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shall we pray Heavenly Father we asked for the presence of your Holy Spirit this morning we ask that you would take control of my words my thoughts that the message shared would be for your honor and glory that it would edify those that are listening to it pray for those that are listening to it that they also would be under the influence of the Holy Spirit as they test the things that they hear we think for this Sabbath day and know that you promised to give us a double blessing in these sacred hours and we ask for that now ask that you poured the latter rain out upon us in Jesus name Amen this is number 10 in kind of a a series that hasn't been too focused too directed until now I think it's going to get directed called internal Rafi and Pinilla over here you can see a line with Rafi and Penny and we may say a little bit about that as we proceed I finally have an idea on the direction that I want to go to try to to share what I'm understanding about this and I have to begin in to satisfy my logic I have to begin into place it's already a matter of public record and that's where we will begin the reason that we had that scripture text for for the scripture reading Genesis 713 is that's the first reference of the word self-same and I've mentioned this before probably people have done it on their own or maybe because I mentioned it but you should run a word sir word search on self-same and you you'll find without a doubt it's a symbol of the covenant okay and this is the first reference of it here in Genesis 713 when they close the door on the ark that day the Lord had entered into covenant with Noah that's the the marker and this word self-same your we're going to see it as we proceed through this study today and whenever you see that word self-same has to do with with covenant relationship and just do a word search you'll see what I mean but that's why that was this the scripture reading I'm going to begin in Genesis 15 17 and 22 and that's in your notes and the reason I want to begin there is as I said this is old news we have used these three chapters before to identify this as representing the three angels messages Genesis 15 the first angels message Genesis 17 the second in Genesis 22 the third angels message in agreement with how we look at Revelation 14 6 through 12 or Daniel 12 10 many shall be purified made white and tried or John 16:8 the work of the Holy Spirit is to convict of sin of righteousness and judgment and many other lines in the scriptures that show us the characteristics of the three angels messages when they're brought together a line up on line not so long ago we we recognize that Genesis 15 the chapter where the Lord enters into covenant with Abraham Genesis 17 where the Lord enters into covenant with Abraham in chapter 22 a chapter where the Lord enters into covenant with Abraham that these can these are under the same structures the three angels messages and the reason that I'm beginning there is I want to put that in place and then I want to go into the prophecy that's in Genesis 15 about the deliverance of God's people from Egypt and when they came out of Egypt through the Red Sea they came out on the self-same day okay so that's a connection we may not get there today we may not get that far along but that prophecy in Genesis 15 it identifies three three entities if that's the right way to say it that are going to be judged the Hebrews were going to be judged the nation where they were in bondage was going to be judged Egypt and the amorite s-- who are associated with ten Kings were going to be judged and I'm going to suggest as we proceed that those three entities are repeated in our history that the Hebrews I represent us God's people that are going to be judged in this current history that the judgment of the Egyptians represents the judgment of the United States of America that will be judged in this history and the judgment of the amorite represents the nations of the world or the United Nations however you want to label that and the reason that I'm approaching it that way is because looking at the subject of raffia and Pinilla I want to be able to make a defense for the idea that there is an internal and an external and possibly even an external external in the story of raffia and Pinilla okay by internal I'm saying I'm going to claim that there is a judgment that takes place among us as God's people takes place in this history this is the history of verse 40 beginning here in 1798 to the Sunday law and verse 41 of Daniel 11 we're living in this history we're in this history here but I'm going to say that in agreement with Abraham's prophecy from Genesis 15 as fulfilled in the Exodus story that there are three entities that get judged God's people US the United States and the nations of the world and this gives us a prophetic license to consider these waymarks differently for each of those entities that the internal raffia may be different than the raffia for the United States and this is the point that would be challenging to some because they would probably assume that raffia as a way mark as an example that even if there were three lines that they should all get judged right at the same place they should all get judged they should all be impacted by raffia at the same point in time and what I'm saying is that in the Exodus story those three entities get judged at three different places okay so in our Sabbath School class today I had never noticed this before but I think it's pretty sound through the years we got these watches and these watches that were brought out in Sabbath school seems pretty self-evident the Roman watch or the Jewish watch that it's emphasizing internal and external but it's also its marking a characteristic that we have dwelt with dwell on a lot through the years that is found in the seals and the the churches and the trumpets in the book of Revelation and it's a 4:3 combination so you can even see a 4:3 combination in here tying these thoughts together and the reason that I'm going the reason I'm saying that is part of the defense of the point that I'm heading to is that we have to see an internal line and an external line and what's new to most is I'm going to say there's even a secondary eat external line did I say eternal okay so I'm saying there's an internal line which is impacting us external that's going to impact the United States and then another external that's going to impact the world okay and I'm not there yet I want to put some pieces of information in place first so if you go to Genesis 15 I'm just going to remind us of a few things and move on but what I want us to see in Genesis 15 that's I want us to see the the first angels message and of course Genesis 15 begins in a 151 if you're endocrinology and it's verse 1 it says and these things and after these things the word of the Lord came unto Abraham and vision saying fear not and we mark fear as one of the characteristics of the first angels message Abraham I am thy shield an exceeding great reward and Abraham said Lord what wilt thou give me seeing go childless and the steward of my house is in the Azer of Damascus Eliezer of course is a name that symbolizes the Holy Spirit and Abram said Behold to me thou has given no seed and lo one born in my house is mine heir and behold the word of the Lord came unto him saying this shall not be thine heir but he shall come forth out of thine own bowels shall be thine heir and he brought him forth abroad and said look now toward heaven and tell the stars if they'll be able to number them and he said unto him so shall thy seed be the Lord is giving him a promise of the the Covenant line is going to come through him and it's not going to come through Ishmael it's gonna come through his wife Sarah and part of this covenant promise has to do with him counting the stars numbering those people that enter into covenant at the end of the world are going to be people that somehow employ numbers and chronology they're gonna count the stars it's what I'm suggesting there and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness and we understand that the first angels message possesses all three angels messages the first one they was fear God and verse 1 but the second message is symbolic of righteousness okay so here we're seeing in our Genesis 15 a manifestation of righteousness then the third step in this three-step process is judgment so as we read on we're going to see judgment so I'm saying verse 1 you can see the fear God and here in verse 6 you can see the righteousness and he said unto Him verse 7 I am the Lord that brought the out of ur of the chaldeans to give this land to inherit it and he said I said Lord God whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it and he said unto him take me a heifer 3 years old and a she-goat 3 years old and a ram 3 years old and Turtledove and a young pigeon and he took unto him all these and divided them in the midst and laid each piece one against another but the birds divided he not and when the fouls came down upon the carcasses Abraham Abram drove them away and when the Sun was going down a deep sleep fell upon Abram and lo a horror of great darkness fell upon him and there's a lot that you can say about the these offerings five offerings three divided and a half to not I'm not dealing with this at this time this is a matter of public record but verse 13 says and he said unto Abram know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them for hundred years there's a time prophecy for you and also that nation whom they shall serve will I judge so when it says and also that nation whom I sure and also that nation whom they shall serve will I judge the also means that the Hebrews are going to be judged it's also going to judge the nation where they were at and afterward they shall come out with great substance and thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace thou shalt be buried in a good old age but in the fourth generation which is a subject of this prophetic message and movement we are the fourth and final fourth generation but in the fourth generation they shall come hither again for the iniquity of the amorite is not yet full so also the amorite SAR going to get judged in this fourth generation not just the nations where nations where they were in bondage and not just themselves but there's three judgments taking place here and if you drop down to verse 19 it's going to give us ten nations one of which is the amorite so I'm suggesting that the amorite is a symbol of all ten of them the the cup of iniquity of the amorite is not yet full but then in verse 19 it says the Canaanite the key nights the kanai's i'ts and the Cadman nights that's three and the hittites and the perizzites and the ref iums at six and the amorite seven and the que nights eight and the girgashites nine and the jebusites ten so when the amorite SAR going to be judged it's ten kingdoms that are going to be judged and of course i'm suggesting that's the ten kings of revelation 17 it is also the United Nations as a symbol of all all of them so I'm saying that's the first angels message because you see the judgment there but you've seen the fear God in verse one you've seen the righteousness in verse six and then you see judgment you see all the components of the three angels messages in the first angels message when it's illustrated in the scriptures you can show that in other places that we haven't mentioned but I'm saying that chapter 17 where the Lord enters into covenant with Abraham also is the second angels message chapter 17 says and that when the Lord was ninety years old and nine how how old is that how old is ninety and nine nine nine oh there's a doubling of a nine there and in the second angels message you were typically find a doubling and when Abraham was ninety years old and nine the Lord appeared to Abraham Abraham and said unto him I am God Almighty God walk before me and be thou perfect the second angels message is to manifest righteousness which is Abraham being perfect walk before him perfect and I will make a covenant between me and thee and malt will multiply the exceedingly we understand that when the Lord came down at 9/11 he entered into covenant with his people 144,000 that's where the Covenant process began and that is also where the second angel message arrived okay and we know that at that point John was told to go take the little book on August 11th 1840 typify that the hundred and forty-four thousand are to take a little book and eat it and that when you eat it among other things you enter into a covenant relationship but your name is changed and in this chapter you're going to see both Abram changed to Abraham and Sarah Sarah - Sarah so that's in this chapter what I'm saying that for is to give you the characteristics of the second angels message in chapter 17 and I'm suggesting that this is the second angels message chapter 17 and this is a matter of public record this presentation and you will see a promise of a time prophecy associated here as well in verse 21 it says but my covenant will I establish with Isaac which shall bear unto thee at this set time in the next year and in you if you go into chapter 18 verse 10 and he and he said I will certainly return under the according to the time of life and lo Sarah my wife shall have a son so associated with this covenant promised to Abraham you're seeing a time prophecy and then in verse 14 of chapter 18 it says is anything too hard for the Lord at the time appointed I will return under the according to the time of life and Sarah shall have a son the time appointed is a symbol of the fulfillment of a time prophecy so I'm wanting you to see here in the in this expression of the three angels messages where the father of faith Abraham sets forth an illustration of the Covenant that the hundred in it forty four thousand will enter into at the end of the world but where he also sets forth his prophecy about God's people being in bondage in Egypt that you have a time prophecy right in the heart of it concerning the birth of Isaac there's much more to be said about the second angels message in Chapter seventeen of course but as I said this is a matter of public record so go to chapter twenty-two the third angels message in the Covenant promises to Abram and I don't know that we we need to spend a whole lot of time there the third angels message is judgment and chapter 22 is the sacrifice of Isaac which is judgment so I'm hoping you see that Genesis 15 17 and 22 is an illustration of the three angels messages chapter 15 has all three of them in it as does the first angels message for your god-given glory for the hour of his judgment has come I'm hoping you see the prophecy about God's people's bondage in Egypt because that's what we're going to look at next and I'm hoping you see that there was a time prophecy in that history as well and I hope you know even though we haven't pointed it out that the symbol of human faith in the scriptures is Abraham you may want to say Christ because he is our elder brother but in terms of humans as you and I Abraham is the symbol of human faith in spite of some of his flaws in his history go to Exodus 7 where Abraham's prophecy of 400 / 430 years is going to come to pass and we'll read verses 1 through 7 and then we'll look at the the plagues I want to show you that in the plagues you have the three angels messages I want to show you that the first three plagues are separated unto themselves and the first angels message has three steps in it fear God give them glory the hour of his judgment has come the first angels message is going to have these three steps and I'm going to argue that the first three plagues are a symbol of the first angels message and they're those first three plagues are separated from the next seven plagues and I'm going to argue that seven is a number of the time period of the midnight cry and the second angels message one of the places if you're not familiar with that that you can get it is from Ezra 7-9 Oh Ezra 7 9 as relieves babblin on the first day of the first month and he gets to Jerusalem on the first day of the fifth month prophetically that's a hundred and twenty days and from Jerusalem on the first day of the first month to the tenth day of the seventh month which is a day of atonement prophetically is 70 days so between Jerusalem and the day atonement between the midnight cry and the day of atonement you have 70 and as brother Larry and I were talking about yesterday a zero in math and who is the inventor of math pal moon I he the PAL Mona when he invented math the most basic math to the most complex math that human beings have yet discovered and there's more complex math that we have not yet discovered I'm certain but when pal moon I invented math one of the simple rules that he put in place that even I remember okay is that the number zero is a placeholder so when you have a seventy it can be a seven so the period seventy from the first day of the first fifth month which is when Samuel snow gives his presentation at Exeter on August 14th and 15th of 1844 from that day to the tenth day of the seventh month is seven so that period of time can be marked by seven and I'm gonna argue that the seven plagues that follow the first three plagues is a symbol of the time period of the midnight cry and that tenth plague it is judgment okay there is the judgment of the Hebrews the judgment of Passover so that's what we're looking at here in Genesis in Exodus seven verse one it says in the Lord said unto Moses see I've made the 'god to Pharaoh and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet thou shalt speak all that I command thee and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh that he send the children of Israel out of his land and I will harden Pharaoh's heart and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt but Pharaoh shall not hearken unto you that you may lay my hand upon Egypt and bring forth mine armies and my people the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt by great judgments and the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord when I shall when I stretched forth my hand upon Egypt and bring out the children of Israel from among them and Moses and Aaron did as the LORD commanded them so they did and Moses was horse Corps years old and fourscore and three years old when they spake unto pharaoh what's nice about this does this tells you that the plagues had to be less than a year long right because Moses he's going to come out of the wilderness wandering when he's 80 years old okay when he's 40 years old he he flees into the wilderness when he's 80 years old right here he's going before Pharaoh and now the plagues are gonna begin and he's going to die when he's a hundred and twenty years old right before they go in the Promised Land and if it took more than a year for the plagues to take place then Moses would have only been in the wilderness thirty-nine years when he died okay he was 40 so we know that the plagues are less than a year I don't know anyone that knows exactly they don't have the information available to actually calculate how long these plagues took place but it's interesting if you google it and we can't use Google to to identify biblical truth but you get the list of all these these articles about how many people have an idea and how long the plagues take place and they have all their logic the Jews think it was a year and sometimes they're more accurate than not but it has to be less than a year but the predominant one on the on the Google search is what do you suppose how long they figure those plagues to four to five months I like that 45 okay but but I'm saying you can't just a nice little observation so now he's he's ready they're ready Moses and Aaron when he's 80 years old to go in before Pharaoh and he's going to go in before Pharaoh you know this story he's gonna cast down his rod Aaron's rod and the magician's are gonna do likewise and then their ins rod is going to swallow up those serpents showing who is God and then what's he going to do he's going to go out and he's going to smite the waters and they're going to turn to blood for seven days and thereafter he's going to bring a plague of frogs upon Egypt and thereafter he's going to bring a plague of insects is it a nice guess but it wasn't insects it was more specific because there's more than one type of insects in these black lice okay it's gonna bring lice and when he brings the lice that's the third and it's at this point he's going to make a distinction between God's people the land of Goshen and the rest of Egypt okay so if you read the passages were sister white comments on this and patriarchs and prophets there's some really nice observations and I have a passenger from patriarchs and prophets to 65 to 66 where I want to pull out some of those some of those ideas let's drop to the middle of the second paragraph there in your notes where in the middle it says upon seeing this Pharaoh was somewhat humbled he sent for Moses and Aaron said entreat the Lord that he may take away the frogs from me and from my people and I will let the people go that they may do sacrifice unto the Lord after reminding the king of his former boasting they requested him to appoint a time so here with the frogs now there's a time prophecy coming into it and Moses and Aaron aren't sending the time they're saying to Pharaoh select a time that you want this to happen and there this is purposeful and sister white comments on it okay they request him to appoint a time when they should pray for the removal of the plague he set the next day secretly hoping that in the interval the frogs might disappear of themselves and thus save him from the bitter humiliation of submitting to the God of Israel the plague however continued till the time specified went throughout all Egypt the frogs died but their putrid bodies which remain polluted the atmosphere the Lord could have caused them to return to dust in a moment but he did not do this lest after their removal the king and his people should pronounce it as a result of sorcery or enchantment like the work of the magician's the frogs died and were then gathered together in heaps here the king and all Egypt had evidence which their vain philosophy could not gain say that this was not accomplished by magic but was a judgment from God when Pharaoh saw that there was a respite he hardened his heart at the command of God Aaron stretched out his hand and the dust of the earth became lice okay so what did you just see I already told you what I'm trying to show here what did you just see pardon me okay time prophecy but what you also can see is the the first message was turning the river to blood and all the fish and the animals in the river died okay for seven days and of course the time at the end is where the first angels message arrives and in 1798 the time of the end right arrives at the end of a twenty five twenty there is a seven associated with 1718 1798 the end of the seven times the time the end for our history is the end of a 126 which is also a seven so when you see a seven you know that you're at the first angels message and that blood will that river was blood for seven days so the bloody River I'm saying is the first angels message but when it came to the frogs sister White says the Lord could have just turned them into dust but he wanted to give them a visual representation of what was going on in this plague and we know that the second message is a visual message okay so the frogs in piles stinking was a visual sign that this was the power of God this wasn't something that the magician's of Egypt could accomplish and the lice is the place where the judgment has passed because on October 22nd 1844 or at the cross or any of the illustrations of judgment it's Elijah coming down out of heaven there's a separation that takes place okay and in the third plague of lice there's going to be a separation that takes place but I'm still on page one two three a page one on the fourth paragraph when Pharaoh saw that there was a respite he hardened his heart at the command of God Aaron stretched out his hand and the dust of the earth became lice throughout all the land of Egypt Pharaoh called upon the magicians to do the same but they could not okay there's a difference now they can't they can't fake snakes they can't fake turning water to blood they can't fake frogs or they can fake all those three but they can't fake the lice sorry the work of God was thus shown to be superior to that of Satan the magician's themselves acknowledged this is the finger of God but the king was still unmoved okay so when it comes to the third message it's about sin what is the third message in Revelation 14 anyone that receives the mark of the beast is going to receive the wrath of God which is poured out of his cup of indignation without mercy right it's about sin when you see the finger of God it's about sin among other things and this finger of God here is at the third plague just the third angels message where do we see the finger of God we see the finger of God writing the Ten Commandments is that about sin do we see the finger of God riding on bill Shazzer as well many many Tecla farsan yes it's about sin do we see Jesus bowing down and riding in the sand when they brought the woman that had been caught in adultery and what happens to everyone they leave why because they're convicted of sin okay so this this is the third message in the third plague we have seven to follow which I'm suggesting is an illustration of the midnight cry second angels message in terms of the three angels messages if you're following me but the King was still unmoved appeal and warning were ineffectual and another judgment judgment was afflict the time of its occurrence was foretold now the plague some of them not all of them are going to start having elements of time predictions in them okay that it might not be said to have come by chance flies filled the houses and swarmed upon the ground and I don't know I I'm frustrated that sometimes I'm frustrated that we have a couple horses my granddaughter got a horse or my wife we had a horse when she was younger and got another horse because it's not nice to have two horses alone or one horse alone they need to have company and I get that and they're okay and we live in a state where it's okay to have horses you know if we were still living in the desert of California it would be a different story where there is no grass that ever grows down there but I tell you what there's a period of time in Arkansas where I'm just thinking I'm really frustrated to have horses because it's when the horse flies come out and they bite these horses to where their legs are just covered with with blood from not just one or two bites bunches of bites okay these horse flies are are vicious in Arkansas and I'm thinking I wished I didn't have to be responsible for that because it seems like cruel and unusual punishment for being a horse that's what's going to happen with these flies if a casual reading in these flies you think flies are bad but it isn't just that they're bad she says this flies filled the houses and swarmed upon the ground so that the land was corrupted by reason of the swarms of flies these flies were large and venomous and their bite was extremely painful to man and beast and has been as had been foretold this visitation did not extend to the land of goshen because there was a separation that took place in the previous plague okay this is this is the beginning of the seven last plagues in Egypt you already had three there's seven to come and this is number one of seven it's number four but it's number one of seven there's been a separation that took place at that third plague there's a separation when the third angels message arrives you can see those people that have the marker the beast and those people that have the patience of the saints okay Exodus 8 19 through 23 then the magician said in the Pharaoh this is the finger of God and Pharaoh's heart was hardened and he hearkened not unto them as the Lord said and the Lord said unto Moses rise up early in the morning and stand before Pharaoh lo he cometh forth to the water and say unto Him thus saith the Lord let my people go that they may serve me else if thou will not let my people go behold I was send a swarm of flies upon thy servants and upon that people and upon their houses and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies and also the ground where and they are let me drop down to 23 I'm being redundant now I need to read it verse 22 and I will sever in that day the land of Goshen in which the people dwell that no swarms of flies shall be there to the end that thou mayest knowest that I am the Lord in the midst of the earth and I will put a division between my people and night people tomorrow shall this sign be so you got an element of time there it's going to happen tomorrow there's a separation the separation takes place between the 3rd and the 4th plague verse 31 Exodus 31 18 what do I want to my jump into exodus 31 18 for oh I know what I am I've already referenced those in your notes Exodus 31 18 Deuteronomy 9 10 Luke 11:20 speaking about the finger of God we've already mentioned it so in 829 you have flies and a prediction tomorrow this will happen the next plague is the cattle and in Chapter 9 verse 5 it says in the Lord appointed a set time saying tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the land okay so he's making another time prophecy about when the the cattle are going to be impacted and the next is boy that would be fourth fifth six six is the boils the next is hail and fire and thunder and in verses 18 and 29 of Exodus nine verse 18 says behold tomorrow about this time so here's an element of time associated with this prophecy again we hold tomorrow about this time I will cause it to rain a very Grievous Hill such as not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now and in verse 29 it says and Moses said unto him as soon as I am gone out of the city I will spread abroad my hands into the Lord and the son Thunder shall cease neither shall there be any more hell that thou may it's know that the earth is the Lord's so Moses is at least some of his plagues are have an element of time connected with them the first element of time they let Pharaoh select it from that point on it's Moses identifying it next is the locusts in verse 4 of chapter 10 else if thou refuse to let my people go behold tomorrow I will bring locusts in to thy coasts and what are the locusts how do they come in the east winds going to bring them in and what is the east wind the east wind is Islam and how is Islam represented in Revelation chapter 9 among other things as locusts so what which one is this let me count them four five six seven eight so the eighth plague is Islam yes if if you can accept that and it takes place during the time period of the midnight cry second angels message because this is the second angels message the eighth hour takes place okay but there's Islam's in there twice and the midnight cried time period so anyway the next one is darkness and in 11 verses 4 through 7 chapter 11 of exodus verse 4 through 7 it says and moses said thus saith the lord about midnight this is gonna be the last one about midnight will I go into the midst of Egypt and all the firstborn in the land shall die from the firstborn of Pharaoh that setteth upon his throne even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill and all the firstborn of beasts and there shall be a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt such as there was none like it nor shall be like it anymore but against any of the children of Israel shall not a dog move his tongue against man or beast that you may know how the Lord put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel who got judged at Passover the firstborn the firstborn of who the firstborn of everyone but in reality he he's saying there's not a dog gonna lick Israel on this night isn't that how he said it something like that I'll better read it it shall not a dog move his tongue against man or beast and what what is demonstrated by this distinction that the Lord has made a difference between Israel and Egypt so when did the Lord make a difference back at the third test he separated Goshen at the third test what does sister white teach in early writings probably other places but early writings page 265 it's at 265 she teaches it in early writings those that would not receive the bit the teachings of John the Baptist could not be teeth received the benefits of those that would not receive the teachings of John the Baptist could not be benefited by the teachings of Jesus and then she goes to millerite history that's early writing 79 okay and then she goes to the time of the millerite she says those that would not receive the first angels message could not be benefited by the second angels message neither could they be benefited by the Minette cried the third angels message so we understand that God's people go through a progressive testing process and you have to pass the first test to be involved with the second test which have to pass in order to be involved with the third test and the third tests where door closes so where was the test for Israel in those plagues it's test number three because he was showing now in the tenth test the distinction between his people in Egypt and he's saying none of my people it's not going to pass over my people I don't know how do we have any evidence that there was any Hebrews that didn't put the blood on their doorpost I mean how could you not put the blood on your doorpost after you had watched those plagues go through Egypt and watch the country where you live be preserved from those following six plagues after number three who would not put the blood on their doorposts so the difference on that tenth plague that is identified is that all the firstborn of Egypt died and none of the firstborn of Israel did but the difference began back there with them going through the first three tests all I'm trying to get at here now is it the first angels message was the first three plagues the second angels message was the next seven plagues but we know the midnight cry reaches its climax at October 22nd 1844 at the third message and this is where the judgment of Egypt fully and completely takes place and shortly thereafter the east wind is going to be holding back the flood that's what the Red Sea is called in some places it's holding back the flood God's people Passover but when the east wind is withdrawn Pharaoh's army goes down how's it go down it goes down from an east wind being withdrawn hope we're seeing that and and when he does Pharaoh's army gets swallowed up by what the water whose the water the papacy the papacy comes as a flood so in that illustration you can see December 25th 2021 Islam strikes again Sunday law again and the end of the United States and now the papacy is setting on top of the threefold Union maybe that's too much information at this point in time but it's all there but it isn't the it isn't really the point I'm trying to make now what I want you to see is that in the first angels message in Genesis 15 there's a prophecy about bondage in Egypt and in the Covenant in the three angels messages in Genesis 15 17 and 22 you have the element of time prophecy you have the Covenant set forth but when that prophecy of the first angels message is fulfilled in Egypt you're going to see three entities judged God's people internal the nation where God's people were at external and the amorite shortly thereafter the ten kings and you can see Eastwind active in there a symbol at land locusts active in there the symbol of Islam but I want you to see self same day okay we've looked at Genesis seven thirteen and in your notes it says seven three if you want to correct it that was our scripture reading but go to Genesis 17 23 to 26 I want to read these as much as anything else to stimulate your sanctified curiosity I'm only going to read you a few so that you'll see that what I'm saying about the word self same as a symbol of the Covenant is valid chapter 17 of Genesis and verses 23 to 26 it says this and Abraham took Ishmael his son and all that were born in his house and all that were brought bought with his money every male among the men of Abraham's house and circumcised the flesh of their foreskin foreskin in the self same day as God had said unto Him is circumcision a sign of the Covenant and it they did it on the self same day and Abram was ninety years old and nine when he circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin and Ishmael his son was thirteen years old he got a doubling with Abraham and he got the rebellion of Ishmael right there in this covenant passage when he circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin in the selfsame was Abraham circumcised and Ishmael his son and all the men of his house born in the house and bought with money of the stranger were circumcised with him that's the second witness to self same day but now if you go back to where we were just at in Exodus 12 verse 17 it says and ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread for in this self same day have I brought your armies out of the land of Egypt therefore you shall observe this day in your generations by an ordinance for ever so the feast of unleavened bread is about covenant relationship and the feast of unleavened bread takes place when it takes place the day after the cross doesn't it crosses Passover then you have the feast of unleavened bread and then you have the feast of firstfruits right so if you're looking at it at that level what is it what is it that's good these two unleavened bread and I'm asking what is it what is it as manna okay but the feast of unleavened bread would be the second angels message would it not and that's where you enter into covenant is it not at 9:11 when the Lord comes down the mighty angel of revelation 18:2 same and he has in his book something in his hand that you and I need to take and what eat we have to eat that little book and what is that little book it's manna it's the bread of heaven it's the second angel the second angel arrives because unleavened bread is associated with the second angel and it's associated with the point where the Lord enters into covenant with his people yes this is all review so maybe this is a bit redundant for this audience here go to verse 41 chapter 12 of Exodus verse 41 still dealing with self-same and it came to pass at the end of 430 years even the self-same day did it came to pass that all the hosts of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt and in verse 51 it says and it came to pass the self-same day that the Lord did bring the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt by their armies this is an important point to see what what is the point here it's saying now that the conclusion of this time prophecy is so important that it is part of the Covenant it's saying that Abraham's time prophecy of 400 years or 430 years depending on how you apply it they came out exactly on the day that it was prophesied that they would and it was the self-same day therefore that time prophecy is part of the covenant promise or maybe you could say it a time prophecy is part of the covenant promise are you following me is that making any sense how about first Corinthians 10 1 through 11 did those of you in the back room get that ok what you didn't get all the leading up to the in verse 41 and 51 of Exodus 12 it emphasizes that they came out of Egypt exactly at the perfect conclusion of the 430 year promise prophecy of Abram the point is it calls it the self same day that October 22nd 1844 is a symbol of the Covenant when they came out of Egypt they came out just exactly at the end of that time prophecy at the time appointed the covenant that is illustrated beginning with Abram and he had an element of time Sarah's gonna have a baby at the appointed time right from the beginning there's the element of time he has a prophecy about bondage in Egypt a time prophecy of 400 years and they come out exactly on time and that's called the self same day identifying the fulfillment of a time prophecy as one of the elements of the Covenant relationship that God has with his people okay that think you need to see Leviticus 23 14 and 21 we'll talk about the self same day I passed over it but do self same because it doesn't stop there okay Moses is going to die on the self same day okay there's it's I'm not resting anything about self same being a symbol of the Covenant but first Corinthians 10 1 through 11 because we've been speaking about the children of Israel then it says moreover brother and I would not have would not that you should be ignorant how that all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the sea and all were baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea and did all eat that same spiritual meat and did all drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Christ but with many of them God was not well pleased for they were overthrown in the wilderness now all these things were our examples to the intent we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted do we believe that I believe that I think everyone in this room believes that but the new movement doesn't believe that the new movement believes it Moses was a failed prophet if there's any prophet in the scriptures that they have a problem with it's Moses because Moses gives the ordinances for slavery you let the slaves go at the end of 49 years so Moses is saying is okay to keep him for 49 years but they got to be released that's the Moses was a racist okay and Moses has a problem with cross-dressing Moses would have a problem with I don't know if I can say if I know how to say this LBGT is that the LBGT is that how you say okay Moses would have a problem with that he's a failed prophet they will tell you okay so Paul here disagrees with the new movement I disagree with the new movement verse 6 says now these things were our example to the intent we should not lust Apple after evil things as they also lusted neither be idolaters as were some of them as it is written the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play neither let us commit fornication as some of them committed and fell in one day 23,000 23,000 neither let us tempt Christ as some of them also tempted and were destroyed of serpents neither murmur ye as some of them also murmured and were destroyed of the destroyer now all these things happened unto them for in samples and they're written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come okay so all of that history all we did was look briefly at the the plagues but all that history even the forty years after all the way up to the time of Christ and Beyond is examples for us sister white says in manuscript releases volume 7 page 417 as time slips away never are we absent from the mind of God God is our joy and our salvation each of the ancient prophets spoke less for their own time than for ours so that they're prophesying is enforced for us here's another person that they label as a failed prophetess because she makes claims like this the claim here is that her writings and the Bible writings are more a political to this day and age than in the day in which they wrote them if sister white wrote about the warning about a coming Sunday law in her day and age it's more important for us to understand that today than it was for those that were living in her generation okay because it's more present truth now than it was then okay now all these things happened unto them for in samples and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come I'm gonna drop down to the next paragraph Enoch the seventh from Adam was ever prophesying the coming of the Lord now the reason that I'm gonna throw that in there she already spoke about he's an anak in the end of that last paragraph but I want to remind you that Enoch is still speaking to us because who's Enochs who follows Enoch in in the genealogies Methuselah yeah okay so so Methuselah he he becomes Enoch and Methuselah become a symbol of some of these chronologies up here okay in Methuselah the last part of Methuselah 's name Sayla you can find that in Isaiah chapter 7 only there it's a pool in the in the Old Testament that pools called Shiloh ah and in the New Testament it's called Siloam but both of those come from the last part of Methuselah 's name which is say law but when so I just want to put in the record that when sister White says is Enoch is still speaking more to our generation than the generations and what they lived I want to tell you that we still have stuff to say about Isaiah seven and Methuselah okay so it's in the memory it's in the books okay time setting page 3 page 3 page 3 of 9 of 18 pages you're a good audience but you really slowed me down yeah yeah that's that's still what we won't get through it but in any case when we've been grappling with the idea of time setting one of the one of the principles that elder Daniel has put in place more than once was we have to consider truth based upon the weight of evidence and there are several passages where sister White says this so I want to read one here from the desire of Ages 458 459 just going to throw some concepts out there because I know that there's people that have whatever they have over the idea that we're identifying time in disagreement with the council in the spirit of prophecy okay God does not compel men to give up their unbelief before them our light and darkness truth and error it is for them to decide which they will accept the human mind is endowed with power to discriminate between right and wrong God designs that men shall not decide from impulse but from the weight of evidence carefully comparing Scripture with Scripture had the Jews laid their prejudice and compared written prophecy with the facts characterizing the life of Jesus they would have perceived a beautiful harmony between the prophecies and their fulfillment in the life and Ministry of the lowly Galilean many are deceived today in the same way as were the Jews religious teachers read the Bible in the light of their own understanding and traditions and the people do not search the Scriptures for themselves and judge for themselves as to what is truth but they yield up their judgment and commit their souls to their leaders this is what happened this movement people had too much confidence in me and when they switched it from me they switched it to these other leaders and and they haven't learned that other movement I hope this movement has they haven't learned the danger of this the the preaching and teaching of His Word is one of the means that God has ordained for diffusing light but we must bring every man's teaching to the test of Scripture whoever will prayerfully study the Bible desiring to know the truth that he may obey it will receive divine enlightenment he will understand the Scriptures If any man will Willis to do his will he shall know of the teaching so one of the principles about making a decision about God's Word is weight of evidence and the weight of evidence that was put in place when OD Leo and Steven were here concerning the connection with Ezekiel's prophecies of Josiah of Josiah Lich's work on revelation 9 of Samuel snows work and millerite history connected with the step by step process in our history where these chronological patterns continued to manifest to this very day the weight of evidence is its crushing if it was put upon you it crushes you it's that strong and in the Miller right time period secondary argument that I'm going to get into here is that the Miller right history is repeated to the very letter and sister white talks about weight of evidence in that history she says this this is from early writings page 232 233 I saw that God was in the proclamation of time in 1843 it was his design to arouse the people and bring them to a testing point where they should decide for or against the truth ministers were convinced of the correctness of the positions taken on the prophetic periods and some renounced their pride and let their salaries and their churches to go forth from place to place to give the message but as the message from heaven could find a place but as the message from heaven can find a place in the hearts of but few of the professed ministers of Christ the work was laid upon many who were not preachers some left their fields to sound the message while others were called from the shop their shops and their merchandise and even some professional men were compelled to leave their professions to engage in the unpopular work of giving the first angels message which was a proclamation of time ministers laid aside their sectarian views and feelings and united and proclaiming the coming of Jesus wherever the message was given it moved the people sinners repented wept and prayed for forgiveness and those whose lives had been marked with dishonesty were anxious to make restitution parents felt the deepest solicitude for their children those who received the message labored with the with their unconverted friends and relatives and with their souls bowed with the weight of the solemn message warned and entreated them to prepare for the second for the coming of the Son of man those cases were not those cases were most hardened that would not yield to such a weight of evidence set home by heartfelt warnings this soul purifying work led the afflictions away from the worldly things to a consecration never before experienced thousands were led to embrace the truth preached by William Miller and servants of God were raised up in the spirit of Elijah to proclaim the message next paragraph the preaching of definite time called forth great opposition from all classes from the ministers in the pulpit down to the most reckless heaven daring sinner no man note the day nor hour was heard from the hypocritical Minister and the bold scoffer neither would be instructed and corrected by those who were pointed to the year when they believed the prophetic periods were run out would run out and to the signs which showed Christ near even at the door many shepherds of the flock who profess to love Jesus said that they had no opposition to the preaching of Christ coming but they objected to the definite time God's all seen I read their hearts they did not love Jesus they did not love Jesus near they knew that their unchristian lies would not stand the test for they were not walking in the humble path marked out by him these false shepherds stood in the way of the work of God the truth spoken in it's convincing power aroused the people and like the jailer they began to inquire what do I what must I do to be saved but these Shepherds stepped in between the truth and the people and preached smooth things to lead them from the truth the United was Satan in his angels crying peace peace when there was no peace those who loved their ease and were content with the distance from God would not be aroused from their carnal security I saw that angels of God marked at all the garments of those unconsecrated shepherds were covered with the blood of souls so we're not only confronted with the the dilemma now that we are identifying a time but we're confronted with the dilemma that we understand that mueller-wright history is repeated to the very letter great controversy 393 the parable the ten virgins of matthew 25 also illustrates the experience of the adventist people we view in Herald August 1918 90 I'm often referred to the parable of the ten virgins five of whom were wise and five foolish this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter for it has special application to this time and like the third angel's message has been fulfilled and will continue to be present truth to the close of time no honest historian of millerite history would not say that the premiere message of the Millerites i'm not talking about their commentary after the great disappointment if they were going to comment on what the Millerites were doing leading up to october 22nd they would say the premier thing they were doing is setting time and their history is based upon the resistance that they received for setting time they did other things they did other things they made it they made the chart there's other things in that history but the primary thing they were doing is it had a time proclamation and we're teaching the millerite history is repeated to the very letter someone on the chat room the other day wrote this says the time patterns we are researching are not the same prophecies that the Millerites dealt with so I believe Ellen White's councils apply to the prophecies they were working with not to the time patterns we are now seen I don't think we can point to a Bible passage and say this is the prophecy of the 1:26 or this is the prophecy of the one fifty one or the two fifty two or the sixty three years will be fulfilled at the end of the world those aren't in God's Word the way the prophecies of Millerites were handling are in God's Word these are derived from chronologies that I guess you have to say they're in God's Word but they're they're definitely not on the surface of God's Word as where the prophecies the Millerites were handling they're at a level of they're at a level that is hidden there you go there's a nice word for our history now I just have a couple more things to put in place and then we'll close but because the pianist had to go home we don't have a closing song anyway so I have a little bit of I have the amount of time that we would usually do in a hymn right reform movements the work of God in the earth presents from age to age a striking similarity in every great Reformation or religious movement the principles of God's dealing with men are ever the same the important movements of the present have their parallel and those of the paths and the experience of the church and former ages has lessons of great value for our own time how many times do you have to see something for it to be established a testimony of two or three who's the father of faith when he illustrates the three angels messages in chapter 15 17 and 22 of Genesis is there a time prophecy yes there is does he give a prophecy about God's people being in bondage in Egypt yes he does did that have the element of time connected to it yes it did was Moses a symbol of a reform movement yes he is because here now we're confronted with another problem sister white is saying that all the reform movements parallel one another and that first one there with Moses it contained a time prophecy that was so important to that history that that time prophecy was fulfilled on the self-same day exactly when abraham said they would come out of egypt is when they did what about Noah and Methuselah what Smith isn't I mean together when it's meth into the Methuselah not just Allah when he dies his death shall come and sister white speaks about Noah preaching a warning for a hundred and twenty years and sure enough Methuselah is that the the prophecy that marks the very year that the flood was going to come at his death the end will come Moses a reform movement was Noah a reform movement yeah you can plug all the elements of a reform movement into the story of Noah and you can do it with Moses that's to reform movements and they both have the element of time in what about Daniel and his 2300 year prophecy the first part of the prophecy is about forty-nine years in the streets and the walls are going to be built in trouble as times who is the one that the Lord uses to rebuild the streets and the walls and the trouble as times it's nehemiah was there a time element in that prophecy yes it says it's going to be done in 49 years but Nehemiah finished it before 49 years yeah they actually did the work in it yeah but when he did it he did it in 49 days 51 52 but the first three days he's just surveying the city and it took 49 days to rebuild those streets and walls but that's just simply emphasizing what day for a year principal so that's a reform movement too was it not and it had the element of time in it and it besides the Year Day principle what about John the Baptist is that a what was it that John says to the people when he arrives on the scene who has John the Baptist who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come when's the wrath to come to come a t-34 okay it's gonna get extended to 80 70 but what does he say and what does Jesus say the time is at hand both of their ministries are a fulfillment of prophetic time that comes from Daniel chapter 9 was John the Baptist and Christ a reform movement yes because all the reform movements parallel one another so you've got Noah you've got Moses which is the beginning of ancient Israel you have Christ which is the end of ancient Israel so you've got a double witness there not only do you have to reform movements there that are speaking that they both have the element of time in it you have a beginning and an end the beginning of ancient Israel and the end of ancient Israel what about millerite history was there an element of time then so that's five witnesses that all line up with this movement at the end of the world and all of them have an element of time involved with them what about Jonah is Jonah can you can you illustrate Jonah as a reform movement I have a I have a friend I have a friend in when I first met him he lived in London now lives in Wales and he I asked him when did I when did I give you this assignment we had a prophecy school in 2007 in England somewhere and he was there and I gave him the job assignment then as a student I says go line up the reform movement of Jonah because you know that there is one because sister white says the disappointment of disappointment of Jonah illustrates the disappointment of God's people in 1844 that's all you needed to know that there was a reform movement there and this week he sent in his homework assignment which would be 12 years later okay but if you're not aware of it Jonah is a reform movement okay but what's the difference it don't Jew Jonah have the element of time in it but did the city get destroyed no that time prophecy was a conditional prophecy so so there's another element all of these lines of prophecy are parallel reform movements but they're all they're not redundant they teach different lessons okay the door closes with Noah black and white close the door Moses the fulfillment of the prophecy right on time is part of the Covenant Nehemiah you see the Year Day principal John the Baptist you see the warning about the destruction of Jerusalem millerite history you see Christ's work in the sanctuary above and with Jonah you see the fact that God's prophecies are sometimes conditional so there's more to say about 80 34 and 80 70 and that's when we'll where we'll begin when we come back the reason that I'm going through this is to get to this over here okay to get to this over here and address the probability that there is internal/external lines that take place in this history that are represented by the symbols of raffia and Panem and our responsibility is to rightly divide the word of truth shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you again for the Sabbath day and we acknowledge that we are having struggles with with some of these concepts that you're opening up to us but we know that you are now bringing things into clarity and that it is your responsibility to lead us not for us to run ahead of you so we are trusting that you are going to bring this message into clarity and make it a power on planet Earth for it is clear to see that the circumstances that bring about the Sunday law and the Second Coming are happening on planet Earth today it's courtesy that we're in the final presidency of this country and that you have a message to proclaim at this time and that you needed people to use to do that we want to be that people we want to be tools in your hands being led by your spirit we ask that you would fulfill that promise to each of us in Jesus name Amen