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Alijah now that's just proof that they're false prophets Elijah is among according to sister white the families of the seven thousand that Elijah couldn't even see until after the fact the timings wrong it's a destroying the story of Elijah first Kings first Kings 18 of course is where the story of Carmel is but in terms of the the cave of Horeb and I hope that you've did this before I'm just going to point it out for you if you haven't then we're not looking at it at this time in first Kings 18 verses 42 45 you can take those verses verses 40 to 45 and line them up with Miller eyed history from 1840 to 1845 okay they line up verses 40 to 45 in first Kings 18 OD Leo did that when he was here but it's been done for quite some time and of course I don't think it's an accident but more than that I think it is emphasizing Daniel 11:40 245 and there's a second witness in this story too emphasizing 40 to 45 because in and the reason I'm saying this is because I want us to see the significance of verses 40 to 45 that is the message of the hour and in chapter 18 verse 19 it says now therefore sand and gathered to me all Israel on to Israel unto Mount Carmel and the prophets of bale 450 and the prophet the priests the prophets of the Grove 400 which eat it Jezebel's table so you have two classes of one 400 one 450 if you drop a zero off of both of him and put him in the reverse order you got 40 to 45 there okay so you got you got a counterfeit 40 to 45 in those two witnesses those two false prophets and then you have the history of the Millerites from 1840 to 45 in verses 40 to 45 of chapter 18 which like I said I'm not doing but I want us to see that Daniel 11 40 to 45 is the message because I'm gonna try to show the message here in chapter 19 and the reason I'm trying to show the message is because Parminder and tests who are the priests of the grove the priests of the Grove is ashteroth a woman false prophet the prophets of bale is a male God Parminder they have a counterfeit message that's why they're 400 and 450 and their message is a denial of 40 to 45 and now you know Permenter is openly throwing that out among other things so I'm wanting to put Daniel 11:40 to 45 in a significant context here as we begin so verse 1 of chapter 19 in Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah saying so let the gods do to me and more also if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by tomorrow about this time and when he saw that he arose and went for his life and came to Beersheba and what's beer sheba beer is a well sheba is the word that's translated seven times in leviticus 20:6 this is the well of the oath okay and if you just run Beersheba through the bible you'll see it's a marker of the you know before Jacob goes down and joins his family in Egypt he first goes to Beersheba over and over again Beersheba is a symbol of the Covenant and the 2520 is connected with it it came to bear Sheba which belonged to Judah and left his servant there but he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness and came and sat under a juniper tree now you may not remember it but probably four years ago so it's okay if you don't remember it maybe more maybe less brother Daniel gave a sermon so I'm gonna hold him accountable even if I don't hold anyone else accountable here in this room what does a juniper tree represent in the scriptures don't read your notes you should just know you can read your notes the roots talk of juniper was used for making charcoal and also it is known as the broom tree okay so it's its purification charcoals for purification and even now it's one of the herbs you can take if you want to purify your blood is juniper berry but the broom of the dirt brush man that sweeps the garbage out the window whether it's false doctrine or foolish virgins was wrapped up in the juniper tree and and I don't know how many years ago it was Daniel went through that and put that in place line up on line so for some reason verse 4 but he himself on a day's journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a juniper tree and he requested for himself that he might die and said it is enough now O Lord take away my life for I'm not better than my father's and in seal a and slept under a juniper tree behold then an angel touched him and said arise and eat so he's under the juniper tree in in Daniels presentation so long ago he marked that juniper tree at 9:11 do you remember that and I remember that and it fit and what happens at 9/11 under that juniper tree there's a mighty army in Ezekiel 37 that stands up that arises and John's told go to the little book out of the hand of the angel and eat okay so this is this you can line up to 911 if you choose to and verse six and I looked and behold there was a cake baked upon the coals and a cruse of water at his head and he did eat and drink and lay down again and the angel of the Lord came the second time and touched him and said arise and eat because the journey is too great for thee and he arose and did eat and drink and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the Mount of God ok so that's the title Horeb scape he's gonna go into cave yes note here I believe you can connect judges seven thirteen with that cake that's when the angel comes to Gideon yes and the cake rolls into the oh okay back yeah party cake the rolls down into the Midianite camp okay that's interesting okay verse nine now he's it mal Mount Horeb verse 9 says and he came thither unto a cave and lodged there and behold the word of the Lord came to him and he said unto Him what doest thou here Elijah now notice verse thirteen the last phrase of verse thirteen what doest thou here Elijah okay there's a doubling we're gonna see here and it's not just with the question the answer is identical in both cases so that's putting this in our history but I want you to see it before we proceed okay what doest thou here Elijah that's the end of verse nine verse 10 says and he's gonna repeat this and he said I've been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts for the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant thrown down thine altars and slain the prophets with the sword and I even I am left and they seek my life to take it away now if you drop down to verse 13 the last phrase it says what doest thou here Elijah and verse 14 says and he said I've been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts because the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant thrown down thine altars and slain thy prophets with the sword and I even I only in left and they seek my life to take it away you see the doubling so that's our history that's a history of the midnight cry but it's emphasizing a rebellion that takes place in that history and we're witnessing the conclusion of that rebellion as we speak with the Omega movement and it seems to me that Elijah here is overwhelmed with the the grief of it all okay so he he gets touched two times and then he goes 40 days into the cave okay if I can say it that way so in verse 11 and he said go forth and stand upon the mount before the Lord and behold the Lord passed by okay the Lord passes by here he's standing on the Mount but he wasn't a cave okay but he's standing on the Mount the Lord passes by and there's a cave that the Lord passes by earlier in the Bible that will line up with this if we don't run out of time and behold the Lord passed by and a great and strong wind rent the mountains and break in pieces the rocks before the Lord but the Lord was not in the wind and after the wind and earthquake but the Lord was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake a fire but the Lord was not in the fire and after the fire a still small voice so was the Lord in the still small voice yes so is this is a pretty easy three one combination to see it's also a number four you have wind earthquake fire still small voice but there's a distinction between the first three and the fourth which you want to see in a 3:1 combination because the Lord isn't in those first three but what are those first three at a very simple symbolic meaning they're all symbols of the Holy Spirit okay on at Pentecost there's a mighty wind that's outpouring of the Holy Spirit there's an pardon me tongues of fire for the third one the earthquake there's an earthquake when Christ is crucified at quake when he's resurrected there's an earthquake in the French Revolution there's an earthquake for Paul at midnight in the jail okay this is power of the Holy Spirit but the Lord wasn't in it so we see 3:1 combination if you're willing to see that but the Lord is in the fourth the still small voice and but you can also see four can't you and what's four well four can be a progressive death destruction but it can also be emphasizing the fourth generation okay and I would think that it is the fourth generation that is being dealt with here okay so first well he's got the still small voice and then verses 13 says and it was so when Elijah heard it that he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entering of the cave and behold there came a voice unto him and said what doest thou here Elijah and you have the repetition the doubling verse 15 and the Lord said unto him go return on their way to the wilderness of Damascus and when thou come us anoint hey zl2 be king over syria this is an external force okay and Syria is a player here at the end of the world it was a Syrian war a 10-year proxy war in millerite history from 1831 to 1841 a 10-year proxy award from 79 to 89 in Afghanistan but a proxy war began again in Syria in 2011 that we're pretty sure is going to come to a conclusion in 2021 10 years later so Syria is a player in all this and hey ZL is an external force and that's not all that he's going to anoint and verse 16 it says in Jehu and Jay who is an Israelite ok he's one of God's people jehu the son of nimshi shalt thou anoint to be king over israel and elisha the son of shaphat of abom Aloha a able Mahalo shalt I'll anoint to be prophet in thy room so I want you to see Allah license had this experience with caramel and then he's got two days gets fed two times and then forty days so he's way well beyond caramel when he's in the cave of Horeb and Danny's told to anoint Elisha okay so Elijah doesn't get anointed until after Carmel if someone like Parminder wants to say that he's Jesus that he's Elijah then he's going to have to show Carmel before that took place which can't do he can do it for his minions but he can't do it based upon the Word of God okay so there's three anointings there in verse 17 says and it shall come to pass that him that escaped at the sword of hey Z L shall Jehu slay and him that escape at the sword of Jehu shall Elisha slay okay so what I'm saying is that the midnight cry you're now going to have three things anointed an external and internal and one of God's people you know it internal internally I'd say the world the United States and this movement there's an anointing that takes place on all of them and of course the anointing of hey ZL he's doing a work of the Lord but he isn't he isn't understood to be you know a godly force okay this is an external force and Jay who could have been a godly force but Jay Hugh was too zealous in the work that was given to him so he's like the United States okay anyway that we're not dealing I'm not dealing with that yet so verse 18 yet I have left me 7,000 in Israel all the needs which have not bowed unto Bell and every mouth which have not kissed him so I just want you to see if you run your spirit of prophecy sister White says that Elijah's family was of that seven thousand he comes after caramel he's not seen until after caramel but what I'm looking at is Horeb scab and you can grapple with why the first three steps are symbols of the holy spirit but God isn't in it but the fourth he's in this still small voice you can grapple with it it's a three one combination but I'm saying it is a number four that's marking the fourth and final generation and the reason that I do that and that time is correct is based upon a second witness that I would take you to Exodus 33 and in 32 32 Moses is on what Mount Horeb receiving the law and and Aaron is making a golden calf down in the camp in chapter 32 so I want you to see the apostasy of Aaron in this story that we just looked at in first Kings 19 is lining up with the apostasy of the prophets of Bel and the priests of the Grove in the story of Elijah there's an apostasy that takes place before the leading character whether it's Elijah or Moses ends up in the cave of Horeb so let's see where we went to the end of chapter 32 he's entered Moses is interceding for those people asking to blot the out of the book and take it up in chapter 33 and verse 18 I mean there's a lot of leading we could do but running out of time verse 18 says and he said I beseech thee show me thy glory and he said I will make all my goodness pass before thee and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious and show mercy on whom I will show mercy and he says thou cannot canst not see my face for there shall no man see me and live and the Lord said Behold there is a place by me and thou shalt stand upon a rock and it shall come to pass while my glory passes by that I will put thee in the Clift of the rock what's a Clift of the rock I argue it's a cave to cave on Horeb and cover thee with my hand while I pass by and I will take away my hand and thou shalt see my back parts but my face shall not be seen okay so I'm saying Moses's in a cave cave on Horeb and he's asking to see the Lord's glory and what's his glory it's a character and Elijah is going to end up in the same Mountain I'm gonna take the jump and say the same cave but it doesn't matter but it probably is the same cave and the Lord is going to walk by and where where exactly do we find that in verse 6 of chapter 34 and the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and that will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the father's upon the children and upon the children's children unto the third and fourth generation and Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth and worshiped and he said if I've now found grace in thy sight O Lord let me I pray thee go among us for it is a stiff-necked people and pardon our Nick WA T and sin and take us for thine inheritance so what I'm wanting is to see here is Moses is up there receiving the law he's just broken the law when he's seen the rebellion but he wants to see the Lord's glory and I'm saying that we have to take this cave of Horeb and look at both applications and the the point of God's character that is being emphasized here is one commandment over and above all the other Commandments go to Exodus 20 verse four and what's verse four which commandment which commandment isn't okay thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them for I the LORD am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the father's upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me and showing mercy unto them that love me and keep my Commandments the character of God is illustrated in the second commandment that he is a jealous God and if you go back now and he executes his judgment on those that hate him and shows his mercy upon those of which generation third and fourth generation so if you go back to first Kings again chapter 19 where we've seen this doubling the end of verse 9 of chapter 19 says what doest thou here Elijah and he said I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts if you're jealous for the Lord God of hosts what are you doing be very zealous but you're manifesting his character because he is a jealous God okay and jealous and zealous are interchangeable in the scriptures for the children of Israel at forsaken thy covenant thrown down thine altars and slain thy prophets with the sword and I even I only am left and they seek my life to take it away so that's what I have I'm a little bit over some food for thought about the cave of Horeb it has to do with the fourth generation the generation that we're in right now and in this generation the Lord is going to show mercy upon those that manifest his character and bring judgment on those that don't and there will be a rebellion that's taking place at this time whether it's the rebellion illustrated by Aaron with the golden calf or with the prophets of bail-in the priests of the Grove in the story of Elijah and I would argue that the still small voice the message of this time is Daniel 11:40 2:45 and that is the voice that we have to hear at this time so we will break now for our Sabbath School study good morning and happy Sabbath shall we open with prayer Heavenly Father as we come before thee though we want to thank you that we can worship you in spirit and in truth Lord we want that ice F we want that gold let's try it in the fire we want that white raiment I pray that you will pour that upon our hearts and our minds bless us with thy spirit whom a growing grace and mercy in your love when we thank you for this in Jesus name Amen so we are looking at Acts of the Apostles page 97 and 98 and some of you might be asking what didn't we do that last Sabbath and I'm gonna say yes but for some reason I studied this and neglected to realize that Toby already had done this so I think it's we're going to do a doubling here today on this and so you got Toby's perspective last Sabbath and this Sabbath you're going to get my perspective and so let's go ahead and turn to Acts of the Apostles page 97 paragraph 1 and as you're turning there or maybe you're already there I first want to ask we know that the chapter title is the first Christian martyr correct so let's put some dates on this and I'm going to give Tobi the first date here and this is 34 ad what would this one be think about the first martyr we know who this is Tobi thank you 31 and then this next one 27 okay perfect now we're going to take this to our time the big line and sister Deborah I'm going to give you this one and it help me do the - so we're going to put this typifies the Sunday law or we know for us that is what July 8th no no no that's not right no yep so hold on let me look at I'm jumping ahead of myself we're just gonna call that the Sunday law so what's this one okay and then this one is 911 now here's where I want to ok Jeff gets this one I'm gonna put it in this one this date or 121 and I'm saying that's okay Pinilla right okay isn't that right yeah okay and that's 2021 and then we know that this one is you put raffia there I think okay go ahead and that would be July 18th 2020 isn't that's how I is that that's how I see it if I all mobile and so what's the first one I was gonna ask that I really be 911 all over again right yeah I mean I was thinking that but I couldn't for sure put put it there so it's the same as the line above that what you're doing who just put bringing different names for the symbols yeah I'm just trying to put it for for big line and then for us the priest that's a part that I might not agree with but that's okay it doesn't detract from your point okay so then I would say that that's Rafi and pinion for the for the the King of the South struggling over the South between Russia and the United States okay so then what he's saying is I'm lining them up and maybe I should have brought this like this yeah there's some yeah so but he's correct but I wasn't thinking about that I was thinking that Stephen big line and then us to line them up perfectly maybe it'd be better here but that's what I was thinking in my mind when I when I put these three lines so okay you had it thought no okay okay okay so first question and this is looking at 97 paragraph 1 in Acts of the Apostles the reason why I did this is uh is if you're wondering is I wanted to say it where are we at first in the chapter okay and then look at the big line if see if that applies and then down to us what does it mean for us when we look at this chapter that's always my goal when I when I'm studying something out I want to bring it down to our time and that's that's my objective of why I wanted to put that there okay so first question how was it that Stephen gained an opportunity to preach among the Greek Jews and it's right there in the 97 paragraph 1 he spoke Greek yes so we're gonna say in here that he spoke Greek and anything else there's there's one more root really okay Daniel did you pick that up yes okay you got hit okay so he said that they was familiar with their customs and traditions so so what he said is he quoted that they're familiar with their customs and their manners or their their traditions and so then my question is if you look at that example a explain your thoughts on why this is specifically mentioned by the spirit of prophecy why do you think that she put that in there is my my my thought my question okay so first of all I think of what his message was to be it was to be the gospel going to the world and our gospel or our messages message to Adventism and so we're familiar with Adventist customs and traditions and we speak the language so that's how I equate the two I mean I would agree but my mind huh you might think they're going yeah I think that there is specifically for us and I'm not saying that that's wrong any other thoughts time in your middle line between the midnight cry and the Sunday law you have the transition from the sixth and seventh kingdom going on there and that seventh kingdom is typifies by Greece so you have Greece in there this is Donald Trump in the story of Daniel 11 is going to go stir up all the realm of gracia so Greece is in there but so is the USA they're both there like he's saying the Jews are there and the Greeks are there that's the the parallel kingdoms and not history so what you guys are telling a different thought than what I was going that's still good get us focused in but I was thinking of first Corinthians 9 22 so turn there with me and I don't think that you guys are wrong at all I think that's okay and it's kind of leading into this verse Corinthians 9 22 and it says excuse me this yeah first Corinthians 9 22 who has that wants to read that am i as weak that I might gain the weak I made all things to all men that I might by all means save some so do you think that Paul understood this concept of speaking Greek and understanding the customs and traditions in regards of ministering to others would you agree with that yes yes okay so principle it's a principle so now if you have your extras handout become like the world to witness through the world no no way at all that's not what I'm saying at all it was the Greeks a symbol of the world yeah but what what I'm saying if when we go back and look at Stephan he spoke their language he understood their traditions and customs but he wasn't like them at all but there was something that he had that when he because he understood that he had a better Avenue to minister to them and that's what I wanted to focus on and so if we go to our extras handout and it should be up there on it's a it's a handout there and because I really truly believe that when she put this in there she wanted us to connect to something very important and it has to do with what it said here and then what we read in first Corinthians 9 22 and if you see it there it's in 3t 4 - - paragraph - you guys all with me on the extras handout notice on the first page and it says this the highest efforts of the gospel minister should be to devote all his talents to the work of saving souls then he will be successful wise and watchful discipline is necessary for everyone who names the name of Christ but in a much higher sense it is essential for a gospel minister who is a representative Christ our Savior odd men by his purity and elevated morality while his love and gentle benignity inspired them with enthusiasm the Forest and humblest were not afraid to approach him even little children were attracted to him they loved to climb upon his lap and to kiss that pensive face big nig knit with love this loving tenderness you need you should cultivate love expressions of sympathy and acts of courtesy and respect for others would not detract from your dignity one-particle but would open to men to you many hearts that are now closed against you Christ was just what every minister should strive to be we should learn to imitate his character and combine strict justice strict what justice purity integrity love and noble generosity a pleasant faith in which love is reflected with kind and courteous manners will do more aside from pulpit efforts than labor in the desk can do without these it becomes you to cultivate a deference to other people's judgments of what a deference that means is a respect and esteem for other people's judgment when to a greater or less extent we are absolutely dependent upon them we should cultivate true Christian courtesy and tender sympathy even for the roughest hardest cases of humanity Jesus came from the pure courts of heaven to save just such you close your heart too readily to many who have apparently no interest in the message you bear but who are still subjects of grace and precious in the sight of the Lord he that winneth Souls is wise now she's going to quote this first Corinthians 9 22 Paul became all things to all men if by any means he might save some you must be in a similar position you must bend from your independence your lack of humbleness of mind you need the softening influence of the grace of God upon your heart that you may not irritate but melt your way to the hearts of men all those these hearts may be affected by prejudice so how are we to do as Stephen has done as Paul is telling us in our time repeat it so I'm saying that we need to have use all of our talents in the work of what saving souls does that mean we're going to bend anything in regards to justice purity integrity and love yeah no compromise so what characteristics do you want to put in here in this area that typifies this that we read 100 percent yes you're you got a theme going that not I don't have any problem with it at all but I'm going to say button sometimes that raises it but Stephens a special case huh because he's he's not just winning their hearts he's being used to tell them your probation is over it's a it's an illustration of an end of the road message as much as it is an illustration on how to win them because Paul's gonna get one there I agree with that but the majority of them there go there sign in their death warrant right then and there it's the end of the line so both cases what you're trying to illustrate certainly go in that history but Stephen is still in that history speaking to the Adventist Church approaching the Sunday law and speaking to the United States of America spoke approaching the Sunday law both cases you go to the history of the Adventist Church and confront them this is what you've rejected now the door is closed and in the United States this is the Hugh of the united states that you've rejected now the door is closed so stevens kind of a special symbol in that history but i agree with you so he's saying that the message here is not only strict and pointed but it's also a message of a closed-door that's what he's saying and I'm saying that's what we have to do down here in our time and that's what was jumping out to me is that I want to learn how to take all of my talents and reflect on this this and then apply it down here the little towns that I have to to give a strict but also a message of as is he saying it's a closed door it's going to be the the people that the Holy Spirit inspires or leads to receive the message correctly and Paul is a symbol of that no one would have thought Paul was going to be on the right side of Stevens sermon but ultimately Paul is so we have to give that knowing that we don't know which Levites are going to come stand with us or which Nathan um's are going to start waking up but we better give a real Stern direct message with the love of Christ because we can't if we want to look like them and dressed like them and think that that's going to break some wall down to reach into their heart that's not what we just read brothers and sisters is it what we just read is by our actions by our the way that we speak to them how how we they're going to feel the love of Christ it's not about how meat looking and eating or dressing like them is it it's the direct opposite message of the apostasy and that's my main point is it's not about anything but that what's inside of us Christ in us that is the that is the point and and Steven manifested that and it's going to come a little more as we keep going yes the bottom line of the comments I heard here was that those pauls souls have become pulse is its small small burst straw they left yeah very small but that shouldn't discourage us no I should strengthen us okay so next question number two 97.1 list the reasons that Stephen was able to defeat defeat his opponents that's right right in their power of the holy spirit and he was a student of prophecy so we we we won't ride it for this spec sake of space but we have it there he was a student of what prophecy and that's very important for us today and it says it and he was learning in all matters of the law all matters of the law so you have the law and the prophets he he was Bible based he was standing on a thus saith the Lord and one more that I wanted to throw out is it says that he boldly proclaimed his faith do we believe are we boldly gonna proclaim this right here do we believe it this is a prophetic message and I'm saying if there's anybody out there that's in it and they don't believe it then you need to tell us why you need to because you can't wait till this date and say oh oh yeah you know because you have to boldly believe it amen you have to boldly believe it that's the prophetic message there's some and then I forget when I thought oh sorry i we had this discussion at worship last night at my house and from my human observation it doesn't appear like the people that are still in this movement fully believe it it doesn't seem like they're being that bold about what their understanding about what's coming in July just an observation a little bit and so I'm saying we have to look at this look at the Miller history and say history is what nylon you've just been saying this several times this morning she's she said you didn't hear but she's been saying this multiple times I'm close I can hear she says history repeats amen it's gonna repeat brother and sisters and so you got it all right let's go to the third question so find we're still in 97 paragraph one find Bible and spirit of prophecy quotes that bring additional light on the understanding of Luke 21 so if you go in through the scriptures and you kind of did some proof texts in here you're going to come up with not only you know Luke 21 it tells us what 14 or 15 what does it tell us sistered no can you read that for us so this is Luke 21 verses 1415 subtle it therefore in your heart's not to meditate before what you shall answer for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries shall not be able to gain say nor resist so we have a promise that we're gonna get what wisdom and what else words okay mouths anonymous mentality yes amen so 13 yes stories told uh-huh 11 we'll read that but when they shall leave you and deliver you up take no thought whatsoever shall be given you in that hour that speak Eve for it it is not me that speech that the Holy Ghost so they find those words a little more precisely and then when you go to spirit of prophecy it defines that it spelled it out of them in a nice way and I'll share that one please I need to keep going by the fundamentals of Christian education it says take no thought is what I looked up and I found the seven places and pretty much all of those seven fit this same framework here and fundamentals of that one in one other one one from spalling again take no thought what they should speak I will instruct you I will guide you knowing what it is to be taught of God when words of heavenly wisdom are brought to your mind here's the here's the kicker we shall distinguish them from our own thoughts we shall understand them as the words of God so we're gonna have if we have the right mind and the mind of Christ Jesus we're going to know that there is words that adds another nice dimension to it and then manuscript releases which is also repeated in Spalding him again says that's mercy we're to follow Christ step by step and then it goes on repeat and large and then tells what that means and that means to study the truth that's how we're to prepare for this step by step following man is to study the truth now that's how we get ready for that whole situation and that's how answer brother Jeff's question that's how we we gain that confidence that we have a true message and once we have that confidence then we can be bold as Steven was but I know I hear it expressed in a couple of different situations here there's there's question and I think a question for us to consider at this point is what does it take this to to bring us up to speed on the question we don't want any any doubt in our mind because doubt is of the enemy and for me where I'm beginning to come to grips with that is with holding the beginning of my confidence firm into the end I've been following truth all along why all of a sudden isn't going to fall off to me that's my anchor right now yeah look at the millerite movement Islam prophecy prediction two years before and all these things and that that's the beginning of the confidence and that's what I'm saying when we look when I look back I'm saying this is this will happen and it's gonna then lift a people who study the Bible correctly up it's not us it's it's the it's being lifted up the word and how they study okay if you put a line in between 9/11 and rafi on the bottom line and put raffia above it okay and and underneath that put November 9 well I'm gonna say it's a counterfeit raffia November 9th is valid but but what happened on November 9th is we were disappointed okay we've been in a tailspin okay so we're wondering have we really the zeal we need to be proclaiming July 18th and so my argument is in agreement with with Toby is we have to hold fast the beginning of our confidence and I'm suggesting that on January 11th the Lord took us back to the beginning of our confidence which is Daniel 11:40 2:45 and now he's opening that up in a more profound way but I want to read something from Jeremiah 15 that connects with Luke 21 14 and 15 as Toby said about making us a mouth so what I want to want to show in here is I think before where the mouth we have to go through a disappointment we have to have the wind taken out of ourselves and in verse 16 it is of Jeremiah 15 Jeremiah 15 verse 16 says thy words were found and I didn't eat them now we put that at 9:11 not a problem but you can also put those at the time in the end because the Book of Daniel is unsealed and there's an increase of knowledge and that increase of knowledge is consumed and what I'm saying is it Gideon in 1989 understood Daniel 11:40 245 his words were found and he didn't eat them but on January 11th he brings Gideon back to Daniel of them 42 45 again and his words were found and he didn't eat them okay but my words were found and I did eat them and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart for I'm called by thy name o Lord God of hosts i sat not in the Assembly of mockers so there's there's two assemblies here at minimum of his assembly and the mockers nor rejoiced I said alone because of thy hand for thou has filled me with indignation why is thy my pain perpetual and my wound and curable we've been wounded his movements been wounded big time which refuses to be healed will thou be all together unto me as a liar and as of waters that fail has the message failed therefore thus saith the Lord if thou return then will I bring the again and thou shalt stand before me and if I take forth the precious from the vial thou shalt be as my mouth we have to shake off the experience of September 7th and November 9th return to the to the old paths if you want to phrase it like that and trust that he's been light leading us all the way through and that second raffia is the raffia it's not the counterfeit and that weight of evidence is making it certain that's gonna happen in our discussion last night which wasn't a big profound discussion but part of it went this way is that even if you don't have all the information about July 18th that someone like Theodore Stephen or Oh Delia does most people in this movement settled into the idea that Donald Trump is the last president of the United States a long time ago and all the evidence just keeps mounting you got lots of reasons to confirm that the guy's an old guy he can't go much longer Sunday law has to be right around the corner you can see that the doors about to close just on that there's so much evidence that we're here it's you know pan-pan or pandemic right now we're in a major pandemic and a panic on Wall Street so there's so much like it's just shocking so to deny something like this is to deny present stuff happening right now to me yeah so disappointment in order to be his mouth yes came separation process and everything involved with it I mean look at the room yeah okay so back to the Luke in what other verses I found one in Matthew 1018 that says it'll be a testimony against them so this time period not only will have wisdom words in our guide but it'll be a testimony against them in regards to when we're brought before kings and that's again Matthew 1018 okay for the sake of time let's let's try to now you can go back to your notes for more emphasis on Luke which we won't read because I keep going but in your notes that says how to prepare for future trials that's in your extras notes go back and read those those are some really good quotes but I wanted to try to get towards the last few questions if we can so let's go to number four what were the reasons that the priests and rulers were determined to put Stephen to death so this is 98.1 now what were the reasons okay so power of God so they're one to put him to death for this power stand the contrast between someone who had the power of God and they who did not and it filled them with bitter hatred and instead of yielding to that evidence they decided to squash him yep so we're gonna say bitter hatred yeah and I haven't watched it but Parminder down in Brazil he just started his series in the first two and a half hours he's attacking July 18th so when you got power of God there one of the things that you can put there is 1533 1533 is a symbol of the power of God both the deliverance through the Red Sea and the history of 1840 1844 is 1533 so he's a he's a symbol of someone that's rejecting that is opposing that's fighting against the power of God and the 1533 okay that was something different okay it's it's a number that all over the place but you know there was fifteen hundred and thirty three days from august 11th 1840 to October 22nd 1844 and sister White says the Advent movement of 1840 to 44 was a marvelous manifestation of the power of God and she says that cyanide the giving of the law was the most profound power manifestation of the power of God and that took place near 1533 and on and on so if those people are fighting against the power of God and our day and age they're fighting against the number 15 33 which is the raising up what's he's doing in this history's he's raising up a temple okay and it takes a temple 46 years 46 days to be built up and Jesus said destroy this temple and in three days I'll raise it up and the Jews said it was 46 years so if you divide 46 by three it comes to 15 33 the temple is being raised up the power of God is raising up the temple from the midnight cry the Sunday law and the people that are fighting it are on the wrong side of the issue so he's saying we have the external they're gonna have this bitter hatred because of the power of God but internal right now they are manifesting this that's what Jeff is saying the internals here this is the external any of those lines all the way out to the close of probation the world ends up divided into two classes so whether you're looking at the external in the world or the external in the United States or the internal in Adventism or the internal in this movement it's still just dividing into two classes it's the same response at a different level there's no there's so much to tell us we're right here at the very end I mean it's it's shockingly amazing to me okay so now under question for section question a what laws were they breaking and fulfilling the purpose of killing Stephen cuz they'd know it doesn't really tell us but you just have to kind of think about it or it kind of says says it there I'm gonna say it was just for the sake of time they used bribery and they put the law into their own hands they became judge jury and executioner we will see that manifested will we not and will be repeated so be should we expect this repeat in our time sister nyla yes so see who do the priests and rulers represent church all the Pali above that's what I was thinking it's not just the world leaders and the church and this movement backs turtle then internal/external could be both the world in the church and then internal is we know what that is okay will those who typify Steven be literally killed said no and yes now we know that he was killed here will there be any here 99 there will be many martyrs there will be in this period killed so then we know now here is it I don't know if that's literal but I know the literal Sunday law I'm not gonna mess with that's the same line there's different symbols there's martyrs gonna take be martyrs day biggest bloodbath of history yeah that's here you were thinking right here no that's a good time to drop no it's a little kind oh you were thinking I was thinking the little time I was thinking the little time of trouble was so you have Sunday law what's it even was putting up with before he was martyred and then here's the second coming yeah it serves no purpose for God's for them but he served a purpose yeah we asked her after that close of probation see that was a closed door there and 34 huh and that's what I was thinking it was a closed door it serves no purpose a little time of trouble there will be a big bloodbath but not from the bed it served a purpose even for Stephen yeah because it was all right so we're saying here that there will also be killed that's pretty close to think about how close we are isn't it have you seen any of the pictures of what's going on in China yes where they're locking down cities to prevent this virus I mean countries can get very aggressive real fast beating people because they're saying anything about what's really happening in abeyance it's a ugly thing and pretty much overnight yeah okay so the question oh yes please if you take the same story to Matthew uh-huh read Matthews account what what chapter one by the war yeah 24 it says verse 8 all these are the beginning and the Sorrows then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and they shall be hated of all nations that's all right there for my name's sake that's the little time of trouble as how I'm yep okay so let's keep going question five and this is on 98 paragraph 1 what danger and consequences will the priests and rulers risk to secure their desire in the Jin that really simple they're gonna break the laws of the land they're gonna just go ahead that comes back to what you said about they're gonna take the law into their own hands and they're gonna bribe the authorities yeah they're gonna use every manner of crookedness they can to achieve their ends just like they did with Christ's falsehood false witnesses and lies and you name it they're putting it up their disposal yeah yeah it's uh we can go to Romans 13 and Daniel 2 to prove both of those Romans 13 talks about God being the authority but they're gonna take that and use that against us they're gonna use that versus they know you need to follow the authority of the land sister why has some good quotes on that we won't go there for the sake of time but and then we know Daniel 2 the Lord is going to raise up Kings and take him down so and they're openly going to go against the laws of the land which is it's gonna be bad okay number six who do they learn Jews and salt represent in our time we kind of already hit that one represent SDA world so let's get to these last three is what I wanted to get to 98.2 what's the difference between saw this is question seven what's the difference between saws arguments and Stephens and this is pared 98.2 there's a big difference here so what's the difference between Saul's arguments and Stephens no please yes yeah you hit this - okay good solve used eloquence in verbal skills he logic the rabbi's was that the logic of the rabbit lodges logic and eloquence but Stephen was a man who was had a full understanding of full appreciation of what God's purpose was a man and did you haven't hit on what God's purpose is yeah for our time but I want to say a little more it was his clear calm wisdom they don't really spoke it for Stephen so we're gonna say is clear just like with Christ he had a clear call testimony all the way through now this speaks here to this even in the face of something that he didn't agree with and they're gonna hit it against him but he still was clear continent and so I'm trying to show you that there's it's connecting okay so hey what is the purpose of God in Stevens time or what was the purpose of God in Stevens time really simple just real gospel to the world okay it's the third angels message - I've been to them then so what is the purpose of God in our time same thing but can we add anything if you go to the extras handout and it's gonna be on the back page GC 404 paragraph - I'm not gonna read it all for the sake of time but if you see that where it says Luke 19:40 belt midway down and then it says prophesy MA and she's talking about the disciples she says prophecy must be fulfilled the disciples were accomplishing the what so I'm saying that prophecy must be fulfilled right here amen it has to be and so that speaks loud to this this it's it's it's gonna it's going to happen we have to believe it brothers and sisters we have to believe it okay so if you looked up the phrase purpose of God in the spirit of prophecy and you found a common theme did you find a common theme if you looked it up for the sake of time I'm just going to tell you what the theme is the theme is this and you can go into 9021 paragraph two and it's on your extras notes handout it's the very first sentence it says it is the purpose of God to what glorify himself in his people before the world did he understand this was he doing that we gonna we are going to have to do the same thing it is what the hope of glory Christ in us we have to do this it's the purpose of God is to glorify himself in his people before the world and that's what's speaking to us today in regards to these alright last one explain the false testimony what tactics or tactic is being used there what did they use in their false testimony this is 98 paragraph 3 and if you read through it their tactics was they were mixing truth and error they were saying a partial truth but a partial lie when you go back and look at it and I'm saying that's happening now in the apostasy and they'll use the same against us in the external and we are seeing it in the end turn right now any last comments or thoughts I'm hoping this was a little different than Toby's and may we manifest and understand this this and this and that he will be this for us amen if we do something very important that is if we study show study the truth it's a daily daily thing it'll just happen for us through his power let us pray Heavenly Father it says in your word that we need boldly come before thy throne and lower we boldly ask that you will continue to pour out your blessing upon us not only prophetically and through your word but in our lives may that hope of glory be manifested in our minds and our thoughts and our actions to those around us that don't know you and I thank you for this thank you thank you Lord for the present truth of the prophetic message that soon to come to pass may we be ready to manifest that hope that's in us and we thank you for this in Jesus name Amen