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Heavenly Father as we begin this study today we ask for the presence of your Holy Spirit we prayed that as this message goes out across the internet to other parts of the world that the Brethren would be blessed with light that would help them in these trying times we we ask that you'd prepare hearts and minds to receive these things as you intend for them to be understood we thank you that we are in this period of history where the promises is that you're now going to bring the jewels that have been scattered back into clarity for your people we ask that the work we do here this morning would be part of that work that you intended to do in Jesus name Amen this is called internal raffia and Pentium part 3 part 2 didn't have any notes it was just this sermon on Sabbath no notes but part 1 was the Vespers presentation that I did to open the Sabbath on November 9th and so I'm not sure how many presentations this is going to take to do the internal but I'm gonna try to demonstrate that in agreement with Abraham's prophecy of the Hebrews being in bondage in Egypt that there are three entities that get judged when that prophecy is fulfilled one is God's people that Passover 2 is the nation where they were put in bondage Egypt which of course is 10 plagues or judgments that we're being brought upon them but you could mark the judgment in the middle of the Red Sea and then the amorite s-- were filling up the cup of their indignation and in Abraham's prophecy in Genesis 15 you can see the Amorite ciseaux ciated with ten kings so I'm suggesting that the Hebrews in the story are God's people the Egyptians had died in the Red Sea or the United States and the amorite says the rest of the world represented by the ten kings and I'm understanding that all three of these entities are going into judgment and that one of the lines that allow us to see this judgment process is the story of bravi and Panem so I'm gonna argue that we can see Rafi and Pentium in each of those three entities but right now we're just looking at the internal and I know that for since December 17th 2016 we have understood that the Rafi and pinyin was just external and then suddenly I'm throwing it out into the mix that perhaps it's internal external and even a secondary external but I think you'll follow the logic as we proceed the reason that I think your follow the logic as we proceed is I believe that yesterday the Lord returned us to the foundations and by the foundations I mean the the prophetic interpretation that we have used in this movement through the years until the methodology of Parminder turned things out of the way but yesterday I have prophetic evidence that we have returned to the foundations in terms of how we understand these lines and and so there's a work that we're gonna do here in unfolding the internal Rafi and Pinilla so on Friday night on Vespers we read several quotes about the disappointment I'm going to return to the first one just to put that in our mind manuscript releases vol 21 page 66 when the ark was finished and the goods were stored another sign was given approaching the ark were seen cattle and all living creatures - and - these having been housed there came a period of testing so I'm saying when you get to the disappointment time which for us began yesterday or at the end of the end of Sabbath there came a period of testing no rain fell for one week what revile ins there were on the part of the unbelieving mockers about the ark but after six days the one week's trial following the shutting end of the believers by an invisible hand a week during which the fruit of unbelief inwards and an axe of mockery had been fully revealed steady rain set in so I'm understanding that we're in the disappointment that there's lots of lines to bring that too into the prophetic narrative put it on a line but I'm also believing that one of the pieces one of the lines of present truth let me say when I'm what I want to say when we're returning to the foundations I'll tell you what I'm trying to get out we're going to go back to the way that we were always applying prophecy through the years and starting in September 7th I did that pretty much I I forget I didn't try to justify why I was applying way marks and lines the way I was as opposed to what Parminder had been teaching I just said forget about it all I knew is what I knew and I began I just that's what I've been using now I realize that that is a distinct that we the Lord wanted that to take place we have to go back to our foundational rules of prophetic interpretation and those rules have no problem incorporating into them these time patterns whatsoever because you testimony of two of things established line upon line but those rules also allow for various lines to come together and so I'm arguing here next point you have in your notes Ezekiel 1:1 says now it came to pass in the thirtieth year and I'm arguing that November 9th on Sabbath that was the 30th year of this movement now it came to pass in the 30th year in the 4th month and the fifth day of the month as I was among the captives by the river Chebar herky bar that the heavens were open and ice saw visions of God we understand that that biblical date lines up with midnight or midway in millerite history and it's a symbol of midnight for us and even though we no longer accept probably 95% of what tests put in the public record I don't know what the percentage would be I'm still understanding that November 9th was midnight and I don't have a problem defending that line up online so I'm saying midnight was then and at that point in time this is where Ezekiel is when he receives his vision and the vision that he receives among other things has this vision of the sanctuary with the wheels within the wheels so I want to put that in a record and argue that in our disappointment beginning yesterday on November 10th we were to return to our foundational rules of prophetic interpretation and that we would see these wheels within the wheels now what I'm saying here I'm going to get to a point where there's a quote that I have in here purposely where sister white says in the visions given to Isaiah John and Ezekiel that's three witnesses that Ezekiel's vision is a parallel vision to the visions given to Daniel Daniel and Isaiah Isaiah Daniel Ezekiel is the the passage I have in here and all of these visions are have to do with seeing in the sanctuary okay John's does as well and my point is is one of the histories if one of the lines that are parallel in our history is October 22nd 1844 when the most holy place was open to the Miller writes as of yesterday when the dissapointment time period begins we're in the sanctuary it's midnight it's the 30th year and we're confronting confronted now with these wheels within wheels and I'm saying it's identifying the work that we're going in terms of prophetic understanding and application so here's a quote where sister white speaking about Ezekiel's wills within wheels and there's some points I want to put in place before we go to the board upon the banks of the river Chebar ezekiel beheld a whirlwind seeming to come from the north or great cloud and the fire infolding itself and a brightness was about it and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber a number of wheels intersecting one another were moved by four living beings high above all these was the likeness of a throne as the appearance of a sapphire stone and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness of in the appearance of a man above upon it and there appeared in the cherubims the form of a man's hand under their wings the wheels were so complicated in arrangement that at first sight they appeared to be in confusion but they moved in perfect harmony let me do one thing here just as a visual aid I won't say much about it this isn't so complicated here and we're gonna clean this up a little bit but at first sight this looks like it's confusion alright at first glance first time you go through it or the other side of that other board would be as well but after you begin to wrap your mind around it you realize it's perfect order okay and and this is what I'm suggesting takes place as of yesterday and I'm and I'm being specific as of yesterday that we return to the foundation in terms of our prophetic application and interpretation yesterday the wheels were so complicated in arrangement that at first sight they appeared to be in confusion but they moved in perfect harmony heavenly being sustained and guided by the hand beneath the wings of the cherubim where impelling these wills above them upon the sapphire throne was the eternal one and round about the throne a rainbow the emblem of divine mercy as the will like complications were under the guidance of the hand beneath the wings of the cherubim so so the complicated play of human events is under divine control so this is a definition these wills within wills are the complicated play of human events and of course this is exactly what we've been saying about these time patterns whether it's in Ezekiel's prophecy with the human events that we're taking place there or Josiah Lich's understanding of Revelation 9 or the complicated play of human events in the time of Samuel snow that the Lord controlled the day he would write these publications the day they would get published the Lord was controlling every bit of it and then when it gets to our history and they the same time patterns begin to manifest in our history it's saying that the Lord is controlling these wheels within wheels which are the complicated play of human events amidst the strife and tumult of Nations he that sitteth above the cherubim still guides the affairs of the earth the history of Nations that one after another have occupied their allotted time in place unconsciously witnessing to the truth of which they themselves knew not the meaning speaks to us to every nation and to every individual of today God has assigned a place in his great plan today man and nations are being measured by the plummet in the hand of him who makes no mistake all are all are by their own choice deciding their destiny and God is overruling all for the accomplishment of his purposes and what I'm wanting to also take note of here number one is when sister white in the next quotes going to say this the visions of Isaiah Ezekiel and John she's going to tie them together that primarily if you read her comments on these the primary illustration in the scriptures is the rise and fall of kingdoms of nations but the kingdoms are being judged the same way that individuals are this is the judgement time so the lords in control of my life as much as these in the control of the the nation of the United States and your life as well okay and we see that in this movement over and over again we'll see individuals contribute one piece of information that brings many other lines to light he's he's controlling the whole development of this message but he's also controlling what Donald Trump's gonna do or what Putin's going to do or what Iran is gonna do and this is what is illustrated in the sanctuary by these wheels within wheels it's the complicated interplay of human events the history which the great I am has marked out in his word I'm saying that Ezekiel revelation 9 marked out those events in his word and those marks can be found in the history of Samuel snow and they can be found in the history of this movement the history which the great I am has marked out in his word uniting link after link in the prophetic chain from eternity in the past to internat II in the future tells us where we are today in the procession of Ages and what may be expected in the time to come all that prophecy has foretold is coming to pass until the present time has been traced on the pages of history and we may be assured that all which is yet to come will be fulfilled in its order the camp meetings of this movement that are once you see the time periods between the camp meetings and Theodore had another one on the board this morning that will deal with deal with as we proceed that has lines from number 17 2016 when we discovered Rafi and pentium down to the present day all the way beyond the sunday law all of that's been marked out in his word and the marking is accomplished by these these special numbers that palimony has chosen to to mark those places so that everyone that wants to see can see and I'm I'm saying I don't want to lose you on this reading I'm making an argument here that I haven't proved yet that yesterday the Lord opened the sanctuary to us and what we see as of yesterday is line upon line wheels within wheels the complicated play of human events that at first view looks confusing but in this history he's going to bring in into clarity and another history that I will throw into this is October 23rd 1844 that is when the Millerites began to dive in to the Bible to figure out what had happened in their prophetic understanding on October 22nd 1844 and that's the period of millerite history where sister white comments on that they would study into the night and when they couldn't reach a conclusion then the Lord would give her some insight we're in that history now the door closed on November 9th were in the history where Ezekiel's having the sanctuary open to him and he's being confronted with these wheels within wheels but we don't have years as the Miller writes did the Lord is going to do a fast work in our history okay so the next quote is the one I've been referring to about where she ties the prophets together this is from testimonies volume 5 she's had she just told some biblical stories and in the first paragraph she says these lessons are for our benefit I'll drop to the next paragraph we're standing on the threshold of great and solemn events prophecy is fast fulfilling the Lord is at his door in the past many times I have taken the expression great and solemn events out of the writings of Ellen White and brought them together and there's one quote where she says great and solemn events which we must know as we stand on the threshold of their fulfillment ok these great and solemn events we are required to know and as you put those quotes together you'll realize that the the basic outline where those great and solemn events takes place is the last six verses of Daniel 11 that's the the pattern we bring all these lines to and in verse 40 the history of verse 40 is where we find raffia and Panem so that's subject is what we're dealing with and it's some of the great and solemn events which we must know as we stand on the threshold of their fulfillment we're standing on the threshold of great and solemn events prophecies fast fulfilling the Lord is at the door they are soon to open before us a period of overwhelming interest to all living the controversies of the pastor to be revived new controversies will arise the scenes to be enacted in our world are yet are not yet even dreamed of Satan is at work through human agencies those who are making an effort to change the Constitution and secure law-enforcing Sunday observance little realize what will be the result a crisis is just upon us I believe this is present truth a crisis is just upon us and there's another place where she says the movement for Sunday legislation is going on in darkness so even if we're not hearing it spoken about out in the open based upon the other prophetic evidence we're on the we're on the verge of that type of crisis taking place but God servants are not to trusted themselves in this great emergency in the visions given to Isaiah to Ezekiel and to John we see how closely heaven is connected with the events taking place upon the earth and how great is the care of God for those who are loyal to him the world is not without a ruler the program of coming events is in the hands of the Lord the majesty of heaven has the destiny of Nations as well as the concerns of his church in his own charge that last sentence the destiny of Nations and the concerns of his church is what we would say internal and external he has internal and external he has the seven churches and the seven seals under his control and in the vision given to Isaiah in Chapter six he's taken into he's he's gives a view of the sanctuary and he sees the Lord filled the temple with this train this is what Ezekiel's vision is here that we're referring to he he sees a temple and John this in Revelation John is in the temple because the whole structure of the book of Revelation is in the backdrop of the temple furnishing we're in the temple as of yesterday as typifies by the Millerites we move we followed the lamb into the most holy place because we follow him whithersoever he goeth and now we're seeing this vision of wills with in Wills and now our responsibility is to participate in the work of bringing these complicated interplay of human events into clarity alright next paragraph I'm going to skip to the one that says in Ezekiel's vision God had his hand beneath the wings of the cherubim this is to teach his servants that it is divine power that gives them success he will work with them if they will put away iniquity and become pure in heart and life the bright light going forth among the living creatures with the swiftness of lightning represents the speed with which this work will finally go forward to completion the midnight cry swept over the eastern seaboard in the United States in just a couple months it went like a tidal wave this message that we're handy handling is the midnight cry message for the priests and we're now at the point where it's gonna go very rapidly things have to happen in the very near future that that meet the definition of an ensign being lifted up and that ensign has to give an advance warning of what's going to happen so what's what's about to take place the logic of it is it's about to happen in very quick order based upon millerite history based upon this passage which she's saying that the vision that Ezekiel has this lightning is teaching that lesson all right that which appears to finite minds entangled and complicated that which appears to us as entangled and complicated when these guys get up and do their calendars and their numbers the Lord's hand can keep in perfect order he can devise ways and means to thwart the purpose of wicked men and he will bring confusion bring to confusion the counsels of them to plot mischief against his people brethren it is no time now for mourning and despair no time to yield to doubt and unbelief Christ is nowis is not now a savior in Joseph's new tomb okay when was Christ in Joseph's new tomb yesterday that was the disappointment of the disciples while Christ was in the tomb so yesterday she's putting us this is present truth application the disappointment in that history the number seven was that he was in the tomb on the seventh day for first certainty all right Andy what thinks it was at three days okay Christ is not now a savior in juice at Joseph's new tomb closed with a great stone instilled with the sealed with the Roman seal we have a risen Savior he is the king the Lord of Hosts he sitteth between the cherubim and amid the strife and tumult of nation he guards his people still he who rule a--the in heavens is our Savior he measures every trial he watches the furnace fire that must test every soul what's the furnace fire it's Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in this history getting thrown into a furnace that's been heated seven times this is this is speaking about our history beginning yesterday and the prophets the visions of John Ezekiel and Isaiah speak to this very day and in the next quote on page three she's speaking of John in Revelation and the book that sealed the seven seals and I'm saying that this is the vision of John of the sanctuary as well and I'll just read the bold-faced from those the second and third paragraph there open in his hand lay the book the role of the history of God's providence is the prophetic history of Nations and the church this here is the role of God's providence the history of Nations and the church if you reject this you have no prophetic light and then in the next paragraph still speaking on this subject says the vision as presented to John made its impression upon his mind the destiny of every nation was contained in that book the destiny of every nation is contained here so now I want to try to bring some of the information from yesterday into into a point here that's probably the only point I'll make today I won't get back to lining up Rafi and Pentium with the priest in this presentation but I do want to make a point in advance of that and yesterday let me see if I have the notes from yesterday yesterday we had a study and the first thing that I wanted to study is I guess what Theodore had planned on studying because when I got here he had a set of notes made out for this but I wanted to study something before I get there what is this over here okay we're okay I think it was probably this board right here this particular whiteboard that this was on that sister tested in October of 2018 it was in this room I have every reason to believe it was on this board and I just want to walk through some things here and clear up some ideas number one when she presented that message this is these three lines here these three way marks all are associated with November 9th that's why I have November 9th November 9th November night by her presenting this material here to this group future for America it's a it's an automatic assumption that we all already know the rules of prophetic interpretation that we use and the rules of prophetic interpretation that we used in that time period were and still are upon the testimony of two a thing shall be a tablished two or three so she had other reasoning about November 9th that she had put into her presentation but this line here is 2019 this is what she was lining up and then she went back and she picked out histories that were this many years from 2019 this many years from 2019 and she brought him to 2019 but what I want you to see is that three of these dates three of these way marks weren't simply a period of time to 2019 they brought with them November 9th therefore anyone that watched her presentations and I'm not even including the other references to November 9th that she put in the record such as when Trump was elected on November 9th or when Trump visited Russia on November 9th or when the pilgrims first saw the glorious land on November 9th she had other references to November 9th to put that in place so by the rules of prophetic interpretation that this movement worked upon we knew that if all if this way mark here came to 2019 and it was exactly 490 years before we know that 490 is a symbol of probationary time seven times seventy a half of that is 245 we know that the 220 represents restitution we understand the 151 and the 126 or symbols of the 2520 the 110 is half of 220 so it's a 220 81 is a symbol of midnight okay 63 is a half of 126 30 is the 30 years of this movement you need to be 30 years old to be a priest so all of these all of these numbers that she used we understood as valid prophetic numbers but what she did is she identified histories here in each one of these and brought them to here and because three of these possess November 9th with the year the only clue conclusion that could be derived from that presentation is that these are are gonna take place on November 9th 2019 okay that was the logic that she put in place that pretty much came tumbling down yesterday okay so let's walk through this this one here 1774 First Continental Congress is suggesting here that on November 9th 2014 there's going to begin to be a Constitutional Convention that's going to ultimately lead to a Sunday law but it's it's a turmoil in the government of the United States did that take place this weekend okay so this one here didn't quite work now the the diet of spires here okay where there is the protests of the princes I think you can probably bring that to 2019 but for a different reason and I don't want to connect it with November 9th but I'll leave that up there because there is something that we can see about that protest and maybe we'll get that today get to that today maybe we won't but here on November 9th using the the Thermidor calendar is that what it's called no that's the month thermidors the month it's called the French Revolution calendar on November 9th 1799 what happened Napoleon bolat Bonaparte became a dictator so did Trump become the dictator on November 9th here okay so we have to we have to take that one off here don't we we're not we're not still teaching that any longer are we 18 68 Andrew Johnson was impeached okay Andrew Johnson was at peached and 151 years later what's going to happen to this in Pietschmann Andrew Johnson was known to be an alcoholic and Trump is known to ever have drank alcohol in his life so there's a nice prophetic characteristic there you can see things reversed what does this teach us a hundred and fifty-one years later Trump should have been impeached okay are you following my logic 1893 you have the Chicago World's Fair and the Catholic mirror is coming out chasity a Catholic publication is coming out and chastising the Protestants of the United States because they're trying to shut down that Fair on Sundays Sunday and the Catholic Church is saying you're shutting down that Fair on Sunday which proves that you accept us above the Bible because you have no biblical authority to to change Sabbath to Sunday except by Rome's word okay so this is pointing here to something what's it pointing to okay it's pointing to some kind of issue here in 2019 or with your three witnesses November ninth 2019 that hasn't quite arrived yet has it so this one we this one we have to take off even though it did have a hundred and twenty six year time period with it which is a prophetic number General Conference session sister White was 81 years old at her the last General Conference session she went to and I don't have a problem with that one because her being 81 years is marking that General Conference session with midnight I don't I don't doubt that there was a General Conference session here that was midnight but it took place in Germany okay and the the impact of that is different than the impact of this so I'll leave that one up there but what about this one this one has a November 9th to it this is the night of broken glass this is the first time that Hitler incited any kind of direct persecution against the Jews in Germany on November 9th 1938 81 years before 2019 November 9th was there a night of broken glass maybe maybe there was because if you've looked at the newspaper in Hong Kong there having ruled that the riots there have really escalated but China Hong Kong is not the United States so you missed it by this much I would think it's not this one either and then in 1956 you have Nikita Khrushchev's midnight speech where at midnight he comes out and he exposes all the sins of Stalin thus informing us that here some kind of information is going to come out about Donald Trump maybe in 2019 but what I'm arguing please don't miss it is based upon the rules of prophetic interpretation that this movement operated on in October of 2018 anyone that saw that and knew those rules knew by the three references of November 9th that all these lines were coming to November 9 2019 okay so maybe we'll see something about Trump in the next six weeks that comes from his one day in Russia on November 9th but we sure didn't see it this weekend 1989 midnight the wall comes down all right no problem there for me 2004 the foundations begin to go up 15 years what does that mean here what does that mean here it means to me that on November 10th the foundations are once again put back in place okay it's not how she it's not what she was saying about the foundations but I'm saying that after November 9th with what we saw about this prediction these predictions in in essence that's about all you can really say about her predictions is I'm gonna say that yesterday the Lord began to restore the foundations okay now there was a chat I'm out of time but I'm running out of time to get to this did some of these points but there was a chat dialogue on Sunday I believe on the 10th might have been on Sabbath the ninth my daughter was involved with it and my daughter was raising this this idea about you know what do we do now you know nothing's nothing came to pass on November 9th type thing it was being kind of negative I chat ties her a little bit on that chesh chat session but one one thing she said that was was not accurate it was true but it wasn't accurate she says we're 0 for 0 on our predictions and I corrected her I said no we're 0 for 3 okay because Parminder had a prediction about 2014 and he was half right and half wrong and what we had thought was going to happen on November 9th we were wrong so that's 0 for 2 but there was also Theodore okay Theodore had a prediction about Thanksgiving in 2018 and and we worked on that yesterday and we realized that Theodore's prediction about Thanksgiving that he put forth a couple days before Thanksgiving in 2018 that the that he'll be held accountable for he was spot-on okay the Lord has given him a gift on these these chronologies in these numbers and they were right but he'd been left a left not surrounded by people that could contribute to the correct prophetic application of what those way marks that were developed represented and so he was here in this environment where there were a couple persons in this environment at that time that were fanatic and they helped escalate that discussion to a point to where some of us got nervous about making a prediction about something that was going to happen on Thanksgiving when it didn't really seem like the the application was correct so it causes a little bit of a turmoil but it got it got pushed by the wayside and then Tabo who's had a personal problem with with Theodore for years for years he used that argument to help sideline Theodore you know his Thanksgiving Day prediction proves that that what he's doing is a bunch of foolishness but we looked at it again yesterday okay we can yesterday with people that that have a a respect for the for pal Moniz work on these lines and now this is I didn't get this drawn up here but I have people in the audience that can help walk me through this I don't have to put everything up there but in 977 BC that is in our time period November 22nd jeroboams feast and correct me if I make a mistake correct me along the way because I'm working off the top of my head jeroboams feast was a counterfeit feast okay and when Theodore and Heidi began looking at this they went in the history of Thanksgiving in the United States because over here in 2018 on November 22nd in advance of that date Theodore was thinking something was going to happen here where Trump's hand was restrained and loosed based upon the story of jeroboam when the disobedient prophet comes to Jeroboam and rebukes him for setting up these two golden calf sand and this worship at this altar Jeroboam is going to reach out and and stryker at least he's gonna reach out towards a disobedient prophet and his hand becomes paralyzed and he asked the disobedient prophet to seek the law Lord to restore his hand and he does so there was a restraint and loosening in this story and Theodore's looking for trump to repeat the the role of Jeroboam in this history and for a restraint and loosening and he's looking at what's going on on the wall in California but that wasn't where he needed to look but they began looking at Thanksgiving and they realized that George Washington the first president which would tip if I the last president Trump and all the pretty much all the presidents so I don't don't misunderstand me I'm just gonna pick two here George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln had made Thanksgiving declarations as well the other presidents have also but those are the ones we'll look at one more George Bush the first he did and what what they discovered is that in 1863 in that time period when Abraham Lincoln made a Thanksgiving proclamation and the presidents make the proclamation and then they set the day of Thanksgiving it's a progressive period they're gonna make a proclamation and then mark the day that it's going to be celebrated sometimes it's a Thanksgiving feast sometimes it's a day of fasting and sometimes it's okay and some time's it isn't because in the time period of sister white if you go in to Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving proclamations in his presidency there's one that he did that sister white says as seventh-day adventists we should not participate in that so there was something wrong with it like there was something wrong with Jeroboam but the next one that Abraham Lincoln does sister white says it's okay so there's in the historical record Thanksgiving can be okay or it can be not okay jeroboams was not okay okay and Jeroboam has two golden calves one at bethel and one at dan right representing church and state bethel means church dan means judgment church and state but the Golden Calf all by itself is the image of the Beast it's the Beast of Egypt that's made into an image by Aaron and all Jeroboam is doing is he's doubling it and this date in the last two verses of first Kings chapter 12 is doubled and what's the biblical date there okay so the Jared the disobedient prophet he comes to Jeroboam to pronounce this curse upon him for doing this service and he says Oh alter alter so in this date being doubled in the disobedience prophets prophesy of alter alter this is midnight cry history okay and at the prophetic level what is the fifteenth day of the eighth month it's August 15th 1844 which is the midnight cry so that you you have all kinds of references that the beginning of this time prophecy is the midnight cry you follow me so we had to we had to grapple yesterday we had to go back and look now I'm not going to do it now but I will do it again Parminder was half right and half wrong on 2004 after 2014 is past we look back and we see the correct application of it Parminder hasn't seen it yet okay now we're looking back at this because Bronwyn said we were 0 for 0 and I 0 for 0 I think is what she said and I said no he was 0 for 3 but we did figure out part menders 2014 and it was important to figure it out okay and it was figured out upon Stephens work that you all need to internalize about the eighteen hundred and forty-four days and 21 hours and 15 minutes and 33 seconds that equates to one day in the prophetic year that begins with Christ were beginning in the holy place and then moving into the most holy place in 1844 and that that opened up the seriousness and the serious implications of what - for 2014 was all about now we're looking back at this and we see that George Washington the first president he's going to have a Thanksgiving Day pronouncement the first illustrates the end ok the beginning the end so we need to look for a Thanksgiving Day pronouncement in the time of Trump that's going to speak to our history Abraham Lincoln is the first Republican president and 1863 is already away mark Trump's the last prophetic last Republican president so that's two witnesses from the presidents that we should be looking at something to do with Trump and the Thanksgiving Day announcement and then George Bush the first he Institute's the kind of a change it's already been going on but what they do in this progressive time period is a couple days before the president has this ritual where he releases a turkey okay but with George Bush he's the one that put the definition upon it that that this turkeys been in in jail and we're giving it a pardon okay now the point is this turkey this takes place on the 20th November 20th it's just a ceremony and Theodore the reason Theodore the problem with Theodore along this line is that he sees these this chronology and because he handles it so much he knows it's right he there's no way that he's that he can he may not understand what it means in terms of applying the way marks but there's no way he can just set it aside and act like it doesn't exist once you see that I know that feeling I don't know their chronology but I've seen symbols I'm pretty good with symbols I'm not trying to lift myself up I see symbols and I know that's what they are and you're really not going to shake me from it okay so I get the positions he's he's in he's seen this history based upon the chronology and this is the part I don't have I'd have to get in the notes the chronology the lines that bring us to this the numbers that's what he's locked in on and there was one that comes to 1125 and Thanksgiving was on 1122 but what we came to understand yesterday brothers and sisters and I wanted because I'm running out of time I want to tell you something at first hearing you might think this is a little bit a little bit shallow I guess but it isn't begin with revelation 18 and just stick with what you know as the Seventh day Adventists Babylon is a what pardon me Babylon is a cage of every unclean and hateful bird okay what is the cage of birds that Babylon is its churches unclean churches Babylon is the the make up of all the fallen churches that's Rome with all her daughters an uncleaned bird a bird in Bible prophecies is a church and here Trump is going to release a bird but what is that bird it's a turkey and what is turkey a symbol of Islam the Ottoman Empire and one of the connections with Islam in the bottom Bible prophecy is that it's a power that is restrained and loosed and right here trump is has a turkey a symbol of Islam that is restrained that he's going to lose and if you think that's the shallow part of it just let me point you up here here's another symbol of Islam and what is it it's an animal the symbol of Islam is an ass a warhorse so to take a bird all you're doing is saying you're emphasizing the religious aspect of Islam because it's a hateful bird okay so this is the part that that I'm not remembering in terms of the chronology and if it's too complex I want to know what brings us to these three-way marks if teams stay in the 8th month which is this yeah and of course November 22nd is is the other symbol of that date okay so these two dates here yeah are the same dates but they're expressed differently on two different calendars yeah so we have November at one of these dates here and then we have this date here which is tying this progressive history together what brings us to here I can't remember what what we did to get there but this is even if we didn't have a line that brings us here this is the day that the president traditionally releases the turkey okay so in this progressive history what do you have what do you have to expect here well you need to see Trump with two golden idols two golden calves and in this history it's saying that the 45th and final President of the United States is going to be ruling the United States where the two horns of the United States have changed the United States began as a Protestant nation but in in 1844 on April 19th it became it apostate Protestantism it began to fulfill its role as the false prophet and at 9/11 the Republican horn was conquered those two are the symbol of church and state that is represented by those golden CAF's of Jeroboam so this 45th President of the United States he has these two golden calves and what is what is the most one of the most profound characteristics of Trump that lines up with George Washington wealth okay and what is it that Trump is promoting here in this history well this is his his his main card this is what gets him reelected probably more than any other thing so he's standing here in this history here with these two golden caps it's no longer republicanism in Protestantism it's it's the image of the Beast it's church and state but it's apostate Protestantism and it's it's changed from republicanism to a democracy that's motivated by greed okay so to speak what else do we have here we got the disobedient prophet don't we okay so here's the disobedient prophet at this point when he's giving his prophecy to Jeroboam to Trump he's obedient yes but there's always two classes of worshipers okay so here in November of 2018 this movement has just been given the third piece of the midnight cry message the previous month in October it had November 9th marked on two witnesses actually three if you if you've now know about Stephen we have three witnesses to November 9th November 9th is still secure those lines over there they're gone yeah and November 22nd yes is November 9th on the Julian calendar just no because it's 13 days behind okay this would also be November 9th on the Julian calendar 22nd is November 9th Julian and we had just received all this information about Islam here just in that history you know that in October in November the witnesses come in October 3rd off October 3rd is when that pitchers on the board and everyone says November 9th 2019 10 days later Theodore's figuring out at the fellowship November 9th from the 391 so at the Julian calendar this is speaking to the message of November 9th so here you have the obedient prophet he's still the obedient he comes into this history with Trump the last president of the united states the issue of trump is going to be the combination of church and state the image of the beast the sunday law it's there in those golden calf's and this prophet makes a prediction about the altar being breaking open and the ashes coming out remember that prediction what else was his prediction about Josiah and Josiah means foundation so when's Josiah gonna show up because Josiah means foundation I'm saying that as of yesterday the Lord has returned this movement to its original rules of prophetic interpretation which is its foundation and it's what we've always taught I've always taught and you can correct me if I'm wrong even now but no one has this is the foundation of millerite history a symbol of it but if William Miller doesn't have his rules of prophetic interpretation he doesn't come up with any of these truths the foundation of the foundation is the rules of prophetic interpretation that Miller adopted the rules at Josiah lych views to identify August 11th 1840 the rules that Samuel Snow used to establish the midnight cry message that's the foundation and I'm saying as of yesterday November 10th we return to the foundations and I'm saying that from here to here it's 350 days and it takes you to November 10th what was the prophecy when did Josiah throw it show up 350 years later right good kid and what's he doing 350 years later the Passover and he's breaking down the altars he's smashing them to powder he's he's he's mocking he's mocking the priest of the grove the priest of the grove and the prophets of Bell are you are you calculating their ruins went to their calculator and the test of my numbers I think that's good I don't I don't do it like you do I'm saying that November 25th 365 days takes you over to this November 25th so subtracts 15 days from 365 it takes you back to November 10th to the return to the Foundation's to the Passover to the disappointment to the point in time where the Lord is going to open the sanctuary and bring clarity into the wheels within wheels in a very short order so what I'm saying is I agree with Bronwyn's concern it's at this point everything that we've sought thought we've seen in the future from these time patterns it's not till we get past them to where we can really have clarity on it and we waited a long time to get clarity on this and there's more about this Thanksgiving prophecy that I didn't put in place that we've seen yesterday and more that we haven't seen yet I'm positive about that but between here and here you have to bring another wheel in and the other wheel is the Omega apostasy where this prophet here he gets divided into two prophets so to speak one of them's a lie that's gonna be right here and the other ones a man and woman prophet the priests of the Grove that's Ashtaroth that's female the prophets of bill is male and there's a separation that goes on in this history and the separation is based upon the rejection of this methodology the didn't square with their prediction with their purpose with their goals because they had a different goal but you can really only see that if you're willing to take this line and bring the line of Elijah over the top and the align of the Omega prophets to see over the top and we intend also to take the line of raffia and Pinilla over the top but I understand that this is a period of disappointment now and for the Brethren that are watching on the internet I'm wanting to let you know that an agreement with the argument I'm making here today I see the Lord opening up light in a very profound way and I believe he's going to continue to do it and do it in short order because the external of Ravi and Pentium is going to happen and it's going to happen in the very near future it has to happen raffia has to happen to justify the counter-attack of Panem that is not that far away shall we pray Heavenly Father we thank you that you are in control of Nations and of individuals and that in spite of all the imperfections of those people that participate in this movement that you still use us and that you are still in the business of finishing what you started and that as we are in this time period now that is illustrated by the disappointment it is also the time period where you open the temple and allow us to see things that have never been recognized before we are expecting you to gather up the jewels and cast them into the casket where it shines 10 times brighter than the Sun we ask that you would allow each and every one of us to participate in this work that you're doing that we might be among that ensign that in the very near future is going to be lifted up we thank you for these things in Jesus name Amen