Thanksgiving history with Donald Trump there's still many other things to go to address in there I did it very briefly did I present that on Sabbath is that one I presented that no one remembers but with the best few days that I can't remember which what it was I really did turn 68 okay it's starting to show so brother Stephen he's our proof checker our resident proof checker here and he challenged me that on this subject here didn't challenge me he disappointed out what we're identifying in this Thanksgiving celebration that has taken place with the presidents of the United States they always have this ceremony where they they release a turkey because in the United States the typical Thanksgiving dinner the primary point of it is Turkey okay that's that's what they eat to celebrate Thanksgiving here and the presidents of the United States always have this ceremony where they deal with Thanksgiving make a proclamation about Thanksgiving and they include the the bird the turkey in it and when we begin discussing this we realize that what Trump is doing in this history is he has a turkey that is essentially in prison in fact he has two turkeys and they cast lots evidently on which turkey is going to die and the one turkey is going to die so it can be cooked for the Thanksgiving meal and the tradition is is that the president always pardons at turkey so we came to understand that turkey is a symbol of the Ottoman Empire if you remember the first well in the second well they have geographical areas associated with them the first world the history there is was began in Arabia but when you get to the second woe its Islam in the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman Empire today we would call the country of Turkey and so I just casually because this is how I've understood this symbol for years I casually in my presentations you know this is representing the religion of Islam because the bird is a church and then I pointed people if you don't know that go to Revelation 18 where modern Babylon is a cage of every hateful and unclean bird and so Stephen pointed out correctly that a turkey is not an unclean bird so I can't really put a turkey in that cage of unclean birds okay yeah but I wasn't trying to make that distinction because I've already understood for myself that a bird can be a symbol of religion or a church so just a couple quotes here Isaiah 16 2 is in your note note 4 it shall be that as a wandering bird cast out of the nest so the daughters of Moab shall be at the Fords of Arnon so a bird can be Moab Edom Moab and Ammon one of the three-fold union of modern Babylon and then his heritage which wouldn't be the three-fold Union it would be God's people it says this is jeremiah 12 9 mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird the birds round about are against her come me assemble all the beasts of the field come to devour so there are other places you can go and that isn't where I came to understand a bird being a religious a church I understood that from the story of Gideon where Aurra bands Eve come to their end and and that is the ten Kings I think Orab is the unclean bird and Zeeb is a jackal which is a an animal that hunts in a pack so it's the Confederacy I've just had it in my head I've never had to prove that out but now we're having to prove it out we're wanting to be clear that at this ceremony with the turkey we're saying that Donald Trump is the last president of the United States and he's the president during the midnight cry time period which is illustrated here repeatedly at the beginning of this history with Jeroboam and it's illustrated here with Trump when this time prophecy comes to impact that history its Tinus he's the president that's there when the midnight cry takes place and that part of what happens in his history is that Islam will have been restrained as it was in 9/11 but it's going to get loosed as it does on July 18th so that story is in there in the story of the turkey okay so I put the two references in about the bird there you can dig him out there's others a bird can be a religion a turkey is the symbol of Turkey and the religion of Turkey is Islam and in the past couple of weeks in one sense Trump released Turkey okay because he pulled the troops back in Turkey went into Syria and even today in the news Turkey's threatening to go in and clean up the Kurds even more fully if they don't withdraw well the only reason they're doing that is because Trump released the turkey okay so you could you can see these dynamics in the presidency of Trump now early on it was in the very first presentation I'm going back all the way to September 7th there's been someone in the chat rooms and on emails that's been challenging me and I pointed out that at the time of the end in 1988 Gorbachev called for a new world order in 1990 the Pope put out a letter calling for a new world order and then I made the claim and it was an incorrect claim but it really it's one of those things that didn't mean a whole lot to me because I knew that I did it when clear conscience and I knew that I had historical references to back it up and my claim was this that in 1990 George Bush the first went before the Congress of the United States and called for a new world order and he did it on September 11th and then I made the claim that in 1991 George Bush the first went before the United Nations and called for a new world order and he did it on 9/11 and the reason that I made that claim is if you google that George Bush before the new world before the United Nations on nine eleven calling for a new world order that's what you get that's what you can find it and that's all I did I just went to initial search and it says that George Bush called for a new world order before the Congress on 9/11 1990 and it says he did the same thing in 1991 before the United Nations but this person said no you're wrong no you're wrong where do you get your send me the links of where you had that information and I sent him the links and then he sent me a study back to correct me so I stand corrected but it doesn't change anything that I was teaching on in 1990 on September 11th George Bush stood before the Congress of the United States and called for a new world order and then as from this brother study three times he was before the United Nations in 1991 calling for a new world order but it wasn't on September 11th doesn't matter you have the beast the dragon the false prophet right there at the nine-minute at the time of the end calling for a new world order and one of the times that Bush was doing it was at 9/11 which gives you your connection to 9/11 so that's in the public record now that's been I've addressed that okay so in the notes from yesterday on page two this this was also in the notes from yesterday this illustration and we have this up here and as I said this is I'm jumping around on a few topics this morning just to get some of them in the record behind me what this is illustrating is is many things and there's one piece of this maybe more but at least one piece of this formula that you know that I've left out of here where we combine some of these dates you okay what am I going to do with it okay alright this date in this date and I'll explain what I'm doing in a moment 1717 and 247 bring you to 1991 no 19 okay that will probably help my mouth although it's supposed to work when your invert him right okay now I just seen it I just seen a clip today that's that's out on the the the chat rooms and wherever it's out on the internet and in it Parminder is making some false claims he's saying that the one thing that I appreciate is he's admitting that he's using dispensationalism he's he's just openly saying I'm using dispensationalism but he's claiming that we as future for America have always used that too that's not true we've we've identified that there's different dispensations in sacred history but it stops there we never take the definition that apostate Protestantism that Parminder uses and say that God create relates differently to each one of those dispensations and therefore those dispensations of the past cannot govern the dispensation of the presence that's what present that's what he's doing so he's lying when he says that we've always used that but in it he's a he's he's saying that future for America managed the work the way they chose to from 1989 to 9/11 and now from 2014 to 2019 future for America's failed the test and now the movement is under new management so I'm wanting you to see that he has put in the record now that he is in control he is the new manager of the Omega movement but I think he's been that for a while okay so this this work up over here takes us to the camp meeting in Germany that preceded September 11th as we look back at this camp meeting in Germany and we haven't done it carefully we see certain days in that camp meeting that we're actually being marked by the holy spirit okay there may be others because when Bronwyn and Jason went there it was my intent in my heart I was hoping that they were going to more fully come to understand the midnight cry message and I hadn't been paying attention to it I was supportive and I had told Parminder before they left that I'm gonna just stay out of this meeting I won't be interacting with people and Bronwyn and I never had any communication during that time period even though she got accused of doing so it was purposeful on our part on her part on my part and part minute knew it that we weren't having any any communication while they were in Europe so her and I sat down and compared notes which we haven't really done my awakening to the problems over there were different from different reasons than her awakening and if we could track the days we might see certain things that were going on that would tell us a little bit more of the flow of that history but Stephen and Otilio have a similar experience over there that's marked and what they're going to get confronted there by the by three of the leaders Parminder tests and Thabo that are going to tell them essentially you need to recant of this these calendars and time patterns that you've that you've taken from theodore because this is false prophecy and you need to stop okay but it wasn't on friendly terms and they both knew that they were going into a a crisis when they were gonna go interact with them over this and it took place on August 29th of 2019 that's the day that it happened okay so we're putting this up here in that regard and this is this is an illustration of August 9th August 29th I'm sorry of that camp-meeting and by that what I mean is this is where Steven and know Delia are going to be told to recant of their understanding because it's not part of the midnight crime message it is some of the some of the parables or some of the lines that were used to identify what the teachings were we're out of the Bible and they were you know about sorcery and sorcerers I was put in a really really negative light so in it on this same day as when they did their baptism and this is where they are becoming the the complete kings because in this history here within a few days by September seventh which would only be is there 31 days in August nine days later eight or nine days later I'm coming out and saying you know we're not connected with this group any longer so if there was any resistance to Parminder being the king it would have been my influence and it was gone in this history so so and this is the day the first day that the Prophet is from Down Under wore trousers when she went up on the pulpit to teach her message so we've identified that as a breaking of God's law because the health message is just as binding as the Ten Commandments and that's what they were doing was flagrantly throwing that out into the public discord they did the Baptism and perm endured tests and Tabo we're gonna treat these two guys like they were subjects of a kingdom okay you recant or move on and so what we realized after the fact not we Stephen I think most of this is that the Pope that was taken captive by birth ei by Napoleon in 1798 he dies in captivity on August 29th 1799 and to the very day two hundred and twenty years later takes you to this date August twenty ninth twenty nineteen twenty two hundred and twenty meaning restoration okay so this this spirit of the papacy has come back to life two hundred and twenty years later these guys witness it they witness it happen right in their face and they don't understand it but on this same day we have another connection because this particular Pope Pius is six he was born on December 25th 1717 and he was 81 years old when he died in anyone's a symbol of midnight so he's born on December 25th which we've come to understand is a symbol of the king of the south okay because Russia invades Afghanistan on December 25th 1979 the Soviet Union comes to to smize on December 25th 1991 and we're seeing that Russia is going to come to its final demise on December 25th 2021 so we're seeing December 25th as a symbol of the king of the south and if you know Fatima as tests tried to teach us and as I used to teach us a long time ago then you know the Fatima prophecy this describes to two opposing parties in the Catholic Church and one of them is an atheistic socialistic branch and the other one is the conservative Orthodox branch in the Fatima prophecy one's called the good Pope one's called the bad Pope and when test teaches about the Fatima prophecy she's gonna lift up the Pope that I used to understand was the bad Pope that is the socialist Pope but she likes that guy and I would have identified Pope John Paul the second the conservative Pope as the good Pope in relation to the bad Pope but I thought both of them were bad Pope's because the Pope is a representative of Satan on the earth neither one of them Ernie good but the Fatima prophecy describes two branches of Catholicism so I'm suggesting that this Pope must have been a king of the South type Pope he must have been a socialistic Pope because he's born on December 25th and December 25th it's a symbol of this King of the South activity and with the subject of December 25th we find that the first to the Sun in pagan Rome is raised up in the year 274 a pagan temple and it's a temple to the Sun okay and the issue of the law of God it still is the Sunday law no matter what Parminder intest say the issue of the law of God at the end of the world is Sabbath and Sunday so in 274 on December 25th pagan Rome raises up a temple dedicated to the Sun so that is typifying a Sunday law if you can get if you follow my logic so when Tess comes out on this date August 29th in trousers along with her coming out in trousers the sisters there everyone there but the sisters are taught if you don't put on tower2 trousers then you are going to receive the mark of the beast so they've made this connection to the trouser wearing with the mark of the beast and the law of God and that takes place here and the connection is back here on December 25th and 274 they also did their baptism on that day and in near 496 Clovis king of the franks later what we would call in today is the King of France Clovis the King of France he gets baptized and becomes a Catholic he's in a battle he's in a battle he's losing the battle but his wife clotilda is a a Catholic and he's nothing at this point he's it to pagan and he realizes he's losing this battle this is Catholic folklore and so he cries out oh god of clotilda if you will give me this battle I will be converted and the battle suddenly changes he wins the battle so Clovis gets baptized on December 25th 496 and here we are in this 29th of August 2019 bringing this these things together with based upon this Pope being born here and then in the year 800 Charlemagne is crowned the Roman Emperor there's a there's a more formal title for the Lord of the Holy Roman Empire and so what I'm saying is this here is also the crowning of them as this as they're sustained now as Parminder is just out openly saying that this it's a what is it that's on the web this morning knew no this is yeah it's under new management okay the management of the movement was given the future for America in 1989 but now there's movements under new management and they're openly saying it okay but it's it's this date here where okay yeah it's this date that that's why this is up here that's why this study is here and this this little breakdown although Stephen is the one that the Lord used together these little observations about December 25th and the providential circumstances allow us to see what happened here and tie them together but this particular diagram came from a brother in Canada that's been just following these things and he emailed it in to me the ones that's in your notes so that's what this is up here for like I said this is kind of a pot pourri of ideas here so next page page 3 on your notes oh no now I know what I want to do I'm going to do something now that you don't have notes for and the reason that I'm going to do it is on Friday night as the Sabbath came my emphasis was is it among other things we're going to go into a disappointment and the you can't if you can if we have the right to look at these providential little nuances and put them on a line then what I'm going to point out is one of those providential little nuances I left out the story of the birdcage all right the bird cage that adílio sees in Germany on the 29th when he knows he's going to go in and get confronted by Parminder tests and Thabo and he has a good hunch they're gonna reject this message that he thinks is the midnight cry message he goes and prays and as he's walking along praying he looks up and there's a tree with a bird a man-made bird cage on it and it has the number 187 on it two times and 187 is what July 18th and this is this is the the message that we ask Cody Leo to come share is July 18th his study that we've been going over for the past few weeks so the Lord gave him this little providential you know touch that you're on the right track no matter what's going to happen to you when you go in in front of these three kings so if we have the right to note those little providential nuances along the way and I believe we do then what's happened here over the past two days in agreement with what I was saying about the disappointment is four or five days ago on these chat groups if you if I got away from them for four or five hours when I come back I'd have to go through you know maybe a hundred plus comments now it's pretty much silent all right it's not silent but it's it's so such a dramatic drop-off on interest or whatever that you can't not notice it and most of the people in this room are on those chat forums so they know that but in both there's another one that we started right off the bat and that's with the brethren in Africa so I'm looking at that one too and whenever there's something of interest in any of our chat rooms here I'll paste it in to that and I realized this morning I had pasted something in and I got a response from from many Africans just BAM okay which told me hey they're still watching and the response was is they were waiting for this particular discussion that I put in that chat room so I'm gonna do it here now on the record even though most of us in this room may be familiar with all the logic that I'm going to use I'm gonna put it in the record one more time for those that may not have been following along but based upon the fact that the African response was it's good that we heard this all right so it's this I think I'll do it up here I mentioned it the other day I may be in our study or maybe in a presentation but Bronwyn was on a chat group here within the past two days and she's she's speaking about our failed predictions and she said we're zero for zero and I said no Rosie ro for three okay there were three predictions and the first prediction was by Parminder and he did it in 2012 and he predicted that in 2014 there would be a Sunday law the second prediction was in 2018 and it was by Theodore and here he was identifying November 20th November 22nd which was Thanksgiving and November 25th these were all they're all tied together when you look closely to the the prophecy of Josiah that comes from 977 BC and extends into our history through Ezekiel 4 revelation 9 Samuel snow and what we've been studying with here the past month so there's some differences that I want to point out and then there's there's a conclusion that I want to put in place but where we get to number three which was November 9th okay the the difference here up here between this and this there were several people involved with this with this identification but Parminder owns this one and theodore owns this one and the first primary difference and i mean it's a black and white difference in it's it's something that Parminder and tests identify and emphasize so it's not like i'm trying to put them in a bad light Parminder claims that he made no mistake he goes so far to say Tessa and I cannot make mistakes because we are the Omega perfect movement and the Omega perfect movement makes no mistakes so because of Parminder z' dispensationalism he put himself into a box where over and over again he was he was challenged to explain what do you mean by you make no mistakes okay because you can go into you can go in the public record on both of them and show them teaching this thing one time and teaching something different the other time it's pretty easy to see they make mistakes so they were forced to define this but they've never backed away from it but more importantly they've never backed away from their claim that what went on here in this history was not a mistake okay whereas Theodore he's open for correction so there's a totally different mentality with this failed prediction and this felt prediction so I want you to see that going out front when we get down here we're going to have Theodore involved me involved Parminder involved tests involved you're going to have many people in Stephen Oh Delia involved you're going to have a bunch of people involved down here with this prediction but one of the distinctions between those this group of people is one group is going to claim that they can make no mistakes and the other group is saying I'm open for the Lord's to correct me if I need to be corrected corrected so you can you can derive that lesson from these three lines if you choose to be benefited by these three lines but that's I'm not going to go further on that I'm going to do this what we understood from this was absolutely essential to understand okay and those of you that have had the the ability the discernment to watch what's went on over the past year in this movement if you think back and it can click on for you the one thing that I taught that brought out the most animosity from Parminder and tests was that I claimed that here that Parminder was half right and half wrong and they couldn't let that stand because Parminder can't be wrong but I did it based upon going into the 1888 General Conference session and demonstrated that this had to be 1886 General Conference session and this had to be 1888 and any Adventist historian will tell you you cannot separate this General Conference session from this General Conference session they go together so I went into the history of the turmoil that was created in this general conference session and showed how it impacted this General Conference session and this is where the wrath of tests was raised she was in some other country and I began hearing what she was saying about what I was teaching and and this is where I'm saying I've had enough of this I'm 67 years old I'm ready to retire okay that's that was the backdrop this argument but what this dad did for us is what I have I knew as Parminder knew that 1888 was valid because we get to 2014 up here from starting in 1888 and going 126 years and it brings you to 2014 so with the rules of prophetic interpretation that we use in this movement it demands that the history of 1888 be illustrated in 2014 and that's why I'm saying when you go to the history of 1888 you have to have also the General Conference of 1886 you just can't separate those two what Jah God has joined together let no man put asunder okay they have to be studied together so that was my logic so 1888 had to be here but that isn't what Parminder was saying was going to be here he was saying there was going to be a Sunday law here still is from what I understand but there never was a Sunday law there only in his prophetic models when he'd shrink them down but they've thrown out the Sunday law so they don't have justification for doing that but also on chiasm z-- I'm not going to put it up here we've done it over and over again we took the 225 20 chiasm x' and we demonstrated that the 25 20 against the Northern Kingdom and it in 1798 which was the time of the end and that the other 25 20 against the southern kingdom of Judah it ended in 1844 where they're the third angel arrived okay these two were together to make up 46 years and with the to 120 sixes we had a 126 it began in 1863 when the rebellion began and it ended in 1989 which was the time of the end for our history and then we had a 126 that began in 1888 that ended in 2014 so two arguments because the 126 begins in 1888 1888 has to be in 2014 but because of the 225 20s this is the 25 24 Miller eyed history this is the 126 for our history there's two of them the first one ends in the time of the end for Miller for us the first one ends for our time of the end the second one ends on October 22nd 1844 for the Millerites so the second one ends for us on October 22nd 2014 we have to put 1844 in here as well this we had to see we needed to see this this was absolutely essential to be put in the public record and what happened is Parminder and tess did a very satanic work by making this the most convoluted way mark of all of them arguing yes there was a Sunday law I was reading that subtext yesterday where where tests here I guess right from the beginning send that 2014 Sunday law was the Facebook app that paralleled the invention of Morse code by Samuel Morrison and I'm thinking yeah I kind of remember something about that but that's the Sunday law was was you know from this start we would we were drinking the kool-aid and didn't know tasted so good but why did we have to understand that and when did we understand it here's my primary point this is the point that I think the Africans appreciated is we've had three predictions it advanced predictions this one this one because Theodore is understanding this before Thanksgiving and November 9th and every one of them comes into clarity after the fact okay with this one this comes into clarity after the fact and the clarity that comes in one of the primary things once you take the garbage away from up such as Sunday law is the work that among other things that brother Steven did which shows that if you take the time that Christ began in the most holy place in AD 31 and divide it pardon me the holy place yeah I said most holy place in the holy place sorry let's put it this way if you take the time that Christ has worked in the sanctuary from 1831 until he enters into the most holy place on October 22nd 1844 and you you take all those numbers of days and divide them then you're going to get a ratio of one day equals eighteen hundred and forty-four days 21 hours 15 minutes and 33 seconds okay because there's 360 days in a biblical year and the high priest only goes into the most holy place on that three hundred and sixtieth day therefore by doing that math what what Stephen calculated out is that in 1844 on October 22nd now this is 1844 I'm going to put a second line in here don't let me use you lose you that if you go from October 22nd I'll put 10 22 1844 that's this way mark because that's where the 25 20 against Judah ended and therefore that's why the where the second one 26 would end if you start there in Miller I'd history and go eighteen hundred and forty-four days 24 twenty-one hours 15 minutes 33 seconds in the future you came to November ninth 18-49 now what this was telling us if we were willing to see is that in 2014 we had two histories to grapple with the first history was the history of the message of Jones and Waggoner which was justification by faith in Verity it was victory over sin it was the righteousness of Christ was Christ in you the hope of glory so when you get to 2014 it's the call of Jones and Waggoner to finish the work of character perfection and this isn't a minor observation okay this is the central pillar of Adventism sister White says the foundation and central pillar of Adventism is Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 8:14 says unto 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed but Daniel 8:14 is an answer to a question in verse 13 what God has put together let no man put asunder you have to study verse 13 and 14 together so when sister white says verse 14 is the central pillar of who we are she's including verse 13 and verse 13 says that both paganism and papal ISM we're going to trample down the sanctuary and the host in verse 13 of Daniel 8 is where we are introduced to Pomona and in verse 13 of Daniel 8 both 25 20 s are addressed because the sanctuary is going to be trampled down and so is the host so you have two time prophecies that palimony identifies in daniel 8 13 1 deals with the sanctuary and one deals with the hosts that were to come together into the most holy place and make up the ensign he was going to lift up but my point is this 1888 is the message of the host the message of how the God's people do the work of purification that they have to accomplish in conjunction with the work of purification that Christ is doing in the sanctuary because 1844 is about the sanctuary so we needed to understand that in 2014 the two prophecies that are speaking to us are prophecies that emphasize October 22nd 1844 and 1888 and they go together they're about the sanctuary the cleansing of the sanctuary the work that Christ does and what we understood is it takes eighteen hundred and forty-four days twenty-one hours 15 minutes and 33 seconds for Christ to finish that work and he didn't do it in Miller ID history because they didn't all take up the work of the host which was to bring the experience represented by the message of Jones and Waggoner into their heart okay we had it we had to see that this was absolutely essential to us because this history of these two things does it doesn't just conclude for the Millerites on November 9th 18-49 it concluded for us on November 9th 2019 this was the work that Christ and his people were to do together in advance of November 9th three days ago and it Satan knew it because he's a better Bible student than all of us put together so he tried to corrupt this whole thing by saying it was a Sunday law it's a Sunday law and it did nothing but bring confusion because no one could ever understand how it was a Sunday law until they went through a hypnotic process where they heard over and over again it's a Sunday law because of this reason because of this reason because of this reason and finally they just said hey to themselves okay it's a Sunday law I'll move on I don't quite get it some of them did anyway I did so what I'm saying is we never recognized this until we look back at it we could not see this before we got there okay it's so - with Theodore's so - with Theodore's in this history this is 2018 this whole history here this is November back here the month before on October 3rd tests on that board over there had I think it was that board I'm pretty sure it was the one on that side of the room she's led the whole group that was in here we all came up to the board and we could see November 9th 2019 and ten days later Theodore at Lambert church fellowship at noon we have reasons to show why it was at noon he calculates 391 days and a half and it confirms November 9th over here 2019 so on the 13th of October we get the second witness of November 9th but bye-bye here one month later theaters already come in under scrutiny because he's he's seen these way marks from his calendars and his math and those way marks are sound and Theodore knows their sound that's the problem with Theodore he is he's so familiar with those chronologies that when he sees him he believes him where when you and I see him we're not familiar with them and we're well I don't quite understand that but it's not so with Theodore he's been handling him for a long time so he suggested some fulfillments of these way marks that were not correct and everyone around them almost everyone had nothing to do with him and it causes shaking here there just to be honest in this little ministry because it was happening here and then it got set aside and over the past week less than a week since Theodore got here on Thursday in last the week we went back and we've looked at this history and now we found by assigning the correct application to these way marks which he which he did not do back then and he was participating in his work and he was fully cooperative he didn't claim to be always right and infallible okay what was uncovered here about Josiah and Ezekiel for is exactly what we've been studying for the last month okay it contributes to the very thing that we've been studying and it shows over here if I can go over here no it shows right here I don't have to go over here sorry Larry it shows from from this date here November 25th I'm not giving you the details of these way marks right now I'm telling you that we can see now that the 350 year prophesy of Josiah that Ezekiel identifies equates to 350 days in our history and it brings us to November 10th and Josiah means foundation and it's where we return back fully to the rules of prophetic interpretation that were adopted by this movement at the beginning no longer handling tests and impart menders any of their concepts and we begin to break down the idols that they have erected in this movement over the past couple years or if you're going to talk about breaking down idols in josiah's line you could say you could put Elijah's line there Mount Carmel you're not breaking down the idols you're mocking them okay you're you're identifying what they're teaching is error in order that those that will see can see if they're willing to do so I don't know that many of them are willing to do so but it's brought us to this history and it's opened up some other things that are just ahead like tomorrow okay to tomorrow this is a pretty significant thought that we won't get to in this presentation but let me try to tie this together now I haven't explained this fully in these presentations we've been working on explaining this second time an attempt to predict something in advance doesn't work really well but when you look back at it the way works were the way marks were sound and you can see there was important light in it so too with November 9th okay on November 9th I personally had been trying to come to grips with what I understood was going to happen on November 9th if there was some kind of prediction about Russia attacking the United States that there was evidence that this was going to be the fulfillment of raffia then I wasn't afraid to say it out front but it just wasn't coming into clarity what I could see is that for sure it is the closed door because we have we have plenty of witnesses to uphold November 9th okay it's there but I could see a disappointment that's what I was willing to share on Friday evening I'm willing to share that it still was raffia but I'm not looking at an external anymore at that point I'm saying I can show it as an internal and I still I'm not backing away from the concept that the United States and Russia are going to get into a conflict and the first one the United States is going to lose second one United States going to win I'm not backing away from that but what I'm saying it wasn't until we got on this side of November 9th that we can begin to look back again and start seeing with a little bit of clarity of what has taken place but now the one thing that I did put into the public discourse in advance one of the things was that we're in a disappointment time and that's that's what I'm saying about the the chat groups whatever's happened and I'm not I'm not complaining criticizing I'm just making an observation whatever the the intensity of those chat groups was going over the past few weeks it's gone it's the air is out of the balloon everyone's in some kind of who knows there's there's lots of things that could be in right now they could be in throwing everything out or they could be spending time trying to make sure that they are square with the Lord a hundred percent I'm not sure what's going on but what I'm saying for those people in Africa what it seemed that they needed to hear is we're still at the point in time where our best light comes when we look back at these weigh marks okay but future for America is not denying November 9th as a way mark it was most definitely a way mark okay that also I wanted to put in the record here this morning and from here on what if you see that board over there or this here we're beginning to see develop here and on on Wednesday we have a way mark that I haven't shared yet that you can see it over here that we're grappling with this is a hundred Wednesday tomorrow is it tomorrow today Monday tomorrow is a hundred and eighty six complete years and Wednesday is the first day of the hundred and eighty seventh year one hundred and eighty seventh being July 18th it's a symbol of July eighty on Wednesday since the falling of the stars so we've looked at what the falling of the stars were for millerite history it was a token token of the the coming events and we've been discussing about what the stars are you can see Islam there because both Muhammad in the trumpets was a fallen star and so was Attila the Hun and even though the Atilla the Hun you may not be able to assign him to the Muslim religion prophetically Attila the Hun as the third trumpet comes into a position in our history where he's a symbol of Islam so in the trumpets we have two characters to human symbols of Islam that fall from heaven and we have falling stars here but we also in the trumpets in the trumpets in Chapter eight Rome gets divided into three parts okay Eastern Rome's division into three parts are represented by Constantine's sons and they're all named pretty much after Constantine so I'm not going to try to remember it's like Constantine the second constant Aeneas and Constance or whatever but Eastern Rome's divided into three parts but Western Rome which is the inventor of the threefold form of government in Revelation 8 the three form fold form the threefold form of government that was invented by Western Rome was the Caesar the proconsul and the Senate and it's addressed in revelation eight and one of those folds of government one at a time they get removed as Western Rome is taken out of history okay so I've always lined up though three full government in our government here in the United States it's a Caesar is the executive branch it's the president the proconsul is the judicial branch the Supreme Court and the Senate is the Congress but in Revelation eight where this threefold government of Western Rome that gets divided up and taken out of history the symbol of that government is the son Caesar the moon proconsul and the stars the Senate so in in the trumpets we have another illustration of stars and what we're dealing with here is in 1833 we have a token of the coming of the Lord that is the falling of the stars so we're trying to grapple with we've got reason to see tomorrow as one of these way marks that's opening up and we're thinking that we have to see something because this is also the 15th day of the eighth month and the 15th day of the eighth month is a symbol for August 15th which is the midnight cry this is a further development of the midnight cry but it has Islamic inferences but it has the inference that it's a token and we could use a token right now and the reason that we could use a token as I bring this to a conclusion is that in spite of everything I just said over there in spite of everything I just said I don't want to - some people my out there might be celebrating oh he's he's getting his head on straight about time setting I don't I don't want to be called a time setter I suppose I will be is it my purpose but in spite of everything I've said over here about these three predictions we only clearly see as we look back at them you can tell by the prophetic narrative that we have a responsibility to predict this event in advance okay because this event when you bring the lines together there are people there are people that are going to see that God's people knew in advance that the this nuclear strike was going to hit the United States and they're going to come and confront God's people and in Ellen White's dreams and visions saying you knew this and you didn't tell us ok so there's there's implications that in this history God's people have to make a prediction in advance and that that is part of the in sign being lifted up their advance prediction the levites of this history are going to hear about that advance prediction and when it comes to pass they're going to join the priests and this is two years after 2020 2018 and in 2018 two years before on November 4th we first put the July 18 2020 prediction into the public record and what we said it was we said it was Pentium and we said we knew it was true because it came 252 days after November 9th so by putting it in the public record on November 4th 2018 we put it in the public record two years before the event and it's about Islam and that's what Josiah Lich did in 1838 two years before 1840 but even though Josiah which came to 1840 he even fine-tuned it further ten days before August 11th 1840 he actually fine-tuned it where he predicted August 11th 1840 so we put it into public record in 2018 but it has to get fine-tuned if you know what I mean it's gonna come into clarity and what we're understanding here based upon the writings of Ellen White Nashville Tennessee is going to get hit by a nuclear bomb at that point in time and in order to uphold that you have to go into the end of World War two and look at the bombs that were dropped upon Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the one that wasn't dropped on Kokura but when you do you will see that the calendar events are all their what was that look for back there in any case no there wasn't a third bomb but it was on the plan okay so that's what we're we're looking at at this point in history this point in history tomorrow I'm hoping for some kind of token that begins to confirm the direction that this prophetic narrative is taking shall we pray Heavenly Father time is too short things are happening too fast not to to be about our business that you've given us you are the God of heaven you can stop this message at any time that you choose to you can bring it to nought but from what we're seeing this is your message and we have a responsibility to follow you're leading wherever you go we ask for insight about these coming waymarks insight that would better prepare us for the times that we're living in better prepare us to give the warning message to the Levites as this history approached we ask a blessing upon the rest of this day's activity and we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen