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Heavenly Father thank you for bringing us back to continue on in this study I asked for the presence of your Holy Spirit that we can finish this section of our study and perhaps get into the next one I ask that you be with those people that are watching online that you would bless them with the presence of your Holy Spirit as well we thank you for all these things in Jesus name Amen okay I I'm gonna try to do something that causes the video people consternation come on Ian sister and because I'm going to try finishing off the presentation from this morning and instead of stopping and doing the afternoon presentation separately I'm going to just move right in to it and as far as the title in it it's a problem for putting it on the internet but worse than that brother Larry brought up a thought or two so I have to go back into this morning's presentation and and work through some of that before we can even get to finishing off this morning's presentation but I'll go back there for a second I'm hoping that those of you that are watching livestream can understand this in your mind what we're saying 2014 per Mandir is emphasizing there was a Sunday law when there wasn't a Sunday law and the reason he was doing that is because we weren't supposed to see 1888 for October 22nd 1844 and I showed this morning if you were willing to see it from Daniel 813 that the paganism the daily and papal ISM the transgression of desolation we're going to trample down the sanctuary and the host and there in Daniel 813 palimony is doing things with numbers that are really profound and Hiram Edson is noting them in his articles and I said that 1888 the 126 year prophecy that ends in 1888 and the 2520 that ended in October 22nd 1844 both have to be recognized at this way mark and therefore this was representing the host of Daniel 8 13 and this the sanctuary these are the two truths sanctuary that are in Daniel 8 13 and what it does is it allows someone like Stephen to calculate how many days are actually in one prophetic day in Christ's work in the sanctuary which equated to 1844 days 21 hours 15 minutes and 33 seconds and allows you to calculate out here to November 19th 2019 okay so I'm Larry brought something up here so this is his fault that we're taking this diversion and I told them look at Isaiah 22 22 so go to Isaiah 22 22 and this is where you're going to get the the reference to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation this is only that's the only two places you're going to see this expression in the scriptures about the door that we're going to read about but what what brought this up is in our notes this morning as we were going through it we we got to a point in the notes where Larry jotted down his notes okay so what's the key because I I brought up there's going to be a key and later on I answered it said the key is proof texting so he brought that up and says yeah I'm glad you answered my question or something like that so I says well if you're going to look at the key go to Isaiah 22 22 and it says and the key of the house of David will I lay up on his shoulder so he shall open and none shall and he shall shut and none shall open so this is the Church of Philadelphia that enters into the most holy place on October 22nd 1844 with Christ so it's dis people here that move into the most holy place but we had already identified in the study this morning that those that understand the secret are those that are in covenant relationship that fear the Lord and that have the righteousness of Christ if you fear the Lord and have His righteousness then you're having the experience of 1888 and you're also entering into a covenant relationship with the Lord so these people have this secret but they have the key of David and the key of David is proof texting this is what opens the prophetic word up to them and here because they have the key of David they're opening up the door into the most holy place and moving into that experience you follow me so we're also connecting that with where we were earlier today in Matthew 16 where we've seen a little bit of Pomona in verse 19 it says and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven okay so all the prophets are subject unto the prophets they're all agreeing with one another so those people that have the righteousness of Christ that fear the Lord that are in covenant relationship with him that are given the secret because they have the key of David what this key is going to do for them in verse 19 it says I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and this is the host in the sanctuary this is the experience when you move into here you're moving in to the most holy place experience you're moving off into the binding off of the righteous remember the terrors are bound first and then the righteous are bound so this is obviously about the righteous that have the kings of the kingdom of heaven and the lords in agreement with them and whatever they bind on earth that's the host will be bound in heaven okay you can see these two themes but what what sister Brougham brought out today is that is when you're dealing with this 1533 that in 1533 BC you have the Passover of Egypt and then you have the giving of the law and that when sister white says in great controversy six eleven the Advent movement of 1840 to 1844 was a glorious manifestation of the power of God and when Maranatha says that the giving of the law was a glorious manifestation of the power of God that it isn't an accident that from August 11th 1840 until October 22nd 1844 was fifteen hundred and thirty-three days and of course mark 15 33 opens up the subject of the the sixth hour in the ninth hour which we understand to be July 18 2020 in December 25th 2021 which we hopefully will get to in a moment so Stephens been putting all the positive light on 1533 but Bronwyn went into the Hebrew word 8:15 33 and showed that it's telling about the wicked not the wise and the emotional experience that they have when they go to the Witch of Endor and we're seeing that happen at the same time so if you are still have your thoughts in your head about the key go to Luke 11:50 to brother Daniel through this in right before we started woe unto you lawyers for you've taken away the key of knowledge okay the key of knowledge the new movement okay there's a new movement who's released some videos here in the past couple days making a case that what I said about the eternal world television network being formalized in 1996 that that that don't qualify because that was supportive of Pope John Paul the second and he's a bad Pope and they're uplifting this current Pope because that this Pope is a good Pope so they're they're approaching this that there is a dispensation of liberal liberalism a dispensation of conservatives of conservatives is conservativism in the Catholic Church in the United States and all these various things and it just so happens that me identifying that this Catholic news media being formalized in 1996 doesn't qualify for for justif making any justification that CNN is the dragon power okay because tests and Parminder think the current Pope's a good Pope because he upholds the same kind of socialistic ideology that they're promoting yesterday just because we're at this level of understanding CNN is the dragon power that was formalized in 1996 and the dragon power in scriptures and if we get to the presentation I plan to do right now we'll make that point when you have these three powers one of them is always a plural and two are singular and the plural ones always the dragon power because the dragon power is a confederacy CNN is a confederacy okay CNN time and war Time magazine and Warner Brothers began in 1921 and ultimately they come together merged together and then in 1996 they buy CNN so you actually have three entities there CNN Time and Warner they're all one now and to not think that that's a symbol of the United Nations it's just absurd test doesn't want to hear that but it's absurd the owner of CNN gave one billion dollars to the United Nations okay CNN one billion I didn't say it with an M it's with a B and then he took a position in the United Nations to distribute that money the way that he saw fit but we're going to claim that CNN isn't the voice of the United Nations but what my son pointed out yesterday which is also pretty cool is that more liberal than CNN in the United States is MSNBC there they're even more along the lines of tests and Parminder socialistic ideology and Microsoft Bill Gates who's a liberal guy he bought NBC in 1996 that's when in MSNBC began so now you have five of them okay yeah Microsoft and NBC Confederated in 1996 and you have Time Warner Confederated with CNN and they're all and in bed together they're promoting partner and Tessa's ideology and it's the dragon power and the dragon power is always a confederacy so that wasn't exactly where I was I got to get back on this okay so so when they when they're getting involved with this movement it's what they're trying to do is prevent God's people from seeing the light so they begin to throw the idea the understandings that people like Theodore and Steven and Dodi Leo are coming across some of the understandings that I have there they're throwing them out and they're fighting against it and so when we're talking about the key and the opening and closing of the door and the need to enter into the most holy place as they do in Isaiah 22 22 there's a doubling for you if you go to Matthew or Luke 1152 it says this woe unto you lawyers for you've taken away the key of knowledge you entered not in yourselves where didn't you enter into you don't enter in to that most holy place where the doors open that you can go into you enter not in yourself and them that we're entering in ye hindered okay so this the key that's put on David's shoulder this key of knowledge is the key of proof texting that we're putting these lines together with and it's a big subject in the scriptures and it's it's growing leaps and bounds and for those of you I don't want to miss this remind me about this quote when I finally get off this subject and begin the mocking of the threefold Union that's the subject I was going to do today if I get there I want to remember this quote there's a quote that says something like this all those that become confused in the meaning of Antichrist will ultimately end on end up on the side of Antichrist I want to deal with that when we do with the threefold Union but I want to deal with it here for it's it's coming out in the open now that with their dispensationalism that they're willing to identify directly that this Pope that is what's-his-name Pope Pope Francis that he's a good guy once you realize that they think he's a good guy because he has the same political agenda that they have then you can understand why they've said in the past we may have to apologize to the Pope and what I'm saying is I'm going to stand on the spirit of prophecy that says that all those that become confused in their meaning of Antichrist will ultimately end up on the side of Antichrist because they're confused they're really confused and they are promoting confusion so now here we go I think I've eliminated that well let's hear the quote word for word the word fail to see the meaning of Antichrist will surely place themselves on the side of Antichrist that's even better yeah it's always better than my word but yeah so keep that for when we start and so I'm taking this off that's just now one other thing that Daniel brought up during lunch before we get back into this in Matthew 16 we only touched it a little bit because I was trying to point out that Pomona was active in Matthew 16 and you remember I pointed out that it's the midnight cry and one of the reasons we identified as the midnight cries because there's two two names caesarea philippi also because that's where he's going to build this church brother Daniel reminded me of something that I may have learned from him years ago when he first came across it but Caesar means hairy like lotsa hair and Phillipi means a lover of horses so if you go to Revelation 9 that's dealing with Islam you'll notice that one of the characteristics of Islam is horses and that in Revelation 9 they have really long hair okay so caesarea philippi is a double symbol of Islam and what we're saying is that this is Panem and this is where Balaam is going to strike the ass the second time because the ass is gonna crush Balaam foot into the wall so because we were at Caesarea Philippi I want to put that in the record but now what I want to do is work from the notes and I'm not good with with shrinking these notes down so I'm I'm gonna take you to page 8 of your notes okay on page 8 of your notes this is some charts from OD Leo's handout and all I all I'm going to deal with is the bottom line not the not the couple lines on the top but the bottom line that says Josiah Lich revelation 9 and O do Leo went over this and probably three times and Steven mentioned this a couple times and Theodore's mentioned this so this is even though it may not have sunk into everyone's mind yet this has really established information so I just want to point out to you one thing about this line if you see this this line here with the little waves on top of it and I'm hoping the people on the internet have notes they can download on the 27th of July $12.99 you see above it the 26th day of the fourth month and then in the next way mark which is 1449 you have the 27th of July and above that the 26th day of the fourth month and then in the next way mark which is 1809 you have the 27th of July 1809 and then above it you have the 26th day of the fourth month you see that okay this happens five times in Revelation 9 all of these way marks are dealing with Islam their legitimate way marks they're not what Josiah let's recognize the ones that your Josiah let's recognize are on this line but these are other ones that have been recognized after the fact but what I'll point out to you is the first July 27th there in $12.99 you see that that's on the Julian calendar the second July 27th is the Gregorian calendar the third July 27th is the Julian calendar the fourth is the Julian and the fifth is the Gregorian but nevertheless they're all July 27th and OD Leo spends time to try to show us how the probability of that happening with five-way marks that they're all July 27th even if it is two different calendars is it's in the it's in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands but the the idea that each one of those is the 26th day of the fourth month on the biblical calendar it gets into the the probability of millions upon millions but the idea that each one of those five way marks also has a history associate associated with Islam that's three elements in each way mark that have to line up five times in a row and they're all saying Islam Islam Islam Islam Islam Islam okay there's just there's it's palimony this isn't human this isn't satanic this is divine this can only be something that the wonderful number of Secrets has put into history you follow me so when we go to World War two and the atomic bombs and in our justification for world war two is that we're going we're on the verge of World War three right now and therefore it's a triple application of prophecy in an a triple application of prophecy the characteristics of the first fulfillment which would be the first world war combined with the characteristics of the Second World War we'll give you the characteristics of the third so when we go into the Second World War we find that in 1945 and forty five is speaking to the 45th and last president of the United States Donald Trump that the first time they attested the atomic bomb was on July 16th 1945 they tested it here in the United States I believe and that's the fifth day of the fourth month on the biblical calendar and what's the fifth day of the fourth month on the biblical calendar that's Ezekiel 1:1 that's midnight that's July 21st 1844 it's midnight ok so midnight the fifth day of the fourth month is the first time that Samuel snow proclaimed the message of the midnight cry in Boston ok so I want you to see that this way mark July 16th even though it's not saying July 27th because it's the fifth day of the fourth month it's Islam all over again you follow me this is July 27th 1945 the the powers that be sent Japan a declaration called the pot Sam declaration and Japan rejected it they said you either surrender right now or what's going to happen to you you're going to regret and they rejected it on July 27th what's July's 27th the symbol of Islam Islam Islam okay and so when we're talking about the kamikaze pilots and Japan in World War 2 where does the United States get involved with with Japan in Pearl Harbor what happened in Pearl Harbor they call it a surprise attack and that's the characteristic of Islam is they strike suddenly and unexpectedly and Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack but in World War 2 the Japanese also had pilots that they called kamikaze pilots and what does kamikaze mean means Divine Wind and what is the symbol of Islam it's the east wind okay so the kamikaze pilots are doing their suicide missions because they think they're on a divine mission why does Islam do its suicide missions because they think they're on a divine mission okay so the Japan the Land of the Rising Sun because this is the history that brings in the Sunday law Japan's given a declaration to cease and desist you need to surrender and they rejected on July 27th and then they dropped the first bomb on August 6 1944 on Hiroshima and that's the 26th day of the fourth month and what's the 26th day of the fourth month on this line it's July 27 July 27 July 27 which is the 26th day of the fourth month this is Islam okay they're gonna drop the second bomb on August 9th on Nagasaki and that's July 27th in the Julian calendar so as we're looking at these this nuclear warfare in World War two you've got Islam here you got the midnight cry here let's say that the midnight cry of Samuel snow it's at midnight it's Boston you've got Islam Islam Islam and then they had planned a third bombing for kokura that didn't take place fact Kokura if I understand right was supposed to be here but it was cloud covered so they went ahead and did not go sake and they were gonna it was on the schedule to do just bombing not nuclear but they didn't do Kokura but it was planned to take place on August 11th what's August 11th its Islam its its Josiah Lich's prediction of the restraint of the Ottoman Empire that came to pass on August 11th 1840 so you've got midnight cry Islam Islam Islam Islam and then on August 15th Japan surrenders and what is August 15th it's the midnight cry so you've got midnight cry Islam Islam Islam Islam midnight cry and the only way you can see that is if you understand how Paul Monet works and the only way you can understand how Paul Monet works is if you're using to keep proof texting and it it's just it's overwhelming so when you put the other pieces in place what are you going to do you're gonna have to give a warning message because there's more to this message in this than just this okay so to your notes now from here the first bomb from Hiroshima to July 18th 18th 2020 is three thousand nine hundred and ten weeks and five days what's that that's pal Mon I know they've already put in the record that the 391 in the Josiah story in Ezekiel and in revelation 9 and in Samuel snows history and in our history so I'm not taking time today from Hiroshima in 1949 hundred and ten weeks and five days and when you take the zero out and just bring it down it's 391 and a half you get it I get it so Chernobyl we're suggesting that Chernobyl the worst nuclear disaster in human history in Russia and Ukraine I think actually is referenced in revelation 811 go to Revelation 811 and what's 811 it's it's August 11th that's 811 August is 811 is 11th and in Revelation 811 we in and we do that already the character of Islam is revelation 9:11 okay but 811 says this and the name of the star is called wormwood and the third part of the waters became wormwood and many died of the waters because they were made bitter you notice the doubling what's the doubling of wormwood wormwood did you see it there so you've got wormwood doubled in there and Chernobyl the nuclear disaster that took place in 1886 Chernobyl in Russian means wormwood all right Chernobyl happened on April 26 1986 and what's April 26 1986 it's the 26th day of the fourth month it's this it's this right here the 26th day of the fourth month its Islam it's July 27th in the Gregorian or its on the on the Gregorian it's the 26th day of the fourth month and remember we did July 27th 26th day 4th month July 27th 26th a 4th month 5 times in a row in revelation 9 yes so April 26 1986 when wormwood happened in Chernobyl and many people died that's in their Gregorian but on the biblical and rabbinical calendar what is April 26 1986 it's July 18th it's this here so you got 3 dates from Chernobyl disaster connected with revelation 811 that's connected by the definition of Chernobyl that's given you a second witness that Islam is connected to a nuclear strike somewhere and what I tried to put in place in earlier in this presentation this morning was that from July 27th there's that number again 1299 until July 27th 1789 which was the beginning of the State Department it was was the beginning of the government of the United States they began in 1789 but the State Department began on July 27th that it was how many years 490 years the stalinist that the probationary time of the United States is connected with the activities of Islam when their probationary time ends Islam is there and this and Chernobyl is giving us information that the next strike of Islam it will be suddenly and unexpectedly it was as was 9/11 but it's going to be nuclear in nature now on the next page page seven I'm gonna pass over that I've just summarized it from from Odie Leo's work and it's very interesting but it's not it's not the right place to throw something that would be a little bit complex in so what I'm gonna do here and this is what causes the video guys a headache is I'm going to end this and I'm saying that this history here in connection with Chernobyl and other lines of prophecy that identified July 27th and this 26th day of the fourth month as symbols of Islam are telling us that the next two strikes of Islam because we know that there are three there are three in the United States because there's three times Balaam interacts with the ass and the first one was 9/11 and the next two time the lesson is it's going to be nuclear in nature okay so we've already put in place our arguments about what that date is going to be and where it's going to be at but I want to make sure that we all understand why we're so I we're pointing to a nuclear attack but we have another responsibility to fulfill he'll fulfill at this time and that is I haven't moved away from my belief that we're now in the story of Mount Carmel that the prophets of Bel and the priests of the Grove are represented by the new movement prophets a bale or a man-god priest of the Grove female God bill and Ashtaroth and the new movement is represented by a prophetess woman from Down Under and a man that calls himself the schizophrenic prophet and they made their prediction about November 9th and I have not yet seen any explanation about why all those predictions failed I mean I'm waiting and I'm sure that they're going to draw some lines up to sweep away all those predictions they're going to use their apostate Protestant application of dispensationalism to try to do that but they're now in the time period where they are doing their dance of deception and during that time period it reaches the point where Elijah and I'm not professing to be Elijah I'm saying this old movement is Elijah that according to first Kings chapter 18 I Elijah mocks them